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4.5 | 720 customer reviews
652 of the 720 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Excellent product. Design and performance industrial grade. Previously i used an unmanged network switch. That too was from tp link. But after speed used to drop suddenly and i had to reboot it every other day. Even after it maximum speed was 60 mbps. I thought it was usual as it was on a diagonally opposite part of my 1500 sqft flat. Main router was at the diagonally farthest point. In one forum someone suggested to ditch the router. I accepted the suggestion. In one of my rooms i already have a cisco 24 port unmanaged switch and it is giving me excellent result. To save some money i opted for this tp link switch. My decision was right. My download bandwidth shot upto 192 mbps. So my advice is do not go for cheaper switch with plastic body. You have to pay 2-3 thousand rupees more
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By Sidhu
It is a small wonder, My intention was to connect two computers to one data port. I connected the data wall socket to the Ethernet port 1 on the switch. the two computers are connected to port 2 and 3. both computers run beautifully together. I ran a ookla speed test simultaneously on both the computers, the download speed is halved to 50 mbps (I have a 100 mbps speed), if I run the speed test one at a time (sequentially) then each computer shows 100 mbps download speed. so it is a problem only if both computers are downloading large volumes data at the same time. For me this is not a problem.
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By aditya basu
I've been using this for about a month now and I'm quite happy with it. This is an unmanaged switch, so no additionally configuration is needed. Just plug one cable from the switch to the router and the remaining ones to the computers in the LAN and it's ready to use. I get about 800Mbps over the LAN after the upgrade.

It's a compact device that doesn't take up much space. The lights are dim as well.
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By Amith
4.4 | 983 customer reviews
860 of the 983 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
1.Built quality is really good.USB and LAN plugs fit tightly and are easy to remove.
2.Size is quite small for the functions it offers.
3.LAN easily achieves 950 Mbps+ speed on gigabit link.
4.USB drives also performs to their maximum speed.Even on using multiple devices at once, i got max performance for most of the plugged devices.(pen-drives, LAN , keyboard and mouse all at once)

1.Connection wire /Hub wire is small.You will need extension cable if you want to use it with a desktop.
2.There is only one single USB notification light which shows HUB power state and no dedicated notification lights for
individual USB devices activity/ power state.
3.Only available in white color which gets dirty very easily.
4.Body is glossy so it get scratched easily.

Despite many cons, it performs very well .So i will definitely recommend it.
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I have a 75mbps Actfibernet internet. My wifi router is in another room and I was getting around 5mbps max in my laptop. Fortunately had a Lan port in the room but my Windows 10 Dell inspiron 13 does not have lan port. After using this, I am getting 75 to 85mbps in my laptop, God knows why I am getting 85mbps on my 75mbps plan but very happy with performance.
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By Ajit Singh
I access Netflix and half a dozen of other video streaming on my Mi Box. This minimalist set top box has wifi connectivity & an USB port. One major issue with High Quality video streaming over wifi is buffering. And the experience is a bummer. So I had to seek an Ethernet solution for my Mi Box. And this one works out of the box and fits the bill. The adapter is actually bigger than I had expected. And at Rs 600+ bit expensive as well.
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By Apurba
4.3 | 14,785 customer reviews
12,251 of the 14,785 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
It's almost 2019, and I still have no idea why most desktops don't come with builtin WiFi chips. But since that ain't the case, and quality matters, TP Link was definitely the way to go, and so I did. Works like a charm, and was just plug and play on my Windows 10 PC. Blazingly fast, and is working fine on my 100mbps fibre internet connection. If you don't have WiFi on your PC, don't even have second thoughts. Just go for it.
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By Midhun Pankaj
(Pictures attached)

Size/Design: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★
Build Quality: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★
Packaging: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★
Software: ★ ★ ★ ★
Speed: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★
Connectivity: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★
Experience: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★
Warranty: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Size and Design:
The best part about this is that it is very compact in size and very sober and elegant in design. This is a big plus as it is easy plug in and use, add to it the good sober design.

Build Quality:
The build quality is undoubtedly superb. Just no qualms about that, at all. When held, it doesnt give off that cheap and flimsy product-like feeling. It is good sturdy with its build quality.

This part is also a big plus as the item was well cushioned and packaged with all the necessary items that ensured that no damage could have been
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By Divya Kothari
even though its a new version of TL-WN722N it is not compatible with kali also it doesn't have atheros ar9271 chipset

returning as its not compatible but if you are getting this only for windows and mac , you are good works perfect with windows
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By Himanshu Mishra
product price
4.4 | 254 customer reviews
224 of the 254 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
All who are asking so many questions.
It is simply unmanaged switch.

It is neither router nor modem.
It is simply unmanaged switch.

Now its main functionality is to extend your current network.
Connect one CAT5/RJ45 from your current modem/router to any port of this switch. Then you can connect 4 devices to this switch and your devices will be in same network.

No DHCP or no port configuration available.this switch simply allow to attach 4 more device or you can create standalone LAN using 5 device.
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By suchint kotia
Works great for me. My purpose for buying this was to connect intetnet in more than one computers but i had only one cable connection. I purchased this and connected all pcs through it. Now I can use internet in more than one pc. You should definitely get it if your require it. It works perfect and not so costly. Go fot it.
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By Jigar Patel
Please be careful in buying this switch. I was fooled by high rating here.

It can't work 24/7 365 days. It hangs after couple of days, and you'll need to restart the switch. That is weird when switch is meant as plumbing for the internet. Think about having to restart the electricity connection every second day from the light pole....

Or perhaps I got a bad piece, which doesn't make sense if the Quality management of company was good.
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By Harsha Kollaramajalu
product price
4.2 | 7,594 customer reviews
6,102 of the 7,594 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Hi i got this TP link wifi range extender on 12 aug 2018, it worked absolutely fine till today october 25, so i tried contacting the seller through amazon app for warranty replacement as it carries 3 year warranty“ APPARIO RETAIL PVT LTD. But it didnt let me instead it said contact amazon customer care regarding any issue with this seller. Contacting customer care but they failed to assist me regarding the same. Instead suggested me try googling for its replacement.
Intresting thing is APPARIO RETAIL PVT LTD. Is a fully owend subsidiary of amazon ... so amazon should have been easily able to honour the warranty of the product. But they did not.

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By Abhishek
If you're looking to extend WiFi range in your home, it is just perfect. I have been using this now since 3~4 weeks.
● The set up is very easy. Follow either of the two procedures provided in leaflet.
● It needs to be set only once. No need to set while switching on or off the main router or even this extender.
● I have been using this to extend my BSNL internet connection to first floor of my house. Main router is installed at ground floor.
● Over and above WiFi, one Ethernet port is also useful if you want to use it to nearby item (TV, LAPTOP etc).
Overall, I am very satisfied with quality and ease of use.
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I frankly don't understand how this is a 4.1 star rated product. It does a decent job of extending, but that comes at the cost of a significant drop in speed. My WiFi is 75mbps but drops to 2-3mbps through the extender. Unfortunately there may not be an alternative (too complicated to research and buy).
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By Manesh Mahatme
4.2 | 5,341 customer reviews
4,127 of the 5,341 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Best in its price segment feels more durable and rugged than Mi 3c router although not lighter than it. Wifi range is good,connectivity is fast and wifi management is simple(configuration wise) .
*Don't buy a separate lan cable it comes with one already.
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So this is my first router.. easy to install.. configuration is easy too.. their are many pros & cons too.
1) Affordable/ effective price
2) easy to install and configure
3) wide signal coverage (due to dual antina)
1) Many advance settings are not available-
But for normal user it doesn't matter
2) After sale service - worst costomer support.
Final Words - Many good alternatives available. Is you are tight on bugdet and normal user (not too much in networking) go for it.
Give A Thums Up IF this review seems helpful
Thanks :).
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By Tushar ahuja
Problem 1 :
Range Is About 15 - 20 Meters Only.
Coverage Upto 200 Meters In Description Means 200 Square Meters.
Which could be like 20 M x 10 M or ~= 14 M x 14 M

Description Was Written To Lure Customers.

Problem 2 :
No Facility Of MAC Filtering.
Which Kind Of Sucks For People Who Prefer An Extra Layer Of Security.

Problem 3 :
Doesn't Give Speed More Than 50 Mbps At Distance Of Just 1.5 Meters.
I have plan of 92 Mbps. & I hardly get speeds maximum upto 47 - 48 Mbps

Problem 4 :
Made In China
(So As Mi 3C Router Which Is Also Similar. ===> 80 Meters Range In Open Spaces Only)

Benefits :
Definitely Easy Setup
3 Years Manufacture Warranty
Professional Design
Great Quality Charger
Plastic Guard On Top To Save From Dust (Easily Removable)
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By DarkSider
4.2 | 2,129 customer reviews
1,641 of the 2,129 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Checked my 100mbps speed getting 100mbps download and 100mbps upload speed on 5GHz and getting 98mbps both download and upload on 2.4GHz. Not found any speed drops in the middle.
Able to connect my 2TB Hard disk and access files over FTP on both laptop and mobile.
Not found any disconnection.
Easy setup and device software updated over wi-fi.
I can control my device using phone.
Getting good range of signal.
All LAN ports are having same Gigabit output.
Connected 4 phones and 3 laptops at a time played UHD videos without lag.
Really worth for the price.
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By Madhuri
Awesome Product...I had a Tplink Archer C20 which stopped working after 2 years...I have a 100mbps connection and for the first time i could experience Wifi Speeds of more than 100mbps(5ghz) and 80mbps(2.4ghz) on my Iphone and about 80-90mbps(5ghz) and 50-60mbps(2.4ghz) on my laptop...The previous router never gave me more than 60mbps on wifi....Thats an awesome upgrade....

Although, the Range in this router is less than my previous router, it doesnt matter as i have a Range extender and even the range extender which is about 100ft away from my router is able to give me speeds of over 30mbps at 2.4ghz which was not even giving me 8mbps before...

Dont even try the 5GHZ channel for more than 30ft as thats the limit of its range...But 2.4ghz even reaches ground floor of my building..i live on 3rd floor...But that happens because my router sits near the window...

But its in my bedroom
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I'm not a speed freak and have a very modest 50mbps cable line but the one feature that had me interested in fancy, pricey routers was the USB 3 port and the potential for having a NAS for cheap. Now this isn't the cheapest router with USB3 but it surely is one of the fastest. If you look at the router reviews at SmallNetBuilder, you'll find that not many routers can give you true USB3 speeds.
While a PC might give you around 110MBps read/write with portable HDDs, ~180MBps r/w with powered HDDs and ~450MBps with portable SSDs over USB3, most routers can only manage around 30-50MBps r/w.
But this one gives me 90-110MBps read and 60-80MBps write (over gigabit ethernet) which is very respectable. File transfers over 5GHz WiFi is around 30-40MBps. Transferring a 17GB image folder did slow it down to 20-30MBps vs 60-70MBps on PC.
So for the price that
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By Bhoopati Baboo
4.2 | 1,974 customer reviews
1,663 of the 1,974 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Wrong description be careful before you buy this. It doesn't support fibrenet it is DSL MODEM RECEIVER not wan.. remember this. I returned mine
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By Aman
Its wifi speed is good.
It is a adsl router , which means you will be needing a dsl broadband connection if you wish to buy it .
It has 4 lan ports.
The wifi range is good without obstructions(wall, wood ,etc) but if there are 2-3 walls the wifi range reduces.
I have been using this product for one and a half year and now after this time it has stopped working. It does not provide that good lighting protection as my router was destroyed due to lightning (near my residence).
I you wish to buy an adsl router go for its higher version .
Value for money.
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By Aman joshi
Bought a dsl d-link router had this issue where I had to turn off and turn on the router every time I switched on the computer for the connection to work on the pc and sometimes that too didn't help so got a replacement and the new router also has the same issue(LAN connection issue). D-link support service is of no use so I can't even get the router fixed very disappointed with this purchase it was a total let down. However the WiFi has no issues what so ever. Used the router for 2 weeks now.
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By Amazon Customer
4.2 | 1,520 customer reviews
1,261 of the 1,520 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Brought it for 1499₹. This modem have a Excellent Range of Wifi network , It has Dual 5dbi WiFi Antenna.
In the Box you Have
1. Modem
2. Power Adapter
3. Ethernet Cable
4. User Mannual
5. Installation Guide
6. Dsl Splitter
7. Dsl cable
And Happiness

Thanks Amazon And Tplink , Nice Product
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Firstly Thank you Amazon for Delivering this product under 2 days.
I was using BSNL modem previously and faced lot of connection fluctuations. So I have ordered this product after going through the reviews.
Delivery: Very Fast for Free Shipping case
Installation: Very Easy if you know broadband id and password.
Usage: I am connecting 4 mobiles and 1 Laptop and Internet works smoothly on all devices. No connectivity issues as of now.

PS: It’s just 2 days of use. Will use this for one month with more devices connected and then again add more comments.

So far First imperession is really good
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By Parth
Bought this product with an assumption that it would work for both RJ11 and RJ45 input cables. I was wrong! It will not work with the connections that have RJ45 (Ethernet) cable as the input to this router as it doesn’t have a WAN port. Tried every possible workaround, didn’t work. Even the TP link technician confirmed that it will only work if have a telephone line (RJ11) internet connection as an input.

So if you have Hathway Optical Fibre connection, like I have, give this a pass.

Disappointed with the seller for not providing a clear information about compatibility.
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By Pulkit
4.4 | 167 customer reviews
141 of the 167 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
This is an excellent product and I am so overwhelmed that I got it in india at such cheap cost. People are commenting that the product is not good or speed is not good is all crap. This is just amazing. I own Google wifi as well which I got from USA and now this.
Trust me setting this up was a breeze. In 3-4 mins all 3 were online. I use them in access point mode. I first used them in normal mode as well for testing.. Even Google doesn't support wireless back haul bridge mode. But this does. And I have set up far away and still all 50 mbps I am getting which my isp provides. So guys get this product blindly and cost is same as amazon usa or its original cost. What else one needs now. Worth every single penny
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By shadab khan
1.maintains a steady speed
2. super easy installation via app
3. looks good
4. Reasonably priced
5. LED indicator can be customised to turn off at specific time eg. at Night
6. gigabit ethernet port
7. works with the same efficiency in router or access point mode

1. access point made rips you off of some useful functionaliny which are in router mode like parenteral Control and others.
2. No option to choose between 2.4 gigahertz and 5 gigahertz frequency
3. each node has to be separately connected to main node i.e. every other node has to be in range with The main node
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By dr chandrashekhar shrivastava
Has been several months now since I decided to buy this. Initially I was apprehensive, as I had decided on this more because of cost compared to other competing products. But my apprehensions were totally unfounded, the performance of this product is really good, never had to reboot from the day I installed this.
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By Gan
4.2 | 842 customer reviews
702 of the 842 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
I have test this device with OS Windows XP, 7 and 8.1 and it works well without any issue. In the product specification it is mentioned it is also compatible with Windows 10.
Installation is easy - First Insert the Drivers from the Mini CD provided with the product & simply Plug in the Wireless USB Adapter and your SSID to get connected.
This product handles speed upto 300 Mbps as described.
The product is light weight & tiny as small as thumb nail and it is exactly same as described in the Photo.
I am extremely happy with this product which is worth paying for as i completely Trust D-Link Products which i have been using for a long time.
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As the Brand Says, Working like a Charm, Used in almost all Version of Windows available, Even in Windows XP, it works like a charm.
The Design is Supreme, and the Bandwidth is excellent. The Best Part is Hotspot, It can able to transform any connected PC/Computer into a Hotspot allowing other devices to connect.
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By Sreevalsan
I had no idea and was searching for Some WIFI receiver for my desktop.
While searching , i found this and asked some of my friends about this.
Its really good... As good as cable is connected to it.
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By Manoj
4.2 | 783 customer reviews
640 of the 783 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
The product works as expected.The range is good,i am able to get signal from my phone all around my room.
The real reason i went for this card is because it supports Ubuntu(18.04) and windows 10 without any additional drivers installed.This is the latest version 2.0,so works with latest OS.
Most USB based adapters won't work in Ubuntu,especially the ones with ac capability.
I personally use Ubuntu(18.04) and i haven't faced any connection problem.I simply plugged the card in the pci port and after booting to Ubuntu,the card gets recognized without any additional driver installation,but for windows install the driver provided in the DVD or just download it from tp-link website for stable connection.
While transferring files from my smartphone,i am getting around 8MB per second which is OK for me.May be others get better speeds with better smart phone.
Any way,overall it's a nice product.But i suggest going for ac models other than b/g/n
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Initially i was using TL-WN725N on my desktop and i wasnt satisfied with the range/reception capabilities when it came to performance as it affected the ping and actual speed by more than 50% at the distance i was using it at.
So i decided to check this product out. I was very skeptical at first but i bought it with a good lightening deal for ₹570.
Believe me, once i attached it on my motherboard i took a big sign of relief as to my expectations it just did not improve the signal strength but also the ping and speed was back to original and it actually got as snappy as it was supoosed to be. It wont disappoint you as it is strong and effective.
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By Shaishav G.
Got what I needed ! It is good for surfing and small network transfers. Just tried some online gaming, CS:GO and Battlefield, moderate ping and some packet loss still playable. It is still better than the USB wifi adapters I've used. I have used it for 2 months now and have had no issues so far. The I/O plate on the device is a little longer than I expected so had some issues while installing it. Overall I would recommend buying it.
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By Kiran Nambiar
4.2 | 756 customer reviews
590 of the 756 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
The Tenda AC9 is a good Gigabit router to buy if your Internet Service Provider (ISP) is providing you speeds in excess of 50MBPS. Please note what most ISP's fail to tell their home/small office users is that speed is only relevant from the main Node to your home and bandwidth is always shared in a contention ratio with additional sub clauses. So you end up paying fancy prices for a higher speed which you may or may not really get. Why is this relevant to this router? Because you may think you have subscribed to a high speed connection with your ISP but not getting the speed due to your local network or router. That should really not be the reason to get this router. You need to primarily first factor in the devices on your local network demanding high speed internet access. If you have IPTV and also
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By M. Framjee
Tried a couple of Gigabit routers including the TP link C1200 before this. They had the same issues - limited range and signal strength. I've used Tenda for almost a month and the signal strength is excellent. The signal range for both bands is better than the other Gigabit routers in this price range. I've not faced any signal drop yet. I'm able to get almost maximum speed for my 100 mbps connection. I've installed many routers in the past but this set up was the easiest I've experienced. It took me less than a couple of minutes from set up to getting connected. Looks-wise this is a winner. Impressive router.
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By Brighty Kumar
No ping loss awesome connectivity ,I have 60 Mbps bandwidth connection fully satisfied ,Thank you Tenda for this wonderful router and Thank you Amazon for awesome deal.
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By Suraj Biswas
product price
4.1 | 9,668 customer reviews
7,926 of the 9,668 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Got this one after my previous model stopped working after almost 3 years which was given by my ISP.
First, the service from amazon was excellent, got it within 1 day.

Now coming to the product, this one is really a very good option available in market today as very few options exist at first place which are compatible for RJ-11 cable for BSNL, MTNL etc. The build quality is good & there are all bi-colour LEDs used which shows which function is operational or not. This indeed looks really nice. The range is quite good though I have not checked it thoroughly.

Only con I felt is they should have given meaning of the LED either on the router or on user manual. There is no clarity on which LED stands for what. Like in my earlier router, there was DSL, INET etc. mentioned. D Link should have explained the meaning of
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By Parimal
Using it continuously from last 2 weeks , giving a fresh review to help buyers ! I will write few of major points about this router :
PACKAGE : IT CONTAINS. •Wireless N 300 ADSL2 +Router •Easy Install Cd,Manual and Quick Install Guide •Non -Removable Antenna. •Phone Cable, Power Adapter. •Splitter, Ethernet Cable(lan wire)
WORKING : Yah , it has some major points that other companies cant think to give at this price

# HEATING : after 24*7 working time , it doesnt get heaten up as compared to other routers(mind that router is placed in open space )

#CONTINUITY : yah , if the light gets a cut , and the power supply come from inverter , no connection TIMEOUT happens !

#RANGE : range doesnt depends on distances also , also it depends on hinderences ( such as walls and big objects , so at radius of 20
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By Kunj goyal
I bought this modem with huge expectations and the modem is performing upto it. Even though I ordered a version 1 i got a version 2. Initially there was a lot of issues with the same. I'm writing this review to help those who are having trouble with this modem. I am a BSNL broadband user.
Modem configuration is simple and hassle free. Only thing u need to enter is your BSNL username and password rest is automatically done by the modem as u select your country (India) and service provider (BSNL). The modem started working smoothly and I was so happy with the range. It could cover my entire home.

But sooner or later modem started showing the same issue repeatedly. WiFi gets turned off automatically and the internet connection also gets disconnected. The only light that turns on in the modem will be DSL and power. Rest of the lights
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product price
4.1 | 2,499 customer reviews
1,964 of the 2,499 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
I didnt have a CD Player hence got the right drivers for windows 7 from Tendas website

The website offers MediaTek wireless driver instead which works as good as tendas wireless driver
and works completely the same
Infact you dont need any of the utility(mediatek or tendas) connect and after 1 time installation one can connect directly from task-bar .
I am getting 100% signal and there are no signal drops or cuts .
The speed is also 100%...this gives me a big reason to smile and recommend the product to you .
I picked it up during amazons prime day sale for just 289/- .

for your help i have uploaded the review and unboxing to youtube with the following title
TENDA TE-W311MI Wireless N150 USB Adapter Nano || catch wifi signals powerfully
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By Mohit Manuja Carbstrong
Package was brand new, bought soundBot Bluetooth adapter with it. Both came together. Connected to windows 10 machine , auto detected and worked as expected. This is N150 category and not N300 category. So don't expect it to give you highest possible speed if you have say 10MBps line. With current BSNL connection of 2Mbps (256KBps) this should give you optimal operating range and speed.

Had it tested for hour or so. No drops in packets observed. In future if it does drop , it's just the way it is.
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By Ecom Village
Don't ever buy this product i bought this product 10 months ago and now there is some fault becoz of which i am not getting the download speed so i tried to claim the warrenty. I have emailled several times they didn't responded till now. I have also tried all the technical support no. but all the numbers are unavailabe. DON'T BUY IT........
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By Devendra Dewangan
4.1 | 2,293 customer reviews
1,783 of the 2,293 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Brilliant purchase. Doesn't let the internet go down even for a blink of an eye. Purchased this I was constantly getting struck between power failure and DG set restoring the power and vice versa. Even though the gap used to be only a few seconds but it would waste my 10-15 mins at least as the modem takes time to come up and then all the apps like Skype for Business used to take time to load. Therefore was looking for a solution. Didn't have enough space to put a full big regular UPS as my router and modem both are hanging on the the ceiling. Resonate RouterUPS really worked well in this situation. I now get uninterrupted power supply to my modem and router 24X7 thus preventing me from going offline during my calls etc. Can't really comment on the power backup in terms of time as my requirement
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By Deepankur Kalia
I bought it two days back. It is working properly. My only issue is with the pricing. It costs nearly 2k when there are local UPS which can run computers for that price(it won't run a router as the power requirement is too low and annoying sound is unbearable). A 6000 Mah battery and nothing much is there in the product, I agree there is no need of anything else. 2k for such a product cannot be justified. The only reason why I bought this product is because I couldn't find any other reliable solution for power problem. If this thing breaks within an year, it will be a huge loss(6 months warranty is provided by Resonate).
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By Raghu V N
I bought this product on 23rd July 2016. The battery stopped charging somewhere around October 2017. I checked with the vendor and it seems to replace the battery will cost as much as buying a new one.

This product is good as long as one is buying a new one in every 18 months.
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By Reshmi Nandy
7 Offers from product price
4.1 | 2,045 customer reviews
1,638 of the 2,045 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
D-Link DIR-600L Wireless N 150 Cloud Router (Black)

Are you looking for a router for your home that is super easy to install and guarantees uninterrupted connectivity? Go For it With this router
This Router PRovide You
Faster and Uninterrupted Networking
Once you connect this router to your broadband, you will have access to high speed internet no matter where you are. With a wide range of coverage, this router will facilitate wireless connectivity at up to 150 Mbps. Download faster and stay connected with your friends with this high speed connectivity.
This Router comes With cloud Enable
The D-Link Cloud router comes with Cloud service so that you stay informed about your home network even if you are not home.
Easy To Install And Use
If you use auto config
it will set to best setting available

And You can Manage Your Router With MObile app also
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By Mayank Singh
Using it since 3 years . It's really good from my experience. During the warranty period due to lightning it stopped working. I called nearest customer care & they fixed it within 3 days. Security is also great. There is also parental controls in the settings of the router. It's easy to do the setup of your internet settings with this router. Range is good also !
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By Rajesh Mridha
this one i am using it in my 2 BHK flat i kept it on my first bedroom and it has good coverage, i am getting it in all the rooms and my window is fall on road site so whenever i am passing by downstairs i got connected from 5th Floor to ground floor. good coverage. liked it. if you want more coverage then you can use jumper with this also called as booster. this is a old model now. these days better options are available with good price range.
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By Sanket Savaliya
4.1 | 761 customer reviews
586 of the 761 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Perfect product, good battery life(avg 8-9hours). Place where normal sites didn't open, this products helped me to see videos on YouTube and Netflix without buffering. Fully satisfied with product. Value for money
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By Dinesh Kumar
This review is about the device, not on the Jio mobile data or their plans.

Packaging was very nice! Device is slippery and on top of that, the round shape would make it easy to drop, but this is not a big issue. You can simultaneously charge and it and use it, so you don't have to worry about going out of juice.

The admin interface is clean and has some good features but it is a bit weak on the security side. You can change the admin password, but it only supports http (not https), so your password can easily be stolen by network sniffers. There are no parental controls or schedules but there is support for MAC filtering. It defaults security mode to "WPA/WPA2 Personal", but WPA is very old and not secure. There is however an option to switch to the more secure "WPA2-Personal AES". It comes with WPS
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By Hari D
Style: JMR815
initialy I was very happy with battery life and speed but after 1 month it kept disconnecting while using it.
it happends on a daily basis while surfing or gaming, although the wifi is connected no internet sevice is available.
in cellphone there is a ! mark next to the wifi range which indicates no internet connection. I have to turn it off and on again inorder to get back internet connections.
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By Indranil
4.2 | 235 customer reviews
193 of the 235 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
I live in a 2,000 square feet apart with my modem and router at one corner of the house and my main PC at the opposite corner. My previous router was a single 1900AC router, and although it performed well, there were several deadspots in the house owing to the brickwalls; not to mention that my main PC at the other end wasn't getting the full speed. With several more smart speakers and wireless security cameras added in addition to the 5 laptops/PCs, the performance of the previous router was taking a hit. Enter Orbi - this new mesh system router is a solid upgrade, eliminating all dead spots in the house and ensuring a steady coverage for all devices. Downtime is non-existent, and speedtests on all devices show the maximum speed that my ISP offers. The only slight improvement area is probably the routers web interface for
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By Nishant Singh
First things first: The hardware is 5 star!
Now that it's working fine, I am getting anywhere between 300-800mbps in most rooms of a 2 floor 3500 sqft house
even in the farthest corners where I previously had near zero connectivity - I am getting 50+mbps - even at the outer edge of the garden which is 75-100 ft away from the satellite and a couple of walls in between.
Streaming works great everywhere, devices switch between router and satellite near seamlessly
The backhaul speed between router and satellite is 1300/1300 - although they are vertically close (the satellite is placed right above the router on the 1st floor with the floor concrete in between)

The setup and software experience was however a horror story- I am very well versed with networking devices but no device ever has given me so much grief. After the initial setup, I had massive packet loss. The satellite would
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By Abhinav Kumar
Does not deliver what is described. The product description says that it covers 4000 sft and the product I received showed 250 sqm which is less than 3000 sft. Don’t know whether it is the fault of brand or seller but it is like misleading and fooling customers to purchase a product which is not worth the price. Instead it is better to purchase something more economical which can give better results. I had to finally return this product the next day.
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4.1 | 608 customer reviews
483 of the 608 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Ok guys this is a real world review.
The first thing i did once i started the router was update the firmware to the latest version. The router automatically gave an option to do this. Infact it even auto detected the lan subnet and suggested to switch to from which my modem was on.

My Router: Asus RT-AC58U AC1300 Dual Band Gigabit Wireless Router
My Modem: Asianet FTTH ont (Hathway) in unbridged mode with wifi-off.
(might be faster in bridged mode, but my isp requires mac binding, so waiting for isp to do that)
My Internet Plan: Asianet 899 - 200Mbps FTTH
Location: Ernakulam/Cochin
Tested on Wifi-Radio - 5Ghz band
Tested on Device - OnePlus 5 Mobile
Tested App - Speedtest by Ookla
Tested Server - Alliance Broadband Ernakulam (Both Tests on this server)
Tested Wifi speed before router: 45Mbps avg to 80Mbps maximum ping 23-45ms.
Tested Wifi speed after router: 190+Mbps to 205Mbps maximum upload and download almost
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By Varun Naresh
To the point, I try to buy only smart routers.

I'm currently using a Linksys EA6500 AC1750 (₹14000) smart Dual band gigabit Router as a primary modem router for my ACT Fibernet connection. Then I had cat 6 cables run around the house. Other end needed a good gigabit router with a good enough range. I was using a Netgear R6220 AC1200 smart gigabit router (₹3400) which was okay buy not all that good.

With Netgear & D-Link (threw away all my D-Link products) , I had issues especially with unstable WIFI connection. And what really lacked was control on these other routers (all similarly priced) they just seemed restricted and dumbed down.

Then I stumbled on to this Asus RT-AC58U. It had all the requirements I wanted, like WRT, print server & of course VPN.

-Decent build quality
-Very good performance (consistent data speeds)
-MU-MIMO support (very stable wireless connection)
-Good 2.4Ghz Range & 5GHz Coverage
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By Aron
1. It's been 2 days since purchased.
2. Lan Speed - Awesome
3. Wifi Stability - Very good
4. Range of 5Ghz & 2.4 better than other routers
5. WiFi Speed - Good.
6. Onboard and Setup - Easy
7. Features - Yet to explore all. As of now configured connected my 1TB HDD as Media Server. Parental Control and VPN yet to try.
8. UI - UEFI BIOS feel

1. USB Storage - First time if you connect a HDD, it scans the entire drive slowly for media files and the same appear in devices slowly. It took few Hrs for less than 1TB Data.
2. Applying Changes - Applying changes will reboot or take a min.
3. Reboot and reconnect delayed - After couple of reboot.. hesitant to reboot.
4. FTP Config - FTP Config is not easy as expected.
5. Firmware Upgrade fails.
6. App could've been better.

These cons are liveable. I was Seeking Speed, Range and Stability. This was
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By Chockalingam