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4.4 | 545 customer reviews
467 of the 545 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Love love love this dainty slim belt. 💕😍
Everything is perfect with this belt.
The color is antique golden . It is not rose gold. It looks classy and chic.
The finishing is detailed and neat.
Each and every leaflet on the leaf buckle has delicate veins.
The belt is metallic and gets stretched to almost double its length .
Goes well with western and fusion dresses.

Such kind of belt is a must have in your wardrobe, girls.
Just go for it.

Hope my review is helpful to you
Thanks 😊
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By Karmic Voice
Had a loose gown without loops. This fit perfectly. The belt has a very good elasticity. Something like spring method. My hip size is 32.
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By Archana
This costume belt is elegant. As it is stretchable it fits waists up to 42 inches. But if you have a narrow waist - it will sit nicely for a 34 - 36-inch waist too. Keep it in a cloth or plastic wrap to prolong its life.
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By Ritu Saxena
4.3 | 822 customer reviews
689 of the 822 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Bought 12 pair of socks for 960 INR on 1st of January 2019. 960/12=80 INR per pair.

If you're planning to wash them bi-monthly, you can use the 12 pairs for 24 business days in a month. If you throw them all off after a year, you would've used a pair of socks 24 times in a year.

80 INR Per Sock/24 INR Per Usage = 3.33 INR per business day. That's a sweet deal.


If you have a shoe size of 9+, you might find the pair of socks tight on your feet. Not sure if it gets comfortable after a few washes.
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By Minimal & Economical
I have bought this product for Rs 479 for 6 so i got it for approx 80 Rs each. There for i would say its value for money as its quality is also good. Iam using this for my office purpose and some times for running and iam quite satisfied with its quality. Therefore i would recommend for you guys
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Worst quality and waste of money, in first use within seven days socks got torn and got hole check the image. Will never buy this brand again and request Amazon to stop selling poor quality brand product. It's compolsary to give atleast one star other wise I would have not given a single star also. I hope my review will helpful to other buyer so they don't waste their money on this socks.
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By Jatin Solanki
4.3 | 516 customer reviews
436 of the 516 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
It's a great innovation to provide cap and something for neck and mouth .I love it super warm and extra cost you can't get anything at this price .
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Perfect. Used it at -10 degrees on a Himalayan trek. Great quality
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By Mathew
Very smart, elegant and Warm. I am in mountainous areas where winter is quite severe. Wanted a cap for going to Gym early morning as I walk and go. This cap is perfect for same and even neck cover is very warm...It's Unisex...can be used by any one
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By S Vikas Bali
product price
4.3 | 510 customer reviews
422 of the 510 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Jockey socks are probably one of the best quality socks for men. These are nice and thick, and don't feel synthetic like at all. They don't loose shape on washing either. Note that these are not the thin variety of socks that you can find for men, but are definitely thicker - almost like sports socks but black colored. They also last quite long and don't fade very easily. These are regular length and not ankle length.
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By Shweta java
Nice one. Caution: check the model number once more when it is in cart before buying. I have observed once that there is a change in model number after adding to cart. So, ensure the model number after adding in cart. I have selected this model after checking the designs at jockey website. I am satisfied with quality & price.
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By Krishh Na
Its all about material For which I always prefer jockey socks since 1pair I ordered have a little defect so I deducted rating to remind such reputed brand to check out the stock before distributing to the sellers
Socks should always be pure one has to consider following things
Outstanding (Quality) socks with competitive pricing with (Comfortablity) and (Durability).
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By Amazon Customer
product price
4.3 | 323 customer reviews
263 of the 323 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Excellent quality.. premium feel. I am 5.8 68KG.. wear M size Tshirts. But deliberately went for S so that it has snug fit and does not look loose.. S is coming perfect on me.. Another similar item I would recommed is Jockey 76.. But not in blue color..
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By Niraj Jaiswal
This company's products are a must buy.. very good collection and cloth material is worth too..
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By Shivani Sharma
Low rating as delivered different colour.
I ordered Navy Blue but Gray is delivered as per pics attached, I didn't returned as product quality is good.

I have ordered Navy Blue again, please do not change the colour this time, otherwise I will return new order.
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By Amazon Customer
4.4 | 173 customer reviews
149 of the 173 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
I’m honestly thrilled by this purchase. With winters coming in, I needed something to cover my little one’s feet without restricting her with her movement. During her first winter, I didn’t have this and that really delayed her taking her first step. She had just started to walk and then being winter, it was difficult to walk with slippery socks. This is a huge blessing. As you can see in the video, she dances, runs and is unstoppable wearing this. Excellent quality and it’s every bit worth it. Haven’t washed them yet but an edit will follow after a couple of months’ use. Fantastic, cute designs too. You’ll love them

Edit: machine washed (delicate mode) and the quality and colour are still intact after multiple washes. However, I would recommend hand washing because the dirt doesn’t quite go away. It’s not that difficult since it’s a teeny tiny piece of
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By Gowri Nair
The quality of the material is good. Its anti slip so if ur child is learning to stand or walk it gives a good grip on their feet
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By Amazon Customer
Product quality is good, be the good thing is the grip provided at the bottom. Colours we're also good
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By Anusri
4.4 | 161 customer reviews
139 of the 161 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Absolutely awesome fit and shape, provided you know your correct size!
Once worn, it feels weightless and like second skin. There is no biting or cutting into skin from anywhere. Not being made of cotton, I was apprehensive as I live in a hot & humid city, but amazingly, After a while, one forgets one is wearing a bra!!!

Service is prompt. It came within a day of ordering.

Since last 15 yrs I have only been wearing M&S and I was prepared to be disappointed, but this exceeded all my expectations. Also the convenience of ordering from home and getting an international size bra delivered right at one's doorstep, makes this far far better! I wish I'd found this sooner!
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By Reshma s.
Nice fit , comfortable..only thing is, it doesn’t have any minimiser effect ( it is not a minimiser bra, but some triumph styles have a minimising effect , even without being a minimiser per se )
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By Amazon Customer
Hmm. Not a fan at present. Cup size is lil bigger but not a deal breaker. Comfort TBD as time goes on. Why don't they make minimizers in 38B or bras/ minimizers in 40A? Those would've been purrfect. But oh my, the minimizing effect and support is unparalleled.

It's scratchy and the lining of the cups is rough, not soft. But it's pretty lace. Still, scratchy inner cup lining and straps is no excuse for an international reputed brand like Triumph. I can't imagine this passing quality control checks in other countries. I don't think it'll work for me for summer.
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By Amazon customer
4.3 | 236 customer reviews
197 of the 236 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Its a must buy product. The material is soo soft and it looks soo cute... 😍😍😍
Absolutely in love with this baby jumpsuit...
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By Valerie
Blindly trust the quality product size and the material super for winter and those baby who is crawling m loving the product thanx amazon
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By agrawal sikha
Superrrrb. Very soft fabric which is very warm. I think this will fit my baby upto 2yrs even. Go for it
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By Pallavi ShuklaJaitly
1 Offer from product price
4.2 | 669 customer reviews
537 of the 669 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Seems to work well enough , the only drawback is that if kept on for too long then it leaves a dark impression of its fabric lines etc on the wrists.
And even after keeping it quiet tight it still moves around and sometimes also slides down from the wrist joint.
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By Prabal Titus
Wrist support is of good quality with high durability. We can use it for a long time.
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By Karthik Reddy
The price shown here is wrong. The MRP on the packet is 240 Rs.
Otherwise the product is good.
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By Priya Service Center
4.3 | 233 customer reviews
194 of the 233 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
I find this product very useful. My search to own such a product finally ended when I bought it. This is good one for all gym goers and who love to do intensive work out. Really value for money at very reasonable price.
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By aditi
I bought both the compression t-shirt and the pant. And I must say, I am completely satisfied with the product. The quality of the fabric is extremely good. It is very soft and feels very comfortable when used while working out. It is also very easy to wash and it doesn't shrink or anything like that. I am absolutely in love with this t-shirt and pant.
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By Prashant Batule
Honestly, I still prefer Nike Combat - just a much better engineered product range. But at this price - there is nothing to beat the ReDesign compression wear. Sadly it did not fit me & the arm length was too short for me. I did regret having to return it. I wish it fit.
The material felt a bit too synthetic & plasticey. Not sure how to explain. I am used to wearing Nike compression wear which are a bit lighter on the skin & feels less synthetic.
That being said - i have no doubt that this will do the job at keeping you sweat free while supporting your muscles.
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By OneStepUp
4.2 | 320 customer reviews
261 of the 320 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
This bra extender has solved my issue of wearing a good but tight bra. The hooks align perfectly with my bra hooks, and stays set the whole day. No worries of it suddenly getting loose or unhooking. You can wear this tension-free and comfortably. The fabric is soft so it doesn't hurt you or cause any marks on the skin. The three hook options are good as it gives you enough choice for a snug bra fit. Plus, it comes in three basic colours - so that's a bonus!
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By Venice
The space between the hooks of this extender and of the bras don't allign properly.. varies with the brand..however once hooked in, the extender mostly stays in place..
Good produce overall..
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By Prathyusha
The option is limited.
Most straps have 3 hooks these days. I needed a narrow strap with 3 hooks. I could only get narrow strap with two hooks or wider strap with 3 hooks. Although the product is good, I am not able to use it
Hope this input is useful
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By Padmaja Krishnan
4.1 | 3,049 customer reviews
2,364 of the 3,049 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Excellent buy. Very good quality. Good cushioning. Did not expect these to be such good. At this price, this is a steal. I always use socks from Nike, but definitely not after this purchase.
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By the Post intern

These socks were purchased for self use & I'm posting my views & personal experience on this product hoping that could be helpful for you.



Black, white & navy blue colour : total 3 pairs of ankle length socks. Looks good & decent


Soft , comfortable, , somewhat thick with enough cushion support socks. Quality won't be an issue here. Stitching quality is neat too.


One size, comes up to ankle length as in description.


Full value for the money paid. They are worth it.


None .
Even after several machine washes the socks are intact.


Budget friendly, comfortable & good looking quality socks.
Though it's mentioned as men's pair of socks, I feel women can also use Obviously I'm using quite comfortably.
Would I recommend if you are planning to buy?
Yes, I would!

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By Meera Singh
Although the socks fit perfectly and of good quality materials, the stitching needs to improve. Either it was old stock or imperfect stitching. Please see pictures for the evidence.
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4.2 | 292 customer reviews
244 of the 292 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
i had bought it for my nephew who is 7 moths old. the fitting was awesome and that cute dog in front of the t shirt was also very exciting for my nephew.
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By Notexactlybooknerd
Nice romper dress 👌. Exactly fit my sister...
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By Deepu
Gud quality, on tum delivery, variety of product n colours. Bt always issue with size,if it baby 0-3mnths old thnx u shld go for 9-12 size
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By Saryu
product price
4.2 | 262 customer reviews
213 of the 262 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Vibrant colors and beautiful design. I prefer it a little longer but 2m is a decent length.
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By Nimitha
Soft material.. colour combination is good..
but doesnt suit western dresses.. may be it wil suit traditional dresses..not trendy..very ethnic..if u think it will suit ur daily trendy kurtas think twice..better to opt stoles
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By Love2shop
Brought it as a gift, although the item seems really good, the colour delevered was different. Didn't have the red part and instead was dark blue. Still it looked good, so did not return...
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By Amazon Customer
4.1 | 1,361 customer reviews
1,058 of the 1,361 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
I have been using this product for a while and i must say this is a great purchase! The frame is light-weight and standard quality. The case and the packaging contents are a nice add on and the lenses are absolutely protective and genuine. I have felt a significant difference after using them. I use my phone and other devices daily and these spectacles really keep my eyes fresh and pain free. I see this product as a necessity for everyone and most definitely recommend it.
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By Satyajit S
I was skeptical about these, they struck me as a gimmick, but lately my eyes have been bothering me. I telecommute and am on the computer 3-7 hours a day, and in the past few weeks I've been getting a lot of headaches. So I wanted something to make the necessary evil of being online all day easier to bear.

They really work! I can see them reflecting the harmful blue light back out and looking at a screen is noticeably less harsh. My eyes feel so much healthier and more focused. I'm seriously blown away by how much of a help these have been. Great job Intellilens.
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By priya
Exactly what I was looking for. I spend a lot of time on my phone and my laptop, which causes massive strain on my eyes by the end of the day. I've been using these for the past week now and it's such a blessing, what a relief. Stylish and excellent quality as well, a must buy for everyone who spend a lot of time on either their phones, laptops, or TVs.

Design : 9/10
Comfort : 9/10
Quality : 10/10
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By Elton Menezes
4.2 | 245 customer reviews
201 of the 245 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars

1. The quality is very good. I’ve been using it for several months now and it has not worn out even a bit. I’ve used it almost all days while walking/jogging/working out, and washed it several times. No loss of elasticity as well.

2. Color is good. Black looks good with any coloured hair and any length of hair.

3. It has grips at the back side (see images) which helps in the band staying in place. It will not accidentally slip.

4. The front portion is sufficiently large, and can be used by both people with short hair and long hair.

5. It’s easily washable and will not fade or lose its quality easily.

6. The fabric is smooth, and it will not irritate your skin/scalp/hair.

7. It absorbs sweat really well. Note that it will take a few rounds of washing to start absorbing sweat properly.

8. I wear it not only during workouts, but
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By Ganesh Hegde
This is how the product arrived (the pen is just for comparison). There is no brand label to assure the originality of the product. However, the product is of good quality and soft fabric and the silicon rubber on the back is an added feature.
Although the MRP truely says 1999, getting it for 399 might provoke the customers to buy it. But this how what the seller makes himself appealing.
All in all, I could suggest you to buy this product but if the silicone rubber does you no good then you can get the same product for 100 bucks elsewhere .
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By yash_m
Not worth price, its cost should be Rs. 200 but I purchased it in 399.
Quality is also not good, its not absorbing sweat well. Its absorbing but very little.
It require washing very frequently as after two days sweat it smells bad.
Elastic on back side is good but not superb as while wearing it feels like you are wearing something so after removing you feel a bit comfortable.
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By Komal
product price
4.1 | 787 customer reviews
616 of the 787 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Needed this for my father. he loves walking and goes for a walk everyday. This pair of socks is nice, perfect fit looks good
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By ☣ ɠąცཞıɛƖ ⋆
Absolutely amazing socks. Very soft and comfortable. I would say they're little big bigger than i expected but fit properly. Still after 6 month of usage (almost every alternate day) it is very soft.
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By Omkar Savarkar
The socks look and feel nice. Quality is good. The only thing that MIGHT go wrong is that the elastic might become loose after a while but if that happens, will surely update this review so that people are aware. But, as of now, am very satisfied with this purchase/product. Worth the price,that is Rs 139 when I bought.
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By Attidude
4.1 | 646 customer reviews
485 of the 646 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Correct size and beautiful colour
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By Ann
Very good cloth quality and it has came with different color which is looking very nice.. any one can buy this product without a little bit worry... Great product in affordable price..
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By Sumit
Super quality
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By Giri Nithin Yadav
4.1 | 606 customer reviews
480 of the 606 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
One of the finest and most comfortable maternity gown I have found ever. And best part is product is exactly as described and shown in the photo. Will definitely buy more of this and anyone can go for this without any bothering.
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By job seeker
The product s same as shown in the image.... cloth quality is very good .... very neat and perfect fit product, cost s little high but actually it’s osum .. it feels so comfortable ... so over all too good must buy product
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By Indhu
Best maternity feeding gown..although side chains not very comfy but front open is there too which i used
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By Neha Sharma
4.2 | 194 customer reviews
160 of the 194 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Used it foe a recent trip to Ladakh where it was cold and windy. It was quite warm and cozy and a good fit.
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By Bekxy Kuriakose
Gifted to dad and he loves it!! I wish the hat was little stretchable but I guess they didn't so it does not stretch a lot later. The mafler is best while working in a cold weather
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By pema choden
Very nice product, so soft, very good quality, totally value for money,
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By Subhra Roy