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Best Rated in Mosquito Nets

Compare the most helpful customer reviews of the best rated products in our Mosquito Nets store. These products are shortlisted based on the overall star rating and the number of customer reviews received by each product in the store, and are refreshed regularly.

Top rated products in Mosquito Nets

4.5 | 162 customer reviews
151 of the 162 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
The area where I live...we have loads of mosquito's bothering us once its evening. Initially I thought of installing metal mosquito doors that would cost me around 3000 each. I was searching online for a cheaper item and I was really happy to find this product in Amazon. After I read the reviews, I ordered one for my kitchen door and was really happy with the product. Then I immediately ordered another one for my main door as well. Very very easy to install...Very durable...Finally got relief from mosquito's...Thanks a lot for this wonderful product.
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By Md Tahir Shariff
The material quality, stitching and fitting is perfect. My door size is 95 x 200(including the frame) and I ordered 100x210, due to which it was little lengthy. Therefore i would advise to buy according to the actual measurement of your door.
Installation is easy, it barely took 10 mins for me and it even without the push Pins, the door mesh has been fixed strongly.
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By Rheyaan
Does exactly what it describes. Keeps most of the mosquitoes away. Opens and closes like a charm. Very sturdy and well finished product. I think it is more than value for money. One problem that I faced was that the length is longer than needed for me. I recommend that you keep excess length folded on top and keep the bottom part as it is, aligned with the floor.
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By Apurva Ashar
4.2 | 1,091 customer reviews
881 of the 1,091 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
A bit big for our Queen size bed. And the mosquitoes find their way inside the net through the side openings. This one-size-fits-all concept has to stop. This product is only suitable for King or California King sized beds.
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By Praveen Pious Francis
It says fits a king size and super king size bed but it doesn't, it can fit a queen size bed perfectly.very easy to open and close,designed for safety a thump's up for tat.the video shows that it comes with 4 glowing stars along but i did not receive the glowing stars.i only suggest tat it should be available in diffrent size's then it becomes easy for buyers.
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By rehana
Its been only 2 weeks amd zip is ready out and not working. Since zip if not working now, mosquitoes comes inside from that hole. Lost the very purpose of the net.
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By Mukul B.
4.3 | 171 customer reviews
146 of the 171 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
As soon as I saw the product.... I was really impressed by its quality, it's finishing and the size. It's really big in size. It's a complete package for full family... I would really recommend this seller to you all...
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By Prashant Kale
Previously i purchased other mosquito nets on various occasions but either the quality would not be good or the price would be high or it would not be comfortable. But this one that i purchased is really durable and of very good quality. It is coming at a very reasonable cost and very comfortable for a king size bed. Thank you ANS and Amazon for this product. I definitely recommend you to buy this if you want the best one.
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By Amazon Customer
Nice mosquito net.. suites for a king size bed .. go for it .. no mosquitoes happy sleep .. good threading and no major defects .. retailer who sent is good
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By santosh
product price
4.2 | 467 customer reviews
385 of the 467 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
This netting is a life (and sleep) saver. No more worries at night when that one mosquito is in the room. You can just relax and quickly fall asleep. You need to be careful with the zipper, it's not the best quality. But if you take care, it will last. When the mosquito season was over, we realized we needed to fold this thing and store it. We lost the paper that told us how to fold it but then found a great tutorial on YouTube. That did the trick. Thank you!
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By DI108
I love this mosquito net ,good quality,good product , Material was too good and comfortable for king size bed
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By Amazon Customer
Very good, especially for those living in mosquito prone areas (all of India?!). However, it is a bit delicate and constant removal and installation while doing the beds each day will cause it to start tearing at the seams.

Yet it is an operating expense of living in places where you have to deal with dengue and chikungunya. I haven't found All/out and the like as effective, not to mention the long term impact of fumes, specifically on young children
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By Siddharth Desai
4.1 | 804 customer reviews
660 of the 804 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Excellent product. Can be deployed within minutes. It takes a while however to learn how to fold it, but then that happens naturally with little fiddling.The quality of zippers used is fabulous and the frills at corners ensures that there is no gatecrashing of mosquitoes within. I higly recommend the product to all those living with the mosquitoes in India.
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By Dr. David Manuel Domingo
Nice material. Strong net. But only fan air will make you suffocated inside it. We have A/C where we are using this one so it is manageable. The quality of product is good and no damaging so far(used for 1 month). I like the color and material. It would be good if it allows some more air through it.
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By Naina
Quality is good. You can use both on bed and floor. But it is comfortable on bed compare to on floor. But, you have to learn the folding process if you want to remove it. You can learn it in 5 minutes. You have to use it carefully.
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By Queen
4.1 | 280 customer reviews
219 of the 280 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
The delivery should have been faster. The product is as described. I was wondering if a defective product would be delivered like some of the reviewers but it appears to be fine
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By Shan BGLR
The net is made of polyster and the holes are small. This reduces the air flow into the net very less. If you are not from a cold place this net might pose some trouble. Otherwise its a good product.
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By Joseph
The color is so cute and works for the queen size bed. But the problem is wind doesn't go thorough well inside so it makes very hot inside the net. I felt so suffocated and couldn't sleep well ....
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By TP Panta
4.1 | 260 customer reviews
206 of the 260 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
This fitted well on my mattress measuring 6x6.5 feet. The material looks a little delicate, but have been using this for a few weeks now and I haven’t seen any actual issue with the quality. Also happy that it doesn’t block the breeze from the fan. Definitely more dependable and safer than the mosquito repellent liquids, etc.
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By ps
Once you figured how to fold it, it is quicker than folding a regular net without a flexible metal frame enforcement.

The net packing shall come with a diagram showing the process of opening and folding. Surprised that it was missing! Fortunately, the seller 'speciality products india' has a YouTube video (code xM4EkL53i3Q) showing how to fold this mosquito net.

The net is more delicate than the regular nets we are used to. It has to be handled with extra care.

Some free advice for the maker: many others are complaining here about the zip which is actually alright, just that its hemming is too narrow, because of which the zip may get twisted or the runner may come off.
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By ग्राहक
The concept itself is awesome and saves a lot of daily work to put up a mosquito net. Few pros and cons are as follows:
Easy to use
Good airflow through the net
Comes with extra patch sticker which will be useful in case of holes in future
Size is good enough for a king size mattress

Although it's over a month for me while using it, I still handle it with care as I am not too confident on it's quality
Price surely is little higher, a cost of 650 to 750 is still fine
Chain and hook feel too cheap quality although even after usage for a month it hasn't broken till now
The size is surely small for master bed. The claim that it fits master bed is false as I have a 4 inch mattress for my bed but it doesn't go below mattress I need to keep it on top of mattress .
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By Raghav
4.1 | 166 customer reviews
131 of the 166 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Very good for mosquito and flying bugs.. strong and the magnet still works. Have been using for months now. I putting the review now checking it. I bought 2 and later a bought 1. Its worth it. Reallly can see the breezes coming through no tension to keep door open as the net protects us. Strong and well enough tapes they provide to paste it on door. But i used pins to make sure it stays forever. Good product.
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By Shiban
It does it's work of keeping mosquitos away ,my door has metal frame and it is supposed to be insatlled in wooden frame but I took risk of ordering it as after securing windows I badly needed something to stop mosquitos entering from door , adhesive is very strong but paint may peel off so using nails is recommended . I succeed using jugad and help of a very crafty friend , but I will not advise it for metal frame door as you can't use nails on metal,
PS . keeping centre position little bit high will make it close itself automatically.
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By indian
Product is good and fits well on frame....check your frame size first than only buy...this product comes with velcrow tap self is good and have magets at parititon.....concern: during high wind flow it automatically get opened which is not desirable...magnets should be more powerful to withstand high wind is fine...
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By Prashant A Chauhan
4.1 | 125 customer reviews
92 of the 125 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Pros: The material feels very soft and delicate. It has a size of 4' by 6 '. My bed is 2.5' width, so it didnt fit so well. It is very roomy.
Cons: It could tear easily if stretched. Folding it is a hassle.. would appreciate a faster and more convenient way of doing it. The opening at the front needs to be able to be pulled up higher when open, this comes at eye level when folded hence inconvenient.
Overall a good product and helpful..
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By N. Desai
Very good quality but not user friendly.
Zips used good quality. But every time opening and closing is bit difficult process due to its very small size.
Better go for comfortnet . Its very easy and handy to use it.
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By Gurugajanan
Arms got bent within 3 usages. Completely unhappy with the product and quality of the product. BOUGHT this expensive net for my child and is no longer of use. Traditional nets with hard 4 arms are always better than this fancy product.
Sincere advise on not to buy this, regret will definitely be there. Do not even know where to get it replaced and repaired even.
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By Saurabh
4.3 | 46 customer reviews
40 of the 46 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Product is very good looking and the wires are of high quality. Looks awesome when you see it on the bed. Best among other listings in same category. However, expensive on the price.
I confirm that the air from ceiling fan is not blocked by the net. You will get good amount of air if you have a fan on your ceiling..
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By Kaushal Kumar
It met my expectations quality s good...its big not suitable for small careful while selecting.overall it's worth the money
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By Sowmya
Good quality.. but bigger to my queen bed. Stays open a for 6inches which i have to forcefully adjust.

Gives a secure and cozy environment to sleep. Tent feeling. Best to use when we think to sleep on terrace but hesitate because of mosquitoes.

Yes.. stars provided are not glowy. So.. please give information correctly.
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By Kamalesh
4.0 | 214 customer reviews
172 of the 214 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Have been a regular shopper on Amazon and in majority of cases, items promoted here don't turn up as described, either in quality or aesthetics. And you cant review each and every item too if u receive an average product.
With lot of apprehensions, I ordered this Mosquito net.
I am very Happy to share that this product turned out very impressive in terms of quality, and ease of use.
Thanx Amazon team for bringing out this type of innovative products and promoting quality suppliers
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By Amazon Customer
Fits to my queen size bed perfectly but needs to be adjusted occassionally. And since it is made of polyester it feels a bit hot when you place it on the bed. Better not take it if you have kids more than an year old and less than 3 years since they will probably not let it remain stable.
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By Nikhil Singh Thakur
Product is of good quality. For Queen bed it's a little bigger but manageable. Quick delivery and good packing.
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By Amazon Lover
4.0 | 195 customer reviews
138 of the 195 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Been using it for the past 1 month. Excellent . No mosquitoes. I recommend this design over the conventional mosquitoe net because of the frame that keep it down and does not allow mosquitoes to enter inside, if you have to get up in the middle of the night for natures call or anything else. Quality wise, it's has not torn and even though they have supplied patch stickers in case of any tear that occurs, I have not used it till today. Definitely a good and healthy buy as I have stopped using chemical mosquitoe repellent now.
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By V.G.Abraham
I have been using Mosquito Net since a year. Now i ordered 2 more. Its a lifesaver for highly Mosquito impacted Areas. BUT I am disappointed with the pricing. It should be around the double of the rate of a standard mosquito Nets which does not have iron/aluminum bars in them. BUT they are 4 times expensive then normal Mosquito Nets
Standard Mosquito Net Price estimation between - Rs. 200 - 350 compared to foldable Mosquito Nets which are Between Rs. 900 - 1500
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By Yogi
==========UPDATE 2===========
I've STOPPED using this portable mosquito net a loooooong time back!
It is totally Impractical & Inconvenient which is NOT fit for regular use at all (see Cons below)!


The BEST "portable" Mosquito Net is the one that the majority uses.
You'd be a fool to ask me what that is! LOL!

==========UPDATE 1===========
After using the net for a 4/5days the zip on the left is not working. It is getting stuck at one point.
Therefore, I've to drag the right zip all the way to the left.

Unfortunately, such a long zip may not be available in the market for me to buy a new one. And even if I do, I do not think the tailors will be able to sew the new zip in this unusable product.

===========FIRST POST==================
Although Royal Mosquito Net is innovative I want to make the following Sad & Happy points, as well as, Tips:


1 -
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By Raz
4.1 | 72 customer reviews
61 of the 72 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Bought for 6x6 ft bed and it fits perfectly, fish print is lovely. Finishing of the stitching is satisfactory, quality is good, good zipper condition. Very easy to mount on the bed, but I wonder how am I going to wash without struggling with the frame.
Best thing is it wards mosquitoes off, I can see them sitting on outside the net like prisoners peeping through bars, they can't get me now 😊
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By Cee Mapuii
Good purchase... overall good experience....just need some re-enforcements near the zip area as your fingers may tear the soft net while zipping-unzipping. Actually my finger made a hole near the zip be careful while zipping. As per seller net material is soft but durable....time will tell as I will post my feedback later again. Otherwise the product excellent and beautifully crafted.
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Good product - was apt for a double bed. Easy to use. Received in well packed condition.
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By ajit
4.1 | 63 customer reviews
50 of the 63 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
The net is designed such that mosquitoes find difficulty to enter inside the covered area. The material quality is equally good. Highly recommeded!!!
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By Subhash
I bought this less than a week back and it was priced at Rs.830 then and now it's Rs.949. 😯
Although it is mentioned that it is suitable for a 6.5*6.5 ft bed, it does not fit. Even though it's flexible, I didn't want to risk the chance of tearing it by forcefully pulling it over. It can comfortably fit only upto 6.15*6.15 ft.
It is not easy to maneuver. I couldn't understand the instructions in the pamphlet and had to see a YouTube video in order to fit it back into the bag. So it's a hassel to put it up each night and pull it down each morning. It'll be more convenient to just leave it up but then cleaning/washing the white net would be a problem (to be fair, I haven't tried washing it yet but I'm pretty sure it's gonna be a cumbersome task).
It can be used occasionally
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By Amazon Customer
First of all, the size does not fit even a 6x6 bed.

It's very very difficult to fold and put it in the bag.

Not at all user friendly!
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By Amazon Customer
3.9 | 773 customer reviews
576 of the 773 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
The 2 x 2 meters is a great feature: very handy to cover a big bed, and it creates enough head room so that your skull is not touching the net (those pesky mosquitoes even know how to bite through nets as well as long as your skin touches it).
It was easy to setup, but breakdown is a bit of a struggle. You will need the folding instructions online or in the travel pouch. But frankly I just fold it up half way if I have to remove it.

There are maybe some models out there that are compare and a couple of hundred rupees cheaper, but ultimately I did not trust them and sticked with Healthgenie. This is my 2nd purchase (1st one was a gift for my in-laws). This model does not have a bottom so you can tuck it tightly on the sides of your bed.

I call it
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By D-J Haanraadts
Excellent product. Awesome to sleep under it, safe from mosquitoes and repellants. Only One thing is missing. Product should come with user installation steps manual and repacking manual. It would be be bit tricky for any one to get exact size as that of packing bag, without viewing manual picture from product landing page on
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By Sanjay Singh Rawat
First i was delivered a piece with some 6inch big hole at the bottom. I had to return it back and the 2nd one has a small hole again on the sides. I had to ignore since it's smaller and continue using. The net itself doesn't stand still. When you arrange one side other side it falls. Earlier one with bigger whole is better than this :-( living with it all the day. Quality check is poor.
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By Venkat
product price
3.9 | 231 customer reviews
164 of the 231 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Using this on a daily basis for more than 4-5 months. installs this every evening and then dismantles the next morning. no damage so far.
still without any damage. keeps out all kind of insects. will have a peaceful sleep all night.
fits a normal single cot bed perfectly.
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By Amazon Customer
Slightly oversized for my queen bed, but i am ok with it. Zips are of poor quality. One side zip got removed first day itself. Otherwise i am ok with this having a good sleep .
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By sridevi
It has got holes all over the net, as we were out of station we could not open and check, yesterday when we opened we were so upset to see damaged product, please replace it.
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By Zia
4.3 | 26 customer reviews
23 of the 26 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
One of the best Mosquito net in the market..Thoughtfully Made.. I simply love it. .
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By bhanuprasad
its good,good quality
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By sagarika
The mosquito net is of good quality nylon with the edges in cotton. The packaging and delivery were good. The net has handles for tying the net on the four corners only although a handle in the middle would have helped my cause. Overall a good buy.
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By Mike Richards RX
3.9 | 155 customer reviews
112 of the 155 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
No holes perfect safe protected delivery Good quality timely delivery worth for money colour is attractive cloth is soft
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- It's a good product, and durable. I have used it for more than 3 months.
- I have reduced one 🌟, because it fits sharply for 5.5 feet person and not 6 feet and due to it, if we move our position a bit we get connected to net and got bited.
- To, avoid this, we can add same bottom cloth up to 20 cm on sides too.
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By Kazzaline
it was easy to open up and slightly less easy to fold in. others at home can't seem to fold it. but aside from that, it's big enough for one adult and a child, definitely long enough for a tall person to lie down, maybe not to sit up. looks like it should last a while... we'll see. it certainly is serving the purpose of permitting sleep without risk of mosquito bites.
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By Sheetal B.
4.1 | 40 customer reviews
34 of the 40 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
This is the second time I am buying the same net, however, they have made good changes which removes the flaws it had earlier. Zip is of ordinary quality and should be little bit more sturdy. In this price range, I would suggest to go for it without thinking.
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By Shailender
The built of the net is good. Fits well on my queen size bed also. I am giving 4 stars because there is a scope of improvement in the quality of the zip.
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By Jagadeesh
Neat is good. But zips after few(about 2weeks) days of use,
Zips are not working properly. If zips are not working then it is completely waste of money. We can’t even return the product as we can return within 10 days.
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By Amazon customer
3.9 | 118 customer reviews
84 of the 118 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
No mosquito nights...

After one I purchased one more net. Its simply superb both in quality and in performance.
But an issue I noticed is company claims that it is suitable for beds of sizes queen and kind. I tried but failed to install it for queen size bed.

Any suggestions from company side is welcome.

Thank you Amazon. Thank you Classic.
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By Manohara G
Using it for 2 weeks... comfortable to sleep in, good airflow
3 star only becoz net is very fragile and get torned easily... and little big for queensize( net is actually sqare shaped so it is best fit for king size, with queen size bed mosquitos can come through corners,i m keeping extra cloth at corners
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By Aaayisha
This is my 3rd order in the past couple of years for this net. It was all good and of a very good quality but this time I am not happy with the product.
Within just 1 week of using it, the rod inside all the borders has torned apart due to which the whole net fiddles alot and doest fit properly.
It wasn’t used to be the case earlier.
Dont know if theres any warranty or not but definitely not a good experience this time considering that its not a cheap product at all.
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By मanमeh