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TOP 50 REVIEWERon 7 July 2017
Had an old Dell Desktop before this. Served me well for nearly 11 years with frequent hardware & software updates. Computer Upgrade time and I'm left wondering what's the big hype with Apple and whether they are worth the premium over other brands. After using this MacBook for a decent period of time and putting it through its paces, I'm doing this Review. Lets get on with it then:


1) BUILD QUALITY: Simply superb. Seriously. This thing is built to perfection, the lightweight aluminium body, the sleek design, the total lack of heat vents and speaker ports, the pressure sensitive glass touchpad, everything is so neat and clean. This is just classy! And thin, like ultra thin. Weighs about 1.5 kg. Comes with a nice robust Chiclet keyboard. That lovely Apple logo on the back. And the brilliant backlit keys on the full size keyboard. Nice touch that ! Even the charging port has a nice orange/green LED and a quick disconnect feature (MagSafe 2) should you trip over the wires. So its well built then.
2) MAC OS SIERRA: I've been using MS Windows right from its XP days right up till the latest OS Windows 10. So I was very skeptical of this Mac OS. Something new and complicated maybe? But, and trust me when I say this, it is so much better now that I am familiar with it. Give yourself a couple of days or a week at most, you will wonder what made you hang around with MS Windows for so long. This is just so easy to navigate, so user friendly and so fast.
3) SCREEN: Though I read lots of gripes about the screen before buying this, I personally find the screen absolutely brilliant. No complaints on the display or brightness aspect. Maybe a full HD or 4K or Retina display might be better specs wise but seriously who can tell the difference that easily? Unless you're watching or dealing with those High-Res images or Videos regularly. At 13.3 inches, it is the perfect size combining good displaying area and portability. And yes it has an Auto-dimming feature which works well in conjunction with the back-lit keyboard. Nice battery saving feature.
4) BATTERY LIFE: So, I approached the 12 Hr battery life (Claimed) with some degree of apprehension as just a Tall Claim. But, when Apple claims 12 Hrs, they really mean 12 Hrs. I regularly get 10-15 hrs on a single charge, with a mix of youtube/video sites (5-6hrs), data /office work (5-6 hrs) and e-mails (2-3 hrs) on a DAILY basis. The battery level drops so slowly it is just great. This with Wi-Fi, Bluetooth always on and screen at about 60% Brilliance.
5) CONNECTIVITY: Bluetooth (Ver 4.0), Wi-Fi, 2 USB (Ver 3.0) ports, ThunderBolt 2 port, SDXC Card slot, is more than enough for normal usage and connectivity.
6) SPECS & SPEED: This laptop is really fast. Apps open super quick, load times on webpages are really fast and the computer never hangs or lags even when multitasking with multiple apps open and downloads streaming. And this is with a 1.6Ghz processor (Turbo Boost upto 2.7Ghz), 8GB Ram, 128GB SSD. Everything is optimised to work with the Hardware available and it does a good job of it.
7) CAMERA: Front facing 720p camera is just about OK for the task at hand. For normal Skype calls/Face-time Video calls it fares OK but if you plan on showing someone Detailed Scenery or Panoramic views of your surroundings, then it falls short in capturing vivid details.
8) APPS PRE-LOADED: Movie,Garageband,Pages,Numbers,Keynote,Safari,Mail,Messages,FaceTime,Calendar,Contacts,AppStore,iTunes,iBooks,Maps,Photo Booth,Time Machine. These cover nearly most if not all requirements of a normal day-to-day user for entertainment and productivity.
9) DUAL OS: Yes since late 2016 Apple has given users the liberty to officially Download & run a dual OS (Windows) and Mac on its range of MacBooks. Which I have done. Does it work and run Normally? Yes it does, just Brilliantly! Follow the instructions on the Apple site for how to get it to work.


1) I imagine it will be the price. But I'm a firm believer in "You get what you pay for" so I wouldn't really grumble too much on that. Though the price has gone up a bit since I bought it a month ago at 54990/-
2) Lack of user upgradable options maybe? Again,not a deal breaker. These specs and build quality should last quite a while.
3) Face time camera is not very crisp, could do with better resolution.
4) All connections go dead when the screen is shut. So you cannot download or stream in the background unless the laptop is open. There is an App workaround for this but no setting built into the Laptop by default.

**Note** The Windows version (Win 10) is only a Certified Genuine Version of Windows. A separate License/Registration key needs to be purchase separately to get regular Updates. Otherwise the Windows version is fully Functional.
***Note*** Due to some connectivity issues/driver support for other Hardware (Printer Scanner etc) I needed to run Windows for support. So, I now have Windows 10 and Mac OS Sierra running together on the same MacBook Air. Best of both worlds. How Awesome is that !! But yes my default is still the MacOS. Windows is beginning to look kind of boring now.

MacBook Air - June 2017 Update:
From Mid-June 2017 onwards, the MacBook Air comes with a 1.8 Ghz processor. Every other detail remains the same as before spec-for-spec. Thats a 0.2 Ghz jump over the 1.6 Ghz model. Nothing else changed!

VERDICT: Highly recommended. This is seriously good stuff and well worth the premium over other brands. If you are in the market for a Quality premium Laptop and have the budget, then go for this! You won't regret it. Running Windows 10 & Mac OS together...thats just the cherry on the cake!

Hope this Review has been Helpful to you. Tks & Happy Shopping!
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on 9 July 2017
I'm just going to say this- I was never an Apple fan; still can't stand the showy iPhone. But the mac! Now I know why Steve Jobs is a genius. Never knew a machine could be so beautiful, so elegant and make you fall in love! The iPhone, I find, is always trying to show you how smart it is. But the Macbook Air just lets you do what you want to do; it's there in the background- intelligent, quiet, supportive!
For someone who needed a super sleek laptop to lug around, long-lasting battery and an unobtrusive device to help you do loads of writing, this is the one!
If your priorities differ, then it may not be ideal!
I hope we grow in sync- it's quite a transition from windows pc to a mac, but one that feels like an exciting exploration!
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on 7 July 2017
This is My first high-value purchase from Amazon India. Amazing and fulfilled all the expectations.

6-8 hours battery
Vey light weight.
Design is fabulous
charger look's Good
Mac OS X
Track pad ( Very smoothly )

Cons :-
128 GB storage
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on 9 October 2017
Awesome Product.
Battery is amazing in just within 2hours it charges upto around 90℅. For around 10hours it was in wifi just downloading couple of movies, after 10 hours the battery was still 21℅.
Amazing performance... very slim and sleek.
Little pricey but you will not regret it.
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on 16 July 2017
Its a delight to work on. Coming from a X owner of Surface it means something.
Pros - Light, Herculean Battery Life , Great performance , will pretty much juggle whatever you throw at it.
Con - Display could have been crisp, Comes without a pouch or bag

Mac is loved for a reason & Air is just amazing. Its sleekness will draw immediate attention
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on 12 July 2017
perfect for everything, love it
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on 25 January 2018
It is not as good as the one you buy from Physical store but still it is better than other Brands. I purchase one from Physical Shop and one from Amazon, the one with Amazon has less Battery Back up than the other else other part is fine.
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on 7 November 2016
Awesome laptop even gaming is also good i am playing WOT it works perfectly.battery is great giving 6hrs got it at 57000® at sale 👍
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on 11 August 2017
Laptop is very good. But amazon delivery messed up the issue. Delivered some speaker set against 5700/- prepaid amount. got to fight to the macbook
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on 14 January 2018
A very beautiful and a great product, no doubts there. Very fast and very appealing crisp display. Battery works for 7 to 8 hours and not 12 hours as indicated. Big dampener is that, after a point of angle, the screen falls back on its own to the end point of swivel allowed for the screen. Not good for a premium product.
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