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4.5 | 1,233 customer reviews
1,113 of the 1,233 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
I used Motul 3000 4T Plus before but after this, I am not buying anything else.

Used it for my Royal Enfield Bullet 500 BSIV 2017 Model , believe me the oil performs very well, i never feel like bike is under power, always ready to revv. After driving in heavy traffic for more than 1 hour, bike gives the much better performance than old Liquid Gun and Motul 3000 4T Plus. Awesome oil i will recommend this to every Royal Enfield owners. Because, My RE500 engine sound is slightly reduced and Engine performance is awesome. This oil did some kinda magic and the engine is butter smooth now. Its never easy to decide for such an expensive engine oil but I'm glad I made this choice. Never putting anything else in my RE. At high RPMs, Engine feels so responsive and Higher RPM downshifting is smoother. It reduced Bullet vibration
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Bikers... This Motul 7100 with viscosity 20W50 is best engine oil for bike above 150cc. I've been using it since February. I replaced this engine oil after running more than 7000 kilometers and the Mechanic from Bajaj service center said you can still use this engine oil.
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By Vishwajeet Delhi-Wale 👍
Motul Engine oil is best ... but how to recognize original motul 7100 20w50 , I saw a video , In this tha back side corner is peel off mark and there is a secret user manual or information ,,,,,, I m confused in this ... How to know it's originalty
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4.4 | 129 customer reviews
114 of the 129 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
I purchased it for my Kawasaki Z900. Wanted some product to be fail safe and to keep mobile unshakable during high speeds and long drives.
So far it did good. Did 300KM drive till now with no major setback. Need to check how it performs above 200 km/h speed. till 150 km/h...unshakable...
Charging is pretty good. Installation was very easy. I liked the mechanism to hold the mobile. It is not spring loaded 4 arms type as the ones available in other products in local markets...instead it has the bolt driven tightening mechanism which is more reliable and sturdy.
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By Man
Since last couple of month, I have been looking for a quality USB mobile cum GPS holder for my newly purchased Dominar 400 and specially focused on the fast charging capabilities. Though I have received the product way back, I would not want to make any review until & unless being fully satisfied with it. Recently, I have make a trip and checked the product. I found the product fulfill all the parameters which are claimed by the seller. The metal body hold the phone tightly and look solid as far as the built is concern. On/off switch provides a choice to prevent the excess battery discharge while not in use. Apart from that, presence of a circuit fuse certainly put additional security to the device.The product performs exceptionally good. I strongly recommend this product to those who are looking for a quality product.
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By Amazon Customer
Best investment you will ever make if you have a smartphone. Don't risk losing your phone by buying a cheaper mobile grip and saving a few hundred bucks.
I tested my OnePlus with Chevic claw grip on my Royal Enfield 500 cc at 100 kmph and I was surprised. The mobile did not move a millimetre. No vibration or shaking. I felt safe knowing that my mobile was in good grip.

You get an extra fuse, an L or hex key, plastic tags to tie the cable and extra plastic rings of two sizes as washers to hold the stand in place.
Easy to install. You chose whether to connect the cable to battery or not. I haven't done as I don't need the charging as of now (it's summer). Charging on a hot day under open sun will most probably burn your phone.

Attached photos of installed setup.

Don't buy the cheaper ones.
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By Ravikumar K
product price
4.2 | 800 customer reviews
667 of the 800 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Very nice product.. power charging.. awesome quality.. i have 6 months warranty.. how can I replace if it is faulted.. coz I have connected to bike
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By Durga prasad
Great product. Very robust and good quality metal has been used. Very similar to RAM mount but much cheaper. Drove my bike at almost 100+kmph with the chevik phone mount holding my phone in place and I was surprised at the strong and sturdy grip. Phone was held safely in place. Same goes for bad road conditions, the ball loosened a bit making the phone support itself on the handlebar but it didn't fall off.

Only big drawback i find with the product is the charging cable. Frankly i did not need it but it is not detachable and hence I am forced to tie it up in a bundle behind the mount which is not very appealing to look at. The charging/ usb port should be made detachable so that it is installed only when required. Rest its a great product. Go for it.
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By Amazon Customer
This has two parts:

The mobile holder and charger.

Review of holder:


It's sturdy. Holds the mobile firmly in bumpy roads. One of best unlike the lesser priced one. If you want a mobile holder, this is mechanically the best.


It looks real ugly. Spoils the look of the bike.

Review of Charger:


The charger works. The wire is long can reach till the battery easily.


The charger cover is flimsy. If you have connected it directly to battery... during rain your electricals might get damaged. Install with switch and fuse. Incomplete and dangerous as charger. Just don't connect the wires. The charger cap screws are of poor quality. It gets rusted in one rain. Once rusted it's an eye sore.

Use it as a holder. Its very sturdy.

Give a thumbs up if this was useful.
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By Ravi
4.2 | 190 customer reviews
145 of the 190 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
It's very difficult to get Tire Valve from local tyre shop and they charges almost Rs.10 per cap. I always prefer to put cap on tyre valve, specially on rainy seasons. So, this is very useful for me to get such high quality valve with low price.

Thanks Amazon for quick delivery.
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By Santanu
good purchase considering its price, if you go to a road side mechanic you need to pay 3-5 Rs for one stem cap, here you can get in bulk and easily replace the lost or broken ones
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By ManiE
I did not count it but my estimate is around 60 pieces well packed and neatly delivered. It's universal size for cars and bikes. Tried it for my Activa , wagonR and ford ecosport . Fits fine . Some of them might need a small push and turn to fix . Overall highly recommended and handy to have at home .
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By Keshav chandran
4.1 | 224 customer reviews
180 of the 224 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
I recently purchased a pair of Osram H4 headlight bulbs for my eeco. Hopefully these points will help someone if you are planning to buy a similar one.
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By Appu Zala
Quality wise these bulbs are good, made in Germany. 01 pack contains 01 Bulb only so need to order 02 nos. I have installed these without Power enhancement Relay kit. Still getting good result. i am getting 50% more brightness than my earlier bulbs of 12v60W. Will update my review after installation of Relay Kit.
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By vijay kumar
Bought a pair for my Accent and installed it via Minda headlight Relay. The throw of the light was pretty good. The color is bright yellow and the length of the beam is long as compared to the existing bulbs - Philips Xtreme Vision Plus. Only problem I faced was the bulbs were heating up the assemblies. With the fear of blackening the reflectors, I removed the bulbs. If you are already using 100/90w bulbs in your existing set up and have not faced any use of blackening of the headlight assembly, just go for this bulb.
Delivery and packing was excellent. Good job Amazon.
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By Abhijit
4.1 | 159 customer reviews
125 of the 159 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Awsome...... I never expected the led to be this bright... Its simply amazing... Working perfectly in ma fazer v2
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By Sachin R
Much brighter than i thought it would be, definitely powerful than stock. I fitted the LED by myself and it's so easy to install.
I feel the High beam is not that brighter as low beam.

The seller will call u after placing ur order and asks ur vehicle model to make sure the size u ordered is a correct fit for ur vehicle.

The H4 fits perfectly to my Alto K10 but most people would face the problem with the small size rubber cover (provided for the stock light) that cannot suit the big size of the body of LED, I make some small cuts and now it's completely fine.
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By bala
Changing review after using the product for 20days. For my New Honda Amaze 2018, Low beam really good but high beam is useless. Not suitable for highway drive. And installation, You cannot install rubber cover of head lamp. It would be bit ok if They included suitable rubber cover with the product . If you don’t install the rubber cover, water n dust wil get inside.
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By Preetham
4.0 | 93 customer reviews
69 of the 93 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Very helpful product for the travelers...It helps a lot in the emergency when the tyre is puncture and very easy to use it had mannual you can take the help of that.The accuracy of air is also perfect.
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By Rohit pandey
I own a car and a bike, and do frequent long distance drives. I have a tyre inflator with me but I was in need of a tyre pressure gauge because to bring out the tyre inflator every time you require to check the tyres was very cumbersome, this nifty little tool was what I needed. It is very compact in size and gives correct reading which I cross checked with my inflator pressure gauge. It removes that load of getting to switch on the inflator every time. There is also a small LED light for Check Ng tyre pressure during night. It is quite handy because of its compact size. I am more than satisfied.
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By Ashish Chandan
Today I have received it. Buy at 585/-. But After seeing it look like a 50-100 Rs. product. No brand Name, No Sl. no. , No Product name nothing printed on it. Hanging also. No warranty registration process mentioned. Website not found for warranty registration.
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5.0 | 6 customer reviews
6 of the 6 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Only lacking is the proper installation guidelines. Could not understand the usages of two parts as shown in my pictures.
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By A R Mondal
This product is quite good actually. It’s convenient, well made, durable and serves its purpose well. Quite large in size than expected.
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By Kisori
This is the best Dustin I could get for my car. Quality of the product is very good and durable. It has multi utility value worth the money what we are paying.Must buy , for people who want to have a quality dustbin in the car.
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5.0 | 6 customer reviews
6 of the 6 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Good product clearwhite LED light .... ll Use as a sub light or fog lamp for a car in above price range. Its come with fitting bracket. Thank you
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By Nirmal
Excellent performance.tried out for 2 hours continuously still its not that hot.I am very happy with this product.
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By Bablu
Well worth product for this pricing- Loved it totally
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By Gulam khan
4.5 | 11 customer reviews
11 of the 11 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
High quality product. Useful for personal care and garage. I mean to say that any body can store this in home for emergency repair of bike or scooty if any fuse damaged and unable to start the vehicle. Very useful. Thanks.
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Very good quality product and well packed.
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By Lucas
Good quality.
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By Dhiren
5.0 | 5 customer reviews
5 of the 5 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Good quality product that is sturdy and doesn't fall off. It's a rotating product and can be used to grip the phone firmly.
It's very easy to install and can causes no trouble.
Used it for long hours of traffic time and have been satisfied with its usage.
This is ideal for all delivery boys.
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By Kavitha p
This Mobile Stand Works Well On My Honda Bike its Fits Well and it keeps Mobile Tight Grip Which allows fearless driving in any Condition
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By Divyrajsinh Jadeja
Very good product it's hold mobile perfectly and serves the purpose, reasonable price, I'm happy.
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By Biswajit Sarkar
4.1 | 11 customer reviews
10 of the 11 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
This one is an amazing product. Build quality is very good .Easy to use just step on the liver of the floor with pressure gauge to start the flow of air save time and effort. It is a multi purpose used for cars,motorcycle ,electric bicycle also sports equipment.
Value for money....
Amazon India...
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By Soumya ranjan swain
The quality of the product is very good. Simple to use and very compatible. a very necessary product for all and build material is of very good quality. It is very helpful and easy to carry wherever you need and very easy to use with bike and car. Value for money.
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By Sahil Gupta
This foot pump is really useful. I used it as it arrived to fill the air in the football. It can be comfortably carried from one place to another. It is useful for filling the air in the bike tyres, cycles tyres and even car tyres . Worth buying it.
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By Praful
product price
4.3 | 7 customer reviews
6 of the 7 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Working fine in RS200
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By Hemanga
Good product
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By Sreedhar Panchamgam
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By Ashok Pujar
3.9 | 19 customer reviews
14 of the 19 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Looks good after installation. Will give a review after taking a ride n see if it can withstand the vibration of classic 350.
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By mangalik maity
Very useful
a must have for rare view mirrors to cover blind spots
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By Vishnu
There's no sticker for base... can't install it on my car.. seller sent defective piece...
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By jacob pranay
product price
4.1 | 8 customer reviews
7 of the 8 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Best Upgrade for your engine
I bought this 3 years ago
I done 40000KMs after this.

No issues till now

slight increase maximum power&torque
but big increase in lowend and middle range

increase low end torque
which reduce the slope of torque curve after peak torque.
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By hareeswaran
Superb, fits just right & fantastic timely delivery
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Defective product delivered and the company playing on it's return policy that return and replacement not possible if you become aware about the product defect even a day after the policy guidelines. Very bad investment.
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By Amil
4.3 | 5 customer reviews
4 of the 5 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
It is a wonderful device, when it's active a minute vibe on bike will activate it. Good thing is that it gives a warning beeps if the vibes persists then it starts to beep like hell. Great product!!
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By Duke
Very good product
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By Amazon Customer
This is a very battery-consuming lock and the battery also seems to be not one or two it need six bottom battery at a time. Its circuit gets damaged very quickly and the circuit keeps ringing after it gets worse. That's why I think this stuff is worthless.
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By Gyanr009
4.0 | 9 customer reviews
7 of the 9 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
I bought it for my Pulsar As200. As you might know, there is very less space to fit any extra accessory on handlebar of pulsar as200 due to very less space available on handlebar. But I somehow manage to install it. It's very sturdy and holds mobile very tight. I can ride my bike at any speed keeping my mobile in it.
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By Ravi Vishwakarma
This is exactly what I was looking for. The build quality is amazing. If you want a mobile mount for bike without charger, this one is for you. The product was shipped from Hong Kong and took a while for the delivery.
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By prasanna
It holds the mobile well. but it is costly.
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By Abhi7
3.7 | 123 customer reviews
89 of the 123 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
The size and dimensions of the product is larger than the picture. Quality of the product is too good. Installation process is little difficult but manageable. Finally the brightness, the brightness of the light is too awesome and it helps a lot for the long bike rides.
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By Aayush Tripathy
Using it as secondary bulb.. when the opposite vehicle drivers not ready to dim their light, then I use this light... amazing result.... they suddenly off the bright light of their vehicle... Then I also off this... thank u...
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By Shinil Kumar Vayannur
I am totally in love with this product, the build quality, the visibility is much better than other Chinese lights.. I was easily able to ride my Apache even without turning on head lamps..
Even the installation is quite easy as it has only two wires to connect with battery and switch.
Also all brackets and screws were provided in box so it was also helpful.. I would just request the seller to add a switch otherwise the product is 100% trustworthy.
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By Ashish vadhavani
product price
3.8 | 23 customer reviews
15 of the 23 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Happy with the purchase. Placed it on the front mud gaurd of my bike. Good glue, has been there since last 2 months & 2 washings. No effect on glue. And sticker looks wonderful
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By Avijit B.
Nice material n look
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By Shwee
Very bad products. Please guys don't buy .. Very cheap quality and doesn't look like 3d at all and totally waste of money.. I was agree from other comments section to buy it but this product is totally waste.... Please dont waste money here guys....
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By Amazon Customer
3.9 | 12 customer reviews
9 of the 12 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
very Good product in this price. I can also use cigerette lighter for tyre pump. nice one
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By Ranjit
Working good, but the bracket quality is not good as it is plastic.
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By Amazon Customer
The lighter is rusted and extremely cheap quality, picture attached.
The charger unit itself is missing the light. Its again very cheap quality. I hope it works. If it does not, I'll return it. Picture attached of the main unit as well. Made in China things shouldn't cost this much.
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By Raj Nadar