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4.6 | 117 customer reviews
109 of the 117 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
I have ordered this variety of engage perfume for the first time.. I have used this perfume and guys the results of this perfume is awesome.. I like this perfume for the following reasons-

It has fresh and sweet fragrance that is a must have for a modern woman.. this fragrance contains essence of fruits like peach and mandarin..

It has a long lasting fragrance that remains whole day means 12-15 hours easily..

It is great for both formal and informal occasions..

It is worth buying product and value for money..

I am totally satisfied with it..
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By Disha
This perfume has actually exceeded my expectations. The smell of it truly matches up to the lovely smell of Paris made perfumes, which I was not expecting.The smell is nor too strong neither very mild, just perfect for my taste. It has a fruity smell on a little citric side which together creates a long lasting seductive scent. The smell stays for quite long hours, approximately more than 12 hours. The packaging is also very good and easy to use. Go for it if you are looking for authentic Paris smell in a pocket friendly price.
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By Akanksha Singh
This perfume has a very nice fragrance which lasts long. It has fruits like mandarin which gives lingering smell. Also infused with some flower extracts which makes its fragrance more soothing.
I wore it in the morning and it has its affect till night. So I am using it not only parties but anytime while going out for longer run.
I loved the bottle. Such an elegant shape.
Also the caramel sweet smell make it invirogating.
So five star for engage perfume. Can be wore in your daily use also.
The price is also something which attracted me. For all those who love to use perfume daily, this is the best.
Highly recommendable.
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By Prashansa Mehra
4.6 | 109 customer reviews
103 of the 109 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Prove why this is one of the best perfume,
What a great scent, not so hard and dark ,very lean smell , I want only this type of perfume, very long lasting smell ,once u apply in morning whole day this scent is going on, great freshness.
Talk about price so it's little bit expensive but not when u received and use it then u realize this price is worth for this product.
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By karan Ankush chavan
It is really good fragrance perfume, it's smell is so good not so hard. The packing was very good and the scent bottle looks so decent and attractive
Longevity is also good
Worth the money you pay
Highly recommended it.
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By Shridhar jadhav
I just love the ENGAGE L'AMANTE's fresh fragrance with smoothly moves into a spicy and woody heart .
This perfume is good for both formal and informal occasions.
A blend of citrus notes, rosemary and wood, it's a must-have for any man's work bag and, at an incredibly low price.
This perfume can be spritzed with recklessness.
The main key of this ENGAGE perfume is - it's long lasting perfume.
And any one can buy this perfume as It's a picket friendly perfume.
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By Umesh
4.1 | 1,153 customer reviews
897 of the 1,153 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
If you are looking for a deo with smooth and musk fragrance this one is highly recommended! It lasts for 5-6 hours for me and I sweat a lot. After trying so many deos I'm happy with this one.

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By Jeet Dholakia
Being a gal, I prefer men's do as I like strong fragrances.

I have tried almost all fragrances from windstone and all are unique.

My friend suggested this one, and I bought it from here as was not getting time to go out.

This is a long lasting deo with very high strong fragrance. I am in love with it.

When I had used it for the first time, most of my colleagues asked which perfume I had used and I was like wow and I flaunted.

Must buy Deo....
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By Shop With Me....
If you like to know the fragrance before buying any deo/perfume like me. This is for them. The fragrance is almost similar to Nike Up or Down for men deo. People who don't like strong smell will also like it. Hope it helps ☺
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By Abhishek
1 Offer from product price
4.3 | 183 customer reviews
167 of the 183 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Got this Product with 499 Rs and writing product based on review of usage of 1 week .

👍 I was searching for the best budget friendly Perfume and took hell lot of time to find this in sale time and i must say this is one of my best purchase of 2019 from Amazon.
👍 The package of the perfume comes in a pretty good shape , i was doubtful of leakage but its really worth the money , just trust the seller. No leakage , comes in perfect shape.
👍 Venom Perfume has pretty good fragrance smell , bit of spiciness and touch of mild, soothing fragrance.
👍 Long lasting and definitely recommended and way better than deos and other perfumes available in the market.
👍 Great packaging and bottle shape, gives a great feel to use perfume.
👍 One of the best product for gifting your loved ones mom/sister/girlfriend/friend.
👍 Pretty economical and
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A fresh scent perfumer for everyday use.. . Stays for really long.... liked d product for its quality...The packaging is so glamorous..yeah... you will love having it on your dresser .... bt since I bot this as a gift to my sister.. ill soon order another one..
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By Pinkesh
I love using perfumes and deodorants so keep on experimenting to get my kind of fragrance. When I used this one it made feel so fresh and aromatic throughout the day. I kept on getting so many compliments from wherever I went and that made me proud of myself tht i chosed Venom perfume. Three cheers to Venom.
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By Prachi sureka
product price
4.2 | 295 customer reviews
239 of the 295 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Too good , awesome
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By Manisha
Actual MRP is 325 rs they say it's 349 and discounted price is 325 that's wrong,
Otherwise product is good
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By Swapnil
No fragrance, no seal pack.
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By Pranita
product price
4.1 | 509 customer reviews
385 of the 509 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Nice fragance and long lasting... Girls who prefer slightly strong smell with pleasant feel can go for this product.... Worth the price and good delivery by Amazon..
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By saravanan p
It has got a nice and strong smell. Liked the perfume very much for its rich fragrance. The only con was that the cap was broken into pieces. It would have been embarrassing if it was sent as a gift to a loved one. Since only the cap is broken and I liked the fragrance very much, I am not returning it.
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Not happy with the fragrance. Not sure how many people find it mesmerizing. May be I got a duplicate one? The fragrance just feels feebly immediately while spraying and then right after there is absolutely no fragrance.

I checked with everyone in the household to make sure if it is just me who doesn't realize the smell. Everyone confirm they cannot smell a thing on me. Totally disappointed will never buy again.
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By Jane Sheeba
4.0 | 2,065 customer reviews
1,504 of the 2,065 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
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By Nitesh singh
I have used many deo brands over years, including Nivea. This deo is the best. Not only it has more liquid than gas, it works very effectively and smells great
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By A K Shetty
Means really, who like these kind of smell, or so called fragrance... It's smell like hell do not waist your money
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By Vish
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4.1 | 282 customer reviews
240 of the 282 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
I love the way it is packed. The bottle is of glass and looks very nice. Talking about the perfume it's just an perfect perfume for parties, get togethers etc. I love it's lovely smell it attracts everyone and makes you stand out of crowd. It lasts for almost 7-8 hrs easily.
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By Ashray Gupta
One of my favourite perform ever purchased and having pleasant smell which last long even in extreme conditions.A bit strong but value for money and will last for 12-15 hours which is more than enough
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By dangar prabhat
I use lot of perfumes and appreciate slight goodness in them. This is a imitation perfume of famous brand, which is given clearly. So I thought it will be at least half good of the original. This is not even 1/10 of the original. Also I see the comments/ratings are pretty good. Not sure why such good rating are given for a below average product.
Pros: 1. NO strains on the cloths 2. Nice and pleasant initial perfume.
Cons: Does not lost for more than one hour. The perfume is not strong at all. 3. It is just equivalent to perfumes water nothing more than that.
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By Shankar Lakkaraju
4.6 | 59 customer reviews
55 of the 59 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
This urbane nights perfume is a premium product. The bottle is very attractive. The fragrance is amazing. Very long lasting. It stays for around 4-5 hours atleast. Got it at a reasonable price.
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By Akshay Mehndiratta
I love this perfume and I have also received compliments from many people about this perfume's fragrance. This is also a long lasting perfume as one of my friend complimented about the scent at around 5 hours before but its smell still live. My friend was so happy with this perfume as like me.
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By Manmohan somani
The fragrance of the perfume is very very good. The perfume looks premium in design. It is long lasting. It doesn't cause any kind of irritation to the body.
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By Nafees Khan
product price
4.2 | 159 customer reviews
116 of the 159 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
I have tried many deos sprays n EDT ryt from Burberry to Adidas to Hugo to Oriflamme men's section - belive me this one WildStone product is in par with everything ! It smells mild not too strong best part is it stays for long time !

Anyone looking for good economic n long lasting one just go for this one !
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By #AnuPrav
The fragrance is really awesome.
If you are a bachelor, this one is recommended.
This won't let your clothes smell. You can wear them atleast of 2-3 times.
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By pk
It smells really amazing only if you are a love of intense fragrance this could be the one for you
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product price
4.2 | 153 customer reviews
118 of the 153 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Recently i gifted wild stone body perfume code steel to my husband, generally in past, he was not using wild stone body sprays, he was a regular user of park Avenue and fogg sprays, but when he use wild stone body perfume, he feels so good, he told me that its smells so good and he was feeling refreshed, this perfume give long lasting perfume effect, and above all apart from me, he have received so many compliments regarding its smell, he is so happy to have this, recommend to all mens.
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By Channy Kaur
I ordered this for myself and i liked the fact that it is long lasting and stays almost full day at office. The best part is the spray button. It is soft and can quickly be sprayed The spray gives out decent amount in one time so you dont have to press it many times before you are happy with the amount you have applied. highly recommend fragrance!
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By Vinod
After going through reviews I gave this deo a shot. Very much convinced with ratings i bought it. I saw in reviews that this last long and have a strong smell.

Well, the fragrance goes just after 20-25 minutes and is not even strong. It feels and smells like another cheap deo.

It doesn't deserve even 1 star. Companies can't mock customer by claiming adulterous information.

Nike deodorant are way better than these. I just thought to change but I won't change now.

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By Manu Doneria
16 Offers from product price
4.0 | 873 customer reviews
661 of the 873 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Hey girlzz!
just buy this one.
You and people around you love it.
It's fragrance is really awesome 👌👌
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By Monika
Scent is main attraction but not longevity..

Presentation is nice 👌👍..

I am from Rajasthan so it might work fine in other cool places..😉
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By John Jatin
Good service by Amazon but smell like hair oil chiiiiii.....
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By rashmi j.
8 Offers from product price
4.0 | 841 customer reviews
598 of the 841 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
After a huge success with their deodrant collection, FOGG has started their EDP collection. So I thought to give it a try and purchase FOGG Intensio EDP. As I purchased it from online site and not tried personally before purchasing it am bit skeptical about its fragrance. When I sprayed for the first time it's start with a very salty aqua kind of smell after sometime like 10-15 mins as the top note fade away the smelled get settled it has a base note of woody fragrance. It neither strong nor a mild one, you might not love it for the first couple of use but as the time progresses with the frequent use you start get along with it. It makes you smell very slay oceanic recommend for the summer's day. Bottle Design is too good, I mean even if you don't be a fan of it but
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By Sourav Basu
If you love using perfume everyday but do not want to spend thousands to buy 100 ml bottle then Fogg is best. I got this product for just for 300. There is only one thing to consider, do not use this perfume directly on light colour shirts/clothes.
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By Mehul Ranpura
Absolutely third class.sheer wastage of money. The hype built around is illusionary. Avoud buying it.
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By UmeshTechYT
11 Offers from product price
4.0 | 511 customer reviews
391 of the 511 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Hey girlie! I'm very considerate while buying perfumes since I'm little too dedicated to how my body smells like. This one I've been using for 3 years and it's amazing. If your looking for fresh geniune fragrance which does not smell like fake cheap perfumes then go for it. It's a girly fresh fragrance good for daily use. It's amazing.
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By Ericy
Spell- blue vatiant.
It has very aqua kind of smell,mux if musk and sweet... Very mild good for summers.staying power is less as compare to fogg and eva. Product recieved in good condition.thanks to amazon for great deal @105
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By priyanka
I like the product and the fragrance but only problem was the bottle seal was opened....Don't know whether i got entire 150ml... Amazon please make sure product is intact before delivery
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By Amazon Customer
10 Offers from product price
4.0 | 507 customer reviews
364 of the 507 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
excellent...Go for it
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By Amit Goyal
Doesn't smell like the original FOGG. I have moved back to my old deodorant. This definitely did not smell like the original FOGG. The fragrance also doesn't last for long. It was water being thrown out with some mild perfume. Not sure if I got a damaged / old stock. Sad but my trust with fogg has been lost. Not very happy
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By Verified Customer
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4 Offers from product price
4.2 | 128 customer reviews
102 of the 128 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Good product.. Super quality
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By Abdulbasith
The packaging of the spray bottle is as shown in the product description. I’m not really impressed with that though. For the ingredients, I’m attaching an image for you to check out from. The best part is, it’s a no gas spray.
The top notes are quite strong but once it settles down on your skin/ clothes, you’d feel a mild, fruity and DELIGHT-ful fragrance which I definitely loved about it. So overall, the scent is good.
Now coming to the longevity, I’m really disappointed because it doesn’t seem to last for 3-4 hours let alone, for a day what I usually seek in body mists.
So may be you’ll have to carry it all day long in your handbag and splash it on when you feel the need to smell good at any particular occasion.
So yeah!
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By Afreen Sofi
Perfume is not strong its very very mildlast only for 1hour.i think only 1% perfume is there.thats why its mild.wast of not happy with this
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By Krishna
product price
4.1 | 203 customer reviews
156 of the 203 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
This is my favourite and i m using it from last 10 yrs, i guess since it was launched when a 75ml deo bottle was introduced. But with time the company has changed the fragrance. Its not the same as it was when launched, but still its my fav in summers due to its long lasting fragrance.
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By Amazon Customer
My favourite body spray it smells incredible and the packaging is so cute! It lasts for long time as the scent is strong and you don’t need too use a lot of it. The strong floral fragrance is lent by the orange blossom, lily and jasmine notes of this deo spray. The subtle notes of earthy moss; woods and a hint of vanilla are what make this Secret Temptation Deo Spray absolutely perfect. Its the best and I wouldn’t improve it in any way!
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By much hot air
Awesome to suggest to those people who loves strong fragrances . But one thing that I feel it's lack, is long lastingness. I love the secret temptation perfume more than this deo
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By Stranger
8 Offers from product price
4.0 | 333 customer reviews
261 of the 333 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
This perfume is actually my significance to my friends. When I am around I dnt need to tell that I arrived to that place. They simply tell Sayantani is nearby. I am using this perfume for past 3 years. It is long lasting, does not leave a stain on the shirt, it is good for parties as well as office...It smells sooo nice.. Thank you Engage.
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By Sayantani
I have used its xx1 xx2 for men .. and they were amazing so i ordered it for my friend .. she loved it .. the smell i sweet and amazing
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By Udbhav Agarwal (UD)
Don't be fooled by the reviews of you tubers or the review u see on the website. oh my god such a pathetic smell. Really not gud.
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By Chris
4.0 | 325 customer reviews
252 of the 325 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
this is also a worth buying scent in the market officially on amazon. i found this very special in fragrance of aspects of views. i am just thinking that it do not take a wrong decision in buying this for my sister. i got that the idea how much good appealing it to her by her qute smile on her face after she received it as gift from my. after a superb fragrance deo for girls.
note:- it might be different for person to person i request with so delight that deal it with your own prescription after reading my review. usually ,similar way, i think that you would love it after purchasing it. thanks to Amazon. thanks to to all of you who read my review.
give up the helpfull note on this review for further increments.
💖💖💖💖with love💖💖💖💖✌👌
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By neel kamal pareek
Got it for a very low price. The fragrance wears off very quickly. Not at all good in terms of longevity.
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By Vishakha Singh
Unhappy with the purchase.. When I opened the box got to see that the perfume was without any lead or it can be said that its the used product..
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By Lora m.
3.9 | 2,683 customer reviews
1,966 of the 2,683 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Manly fragrance, smells heavenly and does not cause irritation if sprayed directly on skin, but somehow doesn't last long for a deo. It's more like a perfume or mist which is strong initially but fades away quickly, however lingers. The bottle claims to contain some percentage of extra product, but doesn't really seem so. Overall, just for the fragrance, you can try out this product because it's a decent buy at this price.
I'm basically happy with Amazon's helpful way out when I'd certain issue with this product! :)
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By Truffle
I love wild stone ultra sensual deo but it's hard to find for some reason.
So i use this as an mild alternative.
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By Piyush Aswani
After reading the great reviews i thought that this will be good. Definitely not to my taste. Too strong initially. So strong that a person in another room starts coughing. But doesn't last the day.
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By Petson Chirangara