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4.2 out of 5 stars
4.2 out of 5 stars
boAt Rockerz 600 Bluetooth Headphones
Colour: Black|Change
Price:₹ 2,469.00

TOP 500 REVIEWERon 7 October 2017
Will keep it short and simple to help you decide if you are looking to buy this.

- The brown ones have 20 hrs of play time while black ones only 8 hrs.
- Sound is good. Lows and highs. Most layers of sound come out with clarity.
- When wired sound and bass is more loud. On bluetooth it's quite good enough, better than average.
- Wire length is standard 1.2m. USB charging completes below 2 hrs. Mic/call quality works fine.
Overall very much better than my old bluetooth Creative Sound Blaster Jam Headset.

Another option in this budget is Bluedio T2. It is more loud and equivalent or more bass but a poor built quality and low sound clarity. I choose boAt for its durable build quality.

In starting it took some getting used to but now I can wear it for 2-3 hours in one go. There is no sweating and sound leakage unless playing at full volume. Outside sound is well restricted too. The design is so good it distributes the weight although this headphone is overall heavier than other normal Bluetooth headphones.

If getting the brown ones for 50% discount or more then definitely a better buy for a Bluetooth headphone in this budget, Only a branded above 5k headphone can match the battery backup, sound clarity, build quality and bass.
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on 5 November 2017
Edit 14.12.2017: Ouch ! Inflation hit again , First 2199, then 2599,.. and now 2999. Still good though but I am not ordering an article with a massive price hike of more than 36 percent in two months. Therefor one star less.

And what does he order then ? A headphone must be capable of the reproduction of music and sound in its most natural way with a clear resolution over the bandwith without being dominant in particular areas of frequencies. As this sounds easy to achieve it is quite the opposite and top notch manufacturers like the Boses, AKG, Senneheiser and Teufel ( never heard of ? Check them please) spend a lot of money for R&D. Now, you hardly can expect from 2199 rupees BT headphones what you get from the ones which are up to ten fold this price. But, man, it is damn impressive what you get for the price of a bottle of wine.

Built quality:
Stable everything. Super design in beige/brown with artificial leather. Sensitive areas are in metal or aluminium and not cheap plastic. Size can be easily adjusted for any head size and preference. Joints seem to be of good quality, metal edges are smooth.

Wearing them over a long period of time neither hurts the ears nor sweat between ears and head phones appears. The passive noise cancelling in amazingly effective and takes away most normal noises created by your environment. The ear pieces are softly padded and covered with soft artificial leather. The head phones sit very stable on your ears without putting too much pressure on you auricle.

Especially for a BT geadphone the sound is impressive. Checked with House, so called Rock and some modern jazzy stuff. Even with heavy loaded pieces of music the resolution was always there and never lost it - even to some heavy loaded Zappa pieces. Bass, the long softer ones and the crispy shorts are clearly there without being ever dominant or even annoying (hello Dr. BS !). Midrange clean and clearly visible, with lots of potential to cover heavy loaded pieces. The treble luckily survives the basses and the midrange with its clear presence which is always there without being annoying or metallic.

No problems at all. Running on Amazon firestick as well as on Iphone. I did not notice any lag while watching YT or movies. Connection is good over a range of 6-8 meters. After that you notice transfer interruptions.

I initially bought these phones for listening to the TV. But honestly. They are just too good for it. I own the Teufel Aureol which comes at about 8000 rupees. Sound and quality wise no difference. And the Boat Rockerz are BT. It seems that Boat Rockerz really rocks that boat. Great work guys. Btw. I bought them for 2199, now they are at 2599. Some inflation you have in India.

Clearly recommendation.
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on 30 August 2017
Good product !
Build quality -8/10
Sound quality- 8.5/10
Connectivity-6/10 ( there is a delay of 0.5 sec while using headset via Bluetooth,not a problem though)
Comfort- 9/10

Will review again after 3 weeks of usage , for big guys like me , it is not big in size as it looks in the image ! It's a good fit and comfortable for long durations and the black headset just blends in perfectly ! Value for money I would say ! ☺️ Will be back soon with more updates
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on 17 September 2017
I am an audiophile and I can't afford Bose. For long I was searching for a good headphone without shedding much money. My recent purchase of boAt Bluetooth speaker encouraged me to go for this product. Its way ahead than few market leading brands' products.. what a bass, what a clear mid range tunes.. awesome... the best thing happened to me after my creative 4.1 bought in college days decade ago...But caller doesn't get your voice clearly wheb you are using it at hands free. You need to be little loud.
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on 27 June 2017
Quite comfortable and light weighted. Sound quality great and the battery backup is good. It seems to be made of good quality materials. I got it for Rs1999. It is well worth the price.
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on 2 January 2018
I can't believe that I got these headphones at this price. It's a steal. My seinheizer us all crap before this. Can hear every little background score so damn clearly. Plus it looks so rich. The only point is because these have very soft ear cushions, they can be little uncomfortable in the beginning. But overall I will still give it 5/5.
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on 17 January 2018
They are them for 2137... Very clear sound while using wirelessly...and even better when using wired connection....earlier I had MIVI Thunderbeats which I got for 2750 but they were not as good as this one... Cushions on ear are very comfortable for long use... Only con is that we can not use buttons on headset while using wired connection...
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on 12 August 2017
Using it for last one week

Pros :
1. Better cushion compared to other headphones offered under 2,000/- U will only feel the pain when u remove the headphones and ears start retracting to their original form
2. Better Standby and usage time. Cant believe the 300 mAh comes for me a week of my usage or atlas 5 working days , when i use only for couple of hours
3. Comfort and easy packing
4. Bass and Audio Clarity .
5. The range is good enough to come to hall and kitchen in a small 2BHK better than my inner Mpow Bluetooth headsets

1. They offer 450MAh for Brown and 300 MAh for Black headphones . Didn't realise until i ordered but I would have preferred black anyway.
2. Full Charging Takes a couple of hours
3. The blue light flashing is irritating because I wear glasses and it reflects on it at night... Most headphone or headsets have this so can't complain.

1. I am not a better judge of the range
2. As seen from other reviews batter might go down and degrade. Anyway should be happy for the price i got
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on 26 January 2018
Wow just mind blowing music quality is felt by listening from this headphones. Battery back great more than 13hours i am getting i bought it 2 weeks ago and great Bass and treble combination and last thing comfort even if u put them on for more than 5hours they will not hurt ur ears abit i have tried continues 8 hours i felt no pain inside my head like i felt when i listen from in ear headphones. Guys true review even i was worried previously about the the product because i heard people give wrong review but unless u experience something urselves u cant know about that. So believe me and watch reviews on youtube then buy i did the same and now very very satisfied. Its realy what they say Plug into nirvana.
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on 31 January 2018
I have been wanting to buy a bluetooth headphones for my extensive use either using my iPhone or Air. I had also visited brick and motor shops to personally test out some headphones but came out not too excited.
In times like this I turn to my favourite friend: Amazon. Checked out a lot of headphones till I cam across the Boats. I had chosen the black ones and had put it in the cart and was ready to check out, but wanted to do one last comparison between the black ones and these Phones. The only diff was the fact that the battery was 500ma. So I bought them and I have to say that its been the best decision I have taken.
This piece is fab, absolutely awesome.
The BATTERY : I charged it as I got it and its been 16 days since my first charge and I haven't had to charge them since. My usage is about 5-8 hours a day, and then at night my wife uses them. The phones are still running fab. What can I say, the little diff between this piece and the black ones was the battery, I will take that any day.
The Sound: Well its awesome. The Bass, the highs, mids and low are simply too good for this price. Its a complete piece in its self.
My Wife wants one for herself and will be ordering one soon.

Take care and happy buying.....
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