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Best Rated in Panty Liners

Compare the most helpful customer reviews of the best rated products in our Panty Liners store. These products are shortlisted based on the overall star rating and the number of customer reviews received by each product in the store, and are refreshed regularly.

Top rated products in Panty Liners

4.4 | 23 customer reviews
20 of the 23 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
I have been searching for long for some liners to use during days when I am within the danger zone or when there is hardly any flow during the last few days of my periods. I am so glad that I bought this as it does the job perfectly. It is so soft and thin that it actually does not feel like I am wearing a panty liner at all. The aloe vera in the pads helps to avoid rashes and itchiness. Totally apt to use for vaginal discharge, tampon leakage, surprise periods, and post-intercourse discharge. A must have in you bags girls!
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By Neha Mani Mishra
Peesafe panty liners is the product I used for around 15 days and this was amazing . Specially we women have many problems like vaginal white discharge
And many more issues and feels very fresh all day and its very cottony and light doesn't feel like I am wearing any heavy pad or anything it is thin and comfy and yes we always get worried about the surprise periods but this time you don't have too because peesafe saved me .. it helps in vaginals discharge,tampon leakage, surprise periods ,post intercourse discharge and urinary incontinence
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By Amazon Customer
An integral part of my daily personal hygiene is the use of a panty liner. It is similar to a pad but just not as thick or absorbent. Thinner than most pads, a panty liner can be an everyday savior for women who need that all-day fresh feeling down there. I got these babies sooner to try and hands down, this has to be one of the best pantyliner I have ever used, it is soft and moisturizing, and have a very faint scent to it.
Pee Safe panty liners keeps you dry and fresh all day long. Each liner is crafted with a cottony-soft surface infused with aloevera that lets you enjoy your day without worry of a little flow. Definitely gonna repurchase again. <3
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By Rima Roy
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4.1 | 69 customer reviews
59 of the 69 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
An underrated product in daily women's hygiene. This is a must have product that can lessens the chances of UTI and other infections. Lasts around 8 hours, has a good absorbency & has a mild fragrance.
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By Aakanksha Bhatnagar
No shrinking, comes individually wrapped (good to carry), sticks to the (whichever) fabric all day, good capacity to hold discharge for pre/post menstrual days.. go for it ladies!!
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By Nehaa P.
This is extremely soft and you really don’t come to know about it being there. Tried a lot of brands but this is the best there is!!
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By Amazon Customer
4.3 | 26 customer reviews
23 of the 26 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
I have used many different products across many different Asian and European countries. This is by far the best. It's hard to imagine that in this world of high technology, something as simple as a good panty liner is so hard to find. I think my search has come to an end. And yes, I too had thought the glowing reviews were fake till I used the product. Thanks.
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By Home
It is really wonderful. longer as compared to other. I have already tried so many brands but this time is the best. Full day tension free. I have recommended the product to my sister. They too liked the same. Now this our permanent brand
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By Amazon Customer
These panty liners were very apt during pregnancy, saving me from a few embarrassing situations. And the anion strip kept me infection free.
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By Customer
4.4 | 14 customer reviews
13 of the 14 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
So good and comfy... I don't feel like I m actually wearing any liner... I am happy to use it.. atleast I got rid of my rashes
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By Sakshi
I like this product. But it is costly for me. Normal sanitory pads & this product have same price.
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By Rukhsar
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By aruu
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3.9 | 104 customer reviews
76 of the 104 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Ladies !!!! This is very useful product while travelling. You will not be able to wash all your undergarments while travelling. So this is the best alternate. This is my fourth purchase. I would recommend the producers to include more numbers for reasonable price, as this is a use and throw product.

However there is no alternate for bra's. The one which is available in online is not good & worth. Hope to have better quality item in near future
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By Nisha
The material of this product is similar to socks, very comfortable. U can use it without any doubt after C-section as the material doesnt irritate your belly and its stretchable. I ordered XL.
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By enrique the singer
So soft
Very much helpful after delivery especially after C-section since stitches will be very low under Ur abdomen it is not possible to wear a underwear below the stitches. As this material is too soft It didn't hurt the stitches when it is worn even above the stitches and Ur abdomen will not be in perfect shape soon after delivery and it ll be fragile for which this fixator works better.
Only disadvantage is it won't stick well with pad
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By Amazon Customer
4.0 | 21 customer reviews
15 of the 21 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Good product. Size is slightly bigger to other brands but very convenient and comfortable. Very useful during travel as it has a very fancy bright orange pouch. Always buy in quantity of 2. Worth the price.
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By Manaz
Buying it for the third time. Great product. Highly satisfied.
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By sandhya
Adhesive does not extend all the way to the sides, but it's adequate. Thick enough to give good protection against accidents.
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By F
3.7 | 273 customer reviews
176 of the 273 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Good for last day of periods
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By Hitika
The liner doesn't stay in place and doesn't retain its shape. It gets crumpled up with just 2-3 hrs. Adhesive is quite good but I feel it's of not hat use as it crumples up and doesn't absorb that much. Comparatively Sofy liners seems to be bit better in retaining shape and also in absorption.
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By Sweety
Very less absorbant, get deshaped easily in the panty, its comfortable but useless because cotton padding is very less.
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By Shivani Singh
3.9 | 18 customer reviews
15 of the 18 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
These are really nice and comfortable to use pads . They get cleaned very easily . Stains come of very easily if u soak it in detergent water no need to brush no mess (. I thght it might be messy but no issues wid cleaning ). Also soaking capacity is as good as stay free or whisper . Only issue is drying takes 24hrs ( maybe bcz it's rainy season) apart from that it's one amazing eco friendly product and very Easy to use. I ordered 4 more ,switching entirely to these pads
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By Amazon Customer
I don't know what to write about the product as I have not used it yet. The reason being I ordered 2 pads and upon receiving washed them. One pad was good clean and smooth after washing. the other one showed up all stained n crumpled upon washing like it was used before..all brown stains...just the look of it made me feel disgusted ...I don't know how this happened ....but hence not used I am still confused whether to buy another pair hoping to get a good/clean pad, the fact that it's so expensive.
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By Amazon customer
I have used this product. It's absorption is better than Soch product, but again after 3 hrs of use it started leaking from sides. Also the cloth used is not as soft. Also it was difficult to remove blood stains during wash. After one wash the cloth developed small cotton lumps on surface.
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By Neha Gupta
3.9 | 14 customer reviews
10 of the 14 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Very convenient and comfortable to wear, even for c section deliveries since the material is soft enough not to cause friction against the stitches and is comfortable for daily use, to be discarded at the end of each day. The only problem is wearing this on hot days since the material is synthetic and can irritate the skin. Very flexible and stretchy, ideal for fitting and adjusting the maxi pads as per your convenience. No tension about staining since you're going to discard it anyway. Fit was as expected; if in doubt go for one size bigger than what you would normally order.
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By S. Pandit
Good quality. Very much breathable material .soft cotton. Best to wear after delivery.

Better order next size.
It exactly ends on (or ) little above c- section at times you feel conscious .
Major problem with this panty is none of the sanitary pads stick to it including"NEW MOM maxi n medi pads".
Manufacturer needs to rectify it to provide a most useful stuff.
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By brindha
too tight and dint serve the purpose at all. had it been fit properly, i would have commented more about the usability. But for now, all the money gone in drain. Even the bigger size wouldnt fit us comfortably when we are all sore with post delivery pains :(. For me it was useless
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By sriharika
3.8 | 24 customer reviews
16 of the 24 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Rather large and more absorbent than the other brands I've tried. These id suggest to use for the occasional spotting issues, a regular sized napkin will prove too big and useless. Very good adhesive and doesn't twist. Personally, not a fan of the fragrance at all. But the product is excellent.
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By Annie
It avaroda pretty well and is very soft and comfortable to use. The only thing that I feel can be improved is, the width of the panty liner should cover the entire width of the panty so that panty doesn't get stained on movement.
Most reviews here are critizing this product but I think they're using it like a sanitary napkin. This product is meant for very low discharge only!
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Below average quality no matter what the price. Would NOT recommend a buy if you are looking for a decent panty liner. Suggest the copmany's R&D team put in some work (like testing with real customers and getting their feedback) before selling an averageg quality product to unsuspecting customers.
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3.7 | 70 customer reviews
48 of the 70 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Now these are what you call good quality panty liners!

1- They are actually thin and sturdy and this ensures that the panty liner wont squish or lose shape
2- They are scented but it's very mild and pleasant. The top cover is cotton and sooo soft and smooth.
3- The adhesive is very good. The whole liner stays intact no matter what kind of panty you wear
4- Though being thin it is pretty absorbent and it actually feels dry and very comfortable. The size is good too, thankfully it's not short as most others I have seen. It is almost as long as a regular cello pen

For 85 I think it is amazing and matchless. I have attached pictures for reference and I hope it helps. Superb product from Sofy as expected.
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By GreenBee
I am on Mirena (IUD), which means I either bleed (spot), or have a discharge throughout the month, which necessitates wearing a pad almost everyday. This liner is pretty comfortable, stays dry for a long time, and does not cause any irritation, and does not feel like I am wearing a pad at all! The outer cover is sort of a mcrofibery material, so it stays dry throughout the day!
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By Deepti
My end stops here, This is the best panty liner, It does not shift, the gum is strong, It stay put and last for a whole day. I'm so impressed with this mini pad. Love it.
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By Bhaggs
3.8 | 9 customer reviews
7 of the 9 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
It is very helpful and comfortable product I ever used..just after my c-sec I used it...very soft..won't get any rashes...can use and throw..
Pad is fixed nicely while using this..
It's really very useful product for those who are expecting.. after delivery we really need product which should be soft and good in material to prevent any kide of infection and rashes ..
Worth every single penny...
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By Urvi Keer
Useful post delivery
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Not good... Don't buy. It's like a net material n not fitted properly.
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By Amazon Customer
3.7 | 13 customer reviews
9 of the 13 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
best pantyliners.... super thin and size too is just perfect. longer than other pantyliners available in the or retail store. just worth it.
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By Amazon Customer
It's a perfect size and the cotton is super comfortable
I totally recommend this product....
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By Naaaazz
Could have been slightly more thin and the outer wrapping should have been easier to open.
Otherwise it's a great product..
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product price
3.7 | 12 customer reviews
9 of the 12 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Wasn't supposed to receive until the 17th, I received these today!! Today's the 10th! 7 days early I received! That was super fast shipping. The liners are great, I never used this brand before, their cute with "little kitty" theme on liner haha, super cute. I love them. Will order more of these in future! Oh, and these liners are perfectly thin. Perfect size. Thank you!
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By Love CaNdiEs PuRfUmE!
The best liner so far- soft and comfortable, not flat and plasticy like the others. I'm willing to pay the shipping charge for a product which is so essential. Try it.
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By Priyanka
The size of product received is 15.5 cm ,but I wanted non-wing 23 cm sanitary napkin.I want to return this order and replace order for the right size.
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By Amazon Customer
3.6 | 25 customer reviews
16 of the 25 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
They go good with tampons and help save embarrassing leakages during pregnancy while sneezing etc.
At this price they are of real good quality and serve the purpose.
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By Charu Suryavanshi
it's nice & little bit longer then standard liners which is also good. However, I have realized that on few of the liners, there is are a small patches of adhesive is on the upper side as well which can get a bit uncomfortable. else, all fine. thanks!
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By Vaishali Singh
The pads are small. Very thin and so they easily get folded and don't stay in place. The gum is also not of good quality. I bought it for my mild urinary incontinence before the menstrual cycle. I need around 4 of these pads in one day!! The pad is thinner from the sides also so it doesn't cover the whole area of the under garment causing it to get wet.
I honestly won't recommend it to anyone.
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By Yu
3.7 | 6 customer reviews
4 of the 6 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Loved them sofy I want u to make something like this kind of pads for periods also thin and best absorbing quality.
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By Kasturi
Excellent product.
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By Dr. Nitin Chavan
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By Aswathy
3.6 | 15 customer reviews
10 of the 15 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Packing and delivery was excellent...even product is good too. But before buying this pack of 50 buy pack of 5-10 panty liners because maybe you like it or not if you're using it for the first time because most of the Indian girls don't use it though it helps with that itchy feeling down there.
it's good and comfortable.
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By Gursimran kaur
I will give 5 🌟!!! Such a awesome product.. m so much happy with the product.. it smells too good. Also it came in such a decent package!! Thanks to Amazon!!
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By Anjali d.
Liner is gud and comfy. But sanitary napkins are not good. Very rough. No softness at all. Felt some pain while using the product.
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By Amazon Customer
3.7 | 5 customer reviews
4 of the 5 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
There is nice fragrance.. material is smooth not itchy..gum is good then any other not moved from place after stick..every girl shoul buy this..its worth ..i got 2 packat in 200.. but sometime on deal time its price are 155.
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By Neeta
Best among all leading brands
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By Amazon customer
There is some plastic used: the adhesive strip is plastic. And also, this isn't as absorbent as other panty liners so change it more often when using.
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By Lakyn