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4.2 | 108 customer reviews
80 of the 108 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Probably this is the best product of 3M ultimately the best for night riding
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By Vibin Dass M V
3M Excellent quality products.
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By Ravi Joshi
I used it to be stuck on the back of my helmet during my month long cross-country ride. The adhesive was of good quality and didn't face any issue. Visibility was absolutely fantastic - my fellow rider who was following me vouched for that fact :D
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By Vijay S Paul
4.2 | 80 customer reviews
68 of the 80 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
You can spray clean the valve very easily. If you wish to save the spray to a minimum use then wash the parts with diesel and then wipe it with clean cloth. After that use the spray so with little amount you will get rid of even the last bit of grease in the corners. leaves you with a new product feeling. Very effective cleaning. I used it even for Master Brake cylinder cleaning.
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By vikas prasad
A well lubricated chain is very much essential for a comfortable bike ride,i have tried many chain lubes like diamond,rolon etc.My bike is unicorn dazzler ,i am using rolon 'O'ring chain,i used rolon chain lube for 2 years, 1 can lubr and 2 can cleaner is essential for cleaning,rolon chain lube is good but on different road conditions it get dry quickly,so i am searching for another alternative,i have used 3M carburator cleaner,i get best result so i test 3M chain lube ,it can withstand almost all road conditions in kerala,the main advantage is it attracts very less dust,for this price 3M is nice product
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By Kiran enthusiascist
Smells like hell..
Not so effective as claimed online.
Mine is petrol car and with half a bottle emptied to clean throttle .. still the fault is unresolved (better than before but still having throttle issue)

At your risk buy it..
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By JayEssBee
4.3 | 38 customer reviews
33 of the 38 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Superb equipment. I stuck pieces of it on my motorcycle helmet, on the front and side of the bike itself and cycle helmets of two friends. Now, the helmet just blazes with light reflected from vehicles on the road at night. I feel much safer knowing that others on the road can see me well in time. High quality material, nice and thick with very sticky adhesive.
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By Maneesh Joshi
Used this tape to stick on barriers at entry and exit gates of colony and at Exit sign boards.
Tape is very effective and visible from a good distance when the vehicle's headlight fall on it, at night.
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By Dheeraj Sharma
Just some 200rupees can save you!!
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By Prakash Sharma
4.4 | 25 customer reviews
22 of the 25 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Perfect product for your car brake calipers. Prevents rust, keeps it looking premium and like new always. Works perfectly well at higher temperatures also. I've sprayed it on my Jeep compass brake caliper with ease and it's worked great so far. Great product.
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By Mithun
Super product from rust oleum.
It gave me very good finish.
One bottle is enough for two calipers and two drum. Stick like a glue on metal surface .
Highly recommend.
I couldn't find any negative on this product.
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By rajeesh Kumar
Just clean your calipers, mask them properly, point the can at them and shoot. There are your Red brake calipers. Paint dries in about an hour so then you can fix the calipers back. Color looks good.
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By siddtech
4.0 | 93 customer reviews
72 of the 93 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
A great product from rust oleum. Bought it on sale day. Really the quantity and quality of this product is incomparable. Very easy to use and has very good color quality. Just spray on silencer after cleaning it and let it undisturbed for 1-2 hours and the job is done. It is also resistant to water, petrol And oil spills. Value for money product.
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I am 2 time order super quality Spray paint hi heating this paint awesome work Amazon delivery frontastic delivery my product no damage box safety delivery value for money this paint my motorcycle bike silencer I am paint super flat finishing wow super super
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By kuttydinesh
this product is best.. i have applied to the reddish exhaust pipe of my apache looks like new and well finished.. following some points to be consider for better result.
1-clean all rust and previous paint by sand paper. the clean the surface..repeat it 2 to 3 times.
2-hand practice is most first apply on any other things then on exhaust pipe..
3- keep the nozzle 6 to 8 inch from the work piece.. apply one to two layer of light coat. let it dry for 1-2 hour..
other procedures are written on the bottle..
but there is no price tag.. so feeling cheated..
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By Bikram swain
product price
4.0 | 54 customer reviews
43 of the 54 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
You will find pickup and It will work if only your bike has high compression ratio.

After filling bike with petrol use this story booster accordingly and keep the bike stable for at least 1hr. This additive will then mix with the petrol and increase the octane.
Bike vibrations cuts 50-60%.increase
Pickup 25% increase
Knocking reduced to 85
Mileage increases as less throttle needed to accelerate.
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By pratik ramesh bhagat
The premium fuels have similar octane booster additives for which petrol pumps charge over Rs. 9 per litre for miniscule quality where major cost goes to tv advertisements.
Even 100 ml of IOC addon fuel additive cost some Rs. 200. This is better i. Quality and at half the cost. Bought it for Rs. 372 for the bottle.

If having a fuel injected bike this is a must have product. Since it will clean the injectors and give better mileage.

There are people staying octane booster don't help. Well they tried the wrong priduct.

If you have a 75cc scooter you can still use it but be careful not to put in extra quantity.
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By Dharmanath Fatarpekar
Worth for money go for it no.more vvibrations gears are now smooth my CBR 150r had done 87k still powerfull go for it this full bottle can use for 105liters of pertrol .special thanks to.Amazon for genuine product i see this product on lulu hyper but comparing with Amazon its cheap ...
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By Buggy
product price
4.4 | 11 customer reviews
10 of the 11 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Can use for almost anything from doors to car and bike parts. But straw was not provided and hence had to simply spray onto object.
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By Cute n Cuddly
Superb spray very similar to WD 40 or AC 90. I received it without extension tube which is a big turn off. No complaints as far as the product and it's efficacy are concerned.
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By Nishant Sharma
Does the job well. Perfect. German Made.
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By Ravi
4.6 | 6 customer reviews
6 of the 6 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Great Product. i bought it for multipurpose use i got the exact color as ordered, density of the paint is good overall good product on time delivery and recommended to buy
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By G.K
By Amazon Customer
Product is very good no doubt, but I ordered Orange color, but received Florance Orange color..
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By Hasan Ali
3.9 | 41 customer reviews
34 of the 41 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
It removes just about anything! It’s expensive but worth the price. I used it to remove cutting and storage oil from aluminium plates. Did a fabulous job within minutes.
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By DIYEnthusiast
Applied it on my chimney muffler plates it removed the oil sludge on them after 5 min of application and slight agitation with a tooth brush. Used it on my bike engine near the head removed oil deposit easily.
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By sitaram
It's not allowed to use abusing words to write review else I could have written all present in dictionary.

It's nothing more then Soap water.

Tried removing ink marks from leather seats - it failed.
Tried removing rust from spare -it failed.
Tried cleaning oily spare - it worked at least for this.

Buy this only as degreaser, won't do any magic otherwise.
500 bucks for same isn't cheap.
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By Ankit HD
4.4 | 7 customer reviews
6 of the 7 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
If you know the complete method. This will be good product. Else not your cup of tea. For complete painting job, you need to coat with primer, then do wet sanding. First with 1000 git then 2000 git. Spray the paint. Then spray clear. Then leave for three days. Do wet sanding use 1000 git then 2000 git. Then use 3m rubbing compound. After a day use 3m final cut step 3. Have rubbing machine otherwise your hands will give up. For small paint jobs it is awsome. Specially for bumpers. I use it very often.
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By Shivank S.
it works like it says , I don't know if i have done it right , even after shaking the can as said on the label , the paint started to drip from the surface and started to sweat. so don't know if i am right or wrong but 2 me my job stands done , i dont have 2 now stare at the ugly scratch marks on my car , so its a win win for all.
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By feroza
I spary my Yamaha R15 superb easy to use after seeing its very good 👍
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By Amazon Customer
3.9 | 39 customer reviews
26 of the 39 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
It worked Like a charm in the first go. I used it for my RE Classic 500 Desert Storm with a full tank, but I added only 1/3rd of the bottle, because the full bottle is meant for the full tank in a car.
The throttle response was instantly better and noticeable and the slight lag that was there in the 1st and 2nd gear was eliminated.
Would recommend this to all those who have a Fuel Injected engine on the automobile. Just make sure you use the right quantity.
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By Rukashidoto Sama
I could certainly feel the difference. No need to completely empty your tank, but take it down to at least 20-30%, lesser the merrier. , Make the tank full after adding this cleaner and then empty the fuel tank by using continuously for great results.
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By Chetan
I'm using it in GS150r. The bike runs smoother with increase in pickup. Make sure to use the right proportion: full bottle is meant for 80litre of petrol so do your math.
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By Amazon user
4.4 | 6 customer reviews
6 of the 6 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Amazing Product..painted all 4 wheel caps with one bottle...shiny and bright
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By Sunil Gupta
good.. ideal for shining your alloy wheel..
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By Jayahari KV
Its colour is yellow not crome at all..But shade is mettalic shiny.
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By Kahra
4.4 | 6 customer reviews
5 of the 6 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Excellent quality 👌
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By vijayaprakash
So I bought this product in white colour as The 3m is very expensive and lesser length.
I must say, I am very glad that I bought this over other "BRANDED" product.
Reflection properties are much better than competition.
Doesn't have that patchy looking brand name like the 3m has over the reflectors.
Much thinner which makes it easy to cut and install where ever required.
One place it needs improvement is the outer layer and the adhesive should have been stickier.
Apart from that it's really worth the investment.
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By shreyas
not as reflective as mentioned, but will be some help
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By sailajanandan
product price
3.8 | 70 customer reviews
49 of the 70 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Nice product. It really hides the small scratches & swirl marks from car's metal surface. It removed all the small.
Solution might be temporary though. As of now I don't know how long it will last

Will not work on deep cuts & scratches.

Don't apply it on plastic body parts, else it will leave white stains. It did on my car's black plastic part.
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By San Lko
Just nominal kinda..
Dint see much work done to lessen scratches..
Moreover that yellowish beigeish colour stain while rubbing doesn’t appeal much.
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By Dean
It is thin liquid type product, but it works. It removes minor scratches (i.e. black marks formed upon scratched or dirt marks stick on paint) from car surface, but in think somehow it affects paint better not to use unless necessarily....
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By Barjinder Singh
2 Offers from product price
4.0 | 14 customer reviews
11 of the 14 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Perfect for my car
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By Ashwani
Very good qlty. I take daily for greentea !
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By prasadvs.bhasuru
Not so good in quality wise but manageable
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4.4 | 5 customer reviews
5 of the 5 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Good product. Price on a higher range.
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By Harindranath T A
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By Amazon Customer
Colour is very nice. Gum needs to be a bit more sticky... nice product... excellent visibilty in low light.....
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By Sahil Thakur
4.3 | 5 customer reviews
4 of the 5 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Used it to paint metal and plastic. My one piece of advice, always sand the surface and apply primer coat before spraying the paint, fantastic results will follow.
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By Amazon Customer
Great. Thanx.
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By Rik
good. its more of matt texture and not very shiny.
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By Amazon Customer
4.0 | 10 customer reviews
8 of the 10 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Quality is good but not useful bescose you need minimum 3 spray for one tyre wall or wheel arch to cote. Then it works.
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By Devilal Meena
Good product..must for everyone’s car ..
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By Maj Ajay Kundu
Good delivery speed, very well packed.. Works as expected.. puts black rubberized coating immediately. You have to give it some time to dry though.
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By MR P Chaudhari
4.1 | 7 customer reviews
6 of the 7 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Seems to resist high temperature all right.
Bright finish, too, till it gets dulled by dirt and mud.
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By Amarnath Banerjee
Product is worthy but shipping is more
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By Dhana
Not as expected, paint won't last for long and it gets scraped out easily. Though it sustains the heat as mentioned.
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By shah azharuddin
3.7 | 161 customer reviews
105 of the 161 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Very good product. Highly reflective in dark. The sticker is little stiff so applying on curved surface will be difficult. Bit of snipping and shaping will help.
Very happy with the purchase!
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By Partha Pratim Ghosh
Its a good one.. too costly for 2 feet long piece.. delivery charge adds into it.
yeah it's been cut from a big roll and sold separately..
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By bhavesh
In description its shows 5 mtr. actually its only 2 feet , too costly for 2 feet long piece.It's been cut from a big roll and sold think before buy.
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By Uttam Sarkar