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Moto G Plus 4th Gen

Gear up for the Moto G Plus,4th Gen, Motorola’s new launch. Yes, the wait is finally over and Amazon India brings this new age smartphone exclusively for you. Go through our Moto G Plus,4th Gen page to know about the phone and it’s great features in detail


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More Efficient and Powerful Cameras

You have seen the performance of the MotoG3 cameras. Now, imagine the next generation of these powerful cameras. Yes, with Moto G Plus,4th Gen you can expect a better and more efficient photographic experience. The 16 MP primary camera has double auto-focus technologies to ensure that you never miss a moment again. The phase detection and the laser focus system works faster to enable you to effortlessly capture more. When it comes to low-light photography, you can completely trust the Moto G Plus,4th Gen. With higher pixel rate and an aperture of f/2.0, the primary camera of Moto G Plus,4th Gen delivers clear and bright photos every single time.

Special Fingerprint Scanner

Move over password protected phones. Now, the Moto G Plus,4th Gen features an exclusive finger print scanner to secure your phone from any kind of probable misuse. This unique lock not just makes your phone exclusive only to you but is also extremely easy to use. All you need to do is touch your phone and it detects your fingerprint and unlocks automatically. This feature is extremely convenient to use since it works just with one touch anywhere on the screen.

Faster and Smoother Performance

The Moto G Plus,4th Gen is powered by octa-core processor which makes it efficient and powerful. The octa-core processor accounts for the fast and smooth performance, so that no matter how many apps you run, your phone will still function smoothly without any lag. Even the graphic support of this phone is higher to let you enjoy your games like never before. Get lost in the world of animation and watch them come alive with Moto G Plus,4th Gen.

Turbo Charger for Faster Charging

The package includes a turbo charger for the Moto G Plus,4th Gen which charges the phone at a lightning speed. With this special turbo charger you can charge the battery to last you up to six hours in just fifteen minutes. The 3000 mAh battery is also well equipped to last you longer than usual. So, without any further delay, shop for this model from and avail exciting launch offers.