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Top rated products in Facial Care

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4.3 | 929 customer reviews
780 of the 929 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Very Good Product. Very Useful For Daily Life In Winter I learned of this product when I was reading on Marilyn Monroe, no wonder she was so beautiful, this stuff reeeally loves your skin. Yes, it is extremely thick and it takes forever to absorb but wow, it makes you feel like Cleopatra and her goats milk. Like a queen.
I would not recommend putting this stuff on just before you need to get dressed because you will probably stick to your clothes but I would recommend putting it on before bed and letting it soak in overnight. You wake up feeling a million dollars. Oh and it smells like a beautiful dream.
With Nivea creme a little really does go a long way, it's super thick and creamy and richly moisturising. It can be used for practically every part of your body. I even like to rub a little bit into
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By senthil
Creame is perfect for very dry skin but not the best to use in very sunny or humid weather as its a bit greasy. Also, it does not get absorbed in the hands quickly, takes time to fully absorb. If you are to sit in an AC room for most part of the day then it is very good.
My hands are very dry and this creame moisturises them well. Removes dullness on the back of the palm making the skin glowing and hyderated.
Creame is very thick so make sure to buy only if u need a HAND CREAM and have very dry skin... you will not feel comfortable applying it to face or arms...
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1. Creame is thik and contains oil in abundance. So after applying on face you get around 7 hours of moisturisation , so you need to apply if twice ... Once in day and once in night.
2. Overall I feel nice on skin ... Doesn't feel much oily. Absorbs in 10-15 minutes.
3. Has decent enough expiry date I.e. Nov 2019.
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By Rahul Ranjan
product price
4.2 | 2,365 customer reviews
1,955 of the 2,365 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
I absolutely love the packaging of this facewash. The pump makes it so easy to use. It is quite gentle and the fragrance is also very mild.
It lathers well and effectively removes oil and dirt and light makeup as well. It also helped me to fight against the pimples to some extent. It makes the skin look oil-free, clear and soft. Plus, it has the goodness of vitamin E, argan oil, caffeine and glycerine too. And the smell of the product is amazing. The best face wash I've ever tried.
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By TechPort Aravind
One of the best facewash for oily screen and pimpuls issue.
I am regulary using from last 5 year and i 100% recommand you to bye this product. Bottle is huge on size and it runing day on day.
Again good expirance with amzon. Got product before delivery date.
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By Gunjan Kumar
Hi! I have been using this product since really long time. I had a very bad oily skin and I tried most of the good face washes available in the market, but from the day i started using this product my pimples are just vanished.

Now about the new packaging in bottle, then let me tell you you need to be really careful about using this bottle. This bottle dispense more than the desired quantity. So if you are using it for the first time you may end up wasting a lot of quantity.
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By Bhaumik Shah
4.3 | 459 customer reviews
387 of the 459 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
using it for the first time. used about two times for my daughter. didnt find outstanding performance despite overnight stand with adequate massage....need to complete one full bottler to see and write full review. atleast the product is not smell. no damage to hair and no allergic reactions. so i will give 4 star. 5 start rating after completing one full bottle to see full effects.
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By haku kuku
Please read till the end. I have in total bought 4 bottles of this aloe vera gel so far for SKIN use from FIT & GLOW supplier. I haven't used in my hair, only on face and neck.
Product itself is great. No smell, no irritation, great absorbtion into skin. I loved this aloe vera gel as it really helped calm my sunburnt and rash-like skin on my face. It brought the redness and the bumps down, and moisturised well. I then bought more of this great stuff. No smell, no colot to irritate my sensitive skin. Dry matte feel after application. I used twice; in the morning under makeup/bb cream/sunscreen and at night before my usual moisturiser.

PACKAGING is ok. I don't really like the area where product is squeezed out, as it's a bit tough to take out a controlled amount of product but that's OK I suppose.

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By Naho
I have ordered same product earlier as well after using it feels it's really nice for hair and skin as well with no fragrance it's pure aloevera gel.
While ordered this time there is bad small of aloevera gel and after using by week finding that it's making skin darker and not even mosturizing properly.
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By Amazon Customer
4.2 | 1,043 customer reviews
871 of the 1,043 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
It's undoubtedly the best face wash for men in India. Especially for those who have oily skin and those who spend time in traffic. Cleans of dirt, and oil really well and gives a nice glow to the skin. Has no side effects at all, have been using this for 2 years. Highly recommend.
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By Sony
This is the best facewash for men. It rejuvenates the skin well amd provides fresh and cool feel on the face. But after using this you should use a moisturiser else ypur skin will be dry.
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By Soni Saxena
Nice Product
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By Neeraj V
4.3 | 401 customer reviews
311 of the 401 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
To my surprise , this is The first non-mineral sunscreen I've used that hasn't irritated my skin.I'm also very pleased with the formula and how my skin has been looking. If you have dry skin and have been searching for an SPF moisturizer, do give this a try!

This is a very emollient and moisturizing product, although non-greasy (at least on my desert-dry skin). It does take a few minutes to sink in, but by the time I dry my hair in the morning my face is ready.

Usually by mid-day when wearing other SPF lotions I start to see fine lines on my cheeks (from dryness) and sometimes rough patches and enlarged pores, but not with this! The SPF 15 is obviously not high enough for a day in the sun, but it's my new go-to winter/ office daily moisturizer.

it's fragrance-free, actually moisturizing, and has niacinimide and other good skin
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By Rahila mustaq
The cream is packaged in a cylindrical plastic bottle that comes with a pump and a plastic cap. The pump makes it easier to dispense product into your palm. It is also a hygienic feature as dipping fingers into a tub of cream can contaminate the rest of the cream.


-> Olay Total Effects 7 in One Anti-Ageing Skin Cream keeps the skin hydrated and nourished.

-> Reasonably protects skin from sun damage.

-> Protects from free radical damage with its rich antioxidant content.

-> Efficient anti-aging product as it fades away fine lines and wrinkles.

-> Lightens age spots and other hyper-pigmented areas, helping even out the skin tone.

-> Gives the skin a younger-looking appearance with regular usage.

-> Non-greasy and does not leave behind a film of oil.


-> Sun Protection Factor (SPF) is minimum
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By Genuine Reviewer ✓®
When I opened's nosel cap wasn't working... I tried n tried but useless... so I had to remove the cap break the bottle... that was looking like a duplicate product n when I use was feeling...a completely fake product...not as feel like before....very disappointing..wasting money......fake!!! Didn't expect this from Amazon..
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By sanjna kamboj
4.2 | 694 customer reviews
568 of the 694 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Good moisturizer from renowned brand, basically it is for dry skin but I think it can be used for all skin type it doesn't make skin oily.Its good for winter season but can be used sister is using this product since years and believe me it's good at your skin it nourishes your skin and make it healthy and soft.It has very pleasant fragrance with SPF 24 PA sunscreen for ultra violet protection which I don't think very beneficial.But overall a good product from Lakme
Highly recommended
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By A srivastava
Dries quickly, smells good, silky touch, doesn't patch and doesn't make us sweat like any other moisturizers that give us an awkward patchy look. Overall the product is good and genuine. The delivery was done in a day and Amazon is exceptional.
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By Aishwarya Muthuvalliappan
I have been using this nice product for 2 years. It has a very nice fragrance which instantly gives a fresh feel.
Basically my skin is dry and thus I feel very comfortable after applying it. But I would suggest it for all skin types as it's not at all heavy.
It doesn't feel sticky either.
This not only moisturizes my skin but also makes it soft. Besides, it instantly gives a fairer look also. Use it after taking a shower and before going to bed daily and you'll definitely get the best results.

As far as SPF is concerned, I didn't feel it much capable to prevent your skin from UVA and UVB rays. Moreover, it has SPF 24 and that too with a label of PA++, which I don't think can be blindly relied upon.

Overall, a great recipe to include in your skincare routine. The price is also quite reasonable for a
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By UmeshTechYT
4.2 | 638 customer reviews
556 of the 638 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Nice product ...good acne remover nd good for oily skin
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By harshul jain
Very soothing and refreshing for skin
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By Amazon Customer
The first face wash I used in my life was a neem face wash, but it made my skin too dry. Since then looking for a way out for my skin. This face wash moisturises my skin well, no acne prone skin so could not tell for that. Fragrance is refreshing enough to make you look and feel awake .
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By Amazon Customer
4.5 | 159 customer reviews
135 of the 159 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
I have used many facewashes before trying Olay White Radiance. And every time I felt my skin all the drier. A friend of mine had suggested Olay White radiance for smooth and moisturised skin so I started using it. I see the change in my skin, it doesn't get dried up easily now and don't see skin flakes coming off the face. It cleanses the face from deep within leaving it moist and supple as well. The fragrance is soothing and doesn't hit your senses at all. I would highly recommend this to others as well.
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By Rakhi P.
Review number 2 ..
This face wash is packed in a sturdy tube with a flip cap that can be carried along for travelling without spill. The product has a white creamy and mousse like texture that mixes well and gives a squeaky clean, fresh skin after wash. It washed off my makeup to some extent. it removes all types of cosmetics, it is not so harsh on skin. No dryness left on my skin like that usually happens with other face washes.
But, I do see a glow and brightness every time I wash my face with this. My small marks will get vanished and spots will be lightened,.It will last you a good 4 months if used twice regularly. Little amount is required to lather up. To conclude I am very much happy with the product ! I would recommend you too ! For a perfect and healthy
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By Rahila mustaq
The fragrance of this cleanser is very mild. The texture is creamy and is needed in about half of a coin size. When you gently rub it on your face and then rinse, it does not get very soapy and gets rinsed off easily. It leaves your skin squeaky clean and lightly shiny without drying it. I like the product. Ps.. I save oily skin and it did not make my skin dry but very clean. Very effective in make up removal
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By Honey Prisha
4.2 | 553 customer reviews
466 of the 553 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
It removes every bit of dirt and pollution from your skin and cleans your pores completely. Highly recommended especially for Indian pollution.
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By Riya Beauty
Great product for acne prone skin. Cleans satisfactorily without leaving the skin dry. Best for sweaty summers.
Finally got a face wash which suits different skin types in the family.
Thank you....
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By Priya V
Pretty good face wash!!! Face definitely feels and looks cleaner. Packing is awesome. Gel consistency. Just a drop is enough for 1 wash. Lasts long. Value for money.
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By Sourav Bansal
31 Offers from product price
4.2 | 477 customer reviews
395 of the 477 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
I am a fan of Nivea products as they actually stand apart from their competitors. Also, they have started to cut down on prices making their products a bit affordable.
I have been using this face wash for the past 6 months and I have seen reduction in acne from my face. Acne is usually because of oil on face which this face wash removes to a good extent. It makes the face oil free right after one use and keeps hydrated for a good amount of time. Use it twice a day, Morning and Evening, to get the best results on acne. If your face is too oily or if you sweat a lot, you can use maybe more than twice a day.

A small amount is sufficient to produce foam.
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Perfect for Oily Skin. Gives fresh face for few hours. Deeply Clean your face. Works with any types of water. Pack is also good.

Why should you buy this product?
If your face is oily.
If you want deep cleaning.
If you are traveller and come across with different water quality.
If you want a fresh look.
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By Aamir Sohail Khan
Nivea Men Oil Control Face Wash (10X whitening) is does control oilyness of the face but no whitening effect whatsoever,
i am also use Nivea men all in one face wash but its the best face wash then Nivea Men Oil Control Face Wash .
and i suggest Nivea all in one Face wash buy.
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product price
4.1 | 1,300 customer reviews
1,051 of the 1,300 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Hey everyone! I bought this face wash a few months back and have been using it 4-5 times a week. I have this acne prone skin which needed a good face wash ,previously I was using himalaya face wash which also was good enough to keep my skin fresh .On seeing this garnier product on lightning deal ,I thought to give it a try. So I bought ACNO FIGHT face wash + PowerWhite moisturiser .

To be honest I never faced any problem with this garnier face wash. Although the other garnier product ,Powerwhite moisturise didn't prove any good for my skin as I started noticing redness and eventually pimples. So exactly after 1 week I stopped using the powerWhite moisturizing.

Now coming to this face wash ,this foaming gel face wash forms a cooling lather to help cleanse your skin of excess surface oil and dirt and to refresh
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By Abraham JOSEPH
This is my Daily used Facewash and using since 1 Year and got very good Results. Give a shine and Freshness to your Face. Cools your face and removes Acne.
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By Aman Jain
I have been using this facewash since 6 months. It's too foamy and creamy. This facewash can definitely help you to get rid of oil but not acne.
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By Nikhil Patil
product price
4.1 | 1,043 customer reviews
767 of the 1,043 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
The gel is just magical..its not oily at all..regularly using every morning..and also using as a good primer. After using I found a remarkable decrease of dark spots on my face. Will surely buy it again..
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By Amazon Customer
I've tried many, many brands of Aloe Vera gel. Somehow, this one is my repeat purchase. It's soothing on skin making it glow, works great as a makeup primer and is good to mix with a homemade face or hair pack too. No breakouts. No strange smell.
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By Amazon Customer
Superb product by Patanjali for pimples and acne..... I've highly benefited by this product... Guys don't have second thought just go for it!!!!
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By Ramnath P.
47 Offers from product price
4.1 | 1,028 customer reviews
797 of the 1,028 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Finally a worthy facewash.
This facewash does everything it says it will.
The moment you use it you will get the great icy sensation and for the best part, it clears the oil and dirt on the face.
And best part skin is not that dry and no rashes or pimples.
Have tried many other brands in the market but they are either too harsh on the skin to utterly useless.
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By Neeraj Parihar
Nivea has been my go-to brand for lotions, shaving cream and face wash for the high quality, and sensitive skin focus. Although there are other products out in the market, I have had a good track record with Nivea.

I've been using this product for a few years now and I love it. My skin gets moderately oily, mostly on my forehead. Most facial cleansers would make my skin feel dry and tight after use, but not this one. The scent isn't strong or overbearing, so it won't conflict with after shaves, cologne, etc . I use this once a day and my skin doesn't get oily unless I'm sweating from a workout or out in the heat. I use about a small grape size amount when I'm clean shaven, but use a little more when I let my beard grow out. This stuff creates a decent lather and isn't difficult
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By Vibhor
It is a good face wash for normal use,
it removes oil,dirt,sebum and other unwanted particles from the face and gives a refreshing glow.
gives more freshness and whitening effect from the first day of use.
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By Shekhar Kumar
4.2 | 379 customer reviews
313 of the 379 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
bought it for my mother and she's happily using it.

>Contains activated carbon, which easily absorbs and lifts away the black impurities and pollution particles

>Helps reduce the causes of blemishes

>Reveals your natural pure looking white skin

Pond’s Pure white deep cleansing face wash offers you an effective way to get the radiant and flawless skin. This face wash is infused with active ingredients to provide you cleanliness that goes beyond the realm of regular cleansers. It penetrates deep into your skin cells to remove clogged dirt, dust and grime. It revitalizes your skin to make it look smoother and younger. This face wash also removes the layers of dead skin cells, revealing fair looking skin underneath. You can use this face wash frequently as its very gentle and won't leave your skin dry. Get better-looking skin with Pond’s Pure White Deep Cleansing Face Wash, buy this right away.

>>Avoid contact with eyes.<<

Squeeze a
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By Jatin Hatwal
This face wash is a blessing for people with oily and pimple prone skin.It removes the oil from the face instantly without overdryin it.This face wash does not require much water to get it off your face.Just a very small portion is enough for one tube of 100 grams can last up to at least 2months.
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Good face wash, especially for oily skin,it cleans skin easily,and is good for the people who have pimple problem,I bought this for my sister and she is happy with the result, Results may vary from person to person as different person have different skin type.
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By A srivastava
4.2 | 338 customer reviews
263 of the 338 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Am so glad this is available now in India at such an affordable price. Ive always bought it from the US earlier.I find this the best for removing makeup or just to clean up my face in the morning.
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It effectively cleans light foundation, tinted sunscreen, lipstick.. However, it does a bad job at removing waterproof eyeliner/Kajal, for that separate make up remover is required.
But still at this price and being chemical free, it is a good option as everyday cleanser. Much better than heavy cleansing milk, specially in summers.
Also, it is good on my extremely sensitive skin.
As a habit, I do splash water after using, though it is not required.
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By Maggie
This review is about Garnier Skin Naturals Micellar Cleansing Bi Phase Water, 125ml . I have been using Maybelline eye make up remover for long
(without any issues ever ) and wanted to try this out. My experience has not been good. This is a pretty strong concoction. I used it primarily for removing eye makeup (water proof kajal). The skin under my eyes got dried up and crinkled. Finally flaked off and fell and took a weeks time to normalize. I would suggest using very small quantities of it , if at all you do want to try it out. Also wash up the cleansed area. I understand that as per instructions you don't need to but would you rather leave a strong chemical to ruin your skin?? Need extra caution while using in the under eye area as we know its a rather sensitive area.
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By Manjot Kalha
4.3 | 202 customer reviews
167 of the 202 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
**~ having an oily skin,I rarely apply any oil on it.i had a really bad experience with an oil-based serum last time. So I was kinda skeptical about this one.
But, this is such an amazing oil. It didn’t cause any break outs. The results are noticeable.
I’ve seen my laughing lines reduced a little. I’ve been religiously applying this every night before bed , and wake up to a moisturised, glowing skin. By morning, there’s no oil residue on your face and your face feels moisturised and soft.
My cheeks are especially glowing. My mom uses it too and she’s been loving it.
The product comes in a neatly packed small blue box , has a dropper which makes it so easier to apply.
A bottle will last a really long time cuz all you need is three drops for your face and neck.
The smell isn’t over powering, is mild and won’t distract you
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By Review_tale
🌜💆 Doesn't cause any acne
🌜💆 No color, preservatives, flavor or excipients added!
🌜💆 Soothing fragrance.
🌜💆 Feels very light yet moisturizing on the skin.
🌜💆100% Ayurvedic product.
🌜💆 You wake up with soft and radiant skin.
🌜💆 No comedogenic ingredients thus is very safe on acne prone skin.
🌜💆 For the night serum i feel it is reasonably priced.
🌜💆 Nicly packed.
🌜💆 Suits all skin types.
🌜💆 Gets absorbed quickly.
🌜💆 Made of 26 vital herbs.
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By Hëéñâ ♛
I bought the Blue Nectar Kumkumadi Ayurvedic Radiance Glow Night Serum on Amazon a week back.

I have a dry skin and was looking for a serum to keep my face moisturized for longer durations. I am biased towards all things Ayurvedic and so while looking for Ayurvedic serums I came across Forest Essentials Activating Serum, Blue Nectar's Kumkumadi and kama Ayurveda's night serum.

Price: Forest Essentials and Kama are brands that I have heard of and used before. However, their pricing was way out of my budget and so I decided to go for Blue Nectar's Kumkumadi. This brand is Ayush (Ministry of AYUSH) Certified.

Though the printed price on the box reads Rs. 995/- I got it on Amazon for Rs. 845.00 (15% discount).

Packaging: Amazon took 3 days to deliver the product and I liked the compact packaging of thick paper and vibrant color. The serum comes in a small glass
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By R
product price
4.1 | 580 customer reviews
477 of the 580 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Neutrogena deep clean foaming cleanser was fantastic...The cleanser had a nice fresh fragrance and foamed up beautifully and i only had to use a small amount too,which impressed me..after i rinsed the Neutrogena foaming cleanser off i noticed my skin felt clean and soft..all traces of oil,make up and dirt skin felt amazing, looked clean,bright and to touch felt really soft...i really didn't expect to get such a good result from this product because i usually buy a more expensive cleanser to get this same result...i did also apply my usual moisturizer afterwards which my skin quickly absorbed...I love this cleanser from Neutrogena and im definitely going to continue to use it instead of my other one...I cant recommend this product enough...try it and you wont be disappointed....
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By Raghav C.
This is one Awesome Foaming cleanser!! I have a combinational skin which at times turns very oily. This cleanser not only helps get out of dirt but also in controlling the oil in your skin, which in turn improves the complexion of your skin. I am using this product for more than a year and am sure in love with it. I would recommend this product to anybody who has normal to oily, Combinational skin. People with dry skin may not be satisfied with the results as this mainly controls oil. A whole hearted 5 to this one!
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By Amazon Customer
Perfect Product for OIly skin,
The Benefit of this Cleanser is only that it will make you oil free up to 8 hours by sure, if you are looking for the Product for balance the Oil on face, than go for this product without thinking,
But kindly note, there is no other benefits except Oil free face benefits,
I got the satisfaction as i purchase this product for maintain my Oil on face,
Worthy product compare to price,
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By Amazon Customer Atul
55 Offers from product price
4.2 | 280 customer reviews
228 of the 280 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Awesome Quality
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By Rajesh Gupta
Diluted product... Than offline stores...
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Whatever might be added in dosnt work...waste of money and time...also leaves the skin dry after applying
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By Bhushan Gupta
4.5 | 112 customer reviews
101 of the 112 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
These are my opinions for Beardhood Caffeine Face Wash Cleanser:

- The first impression, It comes in a very handy tube.
- Travel-friendly, helping to take it anyway in your bag.
- Love to use this face/beard wash as it feels so cold.
- Instant white glowing face.
- It removes extra oil from face just in the right amount of facewash.
- An overall great product worked on my oily skin. No side effect.
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By Manoj Pandey
Hi am writing this review after using bthis Face wash for almost week . This Face is not a Normal facewash , it is a Caffeine Face wash thats why I choose to buy it . Because all skin specialist Suggest Caffeine for better and beautiful Skin .
Now let's Discuss most important points regarding this Facewash :
1) it has caffeine in it . Which is very good for skin and it's beauty .
2) it Remove Dust and extra oil from skin Perfectly .
3) It is suitable for both types of skin Dry and oily .
4) while cleaning your face , you will feel the fragnance of coffee . Which I love the most . So it's fragrance is awesome .
5) Comes in tube type packing . Which is best to carry anywhere .
6) It enhance the flow of skin.
7) Very less amount is required to clean whole face .
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By Arjan Singh
When we work and our work need energy we need to be fresh i terms of comfortable. After working for so long and start of a day our face needs something which get dig it pores and get the dirt out and keep it fresh for whole day.

This facewash which i am using for last couple of weeks found that it has that capability to get the freshness on your face. It keeps your face cool and fresh for all around 6-7 hrs when you are doing extensive job like working in a factory or office or getting to collage or school days. It has caffeine which can get glow on your face which i felt. Not that competitive for oily skin person.

Little description:
100g product suitable for 10-15 days of use. Contains caffeine which can get into deep pores and keeps your skin healthy.

How to use:
Use it two times a
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By Aman Jain
4.2 | 273 customer reviews
225 of the 273 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
I am using this face wash since a long time. Thus to help amazon buyers I am sharing my experience. It is truly a very good face wash. It does not make my skin dry after using it. It is gentle, nicely smelling, nice looking face wash. It gives little chilling feel during wash. Thus gives very refreshing feel as well. I do like its consistency and the way it foams. Very little quality is needed for every time use. But the face wash contains very harsh chemicals. Thus herbal face washes are more preferable. Hope my review will help to select your face wash.
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By Archana
I've been using Lakme Blush & Glow face wash since a year. Nothing suits my face and using even the sensitive ones never helped. This face wash doesn't dry the skin and cleans it well. Smell is nice and not too empowering. I'll suggest people to give it a try for sure.
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By Shalu Tripathi
-I really like its hygienic packaging which is convenient to use and is travel friendly too.
-The face wash comes in a light red color and has a refreshing fragrance.
-It has a gel like consistency which helps it to spread easily on the skin.
-After pat drying my face looks clean and refreshed with no traces of oiliness.
-It is very gentle and never ever irritated my sensitive acne prone skin.
-It is not very expensive and the quantity provided for its price is pretty decent.
-It is quite effective in preventing pimples.

Overall lakme blush and glowface wash is very gently daily cleanser which removes all impurities effectively. It is free from harmful chemicals and is not very expensive. I strongly recommend this face wash for combination to oily skin.
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By bharat