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4.6 | 1,404 customer reviews
1,261 of the 1,404 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
This is quite a product. I gotta say I have tried a bunch of products before purchasing this & this was the best out of them all.
This product by ponds a must use facewash. Everyday use helps you to get spotless bright skin. Due to pollution and dust the skin gets dull, spots appears,but nothing to worry because this facewash is one stop solution for your face. I use it regularly and I am getting best results.
Its refreshing, cools the skin & make the skin fresh.
The face feels much more lively and fair and fresh after usage.
Recommended for regular immediate use after exposure to dusty areas.
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By Harmish Waghela
I tried this facewash for the first time.
I liked it overall.

It forms much lather with very little amount of facewash. I was used to apply much facewash amount to form lather but wirh this I had to change habit to use less amout of facewash.
The lather has a creamy texture which helps to spread the lather evenly and easily. It feels so good to spread the lather all over the face may be because of its creamy texture.

When rinsing with water, it gets off easily and leaving no traces of stickiness and soapiness. That's very good thing about this facewash.

Also after facwwash, I feel much more refreshed and clean. It gives kind of instant brightness over the face.

I didn't feel oiliness either. I think it keeps the oil balance well. It keeps the skin nourished. I have dry skin so I felt nourishment of skin is good after using
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By Amit Monga
Ordered for my mother few days back, this one is really helpful for removing spots on face.As a good face wash should be, this one also make lather easily. And, face wash that works well for most of skin types, cleansing without being harsh. and the best part is facewash has very nice and smooth fragrance. Recommended for glowing skin.
Overall, facewash is good to go.
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By Abhishek Bhardwaj
4.9 | 177 customer reviews
176 of the 177 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Recast Aqua Radiance is best cleansing gel I used so far. Deeply Clean face, nake and gives a glowing look. Feeling refreshed after every wash. Fragrance is also good. Worth of money.
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By Mr. B. Dalmia
The Cleansing Gel is a good product which really helps in deep cleaning of face and skin.
Its gel based like serum and gets exfoliated once we massage it over skin. It helps in getting a brighter and glowing skin. I was worried before using the gel but once i tired i was surprised with its results even with one wash it cleans the skin very easily and to my concern I would say this one is farmost really a good one.
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By Divya Sharma
This was my first buy and it didn't disappoint me. I loved it. It cleans the face properly. I like the bottle and the nozzle of the product. Worth the price. It freshen up the skin. And easy to use. Removes the oil and dirt from the skin. It's very important to have a clean skin all the time because clogged pores creates pimples. One of the best face washes I have used.
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By Amit Monga
4.6 | 570 customer reviews
508 of the 570 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Ordered this ponds Face scruber for my black heads, though earlier my skin was not healthy due to pollution but this Face Scrub removed dead skin and helped to reduce black heads, however when scrubbed with pressure it caused me red skin but this scruber there is very tiny particles which help your skin not to be caused red skin this face scrub is absolutely the best for person looking to reduce blackhead and dead skin.
√ value for money
√trusted band
√ good for blackhead
√good for dead skin

Happy to got it.

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By Md Asif
Hello my friends as my passion to share my experience of products uses whichs i bought from here.
So its my experience with ponds scurb.


√√°•Mfg-L.B.C.P Haridwar.
√√°•Mktd-Hindustan Unilever Limited.
√√°•Contents-Myristic Acid,Glycerin,Water,Propylene Glycol,Potassium Hydroxide,Palmitic Acid,
√√°•Uses-Wet your face ,gentle massage onto face and desired area.then Rinse with water.
√√°•Type-Daily Facial Scrub.
√√°•Fragrance-Ponds official.
√√°•Cap-Cap Dispancer.
√√°•Storage-Cool n dry same as usual with most cosmetics.
√√°• Its above all about product.
√√°•In My experience of use its a good product worth of money.
√√°•Can use daily and easy to carry .

A humble request you to all my friends please tap on HELPFUL review its encourage me to cast my reviews with you .
Your vote is the value of my time which i spent on review writing for your help👍
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By Taru
This scrub is very good for all type of skin
Amazon gives you the extra discount which you dont get it in stores
Scrub is very easy to apply
Feels fresh after using it
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By Iamvikishah
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4.5 | 1,092 customer reviews
973 of the 1,092 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Over the years my skin has gone from very sensitive to very dry. I have tried so many different products to combat these problems and I always end up back at the dove. I love the soap bar because you get so much product for such a small price. They last ages and are easy to travel with.
I never get a tight feeling after washing my body with this and I find it holds moisture better than other moisturizing body washes.

As far as bar cleansers go, the Dove Beauty Cream Bar is the holy grail, a classic product that I have returned to over and over again throughout my life. The Dove Beauty Cream Bar is a great option for those with sensitive or dry skin. I have very dry eczema prone skin and this is always my go-to bar cleanser. I love the smell and texture and it always
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By Vibhor
Dove is an excellent moisturizing cream soap. Using it for my kid for 7 years. It makes skin more soft.

Block buster deal bought it at a price of Rs.154 and the actual MRP is Rs. 265. Thank you Amazon and seller.

One thing makes me confused is that in the outer box manufactured date printed as 08/17 whereas in the soap box flap it is 22.09.17.

Overall dove soap is excellent but authenticity of manufacturing date is really a question mark.
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By Nandhakumar S
Happy to purchase the house hold items during Super value period (1st and 2nd day every month),
saves money (30% approximately), and the saved money in the form of cashback from which other items can be purchased.

I hope this scheme will continue forever, so that we can save money and buy items with that saved money :)

Quality and packaging is good

Super Value Scheme Rocks
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By Venkatesh N.
4.5 | 815 customer reviews
735 of the 815 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
8 x 100gms. Beauty care soap.

Usually I use Fiama di wills, But this time bought dove soap on great indian sale offer.

Few days used. Loves it. Initially I thought it was girl's soap. 😜
This soap is for soft and smooth skin - says soap outer cover label text.

Lets see after few weeks. Fiama or Dove. 😎
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By Jack
My mom kept complaining that the local stores were delivering duplicate Dove soaps becoz they smelled really bad and weren't lasting over a week. We usually bathe at least twice daily and use soap on both occasions. We've been using Dove for over 15 years now and so we know our soaps. Our Dove soaps would last for at least 15 days where as duplicate ones would disappear just with in a week and were causing skin irritation. So I ordered these from Amazon and now our life is back to normal. This one is an original product.
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By Prranjal Shrivastav
I dont know if my skin is "soft,soft" after using dove, nor has it gained a new glow 😂 but it hasn't dried out my skin either ,n it smells good so it's a thumbs up .
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By Chingmi S
4.4 | 1,510 customer reviews
1,308 of the 1,510 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Why u should buy this facewash????👀👀
•Having activated charcoal.
•Quality is PERFECT as it is of brand ponds.
•At a good price range.
•Not like other take facewash this one really clean the face and helps in fighting with the tonned skin.

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By Nishkarsh agarwal
This face wash is a blessing for people with oily and pimple prone skin.It removes the oil from the face instantly without overdryin it.This face wash does not require much water to get it off your face.Just a very small portion is enough for one tube of 100 grams can last up to at least 2months.
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I have combination skin mainly my t zone becomes oily.
This facewash removes oil , But also removes essential oil.
After using this i got acne.

In my opinion this facewash is good for men with oily skin.
Recommended for extremely oily skin types.
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By Princess
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4.5 | 440 customer reviews
393 of the 440 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
I tried Dove Beauty Bar with initial thoughts that it was just another cake of soap. My skin is normally dry and flaky to my absolute amazement within a few days my skin had a noticable improvement.
The moisterising effect it had on my skin
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By Ankit
Comparison 💭!!!💗 between White dove and pink dove....seriously both ar same...... fragrance ! Same ....nothing special in dove pink bar.........I ordered this bar only for pink 💗colour ......I like white dove compair to pink dove........
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By :-(👧Beauty with brain :-)SHOPAHOLIC 🛍ROSE🌹
Nothing extraordinary.. Same as the original dove..
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By Mona
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4.3 | 4,388 customer reviews
3,635 of the 4,388 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Himalaya Neem Facewash leads to a feeling of freshness - you can literally feel your skin pores unclogged. However it does not lead to dryness. Feels great to be able to come home and splash it on and feel fresh. The price for the 300 ml makes it much more inexpensive than going for the smaller size packs. Highly recommend!

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By Sajeev
Huge bottle. Very happy with this product. I have a good trust for Himalaya.
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By Moulee
Hi! I have been using this product since really long time. I had a very bad oily skin and I tried most of the good face washes available in the market, but from the day i started using this product my pimples are just vanished.

Now about the new packaging in bottle, then let me tell you you need to be really careful about using this bottle. This bottle dispense more than the desired quantity. So if you are using it for the first time you may end up wasting a lot of quantity.
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By Bhaumik Shah
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4.3 | 1,616 customer reviews
1,400 of the 1,616 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
The NIVEA Smooth Milk Body Lotion works deep within the skin repairing dryness layer by layer to give you long-lasting softness and protection. Enriched with deep moisturizing ingredients, the body lotion provides long lasting smoothness too. The creamy and smooth 24-hour intensive moisturizer is especially developed to meet the needs of dry skin. The light texture is easy to spread, and is non-greasy. For skin that looks and feels great all day long, generously apply NIVEA Smooth Milk Body Lotion. Enriched with Shea butter, Gingko extract and Vitamin E, this body lotion has a light texture, is easy to spread on the skin, delivers intense nourishment and makes the skin irresistibly smooth. Enjoy smooth skin all day long, along with its delicate scent. Keeping your skin cared for and protected is essential to your overall well-being.
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By CA Milton Bain
📝️ My Overall Opinion-
The lotion is a bit sticky, but does feel smooth over the skin. Since its meant for very dry skin.
As per the price its cheaper than the other lotions.
Instead by Nivea the following could be used :
Nivea Whitening Even Tone UV Protect Lotion, 400ml

👍 Pros.:
- Aqua smell.
- Whole day Moisturizing.

👎 Cons.:
- Not meant for all types of skins.

As per my conclusion this product is good for the usage only during winter.

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By UmeshTechYT
Received a broken bottle as seen in many reviews. I think there is some tampering with the lotion. Please be careful while buying and using it on your skin.
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By Sushant Narvekar
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4.3 | 1,549 customer reviews
1,299 of the 1,549 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
I have tried Vseline, Lotus, Biotique, Himalaya, etc. This was the best among all. A very mild and pleasant frangrance( no problem for sensitive nose) . My skin is normal to dry. This is Highly moisturising yet non- greasy. Doesnt darken the skin. All of this at a great price.
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By the_happy_girl
Received it quickly because of Amazon prime, no damaged in box but bottle have not a seal on top which doesn't confirm the originality of product or contained liquid in it.
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By Chandrakant Panchani
this lotion is nice bu the pump on it SUCKS LIKE CRAZY!!! it has SO little play that no matter what u do only a teeny tiny bit comes out. plus its thick as hell, and that doesnt help the pumps cause. these guys have for no reason acted smart to give it a funky look, but spoilt the prod in the process!!! i just pulled the pump and threw it away and am using it sans it. just bumping it outta the bottle to use!
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By DeeBeeCoop
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4.3 | 1,347 customer reviews
1,125 of the 1,347 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Excellent product, actually works and doesn't make a hole in your feels smooth and tangle free.
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By Bodhisattva
Actually, there is another way to use this product ...just try it ...before shampooing, apply this serum like you would any other oil and keep it for as long as possible and then shampoo.... the results are really good ... kindly try and see ....

The way I discovered this was I had applied this after bath to get ready for a function when there was a power cut and could not make it in time ... so I went to sleep after some time and then the next day had a bath and the results were really good .....

Amazon delivered this product without any leakage/spills whatsoever ... thank you Amazon and the seller ....
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By Chinni and Chobby
2 star only for fast delivery and packing,other wise product is not that good, I used this syrum first time ,yes it reduced my Friz hair for that time , smoothed my hair for 1-2 after using,but after that my hair started falling very much ,what is use of smooth hair when there will be No hair on head ??
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By Shivani
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4.3 | 1,272 customer reviews
1,089 of the 1,272 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
This product Ponds body lotion is very good. I bought it from my mother my mother use it throughout the year and especially during the winter dry season...

My mother says that this body lotion is very good it smoothens the dry skin and keep it very soft for a long period of time also the smell of the cream is very good.

My mother also use ponds face cream. Everybody knows that all products of Ponds are very good. I got this product from Amazon at very low price during the super value days. This product is also available in our local market but they do not give any discount on the printed price that is they sell it at MRP. During the super value days I got this product at very low price Amazon give me a discount of about 50 rupees approximately. Amazon package the product in every well,
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By Prof. K Bhowmick
If you are tired of using all brands body lotions and purchasing this for first time, it might definitely impress you.

1 Very mild and refreshing smell.
2 Reasonably priced for 300 ml.
3 Thick consistency which is very effectively for winters.
4 It can be used after bath directly and does not need to reapplied during the day.
5 Personal opinion - Better than Nivea bodylotions and does not give tingling effect on skin after application even on face.

1 No press button or nozzle on top of bottle.
2 Not suitable for summers due to sticky consistency as it will make you sweat.

Verdict: Body lotions are meant to be used on body only...not face. For face it is better to use light moisturiser which is water based. Definite buy for winters only!

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By Ami
To bad packaging it's totally waisted does not closed properly and cream are fall in the box or packaging
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4.3 | 1,248 customer reviews
1,057 of the 1,248 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Very Good Product. Very Useful For Daily Life In Winter I learned of this product when I was reading on Marilyn Monroe, no wonder she was so beautiful, this stuff reeeally loves your skin. Yes, it is extremely thick and it takes forever to absorb but wow, it makes you feel like Cleopatra and her goats milk. Like a queen.
I would not recommend putting this stuff on just before you need to get dressed because you will probably stick to your clothes but I would recommend putting it on before bed and letting it soak in overnight. You wake up feeling a million dollars. Oh and it smells like a beautiful dream.
With Nivea creme a little really does go a long way, it's super thick and creamy and richly moisturising. It can be used for practically every part of your body. I even like to rub a little bit into
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By senthil
Nivea cream is very awesome cream that you can use for your face. I am using Nivea cream for last 8 years and my face is very soft. There are no side effects of this cream at least for me. My family members also use this Nivea cream.
Previously I bought 80 gram Nivea cream bowl. But it is very much worthy to buy 200 gram of Nivia bowl.

This product package very well by Amazon and I receive the product within 2 days of ordering I am highly satisfied with the packaging and the delivery of the product.

The product is a current product that is the manufacturing date of the product is just one month before and the shelf life of this product is 30 months so no need to worry about. I am with my family members are using this product and hope it will last for 3 to 4
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By Prof. K Bhowmick
As will be with most, have been using Nivea since my own childhood. Its simply brilliant for kids who needs all the protection in winters, however for grownups its a little too sticky but still my wife uses it before going to sleep and its simply a must have at our home for kids and grownups alike.
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By thebanik
product price
4.3 | 1,163 customer reviews
991 of the 1,163 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
This oil is more of a medical solution whose application can be done directly nor it can be for general use. Actually, castor oil is a thick solution like honey which should be applied with other hair oil. It's main use to make hairs grow in the area of baldness.
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By Abhi raj
I have heard benefits of castor oil from many and therefore I decided to buy this Rey natural castor oil. It is awesome. It has helped in nourishing my hair. My hairs are thin and castor oil is proving beneficial instantly. I have also used it on my Skin and it has provided good hydration to my Skin. This is 100% pure as it didn't cause any irritation on my skin. This is awesome product and I really love this product.
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By Shrisharma
Quality of this product is quite good. It is as thick as it's supposed to be. Quite sticky, so using some coconut oil along with it before applying to your hair will be better otherwise it gets difficult to mix it properly. I'm currently using it once a week before going to bed at night so that I can wash off in morning and it definitely gives your hair nice smoothness.
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By Mani
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4.2 | 2,721 customer reviews
2,225 of the 2,721 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
3rd time purchased
I'm using this on my hair n scalp directly once a week
Best replacement for hair serum (which costs high for best branded n naturals one)
Can apply as hair mask mixing with olive oil or vitamin E oil or any hair mask except henna masks

Thank you
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By FaiZa
I loved the product. perfect for my acne prone oily skin. it has no artificial smell or colour. the gel is in perfect consistency. no break outs for me.... I use it as primer, moisturizer and face mask. when they say multipurpose its true.... its a must have. i am completely satisfied. And it is better than the pantajali one....a big thumbs up
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By Vanshika
Aloe vera gel is my skin care staple, be it summer or winter. I have used aloe vera gel from various brands, and recently using WOW Skin Science Aloe Vera Gel. It is miraculous. Be it a skin problem or hair, wow aloe vera is an answer for all. Loaded with vitamins, minerals and natural enzymes, it nourishes the skin and hair from within and repairs the damage. I am really happy to get my hands on this WOW Skin Science Aloe Vera Gel. Its packaging is also so pretty...
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By Muskan
4.2 | 1,287 customer reviews
1,050 of the 1,287 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Good moisturizer from renowned brand, basically it is for dry skin but I think it can be used for all skin type it doesn't make skin oily.Its good for winter season but can be used sister is using this product since years and believe me it's good at your skin it nourishes your skin and make it healthy and soft.It has very pleasant fragrance with SPF 24 PA sunscreen for ultra violet protection which I don't think very beneficial.But overall a good product from Lakme
Highly recommended
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By A srivastava
Dries quickly, smells good, silky touch, doesn't patch and doesn't make us sweat like any other moisturizers that give us an awkward patchy look. Overall the product is good and genuine. The delivery was done in a day and Amazon is exceptional.
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By Aishwarya Muthuvalliappan
I have been using this nice product for 2 years. It has a very nice fragrance which instantly gives a fresh feel.
Basically my skin is dry and thus I feel very comfortable after applying it. But I would suggest it for all skin types as it's not at all heavy.
It doesn't feel sticky either.
This not only moisturizes my skin but also makes it soft. Besides, it instantly gives a fairer look also. Use it after taking a shower and before going to bed daily and you'll definitely get the best results.

As far as SPF is concerned, I didn't feel it much capable to prevent your skin from UVA and UVB rays. Moreover, it has SPF 24 and that too with a label of PA++, which I don't think can be blindly relied upon.

Overall, a great recipe to include in your skincare routine. The price is also quite reasonable for a
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By UmeshTechYT
4.2 | 894 customer reviews
711 of the 894 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
The packaging was perfect.
The product was delivered on time.
It works wonders in removing makeup. Tried this product for removing matte lipstick and guess what, it vanishes with just a press and swipe.

I'd recommend this product to each and every makeup lover.
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By GrishReviews
Whenever I see this , it’s ad come into my mind because it does remove make up as shown in the advertisement “pour press and swipe”. Except for mascara it removes all the makeup. It is very gentle on every skin type. My skin is very sensitive and it works really well with my skin.
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By Purvi Neema
Totally disappointed with how this product turned out!!
1. It definitely smarts when you remove eye makeup, so not sure how this can be apt for even sensitive skin
2. The makeup did not get removed even remotely and I ended up with raccoon eyes eventually, which, I had to wash away with soap.
3. Over use of the product leaves a soapy residue while wiping the face with cotton.
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product price
4.4 | 181 customer reviews
163 of the 181 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
The best affordable as well as beginner palette.I was super excited for the product and i loved it ,i m so so so happy with the product. Thank u amazon i m obsessed 😍😍thank u so much
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By Harpreet singh
Nice quality
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By rashirakesh rawat
I bought shade 5, I've inserted swatches.
They are highly pigmented. No smell.
5 shimmer shades, 4 matte shades.
I feel like the one to the left of black is slightly patchy but with proper blending it will look pretty.
This is perfect for everyday looks, brown smokey eyes and chocolate eye look.
The rose gold and silver shimmer shades look absolutely gorgeous, I was surprised how decent they looked.
The only con I think is that these have paraben, so for beginners it's okay but I would highly recommend moving upwards and investing in better paraben and sls free products.
I'm happy with this product, good job, Swiss beauty!
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By Siya
20 Offers from product price
4.2 | 669 customer reviews
565 of the 669 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
I am in love with this deo. I do not know when I started using this product, but it seems like I have been using it for years. I keep buying it again and again.
The pros-
1. The fragrance is light and breezy.
2. It is easy to apply and lasts for a long time
3. Cute packaging
4. Does not clog sweat pores, just adds a neutral-ish scent to the sweat
5. Easy to travel with

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By Mansa Mudgal
Decent product but over-priced at MRP. Watch out for 20%+ discount offers on Amazon.

If you find this useful, please do indicate so! Thanks.
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The smell of this roll on is good, but it's too weak to stay for 24 hours as mentioned. It is not actually an anti-per spirant. However I like it, and I'll use it this time. But from the next buy, I'm not going for this.
Another worthy mention would be I was charged a bit more than the actual MRP. Although the amount is too less to be important, but selling an item at over the MRP, is not right.
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By Appy
product price
4.1 | 3,863 customer reviews
2,931 of the 3,863 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Don't worry, this is not a fake product....lakme has changed its design and also decreased its original price to 180 for deep black and increased to 275 for other can search that online....and personally i like this yeah! 5 stars....
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By Blossom
Thank u Amazon! I love all the shades. Overall value for money and suitable for Indian skin tones, when u want to ditch the boring black and want to add some color. In pics it's - Torqouise, Royal Blue,Black and Regal Green. My fav is Torquoise (Teal) its a mix of blue and green. They are well pigmented except Royal blue which needs many swipes and this is 3rd purchase. White is missing in the pic, which i dnt like to wear if i do its always together with black 😉
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By Amazon Customer
Received a fake product.. there was no batch number on the pen and the lakme logo was completely different to the original one. I am happy that at the least it was an easily identifiable fake product.Thank you cloudtail for the lesson. Resolved never again to buy cosmetics online.
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By Shen