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4.2 | 245 customer reviews
200 of the 245 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Excellent product Guyz
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By Moumita Mondal
I loved it. Royal blue and black. 2 separate pots with 2 separate brushes. One brush is straight and the other is angled. Used royal blue on the upper lid and black on the lower lid. This pic was taken after 6 hrs and it's still as intense as when I first applied it. Fantastic staying power! Glides very easily. Perfect for applying a winged liner
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By An Honest Reviewer
Quantity is amazing.. I have been using it for almost an year now.. And the product hadnt dried yet.. But close the lid of the container as soon as you are done taking out the product..
Or take out the product at the back of your hand...
I claims wat it says..
Its water proof and smudge proof as well..
Dont use it for your water line...
Best liner..
I am re purchasing this for my mom.. Becoz she loved it too....

I have 4 shades of these.. Nd they all are truely anazing.. Must buy for all the eyeliner junkies
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By Shaurya
4.2 | 184 customer reviews
150 of the 184 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Got a med to dark for my jet black eybtows, goes perfectly. Not long lasting, unless sealed with gel.
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By P
I have been using this from past one month. I will share the pros and cons .

One brow kit to get the perfect eyebrows
You don't have to go searching for brushes because it has all that you need
Wax is also there.

I feel I had to give the outline twice because it was little light ( maybe because I have dark circles) but once the look is finished ( after using concealer) it was perfect.

So it's one perfect eyebrow kit in budget ( as you don't have to buy brushes ) and the only con is it's light pigmented which you don't have to worry about, as you will learn with two to three application as how to make it look perfect on you.
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By Sumi
Its very pricey ..Purchase only when on sale ...Its a perfect color fr indian complexions n brow hair.
Comes with a brow powder n wax.but ....
.Comes with a super useless applicater ..Actually it's very small insize so they put in a mini me size applicator to u know justify the high price
..U will get tonnes of cheaper alternatives but I bought it as I was sure of the brow color aur match me perfectly n luckily it did...But I am sure there are other equally good options out there at lesser price
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By Reviewer RU
product price
4.1 | 259 customer reviews
216 of the 259 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
I heard so much about the Sivanna highlighter brick that I HAD to buy one for myself. And I'm so happy that I did. This highlighter gives a healthy sheen to the skin when used lightly. You can also build the glow up to a megawatt if you like.
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By hitu
I am happy with the product, when I bought it there were no reviews for this shade and I was a bit apprehensive. So I decided to post this review and hope it helps you before buying it.
1) The product will give very good result when applied on very fair complexion or medium fair complexion.
2)It is ment for rosy fair and ivory skin shade users and would require very little amount, if you are applying day make up or very light make up.
3) I will not suggest it for dance, function, as it is very light. However can be used for bridal make up or evening make, you will have to apply quite larger quantity.
4)packaging is pretty and handy to carry.
5) Can be used as an highlighter for eye shadow.
Cons) multiple coats are required if you have to apply very bright make up.
2) limited to morning and light make up
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By Nabanita
I am damaged product...
want to return this...
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By Anu
product price
4.1 | 176 customer reviews
145 of the 176 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
I have dark black eyebrow so putting black pencil makes it look artificial so after receiving this dark Brown pencil boy it's awesome but must go..miss Claire is one of the good brand...and yes packaging was so good that I got 2 air begs free with it Jk😎😂😂
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By supriya c.
Awesome awesome just awesome eyebrow pencil at this price. Really dark brown colour and waterproof . Just superb. Only con is wastage of products while sharpening that's it .
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By Ahana roy chowdhury
Quite good..! Best to use this color if you have jet black eyebrows. Using a black eyebrow pencil always makes it look a little weird.
Go for it..!
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By Dr. J George
4.0 | 527 customer reviews
405 of the 527 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
This is my second order. My first one was pallets 3 for my wedding and it was wonderful, the pallets 2 has arrived and to be honest not a single particle of the eyeshadow was disturbed and so well packed. The colours are wonderful, I expected 4 matte but there are only 3 matte and rest glittery. But I am happy with the product, I may order another pallets for the matte ones
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By Allwyn
These eyeshadows are worth more than they value. I'm shocked with the pigmentation and how buttery they are. Can't emphasise more , you should have this pallet in your makeup kit. You can do at least 10 different looks with this pallet. Special mention to the Black eyeshadow in this pallet, haven't used a better black eyeshadow that too in a pallet. I'm very impressed.

Hope this review helps you, I'm just another makeup lover like you and this product is approved.
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By Amazon Customer
I have got product 03 Though I ordered different. Anyways it's goods only I have applied twice then I'm reviewing this so it's all good for the beginners as it is in range also..all the colours gives a shimmering look and two colours gives matte finish so I'm in love with this..just a disappointing thing that it doesn't have blue shade as it was shown in the picture.
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By Amazon Customer
4.1 | 173 customer reviews
138 of the 173 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Very nice n fine gel liner in this price.
Not at all harmful rather not made made skin dry after removing like other branded gel liner.
Application is also good with provided brush in it.
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By nikita
very nyc product.. both d colors r so gud..
two gel liners in such a price is a,awesome deal..
my seller was meenu collection..
n i was happy to have free delivery on dis product
very affordable n good product specially for beginners. and i love d tiny brushes that come along with d product because they make it so easy to apply gel liner neatly n precisely..
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By Arshita
This is the besttttt.....! And it gives that perfect black look. All those who havent yet started using a gel eyeliner.. i'm telling u.. dnt think twice! Jst grab it😍u wont regret ever!
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By Amazon Customer
4.1 | 154 customer reviews
119 of the 154 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
I have tried many mascaras before settling on this.
This mascara adds great volume to my eyelashes and enhances its look.
And also stays for quite a long time and easily washable.
The design of the mascara brush is also very good which helps in adding volume to my eyelashes.
Totally in love this product!!
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By Amazon_Customer
I've been using this for quite a long time. And I'm quite satisfied with this Mascara.
The packaging is really good, the securely packed for shipping as well.
* It does what it claims
* Worth for what you pay, decently priced
* Doesn't need any makeup removal to remove the mascara. As it says it's washable.
* It comes with two shades of black, I prefer the blackest black the most. It's definitely worth trying.
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By AskBhargavi
This was so thin and runny. It squirted out of the tube every time I pulled the wand out. It smeared all over my upper and lower eyelids. I got a chance to check my friend's mascara and the consistency was totally different. I obviously received a fake one which I binned after trying to use it on two different occasions and totally ruining my make up and having to start again. Doesn't reflect very well on the seller. Real shame as the mascara was highly recommended by quite a few YouTube gurus.
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By Jess
4.0 | 304 customer reviews
233 of the 304 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
I was surprised by this product. It’s amazing. Truly waterproof. The Gel and powder are such that you can choose to apply it from light to Matt total dark. The description is 100% true. Delivery was fast and it came in great condition. Very very happy! Tnx Amazon.
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By rada
Its awesome.....
I recommend this to every girl...
Its just so superb...
It has intense finish and appropriate color...

And the best thing is dat it can be applied as the kajal on ur lower lash line...


Its really totally smudge proof and goes along for 12-15 hours....

and its super water proof....

the brush is excellent....easy to apply...with both sides--angle side and dome shaped side...

And most importantly it is affordable....

i am in love with this ADS gel eyeliner and cake powder...
Both the colors black and brown....
Its superb....

I recommend this to every girl ....

I love you ADS...

I love you AMAZON...
Excellent packaging and delivery....
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By jyoti gupta
The packaging is very travel friendly , good to go in bag. Both its texture is really good, brown is more preferable . Smooth to apply , stays for 6-7 hours . Doesn't smudge on face.
One complain : I received the product and it was cracked , but I was so excited to use it , so din mind to return it.
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By Siddhi Patel
product price
4.1 | 102 customer reviews
83 of the 102 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
the shimmer brick is very beautiful, i bought 2 shades and this shades is more pink tones, perfect for blush topper. very shimmery, i must say this is not for subtle highlight, it is very blinding, it does stay for a good amount of time, i am personally oily skin, and it worked very well, onmy moisturised and normal powdered face, this does stay for good amount of time.

Multi purpose, can be used as blush topper, blinding highlight, and as well eye shadows.
Bought it on a discount of 280 r
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By sneha h.
(HF302-03)palette. The colours are very pigmented & the blush looks amazing. Very very pretty. It is not very powdery & has a silky texture during application. This highlighter has all shades which would suit both weatish and fair skin. It has just enough shimmer not to little not to much just the right amount. The pictures attached are in natural day light One 🌟 less because the product contains paraben.
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Got in a simple package.but the product is very good the texture the quality at this price range is very good.i love Amazon now a surprise lipstick with it was a cherry on the top. The shimmer brick is multi-purpose u can use as highlight or even eyeshadow to create more looks.however it does not stay very I can say if u want it to last long use it with a wet brush with some fix plus..and at end again seal ur makeup with some make up fix. I am gonna buy more stuffs from Amazon now.i am satisfied. Just beware with the fallouts and the amount of product u take as it's highly pigmented while using it
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By Tan
3.9 | 1,023 customer reviews
717 of the 1,023 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
After all the negative comments I read about this product I still dared to purchase this product and guess what it turned out to be the best eyeliner at very affordable price. Its a gel eyeliner extremely smooth and doesnt smudge at all. I am in love with this product. I will choose this one over Maybelline which I was using for years now. Awesome product and a must buy. Budget friendly. Loved it
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By Rhythema
This product is amazing...It does smudge when rubbed but yes when it comes in contact of water it does not smudge.i would recommend it for begginers like me and yes try this.
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By Sarita
Nice n affordable got it for rs163.dark colour n long lasting.not totaly smudgeproof as claimed but pretty good n smooth application. Brushes are ok.brown liner is quite light in colour but can be used to fill brows.I was worried if it is allergic after reading reviews but it is not.over all I am happy with the product.also the amazon service was realy good as usùal. Product was nicely packed n delivered early . Thanx amazon.
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By Manisha A.
product price
3.9 | 987 customer reviews
707 of the 987 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
My reviews are a breach of faith and one of the most tried and true forms of this hypergloosy maybelline eye liner. Awesome and fabulous.
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By Vijay
This is the second time I am buying this Lazer Green eyeliner. I bought it at a retail shop the first time as a gift. The friend I gifted it to gave me a good feedback which prompted me to buy it a second time around, only this time I took a big chance by buying it online. I say chance because you always run the risk of getting fakes/duplicates online. Thankfully though, this time I received an original. Phew.

If you like liquid eye liners and love to experiment, then this is a safe colour to opt for. If you're medium to fair skinned then you can blindly go for it but dusky beauties might want to check out the swatches before they commit.

It's not waterproof and in summers it comes off rather easily. 1 rub and you'll want to reapply. So that's an obvious minus.

What I like though
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By Art
This is a good eyeliner, with a glossy finish. I wore it to an event in summer, and it didn't wear off at all, and didn't loose it's shine throughout. Well-pigmented and applies quite smoothly in one swipe, so you don't really need to use much of the product. The only drawback I would say is the applicator which is too thin and bends if you apply too much force.
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By Sneha Kakkar
product price
3.9 | 699 customer reviews
515 of the 699 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Dark black kajal.. gud texture.. Easily glides.. awesome.. I liked it however I used it for the first time. Go for it.. worth buying.. price is also gud.. if you use and like eyeconic eye kajal, it's same and worth using.
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By Somya
Like most Indian girls, I use kajal everyday on both lower and upper lid. I've used maybelline, lakme and loreal kohls. I was pretty happy with Lakme eyeconic for the longest time. Tried faces for the first time, and must say I'm very impressed. It's pretty smooth and deep black. Doesn't smudge. And surprisingly cheapest of them all. Very happy with the product.
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By Annie
The kajal is deep black in color .It is smudge proof for more than 6-9 hours .It is a roll on stick kajal easy to apply and easy to close and open .It depends upon how you apply .It's water resistant .It can also be used as a liner .
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By Imam Akhtar
product price
3.9 | 468 customer reviews
348 of the 468 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Met my expectation. Nice coral shades which can be used to create nude look. Its not like other blush palletes which are dominated by pink family. Highly pigmented n soft.Travel friendly also as it can be used for blush , eyeshadow, contour(brown shades) n highlighting also.
Cons- its without mirror
Packaging superb got a free complementary sivanna lipgloss also.
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By Amazon Customer
i lv dis 💗 Shivanna Ultra Blush Pallete 💗 my Shade no is (1) 💗 Shivanna Product're really awsm 💗 i lv it to much 💋
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By Priyanka Chanda(mona)
The pallete is nice their are 6blushes 1 highlighter and 1 contour shade . The highlighter and one blush has shimmer inside. The pallete I bought was shade 04 it said get the perfect nude look. The cons of this pallete is their is no manufacturer and expiry date.
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By Kindle Customer
4.0 | 137 customer reviews
108 of the 137 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Really dark and stays for long, I absolutely love it!!

Peels off slightly after long wear. If you don't like the peeling off feature, don't buy.
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By Amazon Customer
This is the best eyeliner I've ever used. It is fully waterproof and looks so beautiful. Thanks to its pointed tip and long handle it is easy to apply. Even if you mess it around it won't blacken you eye.
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Nice product.. its looks really glossy and easy to remove without eye makeup remover and thank you Amazon for the package.. I'm really satisfied with the price and quality :)
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By Kalai thiyagu
product price
4.6 | 27 customer reviews
25 of the 27 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
This palette is the best one among all the "flawless 32" range of palettes. I have all of them & trust me, this is the one I reach out for the most. If you r some1 who loves warm eyeshadows, then luk no further. This is the best palette for u. Also, if u want to buy only 1 palette frm the "flawless 32 " range, I wud suggest u to buy this one (flawless 4) as its totally worth each & every penny...👍🏻
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By Sophia
Awesome makeup revolution palate. So warm and gorgeous colours. Mix of required mattes and shimmers. Love it.
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By J R
Awsum product.. Tis pallet s to die for.. It has evrythg u need pink black brown purple white yellow orange marron nd what not.. Loving tis pallet.. Amazing pigmentation.. Packaging uffff m dieing.. 100% original.. Watelse u need guys jt go nd grab tis baby...
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By Sai
3.9 | 355 customer reviews
260 of the 355 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Good gel liner..its very black and bold.. applicator brush is also good.. eyeshadow is upto the mark and i also use it for filling my eyebrow..only problem is not long lasting..for this cost its can try it..
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By Jyotsna
It is very good product to get to it. Satisfying one. Loved to use it. Amazing results with satisfying expectations. Prices is reasonable. You can refer video for getting in detail about it.
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By Rohit Jain
The product is really good and its smudge proof.... But worst delivery charges... Try to take off those delivery charges... they are too much... i dont understand y u people charge this much of charges... at firt its not like that....
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By Gowtham
4.1 | 77 customer reviews
61 of the 77 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
The colours n quality of blue heaven kalaj is good one. It does goes away once we rub our eyes else it stays. Blue n green colour really good ones for experiment if that color suits you or not! I was impressed great to have in our make up kits.
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By Geetanjali
Got this combo at very low price...easy to apply, glides well and is sharp.
Not smudge proof though.. but I love the colors green and blue a lot. And of course, black is basic.. :)
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By Kavita
1st time when I bought it, I received perfect product. But 2nd purchase was too bad... I only received a black blue heaven kajal. And one broken blue kajal whic is non-branded and also a brand less green kajal.... Any one csn get these 2 kajal at 10rs.... Stars only for previous product
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By Sayontani
4.0 | 113 customer reviews
82 of the 113 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
just now received the product. its worth the price. I'm very impressed of the blue kajal. its awesome royal blue..... the green shade doesn't suits me but it is also a pleasant shade
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By nivedha
Color is pretty good. But its not smuge proof.
But its ok. You are getting a good product in a small cost.
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By Paromita
I received this product before time. Very happy the way it was packed and shipped. I used only blue colour kajal for 2 days after that I am writing this review. Green one I am yet to try. So would not comment about green kajal. I am giving 3 stars for blue kajal because colour is good but not smudge proof. After applying this kajal after an hour or so you can find kajal spreading below your eyes. I did apply on uperlid of my eyes like eyeliner and after some time I could find extra line. You can use like kajal but would not recommend as a eyeliner especially for people who have chinky eyes like me.
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By hemalatha
3.9 | 258 customer reviews
186 of the 258 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Omg! one of the best kohl/Kajal I have tried in all these years! Superb colour very deep black and matte . I have higher cheek bones which often makes the eye crease line push up and move the kajal/any product on lower lash line, but this one doesn't . BROWNIE points for Vegan beauties ❤️! Just love the product any one looking for no smudge thick kohl this is the one to choose without a second thought.
Tip:1: make sure the is no cream/mosturiser/any product on water line before you apply this.
3: you can add a bit of glossy black/dark brown shimmer/glossy eyeshadow with tiny brush on your thick kajal line to add some glossy effect .

Be beautiful <3
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By rashmi
Wowww what a kajak it is!!
Amazingly dark and crazy stay!!

I had read lot of reviews but wasnt sure to buy this as i had Estee lauder and Lakme absolute kohl.. well ya.. this cutie pie is also great at its work!

Whatever the brand/kajal claims to do.. does it!
The sharpener which is absolutely free with it is unique and astonishing! It helps sharpening it in round as well as pointy shape!

Came in a great packaging!
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By Monika Chauhan
Quality product. Does not smudges much like other Kohl pencils. Lasts long. Only flip side is that to need to sharpen it every two or three days. I must say thatI found it better than others big products available in the market. I have been using this one for many months now.
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By Amazon Customer
4.0 | 104 customer reviews
82 of the 104 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Amazing combo. Received the package before time.The sketch liner is to die for. It's so precise, jet black, smudge proof and affordable.
I'm not a kaajal person. I have a very sensitive water line. Kaajals like Maybelline and Lakme used to irritate my waterline. But not this one. It is so soft and pigmented. Though it's not that smudge proof. Try to set it with some powder and you are ready to go.
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By Anwesha

1. The kajal doesn't smudge a lot.
2. It has a nice dark black finish.
3. It is easy to apply.
4. The eyeliner tip is sharp as such gets you the winged liner look easily.
5. It doesn't fade away.
6. Very black in colour.

Overall a good product and value for money.

I hope you find this review 'Helpful'. Your feedback motivates me to continue writing detailed reviews. Thanks
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By Divya Kothari
The sketch is the better one out of the two. Kajal does not give that intense black finish. But it stays long. It's not waterproof. But I like it that way.
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By Rthushobha Pradeep