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Best Rated in Hair & Scalp Treatments

Compare the most helpful customer reviews of the best rated products in our Hair & Scalp Treatments store. These products are shortlisted based on the overall star rating and the number of customer reviews received by each product in the store, and are refreshed regularly.

Top rated products in Hair & Scalp Treatments

4.5 | 114 customer reviews
102 of the 114 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
I absolutely love this coconut oil. It’s probably the best one that I have ever used. It is cold pressed, virgin, and unrefined so it is fantastic as a moisturizer. I have fairly damaged hair from frequent color treatments so for some nice hydration I massage it into my hair and wrap my head before bed then wash it out in the morning. This yields fantastic results, my hair has never felt softer.

It works wonderfully on dry skin and takes the itch away. And it being non-greasy, I am totally in love. My girlfriend has been using this to take off her makeup (it even removes stubborn waterproof mascara) and as a moisturizer on her legs after showering.

The product arrived quickly and was better than expected.

+ It's everything your coconut oil needs to be (cold pressed, virgin, unrefined, organic).
+ Press pump ensures that it is not leaky which would be
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By Shuvra
.The best thing about this coconut oil is that its not too greasy like other oils.Its texture is inbetween water and oil plus it comes with a handy pump installed so Its very convenient to pour oil on your palm.Its organic virgin cold press oil that means its free from any impurities,harmful chemicals or petroleum substances so its pretty beneficial for your body.It doesn't contain any added fragrance. It smells like pure coconut oil which I just love.The benefits of this coconut oil are

1)It can be applied to the hair to give it a natural shine all day long without using any other harmful products.It helps with keeping dandruff in control.

2)It can be used as natural body moisturizer to make your skin moist and It can be used as face cream too.

3)It can be used as leave-in conditioner to repair hair damage.

overall Its pretty good oil free from any harmful
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By Rajesh Tripathy
Hey, I have just received the product and I think it's going to be awesome. I have tried many oils from morpheme remedies and I think this one too, would help with my hair.

Also, coconut oil has many advantages. The pump action it provides, would be easy and comfortable to use.

I'd update my review once, I use this more.


Update :- 29/7/18

I have used this successively for some time now and I have been noticing difference. As this is from virgin coconut oil, it is completely harmless and also, this has calming effect on mood.

Whenever I'm stressed and have a headache, I resolve to put oil in my head and since, I started using this, I have been feeling nice. A 15 minute head massage with this works wonders. You'll feel re-energized.
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By bhattnnidhii
product price
4.4 | 253 customer reviews
220 of the 253 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Castor oil is something that's an often used kitchen remedy in our house and has been for generations. The benefits are well-known. In summer, we apply it on our eyelids and the soles of our feet to bring the head down. Tummy ache? apply castor oil on the stomach. Hairfall? Mix castor oil with coconut oil and apply on hair. Frizzy hair? Castor oil massage before washing hair. Dry skin? Just warm some castor oil and massage to get back the healthy look. Stretch marks? Apply castor oil regularly and watch them disappear. Skin tags? apply castor oil daily twice or thrice to remove them.

I was excited to buy the 120 ml pack of Morpheme Remedies Pure Cold Pressed Castor Oil for Hair and Skin and try it. What I really liked, besides the excellent product was the packaging. The no mess, dispenser pack is most convenient and of
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By Vidya Sury
Another wonderful product from Morpheme. Our family was using a gifted Castor Oil which wasn't up to the mark so I tried to go with my ever trusted brand and I wasn't disappointed.

As we get older, our hairline starts to thin out with age as our dead cells can't replicate certain areas of our scalp. We got the castor oil to try out a natural solution to combat this issue. It's been 3 months and we noticed a subtle change to our hairline. It's a lot thicker in appearance. During our 3 month test, we saw an increase in the thickness of our eyelashes when applied, but the length of the eyelashes stayed the same. The bottle is quite large compared to other competitors. The only downside is the unusual smell, especially when you try to leave it on your hair for half a day.

Our answers to the frequently asked
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By Vibhor
Products from morpheme are very good and effective. I like the mild smell of the hair oils. Packaging is very good. Love the products. The castor oil is a bit thick so I use it with morpheme organic virgin coconut oil. Girls if u need healthy shiny hairs just go for it.
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By Anjali d.
4.5 | 80 customer reviews
72 of the 80 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Onions have amazing effects on treating various kinds of hair related problems. Onions are rich in dietary sulphar that adds up the strength of hair roots and holds the hair preventing hairloss. It also nourishes hair follicles giving relief from excessive hairfall, resulting in hair growth and also helps hair to regain it's shine and smoothness.
There have been various onion juice DIY remedies suggested by alot of bloggers but all those are difficult task to conquer, also they are energy as well as time consuming. They create allot of mess at times and hence using Onion Oil becomes a wiser option then these DIY remedies.
This Red Onion Oil works best in replacement of other DIYs. It is easier, less messier and more convenient way to work on your hairfall problem. To deal with strong smell of onions and the tears that roll down your eyes is no longer remains a
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Very effective hair oil after delivery I faced a very bad hair fall I tried so many remedies but not work properly as I m aware of onion oil is good for hair loss and then I found this product on Amazon, it's good combination of all essential oil and works well for hair fall.it reduce it slowly give a good volume to hair.nice product by Khadi brand.
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By Piyu
The oil is a great source of sulphur, which aids in promoting hair growth and reducing hair fall. The ingredients are natural and is a combination of few oils. Its a very good oil for hair scalp massage and leaves no stench of onion is another added plus for using the oil.Post pregnancy hairfall problem can be counteracted by this product.
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By Sindhu Vinod Narayan
4.2 | 789 customer reviews
648 of the 789 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
By far the best castor oil I have used. I usually mix it with some other oil and apply and my hair texture have improved a lot. Hairfall has also reduced a bit. If you are looking for a castor oil,,definitely give this a try. Thumbs up.
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By Brihasi
Let me tell something guys... this soulflower Castor oil is just amazing...i have used other brands too but this one has something unique....for some reason it is easy to apply with warmed a bit along with mixture of rosemarry essential and vitamin E capsule.
My hair was tooo thin... after using a month or so now it has improved the thickness though it vl take time for full thickness...i will wait until full bottle is finished and then see hair results... as of now i m too happy that found soulflower castor for my hair.. guys use 3 times a week regularly at night and wash next morning... i suggest use 3 months atleast....then decide....Thanks Soulflower
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By Yash
Amazinggggggggg results in just a week ,perfect product for HAIRLOSS and HAIR GROWTH , Amazing oil from soulflower and Amazon.
I have suggested people to buy this and most of them ordered from the same seller.
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By Amazon Customer
4.2 | 526 customer reviews
424 of the 526 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
It's a great nourishment for your hair. As you can see in this photo; my hair looks quite soft. It has reduced hair fall unbelievably. But about hair regeneration I can tell after a few weeks. So far the best
Thank you St. Botanica.
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By Reetu
This is my second review for the product. After doing rebounding of hair, my hairs got damaged. Now mine hairs are so soft and shiny after using this oil. Once you shower 🚿 your hair then immediately apply this oil on your hairs and wait for 10 to 20 mins. Then komb your hair. You will feel soft and soothing hairs. Next day u will see your hairs are so nice without any freezeness. Very nice oil . I really happy with this oil and my hairs tooo 😊 thanks 🙏
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By Sujata
StBotanica is very well know name for me, i had used the many products for the same company and i want to say "Best product without / no harmful chemicals with best care". As i write in many reviews that this company made very nice product. same as others this product is also up to the mark as i expected. very nice daily use oil for smooth and silky hairs.

Packing :
- This comes in a very nice purple color box.
- Very Safe and cool packing (Tx to Amazon)

Product :
- In that using many types of oils, you can get the name on the bottle and product pages.
- Very nice fragrance of the oil you will never forget that.
- Make hairs silky and smooth in texture.
- Provide the strength to the hairs.
- Very nice Pump system to pull out the Oil (No wastage)
- If you are using premium rage of oils
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By Solaris Knight
product price
4.5 | 47 customer reviews
43 of the 47 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
I mixed this pack with few other ingredients, like amla, hibiscus, bhringraj, n then use it as a hair vitalizer. Can see the improvement in the hair texture
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By Mahua Bhaduri
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By Anoop Kumar Sharma
Used it only twice but seems to be a good product. My hair has become smooth after wash. Ordered again...but I feel the price is a little high for the quantity.. Hence 4 stars.
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By tejaswi
4.8 | 24 customer reviews
23 of the 24 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
It is indeed a perfect solution to all my hair problems because I get dandruff in winters, my hair density is poor and my hair falls like crazy haha

Review -
After I used it and washed my hair it left a difference bounce to my hair and they got super silky and I haven't felt dandruff since then.. They give such an amazing texture to your hair.. You can't help but touch them haha

I highly recommend this oil to all of you suffering from hair problems. Give it a try for sure and see how it works for you.
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By palak
Katelyn All in One Miraculous Hair Oil is totally a miraculous one.
This oil is purely made of virgin olive oil and herbal extracts hence it is very light and non-greasy.
This doesn't makes the hair sticky and moreover there is no added artificial colors or perfume which brings forth the benefits of natural product.
It also reverses previous damage by Chemicals,improves the quality of hair,reduces frizz and dandruff.
Highly recommended if you want to keep your healthy for a long time and prevent premature greying of hair.
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By Priyanka Jaiswal
I love using 100% Cold Pressed natural hair oil. 17 premium oils and extracts in one bottle that has amazing benefits for your hair. With just one use , you get softer and shinier hair. You will find your hair is much more healthier , frizz free . Katelyn All in One Miraculous Hair Growth Oil also delays premature greying of hair. So start using it as early as possible.
This hair oil is free from all kind of chemicals , safe to use for both men and women.
Katelyn All in One Miraculous Hair Growth Oil provides complete nourishment to your scalp and improves overall health of hair.
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By Roshni M
product price
4.3 | 101 customer reviews
88 of the 101 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
I have bought this Morphene Bhringraj oil for my father who was having severe hair fall and scalp. You might find other brands oil also but this one is very economical. I have used many products of this company and it had been wonder. As this is a herbal oil don't expect to work like magic,you may need to use two times a day in order to Goodbye hair problems. For me I massage the oil every day morning when my father leaves for office and before sleep. I have also noticed my father doing sound sleep. Smell is very strong,not recommended for punks;true gentleman must use this.
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By Sourav De
I bought this oil because i was having severe hairfall along with itching and dry scalp. Used it 3 times a week by Massaging regularly on scalp which help to increase blood circulation and provide nourishment to follicle.Its best if used warm. So far hairfall has reduced very much not completely stopped. Itching is gone.Since it has a anti inflammatory properties. Forbid scalp infection due to which itching and dandruff occurs. It is helpful in Eventually stoping hairfall. Don't expect it will do magic overnight. Its a all herbal formula no chemicals and fragrance added so really safe to use. You can also mix it with olive,almond,coconut oil or any of your choice if you find it uneasy to use.

Smell is really strong. For me it's difficult to go outside after application because of its strong smell. So better to use it in night time.
Packaging is good and was delivered
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By Bhawna vohra
Completely satisfied with the Bhringraj oil, it reminds me the use of the Ayurvedic Oil which I use to get in my older days from a local physician. This oil smells and looks exactly the same thick oil as we get.
Its really good for your scalp and hair root, Bhringraj is considered as a great remedy for hair treatment.
I hope it is as pure as it advertised like no synthetic elements inside,
Need to be put in to a budget friendly segment.
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By Sreekes
product price
4.3 | 98 customer reviews
87 of the 98 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
1) Obsessed with this oil, completely true to its nature, it soaks in with absolutely no oily feel.
2) When purchasing oils, it’s crucial you purchase oils that are unrefined, and cold pressed. Otherwise they will bring you minimal to no benefits.
3) Jojoba oil is probably one of the most used carrier oils for its ability to absorb goodies deep into your skin and replicate natural sebum.
3) I put the oil on my lips when they're chapped and it's like magic they healed so fast.

* Absorbs very quickly into dry skin and leave absolutely no odor when used alone.
* No artificial fragrance.
* Oil had a very light yet very moisturizing feel.
* Has a ton of different uses.
* The product is inexpensive, coz its cold pressed and natural.
* Feels great on your skin and has a lot of health/care benefits. It is not heavy, does not break me out and provides much
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By Adikash
Jojoba oil (pronounced ho-ho-ba) is the liquid that comes from the seed of the Simmondsia chinensis (jojoba) plant, which is a shrub native to the american continent. It’s actually a liquid plant wax, with an oil like texture and has been used in folk medicine to treat acne, psoriasis, sunburn and chapped skin. It’s also used by people who are balding because it encourages hair regrowth. I bought this especially to help me with arresting hair fall. Because jojoba is an emollient, it soothes the skin and unclogs hair follicles. It has a number of other benefits:

1) Face Moisturizer. Apply four to six drops in the morning and at night before bed.
2) Hair Moisturizer. Add three to five drops to your conditioner or apply one to two drops to damp hair after showering.
3) Remove Wrinkles. Use one to three drops of jojoba oil and apply it to wrinkled areas,
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By Pen_Ultimate
Products from morpheme are very good and effective. I like the mild smell of the hair oils. Packaging is very good.This cold pressed pure and natural Virgin Jojoba oil is a great remedy for dry and damaged hair. Previously, this oil was fully unknown to me. But after I came across it, I was surprised with its benefits and I bought this product specificly recommended.

1. It is 100% natural, No Chemicals or preservative have been added.
2. It is really gentle to skin and helps to achieve soft skin. Does not feel oily at all if used in proper amount.
3.You can use on every part of you body. Use it as a Hair oil or for Body Massage.
4. It is from a reputed company Morpheme which assures quality and authenticity.
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By senthil
4.3 | 82 customer reviews
73 of the 82 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
I have been using the Indus Valley Amla powder for about a month now and I am someone who should be awarded with the worst textured hair which was before this product.I had such brittle dry hair which no product could make it normal until I started applying this on a regular basis, i started to see changes about after 2 washes. I had chopped all of my hair into almost a bob/boy cut, i was consistent with its use and I am very happy with the results it has reduced the dryness and made my hair lustrous even the hair looks more natural black now and I hardly loose about 8-12 hair the whole day which is a sign of healthy hair strang.
Sharing the method I use it:
1) oil hair a night before wash(I use coconut oil with lavender essential oil coz I have dandruff problem)
2) In the morning
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By Pranjali Thakur
Since we all know that amla has amazing properties and is beneficial for both hair and skin. Amla contians Vitamic C which is very beneficial for health also. Since the product is completely organic So you can also eat it. My mother uses it along with henna for extra conditioning and shine. I sometimes use it as face pack mixing honey with it . It makes my skin look fresh and radiant. I totally love the product and will purchase it again.
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By Mrs ouch
I have worst isssue of hair fall and hair thinning. My scalp was becoming more visible then my hair but I used Amla powder from Indus valley and after usage of month and more I can definitely say that this is going to be permanent member of my hair care family. I used it with coconut oil and aloevera gel made pack and applied on scalp. Gave steam bath with towel and washed it off after an hour. Best one if you are having issues with hair fall and hair thinning.
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By Sonal Agrawal
product price
4.2 | 159 customer reviews
130 of the 159 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Awesome...If u r a men...please remove your hair and rub onion juice on your sculp and apply this oil at night and clean at morning with good natural shampoo...my hair has been stopped falling.
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By Veer Krishna
I found this oil reasonably good compared to other products in market. It doesnt carry strong foul pengunt smell or scent which bajaj, dabur, joves and other brands have. This oil is light, yet nice natural scent, induces sleep.
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By Summan
First time I am having No headache or heaviness after applying a hair oil. It's awesome and gives sound sleep. I am writing this review as its really recommended against other so called branded oil.
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By rashmi
4.2 | 148 customer reviews
122 of the 148 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Products from this brand is very effective, I used them personally so I said this, I also used Argan shampoo before this, so I think lets give try to this one also, and believe me I’m really satisfied with the shampoo and most thing I like most is , its fragrance. U can’t differentiate whether u applying coconut shampoo or oil. Its fragrance is so good I fell in love with it.
After using this shampoo it leaves a shine and smoothness in hairs. You can use this shampoo on daily basis without any concerns.

1. It is made up from Benefit of coconut oil and Bamboo (Bamboo is excellent at cleansing scalp and hair)
2. It also conatins Shea Butter(African fruit can help in skin healing problems), Aloe Vera, natural honey, lemon & soy protine.
3. After applying it u feel a light scented fragrance of coconut which very good.
4. This
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By Ankur Shrivastava
I’ve never used bamboo shampoo and this is first time I’m using it and let me tell you it’s great shampoo which strengthens your hair the fragrance is amazing.
Hear are some pros of this shampoo

1. It is made from natural oils & extracts.
2. It Contains No Harmful Parabens or Sulphates or Silicons or Mineral Oils. StBotanica Products Are Vegan, Paraben-free, Sulphate Free and Contains Mostly Natural Ingredients.
3. It is Safe for Daily Use and for Color Treated Hair.
4. This shampoo contains natural ingredients, which strengthens weak hair and also promotes hair growth.
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By Akshay Kothari
This is an amazing shampoo. I am using it from last few days and trust me its an amazing products. Unlike other organic shampoo it does lathers adequately because most of the organic shampoo fails to wash hairs completely in one go.

After washing makes your hair silky,smooth and bouncy. No need of any conditioner after shampoo.

Since it has lemon essential oil, orange, honey, bamboo, soy protein and Shea butter and many more amazing ingredients. It will make your hair lively clean after wash.

It doesn't have any sulphate, parabens, mineral oils and chemicals. So its safe to use.

I will highly recommend this product. Without a second thought go for it.once use it you will not regret buying.

Packaging is good and delivery is prompt.
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By Bhawna vohra
5.0 | 16 customer reviews
16 of the 16 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Firstly. I am in love with fragrance.
Secondly. Yes it does miracle.
My hairfall is actually reducing.
Worth the shot. Amazing.
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By Manila Gehlot
I have used the shampoo followed by the oil we experienced a change of lesser hair fall during hair wash than usual. We had observed that the shampoo cleans hair more effectively and lesser the dandruff was observed. I loved the softness felt after wash. Hope the oil shampoo combo gives best results as expected.
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its kind of shampoo that we can use daily because it has a very nice fragrance and also easy to clean and makes hair smooth and strong.
it helps in dandruff and also stops hair fall in just 3 days of use (saw effect in 3 days).
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By #SunilTech
product price
4.3 | 71 customer reviews
62 of the 71 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
The Product is good using it for more then 3 days now .Using it as per the instructions written on the the product.
Now the oil is not too sticky and has a slightly aroma.upon applying to scalp it give a slightly cool feeling and make the hair shiny and smooth too. Upon using on 1st time it made the scalps feel cool.
***Update which I got in just 07 Days. (Result is amazing)
1)Hair fall reduction. (Hair fall occurs lot in female when combing and after using the product it has been reduced to 1 or 2), so its a major Positive Effect.
2)Softening of Hair.
3)Slightly shining.
the Oil is used by my female friend & me. Getting a good results on a conclusion (it can be used by both Male and Female).
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By Partho Ghosh
Received product was really not less than a good remedies for hair. It has goodness of Amla, which helps to improve hair growth and also give strength to hairs. Pure and natural oil which is suitable to all hair types. Really satisfied with the product and it's result. Good thing is this, it has no mineral oil, no paraben, no sulfate, no silicon, no color and no fragrance, which makes him best apart from other brands. Love the cap of the bottle, it helps to apply directly on root. Also, happy with the service of Amazon too.
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By Hema Rawat
Amla oil is one of hair care's best-kept secrets! I really love Morpheme Remedies Amla oil, because a little goes a long way. The smell is pleasant and not overpowering; more importantly, it is cold pressed! It works wonders for my natural hair. I use it to seal in moisture and also mix it in the amla powder for a deep condition. I will keep this product on hand. My hair has regained its moisture, my hair has stopped shedding, and my edges are no longer thin. It leaves my hair feeling soft and moisturized, with a healthy sheen. I'm so glad that I was able to take advantage of the oil. Thanks again, Morpheme Remedies for creating this wonderful and healthful product!
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By Lucky
4.2 | 136 customer reviews
116 of the 136 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
This review is long overdue. I purchased my first bottle in March 2017 and I'm currently on my fourth bottle in Nov 2018. Initially, I got this Argan Oil for my hair. My hair is oily on the roots but colored and super dry+a bit wavy toward the end. It does a great job moisturizing/taming it without getting greasy. This thing absorbs really fast because I use it on my damp hair (end of my hair only!) and my hands don't get oily after.

Now, moving on to the reason it deserves my time to give a five-star review. I've travelled to another country recently and due to jet lag and climate change, my jaw area started getting itchy dry patches (I have combination sensitive skin). I tried different face moisturizers and lotions, but they didn't work. I am really careful with what I put on my face. I was desperate
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By Vibhor
Very light and amazing fragrance. As I use my helmet for more than 2.5 hours a day, I use this oil to keep my hair clean and healthy.

1. Amazingly fragrant. Smells like a mix of eucalyptus and the fragrance stays for a long time.
2. Cold pressed oil. Hence nutrients are not lost cuz of extraction method.
3. Easily gets absorbed into the skin
4. Acts as an amazing moisturizer
5. An amazing cleanser

1. Not recommended for acne prone skin
2. Not recommended for oily skin as it's oil based
3. Packaged bottle could have been a tad little better, it could be just me who's complaining as a few drops of oil had soaked into the box due to courier handling

Pro tip:
1. Apply immediately after bath for better results.
2. Take a cold water shower regularly and then use the oil for even better results.
3. Mix with coconut oil in 2:1 quantity of applying it for
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By Vinay Balraj
The smell is completely mind-blowing. This is first time I'm using Moroccan Argan Oil and the effects are really amazing.
So, I have split ends and brittle hair. Even after putting multi-ingredient hair oils, my hair is a sad case. I've bee massaging my scalp before bed with this oil and I end up waking up with conditioned sort of hair. No need of hair serum or hair fall when I use this oil. It does not make the hair too oily and easily gets absorbed.
Also, it's a big bottle as big as your palm, so it's more economical when I compared with others.
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By Ceida Uilyc
3 Offers from product price
4.1 | 1,022 customer reviews
826 of the 1,022 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
I have been using this product for the last 4 months. I will not say that this promotes hair growth but one thing is that it reduces fair fall for sure and also it increases hair texture and make hair thick as well. I am just hoping that it helps me in growing my lost hair if possible.
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By Ashish ranjan
Have been using it over an year. Great results, Baldness gone within months of application. Don’t waste money on hair transplant . Buy this product it will naturally stimulate hair growth
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By Amazon Customer
I thought this product was expensive, my sister had suggested it as she said that it had helped a lot of people in her office. I ordered it and seriously it is very very nice. After few uses, your hair will become shiny and dense. only a few drops are needed and it spreads very well... I have recommended it to my other friends as well
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By Dishi
4.5 | 34 customer reviews
31 of the 34 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
It’s value for money , better than head and shoulders for sure . It’s an anti-dandruff shampoo and does it’s job pretty much good but always remember a shampoo alone can never be always effective in getting rid of your dandruff . Get yourself some neem powder and apple cider vinegar , also don’t forget to firstly combing your scalp out of all the dandruff first before washing your hairs .
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By Cherry Manya 💫
Since few months I suffers from eccentric dandruff. The moment I stop using an anti dandruff shampoo, they seem to come back on next day.
Friend suggested TrueMen Organic shampoo.
I am using TrueMen organic shampoo since week now. And I am happy with the performance. TrueMen anti dandruff shampoo cleanses and purifies the scalp and hair. And there is no itchy scalp through out the day. Regular shampooing help prevent the reappearance of dandruff.
It keeps me refreshed.
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By Digamber
This shampoo is good for dandruff but if you use it on oily hair you might have to use it twice as it wouldn't drain the oil completely. It has a medicinal fragrance but that's ok as long as it is free from harmful chemicals.
Since it is parabens & sulphate free it doesn't form much lather so don't worry if I don't see foam while scrubbing your hair. It will definitely leave the scalp clean anyway !
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By Shilpa
4.2 | 113 customer reviews
91 of the 113 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
1) I have used this oil upto 3 times now and I have come to a proper conclusion.

2) This oil has definitely helped my hair by giving it lustre, strength, smoothness and mainly in controlling dandruff.

3) This oil smells like Vicks vapor rub but due to the teatree oil in it. But I don't care as it doesn't have any artificial fragrance in it.

4) I use this at night, wrap my hair in a warm towel and take a head bath the next morning. It immediately made my hair soft as soon as I applied it.

5) My hair looks shiny and soft after the wash and over the course of time my dandruff and hairfall seems to have reduced.

6) This is a excellent product for treating dull, dandruff and damaged hair as it cures dandruff as well as makes hair smooth.

7) Most dandruff treatments on the market make the hair
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By Rahat Reviews
I've used Morpheme Remedies Almond Oil Neem Oil and this was my third purchase. The anti dandruff oil smells decent. one thing I want to tell you people is that I've used head n shoulders selsun and a few other medicated shampoos and I used to thing God is there any product that can help me with my dandruff? it's morpheme remedies oil. I use any of their oils but wash it off with any mild shampoo.
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By sachin manaktala
This Oil is a good remedy to treat your dandruff problem. Earlier I used to buy several different oils to make my own oil mix as remedy. which includes main portion of Castor oil & Olive oil along with little portion of Tea tree oil and Neem oil and , that remedy worked really well.
I got a similar mix in a single bottle here and it saves lot of money and time end of the day with better result.
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By Sreekes
4.4 | 42 customer reviews
38 of the 42 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
So here I came across this awesome product called 18 in 1 renewal bioactive hair oil from khadi
Have been using them for over 1 week now .And my hair really feels great .Hair fall has reduced visibly and dandruff too was in control even during winter season.
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By shalini sarkar
I always complained of hair fall, oily scalp, dandruff and no hair growth post my pregnancy and Tried a lot of oils to nourish my hair and for healthy scalp but after a lot of tries now I have used this oil past a week and must say I have no hairfall I can see hair growth and my scalp is healthy and nourished and dandruff free. This is a must try oil for
Reverses Damage Caused By Chemicals Replenishes Damaged Hair
Improves Hair Volume
Improves Lipid Barrier
Improves Resilience
Root Strengthening
Smother And Silkier
Deeply Moisturizes
Reduces Split ends
Improves Textures
Scalp Nourishment
Prevents Thinning
Dandruff Control
Anti Hair Fall
Deep Hydration
Controls Frizz
Improves Luster.
Contains NO Mineral Oil, and is free from parabens , Paraffin Oil, Petrolatum or Liquid Paraffin.
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By Kavitha
I dont know how it is 100% positive review. After 1st wash i had a severe hair fall. Like a hell. Dont buy it by urself. Coz then amazon policy they cant help u coz u choose by urself only. As this is not prescribe by doc so if u r facing any problem then its not their concern. I use it with khadi golbal ginger garlic shampoo and and khadi global ginger garlic conditioner. I lost hairs in a day which i generally loose in a month. Be alert and be safe.
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4.3 | 59 customer reviews
50 of the 59 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
I received the package yesterday, well packed. It was a bit heavy that I doubted what's inside! It was filled in a thick glass container with a dispenser too... Really premium product, no odour or yellowish colour. I am pretty sure about the quality, it's one of the best in market.
I have a very dry skin and hair and always struggles due to it especially in hot summer days, this oil has really been a remedy for my problems...

The packaging pump is convenient to use
- The overall pack is good to be kept in the hand bag.

Hit helpful if you liked the in-depth review.
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By senthil
I have been using Almond Oil since ages and only decided to try this because of the Pump Bottle it is packaged into. After all worst it could go is I do not get the same quality but I was not very much concerned as I have tried one of the other products of the same brand! And I must say this was an excellent decision as they provide exactly the same bottle shown in the Image making it very cost effective to use as I always wasted atleast 20-30% of the oil in the whole bottle always manage to get more in hand no matter how much I am careful.
This has a tingling smell though it does not have any added fragrance may be because this is unrefined and natural which is refreshing and makes it stand out of other oils in market maintaining the same effects
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By J B
OMG!!! This product is amazing... I ordered this product assuming it is just an almond oil and will be good for my dry skin... But this is much much more than just oil... My wife used it on her face every night after her cleansing and I could see a great glow within a week of its usage... My dry skin improved like amazing after 7-8 days of usage...

It is 100% recommended product for all people both gender and any age...
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By Aniket Bharambe