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4.6 | 694 customer reviews
624 of the 694 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
This oil is bang for bucks. It performs the same as 300V which I have been using in my motorcycle for 9000 kms. But, I am a Kida (bug) of the things and I like to read and make my knowledge stronger and confident, I came to know 300V is meant only for racing. Explanation below.
-300V is required only if you throw the nuts outta your engine on a race day or drive carelessly in the city also.
-It's drainage interval is only 1000-1500kms after this rash riding. Frequent changes should be done due to no detergents in it to keep your engine safe when idle.
-Damages your catalytic converter which is there for economy and environment. Race machines don't require such things so 300V can be easily used there.
-Requires higher compression ratio in the engines. Meant for bigger engines. Minimum 300CCs. Wastage of money on lower than these CC engines.

7100 vs
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By GDMistry
If you own TVS Apache RTR 200 ,then this is the engine oil for you.Look nowhere else.In a single day you will feel the difference.The engine will become super smooth,gear shifts will be slick and you will be able to rev your engine more freely. Go for it and you will never regret it.
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By rishu singh
A bit costly, but you can see the difference in just one day after using this oil. Gear shifting gets smoother for my gixxer sf. Yamaha and suzuki bikes below 180c.c-- a must use product. For over 200c.c. go for 15/20-40/50W motul oil. Provides good protection to engine against heat. Not like other oils that a few days of performance and then its all the same. MOTUL oil provides long lasting performance, I can say this cuz I've used castrol shell motul.
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By Shamik
4.5 | 2,336 customer reviews
2,059 of the 2,336 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Most of the positive reviews are something I would also agree to. Works as it suppose to.

Don't expect this to clean your dirty car magically without effort, rather its meant for 2 main purpose over any normal cloth we use for car cleaning. First, it is meant to trap fine dust particles so you dont end up scratching the car while wiping, secondly, it will absorb water, so when you wipe a wet car after washing, it will not leave any water marks.

What I found as my process of washing the car. If your car is parked in dry place but you have fine dust over it, a dry microfiber can be used to wipe that. But if you are washing the car with sticky dirt and mud, use conventional method.

1. Use plain water (running water or bucket method) to first soak the entire car.
2. use microfiber (this one) or
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By Hunky
I am absolutely in love with microfiber cloths since i started using these cloths. These can be used for cleaning absolutely anything. I found these to be extremely useful and they have replaced my regular cleaning cloths. Top benefits for using these:
- They soak really well so they dont get wet easily while cleaning like regular cotton cloths.
- They can be used to clean delicate surfaces and dont leave any residues or streak marks.
- They are capable of cleaning surfaces which may require use of brush if you are using normal cloths.

Go for it people. My only feedback will be to add 2dark colors in the set instead of one, but still a good purchase.
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By Manjari
After using these cloths for about a week, following are the Observations,

1) These are Sufficiently Thick ( 340 GSM )
2) These cloths have Highest Absorbing Capacity comparing all the Cloths that I have Used.
3) They Cleans the Surface Effectively.
# Use highest GSM cloth for most effective result.
4) These cloths Clean more Dirt & Dust.
5) Works on All surfaces.
# Specially the Glass cleaning cloth, as I used it for cleaning my camera lens & its working like charm.
6) I have Even tried cleaning Oil and it Wiped the oil.
7) Micro Fibers are very well Arranged. They are Much Better than Fake Cloth sold on Streets.
8) Colour DOES NOT Fades after Wash, neither the Shrinkage Occurs.
# No changes observed over a period of 1 week.
9) Finally they are very Affordable.

NON Observed so far. ( Will Update if any Issue Arises )

Here's how to Choose a Perfect Micro-Fiber Cloth:

1) MF Cloth has thickness
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By Sameer Patil
4.5 | 1,018 customer reviews
918 of the 1,018 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Motul is a reputed brand and it lives up to it's name. Don't go for cheaper synthetic oil available in the market. In the long run it would cost you more as it can damage your engine.

I've been using this oil on my Duke 200 from March - October months of the year and I am pretty amazed by the results. The engine and gear shifting feels butter smooth. It can easily last for 4K kms.

A bit of background:

It's not that the 20W50 is better than 10W40. These numbers are defined by Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE). W stands for Winter. The number before W (20 in this case) is the thickness of the oil when tested at it’s lowest operating temperature and the number after W (50 in this case) is the oil’s thickness at higher operating temperatures or when the engine has been run for a while and
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I used Motul 3000 4T Plus before but after this, I am not buying anything else.

Used it for my Royal Enfield Bullet 500 BSIV 2017 Model , believe me the oil performs very well, i never feel like bike is under power, always ready to revv. After driving in heavy traffic for more than 1 hour, bike gives the much better performance than old Liquid Gun and Motul 3000 4T Plus. Awesome oil i will recommend this to every Royal Enfield owners. Because, My RE500 engine sound is slightly reduced and Engine performance is awesome. This oil did some kinda magic and the engine is butter smooth now. Its never easy to decide for such an expensive engine oil but I'm glad I made this choice. Never putting anything else in my RE. At high RPMs, Engine feels so responsive and Higher RPM downshifting is smoother. It reduced Bullet vibration
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Bikers... This Motul 7100 with viscosity 20W50 is best engine for bike above 150cc. I've been using it since February. I replaced this engine oil after running more than 7000 kilometers and the Mechanic from Bajaj service center said you can still use this engine oil.
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By Vishwajeet Delhi-Wale 👍
4.4 | 884 customer reviews
779 of the 884 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
I own a Bajaj V15 and was using company recommended engine oil for DTS-i engine. The engine of my bike was producing a hell lot of noise even at speeds as low as 20-30 km/hr. I used to feel like I am driving a truck!! - _- Apart from that I was also facing problems in shifting gears.
Today, I got my engine oil delivered by Amazon. Packaging was good and delivery was real quick. As soon as I got my product, I headed to the nearest mechanic available and changed the engine oil. You won't believe it, the harsh engine noise got drastically reduced, riding has now become smooth & effortless and also I got rid of gear shifting problems.
To confirm the positive effects, I rode my bike for about 25-30 km continously today and the riding was damn smooth and performance has improved a lot!! Dump that Bajaj
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By Abhisek Kumar Singh
I am owning Yamaha FZ16 2011 make. I never paid much attention to the engine oil that the service guys put on my bike. But after riding for about 5 years now, I have experienced a lot of inconsistencies in the performance of my bike. I used to be more concerned about the Tyre pressure and sprocket Chain. But lately, as my satisfaction on my bike is getting worst day by day. I wanted to try a new engine oil other than what the service guy recommended. I bought this on Amazon and bring it to the local workshop and change it along with a new oil filter. It gradually increases the performance of my bike day by day. Riding is smooth on high and slow speed. It makes me easily crossed 80 kmph with 4th gear. I'm overall satisfied with this Oil. If I'm about to ride a lot
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By Lalnun Tluanga
I own a bullet classic 350 and I was using Motul 5100 in it. When it was time to change I thought I’ll try Castrol which mentioned it was designed for Bullet especially. I must say, I was not too impressed with it. The engine felt rough and acceleration was not great. I reverted back to Motul 5100 and things are great again. I’m not saying Castrol is bad, I feel it’s just not for this bike.

With Motul in the engine, acceleration has become smooth, vibrations are lesser and feel power is available when demanded.
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By Billy Carvalho
product price
4.4 | 646 customer reviews
562 of the 646 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Very nice product.. power charging.. awesome quality.. i have 6 months warranty.. how can I replace if it is faulted.. coz I have connected to bike
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By Durga prasad
Great product. Very robust and good quality metal has been used. Very similar to RAM mount but much cheaper. Drove my bike at almost 100+kmph with the chevik phone mount holding my phone in place and I was surprised at the strong and sturdy grip. Phone was held safely in place. Same goes for bad road conditions, the ball loosened a bit making the phone support itself on the handlebar but it didn't fall off.

Only big drawback i find with the product is the charging cable. Frankly i did not need it but it is not detachable and hence I am forced to tie it up in a bundle behind the mount which is not very appealing to look at. The charging/ usb port should be made detachable so that it is installed only when required. Rest its a great product. Go for it.
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By Amazon Customer
This has two parts:

The mobile holder and charger.

Review of holder:


It's sturdy. Holds the mobile firmly in bumpy roads. One of best unlike the lesser priced one. If you want a mobile holder, this is mechanically the best.


It looks real ugly. Spoils the look of the bike.

Review of Charger:


The charger works. The wire is long can reach till the battery easily.


The charger cover is flimsy. If you have connected it directly to battery... during rain your electricals might get damaged. Install with switch and fuse. Incomplete and dangerous as charger. Just don't connect the wires. The charger cap screws are of poor quality. It gets rusted in one rain. Once rusted it's an eye sore.

Use it as a holder. Its very sturdy.

Give a thumbs up if this was useful.
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By Ravi
product price
4.4 | 572 customer reviews
500 of the 572 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
This is a very very good oil. I did quite a bit of research when before I bought this oil. This is specifically a scooter (JASO - MB class) oil. This is not suitable for geared motorcycles. There are two classes of engine oils -

JASO - MA oils are specifically designed for Motorcycles with a wet clutch, that pretty much covers all three/four/five gear motorcycles. Most motorcycles have multi-plate clutches immersed in engine oil. A very slippery oil will result in the clutch plates slipping; so, the engine will speed up, but the vehicle will not accelerate proportionately.

JASO MB oils are meant for vehicles which have a dry clutch (mostly cars) or a centrifugal clutch + CVT combo (gearless scooters). These oils are much more slippery than MA oils.

I use this on my 5 years old TVS Wego. The engine runs a lot smoother with this oil. I have not
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By Srinivas Kommireddy
Good quality...Excellent for scooty. I m using in my Honda activa 110 cc...performance is excellent. Pls guys listen don't go for higher grading like 20w40 or 20w50 and so on. Always remember 10w30 is good for honda engine u can check ur engine oil grade in ur scooty manual book. Don't listen anybody bcz most of the people say that in indian conditions 10w40 or 10w50 is great. First thing u have to know that only go with your company manual. I have done these mistakes before. There 2 types of engine oil one is dry clutch(only for gear less scooty) and another is wet clutch(Gear bike). I bought a castrol 20w40( which is wet clutch for bike )from a local shop they told me it's a very good quality engine oil and i happily bought this and put in my activa.then the starting problem happened,millage reduced,engine noise increased,pickup problem
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By Amaresh
After free services, I visited a local repair shop for service and used Honda branded oil a couple of times which is good and recommended for Activa. Later wanted to try this, hoping for better mileage. This did not disappoint, I wouldn't say that there's a drastic difference but it is more or less same as Honda engine oil. Go for it if you get it around 250 bucks.
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By Nikhil Singh Thakur
product price
4.4 | 562 customer reviews
484 of the 562 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Suggestion to all steelbird or any other helmet brand users, smoky visor dims your eye sight during night. As a safety precaution and for better visibility suggest everyone replace smoky visor with this clear one.

Product quality check and other aspects were really taken care and no difference between the factory fitted one and this addition visor.

Quality: 10/10
Delivery :10/10
Price :10/10

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Nice visibility. Good looks. A confirm buy. Go for it.
Here is a pic taken from inside the visor in low light.
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By Dheeraj S
Visor is very good to use during daylight. But be very careful while using in lesser light conditions. Please also make available the corresponding clamps pivot set also.
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By Winter Knight
4.5 | 307 customer reviews
274 of the 307 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Purchased this by watching many reviews around here. 10w50 is the oil grade and this one i had to use ! Damn ! Engine is on different level. Clutch is more responsive and engine feels like giving out more power than before.
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By Kush Mishra
Dominar 400 owners... go for it!!
Works like magic...
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By Kirk
I received a damaged pack!! Oil all over the package.. i opened it and found that there is a crack in the neck!! Lost almost 300 ml of oil worst
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4.4 | 317 customer reviews
273 of the 317 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Recommend for Any Honda Bike above 125cc to 160cc.

Using it on Honda Hornet CB 160R...Efficient performance, top speed reduced but whi cares most of the time we drive in city traffic 40 to 70 km/hr. But engine feels smooth, no noise of extra vibration. Mileage 52 to 55 kmpl in city driving condition.
Use it, feel the difference.
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By Himanshu Gupta
My unicorn 150 became extra smooth and powerfull and also having stability in mileage.
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By Mahesh.k
Motul 5100 is actually made in Vietnam,the quality pf this oil is excellent,i got it with a good deal from amazon, packaging is very good, i scanned the barcode and it shows it's genuine and made in Vietnam,go for it.. quality product for your machine,provide better lubrication to the parts.. and i ordered it for my honda cb shine..but this is 1litre engine oil.
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By sumit
4.3 | 444 customer reviews
380 of the 444 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Firstly my avenger was on stock oil which is provided by bajaj which is some the random oil from the hell. When I switched to Motul 3100 the difference are noticeable
Smooth gear shift

Engine starts quickly even in coldest winter of Mumbai

Mileage was improved

Vibration are less on crushing speed

Overall must buy this oil

Don't spend 1000 on synthetic oil.

Great performance by this Oil
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By Amazon Customer
Its a best engine oil for pulsar 150 or other family members like 180, 220, before I purchase oil. i just read all comments that is good. but i swear its best out of best oil.
1st thing my pulsar Rpm get increase
2nd my clutch get tight automatically that is good
3rd acceleration get smooth nd pickup also increase
4th engine vibration get down to low
*Important note for new pulsar biker, Pulsar 150 ko 1100ml engine oil lagta hai isliye ye motul 3100 gold 20w50 engine oil in 1150ml vala hi pack order karo
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By Mahesh B

I use this engine oil since last one year. all good with this oil like average,smoothing, but I noticed a major problem with this engine oil. If i keep my bike in parking for 2 two days. it will not start easily in 3rd day. It will start after applying 20 to 25 kicks.
In starting i thought this is due to winter seasons, but this problem also accur in summer too.
MOTUL have to work on this issue.
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By Dharam Sharma
4.2 | 1,035 customer reviews
832 of the 1,035 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Used this on my chevrolet beat, as you would already know, beat is plagued by sub standard quality gear knob material that keeps chipping off. This keeps off the eyesore that my gear knob has become, also provides extra grip.
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By Spiral_Aviator
So far so good.
Installation is bit tricky.
If you try to put it directly, is going to be a big task.
Try to reverse it and after roll it over the nub same way like we do for cricket bat handle grip.
Job will be much easier.
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By Ashish Ranjan Behera
It is good but its actual cost is around Rs100 but u charged Rs 190 +Rs 50 handling charges, this is not fair.
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By Abhi_Singh_45
4.3 | 302 customer reviews
256 of the 302 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
This is a good and strong product.Its great to have the bag to store everything in once place. Additional 4 tyre valve caps included in the pack

I have fixed 3 punctures in one shot. bend the tool in my first puncture fix (my mistake-explained below). I straightened the tool and fixed other 2 punctures with the same tool. Wasted 2 puncture strips trying to use the rubber cement. All three punctures are fixed without the cement. Gloves are useful. Giving 5 star for the kit.

Advise to beginners:
1. Use max force hold the tool perpendicular to tyre and insert the puncture strip in 1-2 hard push. while half inside, if you delay then it will be difficult and further force will result in the tool bending.
2. Don't use the rubber cement. it kind of melts the puncture strip and it will be difficult to push in as bonding happens faster with
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By Abhimanyu
Its really a nice and complete Puncture Repair Kit,
1. Strength and Quality and of all the instruments with the kit are quite good.
2. Diameter of the pushing rod is neither thicker or thinner (its just perfect as per the strips size) and fitting of strips are proper on the tyre.
3. Much better quality of puncture strips as compare to the Puncture repairing shop.
4. 10 nos of puncture strips (Though only 5 nos of strips shown on image)

1. Come with a bit higher price.
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By Hrishikant
4 Months after I purchased this tool, got an opportunity to test this tool. (Had a puncture today in my SUV)

- The rod which is used to make holes in the tire is of bad design. This type of design can be suitable for making holes in scooter tyres or small car tyres. This is not good design for SUV tyres or Heavy gauge tyres.

- The strip injector tool is not strong, it bended completely in first use. I tried it on SUV tyre. May be it will work for scooter or small car tyres. But definitely not recommended for SUV tyres or Heavy gauge tyres.

This product is of no use to me, definitely not recommended for large tyres.
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By Satish Kumar
4.6 | 113 customer reviews
105 of the 113 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
I purchased it for my Kawasaki Z900. Wanted some product to be fail safe and to keep mobile unshakable during high speeds and long drives.
So far it did good. Did 300KM drive till now with no major setback. Need to check how it performs above 200 km/h speed. till 150 km/h...unshakable...
Charging is pretty good. Installation was very easy. I liked the mechanism to hold the mobile. It is not spring loaded 4 arms type as the ones available in other products in local markets...instead it has the bolt driven tightening mechanism which is more reliable and sturdy.
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By Man
Since last couple of month, I have been looking for a quality USB mobile cum GPS holder for my newly purchased Dominar 400 and specially focused on the fast charging capabilities. Though I have received the product way back, I would not want to make any review until & unless being fully satisfied with it. Recently, I have make a trip and checked the product. I found the product fulfill all the parameters which are claimed by the seller. The metal body hold the phone tightly and look solid as far as the built is concern. On/off switch provides a choice to prevent the excess battery discharge while not in use. Apart from that, presence of a circuit fuse certainly put additional security to the device.The product performs exceptionally good. I strongly recommend this product to those who are looking for a quality product.
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By Amazon Customer
Best investment you will ever make if you have a smartphone. Don't risk losing your phone by buying a cheaper mobile grip and saving a few hundred bucks.
I tested my OnePlus with Chevic claw grip on my Royal Enfield 500 cc at 100 kmph and I was surprised. The mobile did not move a millimetre. No vibration or shaking. I felt safe knowing that my mobile was in good grip.

You get an extra fuse, an L or hex key, plastic tags to tie the cable and extra plastic rings of two sizes as washers to hold the stand in place.
Easy to install. You chose whether to connect the cable to battery or not. I haven't done as I don't need the charging as of now (it's summer). Charging on a hot day under open sun will most probably burn your phone.

Attached photos of installed setup.

Don't buy the cheaper ones.
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By Ravikumar K
4.5 | 134 customer reviews
120 of the 134 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
This is called high quality product. I was amazed by its packing n invoice paper 📝. GO FOR IT GUYS DONT THINK TWICE PRODUCT IS NYC AND SAME AS DISPLAYED.MADE WITH HIGH QULALITY MATERIAL. I LOVE IT.
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By Amazon Customer
Product looks very nice,
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Product is awesome and looks great with my Honda hornet and color combination and design is good.

Choose wisely according to your bike color...price is a bit high for it but it is good
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By kelvin patel
4.4 | 173 customer reviews
155 of the 173 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
This single product almost eliminated the daily cleaning headache for my car. With the monsoon deficit, dust is a bigger headache than dirt.
This works exceedingly well in removing dust, and saves a ton of time.
And not forget, used with a spray bottle with shampoo-water, this combination has saved ~ 200 litres of water a month for me.
Basically, I first dust the car with a nylon fibre duster, then spray specific locations with spots/ dirt with the car shampoo-water spray and clean with a micro-fiber cloth.
Once that dries, I clean the car with this Jopasu duster.
It takes me ~15 min to clean the exterior of my Alto K10, compared to ~30 min for a regular water-based process, and I save ~300 rupees monthly on the local washer. I have used this around 50 times already, the duster is almost black, and it still cleans dust.
The instruction sheet says that it
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By Kindle Customer
Works great.!! No second thought. I believed in the reviews and bought this. I am delhi based where the car gets dusty everyday, even if it is parked under the roof. It tooks me only 10-15 soft hands to clean my car. I can easily save 400-500 bucks a month to give to the daily car cleaner.

Clean car in 10-15 min
Not hard hand required
Can saves 400 pm to car clean

The water marks due to rain will not go.

Value for money 5/5
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By Megha
Jopasu works as I had expected and heard. I am a TBHP member & had heard a lot regarding Jopasu. Finally decided to take the plunge.
Rejuvenator cum Duster combo at 945 bucks is good.
Tried it on my car full of dust. Just one wipe and couple more, and car is almost free from dust.
5/5 for it's working.
Only grudge. It is pricey at 1000 bucks.
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By manish sharma
4.6 | 102 customer reviews
95 of the 102 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
My brother bought a bike which was used by someone else and he had used some other type of lubricant in the engine and the wrong viscosity. Later when he replaced the lubricant with castor oil the main problem of shifting gears was solved and even the minor problems including the acceleration had been solved.
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By rohit
With years of riding and racing experience in various terrains and having used several brands of engine oils for my different motorcycles, I've finally locked down to Castrol POWER1 CRUISE for both my KTM as well as Royal Enfield. It not only soothes down the overheating due to high temperatures but also improves the pickup and throttle response. A great value for money indeed!
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By Sarah Kashyap
There was an unusual problem that my friend faced with his bike. After 1k or 1.5k the engine used to become harsh and the clutch would become very tight. But after he replaced the lubricant of his bike with castor oil, the changes were very much evident. When he started using castor oil even after 3 or 5 km the engine used to give great punch. Since then he has been recommending castor oil to everyone.
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By Chaitanya
4.5 | 114 customer reviews
100 of the 114 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
I saw many comments they are saying it is not fit for pulser 150 but I tell you it is really nice and good fitted in pulser 150 ‘180 ring
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By Amazon Customer
I got the package delivered prior to the delivery date,so happy with that, got it for my Pulsar 150...
The Tyre was manufactured before 2 months (5117) whereas when i inquired in a nearby shop and he told me that after six months only the product would reach us(the tyre manufactured date was (1517) - That was the latest tyre that the local seller had.
i am so happy with the tyre received, my local mechanic told me that Ceat uses 100% new rubber for the tire, whereas few other brands uses some mixture of old tyre rubber causing it to harden on usage.After tyre break-in (I drove about 100 kms cautiously,so as to scale off the outer slippery compound) and the i saw the tyre gripped awesome and braking was Good too,Execellent product from CEAT.
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By Karthik
Update: got it fitted .spent 70/- for tubeless valve neck and 100/- service charge. If I had bought in local store , they won't charge these charges. So the money saved in Amazone gone.

I bought it for my Apache 160 RTR which is tube type tyre. But tyre is tubeless. A friend said it can be used. But now I have to buy valve also. ..thinking of returning or exchange with tube tyre.
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By Amazon Customer
4.5 | 108 customer reviews
96 of the 108 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Giving 5 out of 5 because what plumbers in my area gave up in doing. It did just in matters of minutes. My bathroom fitting's wtaer filter was clogged and wasn't opening. Our plumbers failed to open it with their heavy pipe wrench. And WD-40 did it in just few minutes without getting any help from any plumber.
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By amit kumar
Versatile and multipurpose, for use in motorbike, bicycle, door hinges, windows even key holes if the movement is not smooth. Any metallic part which is not having smooth movement improves immediately.
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By soko
The product is REALLY great and is original. But it seems like the quantity is a bit less. I deduct one star for the delivery time since I am a prime customer.
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By Raghav Agarwal ✔
4.3 | 190 customer reviews
164 of the 190 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
This oil worked like magic for my Suzuki Gixxer SF, the very first noticeable thing was engine temperature was gone very low even after riding for 4-5 km the engine was cold if you try to touch the chamber & next big change was the ride become very smooth the engine sound also changed so overall it's value for money if you love your ride,

I would suggest this oil more suitable for summers instead of winter cycle.
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Used it in Apache 200 carb variant. Engine oil is very good compared to the tvs tru4 synthetic oil. Engine is very smooth and rev happy... the is a boost in acceleration and mileage. Overall value for money. It i's expected to run 7000-8000kms atleast. With a minor top up you can go upto 10000kms.. no issues at all. Every performance motorcycle deserves it. Go for it and i promise you won't be dissapointed 😊
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By Saptarshi
Used it on apache rtr 180. After 8k kms switched to motul 300v 10w40, gear shifts butter smooth, throttle response amazing. Right now odo reading 26k kms. Trust me guys, these is the best that you can get.
Drain Interval : 7k - 8k kms, if you top up a little it can stretch upto 10k kms ;)
Cons: costly & availability.
Edit: this time cloudtail retailer send me old stock 19-apr-18
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4.4 | 131 customer reviews
117 of the 131 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
This "Castrol POWER1 Cruise 4T 20W-50 Synthetic Engine Oil" is a advanced premium quality oil with synthetic technology.
# I brought this for my son as he is using this oil since from years. After using all these years he cannot think of other branded oils for his loving bike.
# It is a fantastic product which is 100% Genuine & to its promise from years.
# It is suitable for all 4-stroke motorcycle engines, both carburettor and fuel injected ones.
# It resists oil thickening caused by high temperatures & maintains bike’s performance during long rides.
Thank you, #Castrol !
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This oil I would recommend to all. I could feel the difference between the earlier oil and the new Castrol POWER1 Cruise as the engine was performing much better and was giving better output than the earlier oil, and there was less of vibration and less of engine heating. The bike felt smoother & the engine knocking sound which I was noticing while using my earlier oil had noticeably reduced. The clutch and gearshift was comparatively very smooth. With earlier oils, I have received a mileage of 28 , 30 at different levels; however, after filling this oil I could achieve the mileage of 32, 33 in the similar scenarios.
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By Punith
After a single day of use...
I own a unicorn 150 and after using this oil, the engine sound changed considerably.
The crumbles in the engine disappeared all of a sudden.
I have been using honda genuine mineral oil till yesterday with the same price (may be a little less) and i feel a very good change in the engine performance.
I have noted no change in power or acceleration as mentioned in one or more of the reviews (which forced me to try this oil)

After about a week of use
The engine withstands high throttles with ease
Earlier, the engine heats up quickly with 5000rpm acceleration itself and the heat keeps radiating to my legs
Now, the engine smoothly picks up to even 7000rpm without any discomfort or change in sound. The speed picks up to more than 80km/hr without even the engine crumbling.
Still got no change in the mileage. It may be because that I
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By Gino Gracian