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4.5 | 650 customer reviews
583 of the 650 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
It looks stylish. Using it for a while now. No issues so far. Been driving through rain. No sign of wear. The sound is excellent and loud. In the likelihood of creta or skoda. Try it out. Highly recommended
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By Amal G. S.
I own a VW too and these sound very similar to the original VW ones which are priced at around 2000/-
Impressed by the sound and quality!
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By Anirudh
- super horn set, all other brands like roots,bosch,minda are waste when compare with this horn.
- sounds like creta horn,once customer was habituated hella crome horns , he will not move to any other brands.
- please don't buy black hella TE-16 horn, i was cheated by local vendor. he sold black hella TE-16 horn for rs.750/- those are not loud only for motor cycles,
i have wasted 750/-rs . vendor has not taken it back.
- so, i bought crome hella horns from amazon , these horns sounds like a big vehicle,fully harmonium sound ,
people stunning while playing this horn ,now i am fully happy.
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By phanikumar
4.3 | 1,366 customer reviews
1,149 of the 1,366 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
In love with this horn. Put it on my bike. Now its so horny that dogs and humans both run away. Ordered a 2nd set for the other bike. Will get one for the car too. Must buy. Bang for the buck.
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By jwen
Genuine bosch symphony horns provided.... Sound is exactly like those of creta..... Packing was very good this time the horn was kept in the original box which was also well protected during transit....😊 And I compared them with Hella chrome twin tone believe they sound exactly the same.....
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By Abhijit Gupta
Nice horn Iam loved it Bosh...super melody sound.. ...Thank you bosh
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4.4 | 306 customer reviews
261 of the 306 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
A must fit item if you decide to increase the brightness of your head lamps by changing the bulbs to 90/100 watts. This relay helps in maintaining the power output needed for the high wattage bulbs to perform to optimum levels without damaging the existing company wiring as well as ensuring longevity to the bulbs. Very easy to install without damaging the existing wiring or altering them.
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By Edmund Roosevelt
Deducted 2 star for Bulb Couplers quality. Very tough to fit as there is some dimensional issue with H4 sockets from Philips.. didn't expected this. But relay is good and does its job. Would say to use for 90/100W as wires doesn't seems that preomising and doesn't have any name on wires neither rating is printed on wires. Current for 100W would be 8.33Amps whereas wire of 18swg guage which has capacity of 7Amps. I have 90/100W so taking risk ahead now till I find something much better than this one.
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By Prasad Rai
Good one .....
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By Dev
product price
4.5 | 115 customer reviews
107 of the 115 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
In the service station, they don't replace just the gear knob for Chevrolet Beat car. They say that Chevrolet does not provide just the knob. Instead it comes along with lever and whole set has to be replaced. For that they charge Rs.2,540 and Rs.400 for fitting it, which comes around Rs.2,940.
This knob fits perfect for Chevrolet Beat and is a exact replica of original. I could fit this within 5 minutes! Thanks to the seller of this product selling at Rs.299.
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By Vijendra Kumar H.
It's a awesome product and the quality of material used is very good.
It worth the money. if you are searching for stock knob this is end. Should buy.
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By Amazon Customer
Hi I drive a 2013 petrol Chevy beat and I installed this gear know. First of all it's very hard to install. I paid 100 bucks to the shop guy who installed this. And I just drove it on highway after that and there is a play in the lever and this knob that I felt is really pathetic. This play should not be there. As the gearshift should seem firm and uptight. Unfortunately it did not happen. May be it got loosened due to Delhi heat but it should withstand these temperatures. Highly disappointed
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By Arun
4.2 | 1,204 customer reviews
972 of the 1,204 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Used this on my chevrolet beat, as you would already know, beat is plagued by sub standard quality gear knob material that keeps chipping off. This keeps off the eyesore that my gear knob has become, also provides extra grip.
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By Spiral_Aviator
So far so good.
Installation is bit tricky.
If you try to put it directly, is going to be a big task.
Try to reverse it and after roll it over the nub same way like we do for cricket bat handle grip.
Job will be much easier.
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By Ashish Ranjan Behera
It is good but its actual cost is around Rs100 but u charged Rs 190 +Rs 50 handling charges, this is not fair.
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By Abhi_Singh_45
4.2 | 751 customer reviews
609 of the 751 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
This is just awesome, Bosch is just great whether its cheap or costly. perfect fit for my Ritz and cleans 100%.
Every material in this world requires maintenance.

Instructions to use
1.Do not use the wiper at the first drop of the rain.
2.If it starts raining, that means the rain water is bringing the dust with it during initial time, while driving slow down you car let the windscreen get completely wet and start using wiper with the in-built water jet system at the point when you can't see anything outside, this is what professional drivers do to enhance maximum performance and life of the wiper blades. Just be careful of you traffic ahead of you. This is applicable even for the most costliest wiper.
3.Also do not use the car own in built windscreen cleaning system just for cleaning the dirty windscreen when it doesn't rain, because it is when most of wiper
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By Amazon Customer
Excellent wiper set for my Hyundai i10. The packaging is nice, as usual. The installation is very easy. Just clipon. Quality is also very good. Worth for the 360 rupees I spent. If I would have asked the after sales service to do this, they would have charged at least 1k.

Finally, one word - Perfect
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By Sri Krishna Kanth
Got it delivered in just 2 days. Perfect packing. Properly billed. Fitted it myself for my Figo old model. There's a video in YouTube (Link is provided on the pack) on how to install. It's very simple though. Same replacement done in auth. service center costed 1000/- last year. Shows the kind of looting they do at service centres.
Product quality is great. Tested it in heavy rain. Working perfectly. Overall 100% satisfied and three cheers to Mr. Thanukkodi adithya
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By Renjith
4.2 | 459 customer reviews
375 of the 459 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Got the product delivered today. Heavy and sturdy, well stiched. My Ford Figo (facelift 2019 model) steering wheel now looks more premium. Easy installation with little effort. Seems genuine leather used to craft it by seeing a sample peice of leather provided with the product. Very happy. Highly recommend to all seekers who want a feel touch of premium leather finish without hassle from self stiching leather product available from other segments . Happy driving :)
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By Amazon Customer
Good grip, good material, finishing can be better
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By Rakesh Shete
Quality: Good (not great) 7/10 at this price
Hardness: It's not hard, it's not soft either. I was looking for a soft cover that gives the firm grip. 5/10
Grip: Below average. Bit slippery. 5/10
Fit: Fits well on Renault Duster India (2017 update)
Overall: I would have given 5 stars if the price is around Rs.500 and the cover has good grip. I am keeping it. But this is certainly not the best buy.
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By Chitrasthala
4.3 | 196 customer reviews
162 of the 196 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
#Product: Inflatable Car Bed Mattress

#Rating:Best 5 stars.

#Pictures:taken in Phone camera 8 megapixel

#Extras: Two air Pillows,Car air pump and also a Repair KIt

#Free: Sleeping Eye Pad,Ear Buds,Neck pillow.

#Quality:I am here to give a quality of the product was very strong and durable .I checked it with jumping in the air mattress for car it can withstand my weight of 70 kg.and my experience was shared in #UserDescription.

#Delevery Package:The product was delevered on time.and the packing of the company was so good and very safe for the products are very protective because of good packing.

#AboutProduct: The Product is (so soft and comfortable to sleep) ,(Weather proof ,dust proof and water proof),(Hard and long durable)

#About Extras: The air pump was 12_V plug in port of car holder,the neck pillow was very comfort with the necks,ear buds can comfort for peaceful sleep.and also a eye mask is used to get rid of lights in
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By Jaffer clash
Value for money. But, the only thing they need to change is putting a slip in the package stating give them 5 stars for a refund of Rs 200. That is unprofessional.
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By Deepak
I won't recommend this product, I traveled from Chennai to VJA while going it worked fine. My 3 year old son only slept on this, I can't use this product while Iam back. Initially the air started leaking from one place I covered the patch next after 10 mins air started leaking from another place like this it continue to have leaks only till now I patched 4 places still the air is leaking from another place not able to find at all. I was completely disappointed with this product.
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By Nagaravi
4.2 | 428 customer reviews
344 of the 428 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
I'm using Osram 2780CW bulbs more than 2 year in my car licence plate, Its working fine and no change in brightness. 5 Star to Osram 2780CW.

I'm using Osram 2780CW (0.5W) in car licence plate and 2880CW (1W) in parking. (Both bulbs purchased from OSRAM authorized dealer in Chennai).

The quality of Osram bulbs are very good, but 2880CW generate more heat because of 1W. (2880CW brighter than 2780CW)

After few long night trips, bulbs used more than 8hrs in my Swift Dzire.

1. Osram 2880CW, Shape of the bulbs 2880CW changed (Its melted, photo attached) because of heat and its lost its brightness (60% Dull), but it’s working. Now I'm replaced the Parking 2880CW bulbs with 2780CW which is Purchased in AMAZON.

2. Osram 2780CW, No change in shape (Not melted) and Brightness, still the date its working fine in licence plate.
5 Star to Osram 2780CW.
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By Senthil Sankaran
its a great replacement from stock bulbs. i am using it on my activa 3g and works great.
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By Gaurav Singh
Best t10 lights with 2 years warranty i dont know how much will it last but it's super pure white like a home led bulb go for it, don't buy cheap local t10 go for this original osram t10.
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By Udit kumar
4.3 | 132 customer reviews
117 of the 132 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
The product looks premium and adds an extra overwhelming looks to my car and protects the doors colliding with walls or other car . The quality is better compared to other products available and better than ipop I feel . The 3m adhesive is pretty strong and doesn't come out unless if you try to pull it hard enough and also the water when you clean or the rain doesn't affect the adhesive .
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By Kiran MS
Did a silly mistake of upside down while installing it, had to remove and reinstall. Upon contacting seller for a way to remove, she wasn't helping on the issue at all. Managed to sort it out eventually and easily installed thereafter.
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The name is on top in a pair and on bottom on another pair. Take care of this while applying on one side. Looks good. I do not think it will save the door from hitting while opening, maybe it can protect lower corners.
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By S. A. R.
4.1 | 587 customer reviews
467 of the 587 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Wow, I didn't expect that. It's like 2nd and 3rd sun at the front of my bike. I really really like it.
I actually order two switches with it coz I didn't know switches are included.
Update1: First impression was fully awesome with this thing. Like bikes don't needed to turn on it's own lights. Some fools at road don't turn there lights down when vehicle approaching from front, this is a perfect weapon against those people. Like you turn it ON and his driving turn into "hey I can't see, turn your lights OFF", And I'm like "too late freak, it's my turn". Ha Ha Ha... Never mind, just sharing my experiences.
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By CyborG
These are the lights which Iam looking for and luckily i found these. I am so happy that i bought these. Lights are very powerful that they will light up the road as a day.
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By Vikranth Reddy
The headline must be very confusing but let me explain it...
Product can only be considered as 5 star only when it pass through in all aspects.
1) light throw: having 6 led setup of the lights it is very much bright and lit up the road.

2) wiring : the length of the wire is enough to connect it directly to the battery but it doesn’t come up with any fuse so one has to put one fuse to minimise the damage to the battery.

3) design : the design of the product looks good at the beginning but the flaws will only be visible once u start installing and using it. Both the lights have been made using single mould and hence the wiring of one light is towards the inside of the bike but the other one has the wiring on the outer side.
The design it uses to provide the movement
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By sameer bhand
4.1 | 397 customer reviews
319 of the 397 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Liked it. I bought it because the stock park lights gone non functional. Very bright, white, eye catching and a bit scattering which is good as DRL (daytime running light). I will update the review if any thing goes wrong (Life of LED). I installed it in Bajaj Discover 100 DTSi. Happy with the decision and will recommend to my friends.
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By jensonrozario
Decent cheap lights for car number plate lighting. To be honest I'll not recommend it for using as parking lamp. It's been one month and it's working fine. I'll update this review after 2-3 months of usage. I'm using it with my Activa 3G as a pilot/parking lamp and using 2 bulbs in my Dzire 3rd gen. as boot light and another two bulbs as number plate light. And one thing i would say, the out put is great even day light. We should change the number plate to white light.
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By Manoj Bhuyan
Nice lights. Installed in my Grand i10.
Good fitting and worth 90 rs.
30% brighter than stock halogen bulbs.
Super brand is reliable and durable.
Will need to check life of the bulb and update.
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By Indian Mechanic
4.1 | 330 customer reviews
264 of the 330 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Looks wise feels premium, black goes well with my nexa blue ciaz. 3M gum is also good. After 1 month also no issue.
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By Abhishek
Nice door protectors. One star reduced as product could come with explanation of which part goes on what door. Also a paper explaining position car wise would be great.
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By H H
4 stars as I wasn’t too happy about size. But it’s ok and looks neat. Looks sturdy after you fit, the 3m tape did a good job I have pressure washed multiple times and it holds good.
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By danny george
4.3 | 96 customer reviews
78 of the 96 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Ordered for my Chevrolet beat diesel ls car. Gear shift knob got cracks after electrical work done (EPS motor replacement). This knob worked like a champ for me to cover the cracks . Fit is perfect and better grip.
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By kanthi
All the features are good and fitting is damn perfect and if in case of loose fitting we can put a tread around the gear and installing this is way more comfortable. Since the size of the gear knob is going bigger.

My only worry is that the dotted surface is little hard for those who always keep their hand in gear knob through out the driving.

This gives itchy feel.
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By Muthu Kumar Kanagasabai
First time its very tight for install. I think its very usefull product. Thankyou Amazon. Its my second purchase for my friend.
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By Ansar
product price
4.3 | 86 customer reviews
73 of the 86 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Extremely good quality reliable product. As its brand name it is a "SUPER" product. I bought this product for my Royal Enfield Classic 350 and installed its horn wiring harness. Now horn works fine and horn doesn't product weird noise. Comparing to other brand relays available in market, this relay is good than others. I bought a lot of switches and fuse carriers from this brand before a long ago. That's all are working fine. So this time I chose this brand. Reliable brand for long life.

According to me, It's a good👍 deal.I strongly recommend this brand and I should prefer💪 this brand for my future purchases🛒 regarding these kind of quality products😘.Anyway its a great value✌️ for money🤑 purchase and I hope this review helps to you...
If this review helpful to you please hit the helpful👍 button.
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Good quality product for its price tag. Installed for my heavy duty horns and it works fine.
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By E****
Till now it is performing well with hella horn. Will update after some months ..
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By Umesh
4.1 | 203 customer reviews
162 of the 203 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
I recently purchased a pair of Osram H4 headlight bulbs for my eeco. Hopefully these points will help someone if you are planning to buy a similar one.
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By Appu Zala
Quality wise these bulbs are good, made in Germany. 01 pack contains 01 Bulb only so need to order 02 nos. I have installed these without Power enhancement Relay kit. Still getting good result. i am getting 50% more brightness than my earlier bulbs of 12v60W. Will update my review after installation of Relay Kit.
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By vijay kumar
Bought a pair for my Accent and installed it via Minda headlight Relay. The throw of the light was pretty good. The color is bright yellow and the length of the beam is long as compared to the existing bulbs - Philips Xtreme Vision Plus. Only problem I faced was the bulbs were heating up the assemblies. With the fear of blackening the reflectors, I removed the bulbs. If you are already using 100/90w bulbs in your existing set up and have not faced any use of blackening of the headlight assembly, just go for this bulb.
Delivery and packing was excellent. Good job Amazon.
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By Abhijit
4.1 | 177 customer reviews
140 of the 177 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Nice one
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By maripriyan
Loved it .
My knob was broken... Glued it with fevikwick and used this cover... Looks great now
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By Nitin M.
It was difficult to place and needed help without which it would have been impossible. It was probably made so to ensure a snug fit later. Once on its a pleasure to use.
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By dr ganesh
4.0 | 542 customer reviews
396 of the 542 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Comfortable backrest. Does what it's supposed to.It will provide relief if you are driving too much while going to office or any other work and most importantly for private company people who spend several hours doing their work sitting at the same place.It will ultimately provide relief to the spinal and make it easy to work on computers.

Price for me Rs1,399.00... During the Great Indian Festival, the price was Rs 999.
Though u might think this is too costly,but believe me it will worth the price.

Do click the "HELPFUL" button if you found this helpful.
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By Proud to be an Indian
I was having serious troubles in my lower back. I was detected with spondylosis of lower back, and being in IT, I was finding it difficult to maintain the long seating hours that my job requires. I was recommended by my physiotherapist to use a backseat chair cushion. After a bit of researching on Amazon and going with the product ratings and reviews, I bought this particular piece.

I have been consistently using this for over 6 months now and all the troubles I was facing in long seating hours are gone. It gives a perfect seating posture, and eventually I have started clocking longer seating hours without any difficulty whatsoever. I have not observed any thinning of the foam so far. It is still in the same shape as it was when it had newly arrived. The fabric of the cushion cover on the memory foam is also fine,
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By Amazon Customer
- Good support, though personally I was not blown away like many other people mentioned. I wanted to get a good support since my office chair has a very bad ergonomics.
- Its firmer than the GrinHealth (yes, I bought that one too)
- Provides better support if you tend to put more pressure on the cushion while you sit.
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By Amit SKM
4.4 | 57 customer reviews
52 of the 57 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Looks nice, perfect fit for my Baleno.
Only concern is it's Chinese product worried about durability.

Installed today I'll update the comments in case of issues.
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By Suman152
to use it properly for parking and brake light use resistors while connecting otherwise back current will flow throughout your car . these resistors can be brought for almost free from any electronic repair shop
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By Puneesh
Looks really good .
Photo may be bluer bcoz taken by mobile in night.
Perfect fits to my sx4.
Only will like more of comes with indicator and 2 lights.
Tried to fit with indicator but not like much.
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By Sachin
4.1 | 170 customer reviews
134 of the 170 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Perfectly matching the interior of my Ciaz. Does the job really well. Happy using this product. Value for money. Have recommended a lot more friends to buy.
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By G D
A++ Most comfortable and useful

Fits most cars and saves the hassle of searching for your wallet, keys or Spectacles caught I the dark space below.

The BLACK and BEIGE fitted on my cars. Wish it was available in TAN/BROWN.
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By presstek
For a product bought at a price of 199, its a super product. Very good quality, no smell as such and overall great value.

CRETA 2018 Facelift owners beware - you can only use 1 of the fillers on the driver side and have to store away the spare one in case the first one goes bad. There is no space at all on the passenger side and hence you cannot use the filler, owing to the bucket seats. Also the fitting was a bit of an uncomfortable episode but it surely doesn't look good.
No issues with the hand brake at all, but for people who might try a slight of color contrast, dont even think about it. Since the gap needs to be filled, I recommend similar color of your seats to ensure lowest visual displeasure inside the suave Creta. But surely that is not a product fault, as
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By Agnibesh Ghose