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4.5 | 2,883 customer reviews
2,549 of the 2,883 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Using this since a week now. Build quality is quite good. Doesn't look like cheap plastic at all. Power on/off button is tactile. This spike guard also comes with reset button in case of power spike.

1.Solid build quality
2.Buttons are tactile
3.International socket
4.Reset button
5.Long & good quality cable

Features only 1 universal switch for all 4 sockets. Dedicated switch would be appreciated.

Overall it's a good product from GM Modular.
Can comment on durability as of now. Go for it if are not concerned about dedicated switch.

I hope it helps...
Don't forget to HIT HELPFUL button.
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By Nikhil Patil
The product is as described & is working at all 3 points provided. there is no individual switch for each plug but only a master switch. Didn't experience any high voltage & surge protection so far. Good thing is that all 4 plugs are international plugs, so can be used for all kinds of devices. It has a current limit so cannot connect high amp devices. for low amp ones like mobile, laptops etc, its very convenient. The main plug is of Indian type, so if using for international travel, need to carry an Adapter as well
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By Priya Pai
Since my room doesn't got sufficient sockets Thought of getting this since Gm electricals are reputed bran and as expected there is no issues with the quality of sockets..

- The spike box got only one switch for controlling all the sockets.. No Individual switches for all sockets..
- when its in On state there is bright Red light glows and seriously its as powerful as to light up the entire room in complete darkness and if u r one who hates lights during sleeping then definitely its not for you.. I personally had to stick taps over it to cover the light..

- The main thing : All the SOCKETS ARE PLACED SO NEARBY if U got quite big adapters then it will be a huge mess for you... ( for example if I plug in my oneplus charger and Google home charger then the remaining other 2
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By Ram
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4.5 | 1,567 customer reviews
1,425 of the 1,567 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Its a huge solid tool box and can accommodate most of the reasonable sized tools.
Plenty space, comes with additional removable tray and four deep screw pockets at the cover.
Come with a sturdy snap lock arrangement and nice retractable handle which is normally flushed with the cover.
Internal length: 42 cm
Internal width max 19cm
Internal height 17 cm.
Overall good tool box.
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Before buying, i gave a try exploring the lanes of LOHAR CHAWL N NAGDEVI mumbai. But all in vain. Finally decided to buy this tool box from Amazon.
The quality , price , n utility features r really great. Worth buying. The 16 inch size is quite great and the plastic quality overall good. However it can't accommodate a drill machine. But rest of your tools may easily fit in.

Happy that apart from the brands available in market at high price n low quality. Taparia rocks the market.

Thanks taparia n amazon

(Please note that they both amazon n taparia doesn't pay me for the review ☺)
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By Genuine Reviewer
When it arrived, I thought it would be too small. But as I put the tools in it, it seemed to swallow everything - except the large hacksaw.

The plastic looks durable.

The top tray is a bit thin and sags if you put too much on it.

The small compartments with orange lids tend to intrude into the top compartment in the main box to the extent that screwdrivers with large grip have to be properly arranged to close the lid. They could have been shallower as all they can take is nut-bolts, nails and other loose stuff.

Overall - a nice product for an average home toolbox.
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By Vikrant Vaidya
4.5 | 1,516 customer reviews
1,339 of the 1,516 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
I purchased this ladder in "Great Indian Festival Sale" @ Rs. 2400 after discounts.

Now about the product, I would say it is good and light weight product which is nicely build and of good quality finish aluminium material. Light weight does not mean it is not stable, it is very much stable.

Actual Size and Weight of the product is as under:
Dimensions: 172 x 50 x 12 cm
Weight : 5.9 kg as per company but amazon mention 4.6 kg on there shipping label.
Load Carrying Capacity : 95 kg

In general, our houses are made up of 10 feet ceilings not down ceilings which is approx. 8 feet and normal average height of a Indian male persons are between 5 feet 7 inches - 5 feet 9 inches. If we add the height of the top base which is 3 feet 6 inches then the total height vary between 9 feet -
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By Naval Kishore Singal
After using it I felt it’s apt for house hold purpose
Good grip even old age people can also use it
I cleaned my air conditioner I felt good
Very light weight
Good value for money
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By Dr. Vamsi krishna raj
Lots of ad words but a basic ladder I which the lock is very clumsy and fragile. disappointed.
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By Amit H Gupta
4.4 | 3,678 customer reviews
3,154 of the 3,678 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Ordered two sets of this kit till now,one for myself n other for my friend. Completely satisfied with the purchase.
Very convenient n easy to use . You can do almost everything with the provided set of tools...Hung so many of my artworks on walls with this .
Here are some features to be noted-

1) Its moderately light weight (weighs around 1.5 kg) ,atleast for me.Being a girl I myself can carry it easily and drill holes in walls and wood perfectly.

2 ) Its 500 W machine ,perfect power to handle easily , neither to powerful to handle nor too light to be useless.

3) Apart from drill machine the kit contains 100 other accessories too, well packed into a hard, easy to maintain, well-designed box/kit made of superior and long-lasting material.

The other accessories include-1 Claw hammer with rubber grip, 10 Screwdriver bits ,1 Adjustable wrench , 1 Spirit level , 1 Adjustable
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If you're worried about the product whether it's original or fake
Download TecIdentify or Neoreader APP on a smartphone, scan QR code, validate BOSCH 18 digit safety code automatically.
then you'll get the information.
The one which I got was not showing proper Info.
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By King
This package contains all the items shown in the image. It is quite okay if you dont want to do heavy duty drilling. This works fine with light drilling around your house on surfaces such as bricks, normal plaster, wood etc. But this does not work on solid concrete. If you are going to drill on solid concrete then go for some heavy duty drill. GSB 10RE is not for concrete
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By Arun
4.5 | 882 customer reviews
792 of the 882 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Excellent product! Exactly as shown in the picture..good quality material with lots of microfibre projection buds. Size of the glove is large and fits in my hand very comfortably. There are similar gloves sold by other companies in Amazon where picture shows one thing and the product is totally different with inferior quality cloth and hardly any microfibre. But this glove by Sobby I will highly recommend.
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By Amazon Customer
Got this product on a early notice than the date expected, kudos to Amazon for quicker delivery and coming to the product, this is very useful for those who are passionate and love their Bike/Car to be kept clean, instead of struggling to clean via Cloth just wear this like a glove and start wiping your Bike or Car just like smearing a cream on your hand, the cloth material smooth and soft just like teddy bear, the bristles provided on one side attracts all the dust particles during a dry wipe, you can also use this for washing the vehicle with a soap, the material is tested for detergents and soaps, which means it doesnt react with those detergent and loose its quality texture. had washed my Bike with the help of this Sobby Gloves and worked way better than using a cloth, used to struggle before while using
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By Harish
bought this after seeing the reviews on amazon.Its just couple of uses till date and it certainly has done its job well.The size is adequate to cover a sufficiently large car panel in 3-4 strokes.The chenille material is soft and when used with foaming car shampoo does a good job to remove dirt.The mitt should be rinsed more often if working on a very dirty surface. The built quality is decent and if used with care should last me more than a year easily.Certainly a value purchase as we get 2 pieces for Rs.230.Lastly i made the purchase because my wash cloths were always getting mixed up during use .I now exclusively use the green for body panels and blue for the glass and windows .And the elastic band helps retain the mitt on the wrist during movement across panels and also when rinsing in fresh water.
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4.5 | 824 customer reviews
723 of the 824 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
I have received the hammer in good shape. Unlike other Stanley products which has the brand name on the body of the product, in case of this hammer a sticker with the name Stanley is attached on the hammer. It looks sturdy and handy. The base is not uniformly flat which may cause the hammer to slip during striking a nail. It may be of good use but I have doubt on the genuinity of it being a Stanley product.
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By Bijoy Padmanabhan
Good for the purpose. The handle and shaft are stainless. The rear are not. But do not expect it to be an original branded product. I hope a brand like Stanley wouldn't make a spelling mistake like "wear googles" on its label instead of 'wear goggle '. Upon cab check out the photo I've uploaded.
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By sreeraj
I ordered a stanley hammer..But seller gave me a fake product named 'sony' hammer... Quality is not good .I am highly disappointed.
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By Manoj Gupta
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4.4 | 1,173 customer reviews
1,011 of the 1,173 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
You can trust Bosch to get it right.

This stylish tool kit comes with 5 different tools that are solidly built and comes with a feel good rubber grip at the bottom that gives an easier and stronger grip.

The Screw Driver:
The screw driver comes with 6 verity of screw bits(PH1,2 PH2s,S6,S7,T15,H6) that provides you the best solutions for almost every screw driving Situation. The screw driver comes with a magnetic top that makes it easy to place the driver tops. It also holds the driver tops in place quite tight, therefore you don't need to worry about the tops falling while working or loosing them.

The Wrench:
The wrench is a crescent/Adjustable wrench meaning, it comes with an adjustable jaw which allows it to be used with different sizes of fastener head (nut, bolt, etc.) rather than just one fastener size, as with a conventional fixed spanner.

The Plier:
Its solidly built and provide stronger
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By Abhishek Mehra
Product looks genuine and quality is also gud,, u can do house work easily but professional works requires professional equipment,, this product is made for household purposes and will not let u down. At 1200rs price its a worthy deal, i give a thumbs up. Will update if any fault comes
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By Hakim shaikh
All the parts is ok. But look at plliers.. Crome has gone.. I dont no all product is genuine boach aur local products... Pls guys when you buy this product.. See care fully
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By Danny
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4.4 | 992 customer reviews
843 of the 992 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Apart from the fact that it's build quality is not so solid and it smokes after using for a few minutes, its a gun that does the job! It's a cheap gun and is well worth the price. I bought it for general purpose usage and since I've bought it, I have heat shrunk a few wiring connections, packaged a few items in a plastic cover and sealed them and even fixed my car bumper dent.

Initially, when I used to use the gun even in the low setting for about 3 minutes or so and switch it off, it would release smoke from the back vents. It was unnerving at first because I thought that the cheap quality plastic was melting away. But this was not the case. I have used it for 2-3 minutes until the job was complete with 5 second breaks and it is totally fine.

Just ensure
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By Viveka
Good product in afordable price.
Material quality seems good.
Useful for removing stickers.
Heated so quicklY & very low noise.👍🏻
Handle with care, must use lether gloves during uses.

The product was already opened & taped again.
So I gave 3*, otherwise I wish to give 4*.
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By SagaR
I have rated it one star as Amazon again opened the original box and removed one of the package content i.e Service Center list and taped it through cello tape. It you want to do this then Amazon should have mentioned in the description.

Otherwise the product is genuine and have a proper serial no. imprinted on it. Previously i have used same Black and Decker made i England. I fell that was very much sturdy and tough in build quality. Only drawback it was having is Single speed air flow. This one has double speed pump.

Otherwise a recommended product.
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4.3 | 3,194 customer reviews
2,691 of the 3,194 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Gud product with reasonable price dont think twice go for it. I bought this for making hair clip and fabric deign.awesome performance
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By Dhivya selva
Are you in search of a good glue gun? Well I'm damn sure that you have seen so many ranging from Rs. 200(local with a fake brand name) to Rs. 2000(Dremel, Dewalt, Stanley fatmax etc..) having different wattage reading and temperature control.
And to choose from these various options is up to your budget and requirement.

I suggest this product to add your tools cart by revealing some of the pros and cons.

1) 40 watt heating coil
2) stylish and smooth handle leave no space bw your hand and handle
3) approximately 2cm of glue stick is pushed in to the heating segment in single trigger stroke.
4) Rubber cylinder(11mm) is placed inside hole that helps to hold the stick in position.
5) nice stand
6) 160cm cord wire (with .75sqmm wires inside)
7) metal tip covered with cone shaped rubber can withstand much temperature.

1) takes nearly 2 min to heat up to
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Good product... But seller should provide atleast one glue stick so that buyer can check is this gun working or not...
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By Vijaya upadhyay
4.6 | 306 customer reviews
292 of the 306 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Very Sturdy and Stable and solid like a rock. I am 5 feet 11 inches and 96 kilos and it doesn't seems to care though my wife keeps shouting about my weight. Can stand on each step with full weight.
Though I tried in the local market but could only find badly made Aluminum steps or cheap Chinese steps and I think it was a wise decision to spend 300-400 more than to land up in the hospital with a broken bone.
Verdict -- Buy it if u need it. It's more useful than the 5-6 ladder we generally buy for our home use.
Thank You Batla and Amazon coudn't have been possible without u two.
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By Aman Singh
While the delivery was not faster, I received the product with a damage to the first step (bottom most) of the ladder. This could be in transit and/or handling. A better packaging could have saved the otherwise strong and sturdy product from the accidental damages. With one metal step deformed at the centre, the grip of the foot is not firm and the fasteners joining the step to the ladder body are also deformed due to the impact.

Leaving this non-manufacturing related damage aside, the ladder feels very sturdy and stable enough to carry out minor household cleaning and repair jobs.
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By Venuscold
I was delivered the ladder earlier today. Thank you Amazon. I'll agree with one of the reviewer comments, about it being quite stable on the ground... which is reassuring. The outer frames also feel sturdy. The steps are wide enough, and have a textured rubber padding for comfortable grip.

But I'm feeling a little lack of confidence about the stepping plate's thin-ness, and the screws with which they are attached at the four corners. If, after a period of usage one of the screws suddenly fracture, which (heaven forbids) should never happen - I wonder if the plate will buckle at a corner and upset the balance, causing injury. I'm currently recovering from an ankle injury, which makes me extra paranoid, so this may be a purely subjective appraisal. Could they have used thicker screws?

Secondly, an otherwise sleek finish is marred by the rubber? foam? sleeve covering the crossbar or
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By Prosenjit Roy
4.3 | 1,176 customer reviews
1,009 of the 1,176 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
I tried multiple microfiber cloths, wasted lot of money. This product is just great and I was able to use just one cloth to clean my entire car, not that I didn't want to use, but to test the absorption capacity and degrease capacity. It worked great, I hardly used any soap or detergent to clean the cloth, yet it goes away clean with just plain water.

This review is after few months of use, not days. Awesome cloth set, BUY it without hesitation.:
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It's a set of 4 microfiber clothes , and I was skeptic in the beginning about the length and quality of them , but to my surprise they were of top quality and so very well packed :) the size of the individual towels are just perfect for regular cleaning without letting a bit of scratch on the car and it's very convenient to use it in the interiors as well for wiping the dash or the glasses with ease .
The best part is it is super easy to wash and reuse , just make sure to wash it only in cold water without detergent and air dry it instead of doing that in sun , otherwise it will loose it's texture and would be hardened :)

Overall, very satisfied with the product and I am sure they are going to serve me for a long time to come :)
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By Dr. Atanu Deb Roy
Just received the pack of four. Good quality. Don't compare with thickness of towel or napkin, enjoy cleaning ability. First tried to test on mobile screen which was stained with finger and ear marks ( sweat & and skin oil). Stains removed completely with no efforts, thought the cloth was not washed for first time as advised by manufacturer. The size is my choice ,but recommend to go for a bigger one. Option of 3 bigger size is available
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By Dilip K.
4.4 | 469 customer reviews
408 of the 469 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Very thin blade so dont know how long it will last, being so thin also when it hits the corners will bend and not clean there so have to keep track of it. But on regular glass surfaces it cleans without streaking. It is also comfortable to hold and move.Does not seem it is made to last though but it does the job in the short term well.
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By Joe Peter
Dear, after using it properly and observing minutely, my review is enlisted hereunder.

1. Design is very good. Light weight,
ergonomic grip, proper angle.
2. Edge is sharp and could be used for glass.
3. The edge is not very hard, but it is not bending with pressure.
4. The material looks long lasting but I will update later on.
5. Blue and white combination is great.
6. It does not leave any smudge or water
after swipe.
One star deducted since I have doubt on its longevity.
Go for this. You will not regret.
Please like my review if it really helps you.
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By Fahed K.
The same old issue with these kinds of wipers the actual wiper blade is made of very soft rubber which wears out quickly and you are left with a useless body,
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4.4 | 465 customer reviews
396 of the 465 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
* This review is based on my experience, Kindly validate based on other reviews and your requirements*

I have been awe fan of 3M products always and love their innovations. Have been using these scotch brite sponge wipes abroad and recommended to buy the same here for my mom. She usually uses old rag clothes which are unhygeinic and despite washing they tend to retain the odor. This sponge wipe is one stop solution for all Cleaning and wiping stuffs
- Best reusable solution , LEss waste, Good sanity.

MUST BUY , Needed for every home , Highly Recommend
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By Well Wisher
I find many use for this sponge
*I keep a separate one for cleaning and wiping mess in the kitchen. It gets greasy with time so I wash it with vim drop using warm/ hot water as per the greasiness. It doesn't lose all the stains but it's as clean as can be and good to use again.
* I keep another one specifically for drying utensils. It dries the dishes like a charm!
*If you've a baby / kids at home you'll find even more use to clean accidental spills / mess they tend to leave behind .

**The best thing about this sponge is that it dries up fast unlike conventional kitchen cotton rags so it doesn't gather mold and mildew and smell musty . Way more hygienic than rags👍👍

* It doesn't tear easily. If you buy a cotton rag and sponge at same time,this sponge will last longer .

* I recommend
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By Sheta Sümao
In daily use in kitchen. Ordered many times. After prolonged use I put some water and bleach in the sink and soak the sponge wipe until it brightens up and is cleaner. These will last about a month in constant daily kitchen use, and after it looks like it should not be in the kitchen anymore I save them and use them outside for wiping off balconies, or motorcycles, or other outdoor things.
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By Mayapur in Bengal
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4.3 | 776 customer reviews
645 of the 776 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
If you keep some level of hygiene in the kitchen that you run and not the servants, then these are indispensable... you must have them.

What you must do though is wash the one you extract from the packaging for use, really well.
You must wash out the 'softeners' that are in it... and then you are good to go!

They soak up anything!
BUT remember, they works not just like cloths but also like sponges, so germs can sit in them and stay there.
You will need to every now and again disinfect them in boiling hot water and a Dettol solution (that's how I do it).
That way they'll last longer!
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1) Scotch Brite is a brand
2) best used for cleaning purpose like cleaning kitchen slab, gas, other furniture etc
3) durable
4) obsorbs water so used to clean water and milk spiller on the kitchen slab or table.
5) handy and really easy to clean
6) very useful at diwali times so ordered it even without offer as it's a serious need for diwali cleaning in house

1) there was no offer the time I placed it's order
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By Akash Singh
Already given the details by manufacturer and now providing the photo of what seller is showing
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By Amazon Customer
4.2 | 2,927 customer reviews
2,522 of the 2,927 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Product is very good. Spec. 2500w n 10A !! Grt. After searching 3 days decided to buy this, overall product quality is very good. Red heavy duty cord. LED light gives extra points to product. Design and material quality is awesome. Its totally worthy. If u looking for good product with worthy look than this is must recommended...
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Awesome product I got it in lighting deal for only 640/-
1. Excellent quality
2. Universally usable socket 6 socket
3. On and off switch
4. LED light
Only thing is that chord is short ....If u think that u can use it from 2-3 meter than don't buy it...overall it awesome and I love it
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By akanksha gupta
Nice product...I had bought lot of cheaper ones earlier ...all of them stopped working after few months... decided to buy this finally...better to invest once in good quality product..wire is 2 mts..very good quality and red in colour...looks stylish...body is also very tough and sockets are very good in grip...should last long... hope so
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By naved
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4.3 | 691 customer reviews
590 of the 691 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
I bought it for Rs 217/- & following are the observations.

Firstly I googled if it is legal for use in India and Google baba gave a positive response. So yes it can be be carried and used for self defence in cases of emergencies.

+ Small, sleek and very light weight. Can be easily carried along in a small handbag or purse too which is of utmost importance. The entire purpose is that it should be accessible at all times when needed.
+ Claims to have 45 bursts and a range of 12 feet. Frankly even one useful burst for self defence in case of emergency will make one know that it was money well spent.
+ Has a shelf life of 2 years and I got one MFD a month back so that's excellent.

- None noticed.

A pepper spray whether from this brand or any other is a must, there should
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By Ts S
Seems legit but why do you write that it's for women? Are men allowed to carry knives or guns? And if we see someone doing bad to girls we might kill them if we use our hands to attack them and then we would go to jail for doing something good then it'd be better to use pepper spray and then call the police
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By Satya
The spray is not as strong as cobra magnum, and the range is only 2 feet(not 12 feet as advertised). Not satisfied by this product.
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By ravi
4.4 | 398 customer reviews
353 of the 398 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
overall i like this product.
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By Aarjav Patel
A good bathroom product .It has a rack to keep a set of dress or bath robe or large towel or toiletries , hooks for hanging nighties etc. and a foldable towel rod to hang wet or dry towel.Price is also reasonable. I recommend it .
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By Arati Mohanty
You should provide SS Screws and Screw Caps.
This will avoid rusting.
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By Satish Kulkarni
4.2 | 1,874 customer reviews
1,546 of the 1,874 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
This is a great screwdriver kit. It has 8 type of blade-pieces. These are the most common blades needed.

1. Most common size and type of blades provided.
2. One tester is also provided.
3. The material used in making these blades and tester is excellent.
4. It won't get rusted soon.
5. The shape of the back portion is very impressive which provides a fine grip.
6. The box provided is also impressive.
7. It is very cheap also. Especially if you can purchase it on any sale.

The pieces will get rusted after a long time if now kept carefully and clean.

Final comment- If you are planning to purchase a screwdriver kit, this is a great choice.
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By Dhirendra
This is very useful and essential in every house hold. Easy to use. Screwdrivers of different sizes available. Quality is good. Tester is working.
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By Sreejesh
The screwdriver set is good as the name suggests but someone in production/design really screwed up with how the tester works on it. You get a really nice shock if you are barefoot. (So reducing the one star) but I use it as a screwdriver so it didn't bother much most of the time.
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By Hari
4.2 | 1,246 customer reviews
991 of the 1,246 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Works like a Charms!! Had some defects when ordered 1st time but then without any question they solved and replaced the timer
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By Austin S.
I bought this product and used it for 6 months without any problem. Soon after that the product stopped working. I got in touch with the product vendor who offered to replace it with an extra charge of 380/-, although the product was still under 1 year warranty. I had a feeling that a product which is warranted, gets replaced or repaired without any additional cost whatsoever. Since I was so dependent on this product that I opted to take this path. I don't know if that was the correct approach.
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By Ashrunil Roy
Hi I am using this product just one year my purchase dated was 25-12-2017 but last 3-months I am facing the problems of relay was not changed automatically every time I was changed manually see ON-Auto-Off once you put it ON it's every time directly supply the power no time settings but still I was go to Off Option and again come back to ON then it's working when you off the Switch and after again on the Switch it's not directly supply the power in ON option I go to Off Option and come back to On then it's working please solve the my problems I requesting you sir... Thanking you
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By Anil Kumar. V
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4.2 | 1,039 customer reviews
864 of the 1,039 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
It gave up its life to save my laptop from a surge which destroyed my TV and set top box :-/
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By Sudeesh Subramanian
This is one of the best 3 pin I have ever used.
GM is a very reputed brand in such things.
I confirm below features which it does have

It has power indicator light and open and lock switches make this lightweight plug an indispensable item in your bag while travelling.

Allows you to charge your laptop, tablet, Ipad, cell phone and other mobile devices internationally.

Compact size for easy portability & Accepts earthed/unearthed plugs from dozens of countries.

LED charging indicator

Cons: Price is bit on higher side.
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By Aditya Chauhan
This plug is NOT for you if you're looking to travel to some other country which does not follow India's 3 pin electrical sockets.
However if you're looking to use some other country's products/chargers with India's 3 pin socket, then this product is what you're looking for. In that sense this is not a multi plug for travelling.
I had purchased a laptop from the US and the charger had the american style pins. This multi plug does the job perfectly to help me use that charger here in India.
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By Gurpreet Singh