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4.4 | 834 customer reviews
706 of the 834 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Very good quality product. Gives a wonderful look to your balcony. Easily fits the balcony railings. Good for flowering plants. Colors are very vibrant. Price might look high but definitely worth the quality of product. Definitely a must product if you are a garden lover. Strong, sturdy and beautiful.
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By Shade
Amazing baskets at reasonable prices... Quality is good and colours are nice and vibrant
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By Deepika Tambe
product is really gud and sturdy and colorful.worth purchasing. removed one star as four pots hav black dots while blue alone has white dots.looks little non matching
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By Rads
4.3 | 780 customer reviews
668 of the 780 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Bought 3 pieces for ₹400 with bottom plate. Best for out door. Bottom plate is another useful addition, it goes well. I've kept it on a pillar which supports picket fence gates. Ivy Geranium (trailing Geranium) becomes the best choice. I kept 2 pots at my main door entrance too. Now the supplier has increased the price so I'm not interested to buy.
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By Rajkumar S.
What to say
These pots are just amazing
Gives a very elegant look .
Simply just loving them
Planning to buy few more
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By Sandhya yadav
Good product,if want to buy for small plant, but before u buy please check ur local market, i sarch here in my area but White colour not find it,so I buy this.
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By Mehulrbegda
4.4 | 198 customer reviews
173 of the 198 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
1. Arrived well packed.
2. Reasonably priced - 10 pieces for 1499₹!
3. No damages.
4. Looks very adorable for your garden, image in the site wasn’t misleading.
5. Works as a great gift too!
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By Amazon Customer
It looks so nice. I loved it
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By Falguni
The Flower pots looks good & has very nice color, But as the seller has not provided correct number of screws & nuts. Normally i would expect few additional screws & nuts as a backup. But I found Seller has packed only for 8 Pots the number of screw instead for 10 pots, . Could be human error but seller should pays attention while packing & delivery. Had it been perfect delivery i could have given more stars
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By Sanjeev Mukhopadhyay
4.5 | 93 customer reviews
83 of the 93 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Beautiful brackets. Bought one initially, then ordered one more. As you can see in the pics attached, the brackets are beautifying the space of my corridor and making the planters look good.
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Best Quality Hanger Bracket, heavy duty product.
Using it with My Bird Cage to hang.

Looks Pretty Good.
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By Amazon Customer
With so much hope & after reading all the reviews, I got this product (got 2 nos). So I would like to mention the following
1)Order arrived early in the morning without any prior info, message or mail. (which I thought it's okay)
2)paint was dried and broken & metal appeared in few areas (which I thought..okay let's paint it with black..coz I got this product with so much hope)
3)Welding was not proper in one area & it was shaky. (That's when I thought I should return)
With So much hope & Expectations I got this product and am completely disappointed. Sorry for this true words. I hope Amazon will not sell defective products like this in future.Thank you.
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By Varsha gopinath
4.4 | 127 customer reviews
117 of the 127 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
I just loved it worth for price.god its beautiful and lovely piece.just loved it in fact this is for good price there are few same products from different seller they sell it for 900. I got for very good price will be buying one more soon. Best part is i got gift alone with it will upload both pics my table and gift. Thanks u amazon for delievering on time.
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By Mia
The product is of very good quality and looks very nice. The rate charged is totally worth the product. Personally I am satisfied with it.
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By Amazoner
It's a good stand/3 tier stool, good wooden material.. only thing is they could have varnished or painted a thin layer to resist formation of mould or fungus in future .. n could have provided few washers to hold the nuts in place.. cos otherwise they displace n becomes wobbly.. anyways am happy with my buy though it's little expensive compared to the size..
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By Customer
product price
4.2 | 515 customer reviews
406 of the 515 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
1. When the item came I was initially apprehensive of the build of the pot stand particularly the 4 legs (they seem so feeble), so as soon as it was delivered I tested my human force (I can exert enough force to destroy anything :)) on the legs of the stand to check if it bends but i was happy to see that it could take my onslaught without bending at all. I have to confess, I could have bent the legs, but then we don't expect the pot stand to withstand such pressures, but only the weight of the pot, isn't it? Pics of the welded sections attached, just in case you like to see a zoom-in !
2. The entire stand is made of Wrought iron but powder coated (not painted, but powder coated which is better) in black paint to prevent rusting. Considering its exposure to water been
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By Blur
It’s sturdy and stable. But have to wait and see for other qualities like durability and rust free. Looks very nice in my hall
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By Ans
Suitable for a medium sized pot. Image is deceiving. Certainly not worth its listed price. A better size could be ordered at the local blacksmith for much cheaper price. But strength wise it is good and certainly give a little raise to one's pots allowing easy cleaning under the pots.
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4.3 | 166 customer reviews
142 of the 166 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
It's look very sturdy....Very strong.... nice and smooth work..Design very beautiful more then seller description good for very heavy pot....Can be kept heavy pot....Overall very nice purchase for me thanks amazon and seller to provide such a beautiful stand for garden lover....Can be kept indoor or outdoor
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By Amazon Customer
Design is really simple and beautiful. Although the packaging was not that good but the product was received in a very good condition. No scratches, not bended anywhere. Worth buying again.
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By Amazon Customer
Liked the design but disappointed with the product. I ordered these stands in bulk for my pots from Trust since they are amongst the leading suppliers in the gardening sector. To my dismay one set of stands was delivered without legs. Poor standards from Trust.
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By Techie V
4.2 | 414 customer reviews
335 of the 414 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Good plastic quality, sturdy and heavy duty planters along with Bottom Tray. Received 12 numbers of pots and trays.

A must buy for every garden lovers.
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I bought it for ₹1179/- (set of 12, 10' diameter) and following are my observation.

👍 The dimensions mentioned are accurate, the height is 19 cm and the diameter at the top is 25 cm while narrowing down at the base to 15 cm. To portray their size I have attached a picture keeping the pots with a mobile phone in front for comparison, so it will be easier to imagine their size.
👍 Plastic quality is good and seems durable. Slight design on the outer surface enhances the look.
👍 There is a weak plastic spot at 4 corners of the base to punch a hole for water outlet. (Refer to the attached pics).
👍 Bottom tray provided for each pot and it's a very handy accessory to have with a planter. Helps in keeping the near by area clean of water and mud.

👎 There was no kind of protective packaging to avoid
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By Ts S
Guys I am not among very good reviewers!
It's been more than 6 months since I bought these pots, and guys you can see how beautiful my plants are growing!
You can go for these 8 inches pots along with bottom tray at this great price!

I know many of you may be confused about 8 inches small. But I want to make you guys clear that smaller pots are easy to maintain, handle and clean.

Just go for it 👍
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By Anu G
4.4 | 96 customer reviews
86 of the 96 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
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By Satish Kumar Nasina
Very nice product & received as expected. I really appreciate it. Very good packaging too. Sturdy & good looking. I hope it will last long. Assembly time took slightly long, around 1 hours or more to me.
Everything is fine & good, only 3-4 cap used to close frame pipe hole have broken which I have fix it with favicol adhesive. Its not a big deal.
I want to suggest regarding this to the vendor that please provide this cap in a separate sealed poly bag, like you provide rubber pad of the stand separately. so that this cap will bot broken during transportation. Other wise every thing is fine & superb. I really like it & will recommend to others. If require in future will buy other one also.
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By SK M.
It is sturdy, easy to assemble and comes with all required bolts, nuts and foot caps. There are also two flats to be fitted as a brace across the two back legs. This improves the stability of the stand. Somehow this cross brace is not shown in the product pictures.
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By Kaniraj
4.3 | 137 customer reviews
119 of the 137 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Very good multi-functional design and sturdy build. I love it.
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By Sudha Joshi
This planter stand comes with all the parts and is pretty easy to assemble. It took us half an hour to put it together and the final outcome looked AWESOME!!
I have kept 6 pots on the stand and 4 of them are pretty heave in weight. Have been using it for more than one month now and I have no complaints. There's no rusting problem till now and as the planter stand is little above ground it's easy to clean under it.

I am happy with the product specially because of its load bearing ability.
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By Kanika
It's base is weak to support plant vase's or holder's weight. I had to use stone tile to make the base stronger. Although the material used is of good quality and it is light weight, the base should be made stronger for it value of money.
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By Amazon Customer
4.2 | 290 customer reviews
236 of the 290 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
I wasn't sure if these pots would be made of durable plastic. But since I am new to gardening, and didn't want to spend much on pots, I decided to order these. Each set of pot + saucer costs just Rs. 64 (when you order a pack of 3).

These reached me earlier than expected. I was expecting these by Wednesday, but I received them today (Monday).

Though these were packed in a thin, transparent poly-bag, and then put into one of those Amazon poly-bags, they are intact. No damage at all.

Here is what the pots are:
— Unusual shape
— Sturdy plastic (I have some other pots that are around Rs.80/- each but the plastic is half the thickness of these pots, and no saucer)
— Very economically priced
— Lovely colour
— Better than expected.

I just loved these! Must-buy pots.
I doubt you will get this good quality at Rs.64 per set.

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Quite happy from these planters. The design of pots are unique comparison to other regular pots..Quality is good but little disappointed bcoz received one broken pot.
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By Shikha
Update: 3rd Jan 19.
Based upon the first good impression I had ordered more sets but to my disappointment the draping trays which came with the pots were oversized.
Amazon replaced the order but again I was sent a set with oversized trays not suitable with these pots.At last Amazon refunded the payment.
Original Review:
I liked the quality of these pots.They are good for flowering plants.
8 height,bottom dia. is 6inch. and upper 8inch.
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By Puneet Mohan
4.3 | 132 customer reviews
116 of the 132 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Very good quality product. Gives a wonderful look to your balcony. Easily fits the balcony railings. Good for flowering plants. Colors are very vibrant. Price might look high but definitely worth the quality of product. Definitely a must product if you are a garden lover. Strong, sturdy and beautiful.
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By Nupur
These planters are of really good quality , they are strong and unbreakable. I bought them to palnt on my railings and the hook given sits comfortably on railings and hold them in proper position. They are very fantastic product if you love nature and want to decor your home.It is budget friendly also , without any doubt go for it they are best .
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By sachin
These colourful hanging flower pots are really looking awesome. I have planted flower plants and hanged these pots in balcony. Made up of good quality plastic material. Hangers are also sufficiently strong that it can carry the load easily. It simply enhanced the look of my balcony. My neighbours also appreciated these colourful hanging flower pots. Will surely buy more and recommend this product to my knowns.
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By Ashutosh
product price
4.6 | 48 customer reviews
43 of the 48 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
This product looks better in actual than in this picture. I am happy with these garden chairs. It's design and colour have been appreciated by friends, family and neighbours.
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By Tirthankar
No assembly required, design and quality is awesome, but its a bit overpriced
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By Puneet
It's a good product. Quality is fine. Looks exactly as in picture. My wife has a back ache and she feels comfortable in it. It's a plastic chair
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By Himanshu
4.3 | 105 customer reviews
91 of the 105 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
It's an update on the product. I bought it exactly a year ago, and it still looks new. It has not faded even when kept in direct sunlight for all this while. It is true to it's claim of being sturdy and non fadable. Same with the plate. However because of some water logging on the plate some corrosion is there but acceptable and it is expected. Overall I am very happy with the product. Worth buying.

It looks good, is bright in color. Size is appropriate for medium height plants. Quality seems good however only time will tell how durable or non fading they are as claimed by the company. Happy for now.
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Product is good. ordered 3 sets and in one set provided only 9 trays for 12 pots. now short of 3 trays. Hence giving only 3 stars, otherwise would have given 5 stars
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By Usha L.
Quality is ok not on bad side
I planted bonsai n kept in my drawing room
Few are in balcony and face sunlight since 4 months nothing happened to them even colour is intact like the first day
Plate is good to store drained water from plant
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By Annie
4.1 | 609 customer reviews
454 of the 609 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Wonderful product !!
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By Dr Gayathri
Elegant, Space saving and saves water,( Pour water for the top pot, it seeps drop by drop to the next lower pots.
Reuse the water collected in the bottom tray using sponge!!!) Excellent product , Worth for the price paid.
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I bought it for my father who is keen of gardening and he is very happy to have it.

*Received with a nice compact packing and it was comfortable to carry along.

*Overall this product is good as far as plastic quality is concerned but there is a flaw in it's design.

*The locking mechanism of stack is not proper and the plastic part used to lock stack, is easily breakable. In my case 4 out of 6 stack's locks got break during setting one upon but I fixed those by joining from all sides using hot gun.

* Those locks keep stacks intact so whenever you will move it, it shouldn't fall down specially when planted with your favourite plants.
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By Ankit Mishra
4.1 | 389 customer reviews
305 of the 389 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
The bags were good and sturdy. They were of good size and could house a medium plant. It's hard to move once filled with soil cause they can hold that much soil. I bought it for growing some vegetables at home. But when I got up my mom had already stolen them for her flowering plants. She likes them that much. They are that good and wayyy better than the clay pots which tend to get chalky and gain algae growth. A great buy for terrace garden.
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By Steffi Marjorie
I have already made a purchase before this, product is so good that I recommend every garden lover to buy this. It has been almost 1 year I have planted vegetable plants into it, but no flaws until now. They flawless and durable. There is lot of space to make a good soil, plants get sufficient space to flourish, price could be bit less.
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By bhanu shukla
I'm greatly disappointed and returning it as I don't get the same quality of what I ordered before "TrustBasket POLY GROW BAGS UV STABILIZED -10 Qty" which was really thick and strong (TrustBasket POLY GROW BAGS UV STABILIZED -10 Qty [20cms(L)x20cms(W)x35cms(H)]). The price is less for 20 pcs compared to 10 pcs yet they reduced the quality too. I thought I made a good deal, but seeing the quality, I felt deceived. Will order for 10 qty again although per piece price is high. I'll ask the seller why they are not consistent with the quality.
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By Nazar
4.2 | 130 customer reviews
112 of the 130 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
The build quality is superb, it is all metal and glass, no plastic parts are found!
I am using as top light for my house and it gives very bright light.
It is very easy to fix and it will firmly fit on the pipe (the fixing screw is a little different, like a bolt but from inside.)
I recommend this product.
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By Dipu R
Excellent alternate street lamp, low wattage 30W, bright light in front of my house, and as well as on road even if the street light fails or don't work it serve the work, which is essentially during night.
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By msv rao
There was lot of scratches on the glass and when I tried for replacement there was no stock this was definitely an already multiple times replaced product
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By Rahul
4.2 | 127 customer reviews
104 of the 127 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Excellent product. Seems to be very durable. Ideal replacement of heaviour planters. I suggest everyone to fill sand at the bottom up-to 2 inch height and then fill the remaining space with potting soil. Value for money. Go ahead. Buy without any hesitation.Packing was great.
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Check what size you need for your plans before buying if not you will land up with too many grow bags although a keen Gardner will always find something to fill it with!!!!
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By S. Ray
size measurements of the actual bags turn out to be 1 inch shorter than the given size. always; feeling cheated always by these grow bag manufacturers, must be because these bags are for use by plants and not by human beings; very rotten way of thinking by these bag dealers
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4.2 | 122 customer reviews
104 of the 122 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Decent quality product. I bought it on the amazon sale at 549/- and if you are buying in deal, its really worth. Specially when you are getting trays also with the planters. Packing and shipping was good, but inside the planter i found bit mud or sand kind of thing, seems like some one tested and returned the product. But i don't mind since i am going to fill it with soil anyway.
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By Pramod Ambady
I actually got this for my dad, as he's into gardening and he loved it. The quality of the plastic is quite decent. It has also got a mechanism at the bottom to get rid of excess water, which if is standing for a long time might affect the plant. The package said that its imported from Taiwan but the product has got Made in India embossed on it. That's what I found mysterious.
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By Ankyt
It looks delicate but Quality is not that much good.. 1 tray is broken in packing..
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4.3 | 77 customer reviews
66 of the 77 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
I like the Amazon service: quick delivery. The bag is doing a great job in protecting the plant roots from UV light and keeps the roots cool inside the soil. The bag can hold 10 or 15 kgs of soil which is more. And, I ordered the soil from Amazon which is TRUST BASKET potting mix soil. It's boosting the growth of the plant. The soil has good water holding capacity to keep the nutrients delivered to roots of the plant. You only need to water the plants once/twice per week. The soil doesn't consume more water.
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By ram teja
Quality is really good, these bags look small but when you open it is really large, price is very competitive compared to other online sellers. Perfect for ladies finger, brinjal, ginger, thulasi..Go for it....It can change your kitchen garden
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Good product. Happy about buying it. But why these many holes at the bottom, even soil comes out with excess water. Bought another set from different seller, that had just 4 holes. Otherwise, quality is good. Will recommend.
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By Siva M