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4.6 | 556 customer reviews
529 of the 556 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Pretty Good quality hand Trowel for planting and transplanting.
(+) Smooth Plastic Handle. (-) No Hanging Hole.
(+) Very strong Ferrule Connection. (-) Short Tang.
(+) Depth Gauge is curved & wide enough. (-) No measurement marks.
(+) Blades are not sharp. which good as roots are not damaged while transplanting.
Product seems sturdy & long lasting. Good Deal for 90/-
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By ~SamVanDam~
This is an excellent quality with premium finish. The product price meets the customer expectations as per the make. It serves the desired purpose very well. Just make a note, the handle is made of good quality hard plastic like material. I'm very happy with the product. Posting this review after one month use. Go for it!
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By Anonymous Reviewer
Otherwise a solid product but u can mix manure and do things like that with this. It cannot be used as a khurpi to dig and remove weeds from the garden. So u should choose for the purpose u are buying it for.
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By Aman Singh
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4.5 | 462 customer reviews
417 of the 462 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Heavy and solid build. Loved it. The blade is very sharp and can reach through branches easily. Price is also reasonable. Made in India.
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By Swapnendu Goon
First I thought at this price it must be ordinary just like previous one that I have purchased. But matter of fact, it is very durable, hard and strong. The spring with in it is not visible which is advantageous in my opinion. Also lock system present with in the system and that one is metallic unlike my previous one. Technology for cutting is also awesome where blade enter into a grooved section. Weight is good enough. At this price it is excellent product. Only thing you need to double verify the price as lower price options are available in the site but you may need to wait few extra days for delivery.
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By Subhamoy Sikder
Item was good but the seller intentionally use marker pen over printed MRP of the item to hide the original MRP. This is not justified.
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By shyamanta
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4.6 | 198 customer reviews
181 of the 198 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
It's amazing tool for all gardener....Long and look very beautiful....Thanks amazon to provide such a wonderful tool on very cheap price for every gardener...Very strong...Best part of this is it's look and and design...It's same like pic...And it's description.....Every gardener should have this for take out weeds.
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By Lakshmi
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By Kalyani
I must have been using this for the last eight months b4 writing this review. The forked blade should be (hot forged to a) much lesser thickness than the existing dimension like the thickness of a spade at the tip. This will not make the product less sturdy & I have rated this as 4*. Otherwise its a great product. I am using five different Falcon product and all of those on their own are great speciality impliment.
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4.4 | 454 customer reviews
394 of the 454 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Bought 3 pieces for ₹400 with bottom plate. Best for out door. Bottom plate is another useful addition, it goes well. I've kept it on a pillar which supports picket fence gates. Ivy Geranium (trailing Geranium) becomes the best choice. I kept 2 pots at my main door entrance too. Now the supplier has increased the price so I'm not interested to buy.
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By Rajkumar S.
What to say
These pots are just amazing
Gives a very elegant look .
Simply just loving them
Planning to buy few more
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By Sandhya yadav
Good product,if want to buy for small plant, but before u buy please check ur local market, i sarch here in my area but White colour not find it,so I buy this.
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By Mehulrbegda
4.3 | 645 customer reviews
534 of the 645 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Very good quality product. Gives a wonderful look to your balcony. Easily fits the balcony railings. Good for flowering plants. Colors are very vibrant. Price might look high but definitely worth the quality of product. Definitely a must product if you are a garden lover. Strong, sturdy and beautiful.
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By Shade
Amazing baskets at reasonable prices... Quality is good and colours are nice and vibrant
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By Deepika Tambe
product is really gud and sturdy and colorful.worth purchasing. removed one star as four pots hav black dots while blue alone has white dots.looks little non matching
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By Rads
product price
4.3 | 388 customer reviews
322 of the 388 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Easy to use.good quality.thanks to amazon
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By Pinak
Good tool to use in the home garden.

1. Good grip
2. Smartly designed edges
3. Works well with smaller sized pots also
4. Well painted from all sides to keep it safe
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By Shan
Over priced, got rusted quickly. Buy locally at half the rate for better quality. It got twisted in hard clay soil. So much for the build quality !
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By Shilps
4.2 | 1,216 customer reviews
975 of the 1,216 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
This came nicely packed. I was sceptical about the quality reading some reviews but after using this I found it has decent quality for the price paid, 195/-. Mist and jet functions work fine & it retains pressure for long time, but it should not be left pressurised as this can cause deformation.
I am using it for spraying pesticides, fungicide & water over plants. I do not pump it a lot, 10-20 stroke at a time, and re pump it when pressure is used up. Some people have bursted it probably by over pressurising. This is a plastic material and if handled carefully should last long.
Extra gasket, o-ring etc was given, which is good. The pump can be unscrewed and o-ring, gasket etc can be oiled by silicone grease/ oil/ vaseline/water insoluble grease to improve performance and longevity.
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By Meghnad
If you are planning to buy it for washing your bike then it's very good option to consiDer. But if you are going to buy this for your car then dont.
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By Sourav De
I had read negative reviews and still went ahead with the purchase. Sadly, the earlier feedback was right. The simple function of creating the Pressure in the bottle by using the pump did not happen, even after checking the instructions and following it. I requested a return for a defective product and Amazon kindly obliged and was picked up today. The company needs to have a better check on quality control and ascertain that the spray is functional before dishing out to customers. Kraft Kisaan needs to realize that they are damaging their own brand & Company name in neglecting this basic criteria...Either wake up and fix the issue or simply loose Customers.
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By ashok767
4.2 | 720 customer reviews
570 of the 720 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Excellent baskets in very beautiful colours. Coloured excellently. Definitely adds fun and colour to your balcony. Make a blooming balcony with them. I have attached my balcony photo.
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By Kindle Customer
It is a good product for your garden I give it 4 stars instead of 5 stars as it was not installed and you have to screw it. Otherwise the product is all fine, really really really it's good product and also they give you 10 plastic pots that can be used to plant seeds in them and then transfer. this is awesome for your garden. I purchased pack of 5 on 28 October and was delivered on 30 October!!!!
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By A P
Having being buying products from Amazon since it's launch but this is the first review I am writing.... Why?
Because this product which I have bought is trying to befool the general public....
1.Its very small,although they do mention the size in information section,but all the photos are close up and with out any comparison..... So I have added a pic with common 1 litre water bottle.
2.The "free"plastic pots are so flimsy that you can easily blow away 5 or 6.... I doubt that these can really last... You can see from my pic.
3.The product is far far over priced...
4.Paint n polka dots seems good but only time will tell about durability...
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By Mohit
product price
4.2 | 461 customer reviews
375 of the 461 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Great product as described heavy plastic body spray nozzle made of copper which is adjusted for spray and jet by rotating it.
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By deepesh kumar
Initially I thought it was not working & I was thinking to return it because after creating so many trial pressure was not build up...Then I open it and found that internal part ( black one) was not tight and air was leaking and pressure was not building up. After tightening the internal nosel it was working fine. Instead of sprinkling you can use long flow by adjusting the outer metal cap by rotating it.
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By Arun Chugh
No strength in the holder
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By Jayanna
4.2 | 376 customer reviews
305 of the 376 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Beyond expectations. Its just a wow😍
Pros :
1. Very natural looking colors with tight stiching
2. Quality of grass is worth it
3. Grass is not too smooth and not too itchy. Its just like natural
4. Provided with exact size as mentioned.
5. Packing was best and delivery in time
6. Grass is washable and this grass carpet can drain water as it containes holes from downside
7. Can be used indoor and outdoor
8. Can be easily dusted with vaccum cleaner. Domt worry grass will not be sucked by vaccum cleaner.

Obviously this will enhance the beauty of the surrounding. Highly recommend.

Ratewise this is the lowest rate. I have almost searched for year and i am pretty sure no less rate was found than this one. Not even onilne and not offline.

Purchased from seller : Yellow Weaves
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By Shubham Bangad
it's looking awesome. I've ordered the 6.5'/2' for my window balcony. it's bigger than that space. So, I've to cut it to adjust there. and after this I'm just looking at my window with WOW!!! and I'm using the cut piece as a doormat.
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By Srikrishna Barat
Well before placing this order I went to my local retailer shops, where I found 3 kinds of grass mats,
one was being sold at 100 rs sq feet, which had a more soft feel to it, more shinier and long sized strands than this one (But somewhere it looked too good to be real grass and more height too that could get in the way of the door).
There was another one which had much smaller strands than this and nowhere looked like real grass (only felt like when touched). that was sold at 60 rs per sq feet.
and then there was the third one which is pretty common everywhere, but that's nowhere near a real grass, more like just green mat.

This one was indeed a better choice, as you can see from the Pics, it wasn't available near my place or I would have got it instead of waiting 11
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By Sam
4.2 | 362 customer reviews
298 of the 362 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
I've used this over 2 months now and this is my review after the usage. The hose quality is incomparable, the hose is sturdy and doesn't kink at all, except when it's out in the sun for too long and then it might kink when used right after. It's best to let the house stay spread out if you're using it on a flat surface. For example I use it on my terrace to water the container plants. And I've let the hose stay spread out and not roll it up, hopefully that way I won't have to deal with stretch whole rolling. Anyway it's a great hose. I would assume there are other brands that make great quality hoses but I've not seen them being advertised. On Amazon this is the only brand that is pushed around for it's durability and hence the reason I bought it. Had
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By Shiv Shankar Ash
The 5/8" hose has an inner braided sleeve which makes it stronger & more rigid than a plain rubber hose of the same size. But watch out for kinks if you are not using a reel to coil/uncoil as if the kinks are allowed to remain they can damage the hose eventually. Fittings are good quality plated brass but do ensure compatibility with your existing fittings or you will also have to invest in adaptors & reducers to fit 1/2" piping. There may be cheaper options I hardware stores but for a quality braided rubber hose the price is worth it.
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Do not go by the reviews, seem suspect. Kink/bend formation is like any other ordinary pipe. Hugely disappointed with the product. Doesnt deserves premium pricing. Would be happy if they took it back.
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By Deepak H
4.4 | 94 customer reviews
84 of the 94 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Effective, reasonably priced
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By Sonali k
I really love this looks great in my balcony. Add some indoor plants to its side and it is a hell of a combination.

The only problem was that the buttons were 'decorative' which means that they are of no good. So it was more difficult to fix the curtains than I expected. If the seller had stated this more clearly, then I would have given full rating.
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By James
Product description and features are quite accurate. Works exactly as advertised. The only negative is the price. It's too over-priced considering you can buy the material for 500 Rs for 30 sq mt. on Amazon itself. The value add by Hippo is not enough to justify a price tag of ₹1,125 per pair of 7 ft x 4 ft curtains. Plus point is that room temperature has come down drastically after installing these curtains. This will translate into saving especially in summer as the AC will not have to consume huge amounts of electricity to cool the room.
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By Oceanstar
4.2 | 181 customer reviews
144 of the 181 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Quality of this bags are really good and comes with an sealed pack of 5 bags, this bags has some holes on the bottom for water draining which makes the plants to get the proper amount of water even in monsoon season as it drains excess amount of water filled .....
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This is the first time I'm using it. Not sure of its longevity! Though it is stated to be UV protected, I do not know how long they can withstand shearing tropical heat. Plastics usually harden and then crumble into chips as they undergo chemical changes upon prolonged exposure to solar rays...that's the issue that stokes my anxiety!....Regards....Professor
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Quaity is good. Someone mentioned problem with 8 holes but I didn't have any issues. If you want to grow gourd vegetables size is perfect. Only problem I see using poly growbags is they become very bulky after putting soil so shifting them becomes a problem without handles.
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By Amazon Customer
4.1 | 532 customer reviews
391 of the 532 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Wonderful product !!
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By Dr Gayathri
Elegant, Space saving and saves water,( Pour water for the top pot, it seeps drop by drop to the next lower pots.
Reuse the water collected in the bottom tray using sponge!!!) Excellent product , Worth for the price paid.
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I bought it for my father who is keen of gardening and he is very happy to have it.

*Received with a nice compact packing and it was comfortable to carry along.

*Overall this product is good as far as plastic quality is concerned but there is a flaw in it's design.

*The locking mechanism of stack is not proper and the plastic part used to lock stack, is easily breakable. In my case 4 out of 6 stack's locks got break during setting one upon but I fixed those by joining from all sides using hot gun.

* Those locks keep stacks intact so whenever you will move it, it shouldn't fall down specially when planted with your favourite plants.
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By Ankit Mishra
4.5 | 54 customer reviews
50 of the 54 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Beautiful brackets. Bought one initially, then ordered one more. As you can see in the pics attached, the brackets are beautifying the space of my corridor and making the planters look good.
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Best Quality Hanger Bracket, heavy duty product.
Using it with My Bird Cage to hang.

Looks Pretty Good.
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By Amazon Customer
With so much hope & after reading all the reviews, I got this product (got 2 nos). So I would like to mention the following
1)Order arrived early in the morning without any prior info, message or mail. (which I thought it's okay)
2)paint was dried and broken & metal appeared in few areas (which I thought..okay let's paint it with black..coz I got this product with so much hope)
3)Welding was not proper in one area & it was shaky. (That's when I thought I should return)
With So much hope & Expectations I got this product and am completely disappointed. Sorry for this true words. I hope Amazon will not sell defective products like this in future.Thank you.
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By Varsha gopinath
product price
4.1 | 202 customer reviews
163 of the 202 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
These planters are very good for growing small flowering plants or herbs for kitchen. Material is good and sturdy in this size. Every pot has dripping tray. Cost is also very reasonable. If I need more, I will buy again.
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By M Shubha
Quite happy from these planters. The design of pots are unique comparison to other regular pots..Quality is good but little disappointed bcoz received one broken pot.
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By Shikha
Update: 3rd Jan 19.
Based upon the first good impression I had ordered more sets but to my disappointment the draping trays which came with the pots were oversized.
Amazon replaced the order but again I was sent a set with oversized trays not suitable with these pots.At last Amazon refunded the payment.
Original Review:
I liked the quality of these pots.They are good for flowering plants.
8 height,bottom dia. is 6inch. and upper 8inch.
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By Puneet Mohan
4.6 | 37 customer reviews
35 of the 37 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
The product is simply superb. Often, we have different watering requirements for different types of plant. Some plants require a much delicate approach. This hose has variable flow settings which makes this job extremely easy!
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By Krunal Varshikar
Very good product and great to use with options for different kinds of water output with the adjustable nozzle. Have been using it for over a month now. So far it has not given any trouble and is working extremely fine.
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By Jibu Marks
The pipe bends angd blocks water when arcs are formed while pulling. The ends wont get inside taps and forms cracks on outer layer.
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By Ravindran Swamy
product price
4.0 | 553 customer reviews
441 of the 553 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
The perfect tools for amateur farmers, good quality and perfect for home gardening.
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By Avdhesh Pratap Singh Solanki
Got a set of 5, 4 seem to be strong.
1 tool, smaller shovel, isn't Sturdy, It's Loosely Fit With Handle.
the 2nd con: handles are plastic. Since I'm trying to go plastic free, a wooden handle would have made it better. I reduced a star for these 2 reasons. Got it just yesterday for composting Not used yet. They seem to be perfect for pot/small scale gardening.

The size is pretty big like 3/4th that of a foot scale. Each is of 9.5 inches length, width of rake is 4.5 inches.

Used an old leaky pot to compost and since it's a pot, it needs turning, that's why bought this set. Haven't thrown away garbage since a week, feeling good that I'm somehow contributing to cleanliness of the environment.
Added some shredded paper, 2 handfuls of soil, kitchen waste, red worms.
Daily dump rake seems too expensive, so bought this set, hope
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By Krsna
Although it's a good package for gardening but the tools are not durable. One could literally bend the prongs with one's hands. These are something meant for indoor garden, not for a outdoor real world stuff. Best way to put it, typical made in China stuff.
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By jayant a.
4.4 | 47 customer reviews
45 of the 47 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
best product for terrace garden and large plants...
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By Aman D.
Huge bag with durable quality.
You will be needing 8 sacks(cement sacks) of potting soil to fill this bag. post filling the bag with soil- you can't move it around.
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By kiran
So far its holding up.
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By Raghuram
4.0 | 400 customer reviews
301 of the 400 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
The soil is organic and has good moisture holding capacity. Depending on your plantation it can be mixed with normal soil or used as whole for new seedlings. Great Buy. Will definitely buy it again.
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By catherine
Very good quality for sprouting seeds. I transferred some fragile seedlings into it and they didn't survive so I'll use it only for see germinating. Works well but doesn't hold water for long. Dries out quickly if it's outdoors but that's probably good as it stops seeds getting too much water. So you can just check its moisture and give water as needed
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By Anne
I ordered this soil after searching the local area in goa and couldn't find any so I ordered it finally and I decided to use it for planted aquarium after watching video from Youtube for lower budget planted tank.. It is good for now, will update on how the underwater plants are going... Good soil content with organic matter, no stones and pebbles found.
Now the plant growth is very good..
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By Damodar Mardolkar