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4.4 out of 5 stars
4.4 out of 5 stars
OnePlus 6 (Mirror Black 6GB RAM + 64GB Memory)
Size: 64 GB|Colour: Mirror Black|Change
Price:₹ 34,999.00

on 19 August 2018
Good things:
Excellent screen as it is AMOLED - deep blacks, good brightness level and the options to correct the colour. Screen resolution being 1080p is not an issue at all. You will enjoy this screen.
Camera is unimaginably great - it can be compared to other ₹60k+ flagship phones and it has both front camera portrait and back camera portrait too (portraits can be taken to capture multiple people too unlike few phones that blur people beside the centre person).
Audi Quality through 3.5mm jack - It is this feature I enjoyed the most in this phone. It gives good bass output (not artificially boosting), clarity is decent, can be compared with latest flagships which offer some extra enhancements in their audio.
Network quality - I experienced the best network speeds and ping times and reduced times for the websites to start loading etc. And it supports VoLTE for both sim cards at the same time.
Software - This is the only phone out there in flagship range that gives pure Android feel other than pixel and also gives extra "essential" features which doesn't slow the phone down no matter how many days you use it without restarting the phone. And no bloatware at all.
Battery - Easily comes through out the day and even to the next day. Charging times are the fastest. This phone can be charged in full speed while using the phone and it won't get heated up.
Speaker out - Although it is not Stereo speaker, it gives decent quality and volume without distorting the clarity. A lot better than other phones out there.
Ergonomics - due to the phone's curved back shape and sharp side edges, this phone holds in hand more easy than I expected even though it has glass back.
Hardware - This phone has the fastest speed I experienced in all the android phones due to fastest processor and software optimisations in it.
Fingerprint sensor and face recognition - fastest and accurate in different conditions than other phones.
Looks of the phone - Feels 100% premium with glass back and almost full screen to body ratio.

Not so good things Or things to be noted.
Vibration motor - is bad if you are more used to vibrations for tapping screen.
Icons due to notch - Although the notch us good to experience, some essential icons like hotspot, vibration mode are hidden and you have to drap notification panel down to see them.
The Case which comes in box although protects the screen, doesn't protect the camera when you place the phone on the table facing screen up. You definitely have to buy other cases online.

Coming to the service, the service centers are exclusive like apple and the parts prices are given online.
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on 15 August 2018
Camera is very good. OIS is super. I bought this phone for its camera only. Dash charging charges phone in less than an hour. Phone is very less weight for its size.
Call answering buttons are miss placed and not convenient. Stock android would have better. Another problem is with sound speaker. Voice is loud but not clear. Samsung A9 Pro is far better. Compare to Samsung A8+ in mid range this phone is good in camera and phone weight only.
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on 4 June 2018
Have got this phone on 22nd may after its launch on 21st may.. have used it from past 14 days.

Pros - performance is awesome, best is the camera which I just loved. Charger is superb charges really fast.speed is excellent.
Cons- no headphones, No Fm radio, battery life is not that good but can do with it as the speed it gives requires that amount of battery usage
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on 16 June 2018
Battery life is amazing. Dash charging too takes time for almost an hour for full charge. I am happy. It stands by its line on speed.
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on 11 August 2018
Its slightly bigger than my old phone but its packed with great features and ofcourse amazing speed with fast processor and 8GB of ram. very good rear and front camera
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on 20 August 2018
This is my second buy of OnePlus. Upgraded my self to OnePlus 6 from 3 after exactly two years. Heard of news of 6t being launched in a month or two, but had no patience 😊
3 is working as good as it was when bought 2 years before and hopefully will work as is for next couple of years as well.
Expecting the same from my new OP 6.
Battery life could have been better
Haven't got a chance to check the sound quality
Pictures and camera, m yet to discover more on this front.
Having said, I am sure will never regret on my decision of upgrading to OP 6.
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on 13 August 2018
This thing is beautiful and insanely fast. Performance is unmatched by any phone. Camera can be improved by it's not that far behind Galaxies and pixels. Then You consider the price and it's the best phone on the planet right now.
Cons:No stereo sound
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on 11 August 2018
The perfect tag "The speed you need".
You can run any number of apps and it will run smoothly without any lag.
Battery life comes for whole day even if you use internet, the only thing is, if you use high end graphic games then battery would drain quickly but that's a reasonable point because of high end graphic games like PUBG. Other than that battery life is good.
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on 7 June 2018
Thanks to Amazon. I got the order before expected time. And about phone,I would say only WHEN I HOLD ONE PLUS 6 IN MY HAND,I FEEL AMAZING. it's a brilliant phone.
review image
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on 20 August 2018
Excellent phone overall with stellar specs and even better performance - photos & Videos it takes is excellent - the best i have taken on any phone. My structured review after 1 week of use is below:
- Slick Software - Very close to stock android with a slightly enhanced feel overall
- Blazing Fast - no hiccups even once in my entire usage (have had multiple apps open including games, Music & youtube/facebook/camera). Also fastest load times on games i have seen on Android
- Aweosme Speakers - Loud & Clear
- Great battrey
- Amazing Camera - Pictures & Videos come out looking great on stock settings
- Came with a case & screen protector already applied
- No IP rating for water resistance - though it has proven to be resilient under water
- Front camera is Good but not Great
- No MicroSD slot
- Design seems a bit boring though this is what every other phone is offering now

The cons are not a deal breaker for me and frankly i would say this is the best phone you can buy within the 40k to 50k budget (i got it for 26k after exchanging my Mi5)
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