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4.3 | 493 customer reviews
412 of the 493 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Update as on 28.05.2018
Impressed with the first purchase ordered 2nd one for my another oil change within a month..upgrading to correct liqui moly toptec 4100 5w40 based on vw 505.01 standard for my rapid from previous self-explored liqui molygen 5w40 which is based on incorrect vw505.00 standard.


Ever since i used Liqui Molys Super diesel additive in my skoda rapid 1.6 diesel 2014 model, i was highly impressed with the performance of it, where it really made an acute difference to my existing engine noise.
Thus eager to check the performance of more products in its arsenal ,i ordered its gear box oil additive,its 5W40 Molygen Engine Oil & Engine oil Flush.


My observations of the product from packing to performance so far have been:

@ The can arrived packed in a simple known amazon carton pack which I felt wasn’t exactly secure to save the can
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By Neeraj Vishwakarma
I had been looking out for a product like this for a long time. Every time I went for an oil change, I felt like there must be something to flush out all the oily gunk that must be deposited in the engine. Just a regular old oil change did not seem enough. Here is my review:
# As an analogy, this product acts like a clot remover from the coronary arteries in order for your heart to pump blood effectively
# Since this product ends up reducing the viscosity of the engine oil, it is imperative that this product be added right before an oil change. I added it about 10 minutes prior to the oil change to allow it some time to run through the system and scrub out all the oily gunk. I must have driven for about 7-8 Kms before I drove my car into the shop
# As
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By Aragrawa
Why I Wanted A Flush : So, last year I started servicing my own vehicles and the knowledge base has been growing ever since. Most customers ideally service vehicles at least once a year and an Engine Oil Change is almost always done. If it's an older engine, there is considerable amount of residue left in the engine even after an oil drain and hence if your engine is around 4-5 years older, an Engine Oil Flush agent is recommended.

How To Use This :
1. Put the contents of the Flush into the Engine Oil Fill hole without draining the OLD OIL and start the car and let the engine idle for a while. Let the motor idle for a good 5-10 mins and give it the occasional Accelerator if you want but not a lot. This is to let the Oil and the Flush additive mix and circulate within the
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By Sujoy Shivde
4.4 | 117 customer reviews
103 of the 117 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Initially I was apprehensive to use this product on my scotter Hero Pleasure as this oil is meant for cars. But after replacing with this gear oil, my scooter is running butter smooth just like makkhan. The handle bar vibrations and engine braking has drastically reduced. I would definitely recommend this gear oil for all scooters like pleasure, activa, dio, aviator, jupiter etc (just require 120ml). The only con is filling gear oil of a scooter is a tad difficult process. I will update once i complete 500-1000 kms of my scooter with this gear oil. Please click yes if my review is helpful.
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I'm using this product in last one month as a chain lube for my Royal Enfield Bullet 500 instead of Motul C2,C3 chain lube sprays. Anyway its better and cheaper than Motul chain lube. Best chain lube for all bikes. One and only disadvantage was , Chain lube sprays have a gum property. Gear oils has less gum property. So we need to lube our chain every 100 Km. Motul chain lube sprays lasts more than 250kms.
In my use,this product is enough.So i recommended this oil. In my one month use of this oil,Chain sound reduced and Gear shifting feels smoother.

Oil can I'm using for chain lubing GLOBUS Steel Oil CAN 1 Pint (500 ML) Blue Colour with Flexible SPOUT

NB:- If you going for long rides. Please don't forgot to carry the gear oil can for lubing your bikes chain. BECAUSE ITS PROTECTS YOUR CHAIN FOR 100-150KMS only after applying.

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I bought it for lubing the chain of my Yamaha FZS-FI V2.0. using it as a chain lube is very good and economically cheap rather than any other chain lube availables in market. I feel item sent by cloudtail is 100% original and well packed also.
MRP is ₹285/- but I purchased it in lightning deal @ ₹241/ only.
Thanks to Motul, Amazon and cloudtail to avail this amazing product at amazing price.
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By Deepak Kumar
product price
4.3 | 148 customer reviews
124 of the 148 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
My Bike's radiator fan would start just after 5 KMs. And once it used to start, it would only stop after 5 minutes post switching off ignition.
I googled my issues but did not get satisfying results. Someone I read to get my Ignition coil checked. Then I came across Motocool and all those issues went away! Amazing results just after replacing the old coolent. I regret I should have replaced my older coolent a lot earlier.
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By Amazon Customer
I own Duke 200 2016 model. I have driven it enough during these 2 years. Recently I found the bike is getting more and more hot. Even though I ride for the most part from my office to home and vice versa - covering a distance of just 3-4 KMs the radiator fan speed would switch to maximum. Asked local garage and he said it is coolant issue and he can replace the coolant for 1000 rupee :D

Off course I was not going to give him as I love DIY. The bike is now super cool after using this coolant. It hardly reaches 2 ticks now whereas previously the fan speed would go to maximum and my thighs would feel they are on oven.


1. Keep the bike super cool in best possible way.

2. Value buy for just 365 rupee.



I LOVE Motul! Their oils, coolants, chain lube, chain clean etc are
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Just awesome product ordered it for my Honda CBR250R on 2nd august 17 get the delivery on 3rd august 17 along with motul 10w30 engile oil. I changed my previous coolent and engine oil.
This coolent is very very goof after riding on bangalore trafic after 3km my radiator fan used to start but with this coolent even after running 20-25 km my radiator fan dosent started sometime it started for a while just awesome product temperature fully in control highly recommend for high CC bikes.
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By Ratnadeep Das
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4.8 | 28 customer reviews
28 of the 28 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Whenever Motul word comes to my mind I can only think of quality, refinement, no compromise & exceptional performance.

And this brake fluid is no different. I used Castrol brake fluid all my life in my both bikes. But since I purged my brake systems with Motul brake fluid. The brakes levers are lighter and there is marginal increase in braking performance (a bit more than I expected).

Highly recommended that all bike lovers should switch to Motul brake fluid for long life and performance of brake system.
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By End user review.
If you want performance braking go for this. Its a motul and it dosen't disappoint at all.
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By sayyaf syed
A must use product if you heavily use your brakes on your car. It has very good pedal feel and I use it on my cars. Excellent product and is the only brake fluid and clutch fluid I use on my car.
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By Mayur Ghetiya
4.1 | 860 customer reviews
658 of the 860 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Some reviews say that a wrong product was shipped to them, but if you read the description it should say it's for 4 stroke 2 wheelers.

Coming to the product, it does what it says. It cleans out your old oil better so that residues of your old oil don't affect your newly changed oil.

Pro tip:
1. Plan your oil change
2. Run the vehicle for atleast 10km before initiating the oil change for the oil to become thin
3. Add the 3M oil and run the engine on 1st gear with centre stand on for 15 min
4. Now instantly open the valves and change the oil before the oil temperature comes down
5. Shake the bike from side to side gently to release all left overs from the bike
6. Change the oil filter
7. Close the valves and fill with new oil
8. Wait for 10 to 15 min for oil to seep into the engine
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By Vinay Balraj
Used this small shot for my 8 year old PULSAR 150 first time. Amazon is best, delivered in 2 days. Very genuine with latest packing with 313 MRP. Poured all 50 ml to the engine oil and run engine for 10 mins on idle.
Engine oil after drained has some rusty color not dark black as usual and became very less viscous. Seems flush really done it's effect.
After that used Motul 7100 20W50 fully synthetic that as well for the first time in my entire bikes life.
Now, the results are awesome. Within just 8-10 KM of run engine feels free, no resistance at all, very smooth, gear shifting as well becomes very smooth. Hope this effect remains same after few thousand km of run. Shall update review after few months.
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By Rohan*
This is the first time I am using engine flush. I do small jobs myself rather than giving it to a mechanic. The packaging and delivery were spot on. no leaks in the package. the print on the back says to use it in one go. I decided to experiment and used it in another way. the first foto shows the existing oil which i drained without using flush. it was sooty and dark. Then i added a cheap servo 20w30 1/2 litre and half of the flush , put the engine on idle for 10 mins and drained. expected to see some soot but was totally surprised to see the new oil change its colour to the same one as before. next added the remaining half of both flush and servo oil.idled for 10 mins with some throttle and drained. same situation but the last oil that dripped
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By Amazon Customer
4.2 | 71 customer reviews
61 of the 71 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
I added this to engine oil & kept my engine on for 15 mins. After 15 mins when I drained the old oil then the old oil became very thin and it started how a water flows, viscosity of oil became so thin. When last 200 ml oil were coming out of engine it was looking so thin. Also there was a change in engine sound after adding this oil when my engine was on but in idle condition. It looked that it rejuvenated my engine, using this product after 80,000 km of run, it was my maiden attempt & will use it always, then added motul 300v to the engine as a new oil. Bike is running so smooth, it really flushed out the thick Layer of sludge, corroded particles & hydrocarbons from the engine. Nice product I would recommend it to all the vehicle lovers, I have also
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By Manish Choudhary
Good Flush.
My bike had clocked 32000, It's the first time i cleaned my old oil using Liqui Moly flush.
It's a great product. I noticed a lot of difference when i put the new oil(Motul 5100) in my thunderbird.
The throttle was so smooth and linear.
This is a reliable brand.
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By Customer
I added whole 80 ml to engine of my Pulsar 200 ns and kept it running for 15 min to 18 min then when the old oil was flushed out whole oil was black in colour and sludgy. you could see how the viscosity of the oil got changed and it was still draining out. I can feel the difference while riding my bike after the oil flux.
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By Junsa
4.1 | 134 customer reviews
107 of the 134 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
I can happily say that my 2009 Hyundai i10 feels much better to drive now after the oil change. The oil that the service centre uses is Servo which is not at all good. It is just meant to do the job. I noticed an immediate reduction in engine noise and vibrations. I have used Total Quartz in the past and it is equally as good. I would say use the same grade oil as recommended by the manufacturer. This oil is much higher quality than the stock Servo oil which is to be honest lethargic. Very happy with the purchase. Definitely will buy again at the time of next oil change. Also, i10 uses 3 litre engine oil and if the mechanic says u can use all 3.5 litres that's there in this bottle, then don't listen to him as it is not recommended by the manufacturer to overfill.
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By Amazon Customer
I have used this product previously for my car. It is perfect in one word. You get an additional discount coupon that can be exchanged with any local retailer of Motul products. So the effective price is even less. For 5W30 engines this is the best. Motul rocks...
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By Neel
One star off because the can was found to have leaked a little when I opened the cardboard box.

The engine oil itself is good. This is the second time I’ve purchased it after using it previously for 10,000 KM in my petrol i20. I’m very satisfied with this engine oil.
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4.0 | 1,789 customer reviews
1,342 of the 1,789 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
This is one reliable product for people who are madly in love with their cars. I also have another set of microfibre cloths, but they come nowhere near this product. While it looks expensive, it is worth every penny - i learnt this the hard way after i purchased SOFTSPUN Microfiber Car Cleaning Cloth Set of 5 For Detailing & Polishing 340 GSM, 40 cm x 40 cm, Muticolor, which was no where close to 3M. Try to pick it up on a day when its price falls down, or during one of those sales. I am planning to buy another piece to complete my cleaning kit.
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By Ajay
Yes this is the best micro fibre cloth for any bike /car.i am using it and rest assured it doest not give any scratch on the bike and is very very smooth for has a micro fibre technology which attract the dust just like a magnet.i am using it for my KTM Duke 390 and for my Bajaj v15.i have purchased two micro fibre cloth from Amazon for my each bike.
If you want to know about this cloth then watch my video realted with this product on you tube by searching Gtfuturetechnology
Thanks Amazon & thanks to seller
Mannu Bhardwaj
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By Mannu Bhardwaj
Brought this product because of the 3M name on it. It's a size of a handkerchief 1feet× 1feet. When you open the package you are on for a surprise. The cloth is small and it's nowhere close to what is described on Amazon website.
A total waste of money . DO NOT buy this product.
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By Augustine M
4.3 | 38 customer reviews
35 of the 38 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Premium Stuff.
For scooters, change after 10000KM or 2Years.

For cars, change after 100000KM or 4Years
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By Tuhinadri Banerjee
Great value for money. The only affordable brand on Amazon for gl-4 oil. Have not found any difference in gear slotting or performance after 800kms of usage. My mechanic also uses the same oil for the customer cars so it's highly recommended
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By Alston Lobo
Shell always is a good brand. Got the oil for a good price . I don't thing this is going to do any miracle to my old alto's performance but was thinking of changing the oil as DIY job.
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By Amazon Customer
4.1 | 83 customer reviews
69 of the 83 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Using it for multiple cars over the years, using at the rate of 2 tank fulls every 5 normal tank fulls(or every long highway trips). after 500 meters you will notice the smoothness of the engine has increased along with smoother idle, knocking at higher gears on lower speeds is also dramatically reduced. It really works and I even took the trouble of sourcing it directly from the company when online portals stopped selling it a few years back. I really missed it then. My car is as good as new and does not smoke like every other diesel car of my age and running(4+ years) even on full throttle. So I highly recommend using it on your cars and in the first few tank fills, revv it to 4000rpm in 1-2-3-4 gears to get rid of the carbon that will be loosened up by system-d after some running. even
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Before using this I had used some other like Liqui Moly and that was totally waste of money. I am driving my cars on long highway rides and When I used this first time I surprised to see that my Vitara Brezza gave an average or 22-23 Km/L when I drove the car between 80-90 km speed. Also, the smoothness of the engine is better than earlier. I am a fan of this now and recommended to my uncle as well to use the same in his Swift Dzire Diesel.
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By Narender Singh Shekhawat
Added 50ml to 50litres of diesel in my skoda rapid 1.5 tdi .. now it hesitates to accelerate and rough idle ..engine noise increased ..loss of pickup ..liqui moly diesel additive is slightly better than this ..
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By Vikas V
4.8 | 14 customer reviews
13 of the 14 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Wonderful gear box oil! After switching to this I can feel the difference in gear shifts! So much smoother and what it was earlier. This oil works on both GL4 and GL5 gear boxes so you need to worry about yellow metals being effected in the gear box.
(GL5 gear box oils are not recommended for GL4 Gear boxes) But the Motul Motylgear 75W-90 is fully compatible with both.
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By Gregoryhouse
This is very good choice in gear oils for car if you're looking for semi-synthetic gear oil for your car. I used it in my 2013's Swift ZDI variant & it's doing good. It is better gear oil than mineral gear oil.
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I'm using this oil in Swift DZire vxi 2013 model works for 30k kilometres.gear shifting works with single finger.its absolutely pure semi synthetic gear oil.its made in France
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By Nishant kundu
4.3 | 33 customer reviews
29 of the 33 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Product is good.. I buy it for chain lube purpose only.. But first time its packaging is not good.. All the packet is completely in oiled. I request to amazon pls provide another packing for immiscible liquids. Dont adjust it with another item.. Thank you
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By Harry
I am happy with this product.Quality is good also packing is too good.Original product delevered.I have purchased this product for my bike chain lubricant purpose only.
Thanks to Amazon.
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By Amazon Customer
No proper seal with the cap, and the inner seal is also of alum. Foil, no branding on it.
Don't know if it was original or fake but does its job well.
Just purchased for chain lubricating purpose for my bike
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By Dev
product price
4.0 | 159 customer reviews
126 of the 159 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Product is good in the sense it mixes with the engine oil and makes it more thin, which makes it easier to drain... not sure about all the engine sludge removed or not, because you cannot open the engine physically and check.... However the product felt like a kerosene or terpentine based oil.... not sure about other ingredients. I felt a dose of terpentine or diesel should have also solved the purpose to some extent instead of spending so much on a 300ml product.
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By Saptarshi
Works well. After using engine became smoother. Similar to other costly product, as liquid moly, stp, abro engine flush.
It's cheaper than that.
Use entire can to flush. And follow instructions.
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By Deepak
Expiry date: 25/05/2018
Received on 27/10/2018
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By Amazon Customer
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4.3 | 21 customer reviews
19 of the 21 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Good product dont buy on other store its expensive buy it here
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By sylo
Good performance,
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By Smita Kumari
Standard but Good Power Steering oil.
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By Avinash Asthana
4.3 | 19 customer reviews
18 of the 19 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Works perfectly as a chain lube in my Ninja 300. Initially I was using Motul chain spray but this is far better than spray. It doesn't attract dust & not require lubing frequently in comparison to chain spray.
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By Sudhir R.
Used as chain lube for 390, works good.
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By ImamJaferAli
By far the best chain lube ever! I use it for my Ducati Monster. I keep a keen eye on the chain so I clean and lube it religiously yet a single bottle will last for years. Not even the best of chain lubes will beat the lowest of SAE90 gear oil for chain lubing purposes.
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By Anand k.
4.0 | 36 customer reviews
29 of the 36 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Don't worry that this is not fully synthetic. The 2 standards that they mention - API SL (american standard) and JASO MA2 (Japanese standard), are both very high, so this oil gives us more than its price.

10W means how fluid the oil is when cold (I think its 0 degrees). Remember that 20yrs back it was all 20W, so this oil is protecting the engine from the moment it starts up (thats the time when the most damage happens).

30 is the hot rating and even this is better than the 40 long back. But this is not as important as the 10W.

166 + 40 shipping = 206. 800ml was the exact amount for my 100cc bike, so I didn't have to measure. And it was cheaper than buying offline. Thank you.

Ofcourse FULLY synthetic is best, and if you can get it for 400, go for that. 15W is ok, if
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By Sun
It's a good engine oil for those 5th stroke bike which applicable for 10W30 mobil.
Comes in time like always.
Value for money for those who regularly changed their engine oil after every 2000 km as after application of this one you can't permitted to run more than 2000km as per my concern and experience.
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Old product supply, MFG- Nov-14
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By Amazon Customer
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4.0 | 34 customer reviews
29 of the 34 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
an excellent range of advanced engine cooling and keeping that same engine from freezing up in the colder months too. Very nice product of Bosch ! Fast delivery and it’s not even that much pricey
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By Nik
Very good
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By y.venkatachalam
no concept about customer need - delivered in own sweet time as if running a car can wait for the product to finally arrive.
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5.0 | 6 customer reviews
6 of the 6 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
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By Kapil
best power steering oil it is best oil i uses tractor
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By Rinku singh
Nice fluid with very nice packing
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By Yash
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4.8 | 7 customer reviews
7 of the 7 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
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Nice performance upto the expectation
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Used this product in my Maruti Gypsy King,the gear sound improved as expected,good product.
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By L.Colney
product price
3.9 | 40 customer reviews
31 of the 40 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Good product. Packing was bad though. The company could have given a nozzle on the cap for applying directly.
Anyways, I have made a DIY video for making a cheap and efficient applicator.
Very useful for rusty door hinges, windows, bike clutch and gear wire, chains, etc.
If it gets onto your hands and fingers, wipe it off with a tissue first. Don't wash directly with water because it'll spread and stick even more.
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By Anant
I needed some basic grease for lubricating window channels in the house, the power window tracks in the car and other assorted mechanical items. There is a review that has posted the NLGI rating system that is more extensive so I won't go into that detail. To keep it basic and simple, this product is suitable or normal use in home setting (atleast for me). I am posting the review almost a month after applying a light coat on the sliding windows in the house and this being rainy season, I kept an eye out to see what happens. So far, it has been good. the rollers run smoothly, there is no overflow or residue, no muck accumulated and obviously the window movement is smooth and noiseless. Go for it if your needs are similar to mine. I couldn't tell you about using it for more intensive or industrial purpose
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By Ad Garimella
Picture is deceiving. You won't get 2 packs, just one.

Update: 18-Dec-2017
Product is excellent. No fillers, pure grease. Works great with bearings, chain sprocket, clutch, break levers etc.

Vendor sent another piece after review since initially I thought that I will get 2 pieces as shown in the display picture.

Vendor agreed to change the picture to avoid confusion.
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By Sridhar