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4.6 | 518 customer reviews
481 of the 518 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Amazing product good quality and everything.
I'm using this product for the first time and believe me guys you will be amazed by these pens.I used to draw with general black pen and now with 005 I can detail my drawing very nicely.It will improve your skills guys go for it
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By Lakshman rao
The ink doesn't bleed through the paper. May not be as smooth on watercolour paintings. Instead, I drew or wrote whatever I had to on the paper and then painted over it but the lines appear less bold and clear. After inking over pencil, don't erase too vigorously. The paper may get damaged over the inked areas.
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By Amazon Customer
I ordered these pens because i wanted something great to doodle with and they are fantastic.! I can create super detailed doodles with them because of the different sizes. I love them....
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By Saloni Siag
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4.5 | 889 customer reviews
782 of the 889 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Loved the product so much .
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By Anamika Sharma
Best product under 100rs. Must buy it.
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By Sumith
All the things related to kid are available in it. Nice one
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By Sunil Kumar Tiwari
4.6 | 355 customer reviews
329 of the 355 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
I loved the product. I could easily stick it to my iron cupboard. Please see the video demo that I've shared. This magnetic planner is already motivating me to be more organized.
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By sayalee vadnerkar
Good quality product..nicely packed..serves the purpose...if you need this then buy it,don't think twice. I only had problem with one of the pens provided out of three was not working as the ink had dried, which happened because the cap was not fit to it properly and therefore the ink dried in transit. Otherwise I am happy with the purchase .
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By Poorti Sajwan
I Needed a way to keep track of things and a good day to day planner. Wanted one that could be stuck on our iron wardrobes.

Bought it after seeing good reviews and it holds up to the reviews.

Great packing by amazon.
Robust quality from the manufacturer.
It is smaller than expected but OK.
Pens are good with sponge to erase on top.
Quite weak magnets are the only drawback I could find.
Easily washable.
Price could be lesser.
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By Devesh Bapna
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4.5 | 613 customer reviews
540 of the 613 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Good quality, sharp scissors with good finishing.
Grip is good and smooth.
Using it for cutting photo paper after printing photos at home on larger sheets and general household tasks and it is performing well. On photos getting smooth straight edges. As per spec these have titanium-fused blades but no way of verifying it. Hoping that these will serve for long with everyday use.
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By Neeraj S
Build quality of the product is seriously awesome.

Would be better if price is bit less as I found nearly identical quality products in the malls at way cheaper prices
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By yeshwantlal
Its a vry good and reliable scissor which doesnt go blunt after one or two months .chinese product scissor goes blunt after one month used.this one i used it everyday for three months now.hope it goes sharp for a many more years 😀
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By Sandy
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4.5 | 607 customer reviews
547 of the 607 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
I buy quite a few of these every other month, thanks to some one who loves to colour, draw and finish a stock of A4 sheets every month.

If you are buying this for your kid, here's some stuff I hope will help you.

1. This series of pastels of 50 shades is available without a plastic box as well, which is cheaper. The box in itself is not very sturdy, so it will break if you drop it hard enough.
2. If you want lesser shades look at the 25 shades box, which is cheaper by 50%.
3. For even smaller kids, there is a jumbo series, which has bigger and thicker oil pastels, which makes it easier for them to hold.
4. Oil pastels unlike wax crayons cannot be rubbed out with an eraser, so keep that in mind if you are buying for kid who is starting out. Also, oil pastels are
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By GyanGuru
Good quality oil pastels
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The same product is available in Food bazaar. Sahara mall Rs@160
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By Mithun
4.5 | 396 customer reviews
338 of the 396 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
I read the reviews before I placed an order it was terrible because most of the reviews were like the pens are not comes in a good package I was confused but anyway I ordered coz I need it badly now I’m fully satisfied
The packaging is good and all the pens are writing well
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By Monisha
Uni-ball makes excellent pens and it is true in this case as well. What I have trouble with is how the 10 pens were sent to me. They were just wrapped together with cello tape and now I have a bunch of sticky pens that write and draw beautifully​.
Dear seller, please use as zip lock bag at the least.
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By College-kid
All pens arrived intact but the packaging by the shopkeeper was terrible. Bands of cellotapes around 10 pens! Has made the pens sticky to hold.
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By Amazon Customer
product price
4.5 | 349 customer reviews
311 of the 349 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Easiest way to calculate gst of all slabs very precisely in a split second. After using this for a month i am writing this review.
Here are some pros and cons.
1. Its very acturate.
2. Buttons are very tactile.
3. Easy to use GST values.
4. GST values i.e 0%, 5%,12%,18%,28% already set as defult.
5. We can change the GST values whenever we want.
There is only one con to mention that is the brightness of the display which is very dull..Beside this ..itz an amazing product..👍🤗..
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Hard to change gst rates
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By Abhijay
Product seems to be ok, however the landed price is higher than MRP which is not acceptable. Seller must reduce the basic or freight charges within the MRP.
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By Amazon Customer
4.4 | 573 customer reviews
498 of the 573 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Have been using these pens for past 20 years and the quality is the same
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If you’re a fan of 0.7mm tips, this is the pen for you. Only thing i hate about ink roller ball pens is refilling them is one big task. But best use for a use and throw pen 👌
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By Narsing Rao Pochiraju
Excellent for a 0.7mm pen.
Glides like an angel.
If you are a 0.7 mm fan then get this.
Too thick for a 0.5mm user. If you are, then buy V5
Ink does not dry quickly. So get ready to get some ink on your hand.
Not suitable for all types of paper.
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By Shri Manu ji Maharaj
4.5 | 318 customer reviews
283 of the 318 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Packaging was excellent so is the product.It can be easily stuck to n removed from any flat metallic surface.It is in rolled up form so can be stored if u r planning to use it later.
Much bigger than expected so meal n weekly planning can be done with the more than sufficient space provided.
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By Asha shenoy
Does its job perfectly well. The board is sleek, magnetic and has a beautiful finish. It can be rolled up when not in use. The pens have erasers attached which is enough to erase your writes completely. Once erased, the ink stain doesn't remain unlike some whiteboard dusters.
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By Shalini
Need a way to keep track of my schedule and things to do visually. Needed something I can wake up and see to plan my day rathe than waiting for the phone to buzz. Got this.

Great packing. Robust quality. Little smaller than expected but still sufficient to write. Pens are great too with sponge to erase on top. Very strong magnets. Delivered in time as expected from Amazon.
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By Yash E
4.3 | 1,697 customer reviews
1,408 of the 1,697 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
I got 2 pens ( blue + black )
4 blue cartridge (1 in pen and 3 in the pack)
3 black cartridge (1 in pen and 2 in the pack)
Please believe me !!
I expected 2+2 cartridges
Thanks for the extra cartridges.
Writing is smoother in blue pen than the black one.
believe me , gift it to a student who writes rarely and watch him grow to writing and remembering everything .
I fell in love with writing.😊
Cartridge are sold at 23 rupees for set of 2 .
Don't buy cartridges online before checking nearby shops
The black pen though writes a little coarse , give nice matte finish lines .
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By Pritam M.
Nice pen better than v5 and the best part you get this on cheaper price on amazon.It is good if you have to write long and it comes with 2blue and 2black refill.
Best for writing on a4 size sheets.I have used this product for long time i will definitely recommend this product to everyone if you like heavy pen .It is sort of heavy feeling if you hold it for too long.
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By Kumar Abhinav
So, i really don't use costly pens, but when the time comes to write too much, i use to buy pens like this one. It is indeed an amazing pen with no boubt i could say. It is smooth in writing, thin nip, which really helps to write amazingly and fastly. Just the problem is, its not waterproof. Just because of this problem, i am rating it 4 stars. But at the overall rating, its an amazing pen. If you want to write in a good hanwriting and also fast, then go for this pen.
Thank you,
I hope my review will help you to take your decision.....
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By Nofal Khan
product price
4.5 | 296 customer reviews
265 of the 296 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Its the first time I tried to re-upholster my chair and this gun made it super easy. Its so simple to use. I used the
Staples of 23-6 mm from Kangaro along with it as you have to buy them separately and the stores don't seem to have them.
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By D
Brought it for RS 614. Easy to use. Brought compatible staplers from local shop. Sturdy built quality. Fix the things really well. Good packaging and fast delivery by Amazon.
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By @zhar
Sturdy. Well built. However i wished the seller would have put in few pins just to try the product out. I have ordered for the pins separately but il be receiving them only after a week, so cant try the stapler on anything yet. It looks good but what i hv recieved is nothing like the profile pix, mine is all steel body with a plastic handle. There is no description however as to what kind of work it can handle. Im presuming its a medium duty stapler for what its worth.
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By Tsering Yangzom
product price
4.3 | 1,548 customer reviews
1,267 of the 1,548 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Wonderful product with premium feel and smooth twist operation to reveal the tip of the pen. The writing is seamless & comfortable.

One Suggestion: Please reduce the small gap between the ring & bottom part of the pen, sometimes a little silver area inside the pen is revealed in this gap.
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By Peter
It's really heavy. But has a nice smooth feel to hold. Had to change the way I hold a pen because of the weight. The Matt finish is nice. Will update if it comes off. Writing is good. If it was lighter I'd rate it 5 stars.
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By Shekhar
pen is nice but tip point is not fine.
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By Sandip Ranaware
4.3 | 1,081 customer reviews
881 of the 1,081 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Great product! Great quality and very spacious!
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Liked this. It has dimensions of 22 cm width, 11 cm length and 10 cm height. The siding tray is large enough to hold post it notes and other lose things. It's easier to clean this due to its mesh structure.
But the shipped product didn't had rubber feet to avoid skidding. Luckily my filling it up makes it heavier which reduces skidding. The tray is very lose. As it doesn't sit flush with its compartment.
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By Harrsh Ankola
Have got the product "Metal Mesh Desk Organizer, Black" on time and so far seems to be okay product but have not recieved as mentioned "Plus 1 Set Of Sticky Notes & Coloured Strips/Flags , LD 708-05" ....better not mention what you can't provide...
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By Amazon Customer
4.3 | 727 customer reviews
614 of the 727 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Very sharp blades with easy to use, non slippery grip for holding.
Thank you
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By Divya Nayak
So I brought the knife for soap carving purpose and paper cutting it is quite sharp full stars for that and it done the well the blades came in another box nicely packed no chance of losing your blade. The only issue I face was the whenever I try to work with this knife it tends to open up around the grip which is the annoying a little otherwise nice product.
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By Sameer
Recd.early, good packaging,, nice product
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By Devisha
product price
4.3 | 667 customer reviews
573 of the 667 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Generally scissors don't last very long either they loose their sharpness or their Handel's break but this one is just great quality.
Made with pure stainless steel, very sharp edges and rubberized Handel's making it very easy to hold.
A long lasting product.
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By Avinash Jagnani (Tech Geek)
Got a girly colour.
Seems pretty solid and cuts with that crushing feel (which i like), rather than the snip feel.
Best if i review it after some months of use.
So, hold tight.
I'll be back.
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By koolbluez
I had bought these earlier from a store. Those were great.but The ones I received yesterday won't even cut paper or cling film properly. The tip is sharp but the mid body has no sharpness.not Happy with the product
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By Customer
product price
4.3 | 584 customer reviews
496 of the 584 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
It's such a useful little box with a nice glossy appearance. It keeps all your cables and extension cords well hidden.

I had a lot of cables out in the open.. of my TV, dish, camera, Wi-Fi router..
Now it seems a lot more organised because of this amazing bin.

The quality is good as well. I don't intend to move it around and so it should be fine.

I've attached the 'Before' and 'After' pics and the insides of the box.
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By Dr. JG
Wire bin is nice and good quality plastic is used. There is enough room for multi plugs and some adapters. For an optimal look for your desk I would also recommend a cable tie along with this.
The cons are that its a finger print magnet and very expensive. It shouldn't cost more than 500 rupees.
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By Surya Saini
Safe and secure way to hide an extension box, it also helps with little bit of cable management. Black color looks quite good but the plastic quality is actually poor for the price its a big NO kind of plastic its not a Thud! thud! its a tok! tok! plastic. Functionality wise i find no other option in the market as of now so go with it just don't drop it.

3 stars for the functionality alone and 2 stars reduced for the price and plastic quality.
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By Suroan
product price
4.3 | 578 customer reviews
464 of the 578 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Arguably the best highlighter pens. I have used camlin, luxor and other brands as well. This can be used for a much longer duration.
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By Bodhisattva
colors not deep enough compared to sketchpens, otherwise good.
color may bleed in an a4 paper if too much pressure id applied. see image
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By Gaurav
Colour are good .but one colour missing .Amazon slove the problem. Now I happy.😊😊😊😊
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By Nutan Sharma
4.2 | 2,265 customer reviews
1,789 of the 2,265 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
1) 2% additional discount because of my prime service
2) dint have to go to stationary hop for buying, Amazon delivered it at my doorstep
3) nice grip blue pen
4) brought set of 25 pens so don't have to rush on weekly basis for new pen.
5) eligible for return and exchange in case you don't find grip with this pen as per your choice.

1) price was same as market rate, no other discount
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By Akash Singh
I tried out many pens like pinpoint, maxwriter etc but all of them had the issue of spilling extra ink on the paper which made my notes dirty, so thought about trying a new pen, and found this finegrip pen for an offer of Rs 138, so bought it. I have been using it for 2 weeks, and I have to say this pen is really worth it. Got it for about RS 5.4 per pen and is one of the best pens I have used. I would recommend everyone to try out this pen.
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By Deepak
This is good, but it's jammed. Don't consider using it at once. You need to scribble something before it's first use.
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By √@|ē×}™
7 Offers from product price
4.5 | 182 customer reviews
169 of the 182 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Good Quality.
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By Trisha
Paint blends well .. it’s not too smooth but for beginners it’s great ... somehow the canvase board was bent a little .. that’s the only con with this buy
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By Deepak P
Nice canvas. Easy to paint
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By Naresh Poojary
4.2 | 1,407 customer reviews
1,132 of the 1,407 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars

1. The best thing about this is that it's a combo of two folders of grey and black folder.

2. The quality of the build shows that it can withstand office style use for a long period of time, probably years.

3. There is no unnecessary design or space blockage. Its sober and elegant enough to be taken to office or meeting.

4. Its mentioned that it's best suited for letter size, which is true but A4 works with this equally well except when there are large number of A4 in a single compartment.

5. The compartments of this folder are expandable because of the very design of the product, as visible in the pic. Hence, a large number of Paperwork can be organised within the folder.

6. Its extremely useful for organising and storing paper work in such a way so as to make them easily procure-able during the times of need.

7. Coloured
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By Divya Kothari
Seriously it's the best product to boost your organising skills I am preparing for exams and this is the best thing I have ever purchased now all my pages are organised and very well finished product delivery was on time plenty of space.
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By Abhimanyu Sharma
I bought the 2 pack product. It all seems as advertised but one of the two seems used. Its rope was slacky and the folders had wear and tear marks. I understand that people return products and you refurbish for resale but when am paying for a new product I should get a new product.
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By Ash