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4.5 | 1,673 customer reviews
1,508 of the 1,673 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
The scientific calculator was delivered in less than 12 hours. Calculator is working fine, I bought it for my son, who is doing B.Tech and he is more than satisfied with the product. He got more functions whatever he would need to perform on daily scientific calculation. Calculator's design and keys are pretty and sturdy. One can buy with confidence; and it should fulfill his requirement.
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By Ajay Kumar Dhurkunde
This calculator is awesome.
First off, I'm a high school student in Chennai. I have been using this calculator for the past four years, and it has performed admirably. It can solve most equations, can differentiate and integrate functions, solve for X, etc. Its wide variety of functions has made it the number 1 calculator used in our school, and everyone recommends it.
Also, you can use this for your SAT and ACT exams, as well as every other exam out there.
Look no further, just buy this one
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By Sahasrajit
This is the best available caculator in market. It is handy and very light. It is internally strong asit has many times fell from my hand but it still works fantastic. It has amazing feature you can multiply 3*3 matrics,solve cubic and quadratic equation,integrate and diffrenciate within a interval.. It has many features which I have not learned let. The most wonderful feature is its screen,you can look at any angle and the text visible clearly whereas in other calculators you have to look perpendicularly to see whats on the screen.
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By Akash Rawat
product price
4.5 | 255 customer reviews
227 of the 255 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Easiest way to calculate gst of all slabs very precisely in a split second. After using this for a month i am writing this review.
Here are some pros and cons.
1. Its very acturate.
2. Buttons are very tactile.
3. Easy to use GST values.
4. GST values i.e 0%, 5%,12%,18%,28% already set as defult.
5. We can change the GST values whenever we want.
There is only one con to mention that is the brightness of the display which is very dull..Beside this ..itz an amazing product..👍🤗..
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Good thought process in creating this new model, very useful for our business with multiple GST rates. Only draw back the Tax + Tax- has to be checked before calculation
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By Suresh Ramalingam
Product seems to be ok, however the landed price is higher than MRP which is not acceptable. Seller must reduce the basic or freight charges within the MRP.
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By Amazon Customer
4.6 | 93 customer reviews
89 of the 93 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Excellent quality screen at low price, get the theatre experience with HD quality images. Very good color reproduction and controls ambient light reflection which is no there in normal wall projection. For 3D experience, this type of screen is required as normal wall can not provide full DLP results. Easy to install, but careful to avoid touching the screen face on floor. I only unfold it after I hook it on the wall.
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By thoudam dinamani singh
Inlight projector screen...
This product is really very good, the viewing experience will take you to next level , excellent product for Home Cinema, or you can take it outdoors as well , it is complete hassle free installation,within a minute, and it is light weight , comes with a protective white cover , and it's eye protection UV coating on screen, you can see your movies for hours....
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By Amit Jani
If the seller would replace the screen it would be a 5 Star. The screen is wavy on the top left corner which is not disturbingly visible while watching a movie.
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By Lotus Enterprise
4.3 | 3,430 customer reviews
2,819 of the 3,430 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
1) Simple install (only first time you need to configure with camera + router through Mi Home app, after that if you power off your router or camera and it will automatically reconnect when these are switch it on)
2) 1080p HD cam(view full frame also, without moving the camera angle you can see the full frame view)
3) You can monitor from remote end (need good internet both in router and mobile, otherwise start buffering)
4) two way talk
5) share your camera to your family member( both are should be in same server)
6) good look( only one colour- white)
7) value of money
8) support upto 64 GB micro sd card
9) Record video without internet also (some of the amazon customer commented that it will not work without internet. It is totally a false statement)

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By Amazon Customer
It consumes around 10gb of storage in 24hours in 'HD' mode.
Pros :
Night mode recording.
Clarity of camera.
Multiple users can watch camera recording at same time.
Two way communication.
1080p HD recording.
Can record videos without internet , requires internet connection after switching camera on - after that you can disconnect & recording will continue.

It doesn't support AUTO 360° rotation. User has to manually adjust camera from application.
If there is a power outage or by any chance you disconnect power source , camera would start recording again after you connect it to internet.
You need to keep camera connected to a power source for 24hours - charging option would've been helpful here.
Application sometimes sends motion alerts after delay of 30minutes(approx).
Memory card of storage capacity greater than 64gb are not supported.
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By Rahul T
I cannot connect the device with my Jiofi so please help me out
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By Sukdeb Das
4.3 | 502 customer reviews
426 of the 502 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
User friendly, easy to use, very handy for students pursuing CA.
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By Ekanath R
Expensive. You should wait for a sale. But don't compromise with other brands. Casio is the longest lasting and has the best feeling buttons.
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By Ed the glove
Excellent calculater,must for commerce students,& businessmen .quality too is good ,wish amazon had exempted the delivery charges, that is why giving one star less for adding delivery charges.
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By rekha jain
4.3 | 233 customer reviews
189 of the 233 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
This is the best calculator for CA exams. I have personally used it for my CA exams, and found it to be extremely helpful. Moreover, if you are doing any international course, go for this one as the '000 button helps you to fill values in millions easily.
I have used this calculator very roughly, but its durability is great.
Though some say that the big dimensions are a problem, for me it suits perfectly.
overall i would say it is a must have calculator
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By Muthukumaran
Superb Calculator for calculations for CA students. Not too BIG nor too Small.

Quality is superb and warranty bhi hai...

I think Its best.

Buy it immediately
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By Amit Jha
One of the keys started having a problem after one week of use. Very difficult to find a service center. They ask for a lot of proof. If you need repair for the product it is going to be very difficult. It will take weeks to repair.
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4.9 | 27 customer reviews
27 of the 27 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Excellent product. Value for money.
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By ajith
Great product for this price, everything is fine n perfect as per the instructions and description given in the site
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By Modiji
Overall product is good nice finishing and the units working quite and smooth. Can’t say about the cycle and life of the screen. As of now it’s good and doing it’s job. I recommend.
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By Rescue Soul
4.3 | 173 customer reviews
132 of the 173 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Cover fits nicely, but the printer sucks! even after putting this cover it is always non functioning when i have to use it.
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By Truthalways!
I bought this to protect my HP 3545 printer from dust. The cover doesn't have any openings for the USB and power cables to pass through, but that is not a problem as in this printer those cables are placed at the very bottom. The cover comes with elastic band at the borders and fits well on the printer. The material is washable and the grey colour goes well with the black colour scheme of my desktop setup, although I would have preferred black more. The product is however priced too high.
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By Dr Haque
The printer cover is OK, it fits the size and good way to protect printer from dust and stuffs. The delivery guys through which Amazon does the delivery are 3rd party people who are quite funny and sometimes non co-operative. The person who came for delivery of this cover was asking for Dushera tips and then they never bring any Card machine. On giving cash payments they don't even give you the correct change return.
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By Kaushik Sarkar
4.3 | 158 customer reviews
134 of the 158 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Best use for business purpose....quality product...
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By A Anton Pravin Kumar
This Casio DJ 220D plus is a huge calculator and I mean huge in size, I feel it's not for regular or academic use and is more suitable for business purposes. Overall it's a good calculator.
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By Ansariamin
I have been using the product for the almost 1 year and buttons are so hard and sometimes they struck inside. Brightness is also not up to the mark. So think before you buy.
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By Ujjwal
product price
4.2 | 287 customer reviews
236 of the 287 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars

BUT THE PROBLEM IS, IT DOES NOT WORK LIKE OTHER CALCULATORS. YOU CAN NOT DO MULTIPLY OF ANY NUMBER BY CLICKING = SIGN. [ LIKE 2*2=4,=8=16 ] It is not possible. Also It is not good for ca students specially in FM where you have to calculate NPV and FPV by using 1÷1.1 and simultaneously by pressing = sign. This is not working.

I am using it only in Office for bill passing. It is good relaxing sound and for fast adding.

Hope all the things is clear.
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By Imran Ali
Nice item, easy warranty registration process online. Got three years warranty on this product. Don't miss the barcode sticker which comes inside the box, this barcode sticker need to attach on the invoice for warranty registration.
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By Mansoor
Got answers wrong sometimes ,very bad product. While calculating future value of annuity , it's not working , I am totally dissatisfied with this product .
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By Jos Edward
4.3 | 78 customer reviews
69 of the 78 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
This shredder from AmazonBasics looks elegant and functions well. It worked right out of the box.

I went for the "cross" model since it cuts the paper into smaller bits (compared to "straight" model). A few notes...

1. Think if you really need a paper shredder before ordering. These days all credit card bills, bank statements...etc have gone email way, so we hardly get any printed bills, statements
2. Think where you will place the shredder in the house as it is not a small appliance
3. The shredder can shred only for 3 minutes continuously before it requires a 30 minute "cooling period".
4. This shredder can shred credit cards too.

Hope this helps. If my review helped you make your purchase decision, just hit the "Helpful" button. Thank you.
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By naripeddi
Plug and shred- its glorious.

I had a 6 page shredder before this, from amazon basics again. That was pretty good and with that my love for shredding began.

I recently acquired this beauty and this is an even nicer shredder! It can accommodate 8 pages as described. Its nice and sturdy and will fit all your shredding needs. Also, shredding is cathartic!

If you do get the product remember one thing, its all fun for the first couple of days. After that its left in some corner and completely forgotten. Do not do that. Keep it in eye sight and make it a habit to shred anything and everything (paper) you do not need.
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By A.T
Easy to use shredder and real value for money considering other expensive shredders with similar features. The drawbacks are reverse action sometimes doesn't work and a lock to lock the machine with the bin would have been helpful as the machine weight is heavier than the bin which can create a problem
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By Amazon Customer
4.2 | 115 customer reviews
92 of the 115 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
I don't know how many people would make a use of this but this pocket friendly Calculator is perfect for me as I don't have to use my phone for this. and this Calculator fits perfectly in any pocket so handy when out on fields etc.
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By BlueRay
A simple calculator and the trusted casio brand packaging 5 stars !!!!

At this price the finishing and the quality is amazing and it is made in Philippines for a change !!!
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By Amazon Customer
Bought this for my study and was surprised by the size of the calculator. The issue with it is that everytime I was using the +/-/×/÷ functions, the screen just flashes. That's it. No other indication of any sort that you've actually pressed it like a tiny notification above the numbers.
The buttons feel a bit weird and I constantly find myself making the same calculations to make sure I didn't make a mistake (sometimes I'm paranoid).
Other than that, it fits in my pouch (which is quite convenient) and it has a cover that protects the screen. I would use it as a backup.
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By Kartik Bagade
4.1 | 438 customer reviews
346 of the 438 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Video resolution is unbelievably excellent.Real 1080p.Clarity during day light,with lights on and especially night vision is superb.mi app is fantastic. Paring with wifi is also so simple.The beauty is it works nicely with Jiofi.It responds well with weaker signal also. I really wonder how such a tiny camera is so great in all parameters. Audio quality is also reasonably good.
The only left out facility is that there is no wall mounting provision and we have to make it on our own. Kindly see my wall mounting illustrations.
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By Krish
Although the resolution and motion detection feature is good, very easy to set up. Motion detection works fine. But reason product failed for me is there is no loop function.

The MI Home app is good, the resolution, and motion detection is good but 2 stars because without loop recording it defeats the purpose. Hope they fix it by an update.

UPDATE: they have fixed loop thing. Video get recorded in loop. With a 64GB card, I get almost 3 days on the loop.
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By vthak
Got this security camera today.
Seems like a good bargain. Supports HD quality. Can connect to internet and broadcast realtime footage to multiple devices.
The device also has a night vision, which allows Black and white video in absence of complete light. The video switches to color in presence of light.

Another great feature is the surveillance area. Using this feature, the user can be notified of any movement of humans / pets on particular area. The view area is divided into a grid and user can select the area of grid for which they want any detection to be notified.

It also supports talk back feature. Great if you want to communicate with your pets

The device automatically connects to WiFi in case of power failure.

Cons : There are no slots provided to fix the device to wall ..user will have to make a stand for it.

For longevity ..will have to wait and watch.

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By Soumyashree
4.2 | 110 customer reviews
90 of the 110 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
I've been looking for a shredder for a long time - I don't like to just throw sensitive documents away (including ones that have my address or phone number). I had been storing such papers for a long time, as it was hard to select which shredder to buy as none had good reviews, or were very expensive. When I saw amazon basics branded, I immediately ordered, and Its been great for occasional shredding. I shredding 4 boxes of paper, and it did it easily. No issues at all. Probably not for 100s of pages everyday, but great for occasional use or small office use.
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Excellent product; looks and functions exactly as advertised. This is ideal for domestic use where the usage load is light
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By Raj S Menon
It works fine but not for long periods of time, I used it for two week and not it stop working. I called Amazon customer care also to arrange any technical person to check ita fault but no one come till now
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By Vishwa Bhushan
product price
4.4 | 39 customer reviews
35 of the 39 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Great one......but was confused earlier how to download software. But found API exe on website. Thanks for prompt delivery to Amazon....But one product info leaflet inside....had there been some info regarding how to setup and take would have been easier
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By Vaishali Agnihotri
Product is very good and it is as our expectations. It is working properly and results are good. Keep it up.
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By vimal chandra
very nyc product. best for DMIT test
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By abhay
4.4 | 36 customer reviews
32 of the 36 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Bought for home use, solid build, shreds papers to small bits.... sturdy product (based on couple of days use) … easily portable ... delivered on time.
Shreds all kinds of paper, cards except plastic sheets.
No problem after heavy usage. Tried 3 sheets at a time, worked ok. Just adhere to the instructions regarding the number of sheets and cycle time.
Overall, it’s a Great Amazon Basics product within this price range. Perfect performance, I’ve got the right shredder.
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By Arvind
Great for home use. Works as described in product details. The auto cut off when the motor heats up is a good feature. It does not let you shred for the next 30 min after overheating. Does a neat job of shredding. Plastic cards get shred with ease. Bought it at deep discount. Good to have one around home.
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By Gowrish
It's a day of use and works in good way.
Plastic envelopes after shedding gets such in the blades, so frequent reverse direction is required. Rest all fine.
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By Mexx1977
product price
4.9 | 15 customer reviews
15 of the 15 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
-- Basic Calculator with all required functions.
-- Large Display with 12 digits display.
-- Button size are perfect.
-- Run on Solar also so less battery use.
-- Most useful buttons are "Check, Correct and Auto-play"

Go for it if you are looking for Basic Calculator at reasonable price.
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By Bhumi
Works smoothly. 12 digit check and correct calculator with a facility of 120 steps check and auto replay. It has large display, which can be esily seen. It works on battery and has real solar cell. Value for money. As expected Amazon delievered it before time. Without a doubt buy it.
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By Jago
I have given 4 star because of I expect one more button (Swt Off) over all products is perfect for your business/ marketing as well as home users.
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By Avatar Ngangom
product price
4.1 | 110 customer reviews
83 of the 110 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
I brought Epson L3110 last month, which ink provided with printer is made in philippines.
This ink came from amazon also is also made in philippines, and packing also same...
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By vaibhav vijay pandekar
Original product. Made in Philippines
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By Mohammed Reehan
The ink is ok but rs 200 higher then market or epson site where it is same ink avaliable at rs 300
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By Hemendra Bora
4.5 | 24 customer reviews
23 of the 24 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
I had a look at many screens before buying one. This is the only screen on Amazon which as Black on back side for this size and price. I have a window behind this screen and it completely blocks light and makes the room dark for projection. Screen is thicker that i expected which is very good. the rolling of the screen is smooth and gives confidence in quality. Highly recommended for home or Office Use.
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By niraj
Much better in White painted wall.. from my own experience also I had to spent around 5000 k to fix it on the cieling
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By Renjith Kurup
The Inlight projector screen is very nice product, it reduce the stress on watching movie even for long duration etc, thanks to seller Ms. Anson Enterprises for providing all needful help in deciding size and all sorts of issue relted to it. 5 star for both product and seller from my side.
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By Amazon Customer
4.0 | 354 customer reviews
264 of the 354 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Edit: Passed range test with flying colours.. had to give a presentation where laptop was in balcony of hall at least 200 feet away. Worked perfectly and saved the day.

Original review: Excellent presenter. You have to insert the dongle in usb port and it starts working. You don't have to install any software. Very easy to use. it has on offf switch, volume switch, laser pointer, and button of controlling powerpoint.

You can show blank slide, page up and down, scroll documents, use as Tab button, Alt+tab button... Very useful for all students and other presenters.

Works on single AAA cell
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By Dushyant verma
Just been a month since I purchased it. I had searched a lot of presenters before but this is quite an economic price affordable if you are a student and can't opt for the expensive ones like Logitech etc. It's ergonomic as it's quite sleek unlike the other ones in the market. Feels like holding a pen in your hand. I like my presenter to not be the attention during my talks. So this one does the trick. The presenter has volume buttons too. The make is fine just be careful with the plastic holder. Laser is red it can be used to point over fairly large distance. Battery lasts throughout the talk if it's an hour long I suppose... it would be handy to keep an extra one. Doosl provided a free battery with the purchase. All in all awesome presenter that is economic and handy..! Amazon
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By Mya4J
Comparatively cheap, but quite compact and well-designed with in-built (magnetic?) storage space crevice for USB dongle. Single AAA battery should do for few hours of presentations at the least. Works well for pdf as well as ppt presentations even in Windows 10.
Flimsy clip broke after 1 year use.
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By Chins