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4.6 | 3,558 customer reviews
3,261 of the 3,558 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
I bought my SSD on 12th October 2018 during the Big Billion Day Sale. The price just one month back was Rs 2,350/- but just 2 Days before the sale it dropped to 2,100 and on sale it had a lightning deal of 1900/- and I got 10% Rs 200 additional discount for SBI Card.
In Short, I got the SSD for Rs 1700/-.

Now I own Asus R558UR Laptop bought in 2016. i5 6th Gen 2 Cores 2.4GHz, 12GB DDR4 2133MHz RAM, Nvidia 930MX 2GB Graphic Card, 1TB Seagate 5400RPM HDD.
My C Drive used up 60GB of Space, I am a Photographer so I used Lightroom and Photoshop, No Games etc.

My Laptop used to take 2.00Mins to Boot and 3.10Mins to open Google Chrome and get it working. It would then ShutDown in 30 Secs.

I put my SSD in the Place of my HDD and placed the HDD in the DVD
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By Harish Gupta
Got it for 3k (all discounts inclusive), this ssd is worth every penny. I have a hp 360 convertible with basic configuration (i3 7th gen, 4gb ram and 1 tb 5400 rpm hdd). Since day one, laptop was superslow, boot time was around a minute n half and it used to get stuck very often (couldn't open more than 4-5 tabs in chrome at one go). Tried every tweak youtube videos had to offer but there was no visible performance improvement. Somebody suggested to buy an ssd ( i dint want to spend much on it honestly). After searching and reading comments i finally decided to go for this one. Below is my view of this product to help you decide make an informed choice if you are wish to get one:
1. Boot time on my machine is less than 15 seconds
2. MS office opens as soon as
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By vibhor
I wanted to buy an SSD for its speed. My laptop shipped with a 5400 RPM 1TB Toshiba HDD. The system boot time was around 32-35 seconds, Windows 10 Home. I use PhotoShop CS6, which loaded in around a minute on the HDD.
After switching to the SSD, the system boot time is 10 seconds max, sometimes less, reasons unknown. Photoshop now loads in less than 7 seconds, with all plugins loaded. It's a huge improvement.
Moreover, you don't have to worry about sudden shakes to the laptop, that goes without saying.
One thing to mention here, WD Green is the cheapest SSD on the WD lineup, Blue and Black are faster. If you have the budget for those, go for either a blue or a black.
Amazing product, at an affordable price.
Four stars only for the packaging, it could have been better.
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By Amittras
4.5 | 1,902 customer reviews
1,746 of the 1,902 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
I have an 8 yr old DELL Studio 15 laptop which works fine. I use it primarily for gaming along with some light use like learning new stuff like Python & watching movies. Lately, it had become terribly slow. After several tests, I determined that the hard drive (WD 7200 rpm 320GB SATA) was pulling the performance down of an otherwise brilliant laptop. Currently available laptops in the budget range don't have much more to offer than what this one already has & the latest gaming laptops are way too expensive. So I swapped out the old HDD with this one & reinstalled Windows 10 and other stuff that I use normally. Now it feels like the laptop is on steroids!!!
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By Unmesh Damle
I m software developer, so i need to install some heavy development s/w on my laptop.
I m facing slow boot-up issue.
After upgrading HHD to SSD my laptop turnon within 10-15 sec. No lag after login.

Those who have 4gb ram with win10 i personally suggest this drive.

SSD can improve ur pc app loading time but for heavy app u should also upgrade RAM.
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By ashish@mumbai
I wanted to change my HDD with new one, as my old HDD (WD Black) was gradually failing, searched lot of sites & products, wanted to get another HDD, but saw the reviews were horrible (about failure of products within few months), so decided to buy SSD (first time, as I trust HDD over SSD because SSD have limited read/write cycles); among them Kingston SSDNow A400 480GB was beating the Price in SSD 500GB segment with descent TBW. Same was available on other sites for ~5.7k but love the Amazon delivery so ordered it from Amazon for ~6.1K (So 4 Stars!). Delivery was super fast. When received the product it was in sealed Tetra Pack (Genuine Product), Assembled in Taiwan (Great Relief! You Know What I mean...).

Very Light Weight (feels like a biscuit, wanted to bite!) than my HDD (WD Black).
Thin than my HDD (WD Black).
Easy to install in my
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By Kirtiraj Patil
4.5 | 790 customer reviews
706 of the 790 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Classy cab but front panel support only usb 3.0 today motherboard comes with usb 3.1 gen2 front connection so beaware and all other thing best
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By chandan mishra
Awesome! You will love it. Dont forget to buy extra LED fans. Its gorgeous.
1. Sexy looks
2. Gaming cabinet
3. Can fit any components
4. Large Size
5. Price(affordable)
6. Corsair(name is enough; great quality)
7. Your friends will be jealous!!
6. Sorry no cons😉😀
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By Reezan
Looks are decent. Build quality is good.
You can install maximum of 5 fans for airflow.
However it's hard to recommend it unless you are tight on budget.
If you plan to use a third-party cooler for your cpu please make sure that it is compatible with this case.(use pcpartpicker). I made the mistake of not checking and now I am severely limited with my choices for ryzen build since most tower type air coolers won't fit.
Cable management is a mess so I recommend go for a fully modular psu.
Also side glass panel window is prone to scratches. Even cleaning it with soft cloth will leave scratch marks.
Corsair has provided only one red led fan in the front. So you will need to buy another red led one to complement it. That's extra cost you need to consider unless you are okay with just a single red colour fan that looks awkward
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By Aaditya
4.5 | 648 customer reviews
582 of the 648 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Best value for money. This is 3000MHz 8GB RAM stick. If you want high performance RAM as best value for your money, grab this one. I am using Asus Prime A320M-K motherboard and AMD Ryzen 3 processor in combination with this RAM.

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By Nizam Khan
Asus Prime B350
Ryzen 5 2600x
The ram is not listed in the QVL but still it is running at 3000Mhz without any stability issue once I select the preset memory overclock.
The reason y I have given 3 star is bcoz:
Specified Ram timings is 16-17-17-35
But the received module has 16-20-20-38
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By Kurian Kevin
Please buy carefully.
Product description is wrong.
Suffering return investigation delay.

Latency mentioned on product page 15-17-17-35
I got 16-20-20-38.

C15 is 15-17-17-35
C16 is 16-20-20-38

This took long time to figure out the issue.
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By Vishal
4.5 | 634 customer reviews
526 of the 634 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Best graphics card on budegt. It works fine and can support on ultra in fc primal, fc 4 ,gta v watch dogs 1 & 2 etc.
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By Pradhum
I am writing this review on 6th Aug, 2018. Right now this the best-buy amongst graphics cards as this one gives a masive performance in a good price range (below 15K). The current price (14.6K) is still high than the price it's launched with (around 11-12K).
BTW ... for VR this is not a right choice.
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By bluishshadow
Purchased the product on 9-Oct-18 and the GPU stopped working in less than a month. Return window had crossed and can't return back to Amazon. Took the card to authorized centre that is 'Supertron Electronics' and they said the card is NOT new but an used and refurbished one. Now have to wait for more than 8 days to get the next update from service centre.

So, if you receive any card that does not look 'brand' new and has got some dust or rust or any other symptoms of wear n tear, better return the card immediately than taking the trouble of running to repair centre.
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By Ajai K.
10 Offers from product price
4.5 | 548 customer reviews
486 of the 548 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Quick delivery by Amazon. Nicely packaged.
Coming to the product,
7.8 GB RAM Available.
By default it was running @ 2133MHz
To run @ 2400MHz, use XMP Profile in your BIOS.
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By Anand
Comes in excellent packaging, not a single scratch. The red heat sink looks sexy. Did speed tests on my PC and all results match with the manufacturers claims so there is no reason to go wrong with this.
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By That awesome guy
Its Awesome. I love it. It had been 4 month since i'm using it , its working like a monster i have no issues with this.
Corsair is best .
You should go for it.

Thank You.
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By KsTechTips
4.4 | 236 customer reviews
203 of the 236 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Okay first I have to give credits to the packaging. I was very scared that the glass might get damaged but the box was wrapped in multiple layers of bubble wrap that protected the box for any sort of impact. Now the product, for a price of 2900 this is so well built. I can easily compare it to high end manufacturers like cooler master and yet feel this has a good built. The metal has a mat finish and blacked out giving it a very premium look. The lights were a bit of a surprise, way better than I ever expected. There are multiple of modes to chose from with different animations and yes you can set the lights to a solid colour too if you don't like the multi colour. The leds are well diffused and evenly lit. The rare fan is a constant rainbow colour which actually
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By Ransley Gonsalves
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By Santanu Basak
Good cab....I am a editing rig builder....this is the best cabinet for medium budget computers... Build quality is perfect & enough room for every components... I suggest pls put a heat vent in PSU shield & top of the shield we can use the space for mounting SSD...otherwise perfect.!
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By Premjith.C.D
4.3 | 1,753 customer reviews
1,405 of the 1,753 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Packaging is an important thing here as the pins and headers gets damaged easily due to pressure while in transit. See 1st picture, the cardboard box ensures that your board will reach your hand without being damaged. Looking the 2nd and 3rd picture you may think this board is original and really made in Italy but just scratch the backside white paint with your nails and see the paint coming out leaving a scratch mark(as seen on 3rd picture). 4th picture says I'm successfully running with my project of home automation. So you can buy this product without hesitation. Board is in very good condition and easily detected in Arduino software.

I've included a video in this review. Follow this. After the board reaches your hand you should test if it is in working condition and so please connect it to a usb power source(a power bank or a cellphone charger,
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By Deepayan
Good product to start with , the build quality and everything is good . All you need is will to learn audrino . Just buy it and start developing
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By Pallaav sethi
mine is not working and am returning it.. L Led is constantly on and uploading error is showing despite every effort
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By Prashant Nath
4.3 | 827 customer reviews
653 of the 827 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Works nearly flawlessly. There are however two minor issues. First, when I set the location as India (Kolkata) it changed my keyboard language to Bangali even when I had selected US keyboard. Since we can't see passwords by default, it took me for a while to understand the issue. So, I would suggest that you check the 'make password visible' option when you first use Raspberry.

The second issue is that it is showing undervolt symbol ( a yellow lightning bolt like symbol that appears on top left corner) when I connected it with a VGA monitor using HDMI Male to VGA Female Cable. I connected the same RPI directly to a TV with HDMI port and I did not see the thunderbolt symbol.I haven't tried it yet, but I think that it can be solved by using the official power supply.

For the people who want to know about which peripherals
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By James
This is a great device! The only complaint is that using it with a 5" display from Waveshare was a bit difficult. I had to get the Rasbpian version of the image with the LCD driver built in. I managed to put Windows 10 ioT core on it, but the LCD does not work with it. Connecting it to a monitor over HDMI works fine. I have yet to connect any sensors to the board or develop Windows applications.
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By Ganesh Gopalan
I have used pi2 for many years without any issues, bought directly from element14.
First time I buy from amazon and product goes kaput within the warranty span of 1 year.
Contacted element14 which say to contact the seller. Contacted IONIQ "Recommended seller" who after multiple exchanges of messages says to contact manufacturer.
Contacted Amazon who are still working on the issue.

All in all poor state of affairs. Better to buy at a bit extra price but directly from element14, beacuse in case of any issues atleast the will RMA the product.
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By Techhead
4.2 | 792 customer reviews
648 of the 792 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
The product works as expected.The range is good,i am able to get signal from my phone all around my room.
The real reason i went for this card is because it supports Ubuntu(18.04) and windows 10 without any additional drivers installed.This is the latest version 2.0,so works with latest OS.
Most USB based adapters won't work in Ubuntu,especially the ones with ac capability.
I personally use Ubuntu(18.04) and i haven't faced any connection problem.I simply plugged the card in the pci port and after booting to Ubuntu,the card gets recognized without any additional driver installation,but for windows install the driver provided in the DVD or just download it from tp-link website for stable connection.
While transferring files from my smartphone,i am getting around 8MB per second which is OK for me.May be others get better speeds with better smart phone.
Any way,overall it's a nice product.But i suggest going for ac models other than b/g/n
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Initially i was using TL-WN725N on my desktop and i wasnt satisfied with the range/reception capabilities when it came to performance as it affected the ping and actual speed by more than 50% at the distance i was using it at.
So i decided to check this product out. I was very skeptical at first but i bought it with a good lightening deal for ₹570.
Believe me, once i attached it on my motherboard i took a big sign of relief as to my expectations it just did not improve the signal strength but also the ping and speed was back to original and it actually got as snappy as it was supoosed to be. It wont disappoint you as it is strong and effective.
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By Shaishav G.
Got what I needed ! It is good for surfing and small network transfers. Just tried some online gaming, CS:GO and Battlefield, moderate ping and some packet loss still playable. It is still better than the USB wifi adapters I've used. I have used it for 2 months now and have had no issues so far. The I/O plate on the device is a little longer than I expected so had some issues while installing it. Overall I would recommend buying it.
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By Kiran Nambiar
product price
4.2 | 515 customer reviews
428 of the 515 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
I'm writing this review after one week usage of this PSU. It's a great product. The delivery was little late as it took 6 days to reach but can't complain to Amazon as I live in a small town in WB. The Packaging was good. The looks are absolutely stunning. Got a big 120mm Fan at the bottom which takes out all the hot air from the Cabinet. Delivers 550w of power which I needed for my Gaming Rig. Absolutely quite, with closed eyes you can't say that it is running or not. Got lot of power attachments so you can install 3 HDD and a Optical Drive. 2 six Pin connectors are there to power up your 2 GPUs. Cable length is also long so it reaches everywhere in your cabinet. Wire quality is also good. I'm using this in my Corsair Carbide Spec 01 series Gaming Cabinet with
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By Vineeth
I worked out my pre-built PC which kept shutting down when playing a Graphics-heavy game or while editing heavy pictures because the PSU supplied was underpowered for the GPU installed. This was a direct swap, same dimensions, same brand, just 100W more powerful. Took the old one out, put the new one in and the job's a good'un!.
The only thing I would say is that, as someone who had never taken the side of a PC off before, I had no idea what all the bits were and how they should be connected up. As there were no instructions with the PSU, plus there was a minor dent at the corner of the power supply (my reason for scoring 4 stars, not 5). I disconnected one of the old unit's leads and then connected the new one, one by one. This was almost perfect, but I was left with one
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By Vibhor
This product become faulty just after few months after purchase.This PSU is not at all designed for gaming.If you are looking for a PSU that games look for gold certified PSU in the market but they are little expensive.I have gone for Corsair RMx series PSU which cost me around 11,000Rs in amazon.
Link :
I know this PSU have warranty but it is of no use after few days the same problem will come again.This PSU cant handle heavy games with max setting and the PC will get rebooted in the middle.This PSU is not designed to handle games or intensive task that has too much load. Iam not usually a review guy but I must say this because it should not happen to anyone else.My 3388 Rs got wasted.Hope this helps you.
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4.2 | 328 customer reviews
269 of the 328 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
There are many many copycats but none like the original. The Raspberry Pi 3B+ is still simply the best value in Single Board Computers (SBCs).

This version comes with a 1.4 GHz Broadcom CPU, 1 GB RAM, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, HDMI Audio-Video out, Composite Audio-Video out, Gigabit Ethernet (delivers about 300 Mbps). Indeed the only thing I had to supply was Keyboard, Mouse and Power.

The power recommendations are higher (5V DC 3A) but it will also work with an older mobile phone charger that is rated at-least 5V DC 1.5A as long as do not connect too many peripherals. In headless more (no peripherals, no HDMI out, no Wi-Fi), it will just about work with 5V DC 1A adapter. I purchased a 5VDC3A adapter from Element Engineers on Amazon and the board is working well it it.

The heating of the CPU has been normalized by using a heat-spreader. The CPU does touch
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By Rajib Ghosh
Hi.. It's working nice. Just required basic os knowledge and some tweaks. I have directly booted from Pendrive (through berry boot) and installed openelec software on another Pendrive . I can play almost anything from my android phone (YouTube, pics, mp3, videos etc) on TV. No need keyboard and mouse after booting to openelec.. I'm using my android phone as keyboard and mouse. Many remote available in playstore. I recommend yatse remote control in playstore, it is good for openelec...
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By Shiva
Don't buy from IONIQ. Despite the sellers high ratings. I have had less than pleasant experience with them.
The seller is not a authorised seller and cannot provide warranty at all.
These devices can go kaput even if u don't tamper with them much,I used a 3 b bought from IONIQ for running KODI and it went kaput and no replacement even though pi was few months old only
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By Avi
1 Offer from product price
4.2 | 276 customer reviews
230 of the 276 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Let me start of by saying that I'm very impressed. I love the red colored led's and this comes with 4 fans and a fan control switch. It was tricky trying to understand which molex goes where but they already take care of that for you. You just need to connect your PSU molex to the exhaust fan molex and all of them get their power through that. The model I recieved had a slightly bent USB 3.0 jack but I'm willing to forgo it for the looks this cabinet provides. There's enough space for graphics cards and the front panel connectors work fine, something I have had a bad experience with with cheap cabinets. All said, the only issue I had was plugging the 4 pin connector from PSU to motherboard but that's not the cabinets fault is it :)
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By Abhishek Shah
Cabinet 10/10
Fans with led 10/10
Capacity fo the hardware 10/10
Since its a gaming cabinet there is no place for dvd or brdrive.
Extra space for 2 fans in the top shell available. U can put your choice of fan.
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By Jintumoni Bora
Let me tell you when I first thought about gaming cabinet I was sure for Cooler Master and I was about to buy it when I saw this model online and I was impressed with its first look but seeing new name on board I wasn't satisfied with it so did some digging and thorough review, finally I decided to give a go and I am very happy to see such brand comes up with classy and sturdy build, if you are looking for cool cabinet somewhere around 3000-3500 this is best for look and gaming.. high five.

Edit: Chiptronex as best after sales service as they called me explain how to remove front panel and it is quite easy now. just pull from bottom bracket and it will come off easily.

It is already 3 months on and I am happy with it as easy to clean and keeping it cool
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By Vasim Pathan
4.3 | 98 customer reviews
82 of the 98 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
I required it because the USB 2.0 ports on my old motherboard had gotten less than ideal over time.
I have been using this for over a week and it works well. I have connected my motherboard and gaming mouse and both work without interruptions. I checked the file transfer speeds and they were as expected from USB 2.0
However, if you have a spare PCIe x4 slot on your motherboard, then I recommend getting a USB 3.0 card for PCIe.
I am thankful to sellers who still keep these old components in stock.
If it does not catch any rust or get corroded after 15 months, I intend on visiting back and giving it 5 stars.
P.S.: It would be really good to have a screw for fitting, included in the pack.
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By Aditya T.
I have a Gigabyte Z97-D3H-CF motherboard, which did not had the USB 2.0 connected, when i tried connecting Novation Mininova which connects only via USB 2.0 and not 3.0. Brought this USB port connected it. You will see 2 USB slot on your motherboard, in which one pin is not there, that is USB 2.0, plugin both the pins to the socket to get 4 USB ports working, ... but when connecting behind the CPU, the panel which you want to remove think which one you want remove before and then connect this one. See to that nothing is touching the motherboard parts or others to the USB hardware, just so that the fan or any capactiors don't get affected. Bit flimsy but thats okay, the 2 pins is bit hard to push into the slots though. No need of any drivers, once you start your PC, go to device
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By Sharath
Two USB port stopped working after 6 months. The rest 2 are still working but may give in anytime. No point buying something cheap which will cease to work after few months. Bad decision buying this product. Save your money and by something of good quality.

Review Update: upgrading it to 3 stars from 1 star

This thing requires regular fiddling. Now all the ports are working again. Hopefully things will stay this way for some time.
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By saikat chakraborty
4.3 | 83 customer reviews
73 of the 83 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Amazing case for the price. It actually has a Tempered Glass side panel and not cheap Acrylic. One of the best thing is that the ARGB fan provided works without an ARGB motherboard header or a controller. You can sync and control the ARGB modes of both the front and the fan by the LED button on top of the case. Airflow is decent. Many room for cable management. However, my PSU was a tight fit. If you have a non-modular power supply, it might be tough to fit in there.
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By Snehasis Mukherjee
+ Great looking front with 3 RGB LED fans and transparent front cover.
+ Tempered glass side panel to show off your rig. Reasonably sturdy build of the glass.
+ Magnetic dust filters on top and front. Easiest to remove/clean.
+ Covered PSU/HDD area. Looks neat.
+ Innovative SSD mounting behind MoBo tray.
+ Movable and tool-free HDD/SSD cage to adjust space behind the SMPS.
+ VFM at rs. 4700/- for an RGB case.

- Very cramped space for cable management. The cables are pressing against the MoBo tray after closing the side panel. Scooped out side panel is sorely missed here.
- No space at the bottom of the MoBo. It touches the SMPS cover and cables needs to be carefully routed.
- No HDD LED indicator
- No power reset button
- Top facing front panel ports may attract dust. Need to keep them covered.
- Inadequate and very very basic pictorial manual doc only. It's extremely difficult to figure
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By anu007
I like the quality for the price. few problems are the psu and harddisk slot don't have enough space either you remove the hard drive mount or it is cramped. also atx mb fit very tight around the bottom and back of the case while the front is very spacious if you dont use a radiator
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By Michael
4.2 | 143 customer reviews
117 of the 143 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Raspberry Pi 4B 2G Model is an excellent upgrade for the investment . Compared to Pi 3B+ has excellent features with ARM 64bit BCM2711 it’s a beast in it own class. Lucky I brought both from PiBoX and satisfied with original and genuine Made in UK one.

My observations as follows :
* lots of options including dual monitors, have plugged in my plasma and LED TVs with Amazon Micro HDMI and it’s truly amazing display
* using official 3A Adapter with C type connector it’s just good and don’t have to be worried about heating etc
* For those looking to enjoy Raspian OS this is best SoC upgrade, use SD Formater and Download official 2.2GB image and you are just off the shelf
* For those looking for ARM H images using Kali have to use Etcher , download image, and wait. Though we have only 32bit images it works flawlessly. Perform upgrades
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By Faiz THEʷʰⁱᵗᵉᴷᴺᴵᴳᴴᵀ
This little piece of machine may not be able to replace your desktop but it is a very good device for programming.

It covers quite a lot of work for me as i am a programmer and i also do some multitasking along with it but it does not lag whatsoever. I can suggest to all programmers to buy this if they are thinking to buy one but not if they want to replace their desktop.
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By gh0$t
Universal issue..overheating is there.. Hope manufacturer will fix soon
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By Nishil.SB
4.2 | 140 customer reviews
115 of the 140 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
This is an excellent gaming controllable RGB motherboard with inbuilt Wi-Fi and Bluetooth
The audio capacitors are awesome as they enhance the sound a lot
It includes 2 X m.2 ssd , 3 X PCI express with a metal heat sink, 4 X ram slots
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By Ritwik
If you are buying this motherboard for the new 3rd Gen Ryzen Processor then you can't use it until you update the BIOS. And to update the BIOS you need a 2nd Gen Ryzen Processor.
I got in touch with AMD about their Bootkit program(where they provide 2nd Gen Ryzen Processor for free, for some days so that one can update the BIOS).
Upon getting in touch with AMD they said that the Bootkit Program is not there for India but the got in touch with Gigabyte Service Centre of My City and I have to go there.
So I went there and they updated my BIOS version instantly for free.

So In Short,
If you have a 3rd Gen Ryzen ,you buy this Motherboard & you don't have a old 2nd Gen Ryzen with you, you will have to go to Gigabyte Service Centre in your City to get it to work.

Coming to The
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By Jeet
Till one month it was performing very good n i was totally impressed by it..but suddenly yesterday when pressing pow button nothing is happening..only cpu and gpu red led keeps blinking..i dont know what went wrong bt now i have to give it to service center..i dnt know abt the problem....
So finally problem solved.. actually my new 650w smps got burned due to which it ws showing red leds..aftr replacing with new smps its working like charm..go for this motherboard 100% recommend..ur getting slots for all ur leds and high quality audio thump's up
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By Sunny J
4.2 | 139 customer reviews
115 of the 139 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
The ESPs are cheap. Even for the 8266s. I bought two of these and since they are so cheap, I can afford to test and destroy them. They work as intended. The only thing is the packaging. The seller sent it in an electrostatic insulated cover like all of these dev boards normally come in except that the amazon cover it came in did not have a bubble wrap or any cushion. So I am guessing something heavy sat on the package while shipping via air that a couple header pins were bent very badly in both the ESPs. One of them, I was able to bend it back into shape. The other one I had to solder out and resolder a new set of headers. Otherwise, I am happy with the purchase.
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By Rohith
Ordered two, both fit well on breadboard and sample code worked fine on both.
One board micro USB port was little pressed, so had to bend it slightly to connect power/serial cable.
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By Manish
It doesn't looks like orignal. Text's which where printed on the board were erased.
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By chandrudao
4.2 | 121 customer reviews
94 of the 121 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Got this product in very good condition. Working fine no problem.
My Pc Specs:
Pentium G4560 3.5Ghz
8GB ddr4 ram
Gigabyte R7 360 OC
H110m-S2 mobo.
This psu handles these with ease and so far has no complaints. I was going to go with v450 but chose this instead because at the time of purchasing this was more cheaper and I had a CIRCLE theme going on. Overall great experience, excellent smps and a satisfying product.
P.S I m referring to the 500w variant

Update: Have been using it for two years now and I've added a graphics card, R7 360 which is a bit power hungry. But this PSU handles with no problem and I've never had any complaints with it yet. Overall Im glad I went with this product
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By Pegasus
Bought this PSU for a price of 3750/-.

- 80+ bronze rating for the modest price
- Colour-neutral(black) cables
- Mostly silent operation
- Not fully modular (as advertised), but semi-modular
- No sleeve on the CPU power cables (24-pin ATX and 8-pin CPU)

Detailed Notes:
Unlike most power supplies which use multi-colored wires for making cables (mustard & ketchup wires, as they are affectionately called :-D ), this PSU has black cables which is ideal for a colour neutral PC build. There were multiple twists in 24-pin ATX cable which made it tough to tuck it away properly in the side-panel, but that didn't cause any serious problems. The package comes with 4 cable extensions with the following connectors (note that 3-4 connectors are fixed on the same cable in series, like in most power supplies): 5x SATA power, 3x Molex(fan) power, 1x 3-pin fan power, 2x PCIe power.
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By Naveen Vellimattom
First of all this is not a modular PSU, it is not even a semi modular PSU, this is a non-modular PSU.The title is misleading and should be changed therefore 1 star.
140 mm fan
flat cables
80+ bronze

Price (I mean Brands like corsair antec and even cooler master is cheaper than this)
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By Amazon Customer
product price
4.4 | 43 customer reviews
37 of the 43 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Excellent value for money, low acoustic ,high performing PC cabinet fan with very adequate RGB ! I have a Thermal Take TG View 71 RGB edition cabinet which comes with 3 Riing 140MM RGB fans from Thermaltake. I ordered 3 of these to be used with a radiator. Believe me I liked the Jonsbo FR-601 Solar Eclipse RGB more than the pre-installed ones. Really impressed with the rubber padding strips provided with the fans. Each fan has 2nos so you get 1 strip extra as only 1 is required for mounting. Installed with the rubber padding, acoustics are really very low, even matching up to Thermaltake fans which costs tooo very much! And the RGB lighting is awesome as mentioned with 15 pieces of different coloured LED's. Now that is kind of a perfect RGB I would say. When ordered I doubted whether it would be a Diwali
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By Paul
I am using it as rear exhaust fan.

1. Good built quality
2. Looks exactly like the picture
3. Rainbow like changing colour effect
4. Reasonably quite

1. Pricey at 799/-
2. At this price 4-pin connector should have been provided, instead of the 3-pin one
3. LED effect is only on the perimeter. Circle has products with better LED effect covering the whole fan.
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By anu007
RGB is very good....
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By Vivek Samantaray