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Compare the most helpful customer reviews of the best rated products in our Feminine Hygiene store. These products are shortlisted based on the overall star rating and the number of customer reviews received by each product in the store, and are refreshed regularly.

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Top rated products in Feminine Hygiene

4.5 | 247 customer reviews
219 of the 247 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Got it for Rs. 265. ☺ Rcvd a huge pack manufactured in month of may 2017. This is the second pack I'm ordering. Loved these pads over other brands. I don't have any itching or rashes problem after using these pads. Soft yet firm, controls odour, apt size, anti - inching, comfortable, easily removable, more quantity with very low price. Thank u unicharm for this product. Thank u Amazon for this lightening deal.
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By Amazonuser
I brought two pack of these in October 2017 and i am stocked up for atleast 3 months more. I am using sofy for around 2 years after using so many brands this is the one i am still using on.

Pros - the pad is very soft and light.
Rash and ich free.
Like other pads i never feel i am wearing plastic. So its very comfortable.
Mid fragrance.
Packaging is great.
And of course i got this in discounted price. (Got this in around 280).

Cons - the size is good for low to medium flow.
Not for heavy flow. Not very absorbent
Don't give full coverage.( Sofy night pads are the best )

So over all i am satisfied with the product and the packing by Amazon was also great. I highly recommend this pad if you are facing rashes.

Ps. - change your pads in every 3-4 hours to avoid the odor (more if your periods
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By Sweet angel
I was using whisper ultra since years but I was facing the problems of rashes and bad odour. Sofy solved both. It will not give u any rashes. With sweet fragrance. Try once and u will love it
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By Sakshi Taneja
1 Offer from product price
4.5 | 95 customer reviews
90 of the 95 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
I really loved the way this new sanitary pad has turned out to be, its much higher in absorbency and its ultra thin so it doesn't feel bulky at all, it has wings which give a extra support and helps to secure the pad around the underpant. Also I really liked the packaging which is light pink and gives a fresh look from outside itself, these pads are wraped individually in pink white floral wrappers which makes it easy to carry them in small purse and also it makes easy for us to dispose them in appropriate receptacles..
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By Shiny Mitra
Really soft and comfortable to wear and travel anywere with your friends and family.
Girls and ladies out there definitely try it and share your experiences too. :-)
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By Mili
its a really great product also very comfortable during travelling hours. soft & stain free also very comfortable during sleep hours no tension of leakage or stain , just comfortable sleep throughout night . also its very handy & easy to carry in handbags . in short its a really nice product in those days .
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By Divya tripathi
product price
4.3 | 407 customer reviews
346 of the 407 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
These sanitary pads are cottony soft so it is super comfortable. It has some fragrance which is mild and not bothersome to me, but for the sensitive noses it might be a problem. The pads come with a plastic wrap and so they are easy to discard. It is a good practice to change the pads after 5 to 6 hours, because after that it doesn't stay in place as the glue isn't very long lasting. And it is a good practice to change them after 5 hours too.These are not DRY pads they are COTTONY so it doesn't absorb very well though, but they are comfortable compared to the DRY ones as they do not cause any rashes or itchiness. These are comfortable for DAY use and not for night, at least on heavy flow days. Sofy slim Sidewalls are suitable for night use though and those are
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By Shree
I don't know about all the reviews but genuinely it's very very good in these rates i am very happy about this i ordered it on 9th feb in evening at guess what i received this product on 10th feb at noon i used 2 pads from it and it's cotton pad I mean if you compare to stayfree cotton pads it's so much better than those and if you compare whisper ultra it's better from those too
All and all i like these cottony softy pads and it's last longer then stayfree i will buy more these when i am out of it
Delivery service good too!!
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By Amazon Costumer
I have used almost all the brands. But sofy is far better than odour at all. ..very soft. No rashes any it's cheaper than other pads. I am gonna use this forever.
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By Tabassum
4.3 | 177 customer reviews
149 of the 177 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
I came to know about menstrual cup about 11 years ago in U.K. I used the brand of U.K. from past 9 years but then last year I accidentally burnt it. I was amazed to find a product on amazon here in India. This ALX cup was even better than the one I brought from U.K.(moon cup). I am using ALX from 1 year now. It is an essential product for every women. I highly recommend it. I wish menstrual cups were advertised so that more women can take advantage of this product!!!
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By Amazon Customer
This is a great product, and every woman should start using it instead of sanitary napkins. It is environmentally friendly (no harmful waste generated every month), good for you (no artificial / chemical-laden sanitary pads / tampons), extremely comfortable (as compared to sanitary pads / tampons).
I have even kept it inside for up to 12 hours sometimes without any problems, when I've had a long day at office. There is a definite learning curve, so don't give up after a couple of cycles of discomfort and/or leakage. The first cycle, it was so painful that I was about to give up. It's just the commitment I had to eliminate the harmful garbage generated each month that kept me on it. Also, I had not yet got the hang of opening it up fully inside, so there was leakage. Initially it took more than 15 minutes each time to clean it
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Product quality is good. Was delivered on time. Been using it for the past 2 months. There is definitely a small learning curve, but once you get accustomed, you will wish you had known about it earlier. Way more comfortable than sanitary pads. No leakage, no pain, easy to use, easy to carry, environment friendly, doesn't dig a hole in your pocket. Can wear it for almost 18 hours straight without any harm to the body. What more can you ask for.. Should be advertised and made available to all women. It's a big boon to the human race!
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By Maddy
9 Offers from product price
4.2 | 332 customer reviews
267 of the 332 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Excellet product. Tried it today and it does what it says. No foul smells at all . As the area is the confluence of three outlets (I guess you know what I am saying.) this is an ideal place for bacteria to breed, especially with the addition of sweat in the area. V Wash does wonders to eliminate odour and has a very pleasant smell. Thank you for this product.
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By Mona Lisa
I am happy with my purchase thanks amazon for selling ladies personal health and wellness products .
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By Rosy M.
Helps women with flabby body and who sweat a lot. It does a good job of keeping the delicate area dry plus keeps one free from itchy skin.Good for diabetic women.
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By Rohini Dias
4 Offers from product price
4.2 | 281 customer reviews
229 of the 281 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Hey guys...This one is only usefulll for people who are looking for low budget and have low bleeding and can change it every 3 to 4 hours. The quality is good with soft cotton covering on the top. Its quit long than normal which avoids leakage. You can use this for your last few days as I do :D
The package quality is awesome.
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By Tasneem Sweethoney
Very useful particularly to those averse to synthetic stuff - that too at a lower price .Kudos to J&J and thanks to Amazon.
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By Gv
Since i did not see this mentioned anywhere on the product page, may i mention that these pads are NOT individually-wrapped. So these are not super discreet to smuggle into the ladies room at the office or at a party. May be good to have a stash in your personal washroom at home. But definitely can't carry them in your purse.
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By chuunizuun
4.2 | 250 customer reviews
207 of the 250 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
This product is good 👍👍👍 you all girls should buy this product..its osm..with good price.
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By Saima
Brand : Stayfree
Product : Sanitary Napkins
Variant : Dry-Max All Night Ultra Thin with wings
Origin : Made in India
MRP : INR 315
Per Count : INR 11.25 ( 315 for 28 count)

I’ve been using these for years now. They have a better coverage compared to other pads and these do not fold or reposition unlike other pads . The absorption is good and I’ve barely had any staining upon using these. They aren’t overly drying on the lighter flow days too . The best part is that even on extended wear there’s been no chaffing or building up of excess moisture on the skin and these aren’t stifling.

Pros :
+ there’s no there is no sliding , bunching or slipping ;
+ no visible lines or bulges in my clothes ;
+ good length : 315 mm ; I’m a skinny girl and this size kinda perfectly covers most part from my belly to
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By The Purkhaa Tak Review
4 star because the quality of this pad should be improved. It is a good pad and gives long lasting protection but after some hours upper layer of the pad get damaged and the inner cotton layer comes out. this is very disgusting situation.
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By P
4.3 | 90 customer reviews
76 of the 90 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
New product launched by whisper is excellent. As the name suggests it is softer . It absorbs very quickly n keeps u dry whole day. It has nice fragrance even on heavy flow it keeps dry n fragrance remains as fresh as new or used pad. I'm happy as always whisper keeps its words. Must try it ,if u r working n can't change very frequently.
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By Madhuri
super soft, my wife is using Whisper Ultra but she found it as much more soft and comfortable. this one is having a bit less soaking power but still overall this one is better than Whisper Ultra.
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By Gaurav Jain
Arrived in good condition. The pad is really very soft but isn't useful in heavy flow. Leaks easily. Can be used in low flow or when period is about to end.
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By Cheena
1 Offer from product price
4.2 | 207 customer reviews
171 of the 207 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
For the first time I tried tampons. I worry that I missed using it these days.. no worries about leaks, no worries about the bad odour and rashes. Immediate continue using this. For the first 2days I was using Bella super tampon and for rest of the days I used this ob tampons.. I liked it lot and will continue to use this
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By Subha
U will never go back to sanitary napkin once u will start using this....its removal depends upon ur blood flow...but make sure u will remove it after 5-6 hrs...these are super cool....loved it...if u r still doubtful about whether to use it or me go for it ❤👍
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By Shraddha Sandhansive
The package came well packed, properly sealed and on time.

I started using Tampoons for the first time. Therefore I went for this one to be on the safe side as it is a Johnson & Johnson product. I read that for first-timers average flow one should be used. The tampoon was covered in a plastic wrap with a reliable string.
It did not work for me for the initial 2 days when the flow was heavier. It had to be changed every 2 hours or it leaked. But worked just fine for the remaining days. The thing about Tampoon is you should have all the 3 variety
Super for initial days when the flow is heavier.
Average flow for the later days.
Light for very light bleeding.

If you try and use average one for the latter period it will irritate you by rubbing against your body. For it to work properly you
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By Luckystar
6 Offers from product price
4.2 | 192 customer reviews
159 of the 192 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Really good for initial 5-7 days. Used with pad fixator after my c-section. Recommend to all females who are close to baby birth. Keep in your hospital bag. U will never regret.
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By Amazon Customer
No leakage , quite comfy , even 'medi' pad is enough for initial postpartum bleeding (if it'd medium flow) . if they come with wings then it would be perfect,but these are without wings.
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By Amazon Customer
Pads have good soaking capacity but does not contain dry sheild like in other pads for example whisper. So you feel wet and uncomfortable.
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By Tia
4.3 | 77 customer reviews
66 of the 77 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Before you read this review I need you to understand that I'm a very private woman. I typically do not leave reviews about personal items such as this one- I do not want to influence anyone in the wrong way. So please understand how difficult it was for me to write this review. However, after experiencing this product for more than four months I felt the need to share my honest story. Maybe this review can help someone who is/was in the same situation as me. Let me also state that I was not endorsed, given a free product, or compensated in any way for this review. This is my honest review.

Ladies this is a very difficult subject for some women and I completely understand because I was one of those women. I've struggled with maxi pads for a very long time. Due to my extremely heavy periods I've always
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By Kirti
Amazing product.. I am trying the menstrual cup for the first time and I forgot that I have mensus when i used it... As I am using it first time I have some difficulties to put it inside the vagina and take it back..may be by practice I hope I can do it easily...and I have one more doubt that the product I have purchased is little big...I have purchased large size because I am 38 yrs old and I gave birth to a baby through C Section. ..the company suggested large size for this category...but I am not tall and strong build woman, i am weighing only 52 kg and and ht is only 5ft 2 may be medium will be more comfortable for me...anyway I can use this Large size also.
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By Amazon Customer
Hello friends let me share my experience with you regarding the silicone menstrual cup,
I have used it last month for the first time since we were traveling to Rishikesh and Mussoorie,
I always wanted to try but didn’t wanted to start by myself ,as human nature we are always comfortable if our friends or relatives use it first and based on their opinion we think of buying the stuff,
I have waited for a long time before being a Guinea pig myself , but then since all my friends were being little sceptical of using it all we had to do is wait till someone tries ,
So finally I decided to buy it online , I bought it from amazon this cup named as Sirona and believe it my friends it was a miracle, I couldn’t trust myself that the cup had done wonders for me , since I was traveling and
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By rati
product price
4.1 | 706 customer reviews
582 of the 706 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Product is really good .
Whisper ultra (green one) has synthetic cover and that doesn’t suit me, so from the long time I have been buying StayFree. Being a brand loyal I was a bit hesitant about putting money on a sensitive product. To put my experience into one line, I would be saying new Whisper Ultra Soft 2x is a fragrant cotton cover pad which has absorption power of 2-3 hours and it is softer.
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By Ina khubchandani
Whisper ultra Soft has really changes my life. Now I have no more tension and worry about anything in travelling or anywhere. Bcoz its 2x softer that feels extra gentle to skin. It has softer top sheet in the centre. In this pad special soft pores are included. That drive liquid to the core. Where it is locked. Now this new whisper ultra soft is really very useful and Amazing thing for me.
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By Ruchika Anand
Wisper ultra soft- I am using this brand from a long time and I trust a lot. Recently I ordered Whisper Ultra soft Sanitary Pads which is worth buying,Whisper Ultra soft pads provide better protection and absorb liquid in seconds so it give me a long-lasting freshness. The pads are very soft nd makes me comfortable... After using this no worries about period...
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By Priyanka Agarwal
4.2 | 101 customer reviews
90 of the 101 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Excellent .Can be used for any makeup removal. Its infused with AloeVera which helps retain moisture. Iam regularly using this pads only. Iam using this for applying any serum or toner as well as for removing my makeup. Multipurpose use☺
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By Diya D'Cruz
Nice cotton pad. Nt harsh on face. Gud size. Will definitely purchase again
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By Amazon Customer
Well packed. Soft and perfect.
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By Sushmita
4.1 | 339 customer reviews
263 of the 339 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Amazing offer...soft touch ln large size
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By Mishthi
Brand : Stayfree
Product : XL Cottony Soft Sanitary Pads
MRP : INR 240
- NOT ultrathin , feels quite thick
+ cottony soft and prevent rashes
---The Good---
• Cottony soft cover keeps you clean and dry without any rashes .
• Length is good , around 274 mm.
• Slim wings help keep the pad in place .
• There’s no budging to slipping.
• Available in packs of 7s and 20s and this combo 20+20+7 .
• This a good combo pack wherein you get 47 pads for INR 240 which means one count @ INR 5.10 . otherwise without this combo each pad costs @ INR 5.50 ( Not much of a difference , eh :/ )
• Good for day time for the days with light flow .
• The cover is not ‘dry type’ like you get in gel based pads ; instead it is cottony soft which is kind of good actually.

--- The Bad ---
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By Well ,hello!
stayfree has reduced its quality way too much, this napkin smells so hard (and bad) that everyone around you would know you are using stayfree napkin if women in their house also uses this product..there is no need to put so much smell in it, i am very sure it is bad for your health as well..i would like to use a sanitary napkin which do not use any kind of smell in these types products
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By Usha
4.3 | 52 customer reviews
45 of the 52 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
After trying many hygiene products, I settled on this. It may look less but it actually creates microfoam. Hence this bottle lasts for months. Hence it's value for money. Although they ought to improve on the fragrance of the product itself.

If you like this review, please give it a helpful vote 😊. This review is unbiased and unsponsored. I only give honest reviews based on personal experience of products I have tested and bought with my own money.
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By Sharada
It is really good.It is curable for any infection problem .No irritation in the time of using.I definitely recommend it.
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By Mimi
Its so easy to use and above all chemical free which could not harm my sensitive area. It has beautiful fragrance. Must a try for all women..
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By Sbz
4.4 | 34 customer reviews
31 of the 34 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Any woman needs this product. The freedom and independence that come with this is unimaginable! I can't believe I wasted so many years of my precious life dealing with menses with sanitary napkins. Had I discovered this sooner, I would have had all the freedom in the world even in those days, like I have now! Go swimming, sleep any way you like, go commando, wear your favourite white pants, go on a trip without the worry of where to dispose of the used napkins etc. The positives are endless. I also realised how little waste I produce ever since starting to use this. Sanitary napkins are made of plastic and are not bio-degradable. With this you do your bit for the planet too!

So far, it was about the concept of the product. Now about this particular brand, I must say it's the best one I have out of three.
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By Nikita
Alx Care 100% Silicone Reusable Soft Menstrual Cup (Size-1(UPTO 30 YRS), Purple Colour)

A great product! I had been using this product for the past 2 and half years and no doubt its one of the best products I had invested on which I would never regret buying.
1.It has given me a great freedom from the inconvenience of using sanitary pads.
2.A must-have for women who love not to be bound in one place just because of the demon who visits your body every month ( I use a pad though as an extra backup as a precaution just in case to avoid any leaks which may happen )

3.The rate is comparatively affordable if you think in the long term basis.
4.Easy to maintain .

1. I took a little while to learn how to use it and, with time I learnt how to fix it.
2.Sterilizing the cups is a must, so you cant
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By Jaisri
Amazon service :Delivery before scheduled date! And perfect packing! About the product : its been 6 months since I have been using this product! Total hassle free and highly comfortable! Had initial difficulty and discomfort in using! But got used to it in a day! It's a must try for every woman and do not hesitate thinking about how this can be used! It isn't difficult to use! Am a virgin and I use it without any difficulty now! Everyone who travel a lot or have other discomforts during those days should definitely try this! Highly cost effective and can be used for long time without worry!
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By Amazon Customer
product price
4.2 | 74 customer reviews
60 of the 74 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
best when there is no flow and u r towards the end of ur avoids rashes and saves money too... u dont need to waste those large and XL pads.. :)
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Womens must use cotton sanitary pads fr their hygiene..n in dat stayfree is the one which is cheaper too on pocket
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By priyanka
no need to describe stayfree,, i love the product and it keeps my expectation year after year.. no high price ,, suitable for everybody
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By dicky ghosh
1 Offer from product price
4.2 | 73 customer reviews
56 of the 73 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
BUY GIRL BUY! is cheper than other brands and is highly absorbant. Tampons are better than pads. You wouldn't even know when your periods started and you'll reach the end in no time!
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By Prachi Gehlot
If properly used very comfortable, for heavy bleeding stands for 5hrs. For normal bleeding can relax till 6hrs. Small in size. Unless it is filled completely you can't take it off easily. If not it may be hard pulling off.
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By Krushna S Eranki
Just perfect for less than regular flows!
Economical yet amazing..
No applicator with this pack, unlike sofy tampons.. but seriously, if you are not a first time users, then you too would agree that applicators complicate it a little..
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By Divya
product price
4.2 | 61 customer reviews
53 of the 61 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
An underrated product in daily women's hygiene. This is a must have product that can lessens the chances of UTI and other infections. Lasts around 8 hours, has a good absorbency & has a mild fragrance.
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By Aakanksha Bhatnagar
No shrinking, comes individually wrapped (good to carry), sticks to the (whichever) fabric all day, good capacity to hold discharge for pre/post menstrual days.. go for it ladies!!
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By Nehaa P.
This is extremely soft and you really don’t come to know about it being there. Tried a lot of brands but this is the best there is!!
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By Amazon Customer
4.4 | 29 customer reviews
26 of the 29 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
These pads are very much useful for those mothers who have normal delivery but for those who have c-section its not needed. The pads are very large, do not need frequent changing.
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By Tripti Sarkar
They are superb. I got my first pack for my delivery and carried them to the hospital. Liked them so much that after two years I still use these in the night during my period for hassle free sleep. They’re wide and well padded. Not meant for my day as I usually wear jeans and these are very thick.
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By Amazon Customer
These maternity pads r good post natural delivery. I had a c section so the pad was too big for the amount of bleeding. Hospital provided pads r sufficient. However the pads helped me wen my water broke unexpectedly. It helped me hold the water leakage whereas the water kept running down the legs with the hospital provided pads.
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By Molina M.