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Compare the most helpful customer reviews of the best rated products in our Health & Personal Care store. These products are shortlisted based on the overall star rating and the number of customer reviews received by each product in the store, and are refreshed regularly.

Top rated products in Health & Personal Care

4.5 | 1,306 customer reviews
1,150 of the 1,306 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Its a very good product.I am using this as a toner and having it early morning with water.It has helped reduce my rashes and acne..
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By Anusha
What an amazing product. Absolutely natural, no added chemicals or substances. Just one spoon of it in a glass of luke warm water will do the wonders for you. Please go for it right now.
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By Akash Kapur
I need apple cider vinegar for digestion and also against Candida.
It works great and it is real apple cider vinegar in raw condition.
Authentic product imported from USA , thanks.
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By Amazon Customer
product price
4.4 | 2,704 customer reviews
2,345 of the 2,704 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
I am using this powder detergent for a long time. It always seemed to get my clothes clean. This 2 kg at a great price of Rs 315/- instead of MRP of 435/-

> Removes tough stains
> Protects the color
> Light smell
> Packaging

A bit costly
👉TIP: 15% additional discount on using Amazon Pay for payment (only on selected days) on Amazon Pantry orders.
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By vicky
Product is really good but not as good as Ariel but work fine for me got on 320 but last month on Jan26 in reliance fresh I got buy 2 and get 1free on there on both Ariel or surf exacl I found lillte bit cheaper but still they deliver to our home and Amazon promise make us feel confident
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By Amazon customer
The product is not so good as we expect from Excel. The detergent which we purchase from shops are better than this one. It has become difficult to wash and clean detergent from cloths. One round of washing is not good enough if we use this pack.
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4.4 | 2,417 customer reviews
2,097 of the 2,417 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Didn't felt that big a difference between Ariel's and surf excel's front load variant. But if I have to compare then the Ariel one is slightly better.

You can also dip your clothes in a bucket of water with a spoonfull of this and use it for a quick(and easy/efficient) handwash or then transfer those Ariel solution soaked clothes back to your semi or top load fully as well (if you don't have the front load washing machine).
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By aakash gusain
You will find many brands in market which claims that they are best ,but detergent for front load washing machine is certainly different and only few are good,Ariel matic is one of them,it is gentle on clothes and has soothing fragrance and removes the dirt's easily.It is a little bit better than it's competitors, delivery from Amazon is great and price is very competitive too
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By A srivastava
Please read the below mentioned points before buying:
1. Ariel is better than surf excel when it comes to automatic machines.
2. If you have manual or semi automatic machine then dont buy any of these expensive detergents rather buy 100rs kg detergent from your local store.
3. Ariel is better than surf excel because surf excel leaves some detergent on dark clothes. Even though Ariel also does that but its residue detergent on clothes is very less.
4. If you want perfect clean then go for liquid detergent as automatic machines are not made for powder detergents.

Overall good detergent but not the best, could be further improved.

P.S. : Solution for detergent residue on clothes- put water level at maximum in you automatic machine.
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By Ankit Karan
4.4 | 1,674 customer reviews
1,448 of the 1,674 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Thanks Amazon for wonderful packaging..
Good product..saves some bugs
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By Sharath S
Genuine product, completely satisfied. Having been using this for quite long and used to buy from departmental store, but now I get this at doorstep along with a discount every now and then!
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By Amit Sareen
First i thought its a Great value in such low price,but after using it i realised it a fake one guys. The product is diluted. Better to give some more money and buy the real product rather than saving money and getting a fake one!
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By Pallavi
4.3 | 25,766 customer reviews
22,461 of the 25,766 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Excellent Product! I was looking for a clipper to trip body hair. However the option i was getting were for unknown brands or very expensive brands. Then i thought if this trimmer can cut beard hair, then it can also cut body hair also. So i took the chance and bought the product. I am happy with my decision now . Yes guys this can be used for body manscaping aswell. Did it work superbly on chest, underarm , even on pubic hair. However dont use it on the balls :)
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By Rawat
Excellent product. I have been using other china brands so far as expensive as 700 to 800 rupees. Finally bought this when a friend of mine recommended. I could notice the difference almost readily when using it. The major advantage is the battery. We can just charge for 60 minutes and use it for more than 100 minutes. Blade quality is excellent. It glides very smooth on the skin without any irritation. This is the best I have used so far.

People who want to buy QT4005, please note that the charge for it is 10 hours and it gives around 40 to 60 minutes usage max.

On the contrary, QT4011 charge time is just 1 hour and you can use it for more than 1.5 to 2 hours. The price difference is just 500 approximately is guess. I would recommended to
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By GameMax4ever
I have been using this trimmer for more than 2 years now. Since I broke the head comb of my last one, I had to order it again. While reordering I thought of switching to some other trimmer, went through a lot of products but ultimately came back to this. This works well, is affordable and definitely performs exceedingly well. The only problem I feel is that the zero mark trim doesn't really do the job when it comes to trimming to nothing. Overall this is a great product for a reasonable price!
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By Irfan Haider
4.5 | 790 customer reviews
705 of the 790 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Very effective. But i dont know why the Wow Co. has remove the lab authentication report/ certificate. It was earlier there with product photos. They must put it back as this raises suspicion on genuineness and intent of the Wow Co.

Thanks for putting the lab report back.

Ordered two Bottles of this omega 3 during Amazon festive sale. In one of the bottle there are only 59 capsules. So do count after receiving the delivery. Rest satisfied with the quality of the product.
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By varun
It’s quite good. Mits a must for every home. As you hit 30’s start taking it religiously. It’s good for hair, skin, overall every part.
Only con is the size. They are bigger tablets so difficult in swallowing.
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I seriously think that this should be sold as a pack of no more than 30 capsules. Seller can then, if he/she so wishes, put the minimum order quantity as 2, instead of 1. I am saying this because, I, like most other users, take one capsule a day, and by the time I use 40-50 capsules(40-50 days from opening the pack), it seems to me that they become less effective, and even more as I reach the end of it.
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By abhay b.
4.4 | 1,046 customer reviews
937 of the 1,046 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Very good product. Excellent quality material and touch and feel is smooth. Heavy front so its easy to massage and puts right pressure on body. The variable speed knob works well too. The extra net would have been better rather than the thermometer though because i am afraid it will ear out and then i wont get exact similar net again.
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By Amol Arun More
Firstly the product is awesome.
I actually purchased this for one of my family members and they say that this product is great and provides good pain relief
If you are looking to buy this or not. I suggest blindly go for this as it is one of the best available in its category at a reasonable price
Thanks Amazon.
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By Tarun
Nice product. Working nice. But Not Happy with power button /speed control design. The vibrator head remooval is not easy for normal people. and the mesh getting dusty very fast. so should usable without mesh(net). Good Build quality but should be redesigned.
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By Anil United Kerala
4.4 | 1,032 customer reviews
891 of the 1,032 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
One of the best mouthwash in the market. Have used lot of many earlier including this one & found it to be far better & more effective than rest, including Colgate's several flavours. Tried Himalaya also for a change but found it to be too of a less intensity. It has alcohol in it & if kids are going to use it, better to dilute it with around 30% water as some may feel burning sensation but it's very minor.
Overall, one of the most effective mouthwash used till date. Service, delivery by amazon was excellent.
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By Parimal
It's good but I don't feel very refreshing after the mouth wash. Yes of course it kills the germs inside the mouth as when you fill it inside, you can feel the burning sensation. Maybe this can improve overall dental health but it's not effective in eliminating bad breath problems.
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By Pratik Adarsh
If you use this product without diluting it with water, it will cause a burning sensation in your mouth and you wouldn't be able to keep gargle as much as you would want to. If you dilute it with water, it kind of loses its effectiveness. Although this sensation aspect is a little subjective but frankly this product didn't suit me. There are better non-burning solutions in the market such as colgate plax that are equally effective. I would recommend going for those.
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By Dhiraj J.
product price
4.3 | 1,955 customer reviews
1,687 of the 1,955 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
I am buying this every month. I keep an eye on the price everyday. Mostly, you will see the lowest price on 30,31,1,2,3 days of the month.

Usually, I buy for around Rs. 350. (Sometimes 330, 350, 360)

It comes within a carton box. So, you do not worry about damage.


I am not seeing much foam in the machine. So, Iess amount of water is enough.

Once I tested with adding some more amount of water (4 to 5 mugs) on the machine, but I did not see the foam.
(Don't think that I did not put detergent) :P

I am not sure about the smell of the washed clothes. I use COMFORT, so it smells good.
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By Jack
We'll no doubt this product is best for front load washing machines, I own a IFB front load and works absolutely amazing. The best part about this product is that it has reduced the lint generation. I am happy with it ♥️
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By Customer
I used to purchase materials from M/S Amazon and so far no issues faced. But this time I have received a damaged packet of surf exel . More over I received two invoices with my package...
1) HYD8-6344842 ( DT-10/09/2018 )Addressed to Animesh pai Kolkata Rs 1128
2) HYD8-6340999 ( Dt 10/09/2018 ) Addressed to me
Both dispatched from Cloudtail India Shamshabad..
Please avoid this type of lapse and ensure damage free products in future...
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4.4 | 848 customer reviews
717 of the 848 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Total value for money exactly replicates the taste of ensure usa readymade bottles tonic taste as we usually get from these kind of powders .....awesome delivery by amazon as always...wish they have lightning deal on this soon ...
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By Nk
It was actually recommended by my Doctor, the product is good i am feeling the difference after taking Ensure.
The container which they are providing is not good it is cheap plastic, better to change the container (of course... product matters not the box ... )
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By Venkatesh G
I bought the Vanilla Ensure (400 gm) and liked it. So did my elderly mother. The box looks impressively big so it is psychologically reassuring, but the sachet of powder inside lasts of just about 1 week or 10 days.It is a bit sweet (which is how we like it) but please keep that in mind if you have a problem with sugar. I just wish the price had not been so steep.
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By Raji
product price
4.3 | 1,270 customer reviews
1,069 of the 1,270 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
I think everyone used this product once... Their only doubt may be whether product is genuine and quality is good or not. So I will suggest, go for this without any doubt...
I will suggest you to subscribe for this product so that you will get discount and free shipping.
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By Nipun Sharma
It does it's work for which it is made for,I am using harpic since 20 years and I do remember my father used to buy this from the grocery store when I was very young,this brand doesn't need any introduction ,and availability of this on Amazon at such a great price is absolutely fun to buy and makes shopping interesting, whether it's Indian style toilet seat or Western style it just give sparkle to it make it shine without leaving any yellow stains,
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By A srivastava
I like Harpic but this "blue" version has a very aggressive smell that burns the insides of your nostrils.
So, beware: Use this in a well ventilated bathroom!

Also, the "blue" version actually has the best consistency compared to the other Harpics "green" (Pine scent) and "yellow" (Lemon/ Citrus scent) versions. There is a 4th version that I have not used, ever.
The latter two (green and yellow) are very liquid and flow down the sides of the pot a little too fast. The slower they flow (dense liquid, like the blue version has), the better. The germs must get caught and killed, as the product is supposed to do. Yes, you will additionally need to brush down the sides after having let the liquid do its job for some 5-10 minutes.
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4.3 | 1,196 customer reviews
1,018 of the 1,196 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
I have been using Gillette Fusion for past three years and I have no reason to look at other Razors after that.
Blades are expensive but if you need quality you can pay this price.
Use Fusion for the best shaving experience,it is simply the best product in the market.
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By Sandeep Patil
I have been using Gillette Razor for last 5-6 years. Because of high price I tried to change to another brand but never got the same shaving pleasure so back to Gillette. Gillette fusion gives close comfortable shave.
Not many people knows about the blade at the back of the cartridge. This trimmer blade can be used for precision works like under the nose or working around the sideburns.
The size and weight feel comfortable in my hand, I don't get the same feeling with Mach.
The design of these blades (in fact the design of complete razor) is better than any other in the market.
This is the first time I bought it on Amazon. The MRP of this item is 1600/- and I got it from Amazon @ Rs 1229/-.
I also observed that when you are buying a bigger pack the cost per blade is much lower. I thought the 8 blades
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By S Kumar
Amazon Now is selling very old stock of this product. The gel in the combo pack is manf in Sept 15 & blades are mnf in sept 2016. Small pack of gel is used for one day tour ppls are flying with cabin bag only, hence its waist of money to buy such an old product. Same is case with blade 1.5 year old by the time 8 blades are used another 1.5-2 year will pass, hence chances are there that by the time stock finishes it may get rusted.
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By Amazon Customer
product price
4.3 | 1,169 customer reviews
947 of the 1,169 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
As my beard continues to grow longer, simple hair conditioner was no longer cutting it at keeping my beard hydrated and manageable. I had heard a recommendation to get beard oil, so I bought a bottle of this stuff. My beard is more manageable, less frizzy; it brought out some highlights in color I didn't even know existed. It doesn't have a scent, which is nice
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By Anwaarddin
Assm product
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By Bubun
This beard oil not for hairgrowth...but it nourished hair shine hair...I just love the menthol orange extract smell..
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By Amazon Customer
4.3 | 988 customer reviews
841 of the 988 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
I have been using this product pediasure from many years for my child and I am very much happy with this product bcoz she likes to have it happily when she is telling no to all other things ... Moreover it's nutritious benefits have helped her development in an agile way .. thanks to my pediatrician who suggested me this wonderful product
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By Mythila
It's just amazing... Unable to choose other words for it.... After fed-up with cold and cough I started this product very early to my daughter...
I started it in first year with 2 1/2 spoons in a day and found very strong results... Now she is 26 months old and consuming 1 kg in a month...
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By Niyaz Ahmad
My twin niece loved the flavour. They are fuzzy eaters and my sister always worries about their nutrition. Both the kids love chocolates so I bought them cookies and cream flavour pediasure. It has 37 vital nutrients so hoping it will be beneficial for the kids.

I have also added a video showing quick, easy and yummy drink using Pediasure cookies and cream. My niece started throwing tantrums while drinking milk but they love this and enjoys drinking it. Try making it and kids will enjoy for sure.
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By Shilpa Shetty
32 Offers from product price
4.3 | 900 customer reviews
747 of the 900 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Excellent Deal, I bought this for 139 rupees and the Local market price was 185 almost 50 rupees less. Top brand
Nivea works excellently as compare to Dio. This is better than Dio not harmful to underarms and stays for more than 8 hours.
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By Amazon Customer
The only deo I use, it's the best of the options out there. However, I don't like the fact that it is anti-perspirant too - who knows the harm it could cause to the skin.
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By Smita
Nice smell and feels refreshingly cool. However tends to coagulate into white pigments along the creases of the underarm in the sweat of the Indian summer
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9 Offers from product price
4.4 | 544 customer reviews
474 of the 544 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Provides best doesn't leaves white layer on utensils which is a great advantages.also 750 ml pack is economical also.purchashed during price drop 113.
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By @V@NI
It's easy to use and have a nice smell, clean utensils easily...
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By Anshu Kumar
The deal was great but not in a terms where the bottles were not sealed properly. There was some sort of leakage. But still did not lose too much.
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By Lotus
product price
4.2 | 2,282 customer reviews
1,843 of the 2,282 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
a little expensive if you compare this with some low quality detergents but alot better than them and these are available at great price on amazon so thanks to amazon for this
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I use this for my top loading machine. It washes the clothes so well even though I use half of this and half of my other washing powder.
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By Sandeep Shampur
Just a tip - the 4kg pack usually works cheaper than this one. If you have storage for 4kg, go for it.
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By Sub KaBaap
4.3 | 725 customer reviews
627 of the 725 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
My baby likes it. But she doesn't eat home made ragi food after tasting this, as this is more tasty than the home made food. I feed it using meemee's squeezy spoon.
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By Priya Sathish
Nice product.. my kiddo likes the taste and accepts this as a full meal twice a day. I have tried various other varients but this is the only flavour that my child accepts.
The only negative is the apple chunks that are hard for the child to eat. And she usually spits it out or we have to remove them before feeding.
Highly recommend
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By Rahul Mishra
Good product since we have been feeding our 11month old since the infant was 6months as breakfast meal and she loves it but we do add some mashed bananas or fruits to it and mix it in hot water.
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By Sol
4.2 | 1,346 customer reviews
1,127 of the 1,346 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
I'm very happy with this Shave Foam. Quality of Gillette is surely great. With foams you don't have work on lather, you get it by default. And is much easier to use than gels.
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By Abhishek Verma
Awesome shaving foam...Easy to use and Senstive for Soft and Hard Skins. When I shake the bottle it generates good and light foam. Always recommended to Gillette Products.Gillette Classic Lemon Lime Pre Shave Foam - 196 g
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By Vicky Gandhi
I am using it for a week now, had doubts while ordering weather it may be original or not, considering the price at which amazon is selling. But had my doubts cleared once it arrived. Looks pretty original as the tin and the plastic cap where unscratched and nicely printed as it would be in original. It has mild fragrance not at all overpowering with rich lather for smooth shave.
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By Hitesh Vora
product price
4.3 | 658 customer reviews
547 of the 658 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Bought in March 17 with Exp date of May 18.
I suggest the seller to display Exp date with product details for buyers' convenience as almost everyone is asking about it.
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By VK T.
Excellent. Expiry date is 2019 April. 50strips sealed pack....working fine. code is 333 with chip

great packing

I only provide non available information from seller/other reviews to avoid repetition of common reviews.
If any doubt / need more information, please don't hesitate to contact me at I am happy to help you

Thanks and be loyal&helpful
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By Loyal&Helpful
The product I received have only 5 months remaining for expiry. I have requested a replacement. Please arrange to send me a package having one year validity. I want take blood test for my grand mom for every week, so 50pieces will be consumed in 50 weeks that's almost a year.
Will rewrite the review after getting a replacement.

got a replacement with more shelf life. thank you.
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By Amazon Customer