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4.5 | 2,749 customer reviews
2,466 of the 2,749 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
NOTE: All are tested on windows 10 with USB 3.0 compatible port & cable.

writing speed:
I got maximum of 109MB/s for *.zip file
avg 50MB/s for some *.mkv files to exFAT & NTFS format

reading Speed:
avg 100MB/s for same *.zip file
maximum 110MB/s for *.mkv file

I am facing heating issue while transferring files & connected standby.
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By s. sikdar
This is my 10th Seagate HDD purchase. I really love seagate external hard drives. I have 1 TB, 1.5 TB and 2 TB. A few days ago, when i saw this new model edition and i thought of giving it try. I liked the design but the problem is its in ''exFAT'' system format. Usually, most of the drive will be in NTFS which is quite user friendly. But this ''exFAT'' has biggest problem with transfer speed. So, i have to format to NTFS and now, transfer speed is good. So, as of now, its better to go for older model than new one. Because full formatting takes hours and it just painful and consumes time. Yes, you can go for quick format but full format identifies bad sectors and it literally completes formatting procedure.

Of course, ''exFAT'' is advance file system of FAT32. And also it detected with Sony LED
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By S.Venkatnarayanan
At the heart of the matter, the write speeds are low, in my case virtually "0". Crystal disk mark for a 64Bit Windows machine is given.
Would recommend some other Tier 1 brands instead of this if the drive is used for backup, you need good and sustained speeds, which this drive does not give
On the positive the product looks good, much nicer than the earlier gen for sure.
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By Amz Customer . Reviewer
4.4 | 5,968 customer reviews
5,252 of the 5,968 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
This is my first WD hard disk...and it's awesome.Mainly I bought this external hard disk for my Android TV box to Store and play my 100+ movie collection and Backup my mobile data and Photos taken by camera. So, I tried to connect this to my Samsung Note 8 and Samsung A8 Star via OTG. Both two phones are connected usually(Doesn't need any additional power supply). At first time, Formatting window shows in all three devices. Because, This external HDD in as NTFS File system . Android doesn't support NTFS file system. So, I formated this HDD in my Android TV Box as exFAT file system. Before formatting and after formatting I checked its file system in my PC. Before formatting PC shows the HDD in NTFS format and after format PC shows in exFat format. It doesn't heat up and its vibration is too low comparing to other HDD'S.

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I ordered 2 TB-Blue for Rs 4500 [4999-499(10% instant off, SBI)] The product was eligible for free 1 day delivery from Dankuni warehouse to Dumdum, Kolkata.

The product is very compact and light-weight. Maximum available storage is 1863 GB because storage manufacturers consider 1000 byte= 1 kilobyte, 1000 KB= 1 MB etc. (They use 1000 multiplier instead of 1024) The hard disk has 1 partition using the GPT scheme. WD kept about 1 MB unallocated at the beginning and at the end of the primary partition.

Always perform the surface test and SMART test after buying a hard disk. I have used lots of tools to benchmark and to check the health of the hard disk.
1. Windows Data Lifeguard Diagnostics
2. CrystalDiskMark, CrystalDiskInfo
3. HD Tune
4. Hard Disk Sentinel
5. EaseUS partition master
6. DiskCheckup, GSmartControl

Average random seek time: 0.76 ms. Read speed/ Write speed depends on a lot of factors. Read speed at areas with
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By Sourav Ghosh
My drive failed today, 5 months after I bought. 3 YEARS warranty and completely zero physical damage or anything really. Just decided to fail. Let me tell you the horror story that follows:

If you go to avail warranty on WD's site, you'll realize that it does not say ANYWHERE that they can repair it. Because they can't. They can only replace it. That's understandable sure. As long as they recover you data and give it to you on a new drive right?

GUESS what. They don't. If you want to recover your data, you have to pay to do it yourself. Moreover, they have the cheek to first MAKE you fill out a form so that they can APPROVE that you're doing data recovery, because doing it yourself directly voids your warranty.

THEN, you have to somehow scrounge up another completely empty drive to backup your failed drive's data at whatever
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By Karan Nagwekar
1 Offer from product price
4.4 | 3,083 customer reviews
2,700 of the 3,083 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
i bought on 30 Dec 2015. still working perfect.No error Excellent and inexpensive storage device. Plug and play for one TB of storage space. Quick and responsive drive for all of your data and back up needs. The unit is slim, silent and very portable.Solid 1TB hard drive. Small enough to easily carry around all of your files in your backpack or purse. Personally, I prefer the value of the 2 TB version, despite it's added bulkiness, but the 1 TB functions well too. Just a reminder to back up all of your important files in multiple places! Hard drives can die, your files shouldn't die with them.
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By Paramjit4
I'm very satisfied with the product. It weighs about 150 gms or so, and size is 2.5", so its portability is very high. Kind of 'Pocket me rocket hain'. Its protector pouches weigh more.With USB 3.0 compatibility, the transfer speed is awesome. I'm very satisfied with this product.
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By Amazonian
Received it within 3 days. Hard disk is nice and and gives copy/paste speed of nearly 90-110 MB/s. Better part is inbuilt ability to set security password without any hassle and also one blink type indicator telling if data transfer is taking place or not.
You may face some warranty issues as I faced as also stated in other reviews and that's why I am writing this review so as it can help you resolving it as I got it resolved.
As stated Hard disk has got 3 years of Limited warranty with registering on wd official registration page but after registering you may find warranty to be less than 3 years as I got 968 days only instead of 3 years(1095 days approximately) because while registration WD won't ask you for Invoice so they won't have any proof for purchase date and you have to add it manually.
So to resolve it
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By Ashu
4.3 | 7,262 customer reviews
6,043 of the 7,262 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
I bought this a week ago. The product is really up to mark. The transfer speed is great bought write and read. It is Handy and easy to carry around. Compatibility is good as I have tested it for Mac and Windows. I will do the testing for Linux and Android too. I will update the review after 1 month of usage.
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By Prashant Jagwani
I bought this 2Tb hard disk on one of the Amazon shopping festival for about ₹5000. It was great deal since its usually a bit higher than this. Well about the hardrive , Have been using it for around 3 months now , Haven't had any issues so far. It has got moderate tranfer speed around 30 to 40 Mps. It produces a bit of noise which you won't even notice. If you are looking for a HardDisk to store your stuffs, This is a must have. I definitely recommend this.👍
P.S : A Protection case would be good.


If you've found this useful, Then do let me know by hitting thay button👍
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By Suresh Babu
My storage device stopped working after 6 months and when i decided to replace it, I faced lot of problems. Seagate customer care is pathetic, they are literally making me wait on calls for 10-15 minutes without answering my queries, and this has been happening from past 2 months. I also registered my product on Seagate website for replacement purpose but nothing happened. They want me to drop this device at their service centre but for that i need customer ID which i can get through customer care. So, I am trapped in this vicious cycle from past 2-3 months.
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By prashant raina
4.3 | 5,821 customer reviews
5,120 of the 5,821 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
value of money product and value of storage data always knows by the who having the external hard drive.
Easy to carry
Dust proof
Shock proof
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By Gaurav Nayak
After using this Hard disc for 3 years , I can say this product is really worth buying.

1.Data transfer is very fast.

2.No issues have been observed even after 3 years.

3.I use this daily as my computer have very low storage. So this harddisc is always connected to my computer.

4. Its sleek and solid design makes it attractive and easy to carry.

This product can be bought , you will not regret it.

Tips - Keep this product in your cart for 1 week and you will see a price drop of around 500 Rupees. It worked for me ☺️
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By Amit
It lasted 1 year. After that there were constant errors and endless waits to write/read. A chkdsk surface scan showed bad sectors everywhere. The hard disk died and my data with it.
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By Diego O.
product price
4.5 | 736 customer reviews
659 of the 736 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Awesome product from Transcend. A memory card reader that support all kinds of memory cards such as MicroSD, SDHC, SDXC, CF Card, MS Pro/XC & MS Duo, build on a USB 3.0 platform so you'll get the maximum transfer speed that your memory card can produce. The design & build quality was perfect, glossy surface on top, the sides & bottom are matte finish. It's a 100% genuine Transcend product, you can confirm it in the Transcend website product verification page, MRP is Rs 1499 for the TS-RDF8K.
It's a plug & play device instant recognition on the computer, no drivers needed.

Overall i'm satisfied with the purchase.
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good product,
strong body
good quality cable.
does the job for me.
nice and compact., can be carried in trouser pockets if needed.
usb 3.0.
definitely worth the purchase.
good alternative to other products available
complete value for money.
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By Shu
This is my third reader from this exact model purchased in the last 8 years.

I earlier had two of this exact model, both purchased in Germany. They both failed after 2 or 3 years of usage. When they fail, they would refuse to read anything at all - the system simply won't detect it.

I was cursing myself for purchasing this, and purchased another brand last year called "Quantum Zero", but that turned out to be an utter garbage. It would mark all the files in my card as corrupted.

I ended up purchasing this again, and it works well and all my cards are back to normal (I use SD, CF, and a variety of other cards for various purposes).

I have rated it merely 3 stars due to my negative experience with 2 of my previous readers of this exact make/model that failed in 3 years time.
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By Ragavan
4.3 | 3,677 customer reviews
3,218 of the 3,677 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
One of my first purchases on Amazon India in 2014. Great product. Still works. By far one of the best online purchases to date of mine. Great product from Seagate. Very reliable.
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By Jash Jacob
Had been using it for 5 Months and gave me no problems.. So here are my results after 5 months of usage -
USB 3.0 ->
Write Speed :- 50-60 MB/s.. (Approx.) (Sometimes differs on File Size).
Read Speed :- 90-100 MB/s (Approx.) (Sometimes differs on File Size).

Haven't tested USB 2.0 cause I don't use it!

Really loved the HDD and will recommend to buy to those who are looking for Slim, Portable and Easy-to-Use HDD..
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By Samarth
The product itself is good and works great - until it doesn't. Then things become problematic. I bought this back in the winter of 2014, and it worked like a charm till about a month ago. Now, the hard disk cannot be read on any system and I'm looking forward to utilizing the manufacturer's warranty. Unfortunately, Seagate seems to have outsourced customer service related tasks to this company named Accel and does not directly interact with consumers. Moreover, the warranty does not cover data loss. Therefore, if I want to recover all that data which the hard disk was supposed to safeguard for me, I need to shell out a price several times higher than the hard disk's original cost. To anyone reading this who is capable of understanding the irony of this situation, think twice before putting your faith in that warranty.
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By Archit Bansal
product price
4.4 | 1,158 customer reviews
988 of the 1,158 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Hi everyone,

I don't know why people are giving a very poor rating for this hard disk because I have been using it for more than a year and I did not find any major problem with the hard disk like no crash or error and also it has some good features like password protection with encryption.

So, please before using a product kindly read its manual and install all the software required for better performance and easy usability.

This drive is one of the best drives and also it comes from WD so don't doubt about it and also they are having 2 years of warranty so if the mechanical failure occurs you are easily protected.

Let's talk about the pros and cons of this drive


Auto backup with included WD backup software.

Password protection with hardware encryption.

Easy and ready to use out of the box.

Bold, vibrant design in a wide range of beautiful colours.

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By Akshay Singh Yadav
Thanks to Amazon for the timely and early delivery. I ordered yellow colour and recieved the same product today afternoon .
first thing you should do after receiving it -check its originality by registering on WD website.
lets talk about pros -very vibrant look, good speed , easy to handle, get 3 years of warranty, no heat up after vigorously used, protected by password , price is reasonable.
lets talk about its cons - slightly heavier than its previous versions

I do posted some of its pics that might helpfull for new prospects..
go for this if you willing to buy it .
If you found this review helpful, please click "yes" just below my feedback.
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When it comes to WD, I don't think twice before ordering their product. Package arrived right on time. As expected, it was well packed... Superior built quality of the hard drive and the cable. Also the LED indicator is pretty bright & bigger compared to the older WD My Passport Hard Drives. By connecting the hard drive to the USB 3.0 port on my system, the transfer speed that I'm getting is between 85-92 Mb/s...So a big thumbs up there. Also it easily fits inside the pocket, so it's pretty convenient to carry. Overall it's a bang for your buck. So don't think twice before placing the order...Just go for it! Cheers!!!
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By Aniket Kamath
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4.3 | 2,985 customer reviews
2,527 of the 2,985 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Been using it for 3 years now. It's been great. It has never crashed or anything even once. Absolutely no data has ever been lost by it. I'm satisfied and it's my pleasure to recommend it. I've been travelling with it to work and back, and it has connected to a lot of computers, and has been through a lot rough use and movement, so belive me I know it's tough as nails too. Go for it. It does everything you'd expect from it. Very reliable.
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By Kunal L.
What was delivered was a perfectly packed genuine HDD, in sealed box. Offers standard 931 GB space. There is a HTML file inside, on clicking which you are taken to online product-registration. I registered and received 3 years (and 40 days) warranty.

From the beginning, the USB cable gave trouble with the USB 3.0 port (HP laptop, Windows 8.1). OS didn't recognize the HDD. I tried one USB 2.0 port, and it was readily recognized. Confused, I retried the USB 3.0 port many times, and finally after lot of fiddling, it was recognized. Even now, every connection to 3.0 port is a lot of hassle - I have to plug/unplug for a while to get it connected. Must be some cable issue. Not sure if it's worth the trouble to run around for warranty cover on this - let's see.

HDD is working fine otherwise. HDD is good and solid. Looks rather
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By Chattarjee
i received the product and its not working
I tried all methods to connect the product still not working

It is not opening in the computer
Now i want claim the warranty for this product
Please help me in this.
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By vijaya kumar
4.3 | 2,861 customer reviews
2,466 of the 2,861 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
transfers with 100Mb/s average on USB 3(blue port) and 32Mb/s on USB 2(black port) on pc... simple as that... fits in jeans back pocket...
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By Amazon Customer
Ordered this on freedom sale and got this for only 3600. I was deciding between WD or Seagate but ended up on this as WD is somewhat more reputable than the latter.
Now coming onto the HDD it's as good as it can be , the read write speeds are amazing and touches 100 MBps when copying one big file but slows down when copying multiple smaller file but this is not a fault of HDD so it's all good. LED notification light is also not that aggressively lit so you can easily work at night in dark. No vibration or any annoying sounds so it's definitely a plus.
One thing I didn't like that much is the guild quality. The plastic used is cheap and flimsy and does not feel sturdy in hand so if it falls down goodbye forever. Plastic quality could have been better.
You need to register you Product
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By samir khedkar
very poor product... hard drive did not even detected in my PC. I tried in o4 other PCs also... but same result...I m very much disappointed with Amazon as I have gifted this hard disk to my sister on occasion of Rakhi . I will suggest not to buy this from amazon.
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By Apurv
product price
4.3 | 2,006 customer reviews
1,770 of the 2,006 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
30 months, still working!
Good speed data transfer, durable design.
Looks heavy, feels light.
The only cons is that the cable I'm using is giving a problem in connection now, doesn't connect to all laptops (Windows only), but after using for about a year. Worked fine I'm the beginning.
Comes with about 1.8 TBs to use.
Soothing led indication light of the size of a cellphone notification light.
Makes a little noise when transferring data.
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I bought this product on festive sales during independence day 2016. The product performance seems ok, I was able to store some 200 GB Data, but I am not sure if it is locked whether it is covered under warranty. One should check this before buying, most of the guys make money by locking the data. Secondly I was charged 6600 less 500 bucks cash back during the festive season. However I found the product price was listed as 5750 after the festive sale concluded. I felt that I was being taken for a royal ride.....when I contacted Amazon guys their amazing reply was bad luck buddy we are helpless ! So guys beware unless you are sure that you are getting a good deal during festive season don't buy if you are unsure.
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By Umesh D.
The hard disk works just fine, but the data cable attached to it is very poor and becomes very loose after just 6 months. Even if the laptop is moved very little the wire becomes loose and whole setup is disturbed
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By Ajesh
4.3 | 1,887 customer reviews
1,621 of the 1,887 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
A pretty basic hard drive.Good read and write speeds.
USB 3~80-100MBPS
Using it for past 1 year and is still going strong.
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By moeFang
Very good product at very cheap price. User friendly. White light glows when connected to (slow) USB2 port. Blue light glows when connected to (fast) USB3 port of computer. Can be connected (as pendrive) to USB port of LED / LCD TV to play media files. But not supported with TAB, when connected via OTG cable.
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By Soumen Bera
Best hdd for the price
I buyed it for rs 3775
Getting high speed for file transfer.
I can copy a 6GB file in less than a minute in 3.0 port
and up to 40mbps in 2.0 port.
I mainly used it to store my Games and movies.
Thanks toshiba for making this hdd
and also
thank you Amazon for free and fast delivery by the Amazon prime service.
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By Krishnaprasad
product price
4.3 | 1,637 customer reviews
1,356 of the 1,637 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Just plugin via USB port and you are set to use. You can use it with both MAC OS and WINDOWS. It’s compatible with any version of OS of MAC. For MAC you dont need to install any software to write dvd or cd. MAC has its own software which is compatible with this device.
And I connected this device to my Samsung Galaxy Note 8 and MI LED Smart TV 4A Pro Android TV. My phone needs ML USB Mounter App to connect the DVD writer to phone and TV doesn't needs any apps. Supports all types of DVD movie files to play in TV. I burned some DVD'S. It takes 15-25 minutes to complete the burning process (depending upon the amount of data you are writing).. And I didn't checked it Writing speed.

Drawback: it’s too delicate. Don’t drop and don’t keep something heavy on it.

According to me, It's a
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Ordered the product on 24 Oct 2018 at around 7.30 PM and the delivery date was shown as 27 Oct 2018 with Prime Two day delivery. I received the product on 25 Oct 2018 at 1.30 PM that is in less than 24 hours and that too for free with 2% cashback(since I am a Prime customer). Five stars to Amazon for that. Now coming to the product, best in class by HP. The product is very light weight, easy to carry, easy to use(just plug in to the USB port of your system) and you are ready to go. The product is responsive and no CDs are required for software installation to run the product. The packaging was nice. Inside the box, the contents include one DVD RW, one USB Cable(about 23 inches in length) and user manual. The price quoted in the box is Rs 2499 but I
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By Sourav Datta
This is a good cd driver that i have bought as is is made by hp it works perfectly but it has some downside and it is with the build quality,it look ls and feels like it is cheap but if u want ur work done and dont care about the look then this the best vd driver this amount of money can buy
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By Parth Gadhiya
4.2 | 2,402 customer reviews
1,932 of the 2,402 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
I bought this pen drive on 22nd November and received on 24th. Great delivery by Amazon.
Got this pen drive for Rs 274/- only.
It has 5 years warranty.

Looks - It is an aluminum finish pen drive and looks premium, rugged and strong. It easily attracts fingerprints.

Build - It feels very strongly build and I don't think it will ever get damaged by any accidental drops etc. Believe me, its built like a Tank.

Size/Weight - 4.5 × 2 × 0.9 cm. It is small but not too small and neither very big in size. The body (Excluding the connector) is Roughly the size of your thumb.
15Gms of weight. It is not heavy, has a sturdy weight to it. feels robust due to its weight.

Available Space - Pendrive offers you around 14.4GB usable space out of 16GB.

Main Point, Speed:

I Tested all speeds on USB 3.0 -

Benchmarks - (crystal disk mark) It has write
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By Harish Gupta
Looks Sturdy and being a metal body it provides good heat sink as well.

Many may say the transfer speed is low bla bla etc but we are not using this for any mission critical application and even if the speed is little low that under standard test condition , one should be happy that this is available at this price.
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The pendrive is large. The speed mentioned on the package is 3.1/3.0/2.0 but it works in 2.0 speed only. Not satisfied. My other pendrive transfers at 46 to 60 mbps but this one is so slow , never goes beyond 12mbps. PATHETIC. Not recommended if speed is what you seek.

This might be a random issue but it is what it is.

(Note : use usb3.0 or higher port with blue color to test, not the black one)
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By Hemchandra
product price
4.4 | 524 customer reviews
456 of the 524 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Serial no. On the invoice is no where mentioned on the harddisk box and harddisk itself ....please clarify how to relate invoice and the product .otherwise I will have to return the product.
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By nobita
I bought this hard drive as a backup solution. It came well packed and its pretty light and small. At first i thought the box was empty but not.

Its a good 1TB hdd giving transfer speeds of 145/150mb/s on USB 3.0

I haven't found any issues so far.

Quality 9/10
Package 9/10
Warranty 9/10 registerable

In the box external hard drive, USB cable and documents.

Overall 9.5/10
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By vishal
The item was packed well and delivered promptly by Amazon. I used it for about an hour and during that period I downloaded all my existing "Document" files. When I wanted to add files the next day the drive started to make crackling noise. I could not detect it in my laptop. I tried three lap tops with the same result
I couldn't return,despite the generous policy by Amazon, because I had to travel and had no opportunity to delete the files before returning the unit. Deletion can only be done by a technician. I AM STUCK WITH A TOTALLY USELESS PORTABLE DRIVE. PLEASE DO NOT BUY TOSHIBA drive. i did buy earlier Seagate and i am very happy with them.
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By ro-breit
4.3 | 790 customer reviews
725 of the 790 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
I recently bought this external hard drive for my computer. It's my 3rd WD external. The other two are working fine for the last few years (quite a few years, in fact) but they are different sub-brands and have much less capacity (a 1 TB external was a dream at that time). So going for the WD was an automatic choice and a no brainer. I found the price on Amazon to be the lowest available online in India. It was a good Rs 1000 cheaper than on flipkart. However, I found the price was pushed back up almost immediately after my purchase. Lucky me :-)
Amazon's packaging was superb. No complaints on that count. Absolutely as it should be with an international leader. It was delivered on time.
So cheap price, on time delivery, excellent packaging. What more do I want from Amazon?

Now the product itself.

Before buying I found a few
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By Sudipto Roy
Just to save you time.. i researched so much and later found that passport ultra is same but slightly smaller..

Ok here is review.. have been using for 1 year now.

So it is easy to plug and use ... (just like pen drive)..
But faster than pen drives.

any ways.. i bought for good price here.. but it became cheaper two days later in another site.. with blue color.. I would have like to buy it in the is boring. hmm...

This was delivered very fast.

By the way.. I landed on this product instead of Passport Ultra.. because apparently Ultra is same as this.. except for little physical dimension difference
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By rohi
Cable couldn't fit properly in the hard disk slot, which left the product un-usable. Thanks to Amazon and their no-frills return, I was able to return the product and pick up a Seagate hard disk instead, which is working flawless till date.

The issue of the cable not fitting properly in the hard disk slot seems to be a common issue for WD hard disks, and I was able to find many such issues reported on Google.
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By Psycho_Scorpion
4.2 | 1,554 customer reviews
1,380 of the 1,554 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
I bought this for storage. It does a great job of it on USB 3.0 . Very fast and silent. The built in indicator light is blue on usb 3 and white on usb 2. . The price is very competitive and the casing does not give feel of cheap plastic.
Toshiba brand itself gave me confidence in buying this product as I have been using their products for long time.
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1) Delivery from Amazon, order placed on 24th and got it delivered on 28th (a day before estimated delivery date) --Awesome 5/5
2) Next is packaging, packaging is with card board outside without any air plastic papes, but the inside is well packed as its kept inside a good plastic packaging as if HD cant move sides.. Well packed but can be improved -- Good 4/5
3) Coming to the product I have ordered for HDTB110AK3AA and got HDTB310AK3AA which I am not much concerned as its a higher model ;) ;) It's is small (palm size). its really cool. not so hard on the outside and its light weight, a pouch for 200 rupees will protect the HD even more .. 3.5/5
4) Speed is not great 26 mbps for movies in usb2.0 port and going to the top of 96 mbps using 3.0 port, not like 5 gbps
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By Guru Ragav
Bought this product on Jan 2015. Everything went well for three years until one day it became unaccessible. Took it to our nearest Toshiba service center where in 5 minutes they analysed and returned it saying ' no more'. Later I took it to a data recovery centre to know any possibilities for which they put forward these charges.
Initial assessment @ Rs. 700 ( non refundable)
If there is any retrievable data it will be charged @ Rs. 3000 minimum even it is 100 mb. Mine has 450 gb ( can't imagine the price they might put forward). And most these data recovery centres are charging the same. If I have to retrieve everything ( they won't do on demand files or folders) I need to pay what the 'say'.

So why should we need this ? To protect important datas ? To carry data in a portable device ? To
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By Vimal E R
4.3 | 732 customer reviews
623 of the 732 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
After reading all the negative reviews I was a bit doubtful about the authenticity of the memory card as I was stinged quite a few times due to Chinese flash memory products. The product is working great even though I am still doubtful if it is a class 10 product. Agreed I am too lazy to test it thoroughly till now. I will update this review once I test it for now it is a decent purchase.
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By D Acharya
It is time you ignore the negative reviews and go for it. It is fast, reliable, as does the job. And those of you who want to know if it is compatible with Redmi/Mi phones, I have been using it with my Redmi Note 4G since a year, and trust me, I have not faced an issue till date ... no lag, no nonsense.
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By Suman Ray
I bought it for my sony PSP. Works very well I am using it for about a year and works perfectly fine. the copy speed of games from my laptop to the memory card is very good! short loading time due to its class 10. love the product and the website amazon! :)
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product price
4.1 | 21,473 customer reviews
18,039 of the 21,473 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
I Usually Prefer Sandisk Because Price is Less and Quality wise also best.
Durability is Long Life
Got Original Product From Amazon.
Storage Capacity is also what I expected.
One who all looking for 8GB Card with Less Price and Quality Product go for this it Fulfills all your Requirements.
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By Sreenivasan Techie
Awesome I used it for 2 years but no problem is happened... Very good product for this price
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By Pranav Bhushan
1. This memory card has the Lowest Price among all the other 16 gb cards available in the market.
2. I have been using it for 2 years, and it's still performing great. So, it's hopefully very Long-Lasting.
3. Amazon is providing this memory card at a very Low Price (due to the Great offers & discounts)

1. Transferring Speed is slow.
2. Due to slow speed, it does not support 4K videos.

Sandisk is one of the most Trusted & Popular companies for storage devices in the world. This product by them is also Good. I was fully satisfied with this memory card at this low price. You can undoubtedly go for this product within this Budget.
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By R Mukherjee
4.2 | 1,155 customer reviews
948 of the 1,155 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
It's the best external hard disk available today. It offers approx. 940 GB. Its very handy, lightweight and can easily fit in your pocket. It's compatible with all the operating systems be it MAC or Windows and even it supported the gaming console. Surprisingly, my TV supported hard disk of this size. For me, I could get speed up to 120 Mbps if connected on USB 3.0 (Windows 10). Overall I am happy with this product.
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By Sachin Arora
Low weight
High speed copying
Strong and robust cable
Smooth design
Easy to carry
User available 931GB
I insist to buy a cover or case
Packing good
Usb 3.0 works like a magic
High speed data transfer
Go for it
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By rahul.c
Last year in Nov 17 i have bought an external hard disc, but now its not working, all my important datas are inside it. i have shown it to service centers also but they are saying that HD is not working and data also cannot be retrieved. As i am normally buying all my requirements from amazon only, now i have lost my faith. plz replace the hard disc as it is not a year also to buy, and also help retrieve my datas inside.
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