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4.8 | 864 customer reviews
835 of the 864 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Perfect cajon for acoustic programmes. I bought it from Amazon because -
Saw good reviews and went through videos in YouTube and found that this clapbox cajon is having a unique tone. Then I bought one in last month. Then last week my bandmate and an expert player on cajon, played it and immediately he asked me to order another piece for him. Reasons for it I am specifying below
1. Perfect balance between snare and kick (bass) tones (you should mic it properly)
2. Additional bushes are added at the bottom, which gives comfortable seating and height
3. It's unique height helps us to avoid back pain and stress even while playing for hours on stage
4. If you are not a dying fan of so-called brands, why you should waste money on them? This is affordable for a layman and it is giving better quality of sound than those branded
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Best Cajon in This Price. Clapbox is an Indian Brand. And They are Doing great work. It was Delivered Before Time. Packaging was great. Cajon looks very good and Big Size. Finishing is great. Sound is Very good for Price. Dont Compare it With very costly Cajons Like Of Pearl, Sela, LP Cajons. I totally Recommend this Cajon.
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By Rup Customer
Price to Product:
Perfect product in this Price Range.

I was worried about the Bass and to my surprise its very good.
Both the Bass and the Snare sound complements each-other.

The size seems a bit overwhelming to me as i am a short guy, 5'4, but that's not a factor to not buy this product.
If you are even short then 5'4 then look for something smaller or else this is a perfect buy.

Material and Finishing:
Material is worth every penny you are paying for.
Don't expect to be very refined wood but its good.
The finishing is also very impressive.

Overall a very nice product, i am satisfied with it. I've not used it for very long, 1 month only, so a detailed review might differ over the course of time, but for now this looks like a smart buy.
If you are buy a cajon for the first time go for it.
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By aabhas
4.5 | 201 customer reviews
178 of the 201 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
These are very high quality stickers. Well worth the extra price.

I was a bit skeptical when I had ordered these for a recently purchases keyboard for my daughter. I thought it is pretty expensive for just a few stickers but it was a pleasant surprise. These are multi-color well made stickers.

Since my daughter is just a beginner, these are absolutely useful for her to practice her chords and learn to recognize and remember the keys as mentioned in the various sheet music and online learning programs.

Just imagine our normal typing keyboard. If all the alphabets were not labeled, imagine how difficult it would be to learn to type. Its the same way with these stickers for a piano keyboard. They make learning so much easier and much more fun.

They stick perfectly and seem permanent. Each key is clearly and colorfully marked. There are complete instructions on how to use them
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By amit sharma
Very good quality product. Fits at top of white keys hence no disturbance while playing, you do not loose the natural touch of keys.
Looks elegant, feels like notes are dancing with your key strokes.
Easy to remove and No stains on keys.
Infact keyboard manufacturers should prefix this while manufacturing.
Keep inventing such innovative products.
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By Dhruv Vaidya
The product is of excellent quality. It might seem overpriced to some but the stickers are so well cut out and instructions are on point. I couldn't find a single product in the market that can match this product. The stickers are really helpful for beginners like me. Initially it's hard to pin-point which notes to play in a scale.

The product comes with an instruction manual on which a video link is also printed. It also comes with an applicator for some application of the stickers . The seller sends you some useful notes on the piano learning as soon as the product is dispatched.
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By Taran Sikka
product price
4.4 | 370 customer reviews
318 of the 370 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Best for the beginners..
You can do riyaz with tabla rhythms..(especially Teen Taal, Daadra, Kehrva)
A nice keyboard with Indian Tones & rhythms.

Received the instrument along with the adapter (power supply unit).
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By Raviraja Shetty
I liked the keyboard and the build quality, it's light weight and easy to carry. Sound quality is good enough for self listening. If you need higher volume then need to attach external speakers or AMP.

Good quality build, keys are well balanced and responsive.
Good sound quality
Fair number of built in melodies
Recommended for beginners

--AUX cable was not included
--Power adapter is a local brand and doesn't seem to be working for long terms. (will update soon after some use).
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By Asif Hussain
Adptor LAD -6 not received with received package
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By Prashant Mehta
4.4 | 313 customer reviews
265 of the 313 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
I placed the order on 7th dec and got delivered on 13th.
Bansuri came in a cylindrical carry case, inside was a PVC pipe to make it sturdy.
I asked them to write my name and they did. You can tell them your preferred colour combo for the threads. I got what i asked.
Bansuri feels well made and it is polished too. IT COMES WITH THE 7th HOLE and coz of this, You have to tell if u want a left handed flute. They generally send for right-handed ones. Overall I am satisfied with the flute so far. Thankyou subhash ji.
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By Akshat Khamparia
The Flute is wonderful...with good balance between he lower and higher registers.....the playability and tone is great, comes with a very strong case to protect it. The tuning is perfect concert pitch, ideal for studio recording.

Very disappointing service from Fedex the delivery company that Punam flutes uses. I cannot understand why people use private couriers when Speedpost is much better and more reliable. What an awful experience I have had with Fedex......they say items are out for delivery when they are not, and waste days of customers time with their miscommunications and unproffesional conduct.
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By Miles Johnson
I am absolute beginner and this is my first flute. Initially I had set my budget of ₹.300-500/- for the flute to learn. Then I come across 'Punam Flutes' over internet and on YouTube. I gathered as much as information about flute and flute players and watched a lot of videos, read a lot of reviews on of Punam Flutes. And finally after three weeks made decision to buy "C Natural Medium" flute of 'Punam Flutes' though it is too costlier (for me). I ordered (25th Aug.'18) it from Amazon and received (1st Sep.) within committed time (thanks to The reviews has raised my expectations about the quality of the flute I had ordered. But honestly I want share some my experience about this Punam Flute.

Likes - The flute is absolutely straight and round in shape. Sounds good. Its 'Sa' matches with 'C4' of 61 Keys Keyboard.
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By Reg
product price
4.4 | 271 customer reviews
228 of the 271 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Product is super but packing is waste
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By teja
Great synthesizer.. I mean it's cost effective.. great indian sounds and other normal sounds as well.. definitely great music style quality.. live effect is certainly good.. I am somehow not getting accustomed to the buttons .. they are different form other versions.. I guess it will take time.. and yess.. there is no 'Touch' option outside.. you have to go through functions and select the touch category .. it's quite troublesome I mean it was present in other versions.. also the first voice is harmonium.. it takes almost 3 seconds for the synthesizer to start processing and to change the voice to piano or some other... It's nothing much of a concern however I prefer piano or something soothing voice at the starting if you want to start playing as soon as you switch on the device..
Great device whatsoever.. if you are considering of buying it.. it's good .. it's
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By Piyush Gupta must resolve these issues:
1)Warranty card should be there in the box but not available.
2)Yamaha gives 3 year warranty and hence Amazon should pass on this 3 years warranty with warranty card to the customer.
3)Since the item is costlier, the box must contain suitable carry bag for Yamaha PSR I455 instrument - the same is must for the sfety of the instrument.
4)Nowadays , it is not easier to make a phone call to amazon - in absence of which queries of customers remain ananswered and unresolved. This reduces the reliability and trustworthiness onto
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By Mani
4.6 | 91 customer reviews
86 of the 91 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
This is awesome practice pad for home practice the quality of pad is good and the rebound feels like you are playing actual drums and Drumsticks are also good.

Thank you Amazon and Varun Musicals & Co. for this amazing product

Happy Drumming!
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By Amazon Customer
I have 4 practice pads of different brands but I found no other product in this price range better than this one. Better in build, the rebound, the surface, its sound almost rivals that of Evan's which I own myself. In short, this one is well worth its tag. Except for the bag, though. But I'll let that pass because of the superiority of the main product.
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By Utkarsh J.
Best quality practice pad with double sided rubber, where you get different tones of those two rubber.
And you get free pair of 7A sticks with good grip and rubber rebound liquid to get nice rebound and you get bag for the practice pad.
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By Bishwanth Y R
4.3 | 304 customer reviews
246 of the 304 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
My daughter loved it... awesome product...
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By Amazon Customer
Best budget keyboard in this price range specifically for learners.... Got it for 9,600
On special offers.
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By Tasnim Raza
Firstly, I did not like the packaging. It was delivered in an old box. It already had an Amazon tag(invoice) sticked and removed, so I could partially see it. It seemed like someone had returned the product and the same was delivered to me.
So I thought, maybe the insides will be good. I plugged it in and started pressing keys and if I pressed the keys a little harder, unpleasant crackling noises were coming. This is not why I ordered the keyboard. So I returned the product. I am very unhappy with my experience.
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By satya
product price
4.4 | 142 customer reviews
118 of the 142 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Excellent service by tge provider. The quality of string is also good and the ghungroos are also good. My dance kids loved them.
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By Ragini
The ghungroos are of very good quality- strong and rugged. Looks beautiful too. My daughter loves them !
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By Amazon Customer
I ordered these ghungroo for my 5 year old kid.
Received in 4-5 days. 02 out 25 of ghungroo's (in one line) were broken when arrived. Packing was not very good and needs some improvement.
Ghungroo India (25 + 25) White Cotton String (1.6 cms)

Product information is not complete on the Amazon website.
- 1.6 cm is the thickness of the cotton string.
- Overall length is good and can we be wear and tightened nicely.
- Good for Kathak dance.
- Good quality ghoongroo, with nice cotton string.
- Makes nice chime. Good for the beginners.
- Also they are quite light in weight.

My kid is enjoying wearing and dancing with it. Overall satisfied.
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By A. D. L.
1 Offer from product price
4.5 | 89 customer reviews
80 of the 89 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
I was purchased fender guitar in Amazon recently and was great but the cable which I purchased was not good quality.some kind of horrible sound is coming from my amplifier which was irritating me.after that I go for fender cable which was little bit cost,but nothing to worry this product is excellent quality and very clean sound coming from my guitar amplifier.more of all its fender brand.
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By Rameshkrishna
This cable is of very high quality. I was wondering if the cable would not flexible, but it it so adjustable. I'm very satisfied with both price and product . If you're looking something for your studio or if you perform live this would a very good choice.
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By Musician Simon
If you have a electric guitar and your stock cable is not working. Look no further, just buy this. Trust me you won't repent.

There are cheaper cables available but they don't really work well ! In an attempt to save some money, you guys will end up paying more by purchasing the cheap cable twice or thrice.
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By Deepak Upreti
product price
4.3 | 190 customer reviews
155 of the 190 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
I am a rookie & wanted to learn to play keyboard. I researched a lot before buying this one so...

Casio Vs Yamaha
If you are a beginner & care more about functions than sound quality , go with Casio.
If you want a keyboard with louder & good quality speakers for performance , go with Yamaha.

Note : Please don't buy Yamaha keyboards from on-line retailers as there is some sort of warranty issue.
In case of Casio , you can buy online but there is an issue of not receiving adapters for many customers so choose your seller carefully. I would recommend Crystalarc Lifestyle as they are authorized Casio sellers & I received an official Casio adapter with my keyboard.

Buy CTK 3500 if
1. You want touch response
2. You want USB-B port
to connect your pc
3. You want Chordana Play connectivity
4. You want a pitch control wheel

Now about the keyboard
Speakers : I found them really
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By Sushrut Phutane
This is the best in class for beginners. I have owned both Yamaha and Casio is past.

- Cheapest Keyboard with Touch sensitivity and MIDI.
- Good build quality.
- Great Piano sounds.
- Can run on AA batteries.

- Low volume speakers (Yamaha equivalent as same low volume speaker so nothing to complaint to be true but still everyone should be aware)
- Power adapter sent along with the box was not original, but nothing to complain as the market price with original adapter is 1000k expensive that this.
- No light on keyboard display. Someone living in remote areas where is problem of electricity for long hours, this won't be the right choice as you will run this most of the time on AA batteries. Opt for Yamaha PSR - e363 then.
- Does not have Indian instruments, most of the other Models are prefixed with "IN" in their model number stating those are Indian edition
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By Shashi Shekhar
First of all the two best features you need for long time vision, you'll need Touch response keys and pitch bend !
So this one is the best model for such price around 8k
Best for the beginners and advance level players
You will get extra dance bits aswell for future studio production it will help aswell. Tho it'll lack tone bank option but you'll probably have to throw double of money for that feature

At the end it's the best product in this price range, js go for it ( :
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By Dr Harshal
4.3 | 158 customer reviews
130 of the 158 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
it is good for bigginers
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By Shankar Tudu
Product delivered in time as usual. The Yamaha E263 keyboard is so amazing and as an amateur, I am very much enthralled in using the keyboard and its various functions. The sounds and the stereo system are great. It would have been better if the power adapter was also provided along with the product. Not to mention, 6 batteries will help it play seamlessly. It's actually my dream come true.

Extremely happy and satisfied in purchasing this keyboard. Thanks Yamaha and Thanks Amazon.
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By Karthik
Yamaha quality speaks for itself. If you are a beginner then it is perfect for you. I ordered it for my father and he is very happy with over all quality and features it offers
But one drawback is that you won't get warranty at all so if it breaks you are on your own...
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By Abhishek Chauhan
5.0 | 31 customer reviews
31 of the 31 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
We enjoyed alot with this mic and we always sign
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By Pavan
The product is as shown in the pictures and described.
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By Kevin
Very useful for small party's
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By Diljith
4.3 | 147 customer reviews
116 of the 147 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Good adaptor good sound nicer than the other
like sa 77, 78,79
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By Amazon Customer
First of all Genuine product! So far as quality is concerned it is top notch. This is basically for kids, has got 44 keys, so if you are planning to teach your child playing keyboard, this can be a exteremely good product in the price range. It has option to connect to external sound boxes hence can also be used for stage performaces and parties. 5 durm pad options including tabla, 50 different sound patterns, and you can switch between piano and harmonium (Indian). Overall its a very good product for your kids. Quality of inbuilt sound is also very good. Two power options available -- DC and 6nos. AA Batteries (not sure about the life of batteries it will last). Regarding the adapter its free but not inside the box. will have to buy from specific buyer (Cloudtail in my case) and add both the keyboard and adapter in
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By Debadutta Saha
I talked to customer service for following queries I asked for, to him
1) GST invoice bill for warranty claim of 3 years from manufacturers.
2) the Serial number printed on bill supplied by amazon along with product ,not matching with any number printed on Product.
For first he replied that you can get when you change to business account.I have no GST number and I am not busennesing,I am only end customer then How and Why I register for business account.customer should get original tax paid bill too.
For second he replied that online product do not have product serial number and your bill is original and warranty claim with it.he may not assist me getting product serial number.i know bill is original BUT it is orignal for which product.product serial number and that number should be on bill Only then chain will complete.when I go to service center in future ,service centre
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By Dr M.
4.5 | 67 customer reviews
61 of the 67 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
This keyboard is just superb .
I was confused between this one and Yamaha Per F51,but I chose this one ( more cost saving also) this one is just perfect for the beginners
just go ahead n get this one if u r really interested in learning
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By Ramesh V.
Perfect for beginners.
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By Joseph Jacob
Amazing product to buy .Delivery was on time.The product looks amazing and sound quality plus the buttons of the piano is also good .
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By Solmin
4.3 | 137 customer reviews
105 of the 137 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
The best microphone available online at reasonable price. Good for home use. Comes with XLR cable. There is some confusion that there are 2 version of SV100 as there is huge price difference between 2 products of SV100 which is displayed on Amazon site. But to put it straight : ONLY 1 VERSION OF SV100 EXISTS !!!!!
Go for the lowest priced product which is the REAL/BEST PRICE.
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By Bijay
The product works as described!
1. Good quality material
2. Sturdy cable, ample length
3. Voice quality Ok
1. Have to keep mouth very close, so good for spoken words and Rapping but may be not ideal for singing.
2. The MRP written on the product is ₹1700 and not ₹2000 + as claimed in the site.

Amazon should verify these things from the seller and not get misled by blindly believing that there is discount on offer!
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By Mukesh Kalita
The mic is good BUT do remember that if you connect directly to your home theatre the volume needs to be very high to be audible. You need a preamp or mixer / amplifier before connecting to home theatre. Think before you buy for home use by connecting to a home theatre !
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4.2 | 277 customer reviews
230 of the 277 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
5 star product. My Niece is playing very nicely and she loves it a lot. Music quality is also good and use of keys are easily distinguishable. Moreover, Casio gives 3 years of warranty...!!! Must buy product if you are looking for something to gift your littleone.
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By Mihirkumar Kotak
Good quality product. Excellent sound. Three stars for not providing adaptor along. Should be mentioned clearly in product info. At the time of placing order, I didn’t even realise that adaptor is not supplied and as an outcome, my daughter had to wait for another week or so before she could use it as I had to place a separate Oder for adaptor subsequently.
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By Roopam Gupta
With Geometry Box Price 2,295.00 and Without Geometry Box Price 1,795.00 So the Casio Geometry box MRP must be 500/- worth But the actual Price of CASIO on the box showing as MRP 104 only, This shows they are cheating the customers. If we buy with box they are taking INR 396 extra.. why should we pay extra when the MRP is not matching with the actual price...

Request Do not buy with Geometry box.. Product is ok.. they should include the adapter along with product but they are not including (of course they mentioned the same as not included, but it is required one for kids). When i check in the market i don't get exact volts so i bought 9 votes charger and it is working / compatible.

Checkout my photo for the box MRP issue..
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By P-a-d-d-y
product price
4.3 | 118 customer reviews
100 of the 118 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Hare Krishna frnds: first thanks to LORD krishna. I am a Iskcon chennai devotee. This is my first flute. I bought it to learn playing and it is awesome. Perfectly made,
Amazing quality..perfectly tunned..super melodious tone Value for money and lot of thanks to Mr. Subhash Thakur prabhuji and our team. And After playing for few months, i bought G Sharp and F Sharp flute from Punam Flutes.
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By Raguram
Very Nice Products, & Good Packaging , I Little waried about handling because bamboo flute need very much careful handling. I got My Flute In Very Good Condition in Bubble Wrapping. Sound Is very Good, if your beginner than it's best for you.
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By Rohan Shirole
Good but I am a bigginer I am learning by seeing videos in u tube. I am not getting clear sound in p and DA is it flute problem or myslef. But I am too satisfied by holding it I am getting happy with that.
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By Manju
product price
4.2 | 188 customer reviews
155 of the 188 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
The Maono AU-A04 Microphone is the Best Total Set of Microphone & its tools for the Price.
Under Rs. 3500, You get
1. Microphone
2. Cover
3. Pop Filter
4. Microphone Stand
5. Shock Mount
6. Table Clamp

I mean its a perfect set of things you need for Youtube or Video Making.

Lets talk about Quality,
Every thing provided on the box us of great quality.

The Microphone Audio Recording Quality is Super, Voice is Clear, Just Plug and Play USB Port and also there is a little Bass to your Voice. You can Enhance more by using Softwares like Audacity for Recording.

Any Problems with Mic?
No !!

Its great, For Voice-Overs, Audio Recording, Singing etc.
No need to buy premium and expensive Microphones.
Its the one you should go for.
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By The Tech Star Shahrukh
I bought the Maono AU-404 Condenser Microphone Kit as I needed a professional Microphone Kit to record my Youtube and Video blogs that I publish in my aspiration to be a Influencer. I needed high quality recording equipment but also something that would fit in my budget. I researched quite a bit and was also advised by my cousin abroad as they had also used Maono audio products. I'm thrilled that I shortlisted and purchased this model. I have been using this for around a week now and below are my observations about it.

● The Maono AU-404 condenser Microphone Kit came in a professional box with Foam Block cut-out packed contents, including the Condenser Mike, the adjustable arms stand, the metal shock mount, pop filter, foam mic windscreen, table mounting clamp, USB-B to USB A cable and a detailed descriptive manual. All the required parts to set up the unit.
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By Beena
@ This Mic DOESN'T needs any driver installation, you can just plug it & use it.
@ It can also be connected to smartphones (android/iOS) via OTG adapter.
@ I have done some setting's mod in win 10 OS & mentioned below, so check them if you happen to buy it.
@ I am going to upload a short video of this mic's audio sample, so kindly check this review in couple of days.

I am using this mic since last 1 month for recording my youtube videos, so first I am mentioning all the Pros & Cons of it and then I will mention the Settings that I use,

# Product is exactly as shown in the description.
# Build quality is awesome, Mic and all the other parts are made of good quality metal.
# Quality of Cable is also above average and its very long approx. 3 meters.
# Shock mount & Pop
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By Sameer Patil
product price
4.2 | 166 customer reviews
135 of the 166 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
37 keys, and Black, contradictory to the image. Just what I wanted. :) I am a keyboardist, and I bought this for just some casual playing (and for annoying people).
The sound quality is really good, the keys are smaller than on a keyboard, so this is suitable for kids as well. At the higher end, the sound is a bit too shrill. Probably not production quality sound, but a good one to start with, and for casual playing. Overall, very happy with the purchase. Would recommend.
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By Shankhajit Das
Product is nice but its not intended to lead any song...its just to put play a short piece or a littile part of music not the entire song. You will feel dizzy if you keep on plating for too much time. You will also get some rashes inside your lips in beginning. But sound is very nice. You will love it.
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By Aniket Galande
Not bad. Bright tone. You can play any pattern like harmonium and also play any lead. Playing good or bad depending upon your air force from mouth.
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By Utpal B.
1 Offer from product price
4.1 | 366 customer reviews
290 of the 366 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Exceptional quality for the price. The price written on the product is 359 tho. Amazon customer service is very good they paid me back the extra.
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By Amazon Customer
Product is very good... Compact and easy to learn..
BUT the MRP of this product written at the back is ₹369 inclusive of all taxes and Amazon is selling it at ₹410..
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By Amazon Customer
Hi Team, have recieved this item today.
The product was bought for INR 599 which was quoted in the app. But the MRP label on the plastic case says INR 496 which s INR 103 lesser that what you've quoted in the app. What to call this act as? I'm seeing quite a few reviews here about the same, but seems you chose to remain silent or continue this. Nothing about the product yet. I knew its irrelevant to post this here, but just wanna caution here the future buyers.
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By Sathish Kumar G