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4.7 | 674 customer reviews
650 of the 674 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
I am in love with the lakme range of new facewash and they are really worth the money.
The packaging is really amazing and delivery from amazon was quick.
The fragrance of the product is very impressive and i believe the quality is maintained very good and the ingredients used are much better than other cheap products available in market.
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By Divya Sharma
The day I received the face wash, I opened it and applied it and washed my face. This is quite a good product. I gotta say I have tried a bunch of products before purchasing this & this was the best face wash out of them all. The consistency and smell of facewash is nice. A small amount is enough to cleanse the whole face. The face feels much more lively and fair and fresh after usage. I use it regularly and I am getting best results. Highly recommended for glowing skin. This is surely gonna affect best in the long time.
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By Kate
Good facewash

1. It removes oil and dirt from the face completely. Brightens the face and makes skin soft and smooth. It doesn't dry out the skin and gives a fresh feeling.
2. Suitable for all skin types.
3. The consistency is gel-like with black beads, it almost looks like kiwi pulp. A small amount is enough to cleanse the face and neck properly. It lathers very well. The black particles provide very slight scrubbing action.
4. Fragrance - Has a nice, sweet and fruity fragrance.
5. Packaging - Tube with a white flip cap. Packaging is sturdy and travel-friendly.
6. Price is very reasonable.

Cons: None

It is a nice product and worth trying.

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By Archi
product price
4.9 | 238 customer reviews
238 of the 238 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Though it is pricey but quality comes at a price. It is free of chemicals so a healthy option for skin. Gives results on acne prone face in 7-8 days. Cleanses face very well and quantity required is also less. This will b my face wash for years to come.Its Packing is very good
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By Harshit Mittal
I'm using this from last 3 day's. Result of this face wash really impressive. Easily control. Oil from skin and reduce my pimples. Due which i buy. If you having oily skin. You can use it u try many facewash but i think this is one of the best face wash
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By Virat Rajput
This is a relatively new product from the brand, targeted directly towards men. It is better to buy a small size pack for trial and later buy a larger pack which are more value-for-money.
The face wash has a good new smell and feels good while applying on the face. It definitely helped me in reducing pimples, thanks fot that. Continuous use of this product will give me a fresh and glowing face. The pack is designed well and pushes out only the required amount of face wash, not too much.
A quick tip will be to first dampen your face and neck, then apply the face wash and spread it for two minutes, then wash your face off, giving best results.
Overall, I feel this is an awesome product and will definitely help you reduce pimples.
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By Harshit vijayvergia
13 Offers from product price
4.5 | 1,974 customer reviews
1,782 of the 1,974 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
I am using this face wash since a long time. Thus to help amazon buyers I am sharing my experience. It is truly a very good face wash. It does not make my skin dry after using it. It is gentle, nicely smelling, nice looking face wash. It gives little chilling feel during wash. Thus gives very refreshing feel as well. I do like its consistency and the way it foams. Very little quality is needed for every time use. But the face wash contains very harsh chemicals. Thus herbal face washes are more preferable. Hope my review will help to select your face wash.
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By Archana
Being a blogger I always trust brands for my healthy skin. lakme is such a perfect brand. Absolutely in Love with the facewash. With every use it give me bright and beautiful skin. Thankyou for fast delivery and awsome packing amazon
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By Ambika Gupta
The fresh fruity fragrance lits up the mood at every use.Also you need only a peas size of face wash for each use.I love how it doesn't make my skin dry unlike other gel based face wash. Also the tiny particles in it just adhere to the daily scrubbing needs. I totally recommend it for it comes from the trusted brand of Lakme and in the budget too
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By Shubham
5 Offers from product price
4.5 | 1,592 customer reviews
1,421 of the 1,592 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
This is quite a product. I gotta say I have tried a bunch of products before purchasing this & this was the best out of them all.
This product by ponds a must use facewash. Everyday use helps you to get spotless bright skin. Due to pollution and dust the skin gets dull, spots appears,but nothing to worry because this facewash is one stop solution for your face. I use it regularly and I am getting best results.
Its refreshing, cools the skin & make the skin fresh.
The face feels much more lively and fair and fresh after usage.
Recommended for regular immediate use after exposure to dusty areas.
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By Harmish Waghela
I tried this facewash for the first time.
I liked it overall.

It forms much lather with very little amount of facewash. I was used to apply much facewash amount to form lather but wirh this I had to change habit to use less amout of facewash.
The lather has a creamy texture which helps to spread the lather evenly and easily. It feels so good to spread the lather all over the face may be because of its creamy texture.

When rinsing with water, it gets off easily and leaving no traces of stickiness and soapiness. That's very good thing about this facewash.

Also after facwwash, I feel much more refreshed and clean. It gives kind of instant brightness over the face.

I didn't feel oiliness either. I think it keeps the oil balance well. It keeps the skin nourished. I have dry skin so I felt nourishment of skin is good after using
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By Amit Monga
Ordered for my mother few days back, this one is really helpful for removing spots on face.As a good face wash should be, this one also make lather easily. And, face wash that works well for most of skin types, cleansing without being harsh. and the best part is facewash has very nice and smooth fragrance. Recommended for glowing skin.
Overall, facewash is good to go.
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By Abhishek Bhardwaj
4.6 | 472 customer reviews
421 of the 472 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
The green tea facewash is such a nice product that i cant forget using it every single day, I am impressed with its lovely fragrance . The charcoal beads works as scrubbing agent and it deeply cleans dirt from pores leaving fresh and oil free skin with a refreshing fragrance which works almost a full day.
The bottle is small and handy easy to carry along .
The press top cap makes it easy to take out.
5 out of 5 from my opinion.
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By Divya Sharma
The freshness and scent from this face wash lasts long time.. after using this face wash the dryness and the pollution from the face is gone.. the charcoal scrub in it best .. the best partt is the opening of bottle to take face wash.. how much we need we can take that much only.. no waste like tubes and all
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By rauf khan
The green tea facewash from beardhood is such an amazing product that you will never regret buying it.
It has green tea extracts as well as the charcoal beads acts as scrubing agent.
The facewash provides a deep clean as well as leaves skin oil free for whole day long.
The fragrance of the facwash is really amazing and i would rate the facewash 10/10.
One of the best purchase from amazon.
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By naveen Verma
7 Offers from product price
4.5 | 966 customer reviews
851 of the 966 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
I have been using it for very long now, And here I am with in depth review of this product.
First of all every ingredient used in this product is very mild, the surfactants used here does not irritate or dry out the skin, But at the same time deep cleanses the skin.
I was having black and white heads on my nose, After understanding the proper technique of using this product, I started leaving it on skin for 30-40 seconds, and within few days I was surprised, all my Blackheads and Whiteheads were completely gone.
And the star of the show, MYRISTIC ACID present in this facewash, which helps in increasing absorption of other ingredients, so the moisturiser/cream/gel we use after washing our face will get absorbed really well and turn out to be more effective which is a cherry on the cake.
The formulation of this facewash with mild but potent ingredients
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By Mohit lalwani
Skin gets a brighter look from first wash only .
The facewash helps in being ready for party anytime as well as the quality of facewash is truly worth the money I paid for. I have been using the facewash and I didnt see any issue rather I would say its a wonderful product to be included in my daily purpose.
The fragrance is ofcourse very good . The product is impressive and I am in love with it .
Fast and easy delivery with a good packaging as well.
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By Divya Sharma
It's very good for moisturizing the face, I liked it as it makes me feel fresh ,I am being using it from last 6 month's no side effects,I trust the Lakme totally as they have all good product,but I would advise first apply it on your hand and check any side effects or not.
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By Top hacking fact
5 Offers from product price
4.5 | 798 customer reviews
736 of the 798 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Nice face gel wash.. same as strawberry gel face wash but of little lesser price. mrp of the product is175 but got @149 in Amazon. I couldn't found any difference between this and the lakme strawberry facewash. It feels very gentle and fresh on the skin. I really like to use lakme's these facewash ranges. This is a highly recommended product. But lastly the disappointment point of this product is that it's a chemical based product which may harm to skin. Thus herbal facewashes are always recommended. But it's in the better side in terms of aftereffect among those of chemical based products. Hope I could help you little by my review....😊
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By Archana
The fragrance of this facewash is really amazing and it gives a freshness which goes all day long.
Removes dirt and oil very easily and leaves the skin very soft.
Unlike other brands facewash this one is my favourite as its very gentle to skin and does make skin feel smooth and soft.
The facewash is a good product and i would rate it 9 out of 10 for sure.
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By Divya Sharma
This facewash is equally good as its other flavours. Its freshness and scent is fantastic. As my skin suits kiwi flavour most but i bought this for my younger brother ...who has a sensetive skin and has pimples ... lemon flavour is better for him we purchased ot earlier from local market at its mrp ...but from here it costed us very much less than that. We must have preferred this before also. Lemon is one of the best flavours from lakme in terms of facewash and i know it will suit him and his skin. Allover it saved my money and i would always prefer amazon over markt whenever i need to buy household items
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By shubham farkya
4.4 | 1,701 customer reviews
1,470 of the 1,701 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Why u should buy this facewash????👀👀
•Having activated charcoal.
•Quality is PERFECT as it is of brand ponds.
•At a good price range.
•Not like other take facewash this one really clean the face and helps in fighting with the tonned skin.

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By Nishkarsh agarwal
This face wash is a blessing for people with oily and pimple prone skin.It removes the oil from the face instantly without overdryin it.This face wash does not require much water to get it off your face.Just a very small portion is enough for one tube of 100 grams can last up to at least 2months.
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I have combination skin mainly my t zone becomes oily.
This facewash removes oil , But also removes essential oil.
After using this i got acne.

In my opinion this facewash is good for men with oily skin.
Recommended for extremely oily skin types.
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By Princess
4.3 | 2,284 customer reviews
1,929 of the 2,284 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Very good face wash earlier I used some other face wash and feel dry skin after washing but after using Garnier men face wash i did not observed such problems, very good product I love to use this and this is very effective, always feel fresh after using this, this remove all type of dirt and dust from skin and also useful for oily skin...
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I guess it contains alot and alot of chemicals which can cause harmful effect if used regularly.
I would suggest you to go for any all natural face wash(they are not popular).
It's fine for using sometimes and ok if your skin don't catch infections, irritations etc. But you can get better choice.
One more thing, do not get trapped by that power white thing, you're natural colour remains forever no matter how much you bath in chemicals. Moreover, these things create racism.
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By Izhan Ahmad
The face wash is good for cleaning your face from dirt and oil but I dont get the fresh feeling after using this face wash. No visible skin tone lightning after use. Plus point the foam cleans easily with just one splash of water, I mean you don't have to continuously splash your face with water to remove the soapy feel on skin like most of other face washes.
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By Abhishek Kr Jha
product price
4.3 | 1,725 customer reviews
1,458 of the 1,725 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Himalaya Neem Facewash leads to a feeling of freshness - you can literally feel your skin pores unclogged. However it does not lead to dryness. Feels great to be able to come home and splash it on and feel fresh. The price for the 300 ml makes it much more inexpensive than going for the smaller size packs. Highly recommend!

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By Sajeev
Huge bottle. Very happy with this product. I have a good trust for Himalaya.
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By Moulee
Hi! I have been using this product since really long time. I had a very bad oily skin and I tried most of the good face washes available in the market, but from the day i started using this product my pimples are just vanished.

Now about the new packaging in bottle, then let me tell you you need to be really careful about using this bottle. This bottle dispense more than the desired quantity. So if you are using it for the first time you may end up wasting a lot of quantity.
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By Bhaumik Shah
4.3 | 969 customer reviews
775 of the 969 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Love this cleanser for my super sensitive oily skin ! No allergies or hives ! I’m currently on acne medication & this cleanser doesn’t irritate my skin at all . In fact makes it better !
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By Harry
Adding review after use of all most 15 days...just one word its amazing...…

There are many benefits of this wash....eliminates use of scurbbing as it small beeds cleans and scrubs well on daily basis, leavs oil free looks, enhaces my skin texture and also removes spots and gives smooth looks. It works as per claims my chronic pimples are almost gone now, Wish I could upload before and after pics.

Thanks for such an amazing product...good work just continue your product on Amazon or in local stores so people can keep buying it........
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By Amazon Customer
If you are a person who is switching to this facewash from a garnier or nivea facewash, you will find it completely different in terms of feel. This facewash doesn't leather at all nither it has that cooling sensation unlike from a facewash by garnier or nivea. My initial expressions on this facewash is good. Cleanses skin really well and also the feel after your face is dry is also good but the problem for me is that it doesn't leather at all and if you have a beard even of short length, it got disappeared in it and while you are washing face with this facewash it doesn't feel like you are using a facewash no matters how much quantity you use.
After feel is good, remove oil well but I am feeling like it is tanning my skin. Also the beads for exfoliating skin are just okish only.
I will
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4.4 | 396 customer reviews
340 of the 396 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
At this time when we easily get in contact with outside pollution as well as the oily skin which makes the situation much harsh.
I got the neem facewash with goodness of natural ingredients .
The facewash deeply cleans the skin removing all the dirt and oil from the skin.
It is very gentle on the skin.
Overall a good product to go for.
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By Divya Sharma
Morpheme Remedies is a rather new brand for me and i bought their hair oil which turned out great. Therefore, it went ahead with this facewash.
What I Like -
- The combination of the neem, tea tree and basil is perfect for sensitive and oily face.
- There is also lemon oil, rose water, and Aloevera which is why it smells great.
- There is no harmful chemical like paraben, silicons, sulfate and likewise to harm your skin.
- It is anti-acne and anti-bacterial solution and the cleaning is deep.
- It instantly brightens the dull look on the face.

On the flip side,
It is better if you use it in combination with toner or moisturizer. This is true for my type of skin which is already dry.
The price is slightly on the higher side i feel given its quality.

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By Monojit Dutta
Few years back I decided to boycott chemicals from my life as much as I can and I have turned to nature, which, not to mention, did great to me. I have had my bad experiences with chemicals on my body, hair and face. I properly researched about "Morpheme Remedies" and loved the fact that most of their products are chemical free and treated naturally. So I decided to give it a go and guess what, I liked what I get. After 4 days of constant use twice a day, here is my detailed review of this magical face wash.

It is exactly as it says.

To start with, I love the fact that the bottle has a nozzel which is very convenient and travel friendly. Unlike other face wash tubes, the content does not accumulate at the neck because of the nozzel. It also helps in getting the
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By Rigved Singh
4.3 | 896 customer reviews
739 of the 896 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
This is one of the best face wash I used. Firstly it's apple cider vinegar which has great benefits of its own... So why this face wash. This is hardly coz it has brush attached to it so it is east to wash face not at all harsh on skin. Cleanses face. Removed dead skin cells..
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By D Sanam
Nice facewash.
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By Ramesh kumar kurrey
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4.4 | 366 customer reviews
311 of the 366 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Pond's Men pollution out facewash is the product I was looking to try since long, the condition of face isn't that great in such a pollution these days, but this facewash is really amazing, it does not just wash the face from outside but clean it inside out and gives a great sense of freshness to face after a hard day

I found the activated charcoal really interesting and it helps in deep cleaning and keeps the face energy high even after facing pollution whole day.

It is really easy to use and has a great fragrance with no side effects to skin, and I can use it as a regular facewash after going through a hectic day facing dust throughout.
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By Ankit
After trying so many other brand I discovered this Charcoal Deep clean facewash especially designed for men. It makes my skin really clean as it removes all the excess oil and dirt which is so important as I stay out for a very long time. For an oily skin person, this is a perfect facewash as it helps in reducing acne also. The fragrance is also very mild and pleasant. It doubles up as a scrub also because of the presence of coffee beans. Overall, it is a value for money product.
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By Parul Jain
It removes 99% oil. Makes skin dry. Removes dirt. But Garnier is also good. If you don't like charcoal facewash then you can buy Garnier. In winters i will switch to Garnier again. This one is good for summers. I am using it with my new Phillips visa pure men. It makes a good amount of foam. So i like it.
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By Ankit kumar
product price
4.2 | 2,880 customer reviews
2,373 of the 2,880 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Super and good quality.very low price compared with the current market. I buy 2 face very happy to get it. Thank Amazon 😊😊😊😊
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By Minni
Effectiveness: - When my friend told me about this face wash I thought that my pimples are no more after using this but in my side experience and effectiveness is very bad. It cannot remove my single pimple but on the other hand, many pimples came on my face so this is not effective for me.

In my opinion, I wouldn't recommend to anyone to use the facewash for acne and oily face.
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By Shubham Dwivedi
I have purchased this face wash for my sister and she is very happy with the product.

She has some pimples and acne problem on her face, this product helps alot to vanish them away.

As per my experience it works average on oily skins(or it may vary skin to skin)

If you want to get rid of troublesome pimples and acne. Then this product is highly recommended.

It Neem Oil and Neem leaves are excellent skin care ingredients which gives to your skin a fresh feel.

For better results ,use it twice a day. This is easy to use as it is made up with natural ingredients.

Best for acne-prone skins also.

When it comes to quantity then this comes with huge amount of quantity.

Overall all it's a value for money product.😍😍

Try it, Repeat it😘
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By Himalayan Rony
4.2 | 2,510 customer reviews
2,038 of the 2,510 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
This is my Daily used Facewash and using since 1 Year and got very good Results. Give a shine and Freshness to your Face. Cools your face and removes Acne.
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By Aman Jain
Thumbs up for this product because:-
The fragrance of the face wash is very refreshing and fantastic.
Low cost.
Good cleansing action and has a nice cooling effect on the face.
If you do physical training and sweat out then this face wash will really work on your face.
If you do work or play where you face a lot of dust. Then you must have it because it removes dust, oil and whitens your skin as well as makes your skin more refreshing.

Highly recommended! Any guy who is searching for a nice, decent face wash should go for it without hesitation.
All skin problems like pimples, dark heads, oily skin, dry skin etc. will be taken care off by this product alone.
I am sure that you will love this product.
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By Harmish Waghela
It is not for sensitive skin . If you are suffering from lots of pimples and acne than it is not for you . It does not remove all pimples it hardly remove one or two pimples from your face . If you are having lots of pimples then I recommend you to check the cetaphil gentle skin cleanser it is for all skin types and it removes pimples 100 percent
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By Heeten
4.3 | 455 customer reviews
373 of the 455 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
1) Gives a refreshing feel due to the mint in it and smell is beautifully herbal. 2) Makes your face a little dry but guess that's helpful in pimple reduction. I got adult acne recently and my normal face washes didn't help. So had bought this, and guess it was some what useful. Had tried safi and benzac gel before but looks like those did not suit me and my pimples increased! But major help was from Retino A ointment from nearby pharmacy and baidyanath raktha shodak bati tabs and charmarogari ointment as they both contain sulphur which helps get rid of bacteria.
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By Smiling Symphony
Nice.. cooling effect is there.. nice facewash.
Manufacturing date:- feb/2018
Expiry date:- feb/2021.
MRP: 250
Got@ 149
Verdict:: Damn good facewash with cooling effect.
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By Capital A
This is a magic wand for those who have oily skin and acne problem. This face wash is very effective for these two problems. Just apply a tiny bit of it and your face will be refreshed. And being a natural and free from harmful chemicals product this is a must buy.
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By Amazon Customer
4.3 | 402 customer reviews
323 of the 402 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
This is the second time I am purchasing with this product. The experience of this product is awesome. I have on oily skin and my face looks very oily with lots of dirt after I return home after travelling. When I use this product, I get a feeling that my face is being thoroughly cleaned
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By Mr.Pillai Di
It claims that the cream can be used by oily skin but I don't agree. It causes white cast and then begins to get greasy and sticky after a while. I didn't like it, it caused pimple outbreaks and didn't feel great too. May be dry skin people can feel better after 10 mind of applying it when the cream behave to settle and starts moisturising and dissolves the white cast but this one is not for oily skin, combination skin people may try but at their own risk. It's real costly and I really don't know what to do with the rest of it.
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By Genuine review only
Received in a very bad condirion
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By Kavitha
4.4 | 239 customer reviews
210 of the 239 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
✔️This is awesome khadi face cleanser vitamin C.
💠I really like all khadi product because khadi make all awesome product and price is worth and all khadi product best role of my life .
✔️I like this also Because this is a pure & natural products.
❓How to used?
➡️ First off all wash your face and take a little and apply your face and softly massage our face on circular motion in 3-5 mint and then Rinse thoroughly with normal/lukewarm water.
⏺️If you want best result then after used a khadi vitamin C serum.
✔️Best timing you can used night before sleeping .
✔️ Personally used this product with khadi vitamin C serum and result is positive.
✔️ This is help your oil control and bright your skin
⏺️ I really like this product
🔳 Thanks for this product
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By Md Shabbir
"Khadi global" as referring with its name roots to the classic Indian traditions and its individual identity, brings some amazing products incarnating the soul of the traditions with its Ayurvedic ingredients. Its face cleanser is an antioxidant powerhouse and a great anti- aging product that deeply cleans your skin without drying or stripping your skin. It's all natural composition of Vitamin C, Grape fruit peel oil, Aloe Vera, Rosehip oil and Tea tree oil radiates your skin and removes damage or acne scars.
Nature is in!
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By Karishma Bhagdewani
It Has A Decent Citrusy Smell.
💖Blend Of Antioxidants With:
Vitamin C 15%
Grape Fruit Peel Oil
Rosehip Oil
Tea Tree Essential Oil
Orange Peel And Rosemary Extracts.
. .
🎀Gentle Gel Based Cleanser Which Removes Dirt And Excess Oil.
🎀Good In Makeup Removal.
🎀Anti-Ageing And Face Brightening.
🎀Reduces Fine Lines And Wrinkles.
🎀For All Skin Type But Can Be Drying For The Dry Skin Type. Best For Oily And Combination.
🎀Contains No SLS, SLES And Parabens, So Its Natural And Safe.
🎀Massage Gently On Wet Skin And Use Twice A Day For Best Results.

1145/- For 200 ml but you can always get this on discount under 500/-. Availability:

Overall Its The Best Face Cleanser For Oily, Combination Skin And Sensitive Skin.
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By Krati Ratan Saxena
17 Offers from product price
4.3 | 354 customer reviews
294 of the 354 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
One of the best face wash, i ever get, price reasonable, very very useful for pimple sufferers, many people got good results after using it.
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By Diya p
Though I stray off and pick up other face washes often , I always come back to this ! It’s gentle on my sensitive skin and doesn’t cause any breakouts !Plus it’s affordable ! x
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By Divya R
Makes the face bit dry and my pimples didn't get reduced by it.It was same only.Disappointed.Dis face washes might claim pimple reduction in the name of ayurveda.But it don't always work.
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