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4.4 | 885 customer reviews
747 of the 885 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Product is good as usual, Vanilla taste is awesome, and you get this at a better price than market.
Abott has done a good job by splitting the powder in 2 individual packets of 500gm each, so you have the option to open only 1 packet at a time for consumption instead of opening the whole 1kg packet which may attract moisture.
Note: Please don't pour the product in a container, use the foil pouch for better result.
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By Basu
I buy this product frequently from last 8 months for my parents and now it's a essential product on my monthly grocery list. Totally reliable product for sr.citizens(still concern from your doctor before use in case of any medical conditions) for being internally fit. the only issue is it's price bit expensive but for long term it's totally fine.
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By James
It was actually recommended by my Doctor, the product is good i am feeling the difference after taking Ensure.
The container which they are providing is not good it is cheap plastic, better to change the container (of course... product matters not the box ... )
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By Venkatesh G
4.4 | 716 customer reviews
610 of the 716 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Great product i ordered it for my mother, and this Caramel flavor it exceptionally great in taste... It is much better then other i term of sweetness not add much sweetness in drink which exactly my mother want..also not change the colour of milk much but it doesn't mean not doing its work in body and bones... Only issue with this is quantity its bottle is half empty even i am not sure whether it is 400 gram or not because i have another 500 gram chocolate Horlicks and that only 100 gram make such a big difference in same bottle size....
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By Sameer Kumar
Good in taste. Latest packaging delivered. Have been using this for a long time. Adds some extra nutrition to the milk. So far so good.
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By Meet
I need to return this item as it is not in row form. Some how air entered in it and it has lums. Even taste is not as per the item. Request you to please return it and refund my amount
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By Amazon Customer
4.5 | 373 customer reviews
326 of the 373 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
They taste like chocolate fudge, just less sweet. Both of which are good things I believe. The serving size is huge and filling, 20 grms protein per bars is quite good, 300 mg of omega 3 is pretty good too. And these may come under clean eating as per their ingredient list. Only thing they could improve is, instead of rice bran oil, the manufacturer could use cold pressed coconut oil.
These have shelf life of only 4 months which is a good thing I believe because less preservatives must be used.
These are on the expensive side but whey is expensive.
I do want to know from the manufacturer whether they have used whey concentrate or whey isolate?
Shoutout to yogabars people- some more flavours please! Also something like rxbars.

Edit - I checked with them, it contains whey isolate, which is great! Changing my rating from 4 to 5 stars.

Edit 2: having tried
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By Jyoti
Not a fan of any protein bar, but Yoga bar absolutely changed my opinion for its not just rich in taste and flavour, but in proteins too which can add to daily intake of protein. Since I remain out of house all day, I am not able to take proper diet to match my protein intake for the day, so I have started keeping protein bars with me to keep me filled.
The baked brownie flavour is my personal favourite.
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By Akhil Kapoor
I purchased these after very much researching as they are bit costly but they are worth it. They have sufficient protein for one person daily need. If you are working out or going to gym then u can consume it one at at time otherwise consume it in 3-4 parts in one day otherwise it may not digest. And these bars are very nice taste wise , I liked the flavour baked brownie very much. I personally liked these protein bars over protein shake as they are easy to carry and nice taste also. I will definitely purchase them again. Just loved these Yogabar Protein Bars.
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By Manoj Agrawal
4.4 | 573 customer reviews
508 of the 573 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
If you have to prepare the nutrition food needed for your tiny child, then this is a better option for you. Definitely Go.
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Our daughter is 1yr and 8months.. and she never had cerelac except the multigrain in initial 6months.. but now she is fond of ceregrow.. it helps the mother as she doesnt ask for motherfeed now and then. Though she doesnt like fruits crunches initially but now she takes a small bowl a day.. but we skip for the next day.
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By Kamal kukreja
Damaged little bit
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By Prasant
4.5 | 295 customer reviews
266 of the 295 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Few days back when i visited my pediatrician to consult for my daughter being underweight,i was advised to begin with Iron and Multivitamin syrups and to include a health drink in the diet which contains nutrients to support easy digestion and normal physical growth and development.My search ended for a kind of health drink ended with Nestle's Nanogrow.It has all the required necessary Immunonutrients like Vitamin C,A,Iron,Zinc and Selenium which help support normal immune system function.
It has whey protein which provides essential amino acids,which can be easily digested by children.Vitamin D and Calcium help support normal development of bones.My daughter loves the delicious vanilla taste and i find her asking for more at times.I would highly recommend this to my fellow moms,which provides all the benefits for the proper growth of children.
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By Amazon Customer
Over the years since birth , we have been using Nan pro as food substitute for our kids . Now as he started drinking Cow milk , we moved to Nan grow which has Zero added Sugar and balanced Combination of Various Vitamins . It dissolve easily and arham loves the Vanila flavour just like his fav. vanila ice cream . We have been using this for last 1 month and it has made drinking milk an yum activity for my son. Recommended for kids from 2 year onwards .
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By Jhilmil Bhansali
I am always in search for a good health drink for my 3-year-old girl. Since she is not keen on milk I prefer to give less quantity with some health drink. I recently ordered this product for the same reason. I trust nestle as a brand and believe that it is safe for kids. Talking about the product, I am using two spoonfuls of this powder for 1 glass of milk for my daughter. She likes the taste and finishing the milk. The powder is easy to store and easily get dissolved in warm milk. I honestly don't know its effects on weight and immunity as I am using this product for about 20 days only. But I believe that contents are the same as mentioned on the pack. But till the time, no allergy or any negative health effect is noticed on my daughter.

The delivery was even before the
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By Varsha
product price
4.3 | 1,300 customer reviews
1,127 of the 1,300 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
hello ,this is Shubham agrawal, I bought this product for my father but now both I and my father using it.
lets talk about purchase I bought it approx 170-180 rs and is best in this price cause I got 350×2 ml
no other apple cider is so affordable. It delivers in four days after order. pacazing was good classic card board with two bottles at first sight it looks like an apple sweet drink with an apple logo
but when you open this bottle you feel smell of vinegar and yes this is obvious cause vinegar have a smell . soon after I call customer care they are helpfull told me how to use it and how it is helpful to everybody not matter you are thin or fat apple cider intoxicate body and maintain Ph and yes voice of that girl is too sweet.
last I am using this apple cider for
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By Shubham Agrawal
I brought this product after reading the benefits of Apple Cider Vinegar. When searching for the same came across that Sinew is offering the best deal compared to others and also this was the brand that was recommended to me by my Nutritionist. It's good quality product and very beneficial.
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I received this product few days back .
Verdict :
1. Taste and smells like apple cider vinegar. Seems authentic
2. Feels concentrated.
3. Value for money .( two bottles for 179)
4. This can be used for cooking purpose. My mom uses it for pickles.
5. It’s doesn’t have honey or any other additive , therefore it isn’t thick.
There is a scratch code with which you can confirm it’s authenticity by messaging the code to the number mentioned . You will receive a confirmation message

Received it in like the very next days . Kudos for super fast delivery.
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By Stefin speaks
4.6 | 174 customer reviews
164 of the 174 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
easy to use.
it's powder mixture of ragi,bajra,corn,jowar,barley,wheat,red rice plus green gra, fried gram,almond,cashew ans groundnut..
when you open it you feel cardamom in it.

easy to make:-

take 3 table spoon of manna natural mix and water
mix it properly.make sure there are no lumps.
then place on stove and bring it to boil for 3 have to mix sweetness of sugar,honey as your taste.
i like this thing most perfectly.
so no fear of over sweetness of sugar cause you can mix honey too..

i really like it.
it's not like other health drink.
i tried it 1st and i am really setisfied.
now i can think to give it to my boy.
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By mittu
I bought this for my LO and he loves it. I prepared it with milk n added little sugar and gave him n he just completed all without any complaints. The taste is very good with pleasant aroma. Packaging was good and it’s a pocket friendly deal with all healthy ingredients. A must for all kiddos.
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By Siddiqa Shaikh
People who have hectic schedule and often miss their breakfast. Have this super nutritious drink which gives essential nutrients which your body requires! Though people are telling that it is tasteless...i have sensed a mild good flavor. You can smell the good aroma of cardamon. And guyz don't complain for it being tastelessness as you can clearly see in the ingredients being mentioned behind. It has pure ingredients without sugar or artificial flavorings and color. Thankyou manna for not adding honey or any fruits also. In the long run fruits and honey won't make the product as healthy as it is now!! Thank you fit tuber for recommending this item!!
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By Hinal
4.3 | 589 customer reviews
492 of the 589 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
I WOULD LIKE TO SHARE SOME HELPFUL INFORMATION ABOUT THE : Yogabar Breakfast Protein Variety (Almond Coconut, Apricot & Fig, Blueberry, Apple Cinnamon Bars - 300gm).


1)Good Points :
The Yogabars comes with very great quality packaging.
The packaging of the bars is made of good quality material.
The box contains the 6 bars in it.
Those bars contains many types of very nutritious ingredients in it.
There are 4 types of bars that you'll get in the box.
The types of protein bars are Almond Coconut, Apricot & Fig, Blueberry, Apple Cinnamon.
My favorite one is Apple Cinnamon, I just love the taste of this Apple Cinnamon bar.
Those are very nutritious breakfast bars with which you can start your day.
Those all bars are full of protein & very healthy for your body.
There are two variants in the, either you can buy a pack of 6 or pack of 12.
Price is also low compared
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I have purchased these bars for personal use , i am eating it as pre meel of workout

It is a pack of 6 , it contains 3 flavours inside the box

Main highlight

. Good taste
. Good flavor
. Best presentation
. Better product packaging

You can buy this yoga bar , highly recommended
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EAT's Anytime Granola and Snack energy bars, allowed me To get a taste of their different flavours I bought the box with a variety of flavours in it.

The box had the usual flavours (made of different berries.

All the bars have a good amount of protein which people often don't bother about. Another that ticked another box for me was the satisfactory amount of dietary fibre in every bar.

These bars here must have as everyone needs the energy to function. Moreover, they are reasonably priced.. go get one for you.
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By Anurag Karmakar
4.2 | 2,955 customer reviews
2,462 of the 2,955 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Being a user of WOW’s Omega 3 capsules for the last couple of months, today, I have so much relief in work-related stress and depression. I have found that I am able to focus better and there is definitely a reduction in mental fatigue brought in by long hours of work.

There is a marked difference in the tiredness, I experienced in the past when I work out at the gym. It was only recently that I bought these capsules for my elderly parents, who were both going through age-related aches and pains. It was very heartening to hear my parents say that, after consuming these capsules for a week they have noticed a slight reduction in their pains and swelling in joints.

Am eagerly awaiting for the other benefits to set-in for them after they consume these capsules for a longer period. I strongly recommend this product to everyone.
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By Karan
Very effective. But i dont know why the Wow Co. has remove the lab authentication report/ certificate. It was earlier there with product photos. They must put it back as this raises suspicion on genuineness and intent of the Wow Co.

Thanks for putting the lab report back.

Ordered two Bottles of this omega 3 during Amazon festive sale. In one of the bottle there are only 59 capsules. So do count after receiving the delivery. Rest satisfied with the quality of the product.
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By varun
This is a good & suitable product for those who wants omega 3. I have ordered it for 2nd time. The pack comes with capsules of 60 nos....i would recommend this for people looking for omega 3...the price is pretty reasonable with good packaging.
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By Amazon Customer
4.3 | 490 customer reviews
424 of the 490 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Best for women with bone related issues...and as well as it contains zinc n it actually gives your hair shine and i felt good volume in my hair...very my words
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By Dreamcatcher007
Bought this product for my mother and she is saying that its regular consumption has really made a difference. She feels a little more energised and active after its consumption.
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By MoSh
Women’s horlicks specially made for women’s health. From last 2 years this is my daily food drinks and I am having it two times. After 30 every women going through some hormonal changes and they suffer from calcium deficiency. So it is better yo take any calcium substitute for bone health. We trying to keep balance in home and office so sometimes neglect timely food. So women’s horlicks very good option for us. It is low fat so it will not increase weight. The horlicks having magnesium, folic acid, iodine, vitamin b6, b 12 and many others. Folic acid is myst for all women who are planning for a baby. So in many ways women’s horlicks is a very good option or food drink to keep ourselves healthy and strong.
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By Sampada
2 Offers from product price
4.7 | 121 customer reviews
119 of the 121 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
A perfect blend of peanuts, , oats, granola is a perfect snack, whether you are travelling or at home .

High protein bar which is oh so delicious. Recently I got my hands on Rine peanut butter crunch bar, which are sugar free and natural. A natural peanut bar loaded with high energy, so compact and provides the protein needed in our diet.

I live these healthy and tasty bars.
I will definitely try others flavour too.
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By Namrata
It's a pack of 6 crunchy peanut butter bars that give 9 g of protein each. The texture is crunchy & waxy with a uniform peanut flavor and a hint of sweetness. It contains honey in stead of sugar or artificial sweeteners.

My take:
It's a much better alternative to peanut candies & chocolate bars which are just sugar & empty calories. This tastes good & you feel good after eating it. It's fragrant & doesn't contain gmo soy but nuts, seeds & grains. It could be your go-to workout snack or a quick recharge in the middle of a hectic day. I usually don't like the artificial taste of protein bars but surprisingly, this doesn't taste like that at all, just crunchy wholesome flavor. If you like peanuts and peanut butter like me, this bar is a must try.
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By Talia
As schools have started and I am sure the stress level of mommies are on high, because the kids they never finished their lunch and some kids are so naughty that they spend their whole lunch time in playing, what to do then? Here’s the Easy ,healthy and tasty solution which I am sure will takeaway all your worries you can send one or two Rine peanut butter bars.
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By Himanshu sahu
4.4 | 232 customer reviews
203 of the 232 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
I have made an habit that he drinks everyday in the morning and evening. And he likes to drink horlicks with milk.
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By Lakshmi
Nice on time delivery. Product is recently manufactured.
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By Partha P.
As usual is best platform to order any product with 100% 👍
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By Shiva Kumar
5 Offers from product price
4.4 | 230 customer reviews
201 of the 230 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Thanking you for you put on online 30 years back my father give it to me mean while I purchased to my father thanking you but small un satisfaction why you put purchase limit I think to buy so many things and distributed to my near and dear
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By Sanjay jaldu
Reviewed @ ₹325
It tastes good though not amazing,but far better than Protinex Bytes or Therptin Chocolate Diskettes.
The composition is identical to other options available(It has no cholesterol)
I'd recommend you to buy these ones if you want to add more protein in your diet,it tastes good too.
(This product most probably isn't gluten free as nothing such is printed on the box, buy the chocolate flavoured ones if you want gluten free diskettes)
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By Kr.
The basic Ingredients are :
1. Protin,
2. carbohydrate,
3. sugar,
4. fat,
5. nicotinamide,
6. riboflavin
This was prescribed by doctor to one of my family member as a supplement along with regular diet.

This taste good and does not smell or taste like a medicine.
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By Aditya Chauhan
4.5 | 168 customer reviews
139 of the 168 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
My friend after seeing my skiny baby told me to try this health drink as it contains no added sugar .it tasted so good my son loved it and best part is chocolate flavour .I started giving him 2 times a day with milk .
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By Nidhi
In today's busy n impure life, mother are really struggling to give their kids full nutritions. But manna Heath drink can solve your this problem. The product is really good and also available in chocolate which is kids n adults all time favorite. My son so take milk ,but daughter really show fussness
But when I added this she is enjoying having milk. I am using it from 15 days and enjoying coz Now my Lil girl don't run 🏃 to have milk 👍flavor is good, I had also tasted coz I givr my kids new things after testing myself 😋worthy
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By Anamika
This manna drinks product taste is very daughter like it very much.very nurtision and healthy.flavor is delicious.value for money drinks
Like it!
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By Fb
4.3 | 357 customer reviews
318 of the 357 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Amazing Product! People looking for weight loss then must buy. I used it for first time, it smells very bad and taste is also very strong but results are just awesome. I lost inches not much weight. But inch loss is visible. People noticed and gave lots of compliment. My skin shines so much. I used it daily 2 spoons with cup of normal water. And now buying it again!
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By Ashmeen
I used this products firstly for my hair. There result very just WOOOOOWWWWWWW ! After using this product my hair wer so soft and silky, and the shine was just amazning !!! Loved this product ! Thank You !!
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By Utkarsha Latkar
Excellent service, packaging was perfect and delivered well on time.

Dropped a star for the smell and the taste. I don't know how people say they like the taste of this! I know there are many health benefits and all but it doesn't taste good according to me, really. Despite diluting it was hard to get down the throat!!! Found it best to tolerate with honey so will persevere. I think the weight loss properties probably come from the fact that you feel so ill after drinking it that you're scared to eat . I felt the same when I started using coconut oil but can consume it now without any issues so fingers crossed my perseverance will pay off! I did read on the internet that it is not the best thing you'll drink in the day and I kinda agree now.

Have also heard that this vinegar despite not being
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By Amy
product price
4.3 | 340 customer reviews
290 of the 340 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
I received the bottle two days back only and it is too early to remark on its effectiveness but I can share a few important points about the genuineness.

This is distributed and quality tested by Now foods of USA and imported by musclePro nutrition. This is a very good brand but I needed to be sure of the authenticity.
This bottle has a code hidden under a peel off sticker on the cap.
You can verify the genuine ness by downloading the app truempn. I did that and was happy to get the confirmation of an authentic product.

The bottle cap is properly sealed with a plastic band and after removing the cap there is another seal which has a easy removal system. All this screams of quality.

Now this is a molecularly distilled oil and that's good as it will ensure it is free of impurities and mercury.

The strength is 300 mg
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By Karmic Voice
I am using 1 pil in night time after food. U will see results with in 15 days .Joints become some flexible, memory power improved . No fishburps. Genuine product. Results may vary person to person. In my case its worked as my expectations.
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Since its a made in USA product so I believe quality is good.I was impressed when I read that it contains 360 mg EPA AND 240 mg DHA per serving. However I missed reading that serving size is two pills. Which makes it just an ordinary product. You can buy it since its an imported item otherwise I would recommend going for some other product which offers more strength of fatty acids at same or lower cost
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By Kushagra
4.6 | 119 customer reviews
108 of the 119 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
This product is very good quality. It has been created by nutritionist and curated by chef kunal kapur. It has 70% less calories and 50% of daily vitamin nutrition.It contains 5 plant based superfoods like turmeric buckwheat moringa amaranth that help to manage weight effectively. It doesnot contain gluten or added preservatives.. It is delicious way to manage our weight
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By Alok
Always Love Saffola Brand Products.
I've had multiple different protein powders, and they almost always have that weird, chalky after-taste. This does NOT. In my opinion, this is the best protein drink by far. I absolutely love the taste (especially with milk rather than water) and it mixes very well. My mom got me hooked on the Pure Protein brand and I don't know if I'll ever switch! Absolutely recommend this to anyone out there who has tried many different brands and never found one that they love.
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By MD Sajid
First Impressions only
- Tastes good. Like protein with an aftertaste of whatever flavor you order
- The plastic bottle is of average quality for the price paid.
- keeps me full.
*will reserve comments on weight loss and update in a month*

- Please allow option of buying Refill Foil pack instead of that tacky plastic bottle for the environmentally conscious.
- Also please give us an option of buying without the sipper bottle. Same reason as above.

*I am giving it one star less than perfect because I saw some reviewers with nice thick fittify shakers while many like me got the cheap plastic ones*
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By Shakthi Pillai
4.3 | 244 customer reviews
204 of the 244 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
This is a very good product. Well in budget. Many ingredients. Good product indeed. This, though named "for women" can be taken by men also. In fact, I suggest buying this one instead of the "for men" tagged multivitamin. Because this has more ingredients which are equally beneficial to men and women both. Just keep in mind that this has almost double quantity of Iron, Folic Acid and Boron. But, provided the way we take tea/coffee, a little bit of extra iron won't be able to manifest at all (Coffee/tea inhibits iron intake). So this can safely be consumed - one tab a day.
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By Arnab Pal
I don't think I could go back to any other multivitamin after this one, it's great! These multivitamin are amazing! From the first day I started them I felt so much better! Happier, more energy and motivation! Very happy I found these!
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By Deepanshu
Very good multivitamin tablets for women.
Earlier i use to take revital womens, but now i can say this is much much better than revital womens. A must have these tablets for every women.
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By Ruwan Dave
4.3 | 226 customer reviews
192 of the 226 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
am using this jr horlicks from two is especially made for 2 to 3 yr babies. It is nutrition food for grows baby weight, and it contains vitamins , minerals.the taste is different.flavour is good.smell comes like son loves to drink jr horlicks. value for money.horlicks is good product compare to bournvita. he loves to drink bournvita.flavour wise it is good.packing is good
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By Sudip Mandal
This is the thing you give your kids assuming you are doing good and adding valuable nutrients to your child, in reality you're not. Feed them fruits and veggies, this is just a snack, a junk one.
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Did not receive free sippy cup as mentioned on the box. Also the mfg date was six months old which left me with only 6 month of usage life. Was expecting a more fresher stock from the seller and the free sippy cup.
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By Virendra K
3 Offers from product price
4.1 | 937 customer reviews
735 of the 937 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
It really helps in weight loss,really it is an amazing product ,I brought it for my mom .I suggest this product for persons who wants to lose their weight
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By Vijay gopi
Awesome. Regular use of this with warm water every morning in empty stomach will help you lose the belly fat
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By Amazon Customer
It is very nice
For both skin and hair
Its remove itching from body as well as from hair scalp.
Spraying on hair scalp it makes hair silky smooth and shinner.
If i caught cold i drink with lukewarm water. Relief
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By Raghav Gurjar