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4.6 | 2,114 customer reviews
1,958 of the 2,114 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Using this product is the best way to cut your baby's nails and the safest way too. I am happy with the build quality of the product. After using it for more than 3 months we have come across some best practices we would like everyone to know. They are below.

1. Make sure you shape the nails of your baby into a curve by cutting both the sides and front ends carefully.
2. Make sure there are no sharp edges left on the nails after the cutting, to avoid further scratches to the baby's skin when they are playing.
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By Shaik Sulthan
Fantastic product, provided you are patient enough.
We use this to trim the nails of our baby since the age of 4 months. The large grip make it very comfortable to use.
Also if you use patiently ( we do it when our baby is alswwp), there is minimal/no risk of injury,

The price is slightly higher (under 100 bucks would have been optimal pricing). But then its worth the money, as my baby was scratching his face accidentally during playing. This scissors saved us a lot of trouble.

Do buy this. Very useful product.
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By Shivam
My baby boy is a month old, I was scared to use it but this particular baby nails scissors is VERY SAFE and I have no more problems or worries as regards cutting his nails. Highly recommended from day 1...
He's 11 months now, we are still using it... highly useful!!!! One of the successful products on amazon.... we love it!
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By Ifru
product price
4.5 | 3,098 customer reviews
2,722 of the 3,098 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
It was vry gd baby really like dis toys..Hi was playing..
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By Gitumoni Gohain
Looks good and seems to be decent quality. and very reasonably priced close to 150. would be nice if the orange and red ring had slightly different colors or a different size since the top 2 rings seem to be same color.
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By PK3
Quality is really good and it looks exactly the same it is displayed on amazon... coz its a piramal healthcare product.. so its trustworthy but some how doesn't attract much attention of 1 year old kids.. 1 star reduced for not able to keep kids engaged for long.
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By VSB...
product price
4.4 | 4,575 customer reviews
3,977 of the 4,575 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Product is good,but 50% less in this container.
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By S.Sikder
Out of 2 baby powder packs I ordered, quanity of one pack is genuinely less than the other one. It's strange. Products are genuine though.
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By Jen D.
Bakwas product ...jab product mere pass aya par ho chuka Tha ....
Baby ke sath Kyu khel rahe ho ...
Amazon ......
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By Jit the boss
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4.4 | 4,450 customer reviews
3,799 of the 4,450 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
I ordered it for a friend, and after she opened it, she really loved it. Great package, every item is as it was descripted on amazon site.
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By Lizzy Pachuau
Totally satisfied with the product.
Value for money.
Manufacturing date was of August and I ordered in October and I got the fresh product.. totally satisfied..
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By ankit
Perfect gift pack for a baby. Only baby shampoo is not included in this package.
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By CJ Brothers
4.5 | 1,154 customer reviews
1,005 of the 1,154 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
I bought it last year and I'm still using it :)

I used this for cleaning sippy cup, bowl, toys, Nibbler and teethers. Now using this for cleaning small steel cups and plates also.

You just need to rub it and wash in flowing water. It cleans very well.

Smell : mild lemon fragrance, goes off after wash

Consistency : thick, small portion is enough

I will recommend to sterilize bottles, Nibbler and teethers after washing with this liquid

Thanks for reading my review, Click on the helpful button if you find it helpful :)

Happy Parenting :)
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By First Time Mom India
I had always used chicco(watery n need to keep bottles dipped for an hour).. so this is a bit easier to use. Thick gel like liquid.. Very little required to clean the bottle.. Only drawback is a big drop comes out in one push, you might not require that much to clean one bottle. Hence the hair band beneath the pump
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By Happytohelp
As a working Father of one Baby Boy and Having two pets, stil I'm able to spend time with family because of this product helps me to complete the work in very less time and let me tell you, this product is very good to clean baby feeding bottles, chewing play.
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By Anurag Karmakar
4.4 | 2,114 customer reviews
1,822 of the 2,114 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
I want to use brands like mee mee, luvlap and snuggles.
But knowing that it's the same renamed brand of snuggles, I purchased supples and I am happy e with the product and the quality which is wetness of the wipe and the scent it that it leaves after cleaning.
Some good things

A. It's wet.
B. I could easily take out one whereas if you by others and if you try to pick one out of the pack, 2 will come automatically and that results in wastage.
C. Longitivity of the wipe length.
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By DealsCage
Pocket friendly budget pack of Supples baby wipes. It gently cleanse baby`s delicate skin. It has very good fragrance and very well moist wipes. Infused with the goodness of aloe vera extract and vitamin e. The thick, very soft and gentle wipes ensure efficient cleaning and it`s fragrance leaves the baby feeling refreshed. It is alcohol freeand no other toxic chemicals, so will not harsh on skin.
Good product
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By Mandy
Very nice budget friendly combo if wipes. Fragrance is very soothing and wipes are very moist, very nice for the baby skin. Pack of 3 for 300 is good on pocket too. No quality issues so far.
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By Shoppomaniac
4.4 | 2,100 customer reviews
1,798 of the 2,100 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Used johnsons, himalaya, sebamed, little's and snuggles till date.

LITTLE'S : Best one overall. Costed Rs. 177 for 240 wipes(3x80) during sale. Pleasant odour. Smooth on the baby's skin. You won't need anything more than these for diaper changing or hand and face cleaning.

SNUGGLES: costed 299 for 6packs(72 per pack). The WORST one of the lot. Rough to touch. Quite dry. Extra fragrance that is added in the ingredients is very strong UNLIKE other baby products which usually smell way milder and pleasant.

JOHNSON'S: Thickest of all. But your baby wouldn't need it. Considering the cost it can be given a skip.

HIMALAYA and SEBAMED: moderate quality almost on par with little's but way pricier than Little's.

So overall LITTLE's would be my pick considering the quality and the price they come at.

The worst wipes which can be totally avoided are SNUGGLES.

General rule for all wipes. Always make sure to seal the opening with
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By Sindhu
Very goood product ... after using mee mee and himalaya these are the best the most important things is it stays moist for longer time never gets dry .... while with mee mee and himalaya they get dry after few days. And price is reasonable too !! My baby never got any rashes while using littles ! I am very happy with the product
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By raina chatterjee
Have tried J&J, Himalaya and Little's.
J&J is the best as it has the most liquid and is the softest and thinnest, but is pricey;honestly unbeatable quality and you should always go for it
Himalaya has less liquid but its a little bigger than J&J, but does its job well. no rashes so far
Little's is okay, not too much liquid, dry compared to both. Not recommended unless your looking for the cheapest
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By Raj Saiya
product price
4.3 | 10,285 customer reviews
8,516 of the 10,285 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
1. Material is very good.
2. No leakage unless baby sleeps on one side for long hours.
3. Absorbing capacity is very good.
4. Compare to Huggies and other brands even it is far far better than normal pamper diapers.
Do not compete with Pamper premium, but this is very good.
Please do not go for normal pamper diapers because there are lots of complains about its quality.
Hope this review will help to all of you. Once you use it, you will not find any word of this review wrong.
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By Fahed K.
My son is of 3 months and I always choose bigger size, as I think, for him It will be more comfortable, to wear loose size.

I prefer tape diapers than pant style, because you can adjust band as per your need. Pant style diaper's waist band gives marks on my son's waist.
Currently I am using pampers active baby's small size which is for 3 to 8 kg. It is very light weight and soft, not overly fragranced. 2 3 times I have find leakage but it can possible due to not sticking tape properly.
I also bought Huggies dry tape diapers of M size, to give a try to this brand. This is also good product. It is thicker than pampers active baby, strong fragranced. Till date I haven't faced leakage issue.

After using both brands:

I will prefer pampers as it is lighter than Huggies.

I have not found any difference in
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By rashmi
They tape and pack the diaper in such a way that you cannot see the manufacturing date or the price of the diaper.
You can't contact pampers customer care, as that is also hidden behind tape
You can't be sure any the product being original.
And since it is a non - returnable, you will be stuck with the pack
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By Amazon Customer
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4.5 | 876 customer reviews
795 of the 876 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
My kid had this acne prone skin since the day he was born. His face was filled with red acne all over his face. I went to all kinds of Doctors including pediatric, dermatologist ayurvedic doctors as well. After a point, doctors told me that for somethings you should rely on God. Using so many medicines and cream on my kids face even worsen his situation. That's when I turned to this product and I think would stick to this forever. :)
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By Charu
I like Sebamed baby wash. Now onwards I'll go for Sebamed baby wash for my baby's bath. In the video I've told the benefits of Sebamed baby wash and its miraculous result on my baby's body. Thank you Sebamed. The only thing that I felt a little inconvenient is the bottle nozzle. There is no locking system for the bottle while not in use. If anyone accidentally press the nozzle the content 'll flow out.
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By Parvathy A Nair
We just had baby boy. We started using baby dove soap and himalayas baby lotion. Later he developed red color pimples all over the body but it is normal for most of the newborns. Later with advise of one of our frond we tried sebamed both wash and lotion. It has pH of baby skin so it doesn't irritate him and cause dryness. Hence we are continuing this. I saw many parents complaining the same with himalayas and J&J products but don't know how far they are true. Because as a parent we try to give the best to them. Do not experiment on them and use one product regularly which suits them.
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By Siva Prasad
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4.5 | 865 customer reviews
789 of the 865 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Its a good product but the price on Amazon is more then MRP so beware and check the product once you received it as this is a non returnable product.
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By User1
Very nice product to clean baby's bottles and other stuuf. All the milk smell vanished upin cleaning with this cleanser. Be sure to boil the bottles after cleaning and washing with plain water.
The product Bottle was leaking in the package when I received it, rest all is great.
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By Amit
The bottle cap is broken and leaking.
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By Suma
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4.3 | 4,144 customer reviews
3,448 of the 4,144 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
More or less, all wipes are same (Himalaya, luvlap, gohnson). I have used all. Flip top helps to use till last ( no worry of getting the wipes dried). Though my personal choice is Himalaya but it does not come in flip top. So am using johnson.
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By syed
I have been using this for my child for almost 1 year now.Have tried many other brand but this one beats them all.
the moisture content in the wipes is very good. They dont get dry easily and the lid provided is a bliss. with the stick-on cover most of the wipes used to get dry making it unusable.
got it for 267/- in lightening deal.
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By Esh
The liquid which contains the pack is leaked, and due to that we are not able to use these wipes.The wipes are dried as compare to products taken from stores ....quite disappointment.....
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By Ranjeet kumar
15 Offers from product price
4.3 | 3,964 customer reviews
3,265 of the 3,964 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
I have been buying himalaya wipes for quite long time and satisfied with it.
It is very nice and no complaints in quality. It is moist enough, soft and nice fragrance.
Two points to be noted is,some of the wipes does not come out easily which causes wastage.
The packing is not so efficient and it goes out of sticking nature in 4-5 days.

Quality wise, it is good and check out regularly if you get any deal on the price or special offers.
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By Dhayanithi
Good product but just wish the cost is cheaper!


1) Quality is obviously good since it is of Himalaya brand.

2) It is very wet unlike some other brands which feel very dry.


1) Much expensive costs INR 1.75/wipe. Instead I would recommend you buy Babyhug brand. Quality wise it is the same or better than Himalaya and cost wise there is huge difference. Babyhug costs just INR 1/wipe.

Buy only if Babyhug brand is not available on Amazon as was the case with me.
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I ordered them looking at the reviews. My baby got rashes after using just for a couple of days. And after that I haven't met a single doctor or parent who recommends these or any kind of baby wet wipes. Every parent I met told me that their baby got rashes by using wet wipes. Every doctor I met told me to stop using them. I don't know how they have such great reviews on amazon. Don't use wet wipes. Use soft cotton cloth dipped in luke warm water and then a dry cotton cloth. And do not rub on baby's skin. Just gently tap.
I ordered in bulk during the sale. And as they are "NOT RETURNABLE", now I am using these to remove poop stains from my baby's clothes, sheets, nappies, etc. And I must say they are doing a wonderful job at that. The hard poop stains just
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By Sumit Gambhir
4.3 | 3,020 customer reviews
2,510 of the 3,020 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Good product, XL cover 3/4 of the king size bed.
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I have four of these. It absorbs the liquid well. I recommend to use two of these for a day for hygiene issues as after few pees .it starts to smell. Wash it daily. It's a must have product for babies.
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By Amazon Customer
The product is differed to me day before yesterday and it's only 2 days that I am using the product. This is already losing the fabric. The sheet is not at all steady and my 3 month old don't take even a minute to cuddle it completely. Moreover, these people are very well aware of the product quality and know that they cannot get a 5 star rating from users hence sending out coupons asking users to give 5 star rating to get 100 /- cash back. This is ridiculous. Please don't ever buy the product. Don't go by user rating. Not a genuine user rating. Total waste of money. I am throwing off the product add the losing fabric may cause choking hazard to my little one.
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By amazon user
11 Offers from product price
4.3 | 2,654 customer reviews
2,236 of the 2,654 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Hai guys...!👋

The product arrived within one of ordering so Thumsup Amazon for that.🏆

✓Received a brand new product.(Mfg date-:03/18)

✓Smells smooth and heavenly

✓No skin irritation or any other allergic reactions.

✓The strength of this shampoo was so mild.(The kid was not even crying during his bath)

✓Cheaper than the local retail stores
👉Thanks 4 reading..!👈
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By ✌Ramees Rahman✌
- A very little amount is needed for infants hair to clean.
- Forms good lather and cleans the hair effectively. Can be used worry free.
- Tear free formula. But still be careful. Baby eyes are very sensitive.
- Use organic virgin coconut oil before bathing your baby.
- It is Hypoallergenic.
- Safer than Johnsons.
- Free from parabens, parabens means dangerous chemicals such as preservatives.
- I have been using it since my son was born and he has been comfortable with its use.

- Have heard too that Himalya is safer and thats why I would also recommend it.

- Buying from Amazon is cheaper.

Verdict - Buy Himalya products worry free. Although best way to test is buy a small bottle first test on baby hands and buy more if found safe.
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By Lakshika
Being a mom I am very peculiar about the cosmetics I use for my baby and I always try to use non chemical based cosmetics for my baby.
I have tried few so called big foreign brands before but results were below average and at last tried himalaya baby shampoo and the results were just astonishing.
All thr natural oil of my babies hairs were abck to normal, hairs were were soft, hardly any itching in eyes.
It's a must buy products for all thr moms who love their babies.
5 🌟 🌟 🌟 🌟 🌟 product
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By Avinash Jagnani (Tech Geek)
1 Offer from product price
4.4 | 1,036 customer reviews
890 of the 1,036 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Before i order I doubt about quality of product snich it is for infants.. when I receive and opened the product quality and items are very good.. thank you very much for maers for the products...
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By naveen
Colour of the toys are exactly as shown in the pic. Quality is good. Mesh ball and teethers are very good.
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By Amazon user
Nice baby is 7 months she get bored with one toy very soon..needs a different one very often.. this product meets my and her requirement 😊 all kids will love it because of their different sound,shape,size and attractive colours..
Could have given 5 star but found one
toy damaged
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By Urvashi
4.3 | 1,780 customer reviews
1,454 of the 1,780 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Very good quality product. The size was perfect to cover a single bed for an adult. Super absorbent and does not allow urine to pass through. Using it for my aged father. Better option than diapers for preventing urine leakage.
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By Abhay Sahni
Product quality seems to b fine.. however its not the exact size of double bed.. theres no extra material to be pushed inside the mattress..
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By Shelja
Writing this review after one month of usage This is a good product ..but it does not last long..after few cycles of simple cleaning its basic feature of keeping bed dry fades away. Since it works effectively initially and so it needs to be cleaned regularly (basic detergent with normal water) to remove the smell...after with more cleaning , it started showing its durability is not last longing..
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By Dharmendra Kumar
product price
4.3 | 1,706 customer reviews
1,443 of the 1,706 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
I know it's for babies but I apply it on my face as moisturizer as it doesn't have harmful chemicals. One cream will last you for long long time.
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By Rose
I purchased this baby cream specially for winters. I always use any of the baby product first on my skin & then on my baby. I found Himalaya has the best products range for babies. It's really very safe bcoz of its herbal ingredients. Talking about the BABY CREAM its always mistaken with the DIAPER RASH CREAM. But I should tell you that even if u use BABY CREAM instead of DIAPER RASH cream it gives the best effect. So no worries I feel. Its a best moisturizer for babies & adults too. I am happy Himalaya Mother! :)
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By Ashwini Kushal
Didn't look like a genuine product. Aluminium foil seal was absent. Requested the replacement but even the replacement product was without any seal. Purchased a new one from a retail store and to my surprise, it was a sealed one.
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By Peeyush
product price
4.4 | 868 customer reviews
744 of the 868 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Hi friends got hands on about this product in youtube, To watch just type title of this product ,you will get my video, which will help you to some extent before you buy it, catch you in youtube , overall its a good product for the baby... Thk u.
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By vamsi naik
Excellent product
Not only children , adults can use it too
I have dry skin so I am using this
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By Usha Arora
Too Expensive. Bought earlier at half the price.
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4.3 | 1,668 customer reviews
1,409 of the 1,668 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
I have seen some of the reviews which says this mattress isn't good about the quality, cushion etc. but i would like to tell you guys that its worth to buy this item. I paid 350 for this item and its worth every penny i spent on this one. I won't bother even a bit after a month of use it not usable. I have seen other mattress which are being sold about 1300-1500 Rs and since our kids grows so fast these mattress can be used only for 2-3 months. This is 100% recommended to all the new born parents looking for a mattress and its worth at the price which is available on amazon as of now. MY DAUGHTER SLEEPS VERY WELL on this mattress!
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By Priyansh Patodi
Excellent product,thought out of box, mosquito doesn't enter,baby is safe under this product.
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By Rakesh
Have been using it since March till date. I have used it left right centre and it's still in good condition, especially the zip...have opened and closed it several times. Indeed a good product.

My kid is 4+ months now and was just wishing if they have a bigger sized bed... ;)
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By Pooja Sreeram
product price
4.3 | 1,640 customer reviews
1,417 of the 1,640 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
This is the only brand i have used for my baby.Very mild body wash with pleasant fragrance.No harsh chemicals and no strong smell.Removes oil and dirt effectively along with hydrating skin.Recommending to all.
Please leave a vote if this review helped u.
Thanks in advance.
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By Ash Akky
To my knowledge there are 3 different types of Himalaya Baby Wash available:
1. Himalaya Gentle Baby Bath
2. Himalaya Refreshing Baby Wash
3. Himalaya Extra Moisturizing Baby Wash.

I initially bought Himalaya Gentle Baby Bath 100ml,then 400ml.At this point of time I didn't know there are other Himalaya baby washes available ( My ignorance, being a first time Mommy😝).
Then I got bored with this baby wash and I searched for other baby washes by Himalaya. To my delight I found out there's Himalaya Refreshing Baby Wash which is supposed to be good for summer. I immediately ordered it.( Now I'm getting ideas and searching for different products from Himalaya to try out)😎
Then winter approached and I ordered Himalaya Extra Moisturizing Baby Wash.

My personal conclusion :
* Fragrance
1. Himalaya Gentle Baby Bath has a mild fragrance exactly the same as the Himalaya Gentle Baby Soap.(I personally don't like it that much)
2. Himalaya Refreshing Baby Wash
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By Sheta Sümao
I was going through the ingredients list on the back label of the bottle and came to know that it contains MIT (methylisothialinone) that has been linked with Alzheimer's in a study carried out on leading body care products. I don't want my baby to come in contact with such chemicals after knowing their probable effect on people. MIT is bad enough for adults; to think of kids coming in contact with it? I tried to return it, but then I found out that for some reason I have no clue about, it is not eligible for return. So that is another negative for me... Not only this baby wash, but Himalaya baby lotion too contains MIT, I found out...
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