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4.8 | 867 customer reviews
837 of the 867 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Perfect cajon for acoustic programmes. I bought it from Amazon because -
Saw good reviews and went through videos in YouTube and found that this clapbox cajon is having a unique tone. Then I bought one in last month. Then last week my bandmate and an expert player on cajon, played it and immediately he asked me to order another piece for him. Reasons for it I am specifying below
1. Perfect balance between snare and kick (bass) tones (you should mic it properly)
2. Additional bushes are added at the bottom, which gives comfortable seating and height
3. It's unique height helps us to avoid back pain and stress even while playing for hours on stage
4. If you are not a dying fan of so-called brands, why you should waste money on them? This is affordable for a layman and it is giving better quality of sound than those branded
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Best Cajon in This Price. Clapbox is an Indian Brand. And They are Doing great work. It was Delivered Before Time. Packaging was great. Cajon looks very good and Big Size. Finishing is great. Sound is Very good for Price. Dont Compare it With very costly Cajons Like Of Pearl, Sela, LP Cajons. I totally Recommend this Cajon.
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By Rup Customer
Price to Product:
Perfect product in this Price Range.

I was worried about the Bass and to my surprise its very good.
Both the Bass and the Snare sound complements each-other.

The size seems a bit overwhelming to me as i am a short guy, 5'4, but that's not a factor to not buy this product.
If you are even short then 5'4 then look for something smaller or else this is a perfect buy.

Material and Finishing:
Material is worth every penny you are paying for.
Don't expect to be very refined wood but its good.
The finishing is also very impressive.

Overall a very nice product, i am satisfied with it. I've not used it for very long, 1 month only, so a detailed review might differ over the course of time, but for now this looks like a smart buy.
If you are buy a cajon for the first time go for it.
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By aabhas
4.8 | 236 customer reviews
233 of the 236 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
A cajon at this price meets the expectation. I visited many music stores over in Bangalore and tried playing other brands and was not completely satisfied with the sound quality. Checking the genuine reviews in Amazon gave me confidence to go with Clapbox knowing if it doesn't produce good sound I can still return it. The product was packed so well and intact and after unboxing I was awestruck looking into the quality of the product. Advantage of the adjustable snare made my day as you can customize the sound from the box. Thank you Clapbox team for such an awesome creation. Keep up the innovation.
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By Subhayu Chakraborty
These cajons from clapbox are a great place to start or explore your journey in the world of percussions and rythme. It sound professional enough to go along with your jam sessions or unplugged gigs. This model particularly is more versatile in terms of tone. You can use the adjustable snare to play along with more folkish, tribal kind of aesthetic apart from the standard snare tonality that goes along with most popular songs. Great job with pricing clapbox, keep spreading the love for rythme.
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By Rohan Verma
Best product in its price range, the quality is superb, before this i tried a kadence pulse its quality was ok but after playing this which was in same price range as kadence, i would say go for it, dont keep any doubts in mind.
Got this for 6k on amazon great indian sale.
Really happy with the cajon, sounds excellent for its price, also delivery was also great packed in hard cardboard box, with thermocol inside protected from all four sides.
The bass and snare sounds good, when the adjustable knob is more than half way through, the snares are good, high and sharp, the bass is thumping.
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By piyush solanki
4.6 | 91 customer reviews
86 of the 91 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
This is awesome practice pad for home practice the quality of pad is good and the rebound feels like you are playing actual drums and Drumsticks are also good.

Thank you Amazon and Varun Musicals & Co. for this amazing product

Happy Drumming!
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By Amazon Customer
I have 4 practice pads of different brands but I found no other product in this price range better than this one. Better in build, the rebound, the surface, its sound almost rivals that of Evan's which I own myself. In short, this one is well worth its tag. Except for the bag, though. But I'll let that pass because of the superiority of the main product.
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By Utkarsh J.
Best quality practice pad with double sided rubber, where you get different tones of those two rubber.
And you get free pair of 7A sticks with good grip and rubber rebound liquid to get nice rebound and you get bag for the practice pad.
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By Bishwanth Y R
2 Offers from product price
4.5 | 139 customer reviews
123 of the 139 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
I ordered this bag after a lot of filtering on Amazon. Given that my Cajon isn't Clapbox brand, I was a bit concerned if my Cajon would fit comfortably (although the bag measurements indicated on amazon gave me the confidence to go ahead and order the bag). After receipt of the bag, I found it is perfect and it's value for money. It has back straps which is useful to carry the Cajon (like a backpack) when say riding on a bike. Its also got a handle to carry by hand. And it has an extra pocket in the front to maybe keep music scores or any other small things/papers. Overall, I'm satisfied with the bag.
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By Navin Ragade
One can carry Cajon comfortably on bike using this bag. More cusion could have been given at the front to safeguard it from vibrations or jerks while driving bike but overall it's a good deal at Rs.949/-.
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By Sahadeo Raut
within less than 4 months of purchase, the shoulder straps started tearing from the stitches. since then I have just been using the remaining shoulder strap. also, the handle provided for carrying it is of very very very poor plastic which started tearing apart within the first 2 months itself. It has been more than 6 months now, the stitches of the main bag (ie. the front where the word 'clapbox' is written, just tore off and inside there was a very thin layer of foam for "protection" I guess. I had to manually sit down and stitch it. On a personal note I would suggest you to try other brands or even better, get a custom hard case stitched from a local tailor. Or if you have already purchased it or really want to buy it, then my suggestion would be to visit a tailor and get every corner
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By Amazon Customer
4.5 | 102 customer reviews
95 of the 102 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Excellent product... Sounds the this price tag. Top layered snare wires for snaresound.
Bass more on to the center of the tapa.the graphics on it is a wrap... Not wood printed. The finish of the wood wrap is satisfactory... Little flaws here and there. Overall... Good.
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By Amazon Customer
This cajon is a good quality instrument at an affordable price point. I doubt anything can get better than this at the price offered.
The absolute corners of the cajon don't play well as they're tightened to a rather wide frame I think, this limits the notes you could get near the corners. That's the only reason why I've put a 4* rating. But I think for the price, this is an excellent product that provides most of the tones that one would want in their grooves. And between the CB11 and this one, I'd prefer this one for the sound the maple provides. Great job by clapbox, hope to see more products going ahead!
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By Rishikesh Karande
The cajon produce a buzzy sound from the internal snare wire while I tap any surface of the cajon, it should be Leight weighted as I have faced many problem while carrying it for any music event , I got back ache due to the weight and infact the bag will not last long due to it weight impact on the starps, I thought that the graphics was paint on wood surface but it was a plastic material type sheet that was placed over that tapa so whenever I play it is didn't get the feel of real acoustic , overall it's a good stuff for 5k for beginner or for small event..
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By Chao Ashim gogoi
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4.7 | 17 customer reviews
16 of the 17 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
A good product for the price. The sound is crisp and resonates well
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By Preetham
Exellent sound.
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By Manimaran
I like this product.. But only one month later it's changed the price
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By Meshak nongneng
4.8 | 13 customer reviews
13 of the 13 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Being a drummer, Why I'd prefer Promark drumsticks more than any other brands is due to their durability and perfect balance. The weight lies in the middle of the sticks so for metal genres it helps alot to bring out power while playing heavy music and plus the way it is made, I don't feel the ache on my wrists after a hours of practice together in comparison to other sticks out there. In my view, Promark drumsticks are perfect for these genres.
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By Prince Minz
My favourite .. I like the sound on my ride (Sabian HHX groove ride). Been using the same stick for a long time!!
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By Musician
Been my all time fav sticks, been using it for a long time, and will continue to buy it. Recommended for any type of drummers except heavy metals where you need louder sound
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By Calson letro
4.9 | 10 customer reviews
10 of the 10 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Bought this cajon from Clapbox. Good sound quality, very good pricing and a lot of fun. I use it in my pre-school to teach rhyme, rhythm and also math to the little ones.

Great team at Clapbox too! Keep it going, guys. :)
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Amazing sound quality.. perfect look and finish.. great product in decent price!!
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By Akash Mehar
It’s really nice sounds good and the three snares are also really good the colour also fits it
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By Sheikh ibrahim
4.6 | 16 customer reviews
15 of the 16 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Very well crafted set of tabla. A perfect gift for an artist or an art patron. It is big enough to keep as a showpiece. U can actually get some sound if you tap it.
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It’s A. Very Lovely Product
Absolutely Looking Real
Kids Start Playing It As If Real
Other Miniature Musical Set Of These Seller Is Very Splendid
Set Of Tablas Dholak Sitar Veena Harmonium Sarod n Tanpura
Worth Buying
The Set Will Bright Your Drawing Room
That’s For Sure
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By NiranjanDas
Such an adorable cute set of Tablas. bought this for my mom and she loved it. We couldnt find it anywhere in stores so I resorted to amazon and to say the least, it did not disappoint.
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By Mrs Khan
4.3 | 47 customer reviews
41 of the 47 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Very quality product. Happy with the purchase.. The kit also conatains a quality bag and drumsticks.. It's a very good buy for the price..
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By Michael
I ordered the item for my son who is leaning drums and for the first time ordered musical instrument online. The experience is marvellous. The product has the drum pad with sticks and bag to hold both. The stand is sleek and userefrindly to set up. Very good experience buying this product.
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By Amazon Customer
I bought 2 pads and feels awesome to play.. Pads are both sided one side is soft and other a bit hard that is good for the bounce.. Definitely recommend it for practice if you can't play loud drums
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By Hemant Sharma
product price
4.8 | 10 customer reviews
10 of the 10 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
The best thing about this stick is the grip and the control.
And cons are

Nothing!😅😊Go for this one .
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By Manas Raj
Good quality product....I m using it for learning bucket drumming
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By Md Ali Asghar
I like it . Whight.
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By Prem
4.6 | 14 customer reviews
13 of the 14 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
This is awesome for a drum enthusiast ! First time I got a feel of playing a full drum set.just awesome!
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By Nitin Abhyankar
A very good kit for beginners and for users who want a portable drums. Sounds are perfect as real drums.

But the product which I received had a problem with one of the kick pedal. So I had to return it back.
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By Amazon Customer
Standard product for beginners. Pedals are very uncomfortable. But it is for beginners. If you want to purchase just for time pass and learning purpose then it's a good option for you.
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By Archan Mukherjee
product price
4.8 | 9 customer reviews
9 of the 9 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Working as expected. Perfect fit for my Mapex tornado kit.
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Takes drumming to a new level. Cuts out all the unwanted aftertones.. Rocking
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By Arun's Hacks
Wow the drums sound so much better. Only thing is the small Tom ring doesn't fit perfectly. I am using a Sonor Force 1007 set
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By ashfoto
4.7 | 10 customer reviews
10 of the 10 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Its really a great piece that creates magic when you play it.
Its literally worth buying.
Thanks to clapbox !
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By Sourav Chandan
Great packaging by Amazon and the product is just amazing... Looks classy and sounds really good
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By Pavan
Less snare wire sound
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By Amazon Customer
4.2 | 30 customer reviews
26 of the 30 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
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By sagar
Its really good... even though it may get dusty soon, it is quite sensitive to touch and we feel like its a real drumset we got here! It is exactly like the pics and foldable and stuff... so if you like drums, buy this for a starter!
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By Asha
Product is great for, packaging is also great, 4 star for slow delivery,, otherwise sound in home theater and build quality is impressive..
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By Amazon Customer
5.0 | 5 customer reviews
5 of the 5 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Thanks for adding value in our collection!
Product quality is much better than expectation.
Tambourine can be modified by adding clip mechanism to reduce it's sound. It can produce effect of high hat by doing this modification.
Desperately waiting for few more accessories like Cajon brushes, Cabasa and Cajon pedal from Calpbox.
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By Sahadeo Raut
I really think that at this price point...This is exceptionally gr8 and i would recommend evry1 who is seeing this review to buy this..with their eyes closed if u want some cool add ons to your cajon!!!I would also like to tell clapbox to make more things like this!!!!
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By Arjun C.
Good accessories.
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By Palash shrivastava
4.7 | 7 customer reviews
7 of the 7 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
I'm absolutely in love with these sticks. A heavy and full sound which Im getting from these are somethig else, and the weight is so perfect.
Really feeling the easiness in playing, specially after playing so long from 2B's.
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By Parikshit Phukan
Good sticks, it's a bit lighter than most 5A sticks and last long enough and also is not as expensive as the 5A from Vater or VicFirth but the sticks of Vater or VicFirth lasts much much longer than any ProMark sticks.
Over all it's a very VFM product.
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By Blessen
I'd ordered them using the Prime Delivery feature, it timely arrived on the next day! Has a great grip & feel; making them quite comfy to play! Recommended indeed!
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By Srushti. B
5 Offers from product price
4.1 | 37 customer reviews
33 of the 37 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
The product is amazing. Very good for home practice! I connected it to my iPad Air2 and produced some awesome sounding drum sounds, really loving it. The only gripe about the item is that the snare is a bit small but can be managed, otherwise it's the best e-drum for its price.
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By alok ekka
Good electronic drum set for beginners, the metal stand could be a bit more robust. the mesh heads are great with high sensitivity and good feel, for my drums have not been able to get the cymbal choke function to work even though the brochure says it works on one of the cymbals. The 40 preset kits are nice though some of the sounds are repeated, still each sound can be varied through the nitro module for pitch, volume & equaliser so gives you a lot of options to create a sound that you like, the built in 400 sounds can help you create custom kits. Practice sessions, metronome and record functions are nice. Now some things which could be better are snare head, the size is too small to be able to play with normal sticking of left hand, some how for me only traditional grip on left hand
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By sumant bhatia
It's more then two months since I bought this kit.

Playing is nice, but due to low cost / it is having some issues like

The snare is 8'' so playing area is very less, so ultimately you will end up in touching the rim many times when you play fast, which spoils you playing sound.

Secondly the base drum and pedal, your heart needs to pump extra calories to your foot to push pedal as it is quite hard and hitting sound is also very high, so you will listen blend of voice (Hitting of drum and Actual Voice) together ends up drum playing experience.

Thirdly the high hat pedal, not at all impressed with that due to arrhythmic sound when you press it again and again.

But despite of this I again say, it is good for drummers who play just to tune up or to play for the interest (like me)...
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By Arun Singh
product price
4.8 | 6 customer reviews
6 of the 6 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Quality product
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Very comfortable. I loved it. 😘
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By sujan
Good performance
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By Rahul
4.1 | 35 customer reviews
30 of the 35 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
The product is beyond my expectation. Beautifully made, very much fitting for Lord Shiva devotees. I also receive a free Gift Wish Fulfilling Laxmi ATM along with the product, thanks to the seller. Keep up the good works.
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By Poukin F. Gangmei
the damaru looks a bit different and it is bulky. Made of good wood and skin
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By Arun M.
Amazon delivered the product on time,but price is very high than actual, You will not get same product mentioned in the pic,I have received the damru without authentication label. So I am not confirmed about the brand as per description.
Think before..
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By Reality facts