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4.4 | 278 customer reviews
241 of the 278 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Worth the money, I would suggest buying this product. Been using it for some time now. No complaints.
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By AmazonGoa
Perfect fitting for i 10 keys,no loose cover but i am not give u a reply about durability because i give u this reply with in 15 days so,,and good in this price rs 113 with free delivery
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By DR.MANAN 7869809983 for call nd whatsapp
This product is valuable for given money, the quality, the thickness and the protectivity is excellent, i suggest u to buy this product...
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By Dhanush Reddy
product price
4.3 | 742 customer reviews
633 of the 742 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Purchased for SX4 ZXI and Nice Product, Feel is good, Material Good, good protection for smart keys.
just now using from last 10 dats and everyhting is good about.
Nothing bad so far now. Worth buying, Good return of Money.
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By Parshwanath Glow Shine
Very nice product. Soft silicone type material. If you have ever used TPU case for mobile it is that kind of material. Overall good. No fancy thing
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By Apurba Phukan
It's a fake product. Not fitting my keys. Product is not as shown in the picture. Looked like torn when I received it. Better to buy from local stores.
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By Newbell
4.5 | 140 customer reviews
130 of the 140 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Perfectly suits for Ecosport. Accourate moulding. Ford symbol is merged not stickerd gives original look. By seeing others review, I bought this and thanks to them. Feel good protection to the key.
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The silicon cover fits the Ecosport 2018 key very well. It gives a very good grip and as well as provides safety from scratches, drops and bumps.
Doesn’t feel bulky wii the cover on. M
Highly recommended.
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By Aanubrata
Fits the new Ford Aspire 2018 perfectly. The only problem with this is the markings for the boot open is incorrect. Small price to pay for protection.
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By John P
4.4 | 210 customer reviews
176 of the 210 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Initially I thought , it could be a cheap product ( Got it only for 300 rs ) , but when it got delivered , I was surprised with the neat finish and packing . Quality is too good and I surely recommend Nikavi products .
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By Muralikrishna
Quality wise this is fine and good looking. But like mentioned in some reviews, the box is small and cannot hold the original tissue box inside. You will need to take all the tissues and place it inside.
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By Mithun K Rockey
This box is exactly what it looks like in the pictures (I have ordered the black and white one), it made of good quality material, non slipery at the bottom and leatheriet as shown on the above lid. Delivery was faster then expected, got it within 24 hrs.
Only down side is that non of the normal tissue boxes fits in, tried Origami tissue box which is wider for this box and also tried fresh ones tissue box which is taller so I guess we need to remove tissues from the normal tissue box and need to place them directly into the box.
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By Prashant Teki
4.3 | 457 customer reviews
394 of the 457 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
It was delivered well before promised time.
I had used it few times and am extremely satisfied with product.Though it looks small and single barrel but it's very sturdy pump.


1. The objective of such pumps is to top up the pressure and for my wagon r it required only 10-12 pushes to increase pressure from 30 to 35 psi and with absolute ease.
2. It is manual pump so no need to use car battery and can be used easily on two wheeler and filling inflatable toys inside house also.
3. Pump is powerfull, when you pump their is hardly and power required.
4. Very compact.
5. Since it's manual and not electric you will realise that you don't need any auto cut off or pressure set function, you can continuously monitor the rise in pressure.
6. It may look expensive but it's much worthy then similar price electric pump which may develop any electric snag
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Since a long time I was planning an all in one air pump to cover just everything & this one turned out to be a one stop solution to all needs. All in all in not very costly but effective quality package.

1. Pump with 67cm hose & analogue pressure gauge (accuracy +/-1 PSI up to 50 PSI)
2. Adaptors (3nos)
- Toy inflator adaptor (plastic)
- Sports ball adaptor (metal)
- Presta valve adaptor (high pressure cycle tyres) (plastic)
• Find these on back side of dial area (pics attached)
3. User Guide

1. Very good quality product compared to those local ones. Quality is just everywhere. Build, design & finish. All 10/10.
2. Effective single cylinder system with effortless pumping by design. Even you can pump it via hand.
3. Manual mechanical operation instead of electrical. So no dependency on power/car battery.
4. Since mechanical, no water damage issue like
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By Pushpendra Singh Patel
In lightning deal got it for 1630Rs. Packed well and received in perfect condition. Bought it for my car and bike which are fitted with tubeless tires. Visiting roadside mechanic for simple air pressure job always been tiredness to me. And recet experience in highway where my one tire got no pressure in between nowhere pushed me buy this. Was searching for foot pump mostly of which are of unknown brand and quite unsure to buy which. Then I got stuck on this. Michelin brand is quite a surety for me as I am using tires of same brand in my car and bike. First bought it for 1999Rs but I got a lightening deal of 1630Rs. So canceled the previous one and bought this. Saving of 300 Rs approx.

Now to the pump. It's of high quality and price I paid quite a justify for the item. I couldn't
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4.4 | 202 customer reviews
172 of the 202 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
I didn't even know these things existed or I would have bought this sooner! Superb value for money. It fits my key snugly, but not too tight - I can remove it easily if I want. Material is tough and protects the key. It had a slight rubbery smell when I got it but it disappeared in a couple of days.

Total value for money. Considering the cost of replacing the remote key... I'd 100% recommend getting this.
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By Asha T
The fit is perfect and the buttons are clickable.
The Silicone is of good quality.

-2017 Honda City ZX user
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By Akshat Ajeya
Doesn't cover the key 100% as shown in the picture, covers only the plastic area.
Led indicator completely covered, will be difficult in big parking lots.
Size fits property and looks good.
Not silicon, it's rubber material and smells a bit bad in hand, hopefully it should go after couple of weeks of usage
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By Ashok Rathinavel
4.4 | 195 customer reviews
166 of the 195 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Received product on time and in good condition. Regarding the product, pricing may be slightly high (INR 299) but item seems to be of good quality and fits well on my 2018 Honda Amaze key (not the facelift model). Had bought silicone cover earlier locally from a shop for INR 300 for my i20, it was of slightly lower quality that this item.
Too early to comment on durability, just received the product yesterday. Overall fit and finish is good, so I feel it will be durable.
INR 199 would be a reasonable price for this item.
RED colour really stands out. Recommend to buy this product, in RED!
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By Amazon Customer
Its very useful for my new key of Honda city. I had to get the whole lock set of my Honda City change due to some technical issues got brand new key. So, i immediately ordered this cover for my car key. It’s doing the job perfectly.
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By Kashif
Good product, should of bought it when car was purchased, original key shell got busted from dropping it to many times, it will help to reduce the impact on the key and remote when you drop it
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By P C D
product price
4.4 | 171 customer reviews
148 of the 171 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Awesome..always wanted to have our Indian flag on my car..found the best place..perfect diamond in the crown..the product is awesome and would highly recommend to everyone!!
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By Amazon Customer
Every doctor will sure love this one... Sturdy enough product.. Good finish.. Excellant glue... I got two of them.. One fitted so well in the rear.. The another one I pasted in the front wind shield top left corner.. Whether it is front or back shield it may not look 100 percent blended to it owing to its bulkiness compared to a simple sticker.. But If you are gonna paste it in the side or rear side below the rear luggage compartment opening slot, it will look perfectly blended in... It might look big for a bike.. But more than that, finding a big enough flat surface to stick it in bike is the real issue. Definitely it won't stick all balanced in the front or rear mudguard of the bike..
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By Dhinesh Vikraman B P
Amazing. Very good product. 3M original tape behind. This seller is true desh bhakt. He is charging high for the product but it is worth the price.
Remeber do not bend the product as it is cardboard.
I applied inside my car below music system as saw previous review that they get faded if put outside of a car.
Aankh bandh kar kharido. Good product.
Request seller to lower price. is amazing.
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By Monesh Dedhia from Ghatkopar, Mumbai 400077
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4.3 | 324 customer reviews
268 of the 324 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
The good:

1. Overall build quality is good. It’s very sturdy.

2. The spring mechanism on the lid is adequate, and isn’t of low quality. Initially I thought the spring would pop out, but it’s placed properly and prevents it from snapping.

3. Velcro stickers are provided. You can stick it in your cupholder storage. I have not done this, as I know that dust & dirt will get accumulated there over time, and it’ll be very difficult to clean it. So, I have left it as is, and using the trashcup by simply placing it inside the cupholder.

4. Since it’s black in color, it will blend well with any interiors, but suits best for black interiors.

5. The spring used is a common spring, and therefore, if it’s damaged over time, or loses it’s strength, you can easily replace it.

The Bad:

1. The lid sits quite loosely on the body of the trashcup. This
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By Ganesh Hegde
Quality of the product is good. Came Velcro sticker along with and that can be pasted under the bin. so it can placed even in the flat place in the car not only in the water bottle holder. Removable top lid,so east to clean and throw the items from the bin. Top lid is having auto lose feature.
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By Rajesh.T
Useful item inside any car. Good quality product. Easy to empty out the trash too. A circular velcro piece is included with this product which i found quite useful in securing the trash bin.
Update on 30.09.2018 : having liked the item, i ordered two more.... one of them came without the circular piece of velcro. So i have reduced rating from 5 to 2 stars.
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By Jacinto Godinho
4.5 | 111 customer reviews
97 of the 111 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Can't get better than this. This is the best mirror hanging that I have bought for my car in the recent past out of all. Creativity level damn high.

One more thing they also give the box with hanging that is worth it. I just loved the box too. I love it so much that I can pay 350 for the box only. Its totally worth it. Mindblowing. Amazing product.

Must give it a try at least once, after that you will become fan of this mensome car hanging for sure.

Car lovers must try. ✌️
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By Abhinav Rana
Looks very good. The design and creativity is top notch. Absolutely loving it in my vehicle. The only downside is that it is really lightweight so it hits my windshield while offroading. I needed a diety in my vehicle and this one fulfills it very stylishly.
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By Kiran
The only issue is the chain. Chain is of silver color and of bad quality. It should be of black color.
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By Rahul
4.4 | 159 customer reviews
142 of the 159 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
The product is premium, finishing could be better. It looks classy and stylish. Worth the cost, would not burn a hole in the pocket. Good protection for the key!
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By Vinayak Wadhwa
I have ordered from keyzone before , quality is always guaranteed and the color looks great . Offlate Maruti has slightly changed their 2 button remotes . In the new version , the buttons are supressed alittle and doesn't bulge out like the older remotes. Keyzone might need to alter their key cover in this manner so that there isn't any dead space between the keys. Not a deal breaker.we will just need to press it a little more. Removing 1 star for the same reason otherwise no complaints at all
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By Keshav chandran
Very nice product, liked it very much , fits correctly for my key...!!! But the colour is not as expected.
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By Amazon Customer
product price
4.3 | 287 customer reviews
248 of the 287 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
After using Nikavi which got tore away after some months use , I can say that this product has much more robust feel and is of good build quality.

Colour looks attractive and the cover gives more grip and feel to the steering wheel.

If you know the right technique , its easy to fit this cover to the steering wheel. Else you will struggle a lot fixing different ends.

All I can say is . This cover gives a more sporty feel to my car now.

I will definitely recommend this product to everyone.
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By Sachin P

Solimo seems to be a new brand owned by Amazon. They are acquiring market in almost all categories.
As far Quality is concerned, they manufacture Top Notch Quality products with no 0 to no defects.


Best leatherette, Soft to touch, Good to feel, Rich Textured for the better grip.
Perfect Stitching. Feels solid and heavy duty in hand.

Fit & Design

(Small) Sits perfectly on Xcent Steering. Hope it does the same for other small segment cars with diameter ranging from 35-37 Cms.
The (Large) 39 Cms Steering cover should fit all big cars including SUVs with diameter of 37-39 Cms.


Best and affordable in this category. You wont get such a quality product anywhere in this price bracket. This is a top quality product with perfect finishing.
Satisfaction guaranteed...


A top notch, quality, branded steering cover that provides better grip, soft feather like feel at an affordable price for every Car...
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By Sarkhazi
A great steering wheel cover for the price, I got the small size and it fits my Maruti 800 steering wheel perfectly. The stitching isn't perfect and it has a smell that lasts for a week but it grips well and looks good. When installing the cover leave it out in the sun for 10 mins so it softens up and is easy to apply. I've been using it for about a month and it's been awesome. The chunkier wheel feels better when driving compared to the skinny stock steering wheel
In summary definitely well worth the money especially if it's on offer.
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By Eshwar Ganapathy
product price
4.2 | 1,376 customer reviews
1,146 of the 1,376 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
This is a Wonderful car tyre inflator that I have seen till now.I did some research before buying this one and found out to be perfect for my requirements.i have a MARUTI ALTO K10 VXI and it's prefect for inflation of the tyres.It Superfast ! Inflates a 145/70 R12 tyre from 0 to 30psi in about 2 minutes.Also if the inflator is connected in the car tyre without switching it on it will show the air pressure of the tyre.

The power cord is pretty long about 3 meters long and is quite handy while filling up the 4 different tyres.It also have a workable LED light which would prove very handy during use in dark or low light conditions.

Its high quality braided (knitted) rubber air-hose is heat and wear resistant. Durable metal body is grounded by anti-vibration rubber feet to prevent unwanted movement. There is no periodic maintenance required and
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By saurav mazumdar
Too good an air pump for it's price.
I have been using this product and after spending countless hours reading reviews on so many tyre inflators, I finally zeroed down to this one.
Trust me, this is just too good, fills up the tyre pretty fast and has a good build quality.
As a perk, it also has a torch on it which does the job very well ! Also comes with three adaptors to fill air in football, balloons / inflatable anything.
Cons: The pressure gauge / meter on this one does not show the right pressure, you will have to use a separate pressure gauge to get a precise reading. After a while you will get used to the reading on the pressure gauge of this pump.
Caution : keep the engine running while using pump, also always switch off the pump using the switch provided on the pump. Do not
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By Sumesh
Test drive: It took about 10 sec to inflate my car tyre from 28 psi to 35.5 psi which is about 1.3 psi /sec. This is my 3rd tyre inflator in 10 years span and I can say that 1.3psi / sec is very impressive. Moreover, my previous tyre inflators all came with a very short (1 foot or less) air hose and I had to add air hose extension. The air hose on Bergmann tyre inflator (this one), is approx 2 feet. (the box says 1 mt) but even 2 feet is at least adequate especially for large tyres. Also, the type of air hose provided is superior to the pure plastic ones - which seem to have been a hit with the rats in my neighborhood. The light is not too bright but adequate enough.

Included were the usual accessories (adopters to inflate toys, cycle tyre, etc) and, a
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By Miki
4.5 | 94 customer reviews
86 of the 94 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
This is the best silicon cover available in the market for all VW flip keys at such a low cost. The feel is very rich and sporty. It fits perfectly and holds good in the hand.
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By Amit T.
I bought the Red GTI cover. I have a POLO 1.2 TDI which is a 2011 model. I have taken care of my red beauty with utmost care till now and I get so many comments that it doesn't look the age.

But I used to hide my car keys inside my pocket because the rubber on the key had worn out over the period (the spare also). So the moment I saw this on Amazon, I ordered it (the comments and reviews helped in my decision to buy too).

Now the key has gained a Jazzed up look. Now it does justice to the car.

- Good quality rubber
- Buttons are easily accessible, no difficulty pressing
- Does not wear out easily
- Bang for the Buck


Final Verdict:
GO FOR IT! No need to think twice.
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By The Altruist
Very good product.. material is nice and soft and fits perfectly..
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By Vishnu Venugopal
4.4 | 123 customer reviews
107 of the 123 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
I have been using this KKONAS Silicone car key cover for my swift key for a long time now, maybe a for a year approximately and haven't noticed anything adverse since then.

It's very soft, got a very good finish and almost exact fit.

The colour has not faded sofar.

It is very easy to install.

Not so expensive, vis a vis the quality.

The remote control of the key functions well and so it appears that it is not disrupting the wireless communication channel between the key and the car.

I am overall satisfied with the product, happy and recommend it.

If you find my review ok, please give me 'helpful' vote.

Thank you.
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By Raghuraj.K
Its really good. It protects the outer surface of the remote. The pads on the remote are very delicate by pressing continuously it damages the pads and to exchange they charge around 3000/- per remote. Its not the price its the tedious job where we need to submit a letter followed by verification and what not. I already faced the issue. But the silicon key is nicely protecting the outersurface for a very lesser price. Hope this durability will last long and protect my remote. Thanks
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By Kiran
I thought there will be 2 but only got one key cover, any ways thank you it is good
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By Mohesin Sayyed
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4.2 | 496 customer reviews
400 of the 496 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
This is a good product and works fine, I tested the auto cut off, which is a great feature.
My disappointment is , the cover came with the unit is so tight, it is difficult to take the machine out and so is putting it back. Amazon should re-stitch the cover. and Also please send me one when you make a larger cover. Mine is torn already as I tried to push in forcefully.
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By Amazon Customer
Received in a day in Noida. Tried to fill air in Creta's tyres just to verify the product, works fine. I could not check for long or Flat to Full. Product is sturdy and not very noisy when ON. Go for it.
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By Rajesh W
What is best:
Compact size
It has a good Cover
Easy to operate
Good build quality
A good tourch to see your air valve of the tire.

What can be improved:
-Product cover should be a bit bigger, it’s hard to pull out and fitting back the product in the cover.
-Screen to check Air pressure is too small, may be not visible for senior citizens or those have week eyes.
-that screen don’t have backlight, means you can’t see air pressure numbers in night. You have to use your mobile’s Tourch.
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By sunil
4.2 | 453 customer reviews
370 of the 453 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Got the product delivered today. Heavy and sturdy, well stiched. My Ford Figo (facelift 2019 model) steering wheel now looks more premium. Easy installation with little effort. Seems genuine leather used to craft it by seeing a sample peice of leather provided with the product. Very happy. Highly recommend to all seekers who want a feel touch of premium leather finish without hassle from self stiching leather product available from other segments . Happy driving :)
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By Amazon Customer
Good grip, good material, finishing can be better
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By Rakesh Shete
Quality: Good (not great) 7/10 at this price
Hardness: It's not hard, it's not soft either. I was looking for a soft cover that gives the firm grip. 5/10
Grip: Below average. Bit slippery. 5/10
Fit: Fits well on Renault Duster India (2017 update)
Overall: I would have given 5 stars if the price is around Rs.500 and the cover has good grip. I am keeping it. But this is certainly not the best buy.
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By Chitrasthala
4.5 | 83 customer reviews
71 of the 83 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
I have been using this item for almost 10 months now. Liked the quality of product, as it protects the remote key firmly even in case it is dropped accidentally. The colour of the product however has darkened a little, but that is I believe due to the extensive use. Overall finish is OK. Will recommend for regular use..
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By Chaitanya
This is really good product. The build quality is nice. The colour in actual looks better than photo. I have dropped key lot of times but this protected. I heard original key is 11K so spending 350 bucks won't be bad at all...

It's bit costly hence I have reduced One star. It should be around 200.
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By Hitesh
It gives an awesome look to my key, gave 4 star instead of 5 just because it's costly. Same in black costs half the price.
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By Darpan
4.6 | 61 customer reviews
57 of the 61 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Looks like a good quality material. Should protect smart key against fall. Haven’t tried though :P
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Really liked it. Worth the price. Fits really well. Material is too good.
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By Mave
A very good product to safeguard your key. Worth what is paid for. The material quality and fit is excellent. You will never regret buying it.
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By Srijit
4.4 | 101 customer reviews
90 of the 101 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Great Product, Fits like a glove and looks great! Best key cover for your Tata key... Good packaging & Good texture on top side... Perfect cut outs to fit properly and protects the buttons as well since there is a layer on top side..
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By 3dge
Nice product n also nice fitting n finishing ..
101% satisfied..
This product only for tata nexon keyless models xz+ N above
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By Shrey khared
Received on time, this is good product for sure in this cost.
I wish it could fit more tight but it's good.
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By Sandy Garud