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4.6 | 275 customer reviews
252 of the 275 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
I loved the product. I could easily stick it to my iron cupboard. Please see the video demo that I've shared. This magnetic planner is already motivating me to be more organized.
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By sayalee vadnerkar
I Needed a way to keep track of things and a good day to day planner. Wanted one that could be stuck on our iron wardrobes.

Bought it after seeing good reviews and it holds up to the reviews.

Great packing by amazon.
Robust quality from the manufacturer.
It is smaller than expected but OK.
Pens are good with sponge to erase on top.
Quite weak magnets are the only drawback I could find.
Easily washable.
Price could be lesser.
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By Devesh Bapna
Good quality product..nicely packed..serves the purpose...if you need this then buy it,don't think twice. I only had problem with one of the pens provided out of three was not working as the ink had dried, which happened because the cap was not fit to it properly and therefore the ink dried in transit. Otherwise I am happy with the purchase .
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By Poorti Sajwan
4.5 | 267 customer reviews
240 of the 267 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
I received a cutting mat of brand Linograph instead of MornSun, purchased from AS International for 405/-.
Side 1: Centimeter grid markings with 5cm bold lines.
Side 2: Inch grid markings with centimeter scale on two adjoining edges. This side also had 45 degree and 60 degree lines.
I have included pictures to show the two sides and the width of the mat.

I am satisfied with the product.
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By ujwl
Am quite happy with the product. Please note that this is a STIFF board, and may come a little warped. But applying a little heat with hair dryer should do the job. The product works quite well and cuts are sealed up to 90-95% of the depth. Remaining 5-10% won't bother you though, you can only feel it when you rub your palm against it. BTW, I'm using it as keyboard/mouse pad as well as cutting surface for art & craft projects.
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By Anonymous
My first cutting mat so I don't have anything to compare it to.
It does the job. A3 size is sufficient for most of my projects.
The mat is self healing in the sense that very light cuts will disappear. However any cuts made with slightly more pressure will not heal and will be permanent. This is a bit annoying but don't expect any miracles. Both sides are marked the same so you could always yurn it over if you manage to completely destroy one side.
Overall product it's value for money.
If you do a lot of big projects then better get a bigger size otherwise A3 size is sufficient.
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By D
4.5 | 259 customer reviews
233 of the 259 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Packaging was excellent so is the product.It can be easily stuck to n removed from any flat metallic surface.It is in rolled up form so can be stored if u r planning to use it later.
Much bigger than expected so meal n weekly planning can be done with the more than sufficient space provided.
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By Asha shenoy
Does its job perfectly well. The board is sleek, magnetic and has a beautiful finish. It can be rolled up when not in use. The pens have erasers attached which is enough to erase your writes completely. Once erased, the ink stain doesn't remain unlike some whiteboard dusters.
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By Shalini
Need a way to keep track of my schedule and things to do visually. Needed something I can wake up and see to plan my day rathe than waiting for the phone to buzz. Got this.

Great packing. Robust quality. Little smaller than expected but still sufficient to write. Pens are great too with sponge to erase on top. Very strong magnets. Delivered in time as expected from Amazon.
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By Yash E
product price
4.5 | 249 customer reviews
225 of the 249 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Its the first time I tried to re-upholster my chair and this gun made it super easy. Its so simple to use. I used the
Staples of 23-6 mm from Kangaro along with it as you have to buy them separately and the stores don't seem to have them.
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By D
Brought it for RS 614. Easy to use. Brought compatible staplers from local shop. Sturdy built quality. Fix the things really well. Good packaging and fast delivery by Amazon.
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By @zhar
Sturdy. Well built. However i wished the seller would have put in few pins just to try the product out. I have ordered for the pins separately but il be receiving them only after a week, so cant try the stapler on anything yet. It looks good but what i hv recieved is nothing like the profile pix, mine is all steel body with a plastic handle. There is no description however as to what kind of work it can handle. Im presuming its a medium duty stapler for what its worth.
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By Tsering Yangzom
4.5 | 171 customer reviews
156 of the 171 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Amazing product. Really great for students and professionals. The pin up board is a little hard to press pins into maybe because its new. Loved the product. Original cost is 1650 ,written on the product package.The hanging is like a clocks. They give u a couple of nails with it. Good one!
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By Amazon Customer
Built quality good and product finishing is fabulous
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By Deepesh
The board is in its best quality. Everything is just perfect but definitely not value for money cause after buying I happened to visit a stationary shop and saw the same board which was way too cheaper than this one And the quality was good too. So please if a stationary shop is reachable to you, buy it from there. They are charging too extra
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By Amazon Customer
4.3 | 616 customer reviews
521 of the 616 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
excellent quality.
first i thought 499 would be a bit extra for this but its totally worth or i can even say its more than you pay for.
excellent packing and quick delivery by amazing amazon......THANQ
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By Dr.AJ
The build quality after product is very good and the finishing is also good overall it is a very good document folder for all your document.
The leaf size is enough for B4 paper size documents but feels larger for A4 size documents as you can see in the picture.
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By Pankaj Kumar Gautam
Pathetic quality file upper cover and inner is good but 20 leaf in file all leaf is tear from below its pathetic i also exchange the product and exchange problem are same so i confirm that all files have same so i must tell this truely and not to buy this 2 star only for above build quality
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By Navjeet
product price
4.3 | 536 customer reviews
451 of the 536 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
It's such a useful little box with a nice glossy appearance. It keeps all your cables and extension cords well hidden.

I had a lot of cables out in the open.. of my TV, dish, camera, Wi-Fi router..
Now it seems a lot more organised because of this amazing bin.

The quality is good as well. I don't intend to move it around and so it should be fine.

I've attached the 'Before' and 'After' pics and the insides of the box.
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By Dr. JG
Wire bin is nice and good quality plastic is used. There is enough room for multi plugs and some adapters. For an optimal look for your desk I would also recommend a cable tie along with this.
The cons are that its a finger print magnet and very expensive. It shouldn't cost more than 500 rupees.
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By Surya Saini
Safe and secure way to hide an extension box, it also helps with little bit of cable management. Black color looks quite good but the plastic quality is actually poor for the price its a big NO kind of plastic its not a Thud! thud! its a tok! tok! plastic. Functionality wise i find no other option in the market as of now so go with it just don't drop it.

3 stars for the functionality alone and 2 stars reduced for the price and plastic quality.
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By Suroan
34 Offers from product price
4.5 | 135 customer reviews
124 of the 135 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
A very good looking instrument and stationery to have in your study area. Aesthetic and handy, this paper puncture does a good job at not making a mess by throwing out the residues. Instead it has a plastic cover all under it to organise those paper fallouts that you could just throw out.
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By Queen's omelette
It arrived exactly as shown in the picture here. The build quality is excellent. It is sturdy and tough. It can punch 20-22 sheets in one go. I bought it for my office purpose and satisfied with this product. If you need it for home purpose and for 4-5 sheets in a go, you may opt for a smaller machine. This is a medium duty kind of stuff. At Rs. 99/- it is worth it but additional shipping charges of Rs. 79/- makes it little more than the MRP price of Rs. 145/- mentioned on the box.
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By S Kumar
It very much useful. My school and college going kids are using it. The built is good. Serves the purpose well.
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By Sam
4.3 | 326 customer reviews
272 of the 326 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Got it for 750/- Looks good. Absolutely professional. Easy to carry around documents especially for an interview. The zipper quality is really good. Only thing to take care is you cannot store certificates in this bag for a long term as it causes moisture condensation inside the plastic cover and if stored for 1 year or so, chances are there for the certificates to stick to the plastic sheet [like what happens in olden photo albums]
Good for carrying around the documents/ certificates.
Easy to carry as there is a retractable handle for carrying.
Will update the review about durability after using this for a while..

Edit on 10/August/2019:
Im really glad that i bought this product. No problems so far. 5 stars for durability.
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By Riddler Aryan
Not worth of money.... Lookwise I appreciate it... But this not designed nicely.... Even in I'm not able to keep pen in pen folder.... Could have designed better... Who will keep mobile in file folder.... In case some one keeps, It's not designed for 6' mobiles....
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By Santosh Hegde
Ordered 20 leaf product but received 12 leaf product further stitching of bag is not good and bag is a torn one . Very disappointed and returning the product.
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By Krishna
4.3 | 304 customer reviews
260 of the 304 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Perfect size for me. Ignore the black wire behind. The built of the board is quite good.
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By Prazuchi Customer Support
Thank you pragathi for this good quality pin board. I really happy to buy this board.
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By Amazon Customer
I bought similar notice board for rs 550 from local market...everybody is excessively charging online... Beware
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By Arjun
4.3 | 280 customer reviews
239 of the 280 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Excellent whiteboard, comes with three markers which stick to the magnetic backing and have a small eraser on the top.
We have been using this for over a month now. N.B. - even though it is not mentioned, this comes with three markers included in the package.

Some observations:
1. The magnetic background is pretty good, it sticks well to the refrigerator.
2. The whiteboard quality is decent and marks made with the marker rub off well without a lot of residue.
3. I haven't tried this yet, but it should be possible to cut this into the desired size and shape according to your needs.

Please vote my review as helpful if this helped you, this will encourage me to provide more review.

P.S. - I was pleasantly surprised when the seller personally contacted me to ask about my feedback, this shows a level of commitment that isn't usually seen.
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By Abhinaya
Super cool product. Loved it. Perfect stick on and quality
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By Nishhh
It works exactly as described. Magnetic sticking is good.
I cut it in half and it does fine.
The pens run out of ink rapidly. And beware! Their ink does not rub off easily. The sheet gets full of smudges after a while.
The sheet does not wipe totally clean right from the start. But it may be because of the ink from these particular pens.
I wipe with a soft cloth, and have tried both damp and dry wipes.
The sheet gets more and more smudged with time. Now I have to use a kitchen-top spray on the sheet to wipe it really clean.
The bits of sponge wiper on top of the pens break off easily. Wipe gently, if using them.
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4.3 | 280 customer reviews
228 of the 280 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Love it.
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By vivek r.
it comes with 2 stickers .. silver shown in my pic and golden is much cooler .. worth to buy it.. dont hope miracle its just a nice thing to buy . i am happy with buying
it ..
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By Pushkaraj Ahire
Great design but size is too small if required to be pasted on wide bodied or big size items.
Barely visible as a clear logo from 5 meters
Would like to reorder if the size is at least thrice as big I.e. 3 times bigger.
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By Amazon Customer
product price
4.6 | 83 customer reviews
80 of the 83 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Excellent punching machine. When i bought this i had not fathomed its size. And this by appearance is industrial grade ! The good thing - it has marked measuring rod / strip. And it can punch a bunch of sheets at one go. Attached image is comparison with the "normal" punching machine of same company.
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By Maverick
Build quality is excellent. It's sturdy and tough. I got it under offer without realizing its actually for office use as it's heavy-duty. Not the kind I wanted for punching 3-4 sheets once in a month. Amazon sellers should mention this. Rated 5 as product itself is beyond comparison. If you do heavy punching work regularly then this is for you.
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By MadMax
Very good product. Efficient. Can punch upto 30 sheets of paper easily. The metal guide bar is really useful.
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By Malavika
4.2 | 1,206 customer reviews
953 of the 1,206 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars

1. The best thing about this is that it's a combo of two folders of grey and black folder.

2. The quality of the build shows that it can withstand office style use for a long period of time, probably years.

3. There is no unnecessary design or space blockage. Its sober and elegant enough to be taken to office or meeting.

4. Its mentioned that it's best suited for letter size, which is true but A4 works with this equally well except when there are large number of A4 in a single compartment.

5. The compartments of this folder are expandable because of the very design of the product, as visible in the pic. Hence, a large number of Paperwork can be organised within the folder.

6. Its extremely useful for organising and storing paper work in such a way so as to make them easily procure-able during the times of need.

7. Coloured
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By Divya Kothari
Seriously it's the best product to boost your organising skills I am preparing for exams and this is the best thing I have ever purchased now all my pages are organised and very well finished product delivery was on time plenty of space.
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By Abhimanyu Sharma
I bought the 2 pack product. It all seems as advertised but one of the two seems used. Its rope was slacky and the folders had wear and tear marks. I understand that people return products and you refurbish for resale but when am paying for a new product I should get a new product.
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By Ash
4.2 | 817 customer reviews
649 of the 817 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Great product! Great quality and very spacious!
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Liked this. It has dimensions of 22 cm width, 11 cm length and 10 cm height. The siding tray is large enough to hold post it notes and other lose things. It's easier to clean this due to its mesh structure.
But the shipped product didn't had rubber feet to avoid skidding. Luckily my filling it up makes it heavier which reduces skidding. The tray is very lose. As it doesn't sit flush with its compartment.
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By Harrsh Ankola
Have got the product "Metal Mesh Desk Organizer, Black" on time and so far seems to be okay product but have not recieved as mentioned "Plus 1 Set Of Sticky Notes & Coloured Strips/Flags , LD 708-05" ....better not mention what you can't provide...
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By Amazon Customer
4.3 | 213 customer reviews
173 of the 213 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
🎁Exactly what they describe..
🎁Price a bit high
❤Good quality
🎁Osm packing
🎁Stoppers functions well
❤Black colour
🎁Of course it vl b durable
🎁Timely delivery
❤Go for it
❤Plz reduce price
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By Lachu
It looks nice and sturdy.
it has metallic and mesh design , which makes it durable. cell phone doesn't slip while ringing.
Safely delivered , no damage to the product (although it wasn't packed well)
See Pictures for more details.
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By Jitendra
Pros of this pen stand:
1. Is absolutely gorgeous
2. Looks exactly as shown in pictures
3. Adds a touch of glamour to your desk
4. Feel sturdy
5. Excellent for the price (I got it for 200 bucks)

1. Got slightly bent in transit (I shall turn that side to the wall)
2. The paint is chipping off in one or two spots
3. A tad smaller than expected (about the size of a 200 ml glass)

I bought this as a Secret Santa gift, so there's no time to return it and get another, but for the price, it's a good buy! And it really does look very pretty!
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4.3 | 210 customer reviews
182 of the 210 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
It's cute and the quality is commendable! Be careful of the size you buy. This is good enough for my room. Would definitely recommend it to anyone looking to buy one. Thank you Pragati Systems :)
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By Dorothy Zena Vallado
The board is apt in size of 40*60 cm.
Dust not leave ghost marks.
Has 4 movable hooks on both sides of the board - so that you hang the board in portrait form (2 hooks)or landscape form (2 hooks) as per your prefrence.

Good quality board! Definitely recommend it!
I received the product in a well packed condition with no defects whatsoever!
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By Amazon Customer
The board is of really good quality & found nothing objectionable in it. Aluminium frame is also of good quality.
Only the thing which lacks is in packing / protection for writing surface. The board was covered in single layer of bubble plastic which is not enough in transportation. In my received board there was a dent on writing surface & on the same location it's box was also damaged. It was surely due to improper handling. Dent was not that much major, therefore I had not gone for return/replacement. But, the manufacturer should use atleast a Thermocol along with bubble wrap to protect the writing surface in a box..
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By Swap.D
product price
4.3 | 189 customer reviews
155 of the 189 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
I have got this on a deal after using callas for a long time. Unfortunately the one I received is a little wobbly. Build quality is good though so after loading up with stationery, it’s a little stationary :)
I will go back to callas once this is done.

Thanks for reading! Please click helpful if you think my review could help other buyers too.
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By Pavan
The front drawer keeps on running away and not much fits inside. It's basically a pen stand with a few places to keep your eraser and sharpener
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By Yogeshwar Singh Ranawat
Very cheap and pathetic product from amazon basics , very small in size and not worth the price . Complete disaster
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By Sakshi Mittal
product price
4.5 | 70 customer reviews
67 of the 70 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
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The Orchid Engineers products are very elegant and sturdy. It makes for a lovely gift on formal/informal occasions. We have a remote stand at home and we gifted a pen stand to a friend who absolutely loved the product. The design is simple, common-sensical, easy to clean and adds to the decor of the room. I wish in future they come up with more colours as well.
Savitha, Bangalore
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By Savitha G L
Beautiful Pen Stand...exactly like picture
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By Priyanka
product price
4.4 | 89 customer reviews
80 of the 89 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
It is a robust product that satisfies an important need. It also has a paper guide so that every time we don't have to locate the centre of paper.

There is a confusion about how many papers it can staple at a time. Some say 12 pages some claim it to be 45. I am enclosing the image of what the product box declares.
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By Neeraj B Bhai
Item was in its own card board pack and it was in good condition with no dents to the item or its packing. Stapler looks solid and a bit on heavier side and working as expected. It would have been good if a pack of pins were also bundled along with.

I always wanted this kind of stapler but could not get it in any stationery shops and also never even knew such kind of stapler existed. Normal staplers allow papers to be stapled only in the top or left of a page. Through this we can staple in the center of an copied/printed A4 sheet to create an effect of reading like a normal book.
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By Srinivas
Very suitable for booklet stapling

Quite cost effective,
Takes the larger sized staple pin hence offer more stability.
Has the guide so allows for fairly accurate stapling

Received with very decent packaging
Not meant for large number of pages
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By K R.