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4.4 | 1,826 customer reviews
1,566 of the 1,826 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
This is a sturdy electronics case. It is an excellent organiser for your travels. While it is compact, it has ample space inside and it can hold your power banks, cords, pen drives, portable (small) HDDs, maybe a Kindle device, and a small camera etc. It is a hard case and even though it is not shock-proof or water-proof, it is very well-built and does its job to protect your valuable gadgets. It has several pockets for better organising and none of the items really move around in it. Excellent product, I'm very happy with it. The delivery was before time and the packaging was great too. On a lightening deal, I got it for Rs.499/- and found it well worth the price!
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By Avani Pandya
If you have your drawer cluttered with here and there wires,sd cards, adapters, stickers power bank and usbs this is the right thing to buy, die cast qualtity, so reliable and great Package by Amazon prime, delivery was sexy. Got it next day. grab it without even giving 2nd thoughts better than the others same products provided on site and more reliable customizeable ;)
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By mohammed adeeb
Product was received well in time and in perfect condition, also the frustration free packing was really easy to deal with so it's kind of a plus point.
coming to the product.. it was same as described and quality and build is very good. feels sturdy to me, provided you handle it with some care. Usage depends on you and how you, store things in it! I mostly keep it stuffed with 4 wall chargers and a powerbank & an ipod on the left long mesh n external hdd in other side with cables.. and in zips n pockets AA batteries lendrives and some memory cards(it's pretty terrific storage capacity). If you travel frequently it is a must item to have in-order to have gadgets and small things at a place. Using it for some 5 months and is working just as it us supposed to!
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By Siddharth Goyal
4.5 | 480 customer reviews
436 of the 480 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
This is simply superb and good quality.worth to buy it
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By R Ravi teja
It is good. Got a non damaged bag. God quality. With all that are show in picture. Pouch is of bad polyster quality. Rain is there with secret pocket as well as chain holder. Good colour and good design. And don't know that its durable because got it today 10\5\2019. Got it in a week. For more details go to youtube and search skybag figo extra 2 |Ideal ideas. And do subscribe my channel
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By Fathima s.
Osm product, Satisfied and comes with nice features like rain cover school pouch and extreme suspension.
Must buy product.Delivered in 3 days and just loved the product:-):-):-):-):-):-):-)
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By Karan Parmar
4.4 | 767 customer reviews
657 of the 767 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
After continously using it for 10 days and one journey to kerala from Uttar Pradesh this product helped me and my mom a lot. It helped us to keep our small clothes to electronics thing in one packet without the fear of losing anything. We can pass it on to other person like in one second. Allowed us to separate gromming things from electronic one and other things from other. Packaging was awesome i will be adding pictures just have a look.

It comes in 4 pieces set from small to large and slim as well. Branded and made by AmazonBasics. This product is also machine washable which leave the headache of washing it with hands. Keeps all your suitcase organized and safe. Allow quick visibility and air can pass through mesh.

Powerful material used and can be little expanded and also lightweight.


Highly recommended for journeys and instant packing person. Saves time
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By Aman Jain
Very good product. Can organise things neatly in a suitcase. Bigger package holds 2 jeans and 6 t-shirts (provided you roll them and set properly in it). Smaller one can be used for inners or toiletery kit.
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By Maddy
Great product from Amazon Basics as always. Helps me keep my stuff organised while travelling or even for a one night stay away from home. The quality is decent. 4 different sized cubes for sorting your clothes. I bought the green coloured variant as I wanted something different from the usual colours. Overall happy with my purchase. If you're confused about buying cheaper ones from other brands, don't second guess, just order this one as AB definitely has better quality overall. Would have given it 5 stars if it was priced a bit low.
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By Akshay G.
product price
4.3 | 3,031 customer reviews
2,558 of the 3,031 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
The stitching and overall material quality is really good for the price. Looks premium wallet but the only downside is it’s size. If you have a few cards, some change and some currency bills the wallet tends to become bulky. So keep this in mind before buying!
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By Sanket
Good quality, but is very stout even without anything inside. Edit: 23 Feb: looks good even now. Got a new wallet but stuck on to this one. Blocks access cards kept inside.havw to take out to scan at the gate. That I think is good WiFi blocker
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By Vijay
Quality of the outside stitching is good, inside the wallet is not satisfactory very poor fit & finish.
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By Durai
product price
4.4 | 512 customer reviews
439 of the 512 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
This product seems overpriced but don't be fooled it's a titan brand and quality speak of itself. The leather is quiet soft and even when wallet is full it does not become too thick. There are numerous well placed compartments and behind the large compartment there is two space for cardholder. There are other laid out space and compartments for every knick-knack. Conclusion : Good product.
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By aatish ranjan
It's thin and flexible, the feeling I got when I first touched was awesome. You can keep a fair amount of cash without any worry of it getting bloated. I have used it for almost a year and no scratches till now. Even the next I will buy will be the same.
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By Piyush Vaibhav
Premium Quality Wallet...i've searched for slim wallet and found this one with high reviews..but it feels little bulky in my pocket, but it doesn't matter when compared to other's very light, I feel like having sponge in my has enough room for notes and cards..The center part of the wallet is developing wrinkles..I don't know how it will be after some usage...I started noticing it on the first day itself.. colour of the wallet is dark brown..looks very nice... Don't hesitate to buy this one...
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By Amazon Customer
product price
4.4 | 504 customer reviews
416 of the 504 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Detailed Review=
I was worried to carry toiletries because of International flights and etc but this product is amazing.

1. The product is exactly what I saw at the showrooms
2. Tough design, sturdy product. The inside walls have layers to prevent anything like shampoo, body wash to go outside and damage your clothes. Body wash bottles are mostly which leak during long travels.
3. Multiple chains make the inside space very effective. You can carry almost everything inside.
4. Plus points are the side chains with inner pockets for toothbrush, toothpaste, Razor etc.
5. It is a little bulky but I made space already because had seen it before purchase.

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By TravelGuru
Come on. Its Swiss military product. Does it need review??
Go for it. Its worth for 714INR.
With the regular shaving needs, I am able to keep body groomer, electric shaver, trimmer and their respective chargers. Left compartment has plastic layer which makes you able to put toothbrush in it without making other things wet. Its bit oversized than it looks in images, but it is needed. Mesh pockets help to store small items simultaneously keeping them visible and easy to find.
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I wanted a good toiletry for my trip and I saw and loved 2 of them so without further thoughts bought two of them to find the better one. One being SM and other being AmazonBasics Hanging Toiletry Kit
What I loved in SM::
1.Size wise same
3.Waterproof::Both of them took in some water but water didnt get inside and one plastic compartment also
4.Price::Less than AB 714Rs and another 10% discount.

1.Quality::AB has more cushioned compartments
2.Could have made hook area fully zipped to avoid things going out.
3.Hook::Made of same material but AB made of metal hook
4.Material quality::feels so cheap didnt feel anything like a quality product.
5.front compartment::AB More sturdy than swiss military

I have uploaded a video comparison between two. Please look into it
If you liked my review please click helpful. Thanks in advance.
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By Anup Viswanathan Thampi
product price
4.3 | 1,105 customer reviews
921 of the 1,105 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Now this is what i was searching for. I tried two different card holders but they all had some problems. This is the type which is optimal to carry cards
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By varun jain (VJ)
This is the best card holder at this price range. Its
Leather and material quality is genuine.

Stylish professional design and smudge-free elegant exterior.

It Can Easily Hold 13 Credit OR Debit Cards, ID Cards And Bank Cards in 13 Slots.

It also can be used to hold currency notes as well.

It is Small, thin and compact.

It is easily Fits in jacket or pants pockets.
If you are a girl then it can be easily fit in a purse or briefcase sleeve seamlessly without steel scratching .

It can be excellent gifts for your loved ones.

Keep Your Card Clean And Tidy.

Protect Your Card Against Scratching And Other Damage.

Go for It. This it totally a value for money product.😍

Must buy 🥰
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By Himalayan Rony
First, I will admit that I got this product reading existing reviews and personal like for the leather.

When I received the product I was happy, but the packaging disappointed me. The first impression of the leather quality seemed okay, the internal did feel genuine but not the outer shell. This purely looks a processed leather feeling so there is a doubt is genuine leather.

Coming to the actual usage, if you want this to put in less than 8 cards it would work. However, I if you want to put all 13 cards in the slot it is a big design flaw, not only it adds bulk but the button strap does not close at single instance. You need to apply pressure to close it.

For me this is seriously not tested for 13 cards and I would not recommend anyone who plan to use all the slots.

Another issue is handling, it
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By Kelo
4.3 | 1,002 customer reviews
863 of the 1,002 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
For the money paid (I paid Rs. 500), this is an excellent wallet - I wasn’t expecting real leather at this price! The wallet is made of very good quality genuine leather, dyed in a very sober blue colour (think dark blue jeans, after a few months of use), and has all the card compartments and nifty little zippered storage compartments that you could think of!

It is a bit longer than the traditional men’s wallet, so it probably won’t fit well into tight jeans or a fashionably small pocket, but it goes fine with normal fit trousers and formal wear.

In summary, this is a good quality wallet, which stands out in its quality and practicality, but might be a tad too big for some. It is excellent value for money though!
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By Siddhant Prakash
It's Genuine Leather and the build quality is superb, has a lot of compartments and can fit in all your requirements at ease, also the design of two tone colours is Great
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By Ayush Parab
* Transparent ID card slot
* Dedicated coin pocket
* Many card slots for a two fold design.
You can actually carry up to 10 cards in it if you really want to (1 ID + 1 above ID, 3 slots on and 1 behind the coin pocket cover, 2 on the open side pockets, 2 in the side pockets with zipper)
I was a bit worried the color might look like a kids toy but it doesn't.

It does get bulky when fully loaded (which is ok and normal when holding 10 cards, cash and coins. Just mentioning because the description claims otherwise).
I've uploaded a picture you can compare with a relatively thick Lenovo vibe k5 mobile with cover. The wallet gets 3x it's size.
Maybe without the zipper it might get bit thinner (I would buy such version if available)
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4.3 | 988 customer reviews
831 of the 988 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
It would not be wrong if I call it a Monster... this is a big surprise in a small size !!
Amazing capacity, it looked kind of OK in size when I first opened the BAG, but been packed my stuff ... it turned out to be a giant.

I packed :
7 Pairs of Jeans
3 Tshirts
2 Pairs of Formal Trousers
2 Formal and 2 Casual Shirts
1 Pair of Formal Shoes
1 Pair of Sports Shoes
7 Pairs of Inner wear
3 Pairs of Socks
1 Pair of Kutra-Paijama
1 grooming Kit - with an elec shaver, deo, etc
2 Belts
Few Medicines and other Misc items like - handkerchiefs etc

This is some big suitcase stuff which this monster has gulped in it and was all fit n fine in stitches, chains, shape and handling...

Loved it....
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By Aniroodh
Took it for a four day Jaipur trip as carry on luggage. Fit quite a lot of items-4 pants,4 shirts, 4 undies, 4 vests, two towels, one half sleeved sweater, one full sleeved sweater, jacket, a pair of slippers, toilet pouch, power bank, 4 handerchiefs, 4 pairs of socks, charger, kindle book. Then there was space to spare. Absolutely satisfied. It was extremely light weight and strong. I wish,though, that the bottom had a rubber backing instead of cardboard which may crack.
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By Manjit B.
Very good product from American Tourister, I am writing this review after using it for 2 years. Must buy product and solid build quality. I bought it for Rs. 950 only.
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By B
4.5 | 260 customer reviews
236 of the 260 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
I bought this product from Amazon and I must admit, it fantastic and awesome styling. It's for my office purpose, I carry laptop, gym outsits, bottle and lots of other stuff. This bag has huge space to carry so much stuff and it looks fantastic too. 5 star from me..
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By Sandeep
Am very satisfied with the product.
Very durable.
Very spacious.
Very comfortable and tough handles.

Has multiple pockets with zips inside.
Am able to organise things very properly.

I use this for my office. It looks very professional.

It is Killer as the name suggests.
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By Sulakshana K
One of best bag if you are thinking for this this might help
1. Very very spacious
2. Comes with an perfect organizer
3. Very nice fabric and zippers quality are awesome
4. A perfect budget bag
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By Aman Shukla
4.3 | 919 customer reviews
777 of the 919 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Awesome product. Built well. Can keep some cash, and there are slots to keep some ID cards. And anything that EXACTLY has the size of a regular credit card goes into that aluminium RFID blocking case (maximum SIX cards). The way the ejector works is shown in one of the pictures I have uploaded. It's a spring mechanism. When the switch for pulling out the cards is used, the spring is loaded, and the ejector ejects every single card stacked in a way (first image) that would let the the user pull out just the required card. Very convenient.
The case is stuck on to the wallet using some strong glue. Although it doesn't look like it's coming off anytime soon, it would still be fixable even if it does.
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By Midhun Pankaj
After looking at Secrid wallets and getting a minor heart attack based on prices, I been looking out for a similar wallet. This one fits my requirements best - it can carry 5 cards + 2 id's and has an enclosed cash pocket - something other wallets did not have. Leather quality is quite nice, though I would prefer not having the logo up front - it's a little too big for my liking.

The free leather earphone wrap is quite appreciated. It's also quite nice in terms of quality, though a bit thick.

Would recommend, 5/5.
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By Tushar
Great product. Got a free headphone wrap with this wallet. Love the product. You can carry all the cards and along with it 8-9 bills. After that it becomes very bulky. You cannot keep it bulky because the aluminium card holder is stick with a glue to the leather. Once it becomes bulky glue will start leaving leather. I guess glue anyhow not going to hold for long. But we can stick it back with powerful glue. Go for it. Very stylish. Looks very premium.
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By Akshay
product price
4.3 | 800 customer reviews
681 of the 800 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
It's so nice and built quality is so awesome.. Fabric is so nice.. Stitches is very good. And if you want to gift some one it's too good.Go for it men. It is professional. it's simple. pockets.
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By Akshay
Nice quiet pretty, I like it I love it😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
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The material is soo soft and lightweight. The sections for cards and coins and other stuff is just enough. There are a lot of sections. The packaging is good. The key chain is also fair. The colour is just soo pretty. Overall u can go for it. Durability can't be judged untill a month so i will rewrite the review after a month for its actual condition by then.
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By Customer
4.4 | 368 customer reviews
312 of the 368 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Very useful product, especially for spare keys.., we generally find it difficult to pin point which key is for which door... and good price for 50 key chains.
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By Amazon Customer
Serves the purpose. Nothing much to be said. Finishing is on the average side. Would love to see more colours.
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By Samarth
Good product, serves my purpose... Quality is average but that should be okay if you just need a key chain with detailing on which key it is....I have put a key chain for each of my keys, including wardrobes , doors, and named them each.... Original as well as back up keys...I liked it.
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By Muthukumar Narayanan
product price
4.6 | 174 customer reviews
163 of the 174 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
As many of u might have mistaken that this is not made up of cloth
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By Tanmay
Using it for more than an year now. I settled this after buying many other brands like f gear and puma. Everything else tore up after few months of use. I used it roughly and its holding up strong. Definitely a quality product which you should buy.
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By TechGuy
This is a very good quality. But this is not to good for laptop carry. Overall it is good. I love it.
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By Shouvik Mukherjee
4.3 | 637 customer reviews
549 of the 637 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Loved the product. It has lot of compartments and strong. It gives stylish looks as well. It holds the water bottle well. It has sepearte laptop compartment and is very spacious.
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By Abhishek
A very decent bag and big enough to keep ur 15 inches laptop comfortably and safely. It has a separate compartment for keeping the laptop and also has a separate pocket where u can keep ur charger and other stuffs. It also has two mini pockets on the front where u can keep other stuffs like power bank, earphones etc as per ur wish. The quality is excellent and I believe the bag will last long even with rough usage. The height is decent and would fit anyone from 4 feet n above (just saying).
Overall, I liked the blue color and got the black one for my uncle but Blue looks more elegant.
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By Darshan Blon
All the zips in the bag is stitched inside out. I mean the internal portion of the zip is outside. If you see the product picture, the zips are stitched properly but look at the pictures I have uploaded. Also have a look at the pictures uploaded by some of the customers. For some of them it is properly stitched while others bag are with defective stitchings. This is a defect and it is being sold as is.
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By Ritz
product price
4.3 | 587 customer reviews
500 of the 587 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Great product.
1.Light weight
2.Genuine leather
3.Lots of compartments
4.Stiching is good
5.High quality
6.Feels soft on touch
7.Best thing is the colour of the wallet
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By Nitin Prabhakar
I don't find any flaw but one that it doesn't have magnet button to close it. If you have alot of credit cards then this might not be the right wallet for you.

Quality wise unparalleled!!!
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By Shahid A.
When I Received this walet.... I'm shocked it s worest quility Ad it s to bad ...not guanine product don't buy it please brothers 😡😡😡
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By Pradeep
product price
4.4 | 304 customer reviews
269 of the 304 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
I bought it as a gift for my husband and in his words: wow wallet this is and quality wise its perfect.Titan keeps this classy
Happy with the purchase
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By Neha Shrivastava
Amazing quality and royal look with genuine leather wallet😎😎😎
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By Saddam
Happy with this Wallet. Soft and smooth.
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By Rinki Negi
4.3 | 512 customer reviews
441 of the 512 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Today it's available for 870/=, unbelievable pricing. I bought it for 989 though for my Blr-Del-Blr trip with family and other frequent trips we make. Huge space, multiple pockets, good fabric quality, good zips. Only problem is if its fully loaded shoulders pain a bit, so best if you are travelling by flight or own vehicles. But still very very useful. Branded products of same type cost 2500+ easily. Buy this and you won't regret for the price.
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By MadMax
Sturdy bag with ample space to keep all ur needy things inside when u got for a journey or tracking or stuffs like that.
It would fit in 6 pants, 6 shirts, 6tshirts and some shoes and still have some space for other stuffs(That's my calculation, u may be able to fit more stuffs in it).
However I didnot like this blue color at all, as it felt too loud and vibrant, hence I returned the same and instead bought the grey one which looks awesome.
Material wise it looks sturdy and gives u the assurance that it will last long. But still when u compare it with known brands like skybags or American tourister and alike then u might feel it lacks that strength but given the price it justifies everything. So I would recommend this.
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By Darshan Blon
Low in price, very low on asthetics. Very basic functionality, go for this only you are very low on budget !
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By Rocky
product price
4.2 | 1,883 customer reviews
1,461 of the 1,883 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Cutest packing i have ever seen. Bag is amazing zipper can be good but rest of all its the perfect bag ...cute colour same as shown in the picture.....but aqua colour gets dirty very fast love this bag basic is best❤❤❤❤
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By Aakriti singh
The material is sturdy and well-stitched. The bag appears to be durable. Unfortunately, I had to return it because I purchased it under the impression that it will fit a 15.6" laptop, but that didn't happen. I should have known that a 21L backpack would not be enough, but I read multiplr reviews and bought this anyway.
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By Pranjita
Nice product. Decent it looks.
1. And the most important point - Quality. Only one word, Excellent.
2. But if we hope to get a waterproof backpack, it should not be your choice. a little disappointment. So I marked 4 star.
3. Second important point - Size. Its small in length. Length is 17 Inch. But have reasonable space inside to hold things which are not long in size. It can comfortably accommodate A4 size page inside. Length more than A4 size will be little difficult to stack inside. But its sturdy to carry weight.
4. Inside Compartments - One compartment is inside which is for small tabs and not for laptop. And very thin and doesn't have padding. In length, only half of A4 size can be kept but things come out as its thin. One Zipped pocket is also available but to keep small things like pens, pencils etc.
In short,
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By Sumanta Bhattacharjee