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Best Rated in Essential Fatty Acids & Oils

Compare the most helpful customer reviews of the best rated products in our Essential Fatty Acids & Oils store. These products are shortlisted based on the overall star rating and the number of customer reviews received by each product in the store, and are refreshed regularly.

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Top rated products in Essential Fatty Acids & Oils

4.3 | 721 customer reviews
602 of the 721 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Omega-3 fatty acids are what’s known as essential fats because they are essential for human life. In the human body, omega-3 fatty acids account for an integral part of our cell membranes and they affect how the cell receptors in these membranes perform and how well they regulate genetic function.The problem is, the human body is incapable of making most fatty acids. We can only get them through our diet from foods like cold-water fish, nuts, leafy vegetables, vegetable oils, and seeds. Omega-3 fatty acids are also available in supplement form (fish oil) and they’re regularly prescribed by doctors to help lower the risk of heart disease and stroke. 
If you purchase over-the-counter fish oil capsules, it is important to understand what type of omega-3 fatty acids you are taking because not all omega-3s are the same.
There are three different types of omega-3 fatty acids - docosahexaenoic acid (DHA), eicosapentaenoic
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By saurav mazumdar
Fish oil is majorly omega 3 fatty acids that are not produced internally by humans. Earlier it was only taken from liver of cod and salmon, but now other fish are also known to contain similar composition oils.

👉Healthy heart if taken over long periods of time.
👉Keep away arthritis and other joint related issues.
👉Blood flow inside veins and capillaries made easy.
👉Can be taken by anyone.
👉Healthier kidneys.
👉Can bring down high blood pressure.

👉You must know how much to take per day. Seek doctor's advice on dosage levels.
👉People with skin conditions such as psoriasis or general rashes should not take as it makes the blood thinner. If there is a cut or bleed over the affected area, the bleeding does not stop immediately and will result in loss of blood.
👉Some people are allergic to omega 3 oils. Although eating them naturally seems okay, you may have to experiment with a capsule first.
👉Not very effective
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By Vinay Balraj
While the product is manufactured in far off Uttarakhand State which is thousands of kms away from the coast or sea but strangely on the mono carton it is mentioned as follows, ''has been extracted from cold water fishes (Sardines) found in Antarctic sea and manufactured under strict quality control standards.''. (Please see the attached photo). The "Fish Oil Country of Origin" as mentioned on U.S. brands is not mentioned on this brand.

So possible conclusion that can be drawn is that fish or its extract is brought from far off Antarctic Ocean and processed in Uttarakhand? But on US brands it is mentioned as, "encapsulated and quality tested in the U.S.A." as we'll as "the country of origin" where the oil is extracted is mentioned whereas shockingly nothing is mentioned by this brand.
Although it has a saintly name of St. Botanica sadly it's practices are unholy.

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By Good Boy
4.6 | 83 customer reviews
78 of the 83 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
I am a vegetarian. But doctor said fish oil capsule is necessary for my skin. Was facing skin and hair issues.
Having these for a week. And it's working
The smell proves that they are original
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By Manila Gehlot
glowsik Omega 3 Fish Oil
Glowsik fish oil omega-3 1000mg (with 300mg EPA & 1000 mg DHA) capsules from premium salmon fish, For brain, heart, joint health) 120 capsules helps support healthy heart function, promote joint support, flexibility and mobility.
- Glowsik Omega-3 fish oil contains both docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) and eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA). Omega-3 fatty acids are essential nutrients that ...

- Take just 1 softgel per day

- Premium Quality, Highly Potent. Cost Effective, Halal, Omega 3 Fish Oil, in Fish Gelatin Soft Gels, for Pescatarian & Restricted ...

- Glowsik Omega 3 fish oil helps to Support Heart, Brain, Joint & Immune Health very good beneficial product.
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By Ritika
The product is very much useful. As my mother was having pain in her joints for a long time, but after taking this product she is feeling much better now, and she told me that she feels her body and mind much more energized and fresh. The taste is also not bad like other brands.
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By Paras
4.4 | 148 customer reviews
131 of the 148 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Have been using this product, and thought of writing this review so that you can do informed PURCHASE. Before writing, few things to mention:
* This is not a Medicinal product
* It is 100 % Non-Vegetarian Products
* Also contains OMEGA-3
* People with known medical condition should consult a doctor before taking this SUPPLEMENT

Wont take much of your time here, as you are smart enough to read the PRODUCT description, but just to let you know that this product is manufactured under GMP, ISO 9001:2000 and FSSAI guidelines, so you can expect a much better and safer quality.

After a lot of research, finally decided to go with this product. Why I decided is the facts I have already mentioned above. Benefits can be found in all other reviews that it helps in building muscles, cure joint pain, controls blood pressure and or prevent stroke and so on. If
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By Raaj
As don’t want to waste your time by telling you about what is fish oil, please search in google, you will know everything about it.

A bottle of this fish oil in amazon box packed very nicely.

It can prevent heart attack or stroke.
It will control your blood pressure.
It is very much helpful for arthritis and other joint pains.
Also works for bones diseases by Improving Bones.
It can repair your Muscles.
So definitely it’s a must have product for old (say age of 50 plus) people.

It gives you burps sometimes.

You can use two daily basis (Morning and night) after having meal. But it can change according to your health.

Though it has many good quality you must consult with a doctor and then use it. However at this price range of around 600/- (MRP 1050/-) you will not get it in any where rather amazon. As per my concern you will get result after consecutive
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I really wonder of those 5 star ratings, I guess those are paid reviews. Honestly writing review, just bought two bottles of this fish oil. Capsule sucksss....

N I tested it, found its not genuine fish oil capsules.
Supplement industry is a billion dollar market, everyone is making money.

Returning this items , aur ha proof chhodke ja rha mai taki tum logo ko bhi samje ki ye sala fish oil ke nam par kya bechte hai...
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By Kapil
4.2 | 376 customer reviews
296 of the 376 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Awesome fish oil 100% authentic and couldtail sells genuine delivery is superb it is delivered to me in 2 days
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By NIRmit vashisht
It is good omega 3 product. It does not give fishy burps. But I think it is less in content for a person doing heavy weight training. It should be atleast 1000 mg of EPA and DHA. It's only 300mg. So it is good for common people.
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It has a shelf life of 1year and imported by SSIC. Seems genuine with hologram and container vaccume seal. Qr and barcode also guide you to the product.
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By zeeshan
4.2 | 311 customer reviews
250 of the 311 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Have seen noticing change in digestion, active ness, helps in many ways . Have tried many drugs , so far this is the best, have give to my mother as she got operated for hernia. She say it’s really helpful as it helps her as it’s cleansing body and maintain metabolism.
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By Amazon Customer
The product is very good , dont take it with water jus swallow it , most people take it with water , but u have seen in hollywood movie like zombie apoclypse type they take medicines without water so in the same way you should take it without liquid intake
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By Vasu_dhiman
First is all product is good and original
Second think I accidentally chewed the capsule so please just take it with water don't chew it all the oil will pour in Ur mouth and u won't like it so take it with water
From my point of view of u can spend little more go for omega 3 not fish oil both are different
Especially if u are here for eye and brain
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By A
4.3 | 116 customer reviews
102 of the 116 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars

My story with fish oil ( not cod liver oil ) & omega 3 started as a self treatment when i found my triglycerides to be exceptionally high in the range of 500 against normal 160.After a successfull lowering of triglycerides & BP to within 160 & 127/84 respectively within a month , i have tried many brands of omega 3 fish oil ever since then.

As you all know fish oil contains EPA & DHA which is good for heart & brain health and is not to be confused with Fish cod liver oil which is basicallly a rich source of Vitamin A & D.


I could have gone On & On for the benefits of omega 3 yet to cut the chase & keep the review practical,Here my comparison of the three major brands of Omega 3 fish oil available online.

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By Neeraj Vishwakarma - The Extensive reviews
Fish oil supplements are pretty costly but got this at pretty reasonable price, have been using it daily since the day i bought it, have seen a little improvement in my over all health. The reason for buying it was reasonable price and it being free from any bad taste after burping. Although fish oils are safe to consume but still consult your doctor before using.
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By Durgesh Gupta
I am writing this review after using this product for last 20 days since the day I received.
Product Name: Naturyz Fish Oil 1400Mg (Triple Strength) With 1000Mg Omega 3 (600Mg Epa, 400Mg Dha) - 60 Softgels
Fine product as it consists of 1400mg fish oil with 1000mg of Omega 3 which is good from other composition of fish oils available in market works fine as used for long period of time and shown some better results can't say about extent of results. But surely recommended from my end because overall the product is effective one.
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By Shubham
4.4 | 66 customer reviews
59 of the 66 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Awesome benefits from it. it worked good for all over the body for eyes to feet, skins and nails.

Why its great to eat ??
It is beneficial for heart, brain, and all joints in the body.

Pros :-
- No burps at all. for me...
- I haven't seen any side effects
- it works but takes time to days.
- For elders it is great to eat after meal for all safety like heart and joints.
- scientific results shows that it is beneficial for depression also

- it can be burpy for some
- Little higher price but okay

i have noticed :- Do not take on empty stomach.
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By Dhruv Joshi
It is one of the rare fish oil products with no smell at all!
Really good for skin, hair and eyes. Not sure about hair and eyes but can observe the improvement in my facial skin.
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By Shweta tyagi
My biggest fear while buying Salmon Fish Oil is if I'm buying a genuine Salmon Oil or its any other fish oil.
- By look of the bottle it doesn't look like a premium product.
- Softgels are not actually soft. It's like hard plastic pills.
- Fish oil burps are common when consuming fish oils. Most of the people don't like it and that can be avoided by changing the way you take the pill.
But consuming this for 7 days, before & after meals I've never felt I've consumed fish oil.

I don't need any bogus product mixed with antibiotics to feel better.

I doubt on its authenticity.
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By Sunnie Ahuja
4.3 | 83 customer reviews
70 of the 83 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
I love it. I find that it has the lowest price. It is 1000 mg capsule. It is similar to one which is available in other countries like US. There Omega 3, is recommended diet supplementary.

It is flex sees extract. It is not cod liver oil. So, for vegetarians, it is an non-animal product. I hope so.

However, it is emphatically written in description that one should not use it if the seal under the cap is broken or missing. I did not find any seal. It means it was missing. I have even bought another bottle for one of my acquaintance. So I am lit bit concerned. However, as far as the capsule are concerned, I have not anything abnormal. Secondly, It does not smell as I found in case of other products. I believe that on first use, I have found it giving good feeling. I have now used
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By Sumir Sharma
Flax seed oil is a good alternative for reducing cholesterol naturally for those with borderline high cholesterol up to 250 (those with total cholesterol higher than 250 should consult their doctors) and is recommended by cardiologists including Dr Dean Ornish who revolutionized treatment of heart disease without surgery. The packing of the product is good and best of all this is available for a 50% discount to similar products sold at the neighborhood chemists. Highly recommend.

If you find this review useful then please press the "Helpful" button. Thanks and wishing you good health.
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By Sajeev
It has the lowest price comapre to others and also have 1000 mg capsule. It is similar to one which is available in other countries like US. There Omega 3, is recommended by dietician. It does not smell as I found in case of other products.
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By Rani
4.1 | 239 customer reviews
188 of the 239 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
This is the 2nd time I have ordered these capsules.The product is genuine as guaranteed by Muscleblaze.
And as all of us know the benefits of omega3 fatty acids in our daily life and for our heart and brain.Going to buy another pack soon.Buy the capsules only of good brands.
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By Hardik Kanojia
It is a very good product if someone cares a little about health . We dont get all this enough from our food sources . Omega 3 and other oils in it is needed for stronger heart and brain . I feel better after using this as smoke a lot . You need to drink plenty of water and fibre rich food after taking these as it nay get your stomach upset and sometimes problem in bowel movement.
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By Amazon Customer
I like this product. Infact love this. i had knee problem one year back. So, i always afraid of doing exercise related to knee. Even i could not walk properly due to this problem. Finally i got this product. I am using this product and result is i walk normally. It feels that i am fine now. I am so happy. I know now i'll fully recover as results show.
Thanks Amazon and thanks MuscleBlaze.
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By Jitesh
product price
4.2 | 105 customer reviews
92 of the 105 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
- This is a fish oil supplement for those who do not like fish.
- The product was well packed and delivered on time.
- If you aren't aware of the benefits of fish oil it's listed below:
#Lower blood pressure
#Reduce triglycerides
#Slow the development of plaque in the arteries
#Reduce the chance of abnormal heart rhythm
#Reduce the likelihood of heart attack and stroke
#Lessen the chance of sudden cardiac death in people with heart disease

Please Note: 3 grams of fish oil daily in supplement form is considered safe. Don't take more than that unless you discuss it with your doctor.
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By Ghostfreak♠️
Fish oil is best for kids to develop immunity. My three kids used to get sick quite often and since they are taking fish oil capsules, the condition has changed drastically. 180 mg EPA and 120mg DHA are quite diluted and hence good to give to kids. The capsules are small and hence easy for kids to swallow. When I cut open the capsule I could see a thick oily liquid which smelt strongly as fish.
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By Rakhi Jayashankar
Fish oil is very important for joints, heart and brain. And because of our Schedule and modern lifestyle, we don't get enough of this which results in deficiency disease's. I have started hitting the gym, and getting the proper nutrition has become all the more important. I ended up with this product, after looking all over, because this one has a sufficient combination of EPA and DHA.

It has no side effects, and does not smell either or gives that fishy burps. Just before sleeping taking one will go a long way in keeping us healthy.
I do recommend this Fish oil.

If my review helped you in any way, please do hit "Helpful"

Thank you.
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By Ravana
4.3 | 69 customer reviews
60 of the 69 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
I am consuming Healthyhey omega 3 capsule for past three months. Feeling energetic throughout the day. I have acute ashtama but after consuming these capsules regularly , my asthama is better now. My wife started consuming it and her hairfall has come down drastically.
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By Kirit Dedhia
I have been using Fish oil capsules daily for the past three years. The sole purpose of consumption of fish oil capsules was to increase the HDL (good cholesterol) level in my blood profile, which was always far below the required minimum. I could bring up the HDL level to the desirable range after taking fish oil capsules (another brand ) daily for over an year. The level is sustained with the daily dose of Fish oil capsule. The brand I was consuming had EPA 180 and DHA 120. This particular brand under review claims EPA 300 and DHA 200. Hence I thought of giving this brand a try. Whether my HDL level is sustained or still improved upon, is something which can be ascertained only after a lipid profile test, which I will do after three months.
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Me and my mom is using it. Its been almost 2 months now, It has reduced my stress level a lot, on googling i found that Fish oil reduce the Serotenin level to an extant. So i am like a Zen type guy these days, Quite Chill. About my mom, i basically bought it for her, she also feels good but She is not sure if it helped her in reducing the joint pain.
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By Amit
4.1 | 158 customer reviews
119 of the 158 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Healthy tablets with no smell!! However I don't think they give you as many vitamins as COD LIVER oil
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By R
The product is good, its just that it's problematic to use the capsules because when I received my bottle, all of the capsules were stuck together very tightly, and I have to wrestle delicately with the capsule (considering each one is filled with oil) - each time - in order to get one out. This is despite the bottle having a silica gel pack inside which is typically supposed to absorb the moisture responsible for the capsule gelatin coating sticking together. If this has happened to you as well, try to put the whole bottle in the refrigerator for a whole day, and then remove it and throw the bottle on the floor lightly...this should free up some of the capsules and make it separate from each other. (and then you can consume it in peace, without your family thinking that you have bought some weird product from "online shopping".
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By Carl F.
Pretty odd for a fish oil capsule to have soy in it. Also no indication of mercury purification on the bottle.
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By giri kotte
product price
4.4 | 44 customer reviews
42 of the 44 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Very nice product.
I've used this product personally and it really works.
It is very good for heart.
It reduces joint pains
It helps in boosting brain development and memory function.
U'll feel energy in your body whole day.
There are no side effects.
I will recommend this product to everyone.
Good for your body.
My father uses it too...
Hope my review helps u while purchasing this product.
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By Himanshu Sinha
product: Healthkart Advanced Omega 3 Fish oil 1000mg with 360mg EPA and 240mg DHA, Double strength, with essential fatty acids, for heart, Joint and Brain health, 60 softgels
price: 949.00 M.R.P.: 1,500.00
seller: Muscle blaze
Returnable? Non Returnable
The product was deliverred ina good condition and in promised date of delivery
had no issues about the product condition or delivery.

This is a product for the the people whoa re having issues with their joints like joint pains, heart problems and other issues.
it helps in providing the essential fatty acids and there by improves the stregth for the body to withstand the joint pains if any.

its to diffficult to prove the performance of the product but based on my self experience i can say that surely this product did something good to my body and for that i will surely recommend thgis to anyone who are suffering with those cruel joint pains.

thanks :-)
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By Balu_Naik
Healthkart Salmon Omega is best omega 3

Omega 3 is good for gym going .

Omega 3 may help in improving joint flexibility & mobility. It may also reduce joint pain.

Omega 3 contains essential fatty acids EPA & DHA, which may help in reducing triglyceride levels and improving heart health

EPA & DHA are major components / nutrients present in eyes. Omega may help in improving vision in adults

Healthkart Salmon Omega is gluten free and Non GMO.
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By Mukesh sharma
4.1 | 114 customer reviews
88 of the 114 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Till now I use to wonder if an oil can help you get slim. But after getting this slimming oil I realized that it really works.
When the warm oil is massaged on the affected area the the fat gets transformed into fatty acids and it taken away by the blood. It has 11 herbs including harad, thripladi, amla, tea tree which works well for fat loss. This oil has therapeutic properties . It is good for those who want to tone their stomach, arms or hip areas.
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By Amazon Customer
I am using it every morning after my 1 hr walking... Before bath applied... Its sweating I can feel the heat after applying and visible changes... Take care of proper diet if u really want to reduce.... This oil is only extra advantage to reducell belly fat... Only with this oil and without diet u can't see changes...
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By Amazon Customer
It is formulated with a blend of Ayurvedic herbs that help reduce cellulite but relying solely on such products to get back in shape is just inanity.

This oil is non greasy and absorbs well in the body. Its application helps in tightening the loose skin. You have to be patient and use it regularly. The fragrance is nice, lightweight, free from harmful chemicals.

A versatile product and could definitely be given try. Besides its slimming and anti-cellulite properties, it works towards muscle relaxation and for improving the skin tone. Just be patient enough for it to show results.

+ No harmful chemicals
+ Non greasy oil
+ Affordable
+ Fragrance
- A lot of patience is needed as the results are slow
- It won’t give you a flat belly
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By Lucky samberwal
4.6 | 29 customer reviews
27 of the 29 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
I have had melasma (dark spots/hyperpigmentation on my face) for the last two years. I have tried EVERYTHING to get rid of it. I read a blog post that cod liver oil helps, so I tried it. In less than two weeks, I have seen a dramatic difference in the overall appearance of my skin!! I can't believe this miracle product!!

I have tried fish oil capsules before, but they left me with a fishy aftertaste. These pills have no aftertaste, and you only take one a day. I highly recommend them!
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By Sharma
The product received is of good quality and packaged nicely. Use of the product for short period has made some changes in my health particularly reduced joint pain, improved digestion and reduced tiredness. Will use the product for a longer period to determine the actual benefit.
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By K P Philip
not impressed by the bottle condition! the way it got delivered! but still hv 6 mnths to get expired! found scretches and dust on the bottle! didnt like it! lets c how it works!!
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By Navjot k.
4.1 | 105 customer reviews
85 of the 105 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Fish oil is one of the most commonly consumed dietary supplements.
It's rich in omega-3 fatty acids, which are very important for your health.
If you don't eat a lot of oily fish, taking a fish oil supplement could help you get enough omega-3 fatty acids.
Fish oil is the fat or oil that's extracted from fish tissue.

It usually comes from oily fish such as herring, tuna, anchovies and mackerel. Yet sometimes it's produced from the livers of other fish, as is the case with cod liver oil.

The World Health Organization (WHO) recommends eating 1–2 portions of fish per week. This is because the omega-3 fatty acids in fish provide many health benefits, including helping protect against a number of diseases.

But if you don't eat 1–2 portions of fish per week, fish oil supplements can help you get enough omega-3s.

Around 30% of fish oil is made up of omega-3s, while the remaining 70%
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By Stalin Choudhuri
Medically it is said that Fish oil is good for overall Health. If you are having Cholesterol issue Fish Oil helps.
Fish oil is a good source of Omega 3 fatty acid, which is essential for good brain and body function.
Extra care has been put in packing. Bottle is of dark color which protects it from sunlight.

You should take around 2000 - 4000 Mg fish oil daily , otherwise you will not bee seeing a lot of change in your body.

It is a good product. It is not a medicine but a health supplement , everyone should use it for better health.

I hope that my review helped you. If you have any other question feel free to comment below or message me directly. I will be glad to assist you and answer all your queries.
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By V & Family
The silica gel pack within the bottle got leaked. Now all the capsules are coated with a powder like substance. Don't know what to do.

Edit: Though this product was not refundable, Amazon agreed to provide a new one at free of cost.
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4.9 | 16 customer reviews
16 of the 16 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Very good product for daily use.Helps to meet
daily nutritional requirement and supplements
the energy level
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By Karan Jaiswal
Simply it is very nice product. It is helpful for us.
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By Tinku
Great product. Rich in Omega-3 is which helps in maintaining the eye sight as well helps in meeting the daily nutritional requirements.
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By Lakshman Shaw
product price
4.1 | 63 customer reviews
52 of the 63 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
If you are trying to find the best anti-aging retinol product, look no further. I have tried so many different retinol creams on the market, though I get disappointed as time goes by. Then, I stumble over 1 article on the internet of a British lady who tries to put cod liver oil on her face twice a day & take 1 pill a day, the result is amazing within 2 months. I decided to give it a try. Bought this bottle of the gel capsules for oral intake & another Vottle of oil to rub on my face, thinking I will write my review after 2 months. It's only been the 5th day and I give up. I have to write the review. It's amazing. I can see the difference already. My skin is much moister and it keeps being moist the whole day, my skin tone improves already
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By Baljeetsingh Chhabra
Using 5-6 days feel good , no any side effects, the power booster,I like very much because of good contains of essential nutrition
-its rich source of omega 3 fatty acids
-rich of vitamin A&D
-packaging is good
Pros -
-natural nutrition supplement
-cost is average
-getting effective results
-simply taken orally
-nutrition content is very high then other
-fragrance is bad , smell like bitter almonds
-capsule size
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By Prahlad
Normally I get just about 3/4 minutes of exposure to sunlight daily.

Fish codliver oil is a great way to supplement Vitamin D and omega 3 ( control bad cholesterol /increase good cholesterol).

After taking it for a week noticed better absorption of calcium supplements i.e. less painful lower back/joints. Though not specified -- any D3 supplement must be taken with care: i.e. no food/other medicine 15 min before/20 minutes after intake.

I would recommend this for persons who do not have adequate exposure ( 15 mins daily) to sunlight -- to take this so that other caclium vitamins taken by them can be absorbed by their bones, AND balance cholesterol.
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By Sudheer Godgeri
product price
4.4 | 27 customer reviews
24 of the 27 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Really very old stock delivered though the expiry date is 18 months.

The issue was resolved completely after acknowledging that it was a genuine mistake.

Product doesn't give fishyburps much.
Quality of fish oil is as claimed.
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By Prithvi
I have started taking it as a precautionary measure for my heart and overall health. Taking 2 tablets everyday after meal. Having an issue of blood pressure slightly higher than normal. I am feeling better after taking it with no bp issue for last few days.
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By Jaideep Khanduja
The aluminuim seal of bottle was not sealed and pasted and there were 53 tablets in place of 60 tablets after opening outer packet and the item is best quality and good
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By Nasim Iqbal
4.1 | 50 customer reviews
38 of the 50 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
This product is 100% genuine quality it comes from the brand of vestige. We all know the flax seed benefits if not you can Google it. Flaxseed is considered as a superfood. I really considered taking it after seeing a demo that have it breakdown with thermocol. It is explain that it will be breaking down the blockages in our veins or arteries and ensure smooth flow of blood in our system. My mother and I how we take have been taking it from past 1 month and we feel better. My mother used to complain about feeling low at the end of the day. After taking it she feels good. Thanks to flax oil for making my mother evening better. Even I feel good after taking it.

I give this product 9 out of 10 in terms of price quality and quantity.
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By Keshav Agarwal
Been using this for past 1.5 month. It's effective in BP management and AIDS in weight loss as well. My mother uses it as well and it is beneficial as said in product description. I would recommend this to all age groups (children excluded) as it is derived from natural sources.
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By Rohit
Omega-3 & 6 contents should be explicitly printed. If It’s made from flaxseeds with higher ALA Omega-3 fatty acid & least omega-6 then it can surely help society in preventing heart diseases without any inflammatory side effects
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By Mayank Kaushik