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Best Rated in Moisturizers

Compare the most helpful customer reviews of the best rated products in our Moisturizers store. These products are shortlisted based on the overall star rating and the number of customer reviews received by each product in the store, and are refreshed regularly.

Top rated products in Moisturizers

4.5 | 284 customer reviews
252 of the 284 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Just the moisturiser I was looking for. I have extremely dry hands and had used almost everything to get rid of the dryness. When I stumbled upon this product I was like what the heck, let's try this too. And thank heavens I did. Just a small amount of this moisturiser and poof! Dryness gone. It gets absorbed like a dream n doesn't feel sticky or heavy at all. I now recommend it to everyone.
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By Amazon Customer
This body lotion is really good for very dry skin. It also has a beautiful subtle smell. But if your skin is more normal it can be a bit sticky. The consistency is more gel-like than cream, and for me it took too long to get absorbed into my skin, but I think it is because my skin isn't really that dry. However, it is a perfect foot cream if you have dry hard skin on your soles!
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By Line
A spoon full of it is needed to cover both legs and arms. Unlike written in one review that it does not easily goes into wet skin, I find it extremely comfortable to get into the skin. It is non -greasy formula and hence beats Nivea Body Milk for Dry Skin (Blue Bottle Lotion). Has a very faint smell akin to a shampoo which wears off within half hour. Good product. It is often on discount after Diwali and in Winters. I have dry skin and I use it only in super dry winter months.
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By Bhali
product price
4.4 | 1,102 customer reviews
933 of the 1,102 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Very Good Product. Very Useful For Daily Life In Winter I learned of this product when I was reading on Marilyn Monroe, no wonder she was so beautiful, this stuff reeeally loves your skin. Yes, it is extremely thick and it takes forever to absorb but wow, it makes you feel like Cleopatra and her goats milk. Like a queen.
I would not recommend putting this stuff on just before you need to get dressed because you will probably stick to your clothes but I would recommend putting it on before bed and letting it soak in overnight. You wake up feeling a million dollars. Oh and it smells like a beautiful dream.
With Nivea creme a little really does go a long way, it's super thick and creamy and richly moisturising. It can be used for practically every part of your body. I even like to rub a little bit into
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By senthil
Creame is perfect for very dry skin but not the best to use in very sunny or humid weather as its a bit greasy. Also, it does not get absorbed in the hands quickly, takes time to fully absorb. If you are to sit in an AC room for most part of the day then it is very good.
My hands are very dry and this creame moisturises them well. Removes dullness on the back of the palm making the skin glowing and hyderated.
Creame is very thick so make sure to buy only if u need a HAND CREAM and have very dry skin... you will not feel comfortable applying it to face or arms...
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By Vineet
Nivea cream is very awesome cream that you can use for your face. I am using Nivea cream for last 8 years and my face is very soft. There are no side effects of this cream at least for me. My family members also use this Nivea cream.
Previously I bought 80 gram Nivea cream bowl. But it is very much worthy to buy 200 gram of Nivia bowl.

This product package very well by Amazon and I receive the product within 2 days of ordering I am highly satisfied with the packaging and the delivery of the product.

The product is a current product that is the manufacturing date of the product is just one month before and the shelf life of this product is 30 months so no need to worry about. I am with my family members are using this product and hope it will last for 3 to 4
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4.5 | 137 customer reviews
129 of the 137 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
I just wanted to try it after so many good reviews

The Rich shea butter, helps to Protect your skin from drying and gives it the right amount of moisture to make it healthy and glowing.

Vitamin E is an important part of this moisturiser as it helps to get healthy looking skin.

Caffeine tones your skin.

All the perfectly mixed ingredients give your skin a natural shine! And makes my skin super soft and healthy!

A must buy product for everyone go for it!!
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By Bellusnstyle
I have seen my mom and my grand mom using cold creams, and they have still a very healthy glowing skin. So i decided to add a cold cream in my beauty regime, since i had already used Mcaffeine NEEM Face wash and i was really happy with the results so i decided to go for their SHEA cold cream.
Shea is what i was looking for it has vitamin E, which is really good for skin also its very gentle on my skin. I was worried if the cream will leave my skin look oily but its not it gets absorb within couple of minutes leaving my face soft and smooth.
What i really like about SHEA is its paraben free means its not tested on ANIMALS!!!
Easy to apply and give you the best result.
so i give Shea cold cream a five star:)
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By Amazon Customer
My Spouse used MCaffeine cold cream
in the winter season and She's got great skin.

If you use it, it will refresh you with its delicate fragrance and light tone too!
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By Mr. Raj Mukesh
4.8 | 53 customer reviews
52 of the 53 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
At first I wasn't sure how I felt about this aloe gel, because originally i got it to use as a facial moisturizer, but now I've used it for a few different things and here what I think. It is great quality, the consistency is about right for aloe gel (I am originally from the Telengana so aloe was a staple in my life so I'm very familiar with it and it's uses) as far as a moisturizer, it goes on feeling very watery but absorbs quickly, if you have oily or normal skin it will be fine, if you have dry skin you will probably need to use another moisturizer. I've also used it after micro needling and it really helped sooth any discomfort (burning/stinging) right away, it also really reduced the redness very fast. I also used it after doing a professional laser hair removal treatment the other
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By Amazon Customer
Loving this gel. I’d been buying a different brand regularly and was, overall, pretty pleased with it in daily use. When I needed to re-order and my prior brand was temporarily unavailable, I took a chance and ordered this URBAN BOTANICS gel instead. Turns out, this is superior and it has become my go-to brand. This gel is thicker and more luxurious and yet, when used on skin, penetrates more deeply and moisturizes longer into the day - not just sitting on the skin surface. And, while daily use of aloe gel has really helped my sun damaged facial skin overall, this gel feels like the ‘next level’ - leaving me with more even skin tone and moisture.
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By Shipin
This gel is fabulous!! I was working outside and didn't realize how long I had been in the sun. Of course, I ended up getting burned. I used this product and it took only a few minutes to get rid of the burning feeling on my arms and back. It is just like having an aloe plant and using the natural aloe from the plant itself. I would definitely purchase this product again and recommend it to others.
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By Trance
product price
4.3 | 539 customer reviews
462 of the 539 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
This is a lighter version of original Nivea. It gets easily absorbed. Smells like the original Nivea.
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By Jo
best moisturizer I have used till date, been used many big names before but surely this one will be my go next time. Good if not the best, I've oily skin and the best part of it this doesn't make me feel oily .
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By shubham
Your face looks too oily, ij the description it said it's soft but it feels so greasy and in the summer you'll sweat like a pig, don't go for this if you have a oily skin
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By Thirish
4.3 | 249 customer reviews
222 of the 249 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
I've been using Jergens for close to a year now. I've always had extremely dry skin. Tried various products included and not limited to Nivea , Vaseline and others. They seemed to work but my skin would dry up in the next hour or so!

A colleague of mine recommended the product and since then i have been in love with it! My dry skin is healing at a really good level. Also not needing to squeeze it helps me during my busy mornings while getting ready for work. One bottle has lasted me so long!

Also It is not sticky and smells good. I also squeeze a very small quantity and use it as a moisturiser on my face.

I'll definitely not go back to other products!
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By Mon
This saved me from what I had been suffering during winter - itching due to dry skin. Thanks to Amazon for making this product available. I had been using this when I was in US and couldn't find here. This winter was a pleasure because of Jergens. My mom also loved it a lot and she had this problem and this product is really a magic. Thanks to Amazon and Jergens.
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By Arul John Bosco
I was fooled by receiving 2012 make and displayed model is 2014. Apart from this, there was a leakage (~5 ml) observed at the time of delivery. However, I have accpeted this product due to non-availability in the market and its quality. Sellar should consider in shipping fresh stock.
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By Jaganmohan
4.4 | 104 customer reviews
87 of the 104 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Fantastic product! For all curlies...it’s a must buy! Gives great definition! It’s a heavy product, so those with fine or scanty hair should use with caution
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By Amazon Customer
The product it amazing...it give a lot of volume and bounce to the curls....even it makes the curls way more defined and frizz free...the cream is thick and a very little of it is needed ... totally recommend for climate like India's (humid
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By Roshni d'souza
It's quite good for curly hair. Gives a wet look for few hours and after that curls stays locked. For best results you need to know how to use it rightly.
I usually apply to damp but more of wet hair. Rub enough in your Palm and then just crunch your hair from tips towards top.
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By Uniform
50 Offers from product price
4.2 | 313 customer reviews
255 of the 313 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Awesome Quality
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By Rajesh Gupta
Diluted product... Than offline stores...
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Whatever might be added in it...it dosnt work...waste of money and time...also leaves the skin dry after applying
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By Bhushan Gupta
product price
4.6 | 49 customer reviews
48 of the 49 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
I am impressed with the seller as this is a genuine product and the delivery was on time. This Vitamin E lotion is perfect for skin and also goes perfect with Sebamed Face Wash. This was recommended to me by my dermatologist and and since years I have been using this product. Hydrates skin, keeps the fine lines away, gives apt moisture to the skin and maintains the pH of the face. This has to be applied twice on face after face wash and works well to keep the skin healthy and is rich in anti-oxidants properties that gives shine to the face. Very good for sensitive skin. People who do makeup or use foundation on their skin, It is recommended to use this lotion first as a base and then apply the foundation which gives smooth shine to the face ands also protects the skin.
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By Jiya
this is the best moisturizer ever. it is great for combination skin. no greasy look only matte finish.it is everything you expect from a moisturizer. it keeps your skin hydrated all day long. i generally apply it twice a day without fail. this is something i cant leave without in my skin care routine.
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By Rupinder Kaur
The best moisturizer ever. I've been using it since almost 4yrs. I recommend it for people with oily skin also coz I have oily skin & I didn't get acne using this. In fact it reduced my acne clearing & lightening my skin.
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By Swaps
4.4 | 83 customer reviews
71 of the 83 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
After reading all the reviews about the product received by various customers, I was apprehensive to buy it. But fortunately, it met my expectations and I will surely purchase another bottle.
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By Shopaholic
Excellent product. I got an awesome deal too from a seller name "iBhejo" (no prime delivery though) for Rs 825., 18Oz pack. The delivery took about 15 days. I will buy more with competitive pricing. Thanks Amazon for creating a fair playing field for the sellers and consumer can choose the best. There is no other website that does it. Love it.
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By Dee Gee
Prospective buyera please don't buy the product...Because the expiry date of the product has been changed by pasting an Sticker over the original.expiry date of product...
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By Nitish G.
product price
4.2 | 260 customer reviews
209 of the 260 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Good aloe vera gel for daily use..I m using as a face moisturiser on daily basis..it is so smooth and supple...it get easily absorbed into the skin and didn’t leave any Crease..I have attached 500gm and 120gm size photos...check that too..
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By Aaaaaa
This is the first brand of aloe vera gel I ever used, got it at an exhibition about 10 years ago, at that time it was not widely available. But now it is so easy to buy. It has a little amount of preservatives and artificial green color but that is vert less, mostly it is fresh aloe vera gel which is really good for our skin. My skin is really sensitive, get red very easily, gets pimples very easily, gets dry in winter and oily in summer. If I use any new beauty product it almost always itches and gives me allergic reaction. So I mostly use homemade stuff like-mix of haldi besan and so on. This aloe vera gel is awesome because it keeps my skin soft and whenever I get a pimple, I apply this gel and it reduces it overnight. Applying it every day is also
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By richa shailendra
Nothing to say about this. Its one of the best aloe-vera get out there in the market yet. I have used plenty of them but could not found anyone like this. You can apply this on hairs, face or as a moisturizer. You wont regret buying this at all. Its amazing.
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By smit jain
product price
4.2 | 235 customer reviews
185 of the 235 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Great product sold in every part of the world,this product is for therapeutic use with strong anti dryness properties and is prescribed by dermatologists world wide,this product is for those who had severe dryness and itchy skin and needs 24 hrs protection,just for moisturizing use Aveeno daily moisturizing lotion,both products contain natural substances and is skin friendly,company has just now declared it an otc product in India,and is a welcome move,if price is not a matter go for these products and enjoy its benefits..
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I have normal to dry skin which gets flaky and white on any day of the year. I have tried all types of lotion from Vaseline to The Body Shop products but nothing works as good as this one. It is a non greasy white not so thick not so runny cream. This gets easily absored into the skin. I am a office goer and hardly have any time for skin care. This does its charm under 10mins after shower. I would repurchase it for the rest of my life. Another plus is its non comedogenic and no smell, which I love the most. No second thoughts. Buy it and u will not regret.
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By Violet
Guys, be careful before buying creams. Aveeno is such a famous brand and I have been using it that was exported from US. I ordered this and surprised to see the quality difference. The colour and the creamy texture is different. I seriously have a feeling that there is something that has been mixed with this cream. It’s a non refundable item and thus, my money is wasted on this product
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By Amazon Customer
4.3 | 91 customer reviews
78 of the 91 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Hello beauties....iam Meera .I recently bought this moisturising lotion from lotus herbal..for my normal plus dryskin ..oh.my god this is an amazing product .when we apply this lotion on face it hides all the dryness of the skin without making the skin greasy... I think it also suits for combination skin why because it doesn't make great on skin.coming to oily skin beauties ...I don't know whether it works or not..but in my personal experience by using this product on my dry normal skin this works on wonders ...I love this product ..definetly every girls should try this ...then the main thing is that we can use this product while using foundation ( lakme liquid perfecting) I mean we can mix them together to make it blend easily...then....that's all thanku muaa....
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By Amazon Customer
I am using it for 10 yrs. I use it mostly during winter and in the dry days of spring. Love it. Light weight formula, gets absorbed easily, does not make your face look greasy at all. Has a decent cocoa smell. Apply it as often as required. Its Water based and contains paraben. Got it for 212 rs. Thanks Amazon.
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By Anuradha ❤
One of best moisture among easily available on market. Mind blowing fragrance, non sticky, completely absorbed by skin, very light yellow colored cream, gives 4 to 5 hours moisturizing.

Contains Paraben.

Amazon service getting down day by day.
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By Bid
4.6 | 39 customer reviews
37 of the 39 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Simply Superb !!! What a Quality !!! I am amazed to feel the freshness and effectiveness of this product. Really, i have found an excellent quality product after a long time.... Quality Lovers can go for this.. Excellent product.....
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By Dhirendra Chaudhari
It’s really an Amazing Product when I first tried EnQ Orange and Aloevera Gel on my face it smoothen my skin and I really enjoyed its fragrance.
Totally Refreshing.
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By Eshant
Really Amazing product. Perfect for combination skin. The gel gets absorbed quickly and leaves the skin smooth. Perfectly priced for the quantity being offered. The sellers explain the benefits in detail too, making it easier to come to a decision.
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By Vipra Toshniwal
4.3 | 83 customer reviews
72 of the 83 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
I purchased aloevera gel recently with a view to take care of my skin as my skin was starting getting dull . I saw an ad then do some research and ordered it immediately and started using it and trust me after using it I found a change in the radiance of my skin which makes me glow now. This is really an excellent product. It’s really thick and smooth and absorbs very easily, You can even massage it on the scalp to moisturize your strand n scalp, even it does wonder on hair too.
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By Vipan Agnihotri
Excellent product, and I appreciate the level of purity ...
I have been using it for the last 6 days.
I don't think an aloe vera product can feel more natural than this product.I really love it.
If you want to get all beneficial properties of the Wonder Herb Aloe vera than this one is the best alternative of Natural aloe vera Plant.
Love it’s really Natural smell ,transparent colour. Best for Any Skin and Hair problems.
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Multipurpose Alo vera gel is one of the very nice products used so far. The quality and quantity is pretty good as per the price.

The bottle has a great look. You feel refreshed after using this product. Definitely ordering it again once it's finished. A must recommend product for better skin and hair.
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By neha rao
4.2 | 136 customer reviews
118 of the 136 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
This was my first product which I tried from Lotus. I have very dry skin and I used to get skin rashes. But this worked very well on my skin. After applying this my skin feels awesome. Smell is good and the colour is light pink. Pea sized cream is enough to cover the entire face and neck. Your skin will feel relaxed and soft. It moisturizes for 24 hrs until the next day shower. Smell of strawberry and shea butter is really good. Nice product from Lotus.
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By Amazon Customer
1. The texture is jelly-like and has a slight hint of pink color.
2. Spreads on the face evenly.
3. Very little amount is required for oily skin types, a little more than pea sized amount will be sufficient for dry skin types.
4. Quantity is very decent for the prize.
5. Leaves skin bouncy and soft, keeps face moisturized throughout the day.
6. Has berry fragrance but kinda smells artificial.
7. Can also be used as an overnight moisture mask.

1. Oily skin types can easily go overboard with the amount (no issues for dry skin, though)
2. Contains PARABENS.
3. Needs to be worked in to the skin for complete absorption.
4. People with sensitive nose may not like the smell.
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By Ravali
-Its texture is like too creamy. so pea size amount is enough for whole face.
-It gives nice glow to your complexion .
-Its not feel too heavy on skin.
-Absorb quickly in skin and does not look oily.
-It can be mixed in foundation for creamy base make up.
-It also reduce wrinkles visibly.
-I love the packing. it is convenient and hygienic.
-Quantity is good enough as it tube lasts long near about 4months .
-No dry patches after using this.
-Its really good value for money as it is available in different sizes.
-smells like strawberry icecream


It does not have SPF in it.
Oily skin beauty stay away from it.
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By amrita
product price
4.1 | 328 customer reviews
252 of the 328 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Was using patanjali cream as it says it's so called natural, but my skin became even more dry. So switched to Olay and my skin just loves it. Texture of the cream is so good that my skin absorbs it immediately and looks moisturized and stay that way for 9 hrs straight. My T zone is very oily. But after using this cream it balances the oily nature of my skin so well.Thank you all the ladies for the review which encouraged me to try this product :)
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By Amita
Original product with manufacturing in 2018. Dont go by fake reviews ppl i saw was complaining about expired product so wanna tell them... amazon allow you to return so why to post nasty reviews. If you didnt like the product you can return it.
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By Bhawna sharma
I am in love with this moisturizer . I have never used any other cream to moisturize my face since I have started used this cream . A very little amount goes long way and it gives a Matt finish to the face which is very important for people with oily face like mine.
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By Amazon Customer
4.1 | 313 customer reviews
254 of the 313 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
I ordered it for my sister she has sensitive and oily skin.earlier she used only medicated moisturiser and sunscreen .after trying lots of product in moisturiser and sunscreen category and disappointed on their effects she tried Lotus nutramoist she is very happy to feel it's effect.non sticky absorbs completely in skin no pimple outburst .no more visit to medical store .Thanks Lotus team for amazing product
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By Kanchan
Lotus is the name of a flower and like this moisturizer fragrance was very good. When I applied this moisturizer on my face my face become softer and softer. I Loved this product.
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By Sneha Vatsa
Product seems fine, but the packing of the product, I mean inside of the box made me doubt the genuineness of the product as the cream was spilled, inner lid missing, which always come with lotus creams.

Earlier products were still fine, last two orders has foul smell.. total waste of money
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By Amazon Customer
4.2 | 120 customer reviews
98 of the 120 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
This is only of the best moisturiser i am using till date, it has spf 15 and it is an anti ageing moisturiser.
I have been using it since a very long time and i love how apt it is for my skin.
Its nongreasy and lightweight moisturiser which gets absorb in skin very quickly, leaving the skin moisturised and hydrated for a very long time.
If you have a normal to oily skin just like me then you should definately invest in this moisturiser.
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By Femenine
I have combination to oily skin and this anti-aging cream from Olay works perfectly on my skin.

The product comes with a handy pump and all I need is one pump and it provides more than enough moisture for my skin.

I love the texture – even though it is nourishing it is lightweight and doesn’t feel greasy.

I also love that it imparts a nice subtle glow to the face.
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By Sangeeta
After watching a TV ad, I wanted to try out this one, and I have not regretted it! I use both for the day and for the night. The cream is pleasant and makes the skin more hydrated. It is non-greasy, easily absorbed and hydrate to perfection and even reduces small wrinkles! The skin remains smooth and soft and the light and fragrant texture is suitable for even young skin.The quality is decidedly proportional to the price. The Amazon service as always was impeccable.
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By Kalyan Panja
product price
4.1 | 208 customer reviews
166 of the 208 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
I am using this moisturizer since October 2017. It has been 2 months and I must say I am impressed. Due to my combination yet sensitive skin, I have always dreaded the winter. My skin gets dry to the extent that I can see cracked skin on my face yet any cold cream or moisturizer would result in massive breakouts. And the oil-free moisturizers or gels would do nothing to hydrate the skin. But this year thanks to VLCC I do not see any white patches of dryness. It gets absorbed into the skin very well and spreads evenly on the skin. It gives a cooling effect when applied, kind of like the pain-relieving ointments. Although I would have liked a little more hydrating feel but this one does the basic job very well. Moisturize the skin without resulting in acne.
The packaging is quite nice as well, comes with a
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By Rhea
My bride cousin got rashes after wax when she came home that was all over her hands and Waist. I applied this mostisurer and it was all gone....best Product of anyone hv this kind of Sensetive skin.
I am using this for a year had no side effects. It rejuvenates the skin and and gives your a fresh face. I apply it after using VLCC sandel cleaners and Rose toner. Go for it
It's original and cheaper then the retail stores i buy it from a store nd it smells fishy nd colour was also different.
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By Sweet angel
It's a tricky moisturiser. Skin must be completely dry before you apply this, otherwise it becomes greasy and won't settle down properly. Once it does however, gives a matte feeling. Although that also wears off later and skin becomes oily again. Doesn't help much for oily skin
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By Deepika verma