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4.6 | 3,539 customer reviews
3,301 of the 3,539 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Redgear MP80 is the best gaming mouse pad that you can buy right now. But I have seen one thing that is length wise it is 79cm (measured using tape) instead of 800mm or 80cm, now that is some quality control flaw for redgear and breadth wise it is 300mm or 30cm which is as advertised. Otherwise the edge of the mousepad is well stiched so it will not wear apart from the edge. The surface which is the most important in gaming, is very smooth with little friction. I ordered for speed series mousepad. Mousepad doesn't move because of the thick rubber surface below the mousepad. So all in on it is great thing for your desk and I would highly recommend it. Please also check the dimensions after buying.👍

Update (November, 2018): After six months from this review date, it's condition is as good as new. I have seen
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By Subhadeep Dey
I really love this mouse pad !! Excellent Quality !! Best bang for the buck !! got it for Rs 288 /- and its worth every penny... Make sure you are getting the proper variant as there are two variants available.. : Speed Type : this one has a smooth surface easy for flick shots and smooth movement . Control Type : This one has a more friction intensive surface for more accuracy.. perfect for editing etc.. The pad itself is made of good
quality materials. It is also larger than most cheap moue pads u find on the market( like the ones with scenery,quotes,photos etc) and can grip the surface really well because of the unique grip material on the under side of the pad . Highly recommend this mouse pad for gamers !!! Cheers !!!
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By m0n5t3rDesu
Okay I just want to share one crucial information about RedGear and Dragon War mouse pads. This seller " Appario " Mentioned that 1 year warranty available on mouse pads. But let me tell you that there is NO WARRANTY. YES I talked with Redwood Interactive ( Parent Company of RedGear & Importer of Dragonwar & Cosmic Byte Products ) Executives more than 3-4 times THEY CONFIMED me that there is NO WARRANTY on mouse pads. They also informed me that
" Appario "Mentioned - 1 year warranty available just to sell products. If anyone wants I can send Call Recording also. Twitter: @TheCHuN2
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By Rahul Bhattacharya
4.5 | 17,269 customer reviews
15,397 of the 17,269 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
--> Price - 9/10 (₹ 626)
--> Battery Life - 9/10
--> Durability - 6/10
--> Packaging - 8/10
--> Delivery by Cloudtail - 9/10

- Logitech Wireless Mouse
- AA Battery
- USB Nano receiver [You have my sympathies Type C users]
- The Design - The sleek red version that I bought looks gorgeous next to my laptop. It's quite eye-catching if that's something you are looking for.
- Battery life is great. I've been using it for almost over a month and still no problems. [That's how you do it Dell WM 126]
- The mouse is quite light.
- Build quality seems sturdy. The mouse has fallen from the table a couple of times and I've not seen any damage to it yet.
- Performance and precision are good. I haven't faced any lags yet with the performance.
- Quite small for my big hands. Extended usage can be problematic
- The cover of the
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By Hridja Tripathi
The mouse is really precise and sensitive. Also, the form factor of the bluetooth receiver is amazing, its so small that it does not stick out of your laptop, which is a big deal for me. Also it is not bulky leaving space for other USB devices, unlike many other.
The battery life on this is awesome, i have been using it for a little over 6 months now and i didn't have to change the batteries yet, so that gives you an idea. The product is also really durable, as i dropped it a few times and except for a few minor scratches its perfectly fine.

Although the price is a little high compared to several cheap alternatives in the market, the reliability and smoothness it delivers is something that you won't be getting else where.
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By Anirban Paul
It is better than other brands.also quality wise it is great
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4.5 | 4,193 customer reviews
3,858 of the 4,193 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Thanks team for providing such a good quality of product it solved my problem.
Problem :- My Sony LED TV screen used to black out for few seconds and comeback, when ever i operate any switches or increase or decrease the fan regulator speed, i thought this was due to some electric loose connection so i have contacted the the local electric person and changed the whole house wiring in a hope that this will fix the issue but the problem was still there. i lost hope and set my mind that i should live with this , but after research and reading the reviews of the people who faced the same problem then i get to know about the issue . i just want to take a chance & try this BlueRigger High Speed HDMI Cable. After started using this cable i never faced any
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This doens't look like original Bluerigger cable. The metal jacket got broken in 2 weeks. I have not even un plugged and re-plugged more than 2 times in this 2 weeks. This happened not because of rough use. It got broken just because of the curl of the cable itself. It could not even withstand the tension of the curl of the cable. Never seen such a worst quality hdmi cable even in the local market. The HDMI cable that came with my dth set top box is 100 times better than this expensive trash. I know this cable comes with warranty. Not sure how to claim that.

EDIT 17/03/2019:
I got a replacement cable of same type from bluerigger India. Just had to ask question through Amazon and almost immediately an executive gets in touch. I had to take photograph of broken cable and send it to them by mail. Once
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By Poomalairaj
Performane and signal transmission 9.8/10: Awesome response while gaming though I'm using only a 60 Hz FHD Dell monitor. No hysterisis losses, no noticeable monitor flickering issues, no EM Interference.
Blue Rigger, is a US brand (Headquartered in Redmond, Washington)
Delivery 9.7/10: Just arrived today (8/7/17) ordered on (5/7/17). One of the Coolest deliveries in the world.
Compatibility with latest standards like HDR+, HDR10, Dolby Vision: I hope it should at least deliver SD 4k if not 4k HDR. Though, i'm not sure this cable will be compatible with these new era standards but at least it should definitely support 4K HDR+.
Build Quality and design: Rejuvenated old school design, about 1cm in diameter. Feels like a Super Heavy Duty cable. You can check the cross-sectional details in the provided images on item's amazon page. I will surely give 9.8/10 for its build quality!
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4.5 | 1,562 customer reviews
1,390 of the 1,562 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
if you have a decent mouse, this mouse pad is all you need. don't fall for the hype of razer's pads and other brands that talk a lot of bull about advanced crap just to confuse a potential customer. I have 4 high end mice that I've tested with this pad, (Steelseries Rival 500 as shown in the vid, a Razer Mamba for work mostly, an Alienware Elite (AW958) and finally a base model Naga Chroma which i use exclusively for MMOs like WoW and sometimes for DotA)

Now honestly speaking I didn't expect much from a random pad that amazon chose to tramp-stamp with and hike a sale. BUT i can say i was pleasantly surprised by how well it handled all 4 mice. even the naga worked amazingly well on it. Overall i am very satisfied. If i could say ONE con would be that I would rather have
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By Judge Kitty™
Firstly, majority of products from AmazonBasics dont bullshit about their quality. They have the most practical products out there. Do not hesitate to buy off AmazonBasics.
Now about the Mouse pad, technically it covers my majority desk which is about 3 ft across & 2.5 ft tall . This is a huge table pad made of this amazing silicon/fabric material that cannot go wrong with its premium feel & texture. It just gives you that extra mile of inspiration you need to complete your task at hand. (I feel uber cool sitting at my desk now than before)
- Highly Durable - Easily Washable - Multiple Usages - Average Priced - HUGE!
Im no gamer & just needed a mouse pad & came across this beast. Theres no going wrong with multiple applications this product has. Can be used for various application if you have the brain soup to do so.
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By Rayvin Bruce
Do not buy this mousepad if your core use is FPS gaming. Does not track well. Best not to waste anymore money on these cheap so called gaming mousepad and get a branded one like Steelseries / Razer / Logitech / HyperX etc... Big mistake buying this mousepad. Ok for normal use though still not the best! Take my advise and do not buy it! Its just a normal mousepad nothing extra!
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By MashHW
product price
4.5 | 1,310 customer reviews
1,141 of the 1,310 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Genuine Apple Charger, with original seal and a guarantee booklet in the packaging.

Charging rate is as promised

iPhone 7- 100% in 1 hour 10 minutes
iPhone X- 100% in 1 hour 30 minutes
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By Arkaj ✔️
It’s an original product
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By Amazon Customer
Original Apple product and charges iPhone X up to 45% in 30 min and 100% in 1.5 hours.
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By Shamal Winchurkar
4.5 | 990 customer reviews
879 of the 990 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Amazing product - a good phone/ tablet stand with an option to change the angle. Very very useful if you use your phone to watch videos or for video calling, regularly. The look is also very classy and durable.
Photo - for the maximum angle possible.

Just note that it does not have an opening at the bottom for the charging cable. So you cant charge it simultaneously, if the phone is kept in portrait mode.
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By smriti tripathi
easily holds my ipad pro 12.9 along with its cover. Looks steady and solid.Very good product. However its heavy and metallic- so take care around expensive electronics.loading some images for reference. Highly recommended.
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By Rahul Dora
+ Build quality is very good.
+ Very solid to hold and heavy, yet simpler design.
+ Strongly holds the position. You can tap on your ipad , but it does not shake.
+ Packaging of the product (not of Amazon) is of international standards.
- Unreasonable Price. I got it for 599 /- . IMHO , it should be not more than 300-350 /-
- Does not work on uneven surfaces like bed, simply topples. My tip here is , use a hard flat surface like cardboard or box on bed and then use it.
- The slanting adjustments are of 3-4 fixations. In other words, you cannot vary the slant as per your wish.
- I wish the supporting leg(the one that stays in the back and gives the needed support) of the stand could have been longer.That is because for shorter inclinations , the stand becomes unstable for IPads/mobiles. It topples.
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By Amazon Customer
4.5 | 797 customer reviews
721 of the 797 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
The product was for my husband who keeps working on his laptop a lot sitting on the bed. This table made it very easy. It is ergonomically perfect since the height is correct so that he doesn't have to hunch down. There is enough space under the table to stretch his legs or keep them folded. The design is such that he can keep the table very close to him so as to make typing easier. It is not too heavy and won't damage the bed, especially because of the legs that are designed in a connected way. It is very sturdy too. Highly recommended!
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By Radhika
I was so confused when I ordered this item. Today I got this...and I am so happy with the product. Thanks a lot. Very very good product with tremendous finishing. The delivery is also 2days faster than the estimated date. Thanks again for the quality of the table. So friends, don't think....just go for it.
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By Sourav Ghosh
Being busy and all, all the time I bought it. I do a little woodwork now and then myself so when it arrived I said ok coz I knew at a glance the product was of cheap material and yeah it is. There's no way you could sell good quality stuff at this price! However when it comes to the Above mentioned criterias it falls short.
Sturdiness - Stands are probably made of aluminum or something that's ok but the joints are wobbly
Lightweight - Yeah it's lightweight gave it points on that but it's mdf so DUH!
Durability - I highly doubt it will last over 3 - 4 months and this is me being generous!

And if I actually bought the material myself with actual plywood I bet I could make a table much sturdier than at the same price or less and it " wood " be a much bigger much
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By Lyndon
4.6 | 373 customer reviews
339 of the 373 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
+ Esthetic are amazing, very catchy and appealing.
+ The build is rigid because of which the shape of the backpack looks MEAN.
+ Good numbers of compartment inside the bag for various use.
+ Light Weight.
+ Great for daily use or while driving bike.

- Maybe a bit overpriced.
- Zipper used looks and feels cheap otherwise the built quality is good.
- Width of the backpack is bit tight on space.
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By Shivam M.
Really loved the quality of the bag. The material used is durable. Liked the way the compatments are organized and storage capacity is enough to accommodate for travelling use.The reflectors are an added beauty for the bag and is usefully while travelling.
Likes : design and styling.
Material used is good.
Reflectors 😍
Dislikes :
pricing is bit high.
Chain quality could have been better.
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By Sam
This is my 5 months use review.

So i bought it in september. At first it looked promising, but now it doesn't seem like value for money. After using it extensively for 5 months i settled for another bag for office use. Here are the points which i discovered using it.

1. Though backpack is very large, the holding capacity of the bag is not good. the tough exterior of the bag makes it tough for packing much thing in it. you can't stretch it for space. and i found it when i packed for a trip in new year.
2. The zippers, though it have ykk zippers the zippers are not stiched well. i already encountered gap in the end of zipper line of front pocket and today the zipper of the front pocket gave up :( i got it corrected by neighborhood bag shop and he said the stitching is not
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By Himanshu
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4.4 | 4,881 customer reviews
4,263 of the 4,881 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
I ordered it for RS. 384 for my dell inspiron 5559 15.6 inch model.
Delivery was quick.
Packaging was perfect.
Comes with proper padding from all around plus it gives a classy look.
When I ordered it I was confused whether my 15.6 inch laptop will fit in 15 inch sleeve. It fits perfectly and provides great protection.
As always completely satisfied with the product.
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By Utkarsh Chaudhary
I have kind of become a fan a Amazon Basics products now. Though I find the durability of their products a bit unsatisfactory at times, the fact I like about them is they are value for money products. It is like they have understood the mindset of the Indian customer and have brought in affordable products which are competitively priced with fairly decent quality. But this is just my opinion. Coming back to this product itself, I bought this 7inch tablet sleeve for my newly acquired Kindle Oasis. There was no good cover I could find for the Oasis and hence decided to go in for a tablet sleeve. While browsing for tablet sleeves I came across this one from Amazon Basics and didn't think twice before ordering it. It's been a few days since I received this product and it is doing it's job of protecting my Kindle.
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By mshooli
The sizing of this Amazon laptop sleeve is totally incorrect. I ordered 15.5inches sleeve for my 15inch laptop and I got this 18inches laptop sleeve, which is way too big. I sent it back for exchange thinking they have dispatched the wrong size. But, even after exchange I got the same piece with exactly same measurements. Which means you have to order 3 inches smaller than the actual laptop size. This sleeve is huge... I can use this as my weekender... Sizing gone wrong totally. Wasted my time.
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By Padma
product price
4.4 | 3,373 customer reviews
2,918 of the 3,373 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
I am writing this review after using this table for 3 + months. I thought, writing a review with all the pros and cons would helpful to others than just simply stating my opinion from the first look.
Before, I was in a dilemma whether to buy this product or not, but now, I am fully satisfied with the product.
I have attached photos to cover all modes of operation of the table and measured the table with 20 rupee notes to give a rough estimate of size. Maximum and minimum heights are shown in photos with the help of 1ltr Tupperware bottle as a measuring device.

1. It's lightweight. It weighs not more than 1.2 KG
2. Durability. The table is sturdy and strong to withstand my laptop
3. Build quality. The quality of the wood is up to the mark and the strength of the aluminium struts are also good.
4. Aesthetics. The
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By Akhil
1) Body is good, durable. 😊😊
2) Stand folding mechanism is very delicate, it looks like it will break in a week.😤😤
3) Height adjustment mechanism is 4 step high adjustment, it is good too. This time it is awesome.👍👍
4) Angle adjustment is ok, it is 3step angle adjustment.🙂🙂
5) Overall weight handling is good. It is perfectly handle my Apple MacBook air.👏👏 I didn't tried other heavy weight 15" laptop, I will update it later.
6) Sometimes stand is shaky, iam afraid laptop may fell down.👎👎😥😥
7) Finally cooling fan is noise less🤫🤫,feels like it is not running. but it is ok.😊😊
8) Overall it is not worth 1600/-👎👎, 500 is high enough for its quality.
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By vasudeva prasad sista
I was so excited to receive this item today but so disappointed with the quality. The legs aren't strong enough. Its shaky, shakes my laptop. To avoid shaking my laptop, I need another keyboard and a place to put my mouse. Why am I buying this table for?

If money is not big of a deal for you, perfect table to use on bed (carefully). Using it a bit rough, this table won't last long; couple of months at best! The inbuilt fan to cool a laptop is a good feature though.

I tried to submit a return request today but gave me an option of exchange only. Waiting for CS response about this! Not happy with this purchase.
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product price
4.5 | 428 customer reviews
381 of the 428 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
I needed it to do two things:
Give height (duh)
Have access below the screen to route cables and extensions- mouse, keyboard, one USB 3.0 extension and one mini USB extension. underneath it. I will be getting a microphone and a mic preamp (or a field recorder) so the space underneath will be use. I will be upgrade my monitor so I needed a good width.

The end result is excellent. I can
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By HardwareBBQ
I had kept an eye on this stand when it first was published in amazon but then I thought I didnt need it as monitor stand is quite adequate, recently my house went through renovation wherein monitor stand got damaged and only option left was to fix it on to wall,which I didnt want and quite good choice too.

Amazonbasics monitor stand stands out among all the stands due to
1.Premium look
2.Nice coloring
3.Bush below the stand to avoid direct contact with metal
4.Looks great
5.Really economic:599₹ with discount of 10%.
6.Well built and sturdy
7.Amazonbasics logo on it
8.Fast delivery
Cons: None so far

If you found my review resourceful please click helpful. Thanks in advance.
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By Anup Viswanathan Thampi
Awesome product. Looks durable.
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By Tushar Jadhav
product price
4.4 | 972 customer reviews
853 of the 972 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
1.Built quality is really good.USB and LAN plugs fit tightly and are easy to remove.
2.Size is quite small for the functions it offers.
3.LAN easily achieves 950 Mbps+ speed on gigabit link.
4.USB drives also performs to their maximum speed.Even on using multiple devices at once, i got max performance for most of the plugged devices.(pen-drives, LAN , keyboard and mouse all at once)

1.Connection wire /Hub wire is small.You will need extension cable if you want to use it with a desktop.
2.There is only one single USB notification light which shows HUB power state and no dedicated notification lights for
individual USB devices activity/ power state.
3.Only available in white color which gets dirty very easily.
4.Body is glossy so it get scratched easily.

Despite many cons, it performs very well .So i will definitely recommend it.
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I have a 75mbps Actfibernet internet. My wifi router is in another room and I was getting around 5mbps max in my laptop. Fortunately had a Lan port in the room but my Windows 10 Dell inspiron 13 does not have lan port. After using this, I am getting 75 to 85mbps in my laptop, God knows why I am getting 85mbps on my 75mbps plan but very happy with performance.
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By Ajit Singh
I access Netflix and half a dozen of other video streaming on my Mi Box. This minimalist set top box has wifi connectivity & an USB port. One major issue with High Quality video streaming over wifi is buffering. And the experience is a bummer. So I had to seek an Ethernet solution for my Mi Box. And this one works out of the box and fits the bill. The adapter is actually bigger than I had expected. And at Rs 600+ bit expensive as well.
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By Apurba
4.5 | 343 customer reviews
306 of the 343 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Wow excellent quality, at first I received a damaged product there is a small bend in the USB adapter this damage may be due to the courier but not with the seller. So I applied for replacement but after taking the damaged product the next day I received the new cable excellent.......

Very fast... Service.

And also the quality of the cable is excellent....

Very very good no words to say.

Any way all Amazon basics products are so so good, you can close your eyes and go with them. :-)
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Replaced my original Seagate Free agent GoFlex 500 GB external hard disc cable with this as the original drive was getting disconnected frequently while connected. Tried updated the driver and other alternatives. But now I am glad that the actual issue was the cable.
This one works like a charm. Better than the original cable. Lengthier, sturdier, sleekier and more flexible than the original one.
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By Anto
What I Like:-
1.Without additional port to supply power, this cable alone was enough for both HDDs to switch on and be accessible which was extraordinary as I was having trouble switching them on..
Note:- Dell Vostro 3670 Desktop computer ports of USB 2.0 ports & USB 3.0 ports were used to check. This model doesn't have optical drive.
2. I didn't know till today that even USB 2.0 cable will have support when connected to a USB 3.0 port and external HDD can be accessed.
3.This cable is much thicker than the one provided by WD & LACIE & IOMEGA.

what I didn't like:-
IOMEGA eGo 320GB external portable drive didn't work on all USB 2.0 ports & USB 3.0 ports when checked in Dell Vostro 3670 Desktop computer.

I hope this info is useful for other customers.
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4.4 | 602 customer reviews
532 of the 602 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Nice fit for my HP 15.6" laptop. I also use it for carrying my external harddisks (2 of them) and powerbank (18000 mAH). They have provided pouches with zipper in one side and just a pouch in the other side. Zipper pouches are very useful in carrying my harddisks. The bag is cushioned and hence, it absorbs most of the shock during travel.
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By Pvgna
Well... product seems to be find..and fits laptop (HP BS145TU),but still there is a small gap at the top.. which is ok. But smell of product is so bad.. that it occupies the complete room after some time.. Not sure why it smells so bad. I went through reviews.. and saw it but I taught it can be manageable.. but I am not. So returning it.. If anyone can bear the smell I think product is good.

Updating my rating to 4

Smell subsided after couple of days...hence keeping it...:)
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By Pavan Kumar PVNN
Its a very nice Sleeve for 15'6" laptops. It stretches very vell, you can easily put hard disk, pen drives, cables, earphones and I even put my mouse in one of its front pocket. It is quite big. Material is also soft and completely protect the laptop from damage.
MINUS ONE STAR because it has pockets on both of its sides so while using both side pockets, it's not comfortable to place it on flat surface...
Overall, love this one...
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By Ankur Gupta
4.5 | 274 customer reviews
249 of the 274 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
The cable is thick and looks premium. I get the product as specified in the amazon app (USB 3.0 extension cable 3 meters in length).
At first I suspect the data transfer speed will not upto the USB 3.0 mark. But suprisingly i was able to achieve 130 MB/s data read rate and around 100 MB/s data write rate (Data transferred was a 1.19 GB video file).

Components used :

Processor : i5 2nd gen
Motherboard : Intel Desktop DH67VR board
Ram : 8 GB DDR3
Pendrive : Sandisk Ultra 32GB USB 3.0 compatible
Serial post used : USB 3.0
Data file : 1.19 GB MP4 video file
Date Read/Write speed : 130 MB/s / 100 MB/s
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By Shyam
It works. I mean what else can I say? It's a USB extension cable. It's not going to make you more attractive to the opposite sex (or same, if that's your thing...) It's not going to buy you a beer, put it's USB shielded arm around your shoulder and commiserate you for not being attractive. It won't drive you to the ball game to hang out with your friends to forget your worries. And it certainly won't bail you out of jail when you do something stupid like drink too much beer, scream at geese in the park and chase them into the water. I mean what kind of a friend is this USB cable anyway? I give it a place to stay, it uses my computer all the time, and I think it's eyeing my SCSI ports. And after I rescued it from the depths of a warehouse somewhere!
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By Linguatech
I ordered the 3 meter version, and first thing I checked when it got arrived, is whether it could be used as a mobile charger extension. And YES it did the job. Mine is an ASUS 1.0A charger and it worked wonders. I also use it to extend the usb mic, usb joystick, usb mixer-grinder, usb everything.
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By Annu
4.4 | 416 customer reviews
374 of the 416 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
It's light weight yet sturdy, the anti slip is good it actually prevents the table from slipping on the floor. After folding it can be stacked neatly even in a narrow small space. The edges are molded perfectly enough not to hurt. Can easily take 15kg weight. The plank is more broader compared to other tables available for this price. I use it for studying. It's worth the money.
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By shehnaaz
It came very nicely packed. I was really impressed by the nice way seller has packed, in addition I will definitely say this is a very good quality product and its quite sturdy and rigid, the finishing product is very nicely done. Am planning to other another one.
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By Amit Kumar Barai
Not at all durable, I will not recommend it for people having kids at home. It's good if an adult is using as laptop table, but if you are planning to use it as study/colouring table for kids then it is not recommended. The table legs just break down if you put more weight on it.
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By Amazon Customer
4.3 | 901 customer reviews
752 of the 901 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Even though the mouse says gaming mouse, I'm only using it for basic games. I don't play competitive fps. So this mouse is working fine. I'm uploading a video showing the middle button changing colours. It looks good and premium TBH. Was expecting some cheap plastic. While writing this review it's price is 461rs. So my opinion is about it based on its price point for what it's delivering. Ofcourse in time they might increase its price.
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By karan
This mouse is amazing because the features this mouse offer at very less price.

The multicolored lighting and change according to the dpi settings of the mouse which offers upto 3200 dpi.

The overall feel of the mouse is really good.
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By Gaurav kumar
I had cosmic byte gaming mouse which comes in same price, I thought that would be best gaming mouse in that price. But after using this mouse, this is best for me. Quality of plastic used is better in this mouse. Change of colour on click of DPI button is better. Bottom design looks amazing, so much to aesthetic in 500₹. Buttons works great and wheel too, Braided cable are nice addition and makes wires tangle free. however I'm still left to find out how can i program those buttons,will update review after that.
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By Shubham
4.3 | 730 customer reviews
595 of the 730 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Being an electronics student, was searching for something small that can hold my connecting wires, bread board, test leads, etc. By trial and error I ordered this bag. Guess what ? It works 85%. Though I couldn't place my multimeter inside, my college bag looks clutter free with wires inside the saco. Just beautiful and easy to organize fast inside the lab too.
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By Anuj
As you can see in the picture It has many pockets and straps. I Put 2 hard disk (Transcend and Toshiba) Cable Connectors and so many small thing.
The Bag becomes thick and not very fancy to carry it, but for home users its a good deal.
The Quality is good and I am sure it will last longer.
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By Jitendra
built quality is average as you will see the stitched threads worn out.

The image shown in description is different from the product you receive..
(just compare the images in review *not just mine but others as well * and actual images)

A plastic compartment is provided which is worn out and not stitched to the product properly

the Velcro position are different ie 1 is horizontal and other is vertical, hence Velcro attachment is very weak.

material used is premium
but it's big in size

it is only ment for people who carry lots of wired accessories ,
if u just carry a charger, power bank , earphone and OTG then it's unnecessary to buy such a huge electronic organizer...

its apt for
- data cables
- power bank
- Otg
- pendrives
- Aux
- SIM cards
- small usb light lights
- small usb flat gadgets

If u you carry ALL OF THESE or similar items then only it's apt product
otherwise if u have items
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By Vedant khare
product price
4.2 | 9,083 customer reviews
7,400 of the 9,083 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Just a single sentence about this mouse : "SIMPLE AND THE BEST".
This mouse is so simple and very handy to operate. I have been using this for two months and it feels so flexible to use. The only concern about this mouse is the wire length, the wire is too lengthy so that some times we feel little discomfort but I have adjusted the length to my comfort by tying some band like thing to the wire.
Except that lengthy wire everything looks fine.
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After a year of use i should say... It's the best budget mouse that you can buy....... Though little small in size but very handy and comfortable. You can go long hours in you pc/lappy with this. Overall very nice and good quality product and 100% practical
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By Bablu Kumar
its a very very very tiny mouse and it will not fit into the hand and thus it will be uncomfortable to use.

just scroll down and look for another if you want to save your time. cheers.
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By Ethan
product price
4.5 | 193 customer reviews
173 of the 193 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Got this awesome keyboard at at a price of ₹299. Keyboard has good grip at bottom. Smooth keys. Good height adjustable stand. Recommending all to buy this keyboard.
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Good built. Smooth keys. Indian rupee key is made available. Good product in given price. I think it will long last. Though price is cheap but quality is better.
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By Arvind Sahai
Product is good, exactly as shown in the images. But the only thing I am surprised with is Amazon is now selling items without a GST bill. So, neither have i received any GST invoice with the product nor it is available to download from the order page. This is weird being the fact is that the GST invoice is the warranty card for this. Amazon must look into this matter.
Uodate:- The GST invoice was available for download after two days of delivery.
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By Snehashis