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4.8 | 207 customer reviews
199 of the 207 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Very beautiful smiley cushion . Bought for my new car. So cute. This Cute Stuffy Product Was Very Much Liked By Everyone. Good price deal with amazon and also thanx to the seller.😊😎
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By vinayak
Both of the Emojis are so soft and delicate. Fabric used in the Emoji is of good quality and Stitching is also very nice. One plus point with these Emojis is that u can hang them anywhere in ur Room and Home. These Emojis look so Cute that anyone who will see them will definitely love them. Price is very less according to the quality of the product. I would recommend everyone to buy this.
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By Sarthak Sharma
Its good.. The price seems little high. Amazon delivered with good packing.
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By Jade
4.6 | 1,914 customer reviews
1,778 of the 1,914 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Bought this during my pregnancy. Pretty soon i couldn't sleep without it. In fact, my husband loved it too!! He uses it to cuddle up, as a cushion etc. Now my baby is 9 months old we use it as a safety guard around the bed when baby sleeps. And since she is learning to sit now, we place it around her and use it as a support until she learns to sit by herself. This pillow also came in handy after my delivery when i found it hard to sit on chairs due to my stitches -- then i used this pillow as a cushion, half of it on the seat of the chair and the other half to lean back on. I think this product is TOTAL PAISA VASOOL.
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By rohit thayyil
Best product ever !

I sleep like a baby in this .... And I am not pregnant !
Gifted one to my adult son, he loves it too !

I just wish the thickness remained consistent.
The slimmer one works better for me.
The second one I ordered ( beige and pink ) were slightly thicker and thus, uncomfortable !

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By Ms S.
I would definitely recommend this for pregnant women. It's so comfortable and useful. I got this during my 6th month and been using it for 3 months now. It has the cosy and comfortable feeling for back, tighs, lower back and abdomen. It's flexible to move too.
Only drawback is the cleaning part. Since the colour is light, there are chances of staining soon and there's no pillow cover. Hence cleaning becomes difficult. I did try finding an appropriate pillow cover but couldn't.
Otherwise in terms of comfort for pain and aches, this is a must have.
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By Priya
4.6 | 258 customer reviews
243 of the 258 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
I have slip disc and i was advised to use this product to ease my pain. I was a little skeptical but ti my surprise it did make a difference. I am very happy with the product. It gives me pain free sleep. This is truely a nice product worth recommending.

Feedback to seller - to have different design and premium covers for the product. Also unlike others, I haven't received discount cupon for the purchase of cover
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By Wilson Patil
my wife loves the comfort this pillow provides. the quality is amazing. right from the outer vacuum sealed reusable packing to the cover that is removable and washable to the fabric of the cover as well. two thumbs up to the seller who stocked this item and made purchasing it easy. all the mommas out there basis what my wife says you will love this pillow and have a few nights of peaceful sleep before your bundle of joy arrives and then sleep becomes a thing of the past :)

congratulations to all those to be mom's out there, hope my review helped you decide on the item
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By Dayle
I ordered this pillow in the hopes of just getting a support for my back during the night. I was pretty surprised with the quality as it was so much better than the other body pillow that my father uses.
The best thing is that this pillow comes with a beautiful cover which again is pretty good. Other pillows are cheaper because they don't come with one.
I would highly recommend this body pillow to everyone who is looking for one.
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By Ahmad Zaib
product price
4.4 | 1,577 customer reviews
1,395 of the 1,577 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
She was so sweet. Made me coffee. Folded the clothes. Made lunch. Dinner. Cleaned the place. I thought she did something wrong. But she just.. loved me. I’m a sucker for cuddling. And I held her close through the night. I wondered why she didnt get up early the next morning. The thing is.. she did. I was hugging the pillow. Damn fluffy. Damn soft. Please buy these.
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By Austyn
WaKefit.. really fit is fabulous..
Awesome product. Best for sleep.. I really love the pellow packing.smooth . Soft. Planing to buy more.
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By prudhviraj
I had purchased this pillow twice within 3 months. The first time it was really nice ; Fluffy, comfortable. I was really impressed and went ahead to order the second one but i was utterly disappointed this time. They have made the pillow thinner, it weighs less and the firmness is gone. If I keep the pillows side by side one can easily feel the difference. As is the case with most of the start ups as soon as they start generating money they go for improving margins by sacrificing product quality and in the process lose out on customer loyalty. I hoped wakefit to be different.
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By tanmoy
4.4 | 409 customer reviews
359 of the 409 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Does not have a plastic or rubbery feel. It's almost as quiet it can get without being a 100%l cloth cover. The zipper seems delicate but has lasted so far. The only thing I don't like is that when the zipper is fully closed it traps air inside which makes it seem like an air pillow.
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By Teej
Good fit, comfortable and protection for the pillows. Stitches could be better....have one side opening out already
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By Sairam
Felt soft. Possibly also okay as a waterproof pillow cover. Returned all the sets ordered as one set had a tiny crushed lizard inside the transparent plastic. Decent warehousing and a final check before shipping to the customer - whatever happened to those?
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By Sarva
4.3 | 747 customer reviews
629 of the 747 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
This is an amazing concept. Initially had to use 3 pillows to support my wife's pregnancy changes, but this pillow combines the three of them and more. Being a doctor I understand the support required for a pregnant woman during her pregnancy and this pillow provides all of it especially since the mother has to sleep left sided since sleeping straight will cause a compression of the vessels due to the extra pressure exerted by the foetus this increasing the blood pressure of the mother. Hence sideways sleeping is very important.

1. The head support: provides enough height to support the neck to prevent cervical spasms.

2. The arm support : provides support to make both arms parallel to prevent the strain on the cervical vertebrae.

3. Back support: the back is well supported by the long pillow .

4. Lumbar stabilization: with the pillow in between the knees the lumbar vertebra is
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By vivek
I am writing this review after my wife used this product for 1 month..we feel it's very comfortable and useful...size and weight is perfect,stiching is good also we can fold it...overall best product....
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By Raviraj
1. I bought the large size as per recommendation depending on my body weight, but the product is way too big for me, which does not support my back at all.
2. For those who like to turn and can’t sleep on one side, this is not the product for you. As your legs are wrapped around the pillow, turning sides means unwrapping your leg(which is not as easy as the end of the C needs to be disengaged from your leg). In the middle of night, in a pregnant condition, turning with this pillow is a nightmare.
3. The product is not durable at all as the stitch came off within 2 weeks itself.
Now I am using this product as a backrest when I am sitting rather than using it as a night support pillow. As a back rest it does a good job though 😊
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By Deepshikha
product price
4.3 | 202 customer reviews
169 of the 202 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Pillow is the most important thing for a good sleep. I was looking for a comfortable pillow with good support. I heard some good things about this pillow and I also have a matress from the same brand. So, I decided to try it out and bought this. I bought a pair of this pillow nearly before a month. I have been sleeping with this since then, I'm really happy with it. I decided to share my experience by writing this review, so that it may be helpful to other customers. So let's get started.

Packaging and Delivery
First of all, let's start with the packaging and delivery. Well, the brand is better known for innovative packaging. Their mattresses are delivered in a box. The pillows are delivered in a small duffel bags. They use compression machines to pack it like this. That was quite awesome. Now, I'll tell you about
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By Jeron
The pillow is really nice and soft. The cotton fabric is smooth to touch. Not tall pillow so it does not elevate our heads too much, which I really like. Fits in perfectly in my pillow cover.
I really impressed with the superior packing and very fast delivery.

Guaranteed for a comfortable sleep.

Definitely I recommend 'Sleepyhead'
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By Niya Mary Jacob
Very soft pillows, completely press when in use, Not recommend for peoples want hight, Initially it was very fluffy but after one month it remain only half ...lets wait for 2-3 month ..
Price is little on higher side but highly recommend as soft loving pillow and quality of cover is also good ..
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By Manish Rana
4.3 | 147 customer reviews
127 of the 147 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Initially i thought iam spending more money on this product..but once i recieved it iam very happy with the producf.

Cloth is really soft and thick and durable

Size 20x30 is very comfortable one and big..pillows are looking gud

Delivery is on time with good packing..iam not exagerating but after recieving this i purchased 2 more sets as well
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By Amazon Customer
Pillow covers are ok to me. Very soft as well. But you should have a big pillow otherwise this covers looks loosens. It accommodate very big pillow size too.
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By Sethu
I think going for light colors or white would be better option. Since I have placed it very later I thought to change the colour but couldnit received it. It's not like a linen it's cotton .
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By Geetha
4.6 | 33 customer reviews
30 of the 33 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Exactly what i was looking for.
Proper big size pillow covers with good quality 100% cotton fabric.
Very nice rich colour. Let's Hope the color doesn't fade away after washes now.
Totally worth buying.
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By Anurag
I wanted 100% cotton yellow covers for separate pillows and these are perfect for it. It stripes goes well with other printed bedsheets also. The fabric is nice and soft, I have already washed it a couple of times, the color did not come out and the softness is still maintained. I am always concerned about thread count and its yarn quality is 60s and thread count is 300 which makes it soft and luxurious. Comfortable and durable pillow covers for a affordable price.
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By puneet bajaj
Bought this before a few weeks, have been using this since then. The quality of the pillow cover is really good, I'm pretty sure, it's 100% cotton. It feels really soft and nice to sleep on. I bought the blue colored variant, most of the people bought the chocolate brown variant, I decided to try something different and bought this one and I'm really happy with it. In fact, the blue one is even better than the brown one. It suits me better. I'd definitely recommend this pillow cover. I think it's a great deal. I'm totally satisfied with it, hope you will too...
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By Newbell
4.5 | 35 customer reviews
32 of the 35 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
I was looking for a fullest length and width two numbers of bedsheets to make my comforter cover.
After searching ffor so many bedsheet and their descriptions, i finaaly come to choose this bcz they have so many colour and size options.
I finally put the order for two and I was relaxed after measuring the size which is perfect for my need. I ordered king size and i got 96* 103”.
I like the blue shade also which i bought.
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By Joy
The bedsheet description says "Grey" but the image looks a bit greenish so there was a confusion when the bed sheet arrived, but I have to say the quality is really nice in this price range. Looks classy too and the pillow cover is also standard size. Absolutely Recommend.
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By Ankit Raj
Amazing, very soft and high quality bed sheet. Have been using it for a few months now and it has held up well so far.
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By Sunil
4.1 | 344 customer reviews
272 of the 344 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
i have issue with my bad sleep habits and pain in neck some friend recomment to use memory pillow and i search and
read review find this product interesting i order and receive with in 5 days. my ist impression is good but when i use it really work for me. its very comfortable for me. and i love this pillow and using i will buy more for my family member i recommend everyone to use it and take good sleep thanks amazon for solving my problem
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By M
Bought this for my cervical, my doctor recommended me to have one memory foam broad pillow, which covers the shoulder area too while sleeping. After reading mixed reviews I was a bit skeptical but finally thought of giving it a try as the seller is providing 30 days satisfaction gaurantee too, so why not to try? but from my personal experience I must say its worth every single penny, quite comfortable for sound sleep. Comes in a good condition, Timely delivery. Worth adding to cart!
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By Heena
This is not a original memory form and no brand, no manufacturing name and address. Why we pay this much amount for pillow? Because it will reduce neck pain but this form is some type of soft form NOT ORIGINAL memory form and increase neck pain. As a regular user of memory form pillow I can say this is not original. Beware.
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By Amazon Customer
4.1 | 301 customer reviews
231 of the 301 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
I have been huge fan of Trance Home Linen for a while now.

I have white fitted sheets, pillow covers that have been in use for a few years, they don't loose shape, and are still soft and smooth after all that time. This time I decided to buy a se in dark blue, I bought a fitted sheet set, and because we use 4 pillows on our bed, bought these two additional pillow cases to match.

You can really rely on these guys, they deliver promptly, even send you an email to let you know they shipped, and the blue pillow cases as well are the sheet have the same awesome quality as the white ones.

You rarely get that awesome a quality at that price
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By Cynthia Haller
These covers are very good..
Even though after washing there shine was diminished a little bit.. but the material and size is good...
Good for daily use if you want to match with some of your bedsheet and use with extra pilows... i brough three colors...
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By Aayushi
Nice pillow covers! Soft material. Became bit rough after first wash but manageable.

Colours are not that bright! They look little dull. But if one is a lover of light and calm colours and doesn't like dark or bright colours,then this is for you!!

The best thing is that you can contact seller for customisation and they will do it for you as per requirements. And those people respond in a very much responsible and humble way and within no extra time or cost you will get your product customised for you and you will get it delivered to your location on time!!
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5.0 | 17 customer reviews
17 of the 17 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Its providing the right amount of firmness our head and neck needs, it has solved my stiff neck & shoulders problem which I used to suffer every morning after waking up. The fabric of the pillow cover is equally soft, removable and washable too. Recommended product, way superior than the regular pillows.
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By Moiz
The pillow is too soft. it's amazing for best comfortable sleep,I do really loved it,I am being using it from last one week and it's best comfortable pillow I ever used, it's quite expensive but the comfortness which you get is more than what u pay, so might recommend you can buy it
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By Top hacking fact
I must say that I am very impressed with this pillow. It is unlike any other memory foam pillows. It definitely has better feel and density (what I was looking for). The construction is also first-rate quality so I believe this will last longer than most pillows I have had in the past. The outside is so nice in my view.

If you are looking for the pillow to go flat when you rest your head on it - - this may not be for you. However, if you would like more resiliency and loft, I definitely recommend this.
Excellent 5 Star product.
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By Sachin Kendre
5.0 | 16 customer reviews
16 of the 16 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
I buy Orthopedic Memory Foam Pillow its really Very nice.
I Just need to get a nice sleep, pillow can relieves neck pain, back pain, and migraine. Its Provide very soft memory foam,like comfort to our head and neck.The design and shape of a pillow is good and very comfortable just go for it. Must Try Must buy.
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By Junaid ali
nice product, it's specially design who suffering neck and spine alignment pain, it's give rest in pain and feel comfort, soft material use, fully satisfied with this product quality, thanks Amazon :)
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By Irfan Ali
My mother used to complain that her pillow was uncomfortable, so I ordered this for her to try. The shape of the pillow is good for neck support and provides a night of comfortable sleep. It comes with a soft, cotton pillow sheet. I’ve ordered many pillows before, but this one stands out and my mother loves it.
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By Md Kashif
4.7 | 23 customer reviews
22 of the 23 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
This is a very useful product if u ar looking for good and healthy sleep. I was very impressed by its results. Now I am getting perfect sleep after using it. It is very soft and light weight and it comes with a cover also so the foam stay in shapes. It is lovely and useful product.
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By Durgesh kumar
A nice product by amazon
Its a cool and relax pillow that gives a good neck support and very comfortable for sleeping 😴😴
It is made of memory foam which is very soft and comfortable
It is also recommended for people who suffer from survical or shetica pains
Overal a complete valued product
Thanks amazon for timely delivery
Would surely recommend to all
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By Ypsboparai
Memory foam products are costly but durable and extremely comfortable which results in sound sleep and good health. Memory foam retains it shape for several years, and considering its durability it's wise to invest in such products which turns economical in long run, health benefits are an added benefit. Its softness will take you to the next level of comfort.
It came with a washable white cover made of velvety cloth but I am using another pillow cover on top of it, don't wants to spoil such a nice fabric.
More than happy with this purchase, certainly a recommended product.
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By Moiz
1 Offer from product price
4.9 | 16 customer reviews
16 of the 16 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
wasn't sure what to expect for high price, but it is very good. go for it!
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By S. Roy
Very good quality satin sheet. Colour does not fade even after many washes. The size is 'king' size as claimed. The material is smooth and doesn't shrink after many washes. I'm happy with the purchase. The Seller was very prompt in shipping the the Bed sheet set with two large 'king' sized pillow cases.
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By Ram (Atlanta)
The texture and the quality of the cloth was excellent.
Using them as bedsheets and enjoying the feel of the cloth while sleeping.
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By Kumkum Srivastava
4.1 | 154 customer reviews
125 of the 154 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Good product, fully satisfied.
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By venugopal reddy
They're not as soft as it is mentioned.
They do have good fluffiness and come back to original shape after use - but they are not very soft.
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By Rachana S
The material covering d filling is very flimsy n transparent ... not of good quality at all.
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By margaret britto
4.4 | 33 customer reviews
29 of the 33 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
This is a very nice leg pillow for the price. I like the small size so it is easy to turn with. It is thick enough to allow my knees to almost touch without any pain, and did a great job of getting rid of recent hip pain. The size is also pretty compact, especially if squished, and foam seems to keep its shape well after a couple of weeks. The only reason I knocked one star for comfort is because I would prefer a little more radius in the arch for my larger knees, fine with straight, but a little extra pressure when bent. I would definitely recommend this product though.
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By Akash
I have been diagnosed with severe arthritis in the lower back, hips and knees. The doctors prescribed a pillow between the legs in order to keep everything in alignment. A regular pillow tended to shift and be tough to manage when rolling over in the middle of the night. This product is extremely comfortable and fits my build so well it stays in place with almost no effort when I move around. I gave only three stars for travel only because I haven't gone anywhere with it and it won't fit in the small suitcases I normally travel with.
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By Amzn coustomer
Received very quickly & it's just as described. Great quality leg pillow & great seller. I purchased it for my father in law he has arthritis problem and he supposed to sleep with a pillow between legs. This pillow has been amazing! Now he can easily turn over from one side to the other without having to adjust it. And his pain has significantly improved since he started using this. I highly recommend this pillow as well as seller. Thank you Amazon.
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By Reena Sonare
4.2 | 61 customer reviews
50 of the 61 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Inner waterproofing, outer fabric and chain are of very good quality. Previously I used few other pillow protectors from other manufacturers. In comparison to those, these are of far better quality.
I ordered for 2 sets but due to some reason initially I received only one set. Soon after raising the issue, the seller immediately responded and resolved the problem sooner than expected. He took personal interest till I received the product. This encouraged me for the extra effort to click and upload the pics and edit the review.
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By Amazon Customer
By the looks and feel of these, look fantastic. Color is same as shown in the picture. These are made of towel like material ofcourse as the name suggests terry cotton. These a good quality waterproof layer inside. Doesn't feel plasticy and make no noice whatsoever. Yet to test the quality.
I use them for 27*16 pillow and they fit fine.
Zippers are of great quality.
Delivery takes a bit of time. Its annoying but i guess that's okay.

One tip i would like to give is that, Wash these before putting them on your clean pillows. Great buy.
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By Dr. Y
The overall cover is good. Material is good. Fee is good. But I am facing two issues with it. One, it’s not of size 18”X28” as given on product page. It’s 17”X27”. Don’t know if it’s data entry error on the page or I received a smaller size. If it shrinks after a wash or two, I am doomed. Two, it’s zip doesn’t cover it’s complete mouth. I had to struggle to put my cervical pillow in it. Don’t understand why these guys do not take thickness of pillow into consideration.
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By Varifree
5.0 | 13 customer reviews
13 of the 13 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
I am having a neck problem and I have used many different types of pillow for that but none were helpful as this is. This pillow is so comfortable and better than any other pillow in the market. Buy it and be happy.
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By Aditya Darak
Good product has good cushioning helps in reducing neck pain and snooring easy to clean good at its price and worth the money you buy it for
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By Sreyash Kashyap
These are memory foam pillows suitable for adults and kids too. The fabric is super soft mesh with a zipper. It also helps in minimising snoring and with prevention with neck strains. My father has also used it and he didn’t complaint about neck pain which he usually gets. So, this is a worth buying for me!
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By Osheen Bansal