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4.4 | 853 customer reviews
742 of the 853 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
I've only used Colgate Plax for a very long time and just out of curiosity and boredom I decided to switch to Listerine. My experience as compared to Colgate Plax -
1. Listerine is much stronger than Colgate, so much so that rinsing the mouth with it for 30 seconds pinches in the mouth a lot. Even after many rinses, I'm just not able to keep thins in the mouth for 30 seconds (as recommended) although I'm getting used to it.
2. Listerine effect lasts much longer than Colgate. Colgate used to last some 7-10 hours which was alright, but this has an effect even after 12 hours. I use it only once in 24 hours. I use it at night after brushing my teeth and the effect lasts through the next day.
3. The flavor is great, I really like it.
4. Got this pack for 3 for a very good lightning
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By Amit Sareen
I haven’t used this brand but used mouth wash before. I never feel like mouth washes will work, even I don’t believe about mouth washes I had a gums surgery last month and want to take more care and ordered this. I got some good deal of buy two get one free for some good price. I used it yesterday night and very concentrated and couldn’t keep it longer in mouth but I can feel the power of it and smells great and works perfect. Thanks much to all who sold and delivered and worked for this product reach me. 😊😊
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By manasa reddy
Contains Alcohol and other strong chemicals(see attached images of ingredients) and hence not recommended. Might prove harmful rather than good for your mouth. See attached images for list of ingredients and precautions (not to swollen) Would rather recommend Colgate Plax non alcoholic mouth wash. Also found that MRP was manipulated, same month manufactured Listerine was locally available on which MRP mentioned was 109/-, but in these MRP mentioned is 125. So in a way buy 2 get 1 offer is little confusing as for 3rd bottle they are already including some cost of it. Anyway would recommend rather to buy and try a small bottle for local market, then if suits you, you can go for such 2+1 offers.
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By V D M
4.6 | 168 customer reviews
157 of the 168 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
One of the best wrappers. Aluminium foil is dangerous. Time to switch over. This product gets my vote as good quality. Goes in my lunch box. No more metal posion.
RYAN Fernando
Celebrity Nutritionist
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I remember as a kid I used to get the brown paper used for covering our notebooks in school to wrap my roti or parantha for tiffin. Hated the newspaper always both for reading and wrapping.
I don't think this paper can be improved any further. Awesome seller, Quick delivery and no shipping charges. There are small lovely peel offs to stick two ends of the paper. Your kids will be proud of you. Yes ... You can thank me later for writing this review.
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By Aman Singh
metal foil lays an adverse effect on our body and increases the aluminium content in the body as well.It causes many problems like affecting the proper function of the brain, bone impairment.Wraplus is Safest for food packaging avoid using foil start using paper start saving life.start using wraplus..
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4.4 | 408 customer reviews
349 of the 408 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Really good for initial 5-7 days. Used with pad fixator after my c-section. Recommend to all females who are close to baby birth. Keep in your hospital bag. U will never regret.
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By diptee
This pad is huge in size(Like diaper) and having good absorbency. Provide better comfort after delivery (especially in first 5 days of delivery) since large size required for heavy blood flow.
Use it with fixator for better comfort.
Only disadvantages is it does not stick well because of small strip of tape. Need more length of strip.
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By NayanaGM
The pad though large has only a single narrow strip of glue which is totally inadequate to hold it in place. Even when coupled with the pad fixator of same company it's not stable. The quality is also nothing great. The top sheet is not dry like the ones we are used to in our regular sanitary pads. So what u finally get is an uncomfortably bunched up really wet feeling.
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By Ashwini
4.4 | 402 customer reviews
347 of the 402 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
I like the pack of 4. I am using it since 3-4 years. I like the colgate fresh gel.
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By Surbhi malhotra
I bought 4pack of 150g each toothpaste at rs 265 which is very economical,It's MRP is 92rs each means 92*4=368,so I saved 103 rs and time also
BTW product is very nice,Colgate is a superior brand, Original product
Giving 1star less for poor packaging, I got one toothpaste out of the packing,Next time pack it in box
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By Hritik Verma
it tastes like cool mint. there is no burning sensation. good for fresh breath.
The colgate is very old brand among all toothpest.Its have 32 varieties among them Colgate maxfresh is one. I am using it from long days as its flavour is good.
The flavour and test is good but the main work of pest is not full fill by it.Cleaning of teeth is not so impressive.You buy one time and use then will undersatand by yourself that it is benificial or not.According to me if you want to clean your teeth then dont buy it.But if you want to freash your mouth then you can use it.
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By Sanjay Soni
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4.7 | 101 customer reviews
97 of the 101 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Awesome new beard growth oil from ustraa comes in very good packing with free wont have the feel of applying oil its very lite ,absorbs quickly.premium oil with premium ingredients that helps to grow patchy beard as i have a patchy beard i badly needed one oil to help me out earlier i used ustraa beard growth oil that has showed me positive i am trying this oil from the same company with more dht boosters for faster growth(BGO advanced).
Its a new product so after using for somedays i will tell you the result.
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By Hari Prasath
I bought this beard oil for my brother and it works really well. He had patchy beard and he's been using this oil for about a week now and he can totally see the difference. It is super easy to apppy and is non greasy as well. The packaging is also good. It also comes with a dropper.
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By Riya Bajaj
Bought this beard growth oil to my hubby who always tries to experiment with the many oils to grow his patchy beard. Came to know about this ustra beard oil and bought it for him. In a few days, I could see a clear growth of the small patch hair. As said DHT boosters and redensyl enhance the growth of beard. Amla and watermelon oil keep the beard nourished. Price also seems to be very budgetary when compared to other brands. Worth buying
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By M.Archana
5.0 | 51 customer reviews
51 of the 51 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
I liked the gillette products.. Blade quality good. Nicely packaging and timely delivered. This blades fits in all fusion handles.. It gives a perfect shave.. Value products.. Guys must buy it.
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By Hunny
First of all I want to tell that it fits all Gillette skinguard sensitive and fusion 5 razors. I would have to say that this is one of the best blood that this company has produced till now. One of the best precision trimmer along with skin guard to reduce irritation and also lubrication before and after the blades are some of the highlights of this Gillette skin guard sensitive. The blades are optimally spaced to reduce tug and pull. Even a sensitive skin can get a clean shave after using this and even without the tension of getting a cut. the double blue lubrastrips are there that leave my skin feeling smooth after the shave.

I am in love with the product that I have bought and I really loved it's performance. Really good shaving blade and is recommended to all who want to have a clean shave with the
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By Satyajeet Das Chowdhury
Gillette is brand name of the razor wnf razor blade manufacture...
This is best in this segments and lot of pluse point in this product...
He done the many research on this product and develop the best for saving blade..
The blade is no irarating and no cut on face and smoothly savings fells..
Pluse long lasting life of blades so cost wise it is so fare to everyone..
Zero point saving do no hair on the face we is clean up all..
Its recommend tofor Best savings feel.
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By hiren moradiya
4.3 | 593 customer reviews
513 of the 593 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Awesome toothpaste! Great value for the cost and great results.I purchase this on subscribe and save and have yet to be disappointed. The toothpaste leaves my teeth smooth and free of debris and plaque. One tube will last my family of 2 a little over two months with twice a day brushing from each member.

Best of all dental care products.
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By Sandeep Patil 🌟
I had got this filling done a while back and the filling was taking a long time to get adjusted to cold & hot food items. I was using Sensodyne coz I assumed that Sensodyne would aid in reducing the sharp sensation when the filling came in contact with cold or hot foods. I was wrong. Sensodyne is quite useless. Then I shifted to Colgate Total and the sharp sensation gradually reduced till it was completely gone. A million times better than Sensodyne.
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By DennisBergkamp
Of all toothpastes available in the market including those from colgate stable, this is the best.
No toothpaste can ever beat total in preventing cavities & Dental hygiene.
My only concern is that, mega money saver packs of this toothpaste should be made available in Amazon.
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By Amazon Customer
4.6 | 90 customer reviews
84 of the 90 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
I have been a loyal customer of whisper from long..
What I like about this pads is that it locks the bad odour and doesn't let feel as if one is experiencing the delightful scent..the wings give extra protection by not spoiling the clothes and no fear of changing pads every now and then..
Quite comfortable to use and comes with outer cover which helps in discarding also easy..
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By Sulbha
i have used several other available brands of sanitary napkins in the market. They all used to work in normal days but during the heavy flow or busy day they couldn't control the leakage. But Whisper is such a bliss for those days.
The length and the wings of the pad works so well during those heavy flow days and even in nights. Before using whispers I had to change the pad twice in night , but with whisper it doesn't feel like i am on my periods. Also i like how the nice smell of it controls the odour and makes you feel fresh during those days.
Also this is best offer, i got 1 extra pack in purchase of 3.
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By Akanksha Singh
I trust Whisper whenever it comes to sanitary napkins. The napkins are extra long and absorb really well. Even during heavy flow I feel safe due to the size of the napkin. The XL wings are so appropriate for the days and will keep you carefree. It also locks the odour to leave you with a fresh feel. The upper layer is super soft which makes it very comfortable. Anyone can definitely trust the products.
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By Naiya
4.2 | 2,115 customer reviews
1,796 of the 2,115 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
This product is amazing. First of all thanks to the prvious reviews as they helped me to pick the best weighing machine.

1. Very strong material has been used. 6 Mm super strong toughened glass.
2. USFDA Approved, you can expect the best quality in product.
3. Very accurate and can be measure upto 180 kgs. Units can be used kg/lb/st.
4. Charging Cable is included in the package. It comes with 500 Mah rechargable battery.
5. It manages to power on/off automarically, once fully charged will lasts for weeks.
6. Goodies are included Tape and thermometer.
7. It will display the room temperature too.
8. Comes with1 year standard warranty, and if you provide product review and register in their site you will get 1 more year additional warranty. Instructions to get one more year warranty will be provided in the package.

Cons: Didnt find any

Finally thanks to Amazon/Cloudtail for bringing this amazing product. I am pretty sure
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Worked out of box as expected.. hopefully will work for long same way.. I reduced two star bcas. in Product details it was mentioned that 2 years warranty. but when i got the product it has a letter stating. the product is only one year warranty and if one more year needed need to register and put up the review.

Im not sure if i go and register my email will not be used for spamming and marketing.
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By NanuNair
It works fine for 10days.. then showing ERR all the time. When I get to know this and try to communicate the problem, my return window has closed. Now I Have to send this product to DR Trust for fixing the issue. But nowhere I found the address. Totally dissatisfied with this purchase. I'm not recommending this.
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By Raj
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4.2 | 1,639 customer reviews
1,361 of the 1,639 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Extremely happy with the purchase. With a price tag of Rs 174 (on deal) this is currently the cheapest dishwash available online. At Rs 87 per litre. and there's the comfort of shopping from home.
Even Big Bazaar's brand CleanMate dishwash is Rs 380 for buy one get one. Which makes it 95 for 1 litres. They have 3 litre pouches too but that also brings the price to 92
I've used the 750ml bottle from Presto! and therefore decided to buy this. It is a little less viscous than Vim but works just as any good brand.
It also has a seal, which bigger bottles from Vim don't have. That doesn't mean the others are less in quantity, it just gives the customers an assurance. Definitely value for money.
Hope this review is helpful.
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By Shiv Shankar Ash
I like the product because of:
1. Delivered with good packaging, no damage occurre.
2. Used first time and observed that few drops maked so clean Steel utensils just so good to clean oil.
3. Worthy for cheaper price.
Recommending to all to use this product
Thanks Amazone to keep my words for safely delive.
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By Supa
After living abroad, settle down to use a good quality product to clean my vessels... That's what I would say...
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By Dazzlina Pereira
4.2 | 1,225 customer reviews
1,001 of the 1,225 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
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By sanghita
This massager cum vibrator can be use for multipurpose. It’s a good massager and working fine (as I am using since 45 days).vibration is good and different mode of vibration helps in massage. You can not you it at your face as it’s viration is quit strong.
If you want to use it as vibratory for sexual pleasure - it is useful and water proof.recomended for this purpose. Vibration is quit strong but is give good feeling. (It’s a vibrator not a dil..o so don’t insert inside )
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By alok yadav
This one is really Good if you know how to use it and where to place it. ;)
its sturdy yet with a Flexible head is a good buy if you are looking for something to play around.
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By Amazon Customer
4.4 | 149 customer reviews
133 of the 149 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
I suffer from a painful disability along with anxiety and depression so I would get down and depressed often which would cause me to always be tired, have fatigue and no motivation to do anything!

After I bought this I have been like a new person! I have more energy, less fatigue and I'm even more positive and able to do more with my toddler. My partner takes it as well and we even see a big difference in him as well! Definitely try this"
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By Lucky Singh
It is very usefull product which help you to keep yourself fit and healthy. It also help in weight gaining and no any side effects. Used on daily basis after meal. But you should take doctor's advice if you are suffering from any known disease.
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By subham
No flavor or odor, no bad AFTER taste like most supplements. I sometimes suffer from anemia and therefore unable to donate blood. Pills(capsules) are average in size and not huge like some I’ve taken.
Amazon does an excellent job describing their new supplement line and anything/everything you care to know about what you are taking."
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By Sanjay
4.3 | 180 customer reviews
155 of the 180 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
A good intimate hygeine is very important not just to stay clean and feel fresh, but to prevent infections, bad odour and itching.

I ordered this sirona intimate wash which has therapeutic plant extracts and real exotic oil. It helps in maintaining natural pH balance with its olive oil content.
Oud oil in the intimate wash helps in preventing bad odour.
It is suitable for both men and women.
It does not contain sulphate, paraben or preservatives

I would highly recommend these product to everyone.
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By jyoti
This is an amazing product which is all about care of our private areas .we all care about our face and body but we forget about the our intimate areas and we all females face so many problems in our private areas like itching ,rashes.
So now problem is solved with this wonderfull product as it help to maintain 3.5ph balance,natural cleanses our intimate area,smooth out that area and also have a very good fragrance .
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By Tanya Gupta
Love it! I have sensitive skin and this certainly didn't cause any irritation like some of the other products I've used in the past. I like the amazing smell, it's not too overpowering. No more itching and odour in inti areas. I find the scent to be very relaxing and I find the formula to be the perfect consistency. Will definitely repurchase! and again amazing delivery by Amazon got this in just 1 day.
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By Saumya
4.2 | 285 customer reviews
232 of the 285 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Pros➡️ No burning sensation, my 8 years old boy love to use it every day. He liked mint flavour, smell and taste of it. Expiry date is 36 month from manufacturing date

Cons➡️ Bitter taste in the end.
Please check video and pictures attached with this review. If you feel my review is helpful to you, please click and let me know🙏
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By Ganesh⍟
I have tried many mouthwash some of them were good and few were average but this is really good one from colgate,I was using Listerine from a long time and have decided to try another and I sticked to this one , working nice on teeth's ,It has reduced plaques in my teeth also soft on teeth's as it is alcohol free .It give freshness to mouth.Its cheap to buy on Amazon and delivery from Amazon is quick ,but this time I received a damaged bottle. Hope Amazon will soon improve there packing
I recommend this to everyone
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By A srivastava
Its flavour tastes good initially, then within few minutes you will feel discomfort taste in your mouth.
Initial taste is like chewing Phudina (fresh mint) leaves, later will be bitter taste. Better go for Pipermint flavour, thats better than this. I can say it because I have tested that.
But one thing is clear effectiveness wise Listerine is way way better than Colgate.
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By V D M
4.2 | 261 customer reviews
210 of the 261 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Since I've gotten older I've added a variety of different vitamin supplements to my daily routine. I've tried many varieties and brands,expensive and bargains. I never noticed much of difference with my physical health. I have now tried Meco-B12 (vitamin b12) tablets. I could not believe the effects i had! I've always had trouble with easily bruising due to low level of vit b12. When I bought these I had various bruises all over,which is not uncommon. When I started taking these tablets I immediately felt a difference. I not only feel more energetic, after taking them daily all of my bruises have not only disappeared I haven't had another bruise since! Bravo Carbamide Forte!! This is truly the best quality vitamin I have ever tried!! also the seller is very humble by sending valuable inserts and mail. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND
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By Saurabh grover
I had low vitamin levels, and had chronic lower back pain and upper shoulder pain , was very weak and on the verge on breaking down . Since I’ve started this along with vitamin d3 (same brand ) and magnesium citrate . My body pain is gone nearly after having these just for a weak ! Its a good one
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By minaz f.
Vitamin B12 is essential for the people who are vegetarian and that's why I am being suggested to take it daily. It’s my first experiment for good health to recover from the long-term deficiency of B12 and until now that.
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By Chirag
4.1 | 1,015 customer reviews
794 of the 1,015 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
The product is great! I'm using it, and it feels like's all about forgetting the hassle for a long 8-12hours, and chill. Just amazing, I'm lucky enough to have these within the reach of my hands through online shopping. I haven't seen these in my city yet, so, thanks to Amazon for this experience.
Just the packaging is very bad. And I've bought another one to gift my Aunt, she's 7months pregnant and she'll need it soon.

Okay, so you fold it (the rim) using a C-fold or a pinch-down fold, and then you insert it through your might sound crazy and painful, but it isn't if you do this in the right way. So, relax, and sit in a squatting position, or you can make your own position ( I lie down, fold my right leg, support it on the toes in the y-axis, and fold my left leg,
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By Ankita Karmakar
One of the biggest problems I faced with sanitary napkins and tampons was disposal. Either I would have to burn them or they would land up in some landfill. That is really what drove me to try the cup. Because my leaking was cured when I started with the tampon as long as I changed it regularly. This cup is amazing because once you get it right it’s like you forget you are having your period. And as long as you empty out the cup every few hours you won’t have any leaks. But be ready to have some bloody fingers, so be Uber hygienic.
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By Ansuya Paleri
Thanks to this, now my periods are not at all messy. It takes some time to get used to the following-

1. Inserting the trophy
2. Taking the trophy out
3. Opening the trophy after inserting it


•You'll not leak unless and until you haven't learnt the point 3 above.

•You will not die.

• It won't get lost inside no matter what level gymnast you are whole sleeping

• It saves you till 6-7 hours on a heavy flow day. Then you have to dump the holy Grail and hit refresh.

Here's some more-

Tip 1: Don't pull it out by the tip. Take the tip and pull out till you can touch the base and then pinch and grab the base and then pull the trophy out.

Tip 2: If you are planning to go poo, keep a pad for it may leak a little. After poo, put it back in.

P.s. If you're still scared then good luck
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By Neha
4.1 | 860 customer reviews
671 of the 860 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
I've been using Fish oil capsules from WOW and Kirkland. I thought I'll give the healthcare one a try. None of these supplements works wonder overnight, it will take some time for you to notice it.

This is much cheaper when compared to others. I found the quality to be good. No fish burps or after taste after taking these capsules. Also they have coated the capsules with Vanilla flavour, so no fish oil smell or taste. DHA and EPA values are a bit less but for the price is absolutely worth. I had actually got 3 bottles in lightning deals.
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By jereenalex
First is all product is good and original
Second think I accidentally chewed the capsule so please just take it with water don't chew it all the oil will pour in Ur mouth and u won't like it so take it with water
From my point of view of u can spend little more go for omega 3 not fish oil both are different
Especially if u are here for eye and brain
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By A
Inside bottle i found foam which could be hazardius for health.
Also when i open i found that foam particles was on the capsules.
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By Kuldeep
4.4 | 78 customer reviews
73 of the 78 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Best handwash. Value for money.
It smells so amazing! I haven't tried any other brand to compare it with but love this one.
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By Nabeela-
Best value pack in this price as compared to small packs
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By Vaibhav Gupta ✔️ 📷 🌟
Does this job of cleaning. Dettol is a great brand. I like this one because it doesn't harm the skin and is gentle on the skin and smells amazing.
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By Manisha
4.5 | 61 customer reviews
57 of the 61 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Calgon water softener gel is very good for clothes and provides complete protection for your washing machine.It reduces Mal-odour and dirt leftovers in clothes
Powerful limescale protection helps prevent machine breakdown and also anti dust technology makes washing effective.Really loved it
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By Devesh Vashisht
Noticeably improves the quality of wash and helps prevent limescale formation, thereby protecting the washing machine.
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By Subhav Joshi
Great liquid detergent.. It is used on all types of fabric clothes. It washes clothes very well and clean... It also protect against residue, limescale and eliminate mal - odurs. It also make softens hard water. Easy to use. Satisfied with the product
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By Hunny
4.2 | 166 customer reviews
135 of the 166 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
It's really a good product loaded with protein , vitamins .It is helpful for mother's who has weakness , muscle cramps it meets the needs .It has been very beneficial to me .. flavor is also very good..In this busy days women's must take proteinex highly recommended.
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By supriya sara soans
Protinex is high protein supplement with vitamins and minerals in it. I and my kiddos loved this kesar badam flavor. It supports muscles health. Good to fulfil daily needs of our body.
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By Kiran gupta
Protinex KESAR BADAM is delicious with ActiPro5 nutrition for GOOD MUSCLE HEALTH, it is a high protein nutritional supplement fortified with vitamins & minerals.Am using this product from long time and recommended to many others as well.

It's a good source of Protein with Low Fat
& it also Contains Iron & Calcium
With many Essesntial Vitamins & Minerals which is an everyday requirement of body.
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By Pallavi Dubey