on 28 September 2017
The book starts off slow, taking it's time to properly build every character and every scenery. As it progresses, it balances the mystery and chase very well.
It creates two despicable villains and finishes with true Justice.
Must read!
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on 4 May 2017
Delivery was prompt. Product is fine quality.
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on 29 November 2015
A great novel... Wow!! Great writing skills.. Amazing storyline... Loved every bit of it.. The quality of the book was also good!
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on 26 May 2017
My wife bought this book and possibly this is pirated. The quality is horrible. The page quality, the color, the print, the font, the line spacing and even the look of the book is different from the other book of the same series which i bought from other book stores physically. Also there are ink blots on pages and i have never faced such quality issues from penguin books atleast.
Below are the comparision between two books.
The one below is the book sold by amazing buy India Book Distributors which i presume is pirated and not an original Penguin print. The one above is the book from the same series i bought previously from a bookstore and that one is perfectly genuine.
review imagereview imagereview image
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on 18 May 2016
I have found the phenomenon of ' Stockholm syndrome' very strange and counter-intuitive. Such is the power of the story built by Truman Capote that by the time you finish this book, like me. you would possibly accept its possibility.

This is my first book by Truman Capote and I'm already looking out for his other works. After finishing the book I immediately went through his first published short story 'Miriam', online. With 'In Cold Blood' Capote started the genre of fiction like novels based on facts and real incidents. I'm enchanted by his ability to build up ' fiction' like thriller inspired and developed from real & gruesome killing of four members of Clutter family in sleepy countryside Holcomb, Kansas (USA) in 1959. This is a seminal work of great literary importance by Truman Capote. Though a non-fiction, the novel is as dramatic, shocking, intriguing and imaginative in description as any fictional thriller could be.

The novel is divided into four chapters.This is not typical ' who done it' kind of a suspense thriller. If you don''t have any prior knowledge of the Clutter murder case before starting , by the end of the first chapter you would know who committed this infamous and heinous crime. Nonetheless, the most intriguing part 'HOW' remains with you till end of third chapter where author divulges shocking details of ' how the murder was committed', what was the instrument of murder and what was the motive. It also expounds the chilling details of what goes inside the mind of a murderer while is still at his task. Second chapter is primarily devoted to the personality and background of the murderers. The last and final chapter details the aftermath of arrest, subsequent interrogation and corroboration of the crime committed.

Truman Capote had claimed that all the facts mentioned in the novel were true and is result of exhaustive research that he carried out. His childhood friend Harper Lee assisted him in his research. Though few fingers were pointed to his approach and unethical ways of gathering information especially his relationship with Perry Smith while he was in custody is still a matter of debate whether it was a platonic relation or something more than that. Some say he was extra generous to the Alvin who was heading the case and eulogized his work ethics and proactive approach in cracking the case.

Despite moral and ethical issues raised and certain biases that the book is claimed to have, the novel cannot be ignored by reader who appreciates well researched and authentic thriller that too coming from genius of Truman Capote. The author never loses the track and is spot on.

No wonder this is the second-biggest-selling true crime book in publishing history, behind Vincent Bugliosi's 1974 book Helter Skelter. I now know what book is on my reading list next.
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on 28 May 2017
A brilliant book written in an engaging and nail biting manner. Non fiction is not my go to genre but after reading this I am looking forward to exploring more of truman and similar writers. A must read for anyone who wants to read things from a different perspective. This book is not just about the murders but delves into the psyche of the murderers and makes you think about how things are just not black and white, there is a lot of grey as well. This was an experience.
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on 24 March 2016
One of the best books I have read. I was apprehensive initially when I picked it up, as I do not enjoy non-fiction much, but this book was a page turner right to the end. It's the reason why I now try non-fiction books. Just the way it flows, Truman Capote as a writer was quite an artist.
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 26 February 2014
In 1959, the Clutter family was brutally murdered, changing the face of a small Kansas town forever. Two men were caught and hanged for the crime.

It seems like a simple story, perhaps worthy of a paragraph or two in the newspapers. But in the hands of Truman Capote, it became the strange beast known as "In Cold Blood" -- a true-crime book written with the conceits and style of fiction. While the facts are sometimes smudged, this is a beautifully-written, haunting American Gothic that lingers in the mind long after it ends.

The Clutters were a fairly normal, well-off farming family, living in the seemingly idyllic town of Holcomb. They were scandal-free, respected by their neighbors, and lived a pleasant life despite Mrs. Cutter's mental health issues. In other words, they were the complete opposites of Perry Smith and Dick Hickock, two young men with troubled pasts filled with injury, alcoholism and violence.

Having heard that the Clutters had a large cache of money in their house, Smith and Hickock carefully planned a robbery. After the robbery, the Clutters were found bound and brutally murdered. The horror of their deaths fragments the small community, as citizens wonder who among them could have committed such a crime -- and at first, the cops don't seem to have any leads. But after a tip points them at Smith and Hickock, the two men are arrested and imprisoned.

Truman Capote did a staggering amount of research for this book -- not the usual poring-through-books-and-journals type, but research into people. Over the course of several years, he interviewed the murderers and learned intimate details about their lives, their minds, and what turned them into cold-blooded murderers. In the 1950s and early 1960s, it was shocking and revolutionary to show any compassion or understanding for people who had committed this kind of crime -- or even to acknowledge that they were human beings.

But Capote himself is not in this book. At all. He's the omniscient narrator who floats from place to place, seeing into people's heads and hearts, and recounting the story as it unfolds. And that is how "In Cold Blood" is both a nonfiction story and a "novel."

Capote uses his skills as a fiction writer to transform gritty reality into an almost cinematic story, avoiding the dryness of most true crime. He follows a small group of people through the days and years that follow, using his insights to craft thoughts and scenes reflecting what he was told. And his writing is not the sort you usually see assigned to real-life events -- it's lyrical and intimate, drifting through a loose narrative. Scenes that are not strictly necessary are woven in, like people attending the auction of the Clutters' belongings -- it's very poignant.

In fact, the fictionalization is both a blessing and a curse. It's pretty obvious that -- despite his protestations -- Capote had to make some stuff up for dramatic effect. And he definitely has a slant on the story of Perry Smith, whom he regards almost with a crush -- lots of stuff about his artistic aspirations, his sensitivity, the way he was abused, etc. Never mind that lots of people suffer as he did, and manage to not shoot children in the face.

And through him, the killers as well as the townspeople become full-blown characters whom the reader learns about intimately. You probably won't LIKE them -- they're both murderers and one is a pedophile -- but you get some idea of what makes them tick. The Clutters are more ambiguous, except for Nancy (whose diary Capote obtained), who is perhaps the most tragic figure -- a bright, outgoing young girl with love, talent and a bright future.

"In Cold Blood" is a strange work that blurs the border between fact and fiction -- and that is both a blessing and a curse. But whatever its flaws, it is a brilliant, almost hypnotic book.
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on 13 November 2016
The quality of the book is not good. "Amazing Buy" is not a good seller. This is a 2nd hand book.
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on 18 April 2015
An absolutely brilliant reconstruction of the 1959 mass murder of a whole family in a remote Kansas town, by two drifters for no very logical reason. Capote sets the scene brilliantly in the first chapter, as he jumps from the family living their ordinary day to the two murderers, chatting, driving. The reader knows an awful event is about to happen; as little events happen, such as the neighbour's child coming over to visit, you wonder whether she is going to be harmed or will she get away in time...
In the 3 succeeding chapters, the police are looking for these 'persons unknown' until the answer presents itself. And throughout we learn more of the killers, though not enough to comprehend their motivation.
Shocking and highly readable.
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