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4.5 | 6,806 customer reviews
6,056 of the 6,806 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Original Product with good packaging, longer expiry date and less price than usual MRP. A must buy product for every household. Got it at 151/- Rs.
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By Ayan Saha
Dettol's quality is the best. However, in value, it is available on Amazon only on MRP. But in general the 1.5 liter refill pack is not available in the market. So if you are a Amazon Prime member then you can buy it
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By Amit Goyal
First i thought its a Great value in such low price,but after using it i realised it a fake one guys. The product is diluted. Better to give some more money and buy the real product rather than saving money and getting a fake one!
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By Pallavi
4 Offers from product price
4.5 | 1,738 customer reviews
1,575 of the 1,738 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Good for floor Cleaning
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I compared this bottle with the one purchased from local store. I could notice that the quantity in the bottle provided by Amazon was a bit less than the one purchased locally. This could not noticed when we keep the bottle side by side, though the difference is negligible.
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By Jayanth T.
Pleasant smell,works well in kitchen,toilet, bathroom for disinfecting,got this at 188 RS on subscribe and save option,can be used to disinfect any household items just dilute it in some water and it does it's work,it's function is just like as dettol.dettol is for personal sanitation and lizol is for household items like fridge,microwave,floor,tiles and other places where bacteria can germinate,so it's a must buy product for every one's home, delivery from Amazon was great and at time
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By A srivastava
46 Offers from product price
4.5 | 1,297 customer reviews
1,147 of the 1,297 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
I Developed rash when I use other sanitary pads, thanks to sofy antibacterials...I dont have rash anymore...moreover this pad smell is so good...thanks to amazon for making it available for online purchase at discounted price
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By cee dwati
I brought two pack of these in October 2017 and i am stocked up for atleast 3 months more. I am using sofy for around 2 years after using so many brands this is the one i am still using on.

Pros - the pad is very soft and light.
Rash and ich free.
Like other pads i never feel i am wearing plastic. So its very comfortable.
Mid fragrance.
Packaging is great.
And of course i got this in discounted price. (Got this in around 280).

Cons - the size is good for low to medium flow.
Not for heavy flow. Not very absorbent
Don't give full coverage.( Sofy night pads are the best )

So over all i am satisfied with the product and the packing by Amazon was also great. I highly recommend this pad if you are facing rashes.

Ps. - change your pads in every 3-4 hours to avoid the odor (more if your periods
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By Tanu B.
After a long time, Indian women are offered a necessary comfort long over due! I have spent my entire life using Whisper Ultra, thinking that this is the best option, until I got to spend couple of years in the USA. The sanitary napkins there gave a very comfortable feel. When got back I again switched to Ultra but that gave a very 'plastic' like feeling and I almost always ended up having thigh cuts Post my periods. This one is a blessing! It leaves you with a very comfortable feeling is super absorbent. Way better than Ultra!
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By Sukaina
product price
4.5 | 1,235 customer reviews
1,103 of the 1,235 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Dettol soap's are very nice and it contains antibacterial properties and antiseptic properties which kills bacteria. Dettol soap's are available in many fragrance. which are very nice to use. When we take bath with "Dettol"soap's our skin feels refreshed. Dettol sops are especially made for kiling bacteria present on our skin. It is also useful for handwashing not only Dettol soap's but Dettol hand wash is also very nice.I recommend every body to use Dettol soap as they are very good and contains very nice fragrance. Thank you for reading my review. I hope it may help you to make a best choice.
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By Raushan kr
The quality of the product is very good. Buying dettol soap in a special offer on Amazon is always beneficial
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By Amit Goyal
I have purchased it via subscribing this product in 195+ bucks. Though Rs.165 is mentioned on the product. If I add GST and substract promotion, price would not go beyond 185+.

I totally dissatisfied with it.
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product price
4.5 | 1,170 customer reviews
1,051 of the 1,170 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Bought this lifebuoy hand wash refill, the product comes in good packaging with the timely delivery.
Hand wash is nice.
It also smells nice.
And it has a very nice consistency.
This package can last long.
The packaging of the handwash refill is very convenient and easy to use.
Very useful product and it cleans out the dirt very nicely.
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By Bharati
I love that extremely clean feeling this handwash gives after use. It is gentle on skin and effective at getting rid of germs. I've been using it for a while and am also a fan of the soap bar. Just a little lathers up alot ,although I'm not too keen on the scent, it's not bad at all.. Besides I'm sure this wasn't intended to smell like roses considering it is a very efficient germ killer.I was also thrilled with the quality of this hand wash considering the low price compared to other brands.Great value for money.Thus I started using this handwash and it didnot react to my skin, neither it caused rashes and itching etc.

Its fragrance is amazing perfect for hands. It comes in refill pack also which means you do not have to buy bottle again and again just by it once and use its refill pack.
Thus summing
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By Sashi
1. Carton height was relatively more than required. In terms of length and width of the product the carton was right size.

2. Last time I tried Lifebuoy handwash it didn't leave an oily slippery after effect. I liked that. I haven't used this particular item. Hope it is of the same quality.

2 stars = good.

If it contains no animal fats or other ingredients then it deserves 4 stars. For example I have heard that besides glycerin is derived from animals. The green dot which symbolizes vegetarian origin should be made compulsory in these kinds of products also and not just edible items.
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By Amazon Customer
4.5 | 1,012 customer reviews
906 of the 1,012 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
product description
It is a white colored liquid hand wash which ensures 100% protection against germs.
It is a ph balanced formula and is really good for sensitive skin types.
It moisturize the skin after every use.
Very good fragrance
Gives good foam
Convenient bottle shape to refill in soap dispenser
Mild on skin leaving it smooth after use
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By shweta
This is a good buy. I hope value for money. If you don't want a specific flavour better go for below links to save more
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The item was delivered on time by Amazon delivery person. Service from Amazon is excellent, 5*. Dettol liquid earlier I used was viscous, concentrated and a fraction of a mL was sufficient to clean the hands. But the product that I received now is very diluted, less viscous and I need about 2-3 mL to clean hands. The price is as high as Rs 99 for a 200 mL bottle. Dettol liquid quality is deteriorated far below the expectations and it is not worth for the money that I paid. I suggest people to try for other products.
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By Dr m v. ramana
4.4 | 5,279 customer reviews
4,655 of the 5,279 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Superb product...packaging was super safe and nice that's why I love amazon❤ Cuz it never gives a single chance of disappointment to it's customer 👌
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By Humayra
Although this is best moisturizer from all brands. Only a con is, it can't have longevity. And also in budget.
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By Sarthak
I bought a pack of two, comes in a nice packaging.
Product is original and helps to restore your body cells also it's lasts for at least 6-7hours honestly.
Please guys make sure the neck of bottle and the pump works properly because when i tested it the pump literally came out into my hand.
I just suggest you to open it well😬.
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By Bhawna
9 Offers from product price
4.4 | 4,595 customer reviews
4,018 of the 4,595 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Very Good Quality Is delivered by Amazon. Also the price is Reasonable because its price in market is approximately 570 Rs. Picture of Product is same as it is delivered.
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By Rajat
Received in good condition. I have used several brands to clean toilet but as per result harpic is the best undoubtedly. I have bought it on rs.269, this is comparatively low from 200mlx10 but it is little difficult to handle.

MFD DATE- 6/18
EXP DATE -5/20
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By Manash
Product is genuine and quality is good. Go for this product without any doubt...
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By Nipun Sharma
3 Offers from product price
4.4 | 2,658 customer reviews
2,211 of the 2,658 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Ever Since The VIM Dishwasher Gel Was Introduced,We Have Been Using It.
It Doesn't Leave Any Mark's On Dishes And It Doesn't Affect Your Earlier We Could Buy Only 250,500 & 750ml Refills Or Bottles.
Now We Have The Mega Saver Pack That Comes In 1.8 Lts At Affordable Price.
I Bought It During The Christmas Sale With Lightning Deal Offer At Rs 297/-
MRP : 345/-.
Iam Recommending It To Everyone.
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Decent Wash liquid'
Large volume
easy to dispense
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very bad experience..the lid of the jar was use at all..very much disappointing
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By Eva Paul
4.4 | 2,107 customer reviews
1,866 of the 2,107 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Bought it for ₹188.
Cant get any cheaper than this. Already the company has discounted it by ₹110’ after which the final MRP IS ₹209. So totally satisfied with the deal
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By A S H
It’s a good quality with mild flower fragrance
Though the quantity when transferred in a 1.5 bottle seemed very less ,may be 1.4ltr quantity.

But over still a great deal for people who re-use and still better price than the 900ml bottle that costs ₹194
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By Amazon Customer
Product is nice, but packaging was not good. Got damaged product.
there is no option to return it.
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By Iqbal Afzal✔️
4.5 | 746 customer reviews
666 of the 746 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
My mother is a diabetic patient and had undergone chemotherapy in past.. She has found this to be amazingly effective and loves the tastes as well..
But with the advisable dosage it lasts only a week...
SUGGESTION - please increase the quantity admissible from 2 to 4 as it would actually beneficial for the patients using it
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By Amazon Customer
For diabetic, cancer patient I was a excellent product.
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By S banerjee
Although the product packing says "formerly known as Glucerna SR", the taste is not as good. Also the Glucerna SR packing (sealed tin) was much more handy (practical). Many of us depend on this food supplement, so would be nice if the original product were brought back.
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By N S.
4.5 | 655 customer reviews
578 of the 655 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Nice packaging and the liquid smells amazing. but the bottel is not full.. I think 30ml quantity was not filled.
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By Jo
I cannot use any other handwash but this as i have a very sensitive skin. Its the best out there for sensitive skin.
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By Amazon Customer
This review is for the refill product and not for the actual soap (which is brilliant; 5 stars). The big bottles are value for money and look good in storage but the 750 ml flexible refill pack is much more practical to use and pour. Some liquid invariable leaks out when trying to fill a pump dispenser with soap from these big bottles.
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By Whatever
3 Offers from product price
4.4 | 1,315 customer reviews
1,156 of the 1,315 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
The first mouthwash I've ever used, and have been constantly using it everyday since then. It's quite strong so I mix it with water and use atleast once a day, and it not just gives you fresh breath but with regular usage also helps to whiten the teeth. Good substitute of brushing, post meals or before hitting the bed. Must buy!
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By Truffle
I haven’t used this brand but used mouth wash before. I never feel like mouth washes will work, even I don’t believe about mouth washes I had a gums surgery last month and want to take more care and ordered this. I got some good deal of buy two get one free for some good price. I used it yesterday night and very concentrated and couldn’t keep it longer in mouth but I can feel the power of it and smells great and works perfect. Thanks much to all who sold and delivered and worked for this product reach me. 😊😊
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By manasa reddy
Contains Alcohol and other strong chemicals(see attached images of ingredients) and hence not recommended. Might prove harmful rather than good for your mouth. See attached images for list of ingredients and precautions (not to swollen) Would rather recommend Colgate Plax non alcoholic mouth wash. Also found that MRP was manipulated, same month manufactured Listerine was locally available on which MRP mentioned was 109/-, but in these MRP mentioned is 125. So in a way buy 2 get 1 offer is little confusing as for 3rd bottle they are already including some cost of it. Anyway would recommend rather to buy and try a small bottle for local market, then if suits you, you can go for such 2+1 offers.
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By V D M