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4.7 | 774 customer reviews
734 of the 774 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Seller: orchid engineers
Price: 249/-
Return Policy: Both Return and Replacement

I have two remotes in my hall, one for the TV and the other for Fire Stick. When I was looking for a stand that can organize the remotes well, I came across this cute looking stand. The the design is very unique and also serves the purpose very well.

⏩⏩ Pros:
👍 Looks.
👍 Stable and Sturdy.
👍 Good Build Quality.
👍 Can Store 2 big remotes.

⏩⏩ Cons:
👎 The holder is slightly tilted, but manageable.

⏩⏩ Conclusion:
This remote stand not only helps in organizing the remotes in the hall but also works as a show piece. If you have more than one remote then this is a great addition to your room.

Overall Rating - 4.5/5

I hope the review was useful to you guys. If it was, please don't forget to click on HELPFUL.
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By Venky 📷 🌟
Very cool product. It's different. Though it is nothing..only a cord wrapped on an iron structure. But what matters is creativity. It's funny.
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By NetSurfer
The product is received as it is shown here. As most of the reviewers here rightly said, this piece is really strong iron structure with nylon ropes (the ones we usually use to hang clothes in balconies) wrapped around the structure.

Durability : should see with time but seeing it, it looks highly furable but only the nylon ropes wrapped around maybecome loose I guess.

Value for money : NOT AT ALL!. YES, IT'S CUTE, CREATIVE and durable but the apt price for this ahould be between ₹150-200 and not more than that. I feel even ₹200 is too much for this item.

Size : I can really say that it is perfect for doubling up as a remote stand plus cute showpiece for the centre table. It fits 2 remotes easily (one set top box remote and one tv remote).

Overall giving 4 stars only deducted 1 star for the over pricing.

Nevertheless, it's
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By Aplihs
4.5 | 1,179 customer reviews
1,051 of the 1,179 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
I got this sticker for kitchen and it looked pretty, my kitchen wood color was dark brown and this went very well with it, care must be taken while you paste it as the stickers with big handle spoons are attached and long so it's easy to get air bubbles, I got some, but it doesn't look bad at all when seen directly. It is a bit tricky to stick the long handled spoons alone but with another person's help you can get it perfect. Nevertheless a very pretty wall sticker for the kitchen.
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By Preethy
It's awesome!! Never thought we could buy happiness in such reasonable price. This has improved the overall look of the kitchen. 😊😊 First stuck on the cupboards...then changed to the walls. Both were looking stunning!!
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By R Sivapriya
This is just awesome. Enhanced the look of the kitchen. The adhesive is strong and sticks well to the wall. The colours are good and the transparent sheet around the actual sticker makes it blend seamlessly into the wall. Go for it. Writing this review after 2 months of usage. It's still intact on the wall.

NOTE: Should be done by 2 people to avoid air bubbles getting filled while pasting.
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By Vinay Kaparthi
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4.6 | 280 customer reviews
266 of the 280 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Wonderful product at the price point! Suits very well in my new office :) Quality is excellent too! Packaging was good but could have been a little better I guess, since even if this is a strong metal product; some wear n tear could be caused in transit if not packed well.
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By Harshad
Good quality metal, coating on metal looks long lasting. Joints on curves are properly finished. Overall a nice looking product and serves good quality utility. Though the price was little higher; however you won't regret once you see the quality and finish.
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By Bhushan Koyande
It's amazing esthetically and functionally. I just feel one or two spots should be deeper to handle very long remotes like home theater remote etc.
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By Shreya sripat shenoy
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4.8 | 204 customer reviews
203 of the 204 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Love it. Ordered this for my parents. They will have keys lying all over the place with so much litter around it. So, if you want a certain key, do spend next 10 minutes searching for the key you need.
This happily hangs them all in one area - without destroying the wall - completely organized and clean; without creating a mess of your tabular surface. If you have so many keys to manage this is useful, for one or two keys it doesn't make sense.
Height is just perfect. Tall enough to hang those huge ass "latch" keys, short enough to not take all the space your surface has to offer.
I am so so so happy with this purchase
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By Kanika L.
This is also a very good idea
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By Amazon Customer
Very steady and well made.
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By M
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4.4 | 6,564 customer reviews
5,636 of the 6,564 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
If ever there was a product on Amazon which had no competitors, this Milton Medical Box surely has to be one of them. It is one of those products which a buyer loves to buy since the reviews and the price don't create a single doubt in the mind. I personally took less than 5 minutes to buy this product after I was fed-up with the degree of mismanagement of medicines in my house and the absence of any first aid at one place. When there is very less to talk about the comparisons of a product with similar products, it is only good that I delve right into the merits and demerits of the product itself.


•• EASY TO IDENTIFY: The Milton Medical Box comes in a clean white look with deep red coloured handle and lock alongwith a globally recognised plus sign in green background which which makes
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By Utkarsh Agrawal
awesome..... very nice product.good for family with 4-5 members.
i am happy with product. and it was more than expectations. there are some reviews said it is small, but i don't think that it is small. definitely you will satisfied with this product. 5+ stars for the product.

agent failed to deliver the product on time. delivery agent gave me the spot which was 1.5 Km away form delivery address. i asked the reason agent tried to abuse me. worst delivery service for prime customer by amezon.
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By Amazon Customer
I bought this first aid box to organize all my first aid medications
Will list down pros and cons as i mostly do with most of my reviews
1. Very spacious, can keep the sprain spray bottles easily in the below portion
2. 2 racks to separate the oral medication from the ointments.
3. The top cover is transparent, easy to see the things inside.
1.Opening and closing the box is a hassle,specifically during emergency it can be very difficult.
2.the box is white and prone to get dirst pretty soon, since its plastic can be easily washed.
3.the separator looked flimsy
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By Reivka
4.4 | 6,430 customer reviews
5,615 of the 6,430 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
This ones my second purchase of same set. Got last one a year ago. So you can consider it a long term review.
In short you get a nice set of diffferent sized containers to make your kitchen beautiful & organize it. Also cello goes with quality, of which you can be assured of.

Make sure to check out size & ml rating, before complaining, that they are small etc. It comes in 3 sizes, 200, 300 & 650 ml.

▶Biggest one measures 150mm Height x 105mm Dia approx
▶Middle one measures 120mm Height x 90mm Dia approx
▶Small one measures 100mm Height x 70mm Dia approx

1. 3 sizes 6 nos each, to cover variety of needs. Small & medium ones can be used for spices, while bigger ones can be used for dryfruits, & other higher qty items like maida, gram etc
2. Checkered touch adds up to your kitchen looks & provides strength to
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By Pushpendra Singh Patel
Writing this review after using the containers for few days. These are my observations & feedback:
+ most important for me, it is BPA free and odourless.
+ the build quality is excellent. The grill/curved design gives additional strength to the container.
+ it provides a perfectly air tight seal, worked really well for storing some moisture sensitive items.
+ they are transparent, which helps in quickly checking what is inside even without opening it, which is really handy in kitchen and also no labels required.
+ and of-course, they look fabulous, enhances the show of your kitchen.
+ and finally, there are no stickers on it. I really hate it when most of the manufacturers put stickers with poor quality glue, which on regular use starts coming out leaving the whole surface sticky and messy, it is almost impossible to clean. I always used to wonder why can't they simply emboss the branding. I was
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By alter-ego
Excellent Condition, Safely Packed, Product Same As Shown On Display, All are Fine. Go 4 It, Worth A Buy. Very Useful for Kitchen Storage. Buy Hands Down.
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By Abhishek R
4.5 | 437 customer reviews
383 of the 437 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Consider this more than 5 stars. Worth for money. <3
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By Amazon Customer
I loved the quality... Overall worth buying... Thank you Amazon mom... This will encourage mon to cook more tasty food.... Lol..
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By Alisha P
Quality of the product is very good. Only one thing bothers me is that the slogan is not bright enough to be seen from a distance not even from 10ft. Readable only from 2-3 feet.
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By Aks
4.5 | 330 customer reviews
294 of the 330 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Just love this product.. I use it every day..
Perfect for making salad....
Perfect for those who love to chop veggies very fine....
Be careful as the blades are very's very easy to clean too...
It's very easy to use few seconds your veggies will be finely chopped...
You can put midium size 3 onions in 1 go...
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By Urvi Keer
This product size matches the picture as seen online. This is the first good thing I liked about the product. Next, there are 2 pairs of blades along the stem that will slice/mince, longer or larger pieces of vegetables. The blades are too sharp to be handled or cleaned by hand. Never try to clean these blades stem by hand.
The bowl is so big that about 1/2kg of minced cabbage (moderate size) can easily fit into it. If one has less time to cook, mincing the vegetables to finer grains using this, is very helpful. The cooking of such minced vegetables becomes faster. The pull string seems of good strength and can sustain force very well. The mincing seems way too fine and there is a fear of loss of vitamins and hence should be used to check the chopped size of the vegetables.
Extra care to be taken to
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By Usha Kota
pulling properly in right direction and
washing blades in running tap water after use.. retains the product for longer use

blades are really sharp. be careful while washing them. my advice not to touch the blades at all..

(donot forcefully pull the rope if there is a lock between blade and food item , remove the lid release the lock and use it again. if locking occurs again, cuts the food item into smaller piece and use this cutter for fine chopping
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By dilip kumar
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4.3 | 2,990 customer reviews
2,502 of the 2,990 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Received just now.... suitable for our home Mandir.... portable and beautiful...I ordered the small size which lasted for 4 hrs....for longer duration one can order the medium size.
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By kakoli
Received this in just 2 days which is a surprise considering the average speed at my pin code is 5 days.

+It is of perfect size.
+Will burn for 2 and half hours with mustard oil.
+Build quality is good as well.
+Glass quality is good, comes with brass cleaner in the pack.

- -Cons
-Along with cap and glass, the base also gets extremely hot which is a big no-no if your platform is made of wood.
-There is no gap between glass and bottom plate so air doesn't circulate well and it gets extinguished if the cap is placed, or it stays alive but dimly lit. I raised the glass from the bottom with help of some matchsticks it helps. But eventually, it's a design flaw.

Okay product, better than everything else. With a scope of improvement.
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By Piyush
Looks are very impressive but low on utility. Appears big in the picture, the real product is quite small. If you put the top cover, the flame goes off immediately. Not much impressed. Maybe bigger size would be better. Please don't go for this small size.
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4.4 | 461 customer reviews
402 of the 461 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Very thin blade so dont know how long it will last, being so thin also when it hits the corners will bend and not clean there so have to keep track of it. But on regular glass surfaces it cleans without streaking. It is also comfortable to hold and move.Does not seem it is made to last though but it does the job in the short term well.
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By Joe Peter
Dear, after using it properly and observing minutely, my review is enlisted hereunder.

1. Design is very good. Light weight,
ergonomic grip, proper angle.
2. Edge is sharp and could be used for glass.
3. The edge is not very hard, but it is not bending with pressure.
4. The material looks long lasting but I will update later on.
5. Blue and white combination is great.
6. It does not leave any smudge or water
after swipe.
One star deducted since I have doubt on its longevity.
Go for this. You will not regret.
Please like my review if it really helps you.
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By Fahed K.
The same old issue with these kinds of wipers the actual wiper blade is made of very soft rubber which wears out quickly and you are left with a useless body,
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4.4 | 455 customer reviews
386 of the 455 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
* This review is based on my experience, Kindly validate based on other reviews and your requirements*

I have been awe fan of 3M products always and love their innovations. Have been using these scotch brite sponge wipes abroad and recommended to buy the same here for my mom. She usually uses old rag clothes which are unhygeinic and despite washing they tend to retain the odor. This sponge wipe is one stop solution for all Cleaning and wiping stuffs
- Best reusable solution , LEss waste, Good sanity.

MUST BUY , Needed for every home , Highly Recommend
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By Well Wisher
I find many use for this sponge
*I keep a separate one for cleaning and wiping mess in the kitchen. It gets greasy with time so I wash it with vim drop using warm/ hot water as per the greasiness. It doesn't lose all the stains but it's as clean as can be and good to use again.
* I keep another one specifically for drying utensils. It dries the dishes like a charm!
*If you've a baby / kids at home you'll find even more use to clean accidental spills / mess they tend to leave behind .

**The best thing about this sponge is that it dries up fast unlike conventional kitchen cotton rags so it doesn't gather mold and mildew and smell musty . Way more hygienic than rags👍👍

* It doesn't tear easily. If you buy a cotton rag and sponge at same time,this sponge will last longer .

* I recommend
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By Sheta Sümao
In daily use in kitchen. Ordered many times. After prolonged use I put some water and bleach in the sink and soak the sponge wipe until it brightens up and is cleaner. These will last about a month in constant daily kitchen use, and after it looks like it should not be in the kitchen anymore I save them and use them outside for wiping off balconies, or motorcycles, or other outdoor things.
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By Mayapur in Bengal
4.3 | 1,165 customer reviews
999 of the 1,165 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
I tried multiple microfiber cloths, wasted lot of money. This product is just great and I was able to use just one cloth to clean my entire car, not that I didn't want to use, but to test the absorption capacity and degrease capacity. It worked great, I hardly used any soap or detergent to clean the cloth, yet it goes away clean with just plain water.

This review is after few months of use, not days. Awesome cloth set, BUY it without hesitation.:
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It's a set of 4 microfiber clothes , and I was skeptic in the beginning about the length and quality of them , but to my surprise they were of top quality and so very well packed :) the size of the individual towels are just perfect for regular cleaning without letting a bit of scratch on the car and it's very convenient to use it in the interiors as well for wiping the dash or the glasses with ease .
The best part is it is super easy to wash and reuse , just make sure to wash it only in cold water without detergent and air dry it instead of doing that in sun , otherwise it will loose it's texture and would be hardened :)

Overall, very satisfied with the product and I am sure they are going to serve me for a long time to come :)
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By Dr. Atanu Deb Roy
Just received the pack of four. Good quality. Don't compare with thickness of towel or napkin, enjoy cleaning ability. First tried to test on mobile screen which was stained with finger and ear marks ( sweat & and skin oil). Stains removed completely with no efforts, thought the cloth was not washed for first time as advised by manufacturer. The size is my choice ,but recommend to go for a bigger one. Option of 3 bigger size is available
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By Dilip K.
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4.3 | 775 customer reviews
644 of the 775 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
If you keep some level of hygiene in the kitchen that you run and not the servants, then these are indispensable... you must have them.

What you must do though is wash the one you extract from the packaging for use, really well.
You must wash out the 'softeners' that are in it... and then you are good to go!

They soak up anything!
BUT remember, they works not just like cloths but also like sponges, so germs can sit in them and stay there.
You will need to every now and again disinfect them in boiling hot water and a Dettol solution (that's how I do it).
That way they'll last longer!
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1) Scotch Brite is a brand
2) best used for cleaning purpose like cleaning kitchen slab, gas, other furniture etc
3) durable
4) obsorbs water so used to clean water and milk spiller on the kitchen slab or table.
5) handy and really easy to clean
6) very useful at diwali times so ordered it even without offer as it's a serious need for diwali cleaning in house

1) there was no offer the time I placed it's order
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By Akash Singh
Already given the details by manufacturer and now providing the photo of what seller is showing
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By Amazon Customer
4.4 | 282 customer reviews
252 of the 282 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Same as in pic
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By Amazon Customer
Cloth quality is good & cotton, after one wash color doesn't bleed instead it has red color still no effects on color quality. Best then other Apron's
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By Sonal Sharma
My mother loved it. The material is very good. And she loves the design and the pocket, it helps her to keep the phone inside. Anyways she loved it. So go for it.
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4.4 | 261 customer reviews
223 of the 261 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Good product. Clean lines. Sturdy. There's enough space between the two racks to store medium-height bottles such as pickle jars. Since the plastic shelves are perforated, it's better to cover them with easy-clean plastic shelf liner papers (non-adhesive) first, before placing anything. Additionally, place the bottles/jars on a plate/tray before positioning. That way, shelves remain clean.
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Good product but is not that big as shown in the pictures.
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By Parnika
The organiser if os good quality and looks nice. Now i'm able to use my shelf space much more easily. It adds more space and makes accessibility of items easier. It would be great if it came in multiple sizes to suit all kinds of spaces and also bigger packs should be better priced.
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By Shaguna
4.3 | 446 customer reviews
374 of the 446 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
4 rectangular boxes - 1 medium, 1 small & 2 very small - almost paper tray size leangth & breadth boxes - the 2 very small boxes alone of the regular tray size height of ~6cm - the medium & small boxes having more than the height of a regular tray 10-13cms. On measuring the boxes, LxBxH of each is:
- 1# Medium 35x30x13 cms
- 1# Small 25x20x10 cms
- 2# of Very Small 20x14x6 cms

Just the right set and of the right dimensions to organize your office or table top. Super classy in looks department & a neat neutral brown to blend in with most table/office decors.

The single Medium sized box holds all my long magazines, length of the magazines aligned along the box length & stacked one of top of another & still leaves space around the stack. So if the stack is pushed to align with one of the
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By Deeps
Considering the sizes of the baskets are already mentioned, I would say it is totally my fault for purchasing this set. The material quality is decent. My issue with the baskets is the the price for the sizes they offer. I'm not sure how this got so many positive reviews on value for money, but if you shopped around local plastic stores in your locality, you would have found brands like 'Monty', 'Choice', etc that sell same quality baskets with similar designs at almost Rs 300. They even sell bigger sizes at much cheaper price! I don't know why Ratan plastics sell these under the name bel casa at higher rates. I would definitely not be buying such products anymore. Have to look around for better sales. I bought it at Rs 485 and for me it still feels expensive.
But, to his their own I guess. I'm pretty sure people
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By Shiv Shankar Ash
Material quality is okay.
Durability: Does not seems to be durable.
Value for money : Its 505rs for these 4 pcs as on 4th Feb'19. Now the price seems to be increased. Not worth. Price tagged is more.
Disappointed with the size also. Very small.
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By Deeksha
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4.5 | 159 customer reviews
143 of the 159 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Very useful and handy chopper.Firstly i doubt it but after using,it prove to be smarter than my thinking.It chops onion,tomato,ginger(1/4th size of main veggy) and green veggies very well.Even mince them likewise chicken (boneless) can be minced.
Precaution to be taken while cleaning and handling Sharp blades.Recommended for purchase
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By ganesh
time saving product, my mother loves it, it's easy for her to use, blades are very sharp need to be careful while using this, don't overload it else it's spring mechanism will fail, it's rubber base is awesome it provides it good gripping with table or slab where it is placed.
Only con is odour of onion and veggies comes from spring mechanism even after cleaning it properly, value for money
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By Deepak
Received today ,thanks Amazon for very early delivery. Looks cute and Good one ,easy to use and clean
But disappointed received broken one
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By Divya
4.5 | 154 customer reviews
135 of the 154 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Really good product. I keep buying it again and again. I have done a fair bit of research and this is also the most economical one out there. The thing absorbs beautifully and tearing off each individual cloth is no trouble either
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By Satyaki
It is a very useful and must have kitchen supply. It can be used for any quick cleaning purposes and saves time and energy to wash and maintain the usual cloth towels. This one can be washed and used for 3 to 5 times and then disposed based on the usage.
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By Kamini Shanmugham
Had bought this item last week. Just noticed that all the three packs are different in size. Since I have started using one pack not sure if I can return it. Better be careful and check the size before using.
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By Venk Krish
4.4 | 201 customer reviews
179 of the 201 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
It's quite convenient to be able to cut it in whatever size you want. I'm using the mats for the kitchen draws which helps keep the draw clean and non sticky.
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By Kreeti
This mat is very good for using inside kitchen drawers.Very good quality.only problem I feel is that surface is rough so that will be difficult to side is smooth.
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Can be use in cupboards, kitchen shelf etc.
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By Isha Arora
4.4 | 187 customer reviews
168 of the 187 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
This mat is made with superb material and quality. It’s thickness is just perfect and they anti slip. I m using it in kitchen drawers and refrigerator. They are easy to clean and can be cut as per our need and drawers size.
They look very good and enhances the appearance of drawers as they look very neat . It’s anti slip which is really helpful in keeping jars
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By Rajesh Kumar Jaiswal
As it's name says multi-purpose mat it's completely satisfied me.As really it's gud in quality.I m using it in my kitchen area and drawers .it looks very decent.Its made up of PVC material so it's really easy to clean.Its waterproof so it's more important for the kitchen.As it comes in a roll of 5 Mtr length You can cut it in different sizes as per your requirement.In this price it's gud enough.
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By Amit Verma
I used this as table top where it works as protective for table and also used to chop salad/fruit over this as well. These are decent anti skid enough. As it is of pvc, easy to clean for me. also good to keep glass of water on it as i have earlier also mat of pvc material had web design which is not suitable much for liquid.and last, size which is depend on your requirement cut it according to your use,i cut it for table top size. So, Overall great purchase for me.
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By Abhishek Bhardwaj