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4.4 | 548 customer reviews
466 of the 548 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Bought 12 pair of socks for 960 INR on 1st of January 2019. 960/12=80 INR per pair.

If you're planning to wash them bi-monthly, you can use the 12 pairs for 24 business days in a month. If you throw them all off after a year, you would've used a pair of socks 24 times in a year.

80 INR Per Sock/24 INR Per Usage = 3.33 INR per business day. That's a sweet deal.


If you have a shoe size of 9+, you might find the pair of socks tight on your feet. Not sure if it gets comfortable after a few washes.
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By Minimal & Economical
I have bought this product for Rs 479 for 6 so i got it for approx 80 Rs each. There for i would say its value for money as its quality is also good. Iam using this for my office purpose and some times for running and iam quite satisfied with its quality. Therefore i would recommend for you guys
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Worst quality and waste of money, in first use within seven days socks got torn and got hole check the image. Will never buy this brand again and request Amazon to stop selling poor quality brand product. It's compolsary to give atleast one star other wise I would have not given a single star also. I hope my review will helpful to other buyer so they don't waste their money on this socks.
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By Jatin Solanki
4.4 | 313 customer reviews
273 of the 313 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Love love love this dainty slim belt. 💕😍
Everything is perfect with this belt.
The color is antique golden . It is not rose gold. It looks classy and chic.
The finishing is detailed and neat.
Each and every leaflet on the leaf buckle has delicate veins.
The belt is metallic and gets stretched to almost double its length .
Goes well with western and fusion dresses.

Such kind of belt is a must have in your wardrobe, girls.
Just go for it.

Hope my review is helpful to you
Thanks 😊
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By Karmic Voice
This costume belt is elegant. As it is stretchable it fits waists up to 42 inches. But if you have a narrow waist - it will sit nicely for a 34 - 36-inch waist too. Keep it in a cloth or plastic wrap to prolong its life.
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By Ritu Saxena
Had a loose gown without loops. This fit perfectly. The belt has a very good elasticity. Something like spring method. My hip size is 32.
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By Archana
4.3 | 954 customer reviews
831 of the 954 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Wow! I got what i found with Very fast delivery and loyal supplier! If you want to protect your hand from calluses definitely this X-trim ½ finger fitness glove is your #1 chose, from ergonomic design (pre- rotated finger design) to weight distribution and mobility zones this gym glove is made from pure Leather and the inner fabric is fantastic for instant sweat and moisture absorption, it seems very durable(I hope it passed military standard) , easy to washes and the palm reinforcement wrap is made from soft material it covers all the way down the palm and very comfortable, check out this glove guys you might love it like me! Cheers.
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By Tariku Birhanu
The gloves are very nice and comfortable. They protect your skin from getting pinched and prevents blisters very well.
Very nice quality leather is the palms.
Very nice for lifting weights and using different equipments without ruining your hands.

The only problem I found was that the size is a bit weird cause its fine for me near the palm area but is very big near the fingers. It thus prevents you from getting a better grip. Since the region around the fingers is stretchable, they should've made it a bit smaller so that it can stretch for people with big fingers and stay comfy for people with thin fingers.

Also the blue design on top has started peeling off. It's not a major problem but since we have paid for it, the quality should be a good as possible.

Also the wrist support is very nice and prevents sprains.

Overall a very nice pair of
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By Mehul
No problem with the gloves....only the design on the back is made of some rubber material and peels off after the first few days at the gym....But regardless, it serves its purpose and is pretty good compared to some of the more expensive and reputed branded gym gloves.
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By Bharat Nair
product price
4.3 | 271 customer reviews
233 of the 271 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Very superb for any sports.. I bought for swimming, very comfortable my waist is 33-34 and XL size came in perfect fitting. I order one more with blue color same brand ReDesign...
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By Dilipsinh
Excellent product,I ran a 31.1kms using this compression tights, which I had purchased only a day before(it's a cardinal sin to run long distances with new gear),but the beauty of this product was the firm grip it had on the muscles,not Letting muscle fatigue set in, which happens in long runs because of the constant muscle movement,no episode of spasms or chaffing, extremely well stitched and great design.
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By Pradip
It was as per my expectation.
Fitting/size: 5
Value for money: 5
Will buy other products or refer it to friends: Yes.
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By Vijay S.
4.4 | 151 customer reviews
130 of the 151 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Material is good durable fully elastic with soft nylon cloth for absorbing the sweat and covers the full forhead and does not allow your long hairs to come over your eyes while palying/running.
I wear it while riding my bike in long drives.
And also while working on my PC is relieves headache a bit as well.
Quiet good and satisfied.
Deliverd to me within 3 days.
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By Amazon Customer

1. The quality is very good. I’ve been using it for several months now and it has not worn out even a bit. I’ve used it almost all days while walking/jogging/working out, and washed it several times. No loss of elasticity as well.

2. Color is good. Black looks good with any coloured hair and any length of hair.

3. It has grips at the back side (see images) which helps in the band staying in place. It will not accidentally slip.

4. The front portion is sufficiently large, and can be used by both people with short hair and long hair.

5. It’s easily washable and will not fade or lose its quality easily.

6. The fabric is smooth, and it will not irritate your skin/scalp/hair.

7. It absorbs sweat really well. Note that it will take a few rounds of washing to start absorbing sweat properly.

8. I wear it not only during workouts, but
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By Ganesh Hegde
This is how the product arrived (the pen is just for comparison). There is no brand label to assure the originality of the product. However, the product is of good quality and soft fabric and the silicon rubber on the back is an added feature.
Although the MRP truely says 1999, getting it for 399 might provoke the customers to buy it. But this how what the seller makes himself appealing.
All in all, I could suggest you to buy this product but if the silicone rubber does you no good then you can get the same product for 100 bucks elsewhere .
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By yash_m
product price
4.2 | 681 customer reviews
553 of the 681 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
The material is too good... comfortable to is a bit larger in length..just stitch it from bottom if u feel like..
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By aishwarya
It's a beautiful top... It looks totally same like that in the picture shown above..
The quality and the color of the product is exactly that of the description given...
Looks beautiful when worn.. A definitely go for product at such a cheap price. Trust me if it was some kind of shop in mall the price wouldn't have been less that INR1500/-
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By pavitra prasad
By Bharat Dalei
16 Offers from product price
4.2 | 625 customer reviews
494 of the 625 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Absolutely amazing socks. Very soft and comfortable. I would say they're little big bigger than i expected but fit properly. Still after 6 month of usage (almost every alternate day) it is very soft.
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By Omkar Savarkar
Feel at ease with this branded and comfortable socks for men from Jockey. fine knitting to provide best fit to your body contours, the comfort it provides has no match.
👉Features & details
⭐Collection: Sport; Style no: 7036
⭐79.96 percent cotton and 15.8 percent nylon
⭐Terry inside for cushioning and absorbency
Comfortable toe ankle socks
⭐Elastane welt for a 'no-sag' grip
⭐Authentic Jockey branding
⭐Sport socks for all day comfort
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By S B
Needed this for my father. he loves walking and goes for a walk everyday. This pair of socks is nice, perfect fit looks good
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By ☣ ɠąცཞıɛƖ ⋆
product price
4.2 | 609 customer reviews
492 of the 609 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Soft and Comfortable dress, with a simple and elegant design. Absolutely love the product, and expect to see more from them. As of now these are available in the same pattern with different colors.
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By Dinesh
Nice and very soft... Go for it 👌👌👌👌😊😊😊😊😊😊😊
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By Rose
I was somewhat disappointed to see that the jacket/coat was not sewed to the frock. For a daily wear item, I don't want the hassle of making sure both pieces stay together in the laundry!

On the other hand - the frock is complete even without the jacket. If the jacket gets misplaced, that won't affect the wearability or the look of the frock.

Also, note that the width of this dress (dimensions at chest/waist) is quite large. It's roomy and will fit even chubby children. The length is okay. (I bought the 2-3 years size).

The material is good. It's soft. Perfect for daily wear.
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By AnaC
4.2 | 485 customer reviews
415 of the 485 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Very good product,,, soft cotton ,love it
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By Rekha
Quality is excellent. According to the size chart, its fitting is fantastic. Even after washing it the color of the cloth does not leave. In this price range, this is a great offer. It can buy without hesitation.
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By Amit Goyal
Product is good and durable. Colour is also vibrate. If you don't mind spending more than excellent. Otherwise cheaper product are their in local market.
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By Bhavesh V.
4.3 | 190 customer reviews
157 of the 190 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
I find this product very useful. My search to own such a product finally ended when I bought it. This is good one for all gym goers and who love to do intensive work out. Really value for money at very reasonable price.
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By aditi
I bought both the compression t-shirt and the pant. And I must say, I am completely satisfied with the product. The quality of the fabric is extremely good. It is very soft and feels very comfortable when used while working out. It is also very easy to wash and it doesn't shrink or anything like that. I am absolutely in love with this t-shirt and pant.
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By Prashant Batule
Honestly, I still prefer Nike Combat - just a much better engineered product range. But at this price - there is nothing to beat the ReDesign compression wear. Sadly it did not fit me & the arm length was too short for me. I did regret having to return it. I wish it fit.
The material felt a bit too synthetic & plasticey. Not sure how to explain. I am used to wearing Nike compression wear which are a bit lighter on the skin & feels less synthetic.
That being said - i have no doubt that this will do the job at keeping you sweat free while supporting your muscles.
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By OneStepUp
4.2 | 399 customer reviews
322 of the 399 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
I am very happy with the purchase, wollen quality is good and reasonably priced. Size is large enough to fit most people. Used them below -5 deg C, with proper winter shoe and with normal shoes till 0 deg C, these protected well. I even wear them whole night in cold country and are comfortable, soft on legs. My laundry is quite robust and washes at 45-50 Deg C, so far no damage found after 5-6 washes my previous wollen socks were torn in 2 washes.
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By Katipally Shiva
Delivery - Reached on time .
Quality - excellent . No damage .
Color - As shown in image .
Size - All the 3 pairs are of same size wihtout any variation.
Quantity - 3 pairs
The socks are comfortable in fitting with very smooth texture and keeps our legs warmth , best one to use in winter .
Definitely a good product to be purchased undoubtedly.
Reached my expectation and very satisfactory.
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By Vk
Reading some reviews about this product,i ordered these socks along with women's socks for my parents as they were going for a trip to east India.(seven sisters).
The temperature was around 0 to -6 but these socks were useless for this temperature and they were shivering inspite of having these socks.
I won't recommend it at all.
Worst experience.
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By Dr.Pushkaraj
4.2 | 180 customer reviews
148 of the 180 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
This bra extender has solved my issue of wearing a good but tight bra. The hooks align perfectly with my bra hooks, and stays set the whole day. No worries of it suddenly getting loose or unhooking. You can wear this tension-free and comfortably. The fabric is soft so it doesn't hurt you or cause any marks on the skin. The three hook options are good as it gives you enough choice for a snug bra fit. Plus, it comes in three basic colours - so that's a bonus!
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By Venice
The space between the hooks of this extender and of the bras don't allign properly.. varies with the brand..however once hooked in, the extender mostly stays in place..
Good produce overall..
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By Prathyusha
The option is limited.
Most straps have 3 hooks these days. I needed a narrow strap with 3 hooks. I could only get narrow strap with two hooks or wider strap with 3 hooks. Although the product is good, I am not able to use it
Hope this input is useful
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By Padmaja Krishnan
4.2 | 172 customer reviews
141 of the 172 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
i had bought it for my nephew who is 7 moths old. the fitting was awesome and that cute dog in front of the t shirt was also very exciting for my nephew.
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By Notexactlybooknerd
Nice romper dress 👌. Exactly fit my sister...
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By Deepu
Gud quality, on tum delivery, variety of product n colours. Bt always issue with size,if it baby 0-3mnths old thnx u shld go for 9-12 size
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By Saryu
4.1 | 247 customer reviews
202 of the 247 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Nice pair, I love running and used Tego, Nike, Asics, Rebook socks.. I found all of them good but what I liked about HEELIUM is -
1. Its trendy and very nice looking
2. Material is really fine still has excellent sweat absorption capacity
3. Very comfortable with superb grip
3. Last but not the least, its value for money. I pre booked it as one of my friends recommended me the same and got it in around Rs. 320.

I ordered one pair and after finding it good ordering 4 more pairs at current price. Hope I could have got it at old price only :-p
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By Rohit
Item received in perfect condition, packaging was excellent and received in just 2 days in Indore.

My experience:
Well first of all I have used many socks from Nike, rebook and jokey but honestly this one is top on my list.
These are made with bamboo and bamboo have Natural Antibacterial properties which kills odour creating bacteria. Amazing , actually this is working. No odour from my socks.

At a glance socks seems very small but to be frankly this one is perfect for me and made with super soft materials.

I would definitely recommend these socks to everyone as because within this price range these socks beats all other big brand specially in price and comfort.

I have ordered 3 more :-)
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By Vaibhav J.
These socks are very comfortable and provide good circulation of air at the feet. The odour issues are minimal in comparison to the cotton counterpart. I really loved the snug fit. This is an excellent product to have for people pursuing sporting activities in general or if you need comfortable socks for day-long wear at the office, or for travel etc. I have used them for a few weeks now. Overall although a tad pricy, these socks offer comfort and user satisfaction, so I happy. I would recommend this product at its current price tag ( I bought 3 for 799 I think ).
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By amritanshu
4.0 | 2,322 customer reviews
1,791 of the 2,322 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Excellent buy. Very good quality. Good cushioning. Did not expect these to be such good. At this price, this is a steal. I always use socks from Nike, but definitely not after this purchase.
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By the Post intern

These socks were purchased for self use & I'm posting my views & personal experience on this product hoping that could be helpful for you.



Black, white & navy blue colour : total 3 pairs of ankle length socks. Looks good & decent


Soft , comfortable, , somewhat thick with enough cushion support socks. Quality won't be an issue here. Stitching quality is neat too.


One size, comes up to ankle length as in description.


Full value for the money paid. They are worth it.


None .
Even after several machine washes the socks are intact.


Budget friendly, comfortable & good looking quality socks.
Though it's mentioned as men's pair of socks, I feel women can also use Obviously I'm using quite comfortably.
Would I recommend if you are planning to buy?
Yes, I would!

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By Meera Singh
Although the socks fit perfectly and of good quality materials, the stitching needs to improve. Either it was old stock or imperfect stitching. Please see pictures for the evidence.
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product price
4.0 | 1,235 customer reviews
925 of the 1,235 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
A Must Buy Value for money product. For those who have irritating feeling with ankle length socks this product is for them. Previous year I got one pair Adidas socks for Rs 400 and this year got these 3 pair of socks for just Rs 300. The quality of these socks with the adidas ones are very much close and comparable. So if branding is not at all a issue for you these are a must buy product. 100 % pure cotton. Thanks Amazon for Delivering me this product on time.
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By Samim Aftab
The stitching over the toes is not smooth at all. Other than that, the socks are comfortable to wear and they are thick. Getting 100%cotton sports socks is quite difficult. I couldn't get them from brands like adidas, Reebok, Nike and puma. All were mixed with polyester.
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By Rohit Govindraj
Looking at previous reviews, thought I found a good Indian brand for socks. However, it doesn’t seem to be the case.
The packaging was not good enough- just 3 pairs of socks in a plastic bag. I am generally inclined to know the date of packing on any item I purchase but it was not possible for this case.
First time use itself resulted in threads lining out. And after 8-9 hours of continuous wearing, they started stinking.

Quick delivery
Soft bottom
Good elastic
Okay color

Not of great quality
Stinking smell with one day use
Threads wearing out with first use
No much color options
Bobbling visible
Bad packing - no manufacturing details available
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By Gopi Chinnapalem
product price
4.3 | 82 customer reviews
68 of the 82 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Very comfortable material. Good one
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By TPS Menon
It is okay but a bit loose in the wrong places. However it is something that can be used at home or for yoga etc so I decided to keep it.
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By vran
Fitting is gud, colour is as vibrant as shown in picture. I deducted 2 stars because of colour bleeding and material quality, for the amount paid the quality of material is thin it becomes transparent.
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By Amazon Customer
4.1 | 204 customer reviews
162 of the 204 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
The product turned out to be a great buy for me. Fabric is of high quality with thick and comfortable build , which provides cushioning. Overall, quality is excellent. I would recommend this item to others.
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By Lodhi Tejasvini
Just go for it.. it has been 3 months I'm using this without any complaints.. nice product..
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By Amazon Customer
sweat free, odour free and nice comfort but price is little high.After wash it become worst
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By Amazon Customer
4.3 | 72 customer reviews
62 of the 72 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Its a must buy product. The material is soo soft and it looks soo cute... 😍😍😍
Absolutely in love with this baby jumpsuit...
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By Valerie
Superrrrb. Very soft fabric which is very warm. I think this will fit my baby upto 2yrs even. Go for it
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By Pallavi ShuklaJaitly
Not exactly shown on the picture the quality is quite low and can't bare the cold here the place we stay even the look and material is bad
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By Priyanka Kotian
4.0 | 499 customer reviews
369 of the 499 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Correct size and beautiful colour
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By Ann
Very good cloth quality and it has came with different color which is looking very nice.. any one can buy this product without a little bit worry... Great product in affordable price..
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By Sumit
Super quality
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By Giri Nithin Yadav