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on 27 October 2017
Yo full review ahead
Tnx to amazon the delivery was super fast. The packaging was very fine as always.
Lets get to the product : )
Unpacking -
You'll get a very good box in which there will be the headphones
Take the headphones out and there should be your aux and charging cable
And a user manual ofcourse
Headphones:i have no words for the loudness.its soo loud that you'll not dare to listen at full volume.
Bass is super good and you'll actually feel thumping and strong vibration in your ears and head. even my 12000 rs. Sony headphones cant give that strong bass at full volume.
The sound quality is very very clear even at full volume and quite far range
It is made with plastic only but does not look much premium
Though the plastic seems to be of good quality
I dropped it one time from like 189 cm above the ground and nothing happened
The range is also good. Wont say great but its like a little above than everage but thats okay at this price
The cushions are very soft and feel very premium
They are super comfortable and doesn't hurt even after 2hrs.
It is very good for gaming
The mic is descent and i was able to talk during calls and voice chat clearly
Looks very stylish thats why i preferred this over rockerz600

Aux: aux is of very good quality and seems to be of price around 200 rs.
Its not that long but iL enough for me atleast and it should be enough for you guys too

The charging cable is of bad quality and very short but that doesnt matter because i have like a million of charging cables for mobiles xD

Media buttons are also good
They are quick and easy to tap

I recommend to everyone
If you want a premium look then go for rockerz 600
Both have almost same sound quality

One thing could be that it cannot be folded so a little prpblem to store it in bag

And one more thing
Just wear these headphones turn to full volume and type "highest bass" on youtube tap the first video wait for the beat drop and when it comes you'll go crazy like a monkey lol xD
If ypu have somethin else to ask heres my email id
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TOP 10 REVIEWERon 21 May 2017
Hey everyone! I got this bluetooth headset a few days back. Previously I have used many Bluetooth headsets and also have reviewed here on amazon.You can checkout my amazon profile to know my opinion of other Bluetooth headphones I have used.

●-AUX cable
●-USB cable
●-User manual

Now coming to this wireless + wired headset from boat ,It comes with a 50mm driver which is expected to deliver good bass output without destroying the treble output. As it may see ,It moreover looks like a gaming headset because of its sort of bulky earcups. Well that doesn't restrict me from using it as a daily driver. Ok ,As claimed by the brand it should offer 10 hours of music playback which is amazing.

-Body looks very clean with glossy plastic.Yes its plastic and not the best grade ones but you shouldn't expect anything more than this. For comparison ,the build quality and plastic material used is very similar to some kotion headsets that you may have come across.All the controls are on the right ear cup side and are working flawlessly. There is an inbuilt mic ,usb port for charging and 3.5mm AUX input for wired music playback.
The size of the headband can be adjusted. The headband slider joints are also made of plastic but still its very smooth to adjust unlike some other cheap products.

Just life every other premium product they have also used good quality padding which makes the on ear experience much more comfortable.But its a big ear cup and it will almost cover your ears,So after using it for say, 10-15 mins ,you will feel little warmth around your ear. . Also they have managed to keep the weight down by using all plastic material ,which again is a good thing.It weighs just 230 gms,surely not anywhere close to the lightest ones ,but its enough.

●●[The Sound factor]:
With this big 50mm driver I always knew that ,this is going to be quite loud but actually its even louder that at max volume your ears will start cracking(literally).I mean,not loud as a speaker but quite loud of a headset. Also it is not sound proof ,there is significant amount of sound leakage even at 60-70% sound volume. So if you want some privacy in the music you listening to ,stay away from these.

Other than that ,the bass here is extremely powerful. You can actually experience the vibration feedback which some people may find really amazing. Music sounds super good for what this headset is priced at. Treble and highs are well balanced and sounds pleasant enough.

●●[Battery Life]:
I didn't test its battery life completely. I used it for around 2 days with 4-5 hours of music playback and now the battery is at about 50% ,so you can expect it to last for 9+ hours with a single charge.

#Bluetooth range is as expected, and maintains quality through a reasonable distance.

●●● Final Verdict ●●●
Overall ,Its a very affordable wireless headset which comes with very powerful thumping bass output.The sound quality is good enough to satisfy any one who isn't an audiophile and the mic also is very suitable for calling purpose. As I said ,don't listen to this headset at full volume, its very loud.You can use it with every single audio device you own.

Thanks for reading my review. I hope it helps.
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on 4 January 2018
Over all good product
*Good battery backup, charging time depending on charger (.5A, 1A, 2A- 2h,1.5h,1h)
*Sound is good
*Bass not enough to me it's only for average users
*Joints are lit.bit. weaker, it's fully made of plastic.
*Ear buds lit.bit. smaller to me. It's give some pain in a long use.
*Some time low battery warning beeping in full chagred battery state
*Button are tough to use.
*Call quality isn't bad. If you are traveling in a vehicle opposite caller hear your surrounding noise.
*In open place it's cover almost 10 meter.
*LED indicator is very big, it's emitting so bright light in night.

#Need to improve
1. Button style
2. Ear buds size bigger
3. LED indicator size smaller
4. Bass
5. Call noise
₹ if this improvement are corrected by this manufacturer this is the "best of the best" headphones in this price range₹
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on 12 August 2017
This is really an insane product made by boAt, you will definitely love it !!!

1) Easily connect via bluetooth and aux cable
2) Brilliant Bass on a wireless headphone
3) Treble and Bass are perfect
4) Soft foams cushion

1) A bit on a bulkier side
2) will warmth on ears after 30 mins
3) seems a bit tight
4) Passive Noise Cancellation is not that much, it will element noise at certain level which you wont feel at all.

Overall I feel at this price, this wireless headphones by boAt is price worthy. I have Creative Sound Blaster Jam as well with extra bass but its on ear so I wanted an over ear headphones with great bass. I was confused between boAt rockerz 510 and Sony MDR XP550AP which has a great bass but its wired so I thought to give it a try on boAt 510 and its really awesome :) Its worth the money spend plus you get a wireless/wired headphone which is too good.

One might dont know that when connected to wireless and getting the full volume on your phone doesnt limit this headphone here, on headphones you have volume control which increase the volume like you are hearing a big speaker its really insane. I never thought about it. Also this comes with user guide and warranty guide as well. This box i received was in new sealed box, you can check the images uploaded.

Yes when its wired the button functions dont work which I think boAt should look after, other wise this product is really brilliant.

GO GET IT, best headphone in wireless category in this budget !
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on 5 June 2017
producet is damaged..
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on 7 October 2017
This is everything. Love the style, the pointy edges, the design, the color combination, everything.

This is very much comfortable. You can adjust the size to make it more comfortable(lol). The battery charges fast and last for more than it should be. BTW, I'm using it daily from 45 minutes to 3 hours, and still there is enough juice on weekends, so I charge it weekly.

It is not very heavy, the material quality seems excellent. It will be turned off if you didn't connect any device for a couple of minutes(that is a good feature actually, since I forget to turn it off) The navigation buttons are nice and working charm with most of the apps.

You've a mic, and the call attend and end button. But let me tell you, the tone that you hear, when you have an incoming call is dramatic. It gives me chills every time. The overall call experience is good.

The passive noise cancellation is good, you can't hear anything (except if you're on a government bus) while you're play something.

The Bluetooth range is good, I place my phone in one room and roam around all the house (a standard 2BHK) with no interruption or drop. Working charm with Laptop as well.

Totally, this is a good deal if you got this around 1800/- (I've got for this price)

Only one doubt eating me inside out, what does the A mean???? If you know, I'll be blessed.
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on 2 July 2017
Hi Amazonians, I saw the reviews of this headphone and thought of buying this item. But then it was out of stock for a week and I thought of going with something else. Just then, I found this item available again on Amazon and bought it immediately and I must say, I have never had such an experience before. Honestly, I have a horde of BT and Wired headphones with me from Sony, Philips, Senheisser etc. But nothing was enough to prepare me for what I am experiencing as I am writing this review. I am smiling like a child who got his favorite toy after much deliberation and feels like the world is in his arms.
Now to get to the review. Just finished unboxing it and the box is slick and beautiful. There was bill, warranty and manual inside along with aux cable and USB charger. Amazon packaging and delivery was spot on as usual. Now the headphone, where should I start ? Its beautifully crafted. All buttons work just as mentioned in the listing pic. But what they failed to mention is that its not boatrockerz, its brainrockerz. I have never in my life felt so much thump in an earphone till now. And I have had a few headphones. This thing, fits snug on your ears, but what is just amazing is how the whole headphone itself buzzes while it plays in max volume. The bass is sooo friggin powerful that whole headphone vibrates and send a shiver down your spine. You have to experience it to believe it. At low volumes, passive noise cancellation is impressive but this is not a headphone you want to uwe to play music at low volumes coz at low volumes, its just boatrockerz. At high volume, its brainrockerz. At this price, it is as good as something above 10k. My 13k Sony doesn't do bass anywhere close to this. The moment the bass sounded in the track I started playing, I started smiling like a mad man. It is that good guys. I am so proud of my purchase and not just bass, treble and music clarity is also extremely good. Range is around 25-30 feet for this kinda clarity. Beyond that, sound quality reduced a bit. I was hearing 320kbps soundtracks and it was crisp. This is out of the world. But beyond a shred of doubt, bass is the single most impressive thing about this headphone. It literally rocks your brain inside your head. The drums play and whole head buzzes like a membrane. Hahahaha. What a feeling. Amazing !!!
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on 7 January 2018
On high volume speakers noise will be more,felt very bad
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on 2 January 2018
Product with torn earpads delivered. Quality is a an issue
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on 13 February 2018
This product not only looks good but it's build excellent from inside. I have been using it for 6 months and love the playback from the device.
Pros :
* Nice looks
* Lots of Bluetooth control buttons
* Dedicated call button
* Lasting battery
* Comfortable on the ear and head

Cons :
* Might be a little big, doesn't matter if you want it beefier
* Music leaks out sometimes when you are in a very quiet environment
* Need a more sturdy aux cable if you use it extensively

Overall :
In my conclusion these are one of the best headphones in this price segment.
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