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4.6 out of 5 stars
4.6 out of 5 stars
This is Not Your Story
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on 11 May 2017
Your book "This Is Not Your Story" is awesome..
It helps us to discover ourself, who we are,what we want to achieve in our life.
This is the best book I have ever read..
I love your book..📘
I love you...❤
Please take out some time from your busy schedule nd visit to agra.....
I want to meet you....👭
Your book is best motivational book..
My 2 year old younger brother also read your book..
And here are some pictures of him while reading your book.😆😆
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on 8 November 2017
One of the best book that I've ever read. Truly Inspiring, Love it:)) Savi Sharma is the best the way she writes Awesome . Plz Ma'am keep writing such stories which always inspires so many people. The book is about the battle between you and your dreams and how the people see your dreams like Is it Worth it or Not. But at the end you have to decide what you are good in and if you truly believe in your dreams and put all your efforts and dedication then you will surely going to make a better career in that and most important "You will be always Happy in what you do" And yes it also shows that if you have true friends then they will always guide you and support you and how the power of true love can make a person better in life. Without even second thought, Just Go Fot It:))
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on 16 March 2017
"Thoughts maketh a man".......Savi sharma's "This is not your story" second after "Everyone has a story" binds you to the fate---destiny---struggle---love---relationships---n Never say die spirit (Y) thats the best part about her books that the characters are from real-life with whom you can relate and the thoughts n working of mind behind the scene completely takes you on an self-discovery-journey......I wanted to read a sweet-soul-soothing-book after the previous one i finished and Savi didn't disappoint me (Y) Unless and until she keeps writing her story she is here to stay to inspire---to guide---to motivate part of the book is the diary-writing-ritual of Miraya (one of the character amongst 4 main ones)....this is the story of Shaurya who needed that last push to go get his dreams.....Anubhav to recover from his set-back and Miraya to alt+dlt painful past n give love another chance and Kasturi who binds them all n enlivens the entire scene with her unconditional love n acceptance n chirpiness <3 ed her....Savi leaves her own impression here n there in the story she writes and here follows the quotable quotes from the book which are beautifully presented in a tiny-booklet that accompanied the signed-copy of the book <3 n :)
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on 15 May 2017
I love to read and I have a dream of writing a book and dedicate it to one very special and important person in my life.I was very keen to read the second novel of Savi Ma'am after her Everyone Has A Story and preordered TINYS. I could not wait to read it. But when i started reading that, i found myself loosing interest at a point but i continue to read. And after this, every line of it made me want to read more of it. Savi ma'am has written this book so beautifully that it cannot be better than this. The created a bond with the characters and i started feeling them in real. Shaurya, Miraya, Kasturi, Anubhav- each one of them inspired me in one or the other way. The way Shaurya saw the dream of becoming a filmmaker and still dream this in his heart and head even when he had ho hope of turning them into reality. The way Miraya lived her life and follows her passion even after her divorce and inspires people around her. The way Kasturi add fragrance in the lives of people around by simple but the nicest things. The way Anubhav started again from zero and gave himself and life another chance. Every character, every page, every line, every word inspired me and my soul. There were only few pages left and I was worried and wondering if these 4 lives will turn into what it should be? And then, Shaurya finally got the courage to take the train to Mumbai and chase his dream and confess his love to Kasturi, Anubhav and Miraya gave a new fresh to life in Mumbai, Kasturi accepted Shaurya's love and supported him more to go after his dreams. I wish this story never came to end. I wanted to read of it. After finishing this novel, i closed my eyes and had my dream of writing the book in front of eyes more clearly. ThankYou Savi Ma'am for inspiring and motivating me to fulfill my dream of writing a book. Waiting to read your another inspiring novel full of friendship, life, love, courage, dreams, family, hope, happiness, motivation. Cheers to you Ma'am :)
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on 21 February 2017
No words left to describe this awesome novel.. No cons ..novel has changed my way of living life. All the characters have been nicely presented.. Hats off man both ur novels are awesome. Keep writing such more novels to inspire us always
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on 19 April 2017
Really this book is very awesome and motivating ... so it was for first time I ordered a book because of all the complements which this book has got...
I guess savi sharma is the new upcoming India ' s literary pop star after amish tripathi.
So its my 10 that's why I am not reading #ehas
But after my boards I will surely read it....
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on 19 May 2017
Damn, this book was amazing. And it's not one of those books where you figure out how amazing it is at the beginning. Or at least it slowly crept on me. And the more I read, the more I loved it. And now that I've read it, I can safely say that this book definitely will go on a list of my favourite books ever. And another thing I should mention is that I Had ordered this book at its pre book launch ceremony from amazon and completed this book in just 3 days…! But I never tried to review your book on this platform bcoz I wanted to meet you bcoz you were launching #TINYS in every city…But you never came my city #PATNA…Iss baat pe thora sa gussa bhi aaya meko (SILLY ME😀)
Coming on the main topic…My eng profesor suggested me to read your both of the novels…I feel so glad that my profesor suggested me to read your novel…! It Was not the first book which I read…But It is the first which Which I absolutely loved while reading…!

About #TINYS
Shaurya is a CA student who is chasing his dreams of becoming a filmmaker and wants to enroll in a film making course in Mumbai. While Miraya, an interior designer, follows her dream but does not give up on love. And Anubhav, an ambitious boy who becomes an entrepreneur at an early age but life plays a brutal joke on him. No matter what he decides to give life a second chance.
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on 29 March 2017
7 hours... Probably the longest i've restricted myself from gazing elsewhere around and the one responsible for it is your brilliant storytelling. Though i am not a frequent reader, nor am i eligible enough to judge the detailed aspects of the narration, but i could relate to the novel throughout. Being a CA student added more of my soul to the content. I could completely see me in Shaurya, struggling with his two faced coin of life, one, his own dreams and other, his parents'. Maybe the relatable content induced me to order the purchase and i am so glad i actually did. The novel succeeds in inspiring throughout the journey in a hundred ways. The brilliant narration manages to grip you to every character and every phrase gifts something to think upon. I certainly discovered a part of my spirit in the story and i am sure enough, every reader will. Thanks for this :)
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on 4 April 2017
It was really an amazing thing to read this story. The way author has described the different stories of Miraya, Shaurya and Anubhav, and then connected each of them is totally an outstanding work.A story of dreams and sacrifices, truly an epic combination. A story which can be or was yours. A must read for everyone!
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on 14 May 2017
An amazing one this is not your story is about everysingle person out there who actually give up on our dreams because of the fear "LOG KYAA KHANGE ", OUR PARENTS WON'T ACCEPT OUR DREAM " . simple yet another heart touching story told by you . I too want to become a writer when i told my parents that after 12th i dont want to pursue my career in neither of any bcom , CA , CS and do mba n all i just want to live my dream of bwcoming a writer i know there many obstructions will be there but somewhere out i am having that person who is with me always They has said also that you wont enough much and all but i know that i will happy enough in purusing my happiness . This is not your story makes me more determined of who i am who i want to be and where i stand .. A beautiful start given my savi maam and all the best for future writings ... And just one more question that when i ordered the book from amazon i got a signed copy like i culdnt belive my eyes that i actually got it sending you a pic so as to make myself assure that got your signed one ... great work
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