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4.6 | 861 customer reviews
782 of the 861 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
When travelling becomes hectic you find easier methods to arrange and organise things so that effectively and effeciently you get through everything and that's where the use of Organizers come into effect.

What I loved about AB::
1.Feel::It feels like you are holding a great organiser not basic one
2.Quality::Found no issues howsoever in stitching or anything
3.Compartments:A lot of compartments to hold everything well.
4.Zip::Quality zip
5.Price:699Rs then 10% discount :)

1.Could have made handle bigger

I have given a detailed video review to give you more idea by comparing with Swiss Military Green Unisex Wallet (TW-2)

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By Anup Viswanathan Thampi
Excellent product. Read a lot of reviews who were complaining about it being larger. I do not feel so. It can be easily handled with one hand.
There is some hard board stuffing to make it stiff. Material is good, finishing is perfect.
Go for it without second thoughts.
Bought it for ₹760 in a lightning deal.
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By Aakash T.
I needed a non-leather bag to carry documents. I browsed many products and seeing the overall good review of Amazon Basics Black Bag Organizer, I purchased the same.

Here are my observations:

1. The product was shipped to me on the date notified in advance without any hassle and follow-ups.

2. The packaging was good. It was in a cardboard box and well packed.

3. It is noticeably big. I would advise people to check its size twice before ordering it as many men don't like that size of the passport holder.

4. Its material is of good quality and the bag is robust. It has, and zip quality is satisfactory. It has a sufficient number of pockets.

5. Though it seems like a durable product, it is not a fancy, and exquisite. It does not look stylish at all.

6. This passport holder is over-priced.

Overall verdict: A durable product but it is
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By Manoj Krishnan
4.4 | 1,083 customer reviews
953 of the 1,083 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
1. Great look! A treat for Marvel fans!
2. The straps are stronger and thicker than they actually appear in the photo.
3. Material & build quality of the bag is great!
4. The inner capacity is very can easily carry two 1,000-page thick books & a 1 litre water bottle, & still have much space left!
5. The chains are of very good quality & will last long.
6. For those who know Asish Chanchlani- he also owns this bag (if you see the Behind the Scenes of 'Asish Chanchlani Vines', you will see him always carrying this bag in the set):)
7. This is definitely the MOST attractive bag you can buy in this price range.

1. The bag is way TOO MORE attractive than it seems (It might be a pro for you, but for me PERSONALLY, I find it irritating & weird to have people staring at my back whenever I wear
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By R Mukherjee
I used this bag.. very nice and good quality, product design space size and round shape is very awesome and I really enjoyed with bag some what my nephew any brother also enjoyed by using bag,very good experience ..I recommend to all .. no issue with this product and one thing I really experienced that is people attracted by this bag ...unique and stylish.. i m satisfied and happy.. thanks amazon and seller
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By Ej khan
The bag is quite cool & gets attention from many people . My friends asked me from where did I get it . The quality is OK but it has only 1 compartment & u can't take it to school with all your books but it is good for college / other classes / gym if u only take some books or other material. Go for it u won't get disappointed .
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By itssaifbruh
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4.4 | 662 customer reviews
557 of the 662 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Detailed Review=
I was worried to carry toiletries because of International flights and etc but this product is amazing.

1. The product is exactly what I saw at the showrooms
2. Tough design, sturdy product. The inside walls have layers to prevent anything like shampoo, body wash to go outside and damage your clothes. Body wash bottles are mostly which leak during long travels.
3. Multiple chains make the inside space very effective. You can carry almost everything inside.
4. Plus points are the side chains with inner pockets for toothbrush, toothpaste, Razor etc.
5. It is a little bulky but I made space already because had seen it before purchase.

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By TravelGuru
Come on. Its Swiss military product. Does it need review??
Go for it. Its worth for 714INR.
With the regular shaving needs, I am able to keep body groomer, electric shaver, trimmer and their respective chargers. Left compartment has plastic layer which makes you able to put toothbrush in it without making other things wet. Its bit oversized than it looks in images, but it is needed. Mesh pockets help to store small items simultaneously keeping them visible and easy to find.
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I wanted a good toiletry for my trip and I saw and loved 2 of them so without further thoughts bought two of them to find the better one. One being SM and other being AmazonBasics Hanging Toiletry Kit
What I loved in SM::
1.Size wise same
3.Waterproof::Both of them took in some water but water didnt get inside and one plastic compartment also
4.Price::Less than AB 714Rs and another 10% discount.

1.Quality::AB has more cushioned compartments
2.Could have made hook area fully zipped to avoid things going out.
3.Hook::Made of same material but AB made of metal hook
4.Material quality::feels so cheap didnt feel anything like a quality product.
5.front compartment::AB More sturdy than swiss military

I have uploaded a video comparison between two. Please look into it
If you liked my review please click helpful. Thanks in advance.
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By Anup Viswanathan Thampi
4.4 | 368 customer reviews
317 of the 368 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
If you r looking for simple decent passport docs holder..then this is good . . Otherwise go for more fancy and more costlier one... Sthis one is simple and spacious and handy..
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Really liked the pouch. All my and kids important documents got fit into one pouch. Worth buying
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By ambika
I have always been looking for a compact holder, where I can keep all my docs. Have looked for it, but have always found different varieties of holders for different purposes.

Found it to be very useful, as it multiple items together and that also hassle-free.

- Easy to carry
- Less space requirement
- All in one package: You can keep passport, credit/debit cards, cash/coins very easily.

- Bit thin it is, could have made it thicker. Otherwise when something will run over it, everything inside it will be ruined(telling from my personal experience at airport).
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By Amrit Prakash Rai
product price
4.3 | 1,813 customer reviews
1,485 of the 1,813 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
This is the best card holder at this price range. Its
Leather and material quality is genuine.

Stylish professional design and smudge-free elegant exterior.

It Can Easily Hold 13 Credit OR Debit Cards, ID Cards And Bank Cards in 13 Slots.

It also can be used to hold currency notes as well.

It is Small, thin and compact.

It is easily Fits in jacket or pants pockets.
If you are a girl then it can be easily fit in a purse or briefcase sleeve seamlessly without steel scratching .

It can be excellent gifts for your loved ones.

Keep Your Card Clean And Tidy.

Protect Your Card Against Scratching And Other Damage.

Go for It. This it totally a value for money product.😍

Must buy 🥰
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By Himalayan Rony
Now this is what i was searching for. I tried two different card holders but they all had some problems. This is the type which is optimal to carry cards
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By varun jain (VJ)
First, I will admit that I got this product reading existing reviews and personal like for the leather.

When I received the product I was happy, but the packaging disappointed me. The first impression of the leather quality seemed okay, the internal did feel genuine but not the outer shell. This purely looks a processed leather feeling so there is a doubt is genuine leather.

Coming to the actual usage, if you want this to put in less than 8 cards it would work. However, I if you want to put all 13 cards in the slot it is a big design flaw, not only it adds bulk but the button strap does not close at single instance. You need to apply pressure to close it.

For me this is seriously not tested for 13 cards and I would not recommend anyone who plan to use all the slots.

Another issue is handling, it
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By Ashish Kelo
4.3 | 722 customer reviews
603 of the 722 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Very useful product, especially for spare keys.., we generally find it difficult to pin point which key is for which door... and good price for 50 key chains.
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By Amazon Customer
Serves the purpose. Nothing much to be said. Finishing is on the average side. Would love to see more colours.
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By Samarth
Good product, serves my purpose... Quality is average but that should be okay if you just need a key chain with detailing on which key it is....I have put a key chain for each of my keys, including wardrobes , doors, and named them each.... Original as well as back up keys...I liked it.
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By Muthukumar Narayanan
product price
4.3 | 566 customer reviews
465 of the 566 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
My only issue is that the warranty card is not signed & stamped by the vendor. Do the warranty still stand valid without the stamp?
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By Kashmira Jain
Good to carry, comfortable, enough space but there is no outer pockets.
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Got damaged product.
Stitch quality is not good. Got it for 1750₹
Not worth the money
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By Yash V.
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4.3 | 394 customer reviews
321 of the 394 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
First the colour is perfect. And also I can assure you that the look is classy and very aristocratic. One can easily carry this to every event. The body doesn't contain any artificial artistry or glittering nonsence. Even the simple look of the body give it 5 star. I got it yesterday and showed it to my friends and they are ordering it soon. Let's dig into the details of the bag - the logo looks amezing and so high in class. Inside the wallet the compartments are very strong and well knitted you can have your goods inside it. The material is also good . And the quick access pocket in the back give it a finish to deserve 5 star. Honestly speaking I have tried those other variants which comes in between 800 to 1500 are not at all reliable and can't be compared to this. The
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By Richard Choudhury
I just loved it!!!quite spacious yet handy.quality is good enough.Light weighted.Has slots for sim,coins,cards,pen, currency,i-card everything.You may customize them according to the need.
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By Pallabi Sarkar
It's a good piece for the six odd hundred bucks...
Shall change the rating to five or one after one month of use. The zip quality is not up to mark at first look.
Rest, it's of perfect size, not cumbersome like most of other passport holders. It has just about enough space for two passports, cash/coin of foreign currency, cards etc.
Same product one gets in onboard shopping or AVA stores of Air India at much higher price, close to the MRP.
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By S Chatterjee
4.3 | 274 customer reviews
239 of the 274 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Very good bag. It's measurement is really perfect. It's look is also quite attractive. Quality materials used. It has one big slot of the size of the bag. One half pocket. One small pocket. Total 3 pocket.
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By Sourav
1. Quality of the material is top notch and it's a water proof material.
2. Zips are super smooth.
3. Excellent Stitches.
4. Two small compartments and one main compartment is very useful.
Finally bought this for 360₹..
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By Santhosh
Product is very good and as expected, the size is medium which can fit your iPad and carry other essentials
Has 3 zips and has 2 sections in the main one
The strap is adjustable and convenient
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By Kalyan
4.6 | 75 customer reviews
69 of the 75 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
I have oredered personalise cover. An I am so happy after getting my product.
Lovely cover, Beautifully personalise, the colour which has been showed in the pic you vll get exact colours. No colour differents
Quality vise Superb 👌🏻👌🏻 Do order it Guys 😬😬 You vll just Loved it . Thank you so much Amazon for getting dis product.. how I want it.
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By Lisa Wood
I ordered couple passport covers it's really awesome n I love it.. quality is really awesome.. product is marvelous thank you so much for your amazing product I loved it
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By Likitha
Have ordered 2 passport cover .... loved it ... the material used is high quality... loved the charms... it cute .delivered before time ... more good than expected... thank u.. soon will order few more in futr thank u for awesome product
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By Shilpa yadav
4.3 | 195 customer reviews
162 of the 195 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
This bag resembles s@ms0nite messenger bag.
Built quality is good. Has 3 pockets.
Handy for office going persons carrying a note book, umbrella, bottle, phone charger headphones, some snacks.
I even carry a set of gym clothes.
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By Madhusudan B
Package very good... Delivery time very good... At 400rs this is best product as my choice... I said truly... Rly very good product... Fully waterproof... This product better than describe and look better than image... Material very good.. Thanks amazon for very good seller choice. I believe amazon...for buy any product... Again Thank you.
Who want to buy this product... Jst Buy it...
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By Rakesh Das.
Excellent Bag for everyday use. I keep my office keys, wallet, Kindle, phone, etc and still have space left. This Bag has survived Mumbai rains and has protected contents properly. My friends liked it so much that I got it as gift for them as well.
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By Amit Rupani
4.4 | 106 customer reviews
93 of the 106 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Great Bag. If you want to avoid the hassles at the airport of emptying your pockets for the scanner; this is the answer. It fits all my stuff. Tickets, passport, wallet, chargers, phones and more. I send the whole lot through and pick it up on the other side.
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By Christian McMurray
I had ordered this bag with the intention of carrying it on my upcoming trip & it has indeed fulfilled all expectations. It was light weight and easily accommodated items like camera, phone, important documents etc. A 1 litre bottle will also easily fit inside the bag.
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By Amazon Customer
It is a bit on the longish side - more of a "messenger bag". Good quality material - zips are excellent and smooth moving. The strap is adjustable to comfortable length. The front cutout is not a "tuck in" pocket, but it has a zip (hidden from view), as wide as the cut-out, with the pocket actually opening up as wide as the full width. The inside has a light padded separation - not soft and fluffy, but lightly padded.

Overall happy with the purchase.
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By M. L.
4.2 | 276 customer reviews
226 of the 276 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
There are rare times when you pay a premium price for an unknown brand and end up getting a little more than what you expected. Well - this purchase gave me a similar experience.

Someone had put a lot of thought in the bag design. The pouches are conveniently arranged. It is a laptop bag, but I have purchased as my daughter's schoolbag - and she loved it. If one needs to carry a power bank for the cellphone, (s)he prefers to keep it inside the bag. For this, an extension cable is provided inside the bag. There are pockets where different sizes of power banks. See the second image with labels

Looks: 9/10
First glance sense of durability: 8/10
Convenience (size, pouches): 9/10
Material: 9/10 (of course compared to the price. One can spend more to get better material)
Value for money: 8/10

Cons: Low protection for laptops - especially at the bottom.

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By ba_doh
Very nice bag
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By Tulsi bhardwaj
First look was too good..
But after 1st wash u will find it's true Colour..
Stitch is good.. since it's Canvas it has to be washed.. and it's 100% Non water proof..
So u can't use it when it's raining.. space is little less.. and if you are planning for a laptop bag then please don't even think of buying it.. because the sponge used inside moves down to the bottom of the bag.. making it not a laptop bag.. but just a dump in bag.. look stylish.. but no use...
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By Sahaya
4.2 | 265 customer reviews
217 of the 265 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
I was using Alumina wallets most of the time but wanted to try something different. I looked up to steel wallet but came across this product. Within 500rs, this product fulfills your requirement and I was impressed. Worth for your money. I got the delivery in 2 days.
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By Vinay Rajagopal
Looking gud.. but DO NOT BUY this if you likes to have minimum 2 bank cards, driving license, aadhaar card, pan card.. generaly every working people would have minimum above said 5 cards.. this box comfortable only for max 4 cards.. otherwise it becomes stuffed and you will have to take out all cards out to take any one card.. I'll present this to anyone using less than 4 cards..
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By Shravan K
Very nice. Should have provided at least 3 pockets inside the wallet to enable different types cards
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By Krishnan, A
4.4 | 95 customer reviews
84 of the 95 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Liked it. the quality of the bag is nice. It has 3 pockets, however i expected it a bit larger. However I'm keeping it to carry my documents and other stuff like wallet,charger, shades etc. nice companion for regular use at an affordable price.
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By Anubhav Rai
This is a good substitute for carrying the wallet instead of trouser back pocket. This is more safe.
It can also be used for keeping mobile phone, glasses etc.
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By S.Srinivasan
It's nice and good quality material. Wide strap and long enough. It has 3 compartments and practical.

As it's vertical size is more than width... It's deep. But, accessing can be better if they change design to horizontal it could be better and elegant.

Stitching can be better. Plastic buckle looks el-cheapo and may break anytime. One star less.

One more star less for sending green, while I ordered red one.
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By visu
4.2 | 261 customer reviews
212 of the 261 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
This safari 15 litre bag to cool...
Exact color received and good material...
Packaging too good...
18 month warranty...
I got this bag 299 during sale...
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By Shivam Mishra
Heyy guys it's a very cool product . You can buy it as u can see the images uploaded by me it's too small but it's very good for 1day trip or picnic the quality is far better and it's lightweight too.
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By Aki💞
I thought it would be a lil bit big but good size for small items
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By Palak Soni
4.2 | 218 customer reviews
180 of the 218 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Can't expect any better at this price. It is a decent waist bag to buy for urban settings. It has 4 usable compartments which let you store an assortment of small things. Definitely convenient and beats feeling your phone against your thigh. Only drawback is that the zippers are not too sturdy. One of mine gave out after a couple of months. Still, like I said, the product is good enough for the price it comes at.
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By Supriyo Chatterji
Great design, nice material, lots of roomy pockets. Only one thing: it’s fragile. The belt clasp lost one arm, then the zipper broke. I travel a lot and use gear like this pretty heavily. But it still should last longer.
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By David B.
I have purchased this item to use in bangkok. I have opened the package in flight and got to know it is damaged. But now we are leaving for bangkok. I will be able to return it on 4th of August 2018 only when I am back to India.
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By daksh
product price
4.3 | 119 customer reviews
103 of the 119 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Good quality at reasonable price. Cover is of good quality and will last till the validity of your passport(10 years). Finishing of the product is good and passport fits snugly.
Importantly its a good non-leather cover option for buyers who don't like leather based products.
As a security option i pasted a Tag8 sticker on the back side.
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By Anura Jain
Once you put the passport inside, it looks way better. Just imagine when you hand over this thing at the airport. However there is a small thing to note. I have noticed the Indian passport comes in two designs where :
a. The first page and the last page is the details of the owner and the address itself.
b. The second page and the second last page are the details of the owner and the address.

So if yours is former, the pages will get inside the flaps of these covers and you might be asked to take it out for proper viewing. In that process pages might tear out. So be careful.
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By Arka Bhattacharjee
Where the Rajmudra as shown in sample picture.what is going on Amazon?very BAD
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By Omi
4.2 | 194 customer reviews
160 of the 194 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
This sturdy leather one has become a part my official and personal life. Very strong, very antique, very sexy indeed. Have it.
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By Srinivas
I don't leave home without it. High quality workmanship and very fashionable product. Turns heads everywhere ,handily carries tablet, chargers and small size notebooks
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By Amazon Customer
Honestly, this is suitable for only those reviewers who wrote about Macbooks in this bag's reviews. A leather bag, for the matter of fact, any bag must have hard borders for sturdiness. This lacks this. Slightly crowded public transport and everything inside your precious 3000 Rs. bag will be either cracked or crumpled. Trust me on this. Utterly rubbish thoughtless design. Completely unsuitable for any average Indian who avails public transports.
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By Arnab Pal
product price
4.3 | 104 customer reviews
89 of the 104 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Everything I liked in this bag. So much room with plenty of sections, sturdy zips, big adjustable strap ... what else you need. So if you are looking for a bag to keep your travel needs, phones, power bank, passport, daily medicines, this is a perfect choice. Just go for it.
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By Rehmat
It's a great bag. It's not huge but roomy enough to hold a phone, a tablet, some earphones and some change... Exactly what I needed. The build quality is decent and it's competitively priced.
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By A.G.
Look is good. Stiching is good. It will be best if the quality of the cloth is little softer. Price is high. Rs 300 to 350 is best value. Shoulder hanging belt is little short for taller person like me.
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