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4.9 | 33 customer reviews
33 of the 33 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
I wanted to extend my bicycle handle to gain height and this was a very good product that I came across. Fit perfectly well and is of excellent quality. Fit is and no one will come to know that you have increased the height of the handle. Perfect match and of great looks and quality. Highly recommended if you want to extend the height of the handle.
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By Santosh D Belawadi
Fitted in my roadeo A110 .Very good product and very comfortable.... my advice is, it's better to arrange handle height as per your seating position.. please don't use the all extension rings if not required..
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By Amazon Customer
Perfectly fits in my ROADEO Fugitive. Now riding is more comfortable. Thanks Electomania for such essential product. Delivery is also timely.
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By Bhaskar
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4.2 | 512 customer reviews
408 of the 512 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
This a really tough cycle lock. The braided steel rope is coiled like a cobra and winds itself around the wheel and securing member like its gripping it. The key is quick use. Unlock and lock in a jiffy. No headaches of hunting for a combination in the dark in a rainy night after 20 Kms of hard cycling. With every dime paid for it.
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By Maneesh Joshi
Have been using this since 11 months..

Product is as advertised. All specifications match. Even length is 1.25mts approx. Durable, strong material used. Does not rust even if kept under rain. Perfect for vehicle lock but a little long for helmet lock
Its coiling is very retractile. Be careful while trying to straighten it
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By Gadadhar T.
After using it three months it's got broke from key point ,very bad quality . Please don't waste your money here .
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By Rakesh Kumar
4.4 | 57 customer reviews
50 of the 57 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Its the best product for bicycle riders. Its a combo of front & backlight having numerous features & functions. It is easy to install. Mostly it will take 10 min with a screw driver & some cycle mechanic skills ro install. High grade plastic is used to make this product so durability is out of question. The front light is awesome. It have three modes. 1.Glare Mode(High Beam) 2.Low Light (Low Beam) 3.Strobe Mode (On-RoadPass light). High beam is good when riding out of city & within city Low beam is perfect. The best one is On-Road Pass function, it blinks like blinker & additional to that is a powerful horn which will make you easier to take pass from vehicles on road. It is chargeable with a usb provided by the seller having a decent backup of 2.5 hrs on high beam, 5hrs on low beam & 3.5hrs on
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By Durgesh Singh
The is totally awesome product....i have attach it to my cycle and it is very helpful.The focus is very long and the sounf of the horn is also good an loud...The back light i.e Break light is Red and it has also nice.Good product for the cycles.It can be used for bike also
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By Rohit pandey
Easy to install, it'll probably gonna take 15 mins with a screw driver and little bit of sweating 🙊. The lights are of really great quality and you can feel it, it's of solid hard plastic not the cheaper one. The front light has 3 mods, 1. Brightest white beam. 2. Low beam. 3. Flasher function. Discharge rate is totally acceptable with this quality of light, totally illuminate the road even with street lights. In the front light it has really loud horn, it's just sharp and loud with a great quality button, ain't going anywhere for years and it's waterproof, so no need to worry in rains. Now the back lights, first thing you're gonna notice it's weight, it's of great quality, definitely you're getting what you're paying for. It has 3 functions, 1. It's gonna light random patterns. 2. Only left one will be on with no
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By Kratika chauhan
4.2 | 299 customer reviews
228 of the 299 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Fully Satisfied .... No fogging inside the Goggles. Hugs the Turban tightly and gives confidence on High speeds. Highly recommended for Sikh Riders. Looks bit odd but i keep them on where ever i go. 100% dust and water proof. Covers large area of face. Thumbs up!
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By Ramandeep Singh
I like the product at this budget, I have used this for my half face helmet and done around 1500 kms in three days that too in rain, I have not faced any difficulties by wearing this, so recommended to buy
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Best for the price.... But u get sweaty on the inside of the lens Nothing too major.... Glass is getting finger prints but what do u expect in this price range.... Dust doesnt get in what so ever... Looks cool with a half helmet..... I have a royal enfield helmet and bike and it looks awsome... Overall great product go for it
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By Sumathi
4.3 | 79 customer reviews
70 of the 79 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Drive chain of any motorcycle impacts most of the important parts of a motorcycle, like, the engine, power, torque, speed, mileage...
This awesome set of chain cleaner, lube and brush helps to clean and maintain the drive-chain and keep it in the best condition consuming very little time and energy
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By Mazhar Sabuwala
I have been using Royal Enfield Lube and Chain cleaner For my Classic 350 before buying this one... This product is good But I feel like Royal Enfield Lube and Chain Cleaner is more Better than this one..
I haven't used the brush yet..
One Plus point is that the Motul Chain lube is kinda Transparent and does not leave any residue at the Back Rims, but Royal Enfild Lube leaves a yellow greesy stain on the rims...
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By Amazon Customer
Works great on chain if you follow instructions "how to maintain your bike". I found it a bit weak on my Dominar 400 because it needs lube every 200 km. It gets dry even when you dont wash it off with water. Not as good as the chain lube from Bajaj service centre. Delivered in nice packaging. The brush is better than I expected.
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By Clement
4.3 | 73 customer reviews
61 of the 73 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Ordered 2 sets for my two daughters. Good, comfortable and satisfied with quality
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By shahbana
-Got 6 bloomers today.
-Material is ok is not thick .it is like thin cotton t-shirt.
-Fitting is is little above knee length,perfect for school uniform
-Prize is high compared to material.should be around 450 RS for 6 pcs
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By Anonymous
Fits okay however ita loose as compared to earlier cycling short are supposed to fit as
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By Rishard Dsouza
4.2 | 133 customer reviews
104 of the 133 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
I am a regular cyclist and quite often feel burn and uncomfortable down while riding...I was using decathlon shorts also...but in same price I got this item and trust me this foam is better then the one I got from decathlon feels so different and more over more convenient... I hv increased my ride time and no lower pain at all....I will buy more after a month
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Hi There!
One of the easiest things you can do maximize your riding comfort is getting some cycling shorts. Choosing a right choice is a pretty difficult thing.

👉 Comfortable
They have used Polyester (90%) & Spandex (10%) which makes you feel so soft, stretchable and more comfortable. With polyester there is no problem of colour loss even after several washes. It's breathable too.
👉 Good amount of padding
Padding given in this product is so good for this price. I do cycling in the weekends. I'm also a traveller usually do long drives. This padding gives me good comfort.
👉 Fitted as expected
Always choose the correct size, initially you may feel somewhat tightness in the fit, but later after 2 or 3 washes it will fits your body perfectly and provides great comfort. I received the same size what they have mentioned in the size chart.
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By Rahul Palangi ✍️
Off late I ordered this pair of cycling shorts since I was a bit weary of the BTWIN shorts which I was using. These costed under 900rs which is a great price point for something this good in quality.

What is Good:

- The fit was excellent. Its a bit longer than traditional shorts. So it does grip the quads & hams very well. Helps in longer rides - the added support & compression.
- The padding is very good. May not be Brevet grade but should be perfect for city rides. I have done 45-50km rides in this & they held up pretty well. No fatigue whatsoever.
- The Material is spandex based and breathes very well. Moisture wicking to say the least. The mesh material feels natural & light on your skin.
- The circumference around the thighs have this anti slip rubber lining which helps a lot to keep these in place.
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By OneStepUp
4.4 | 38 customer reviews
35 of the 38 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Purchased this product last month and must say it solves the purpose and truly value for money .... Attaching photos..
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By Bibin Abraham
I have a fire fox cycle which i use, However living in a flat with restricted space it was becoming a issue to park my cycle inside the house. However this stand solves the problem.
I wall mounted it so now my cycle hangs on the wall vertically.
Please understand this stand it to hang cycle vertically only it cannot be used to hang it horizontally.
It comes with all the screws that you will need to install it. Installation is very easy you just need a power drill.
I loved this for it's purpose, keeps my cycle from getting damaged save space as you can mount your cycle virtually on any wall in balcony or outside the house. A chain lock can also be put so no body can steal it.
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By Lisa M.
Serves better than the purpose.. Not happy with the screws provided so purchased strong one to avoid any damages.Needs holes to be done for wall mount.
Recommend for purchase..
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By Amazon Customer
4.2 | 91 customer reviews
75 of the 91 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Guys superb sound n press4 sec n hold the button sound in automatically change...n 4 types of sound in this horn
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By sid
Sound : ***** Loud and clear(yes it seems to be 140 db)
Installation: **** Easy
Product description: ***** received as described
Build quality : **** Good
Value for money : *****
If you are looking for a cycle horn, blindly you may opt for it. Its a VFM if i compare with Hornet and this one is no less than hornet.
Seller King Automotive, was good and promptly deliverd the product in working condition.
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By Mohit Dhull
Damn it’s loud. Get rechargeable AAA batteries and you’re golden
(I put adjusted mine for a top seated position, so I could press it with my palm). Experiment with it.
To change the pitch of the notes: Hold for 3-5 seconds. Use two fingers to cover the speaker. Pick the one you want. And SLAM BAAM! That shEyaT in traffic.
(you’ll probably disturb the entire house. Worse if you have a dog. )
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By Pranil Jadhav
4.7 | 19 customer reviews
19 of the 19 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Must have gadget for every bicycle riders who ride their bicycle at night.Good battery backup,super bright light with 4 lighting modes.fits perfectly to my giant bicycle.go for it,good deal.
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By satish tatiya
I live in a semi urban place. This led taillight is very useful, especially when riding my cycle through roads without street lights. You have 4 light modes to choose from. The installation was easy and the reflector fits perfectly in the rear side of the bicycle.
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By Arun Raj
Its durable and very bright , the box mentions that it gives a back up of 12 hours in flashing mode and it really does. Its very convenient to charge from usb .
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By Taaksh
4.4 | 32 customer reviews
30 of the 32 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
As a AMAZON PRIME customer since long, I appreciate the manufacturer of this product for
1. Absolutely brilliant product with high quality reflecting material
2. Superbly stitched and well adjustable straps
3. rightly fitting for the users
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By Sivaramakrishnan
I am using this as I am a bikerwho travels a lot in the Himalayas.
Need to get the same product in very large sizes also as it doesn't fit people with large bodies. Now I had to get it cut and add almost a metre of extra reflective material as the size is too small.
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1. This is a great thing to have on person at night, whether you are walking, jogging, cycling or riding motorcycle.
2. Quality of the product is good. The buckle seems sturdy and the product will easily last for a couple of years at least.
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By Krishi
5.0 | 12 customer reviews
12 of the 12 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Liked g o o d c o d i t i o n l i k e t hi s
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By Alkesh patel
Nice foot pump really helpfull for home,
2 caps for multiple use,helps to fill cycle,bike,car football etc
Value for money,Nice product as described,with pressure display
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By Gulshan Barman
Quality of the material is very good. It is light in weight and easily portable and cariable. Overall good and value for money.
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By Ashish
4.2 | 69 customer reviews
57 of the 69 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
I have used bike locks since last 15 years but this is the first time I have seen a strong product like this. The strength of the material is immensely strong which is not very easy to cut or break. If you have bike or expensive cycle, my suggestion would be to get this as a mandatory stuff with you.
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By Writing Buddha
I must say this is Bahubali of cable locks and it is super sturdy and of superior quality of what you get in the local market. This investment is worth it if you want peace and wish to secure your expensive full face helmets or bicycles etc. Definitely recommend, proudly made in India.
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By Kranthi Kumar CH
Good, strong and sturdy product. This cable can be used for multi purpose way like bike lock chain, gate lock chain, travel time lock for suitcases, etc. Packing and despatch were good and timely. Though slightly costly, considering the material standard and strength, it can be acceptable.
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By Vaman Kamath
4.1 | 148 customer reviews
125 of the 148 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
I purchased this item on 13 Oct 2017.

UPDATE (after 1 year & 3 months = original battery still works, about 2500km ridden)
UPDATE (after 1 year & 10 months = original battery still works, about 4250km ridden)
Now I'm thinking of changing the battery. It should increase the brightness like brand new!
Love this brand. Best purchase!!

- Both lights are RED
- Very easy to Install ( 5 second Installation )
- I ride off-road, the band is durable, doesn't break or doesn't get loose, it stays put.
- Great battery life so far
- Perfect for Night Rides

Versatile - Can mount it virtually anywhere you life!
On your bag
On your Helmet
On seat post, handle bar, seat stem

I also used on one handed scooter for a lil friend.

For the price, it is surprisingly good quality!

Has 4 Modes
1. off
2. on (forever)
3. blink fast
4. blink slow
- then again off (press the light to toggle modes = simple)

Say hello @
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By ashishsinghxyz
# received product on time
# wonderful light (red)
# i used on my helmet black one
# white onw still confuse where to use
# good blinking light can b seen by long distnce
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By NOttee
Posting this review after 1 month of use.
1. 3 Modes:
1. Normal glow mode
2. Flash mode
3. Flash mode with longer interval
2. It is small but throws good amount of light.
3. 50 hrs of continuous usage and for me it worked more around 70 hrs in flash mode.
4. Holder quality is good and it fits to handle tightly it is expandable strap.

Only one drawback --> Out of two lights one had battery issue, due to which light intensity was low.

I have made a video for this on Youtube. go check it out on my channel Green-Wheels...
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By Prashant Sinha
4.5 | 23 customer reviews
22 of the 23 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
just delivered.. top tube bag for roadie, fits well and no lose fit. Good quality and quite snug. For roadie guys who dont want to place things on top of handlebar
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By Anupam Gupta
As advertised. 5 stars, although I feel the cost could have been a bit less. But I am happy with the product. Fits very well on the bicycle.
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By Shafaat Karim
Perfectly fit for my phone and on the bike. The zip is bit tight at times.
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By Asif Mohamed
product price
4.3 | 35 customer reviews
31 of the 35 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
I got to use this pump last Sunday, when I got a puncture about 100k into a 150k ride. I replaced the tube and started pumping, and I managed to achieve a pressure level almost similar to that on a stand pump (about 95 psi) with ease. The bottle cage pump mount tucks away the pump very snugly, and it doesn't interfere with the pedal stroke, nor get in the way like the top tube mounted pumps do. This has interchangeable attachments for presta and shraeder valves, and mine came with an additional attachment to fill up basketballs. I would definitely recommend this for both road bikes as well as MTB's
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By Vivek F.
This pump is good. It is Lightweight and has attachment to fix it on bottle holder nuts. Quality and appearance is also good! Fast tyre inflation without much efforts. Must have for all cyclists. Definitely recommended. Delivery was quick and packing was good.
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By Yogi
I bought this as an emergency inflator for my car, to be kept permanently in the boot.
The build quality is good.
However, it is quite small in size and you will have a hard time using it to pump air with just your hands.
Using it as a floor pump will be difficult because of its small size. Another drawback is the really small air tube length. Do not buy it as a emergency inflator for your car/bike. Also the tiltable handle does not deploy tight in the pumping position and it is not wide enough to be held in two hands.
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By Amogh
4.8 | 13 customer reviews
13 of the 13 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Excellent build quality for the price. Cannot complain about that. One needs to find a good equipment to fix the rack onto the wall. A drill and a hammer are required. Preferably use a drill bit of a smaller dia than the screws. If the rack does not stay in, go for some jugaad.

Desi Jugaad: Get a stick from the coconut jhadu. Break about 8-10 small pieces of it just a bit shorter than the size of the screw. Cluster them together and drive them into the hole created by the drill. Make sure they go all the way into the wall and nothing is sticking out. Once the jhadu pieces are in, hammer the screw into place. It will stay put. My bike is 15Kgs and it sits well.
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By Pras
I wasn't sure about this product because it looked pretty flimsy. But it holds up my daughter's cycle (which is 11.2 kg.) without difficulty. Good quality.
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By Deepta Baidwan
The product is amazing and looks great.
Very strong.
Foldable when not in use.
Scratch resistant rubber cover.

Loved it, recommending for all those in need.
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By Rupesh Rathore
product price
4.8 | 13 customer reviews
12 of the 13 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
I am more than satisfied with the quality of the product....thanks alot
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By harkeet
Good quality of fabric.
Fitting is just perfect
Timly delivery
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By Amazon Customer
Brilliant product fits well
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By rajeev bhide
4.1 | 86 customer reviews
67 of the 86 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
This light is awesome... I got 3 days earlier than the given date... But the charging plot doesn't seems to be in good place as the USB plot is little bit got inside from the package only.... Btw it is awesome.... I like it ..👌
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By Smritee
The best front lights you can get under 500 riding bro generally like to ride in night as the weather will be cool and no traffic n we start our ride after 11pm and do 100+ in the night....I bought it first now my whole team of 10 riders have it😂😎😇...I have 10year of endurance riding experience and believe me this is the best lights out there is very bright and has wide angle...battery also charges in 3hr and the indicator turns to green once fully charged
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By Ganesh prasad prabhu
The product was too small than expected. The brightness is OK, but definitely not worth 529 INR. Review posted again after couple of months of use: the ON/OFF button isnt working properly and switching between different light modes is a difficult task. Not all recommended for 500 bucks.
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By shaik mohammed anis
product price
4.7 | 14 customer reviews
14 of the 14 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
I didn't pay for it so not sure if you can get better in price
but it's very comfortable and good looking
thumbs up from my side
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By Sahil
By Loganatha Vishnu balaji
It is perfect for comfort and rude
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By Achyut