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4.6 | 131 customer reviews
124 of the 131 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Pop filter are very useful to protect your mic from being damaged. Before buying this filter I read reviews of this pop filter and some other pop filter and find many of them positive and finally I choose to go with this one…

I am not a youtuber but I am planning to do so so I am just gathering some resources.

Built quality of this pop filter was very good and the fabric used in this filter was very high quality and I am satisfied with the product and like to recommend this to every one…

This pop filter was very nice and good as made from high quality material both road and fabric and it is fully bendable so no issue at all, I like this filter because it fulfil my need in very less price. So I am happy with it and like to recommend this product to all…

Thanks Amazon
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By Ankur Shrivastava
This is an awesome pop filter that anyone would be justified in buying for the price. Arm is adequately adjustable and stable, clamp is plastic but holds well once set, and filter itself does a great job. Definitely recommend for anyone needing a decent pop filter for cheap...

This is my first pop filter but it works really well! There is like a double layer and the material is strong and flexible! The clamp at the end doesn't fit on my blue yeti stand (But that was honestly what I expected) I have it clamped to a suspension arm stand instead and that seems to work fine!
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By Sachin
I bought this as I have recently started a YouTube channel. The pop filter works good by exceeding my expectations. The filter is very well built, and does a great job of busting the pops. The screen is big, so that even if we go little off mic, it still works well. The goose-neck is very flexible and is about ya foot long. The clamp is made of metal and is very strong, with an inner padding to prevent scratches on anything. The price is also very low, works equivalent to the filters worth 1000s of Rupees.
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By tej
4.6 | 65 customer reviews
61 of the 65 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Voice quality is rich and crystal clear like.. Nice pickup pattern.
It can make a big difference in your videos. Easy to use. Material quality is very good. and unmatched in this price range.

The wire is too long that you can stand at a distance of about 15 meters and still use this mic. But for short-distance use, it sometimes becomes a mess.

It works best with a a smartphone. What I was extremely needed
It is a bit expensive but worth its price because of the very good voice quality and good material used.
The mic can be used wthe the ith DSLR cameras. The mic has a control panel attached to the cable which is powered by an LR series cell. You can switch between the camera and mobile by a button. Overall the mic is great in terms of value for money and voice recording quality

The foam covering the mic
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By Kashif khan

Inspired by the sound quality and value for money of my previous purchase of a maono AU U3 portable bluetooth speaker, Got it for a friend for studio recording puposes & here are my observations of the product.

☝️ Packaging is quite simple with no attractive styrofoam cutouts or fancy colors.Even the outer pack is with minimal colors.
Never mind , as far as the product quality is good, outer appearances dont matter much to me.

👍 The pack contains :
1.) a lavalier microphone with 6 meters of cable.
2.) 2 button batteries where 1 battery is extra.
3.) A 3.5 mm gold plated adapter for laptops & smartphones and a 6.5 mm adaptor for dslr cameras.
4.) A metal clip to fix the condensor.
5.) A wind muff .
6.) A user instruction manual.
7.) A small pouch to store the device.

👍 The overall construction of the mic is very sturdy yet very light.The
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By Neeraj Vishwakarma
This is the best lav mic in this price range. Awesome sound quality. Bassy audio output. Nice pickup pattern. Overall great product. Packaging is quite simple with no attractive styrofoam cutouts or fancy colors.Even the outer pack is with minimal colors.
Never mind , as far as the product quality is good, outer appearances dont matter much to me.

👍 The pack contains :
1.) a lavalier microphone with 6 meters of cable.
2.) 2 button batteries where 1 battery is extra.
3.) A 3.5 mm gold plated adapter for laptops & smartphones and a 6.5 mm adaptor for dslr cameras.
4.) A metal clip to fix the condensor.
5.) A wind muff .
6.) A user instruction manual.
7.) A small pouch to store the device.
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By Siddhi P
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4.3 | 135 customer reviews
114 of the 135 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
I am a professional sound engineer. Have my own studios. So Microphone is a important element for me. In dynamic I have Shure mics, Audio Technica, Akg. All are good. I ordered this mike just for Talk back purpose. But for my surprise, this Microphone is wonders. Amazing built quality, crisp sound, good output. At this price, you get much more than expected. Without a second thought, got for it. Good for Vocal singing. The button is also very smooth. Overall a good but. Ordered 4 more....Happy customer. Got delivered in 1 day ....Sharing a video just to hear the quality with full orchestra. Thanks Amazon for the quick delivery.
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By Rupali
Hello friends. Normally I haven't replied like for any product I purchased from Amazon.
But, I like to tell about this mic to help many friends like me.
There are different reviews abt all products.
First of all always choose branded and trusted items.
100% you can buy this mic with confidence.
100% good resuly like pro. Only this is you need good quality mic mixture amplifier.
Otherwise it won't work.
The quality of the sound will be vary depending on your mic mixtures. No need pop filter.
Mettel body. Good quality on-off switch.
Superb finishing. I'm totally happy with this product.
Yes, It's a stage performance mic.
No need panthome power supply.
Need to buy cable separately.
I purchased separate cable and XlR pin from shop. Because, Readymade cabe quality has not good. Fails quickly. The only problem is connection to the mic and xlr pin. If problem in future check there. Pakka. Now ok.
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By Anusuya
No manuals inside box,No guidelines,how to use.I have returned as not found the all details.Looks like Chinese product.Your risk to buy,If you feel good then buy it.I will never suggest Anyone to buy it
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By Rajesh jena
4.2 | 644 customer reviews
513 of the 644 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
I used to wonder with so many recording technicians and enthusiasts around why no company has attempted to make a metal ring with some stockings stretched over it. I was pleasantly surprised to see this product on amazon.

The size is BIG and covers the entire area (a little too much if you ask me). I can say that the mids are a little bit muffled when compared to my Samson filter but that's not a big cause for concern if you ask me. The neck looks a little bit flimsy, but is able to carry the weight, The red logo would look cool on videos though.

A very happy customer. I shall come back to this review if something goes wrong. Totally worth the money when compared to imported brands.
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By Maheswaran M
Really working nice. Removes P's and B's sound and gives more crystal clear voice. I am using it on my Blue snowball ice for voiceovers.
Price is little bit high as compared to others bit quality is best.
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By !!! Reviewer $ingh !!!
This simple pop filter is one of the most frequently bought filters. Just get it without thinking much of how it will work. Even the net used is multicoated to add more quality to the recorded sound. The clamping rod it is attached to is quite flexible as well. However, it may sometimes bend after getting loose from the rod part. So it may not always stay in a stationary position.
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By Jai Sabharwal
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4.2 | 201 customer reviews
165 of the 201 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
The Maono AU-A04 Microphone is the Best Total Set of Microphone & its tools for the Price.
Under Rs. 3500, You get
1. Microphone
2. Cover
3. Pop Filter
4. Microphone Stand
5. Shock Mount
6. Table Clamp

I mean its a perfect set of things you need for Youtube or Video Making.

Lets talk about Quality,
Every thing provided on the box us of great quality.

The Microphone Audio Recording Quality is Super, Voice is Clear, Just Plug and Play USB Port and also there is a little Bass to your Voice. You can Enhance more by using Softwares like Audacity for Recording.

Any Problems with Mic?
No !!

Its great, For Voice-Overs, Audio Recording, Singing etc.
No need to buy premium and expensive Microphones.
Its the one you should go for.
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By The Tech Star Shahrukh
I bought the Maono AU-404 Condenser Microphone Kit as I needed a professional Microphone Kit to record my Youtube and Video blogs that I publish in my aspiration to be a Influencer. I needed high quality recording equipment but also something that would fit in my budget. I researched quite a bit and was also advised by my cousin abroad as they had also used Maono audio products. I'm thrilled that I shortlisted and purchased this model. I have been using this for around a week now and below are my observations about it.

● The Maono AU-404 condenser Microphone Kit came in a professional box with Foam Block cut-out packed contents, including the Condenser Mike, the adjustable arms stand, the metal shock mount, pop filter, foam mic windscreen, table mounting clamp, USB-B to USB A cable and a detailed descriptive manual. All the required parts to set up the unit.
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By Beena
@ This Mic DOESN'T needs any driver installation, you can just plug it & use it.
@ It can also be connected to smartphones (android/iOS) via OTG adapter.
@ I have done some setting's mod in win 10 OS & mentioned below, so check them if you happen to buy it.
@ I am going to upload a short video of this mic's audio sample, so kindly check this review in couple of days.

I am using this mic since last 1 month for recording my youtube videos, so first I am mentioning all the Pros & Cons of it and then I will mention the Settings that I use,

# Product is exactly as shown in the description.
# Build quality is awesome, Mic and all the other parts are made of good quality metal.
# Quality of Cable is also above average and its very long approx. 3 meters.
# Shock mount & Pop
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By Sameer Patil
4.2 | 179 customer reviews
149 of the 179 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
AWESOME POP filter for budget people
Not the best but does the job great for money
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By haris k.
The work of pop filter is to stop the wind going to the mic without resisting your voice and you can check it by blowing in it and taking your hand other side. The gooseneck and clamp are perfect.
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By Pawan Kumar Ghorela
I've tried using this with both condenser and dynamic microphones. effective for the price and a must have for beginners. quite flexible and holds its shape. the part used to attach it to a stand is however a bit brittle. needs a bit of care and attention while attaching it.
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By Anashwar Ravindran
product price
4.5 | 36 customer reviews
32 of the 36 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Excilent xlr Pro cable.. But wire awg this very thin.. Approximate 16awg.
Not good for home recording studio..
Just better live performance.
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By Manu (Odisha)
I immediately took the cable and performed for about 8 hours and everything was awesome. Just one feeling it might look bit thin...But I guess it has good metal inside..So far So Good and I am happy :)
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By Ananth
This is not a very good product for studio recording...
So much noise... And not suitable for condenser microphone. But if you want in low budget then you can buy it for home studio recording. I am not satisfied. Please improve your quality... The female port is very bad clipping system. Try to more smooth clip.. Either microphone sockets would be damaged.

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By Shuvajit Sengupta
product price
4.4 | 37 customer reviews
30 of the 37 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
This is a sturdy stand for mic. I needed a floor mic stand for recording tabla. This stand is the perfect height. It has industry standard threading and the clip that came with my Shure SM57 screwed on top without issues. It is very easy to assemble and just the right size stand for a floor setup (especially for Indian Classical Music).
I have no hesitation in recommending this product.
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By Anand
This microphone stand is sturdy, but can be used as only as table top stand. It does not have a microphone holder.
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By C.V.Pillai
Overall quality is good but the Mike holder/clip was missing.. Hence it is of no use. Had to buy from outside.. So here online thing won't worked well as I had to go out for looking the holder.
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By Amazon Customer
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4.1 | 180 customer reviews
131 of the 180 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Dear Buyers,

I was looking for a Boom Stand for My Mic (Takstar SGC-598) & I found This PowerPak High Quality 3 Leg Boom Microphone on
as I Found Price was very Cheap & the Product will Solve all My Requirement of Boom Stand.
My Expectation with this Product was 6/10 before Receiving. But Surprisingly I Found One the Best Boom Mic Stand at This Price Point.

The Product was Received in 2 Days after placing the Order (Was Very Quick) as I am Staying in Ghaziabad.

I Have Given 5 Star Rating to This Product & Here are the Reasons :

1) Build Quality is Good. Steady & Solid.
2) Product Looks Awesome & Premium
3) Delivered On Time
4) Adjustable Arms are Good and Works Perfectly.
5) Good Height.

I would like to Recommend this Product who is Looking for Mic Stand at This Price Point. A Must Buy...

SGC-598 Photography Interview Shotgun MIC Microphone for Nikon Canon DSLR
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By Tarun Biswas
Recently I have purchased the stand quality is good, but I am unable to fix my mobile in the clip. Clip size is small. I am using Redmi android One mobile. I have tried to fix my mobile in width wise only not length wise. Also I am unable to get larger clip . Kindly support. As of now I am not using the stand due to this problem. If not the only option is to return back the stand.
Hope manufacturer will review and provide a solution immediately
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By Ganesh S
Mic Stand not bad for the price Rs.710/-. First quality is middle, the stand feels not bad as well not to great. Inside the package it has the stand, with two clip for the mic. The screw quality is ok but have to check about the long time durability. When it is fully assembled and inserted a mic it have nice stability(for just holding the mic without any disturbance), but for the rough use I wouldn't recommend. Overall it's good product, just doing it what it meant to do!
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By A - user
4.1 | 129 customer reviews
108 of the 129 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
This is a solid, quality microphone option that's.
inexpensive, especially when compared to popular brands out there. My sister is a singer, and she likes to practice either using it in her stand or holding it. Basic device with 1/4" mic input; pop filter and on-off button. Long cable, good sound and durable. The sound is more than decent and it fits perfectly with my Ahuja Amplifier machine . I have a foam cover to minimize popping and breathing, but even without it it does a good job of keeping the popping to a minimum.for the money this mic is great quality and a good deal... !!
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By Pritam bhaye
This mic is really dynamic and very quiet, sound quality and built quality of this mic was very good as compared to its price.

----> This mic is made up from metal so it safe if it was dropped on floor unfortunately, and very nice thing about this mic is it comes with built in pop up filter to protect your mic from any unexpected damage from liquid.

----> If someone is starting to become a youtuber then this microphone is best choice for him or her.
----> It comes with 9ft long XRL cable so it allowed us to move easily during using this mic.
----> This mic is unidirectional so it can easily be used for vocals and for instruments.
----> On off button is located on front and has 3 pin male socket and 3 pin female XRL cable for connecting it.
----> Apart from speaker and amplifier this mic can also be
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By Ankur Shrivastava
I bought this for my sister 6th birthday and it was a huge hit! Even though she is struggling with reading, we bought the sing-along CD's to go with it to songs she already knows very well in hopes it will help teach her words she doesn't know. She absolutely loves singing a long to her favorite songs! He little brother (20 months) likes to pick up the additional microphone we purchased and make funny noises or attempt to "sing" with her. The entire family was excited by this gift!
As far as the quality goes I have not noticed any negatives. No, it's not DJ quality, but it is extremely suitable for children or even adults to have fun with at home.

I absolutely love this microphone!!! I love it! It is absolutely perfect!!! I can not wait to play with it with my sister . It was packaged
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By Sachin
4.2 | 60 customer reviews
50 of the 60 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Such a great microphone, it works well without phantom power, it also works with my iphone & ipad and gives great quality output with very little noise on the ipad, however the noise floor is a bit high with my laptop but i believe that is because of the inbuilt preamp, the build quality is amazing, records crystal clear, professional sounding voice, definitely better than the WR-800 as that was totally trash when compared to this, also this mic can give a very tough competition to even the blue snowball ice, which is costlier and more heavily built. If you are stuck with a choice, please go for it..its just amazing!
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By Agam Bhasin
I would like thank the seller for selling such a wonderful Mic. This Mic is the best Mic which have fabulous recording power. If you are a professional singer u can use this Mic for recording. I supports all type of electronic devices whether it's ur mobile or ur computer.
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By ameer
If your budget is tight then surely go for it , this microphone really does what it says,it reduces like98% of your external noice resulting in clear voice, and easy to install , it doesnt need phantom power just connect it with splitter and u r good to go. Only thing i didnt like is the volume, volume is bit lower then what i expected but since it works on mobile energy source u can expect that, other than that its perfect for beginners.
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By Dyl
4.3 | 37 customer reviews
31 of the 37 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Its a decent product for Rs 230, all the air blows while singing the Ps and Bs etc were eliminated from the recording.
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By Coolguitarist
Received with plastic ring broken, worst packing
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By dr r.
Awesome product u can buy it .....but product is not strong .....dublicate product but this product ok for this price ....
Amazon delivery is too late and poor
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By Vikas paul
4.0 | 432 customer reviews
316 of the 432 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
I purchased this pop filter for a Condenser Microphone with a microphone arm stand. It fitted perfectly on the microphone arm stand. I feel a noticeable change on my recording quality as it cancel the humming sound when speaking or singing. The build up quality is good but not the best. It will last long if it placed permanently in one position. I will give it a rating of 8/10. You guys should also try it if you are a Singer or A Youtuber voice over.
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By The Ineffable
I love this filter. before buying this product I have checked some reviews, Most of the people are complaining about the filter stand that it's not good. But after using this product, for a week. I would say there is nothing wrong with the built quality of the stand. The stand is so good and the filter cloth is so smooth. So if you want to buy a Pop filter, then go ahead. worth it.
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By Sourav Gupta
This works mildly only. The better choice is the steel mesh ones (that actually redirects the flow of air from the mouth away from the microphone) but it doesn't seem to be available here.

All this does is dampen some of the lighter puffs of air. You will get much less pop if you place the mic to the side and below the mouth so the air from your mouth does not directly hit the diaphragm.

Lookwise, its pretty well made and looks professional. The cost is also very reasonable.

I was planning to use this for voice-over so my requirements are a little less stringent that someone who needs it for, say, singing. For my use, it's okay.

Like I said, its better than nothing, so if you don't have another pop filter, go for this.
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By amit sharma
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4.0 | 385 customer reviews
273 of the 385 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
<<Read All Before Buying>>
>>Microphone stand
>>Clip-on slide in holder
>>Clip press type holder
>>and a smile for you face as the quality catches the eye for sure....
After using for a month this is what i came up with:
>> Beautiful & Superb quality built
>> very good balance
>> very tall hight (more than 6 feet approx)
>> superb for stage shows
>> can be used for stand-up vocals or instruments both
>> light and easy to carry...not too bulky
Overall i must say this a very good budget microphone stand which comes with two t
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By Vedant Sindhwal
Best one for such price . Using a samson pro USB microphone and it holds it really well. Had to buy a different shock mount though .
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By Amazon Customer
It's good for the price. Its not a heavy duty one. There is no doubt about it. I've bought this for simple home use. There is no problem if you are using a condenser Mic and using the main rod to attach with.
But there is a trick to use the handle bar. It's a tripod. So when you are going to use the handle bar, keep the handle bar parallel (actually not parallel but on the same x-axis) to any one of the three legs such a way both leg and the handle bar is facing you. That way two legs are in the opposite side balancing the front load.
Hope this helps.
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4.5 | 19 customer reviews
17 of the 19 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Great sound and heavy duty item , not a cheap quality !
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Good solid sound..
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By arnie
Sensitivity range is in not all around
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By anil kumar
product price
4.2 | 32 customer reviews
29 of the 32 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
It's Shure I hope you are sure about this
Lovely mic and quality is top notch.
U get a wire along with the mic
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It reproduces treble tone more , than bass. It suits female voices the most, i think.
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By Joji Mookken
This mic is good product and value for money.. sound is good but just low base sound and treble and sharpness is just high . it good for instrument not good for vocal..
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By Satish S
5.0 | 8 customer reviews
8 of the 8 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
The microphone works good is suitable for all kinds of devices that include computers, laptops, smartphones etc. as well as can be used for recording purpose as well.The length of the cord is very good and is very effective in reducing any kind of externalinterference and cancels noise at the same time.
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By Ashwini 17
This microphone packing was very good was inside the cover case which is very safe....I gave this to my friend who is Fond of making vlogs in YouTube ...he was very happy with the service
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By Navjot
Mini condenser microphone is one best product.
Easy to use and very light weighted product.
You can use external mic for mobile and get very clear and load voice.
Very amazing product.
Recommended everyone.
Worth for buying.
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By Jeevan Rathod
product price
4.3 | 22 customer reviews
21 of the 22 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
I just needed a simple pair of lavalier mics with one plug, and this more than fit the bill.
I like how it's put together with a couple of different connectors, meaning that you have more than one way you can plug it all together and use it (it's possible to do single-lav, dual, and swap out the adapter in case the type of plug you're using won't support dual inputs).
It also comes with a simple drawstring bag that makes it easy to wrap up and store the cords without it all getting tangled.
I will say that I get better sound if I can amplify the input--for example, I run this through a USB Sound Blaster that has a "Gain" button and the ability to control the EQ and tweak the incoming sound.
But without that, this simple, inexpensive lav set still does fine. Audio quality is surprisingly better than I expected
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By Swapnil D. Jadhav
This is exactly what I needed to start my new video blog. I was looking into wireless lavalier mics online and they were so costly. I just needed a simple pair of lavalier mics with one plug. What I like about it is the way it's put together is a couple of different connectors, meaning that you have more than one way you can plug it all together and use it.
these came in a nice simple and compact box, simple instructions, and a carry pouch to put away all of your microphones.
Product works just as described. The sound is crisp, clean. I couldn't believe the quality for the price of these. The sound quality of individual voices was much clearer than recording straight through the phone. overall worth to buy.
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By Ayush Garg
Records very clear voice, just plug to the smartphone jack and the phone automatically detects it! Cable is very long enough and it comes with dual lavalier, which makes it perfect to take an interview. One of the best budget mic used so far. Please check video attached with this review, where my son testing this mic connecting it to the smartphone. I hope this review was useful to you.
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By Ganesh⍟
4.1 | 43 customer reviews
36 of the 43 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
TROPODUR WIRELESS MICROPHONE IS very special product to me. It gets all the features in the same device. Features Bluetooth,fm,usb etc. Charge it easily , it can be easy to move from place to place. My father can wake up in the morning and listen to the hymns and my two son Tejas and yadam practice to learn music on this . This product is very entertaining.
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By swapnil mishra
This is usable multifunctional microphone cum speaker
It has various functions
*FM radio option
*record the voice through the AUX cable
*Bluetooth mode to use as speaker
*Normal mode as microphone 🎤
*4 mode magical voice changer
*Pen drive /Usb option
*Sound quality is amazing
I love it, Just because it's size you can carry it anywhere..
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By Pramendra Singh Ranawat
Fully equipped with party as well as meetings,voice reaches all,a bluetooth speaker with mic,easy to handle as well as easy to use,recording makes it perfect, with rewind facility,for singing practise with powerful mic wireless makes to carry anywhere, value of money, durable, strong,comfortable, overall good.
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By Shalvi Mishra
product price
4.1 | 43 customer reviews
32 of the 43 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
You need not to think much for Shure products, I used this for a grand live show as well as in studio. The built quality to the output quality just adorable. And with my experience I can say that this can survive for may years even if you drop it several times. However if you are using it directly to computer it will disappoint you, the gain is low (very low compare to condenser) therefore you will need a good amplifier or a pre-amp or a card.
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By Abhijeet Sojwal
Have been using for more than a month. Working well for karaoke purpose. Does not pick up sounds from other directions. Picks sound from straight direction only.. Need to keep the mic near to mouth.
However, yet to figure out how to record videos without getting the mic into the video capture. If we keep it far from mouth the sound does not pickup well.
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By Mahesh K
Its really a good microphone no doubt ...Good clarity of sound .Its really catches very small melodies ..which you cant do any other mic of ahuja like 100 xlr and adm 511 as i testing with two model I promote to buy SV 200 Really Amazing clarity of sound ,
..No doubt singer first choice sure will be sv 200 as I tested .
But one thing is lower then Ahujs brand XLR cable 5 feet smaller then Ahuja cable .Stand clip and Lather Bag is not available with this SV 200 .
But Ahuja cable is really more better then SV200! and ,lather bag no doubt a good quality in which you can keep Ahuja microphone and protect dust and moisturiser..
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