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Best Rated in Hair Dryers

Compare the most helpful customer reviews of the best rated products in our Hair Dryers store. These products are shortlisted based on the overall star rating and the number of customer reviews received by each product in the store, and are refreshed regularly.

Top rated products in Hair Dryers

product price
4.8 | 38 customer reviews
37 of the 38 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Powerful, compact size and durable. Didn't shut off mid use like some other big brand dryers. Used it mostly without the front director funnel. Didn't need it as but can be used to focus heat at one point salon style.
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By Deep in Design
There is nothing better than having a happy face around. Due to this sturdy and handy dryer, I have made people happy around me.
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By Amazon___Buyer
Got today, working perfectly. Guys it has cool option, for that u need to put heat off then only u will get cool air perfectly .
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By Kamini
4.3 | 280 customer reviews
241 of the 280 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
I've had this hai rdryer for about a year now, and have consistently used it 2-3 times a week. Whenever any friends come to my place to get ready they are impressed with the quality of the dryer. It works especially well for my friends with thick curly hair.

It has the heat settings as well as speed settings which make it easy to versatile for different hair types. The only downside is that it is a heavy hair dryer so its easy for your arms to get tired. I often part my hair in many sections so it allows me to rest between parts. Additionally its on the larger side so not very travel friendly like the ones that fold but it will make your hair look great travelling.
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By Esther Fell
I never needed a hairdryer before and wanted one with a cool shot, so I got this plus looked at a ceramic/ tourmaline coating. I have fine, wavy hair and probably need a more delicate hair dryer. This is good for people with thick hair and need a heavy duty hair dryer. It performs well on all the features, the quality of the product is good. The weight is not good. The hair dryer is heavy, so please consider that before making a purchase. I bought it because I needed this to dry my hair in winter, otherwise barely use it.
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By nyx
I bought the product. The box was completely damaged. And the product inside was not even Wahl Hair dryer. It was completely damaged product with a wire with no plugs. I think someone may have tempered with it but this is not acceptable.
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By Dewangi Pinto
1 Offer from product price
4.2 | 6,967 customer reviews
5,706 of the 6,967 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Satisfactory quality, working very fine and it has been 3 yrs now, reasonable price and an original product.
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By Amazon Customer
Got it.. Gave it to my dad and got myself another.. The costlier ones (like cold hot air stuff) only adds bucks to the amount in the cart.. Get this one.. Much cheaper.. Same efficiency unless u don't want toooooooooo hot air.. Bit hotter than the other costlier ones.. But u can always keep it low by keeping in 3 instead of 1
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By Ponnezhil
We all know that Philips is a very popular and trustworthy brand used by lots of people all over the world. So, after seeing it, I just grabbed it without any second thought. When I first used it, I could not understand how to blow dry because I have never used an hair dryer before, though the instruction manual was provided along, but I was looking for a proper and easy way. After struggling a lot, I asked help from one of my friend about this and also searched about on the internet. The second time around, I used it with a round brush. The result was shocking because I couldn’t imagine that this little thing can work wonders, but yes, you can also use it without round brush and that will take less time as compared to using round brush.
It has two flexible settings for careful drying. It
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By Vinodhini
product price
4.2 | 2,811 customer reviews
2,268 of the 2,811 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
My sister and I use this to blow dry our hair and sometimes even wet clothes. Philips is a trusted brand and there's no need to say more. Love the color of this hair dryer. :)
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By Maryam K.
Bought it for my mom and she loved it. The color is bright and trendy. Its cute yet powerful. Philips surely stands up to its name. Neatly packed!
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By Vv
It lasted only for 6 months ,the use was also very rare
. Very low quality product. Yesterday only it got spoiled
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By abhishek ghadigaonkar
product price
4.2 | 1,703 customer reviews
1,405 of the 1,703 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Small and convenient. Easily packs into small bags and can be taken anywhere. Not for very high-end styling. Good for drying and handling quick jobs.
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By rstaken
There doesnt seem to be any way to use the dryer without heat being on.

good price
2 speeds settings

No cool option
Air speed is low even on the fast/high setting
air is not focused

All in all - spend some more money and get a different one with better features if you are going to use it regularly. We use it once in a while so its ok for us.
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By PK3
The product seems to be a great deal as it was on sale for 500.As soon as plugged in,it heated up to the extent good enough to burn your hair.Also there was a burning smell every time it was plugged in...returned
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By Amazon Customer
product price
4.2 | 682 customer reviews
556 of the 682 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
This is nice hair dryer. Easy and light to use. I usually use it in cold mode to avoid damage. I have long hair and have had problem mostly during these winters as it took almost whole day for my hair to dry up and thus I caught cold too easily but always avoided hair dryers. Ultimately decided to give this a try and i am not at all disappointed.
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By Arunima Rana
I am reviewing this product after month of usages. The product is good but the cold shot is not Good.Intensity of the cold air that comes is very low, which can only be felt on the hand and not on the hair.Otherwies Product is good
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By Mayank
Do not buy if you are looking for cool air dryer.

Its not cool air as mentioned.
It is still warm.
Also at lowest temperature air flow is so less, it is usless.
No meaning of using this dryer At such a low air flow at lower temperature.
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By Ankpan
product price
4.6 | 38 customer reviews
35 of the 38 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
I have ordered Baidi BD-753 Hair Dryer after checking many product reviews. All of the functions are working perfectly (dust filter back side, cold shot, cold mode). It's a powerful professional hair dryer. Quality of product is very good. I Found it as per my expectations. Happy with the Hair Dryer performance and delivery.
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By Subhi3088
Very powerful dryer. Also feels like professional one. It has three heat mode: Cool mode, Heat mode(Medium Heat and High heat). It also has two different speed: medium and fast air blow. Everything in one at such low price. Such an amazing masterpiece. Would definitely recommend if match in your budget range.
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By Sagar Shiroya
Good product .. 2000w with good quality finishing and sturdy design at a very reasonable price .. I've used it for over 3 months without any issues .
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By Abhishek Gupta
product price
4.4 | 68 customer reviews
64 of the 68 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Good one for woman .Came with two concentrators. Has independent speed and temp control, and cold air bust the torlen diffuser as additional attachmen cost about 5s 350/-.
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My hair takes a real long time to dry. I needed something really good to save time before leaving to work. This works really well. It's a little heavy compared to the cheaper ones. But then you will be fine once you start using it. Carrying when you travel could be a problem.
There are 3 levels of blow dry. The fastest is like super fast! The Temperature control is also very good.
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By Amazon Customer
It is as good as as any dryer can get. This is my first dryer that I actually used for some time. I got this mainly because I wanted to use dryer with diffuser and most diffusers available don't fit standard dryers. Well this is a professional dryer. The cord given is quite long. The dryer works as expected. There is a cold air option as well. Don't expect the hair to dry within 5 minutes or something. It takes time. I expected this to be heavy, but it is comfortable to use. The only shortcoming I noticed so far is the noise, I guess it is common if you go for a dryer with more wattage.
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By Amazon customer
4.2 | 370 customer reviews
313 of the 370 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Build quality is awesome, there's cold air single speed option and for hot 2 speed option, the hair dryer is silent and blows efficiently, it is bulky but folds so you can tuck in your bag easily, the wire is long and of good quality, packs a २ year warranty, you can use cold air for daily use since it doesn't damage your hair as much as hot air so. Definitely better than Philips hair dryer.
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By deepak
Edit :after using it , it shut off suddenly. I was quite taken aback and wanted to apply for return/ replacement immediately. After looking into the warranty process and what all they cover , still checked the dryer again. And it worked. That is when I realized ,it has an auto cut-off. Amazing. I am pretty happy that the product is not good at it's function but is equally safe .

Really happy with it's functions. It has 3settings. The first is almost a cool one, 2nd and 3rd being warmer and hotter subsequently. Also has a long wire so that I don't end up being pulled towards the switches all the time. Works like a charm. Very quick service by Amazon.
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By medha
Cool Air Function does not exist as claimed on the product detail. Actually it blows worm (not very hot) air while set in "Cool Air Function".

Other two options are as per the specification. That is in mode 1 - it blows hot air at gentle fan-speed, while in mode 2 it blows hot air with higher fanning speed.
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By Dipankar Dey
product price
4.2 | 248 customer reviews
212 of the 248 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Cool air mode throws air at rokm temperature only i.e. coil is not at all heated up in this mode. Hence worth investing additional amount on this one than buying Philips best selling model at cheaper cost.
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By Satya
I needed a simple yet enough powerful dryer to dry up my long hair fast even during rainy season. ....this product meets my expectations perfectly. Looks very cute and handy. As the handle is foldable, it is easy to store as well as carry during travel.
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By Amazon Customer
The dryer is good to go for everyday use but tangles the hair alot and makes it too dry & frizzy. Although there are 3 different modes which can be used for the the type of air you need: hot, mild and cold but the speed also reduces as you go from hot to cold, hence not that useful. An okay product I can say!! Consumes too much of time to dry the hair even 😓😓.
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By Rupa
product price
4.3 | 84 customer reviews
75 of the 84 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
I just love this hair dryer. It has cold shot and 2 more heat blow settings.
Fleet handle allows to fold it to pack and travel easily.
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By Bunny
Compact and good. Always wanted a dryer that’s not to harsh on hair as I use often. Easy to take along while traveling. Only turn off is that I get a burnt smell when I switch it ON .
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By Megs
The most important function of a hair dryer is good airflow, using cold flow also reduces the flow rate of the air, cold flow has very feeble hair flow rendering it nearly useless.
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By Chen
product price
4.2 | 170 customer reviews
134 of the 170 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
This blow drier 😍😍
Speechless, go for this.
It takes only 2-3 minutes to dry the hair below waist line. I highly recommend this for those who have volume/long hair , it can be your angle in disguise.

It has two modes as any drier will have hot+cold waves.
The heat settings are easy to do n has 2-3speeds check n dry ur hair in a matter of few secs.
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By Syeda
Works as expected. USP for me was the cord length of 2m which is convenient if you move around a lil bit
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By Karan Kapoor
Both the caps of the dryer that come with the product broke very easily over only a month of usage. All I did was remove them and put them back on frequently. I can't use this product anymore after only a month of usage.
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By Product Patrol
4.5 | 35 customer reviews
33 of the 35 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
I ruined almost 3-4 hair dryers of mine. They broke due to falling. But falling is a foreign thing here. This thing is cool. I feel it's faster than Philips hair dryer. The only downside is it doesn't have a way to get only air without heating. You get only two options either high or low.
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By √∆l¢×™
A great companion for all weather in washroom or dressing table.
Can dress u well as well as charge your mobile
Keep you on track
Regards Thank
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By Er. Rajesh
Good quality and nice product excellent seller i like it very much thank you AMAZON
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By nihaz hamza
product price
4.1 | 1,131 customer reviews
942 of the 1,131 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
It's a decent product. It has a very compact and handy design, smaller in size than the professional ones, which kinda helps beginners like me, easy to handle. The fan speed is quite good. The best features are that it has cool mode and detachable nozzle, no other good brand is offering these features in this price range. Cool mode is very helpful, you can use it without the fear of hair damage, or can use it to dry your pets after giving them baths :D .

My experience:
I have very thick, curly, medium length hair. It did a good job drying up my wet hair, but failed a little when I tried to blow-dry or style it. Maybe if the nozzle was leaner, it would have given the desired effect.
I tried it on my father's hair too, who has thick straight hair, did good job on his hair, so
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By Srabandhara
Efficient is the word that i would describe this product to be. This gives Phillips a serious competition i must say. However it manages to get a better spot than phillips by a little margin and i would say why.

Build: quality is good, satisfactory. Its made of plastic but doesnt seems like it would melt. The sliding switch has a good feedback while shifting the position. Concentrator nozzle is detachable and can get little hot while being used at the maximum heat setting. Wire length is 6ft, quite sufficient. Weight is just average. Not foldable which can be disadvantage however not enough to reject.

Usage: gave satisfactory results. However i felt the blow speed was not upto the mark might take longer to dry if a person has dense long hair, but is splendid for short hair. Less blow speed is also kind of its own advantage as reducing the heat
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By Sooraj
I love this dryer so much! It's light, pretty, cheap and works fine.

It smells like burnt paper sometimes. Also the wires are very non flexible
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By jobooklove
product price
4.8 | 19 customer reviews
18 of the 19 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
First of all, thank you Amazon for delivering it on time. The dryer looks amazing and has a heavy body and product is as per my expectations. I would recommend this product and it worth the price
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By monisha
Very good product. Dries the thickest hair in no time.
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By Sushmita Sankrit
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By Ruby
4.2 | 269 customer reviews
225 of the 269 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Perfect product and perfect price with perfect warranty. It had cold air button. It's speed of air is good. Perfect travel companion
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By Shyamanta G.
Nothing less expected.A great buy from a great Indian Manufacturer.
My sister loves it. Thank you Amazon and Havells.
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By Aman S.
This is just a poor product.

I had tried 2 different products of Havells sold by Amazon..Both stopped working while using.

When I contacted Amazon to replace or allow me to exchange by paying cash, they did not allow me to do so and shared their system restrictions or to go directly to manufacturer

Why should I prefer you if i have to visit directly to manufacturer.

I want this to be escalted to higher management as how all the products stop working. This is just a pathetic service as You do not check the quality they are selling and You do not audit their products.

And they just sell such type of products.

This is a second instance consecutively happened.

Take an action refund my money or exchange it.
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By Sugandha
product price
4.1 | 244 customer reviews
200 of the 244 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
This is a great hair dryer. I do not think you can get better value for money. I bought it at a discounted price of Rs. 693/- and it performs better than the Philips Thermoprotect 2100 W Hair Dryer 220 Volt priced at 9k! It is small and compact and great for travel too.
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By Plumpernickel
Good product in this range. But if your hair are thin and you want high pressure air , go for Chaoba. That's much better and even has cold and hot air variant.
This is just hot air in two modes.
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By Amit Jangir
I was searching for cold n hot air hair dryer. It claimed that it has both but this is only hot air one.
Disappointed but this is working good.
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By Reshma Paridala
product price
4.6 | 23 customer reviews
22 of the 23 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Very happy with the quality!! I am trying out different hairstyles at home itself ...saves lot of money by not going to parlor....
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By shoppersinc
Too good. I like this product.must buy. Started using from last week.👍
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By Mrs. Kawathekar
Product good. But cool air button doesn’t work
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By Sunita Langstieh
product price
4.1 | 118 customer reviews
92 of the 118 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
working till now.
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Good product
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By Deepak Kumar
Whenever I am using this dryer, Within the time of 2 minutes, it gets off and doesnot work and then start working automatically after a minute

Can not understand if there is any machinery fault or product feature.

All havells products sold by amazon are poor and would not work and waste ur money
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By Sugandha
product price
4.0 | 621 customer reviews
484 of the 621 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
works good,

its simply like
step 1 (❄️) - warm air
step 2 (TP) - semi heat
step 3 (||) - heat
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Got delivery on 2nd day (next day) with Prime.. Air blowing quite good & sound is also quite low..
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By Abhimanyu
As reported by many, the cool shot doesn't work. It only gives warm air. But the build quality is awesome.
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By Parithi